2 North Carolina Eateries Among America's 40 Best New Restaurants Of 2022

By Sarah Tate

December 28, 2022

Photo: Getty Images

Two unique dining spots in North Carolina just earned a coveted spot among the best new restaurants in America. Esquire searched around the country to find the best of the best new restaurants, compiling a list of the 40 must-try new restaurants in the U.S. While many are in big cities like New York or Los Angeles, two restaurants in North Carolina earned a shoutout in the list.

Neng Jr.'s

Located in Asheville, Neng Jr.'s is an intimate 17-seat Filipinx restaurant by Chef Silver Iocovozzi, who was named Esquire's rising star of the year for "[working] like a wizard, moving effortlessly in the tiny kitchen while giving new life to the hackneyed phrase 'cooked to perfection.'" Here's what Esquire had to say:

"Everything sings loudly and proudly like a new form of music you've never imagined. Ideas and ingredients from the Philippines and France and the American South join hands and dance as if they're finally free to do whatever they want."

Neng Jr.'s is located at 701 Haywood Road, Suite 102, in Asheville.


Supperland is located inside a former church converted into a truly unique dining spot in Charlotte that offers both food and fellowship with fellow diners. The speakeasy downstairs also got a shoutout with Colleen Hughes being named the cocktail guru of the year. Here's what Esquire had to say:

"I sat at the counter, where I could watch sparks fly from the wood fires, and it didn't take long before two women were sharing food with me — and I with them. Supperland's that kind of joint. It's a former church that owners Jamie Brown and Jeff Tonidandel have converted into a celebration of tender steak, onion dip, potato chips, and fellowship. I ate dishes that seemed blessed by some kind of spirit."

Supperland is located at 1212 The Plaza in Charlotte.

Check out Esquire to see its full list of the best new countries in America 2022.

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