Your $1 Dollar Bills Could Be Worth $10,000 - Check The Serial Numbers

By Dave Basner

April 30, 2023

Photo: Dave Basner

How often do you really look at the dollar bills that you get as change? You might glance down and see George Washington staring back up at you, but it turns out, you should be taking a much closer look than you've been doing. That's because the serial number on the bills could make them worth way more than one dollar.

The_Coin_Guy on TikTok recently shared a video pointing out one thing in particular to be on the lookout for. In the clip, he shows a dollar bill that has a serial number with all 8s, something that is called a solid serial number. He explains that they are "extremely collectible." To prove it, he showed how much that bill sold for - $7,500.

A serial number with all of the same numbers isn't the only kind to watch out for, you should also keep an eye out for ones with really low numbers, like 00000002, ones with really high numbers, ones with repeating number patterns like 12312312, ones that only use the same two numbers like 19919119, and flippers - ones that have a number that can be read the same even if it is upside-down, like 00069000. There are also bills that have a star instead of a letter at the end of the serial number. These bills, called star notes, replaced other bills that had a printing error. Since the Treasury can't print a dollar bill with the same serial number more than once, they add the star.

If you want to see if your bill is worth anything because of its serial number, this fancy serial number checker can give you some idea of its value to a collector.

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