Terrifying Video Shows Plane Door Bust Open Mid-Flight

By Jason Hall

June 19, 2023

Photo: Getty Images

A video shared online shows a terrifying situation in which a plane's door busted open mid-flight.

The plane, which was carrying band members of Brazilian singer-songwriter Tierry, who was not on board, was "traveling from Sān Luís and had to make an emergency" landing, according to the Twitter account, @fl360aero, which shared the video last week. The door opened just 30 minutes after the plane departed, according to Brazilian news outlet Portal O Informante via the New York Post.

The video showed the band members shockingly appearing to remain calm through the situation. The plane managed to safely make an emergency landing at Hugo da Cunha Machado airport in Sāo Luís and no injuries were reported.

The jet was supposed to land in Salvador City before being rerouted due to the frightening incident. Tierry was reported to be on a separate flight that took off earlier in the day.

Brazilian authorities have launched an investigation into the incident and the cause of the door opening mid-flight has not yet been determined.

A similar incident took place in May when a passenger opened the emergency door on an Asiana Airlines flight while descending for landing in South Korea. The passenger, identified as Lee Yoon-Joon, was arrested after the plan landed.

All 194 passengers survived the incident on Flight OZ8124, despite the door remaining open even after it landed at Daegu International Airport. The Airbus A321-200 jet was reported to have departed from Jeju Island at around 11:45 local time and scheduled to land about an hour later when the man opened the emergency door as it was just over 800 feet above ground.

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