Hayley Williams Calls Pop Punk Nostalgia 'Revisionist History'

By Katrina Nattress

February 12, 2023

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Photo: Getty Images North America

Paramore just released their sixth studio album This Is Why and are considered one of the biggest bands to come out of the '00s emo/pop punk scene; however, Hayley Williams has made it clear that she doesn't miss the toxic culture that was bred from the scene. During an interview with NME, the singer said she thinks pop punk nostalgia is a type of "revisionist history."

“It’s revisionist history on a less heavy topic,” Williams said. “People look back with these rose-tinted glasses. They talk about the good and forget the rest. It was an alternative scene for a reason – it was weird.”

“Those kids were bullied, that’s why so many guys in those bands wrote s***** songs about ex-girlfriends," she added. "I just get angry about the injustice of a bunch of people who were bullied, essentially creating a world where other people didn’t feel welcome.”

That being said, the This Is Why song "Crave" does see the trio longing to relive their early days as a band. “When the guys showed me ‘Crave’ I was pumped because we haven’t had anything that sonically felt like that in a really long time,” Williams explained. “We don’t like to give too much credit to nostalgia, we like to move forward. But with the music, you couldn’t escape that feeling. I was just thinking about why I always miss the moment that I’m in because I’m too worried about when it’s going to be over.”

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