Noah Weiland Details The Toll Substance Abuse Took On Him In New Single

By Katrina Nattress

January 30, 2023

Photo: Randall Slavin

Ever since getting kicked out of Suspect208, Noah Weiland has been open about his struggles with addiction, and he's continuing to detail his battle in his latest solo single "good riddance & goodbye."

“I wrote the song about having to force myself to move on from the love of my life due to substance use in the past,” Noah, who's the son of late Stone Temple Pilots frontman Scott Weiland, told iHeartRadio. “I’m past that point in my life.”

Though he put out a number of singles last year, Noah admitted he's not in a rush to put out a full album. “I want to wait until there’s a lot more people looking at me before I think of a mixtape or an album, because I don’t want to put my all into something and then it goes unappreciated,” he said. “I’m really just trying to focus on getting more of a fanbase.”

Listen to "good riddance & goodbye" below.

Last year, Noah opened up about getting kicked out of the band and being compared to his late father during an interview with iHeartRadio. Though admitting to having a drug problem, Noah explained that he actually didn't become addicted to anything until after getting ousted from Suspect208. “This is the thing that people don’t know: I wasn’t even addicted to anything when that whole thing happened,” he said. “I didn’t get addicted to stuff until months after. That’s what made me so mad.”

“It made me mad because yeah, I did end up getting addicted but before that I was not a drug addict and they made it seem like I was and for awhile, when I really wasn’t, that’s when it hurt me the most,” he added.

When news that Noah was no longer in the band broke, what hurt him most was online comments comparing him to his dad, who tragically died in 2015 of an accidental overdose of cocaine and other substances. “People want to see me be a statistic so bad, I feel like,” he said. “There were so many posts when the band ended and all the comments were, ‘’Oh, just like his dad, just like his dad.’”

Noah has since sought treatment for addiction and is sober. “I have a sponsor, I go to meetings, I’m better with family,” he revealed.

“It’s a little drive that makes me want to do better and say even if you’re born into a family with addiction you don’t have to fall to the statistics," he said about not suffering the same fate as his dad. "You can be great. You can even be greater than your parents, it doesn’t matter.”

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