Old Dominion Regrets Losing A Former Flame: 'I Should Have Married You'

By Kelly Fisher

April 21, 2023

Photo: Getty Images

Old Dominion recommends getting over heartbreak by choosing to “dance hard enough and sing loud enough,” to quash feelings of regret. The award-winning, five-member band debuted their lighthearted tribute to the one that got away on Friday (April 21).

“I Should Have Married You” marks the latest song to release from Old Dominion as the group rolls out their next era of music, a longtime coming after they started to tease it on their social media channels. It reflects on a past relationship and wishing things worked out differently: “If I hadn’t been so young and stupid/ Yeah, I let somebody beat me to it/ Don’t know what you got until you lose it/ Guess I blew it, baby/ I should have married you/ That’s just the way it goes/ I should have seen it through/ I should have let you know/ I should have said I do/ Back when I still had the chance, yeah/ I should have married you”

It’s a feeling that Old Dominion suspects is familiar to many listeners. They wrote in an Instagram caption when they announced the songs’s release date: “There must be a lot of people out there that either need to hear this or need to say it. If you dance hard enough and sing loud enough, maybe the regret will go away!”

“I Should Have Married You” joins other recent releases from Old Dominion, including “Easier Said With Rum,” “Ain’t Got A Worry,” “Freedom Like You” and “Memory Lane.” Listen to it here:

Old Dominion
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