WATCH: 'Mysterious' Orbs Of Orange Light Glow In California Sky

By Logan DeLoye

September 21, 2022

Undefined flying objects in the sky. UFO.
Photo: Getty Images

Locals immediately took notice of mysterious "orbs of orange light" that were seen flashing throughout the sky on Monday night around 9:00 p.m near San Diego. According to NBC7, five bright, glowing lights hovered over the Pacific Ocean for nearly 30 minutes before they faded into the night and left streaks amid the stars. The strange orange orbs could be seen from as far as Carlsbad, and Tijuana, Mexico.

Try as they might, locals were unable to make sense of what they had seen. North County resident Jen Harang was able to capture the rare occurrence on video while watching the lights from her house.

"One would fade and then another and then another would pop up. Super weird ... They were very bright," Harang explained to NBC7.

Many tried to compare the phenomenon to previous military plane sightings, but this was different. Even residents who have lived in the San Diego area for decades admitted that they have never seen anything like that which danced throughout the sky on Monday night.

"It was just hovering for about a good two minutes, and these lights were four big rectangles and almost like pulsating. After two minutes, it just disappeared. It was almost like, I wouldn't say it flew away, it just blipped," long-time local Kishore Shanmugam shared.

NBC7 reached out to multiple branches the U.S Military to inquire a possible explanation for the orange orbs, but they were unable to verify any information.

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