Joe Biden, Kamala Harris Officially Announce Reelection Campaign For 2024

By Jason Hall

April 25, 2023

Photo: Getty Images

President Joe Biden officially announced his reelection bid in a video shared on Tuesday (April 25), exactly four years to the day of his initial announcement to run in the 2020 election.

In the video titled, 'Freedom,' Biden showed images of the January 6 attack on the United States Capitol, abortion rights protests and right-wing politicians, claiming that "MAGA extremists are lining up to" cut the social safety net and take away personal liberties from Americans, which included, "cutting Social Security that you’ve paid for your entire life while cutting taxes for the very wealthy. Dictating what health care decisions women can make, banning books, and telling people who they can love. All while making it more difficult for you to be able to vote."

"When I ran for president four years ago, I said we are in a battle for the soul of America. And we still are. The question we are facing is whether in the years ahead we have more freedom or less freedom. More rights or fewer," Biden said, adding, "This is not a time to be complacent. That’s why I’m running for re-election."

Vice President Kamala Harris also shared the video on her social media accounts, confirming she would once again serve as Biden's running mate.

"As Americans, we believe in freedom and liberty—and we believe that our democracy will only be as strong as our willingness to fight for it. That’s why @JoeBiden and I are running for reelection," Harris tweeted.

On Monday (April 24), sources familiar with the situation told CNN that Biden's team was preparing for his official 2024 reelection campaign. Biden returned to the White House Sunday (April 23) night after a weekend of reported intensive runthrough of campaign and personal planning at Camp David, with a video announcement expected to be released on Tuesday on the four-year anniversary of his initial announcement.

An NBC News poll released on Sunday reported that only 26% of respondents believed Biden should run for a second term, while 70% said he shouldn't. Additionally, 51% of Democrats said Biden shouldn't run for a second term, with the results mirroring other recent polls showing subpar support for the president ahead of his expected reelection campaign.

Nearly half of the respondents cited Biden's age as their main concern. Biden will be just weeks ahead of his 82nd birthday on Election Day 2024 and would be 86 at the completion of his second term if reelected.

The president's advisers are, however, confident that polls will be more favorable long-term with former President Donald Trump, the current favorite for the Republican nomination, having "a pretty good track record of bringing our people back home -- and out to vote," a senior Democratic official with ties to the White House told CNN. Biden's advisers also view the president's age as a sign of political experience.

“He is a steady hand, when you look at what’s out there right now with Donald Trump and what we’re hearing again. People don’t want that chaos back again,” said Sen. Amy Klobuchar, a Minnesota Democrat, while addressing the topic of the president's age during an appearance on CNN's State of the Union.

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