The 'Most Miserable' City In Colorado

By Zuri Anderson

July 5, 2023

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Every city, big or small, has a unique draw or charm that draws both tourists and future residents. There are some areas or cities, however, that aren't as glamorous as other locations in their state. These places may even garner a reputation for their residents, living conditions, or other factors.

If you're looking for a peppy travel destination, Travel A Lot found the "most miserable" city in every state. Writers used data from the U.S. Census Bureau and AreaVibes to determine their picks.

According to the list, Colorado's most miserable city is Pueblo. Here's why it was chosen, and which city was named the happiest in the state:

"Pueblo, Colorado wins the most miserable city in Colorado for this year. The income per capita is $20,427, which is lower than the national average while unemployment is up 28% higher, and the poverty level is 25% higher than the national average as well. The crime rate in Pueblo is also 155% higher than the average with violent crime rising 161% higher. Aurora, Colorado is the clear winner, here. It is considered the happiest city in the state due to the proximity to many amenities and attractions to ensure there is always something to do or a grocery store nearby, the income per household is equal to the national average, unemployment is just 4.9%, and the poverty level is only at 14.7 which is lower than the national average."

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