Terrifying Video Shows Plane Door Open Mid-Flight, Luggage Sucked Out

By Jason Hall

January 10, 2023

Open door of airplane
Photo: Getty Images

A frightening video shared online shows the door of a commercial airplane open mid-flight, causing luggage to be sucked out of the cabin.

Sergei Lidrik, 33, captured the footage from the IrAero An-26 twin-prop plane, East2West News reported via the New York Post.

The video shows Lidrik and other passengers braving freezing temperatures as several hats and pieces of luggage were sucked through the opened door.

The plane took off from a remote Siberian city of Magan in -41-degree Celsius temperatures and was scheduled to land in Magadan, but was instead forced to turn back around and make an emergency landing at its original location.

“The flight ended quicker than expected — with the wrong result,” Lidrik told East2West via the New York Post. “People were shocked at first. … People had their hats blown off.”

Lidrik said passengers positioned near the cabin, where the door had opened, were "freezing cold."

Another passenger claimed that a man sitting at the rear of the plane was "nearly blown away" after he'd "just unfastened his seatbelt."

Fortunately, all 25 passengers survived the terrifying incident.

Magan is located about eight miles from Yakutsk, which is considered to be the coldest city in the world, according to LiveScience.com.

The Antonov An-26 aircraft, which was introduced during the Soviet-area in 1970, ceased production in 1986.

An investigation into the incident is ongoing.

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