This Is Colorado's Best Craft Beer

By Zuri Anderson

March 1, 2023

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America is very proud of its beer, especially the thousands of breweries that make their own custom brews. Every region, city, and town has its own approach to this wheat-based alcohol, bursting with both flavor and personality. That's why Reader's Digest took up the task of finding every state's most delicious craft beer.

The website states, "If you want to expand your beer palate, the only way to do it is to hunt down the best beers beyond your hometown. (Bonus: You can try some new state foods along the way.) Fortunately, we’ve done the work for you. Using a combination of sales figures, tasting notes, and rave reviews, we’ve identified the best craft beer in every state."

According to the website, Colorado's best craft beer is the Chili Pepper Pale Ale from Broken Compass Brewing Company! Here's why it was chosen:

"Colorado is heaven for craft beers, so the best beer in the state is a topic of much debate. But one brew that unarguably merits a taste is the Chili Pepper Pale Ale made by Broken Compass in Breckenridge. Brewed with five different kinds of peppers, this pale ale is still surprisingly easy to drink, with just a subtle fire in the aftertaste. This flavorful beer could make a delicious accompaniment to any Mexican dish and could even make a good marinade for steak fajitas. And if you like a bit of heat, you’ll definitely be on board with wasabi too."

If you want a sip of this beer, Broken Compass is located at 68 Continental Ct, Unit B-12, in Breckenridge.

Still curious? Check out the full list on RD's website.

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