These Are The Most Popular Baby Names In Illinois

By Taylor Linzinmeir

October 13, 2022

Beautiful smiling baby child after shower isolated on white
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In his iconic play Romeo and Juliet, William Shakespeare wrote: "What's in a name? That which we call a rose/By any other name would smell as sweet." Juliet says this to Romeo to say a name is nothing more than a name, and thus has no significant meaning behind it. Even if that's true, and names have no real meaning behind them, it's still quite interesting to see which names are the most popular right now in the United States.

Fatherly compiled a list of the most popular names in each state, based off of a list the Social Security Administration releases of the most popular names in United States each year. The list is compiled from the data collected when parents apply for a social security card for their baby.

So, what are the most popular names in Illinois right now? Olivia and Noah. Here's what Fatherly had to say about popular feminine names:

"Olivia was the top baby girl name in 35 states, including Alabama, Maryland, and Utah. Other takeaways are that, despite their overall popularity, Ava, Emma, and Mia were the top names in only one state each. Other names that made it in the top five names by state but didn’t become the most popular include Willow, Camila, and Harper."

And here's what they had to say about popular masculine names:

"Liam, Oliver and Noah are obviously the baby boy names to beat, but some less popular stunners that made it to the top 5 names in different states include Hudson, Theodore, and Sebastian."
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