If You Have A Discolored Dime, It Could Be Worth Over $3,000

By Dave Basner

June 16, 2023

Photo: Getty Images

Few people think twice about pocket change, and why would they - it's mostly just some loose coins you get after making a cash purchase. However, it turns out you should be paying a lot closer attention to that money since it might be worth a lot more than face value, even if it looks old and rusty. That's just the case for a dime you need to be on the lookout for.

The dime has an orangish hue like a penny, and that's because it was actually minted on a copper planchet, the kind pennies are made with. It was a big mistake that the mint made, but since they put billions of coins into circulation each year, errors are bound to happen, and this one can make you some money. According to a video from Old Money Prices, a dime minted on a copper planchet just sold for $2,760, even though it wasn't in great shape. One that is nicer can go for a lot more.

Of course it's not just dimes to keep an eye out for, any coin that seems to have a mistake on it could be very valuable, so before you throw that change into your pocket, be sure to take a closer look at it!

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