Travelers Should Avoid This Popular Arizona Destination

By Ginny Reese

November 22, 2022

Photo: Getty Images

The American West is filled with stunning landscapes that make the perfect getaway for any occasion. But sometimes places are overcrowded and not worth the hype.

Fodor's Travel released a list of popular tourist attractions that should be avoided. The website states, "For this year’s No List, we’re highlighting destinations to reconsider visiting in 2023 in three main categories: natural attractions that could use a break in order to heal and rejuvenate; cultural hotspots that are plagued with overcrowding and resource depletion; and locations around the world immediately and dramatically impacted by water crises."

According to the list, a popular Arizona location should be avoided. Fodor's suggesting steering clear of Lake Powell and Lake Mead. The website explains:

"Closer to home, nearly 23 years of drought resulted in the drastic shrinking of the reservoirs of Lake Powell and Lake Mead on the Colorado River. This has severely impacted 40 million people across several southwestern states that rely on the water for drinking, farming, recreation, and tourism. Arizona and Nevada are facing water cuts beginning January 2023 as the river will operate in a Tier 2 shortage condition. It’s projected that Lake Mead’s water level will be less than 1,050 feet above sea level beginning next year, the threshold required for the tier declaration. If Lake Mead, the largest reservoir in the country, drops below 895 feet, it will be considered a “dead pool” situation, which will significantly affect the Hoover Dam’s ability to generate hydroelectricity. Nearly 1.3 million people in California, Arizona, and Nevada depend on this power. "

Check out the full list of popular tourist attractions that should be avoided on the Fodor's Travel website.

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