Texas Hunters Shoot 23 Feral Hogs In 2 Minutes From Helicopter: WATCH

By Dani Medina

September 21, 2022

Photo: Getty Images

It's no secret that feral hogs are becoming a massive problem in Texas. Counties have even implemented a bounty per tail to curb these problems. What's even more indicative of the "significant problems" these wild animals are causing, there are no regulations when it comes to hunting them.

In a video making the rounds on social media, two men are seen shooting feral hogs from a helicopter. Yes, a helicopter. They shot and killed 23 feral hogs in 2 minutes and 14 seconds, the post read. It was not made immediately clear where or when this video was taken.

The video was shared earlier this week on Reddit, and has received thousands of comments from people all over the world who say "they're f---ing crazy animals in Texas."

"I have a buddy that is a soy bean farmer in Texas. He says he spends as much time hunting hogs as he does farming his land," one user said.

"As a result, the next day, the feral hog population only doubled," said another, jokingly.

According to the San Antonio Express-News, feral hogs cause "extensive damage" to plants, animals, people and the economy. Why are there no restrictions on hunting feral hogs? Texas Parks and Wildlife Department cites the monumental growth the feral hog population could see if they're left unchecked — it could triple in just a year. That's thanks to feral hogs' lack of predators and "generalist attitude" toward habitat and food, plus a high reproductive rate. These animals can be hunted year-round without a license in Texas.

You can watch the video below:

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