Bison Gores Woman At Yellowstone

By Jason Hall

July 18, 2023

Herd of Bison running through an open field near Delta Junction, Alaska
Photo: Getty Images

A woman was gored by a bison while visiting Yellowstone National Park on Monday (July 17), the National Park Service announced in a news release.

The woman, identified as a 47-year-old from Phoenix, Arizona, was reported to be walking with another person in a field in front of the Lake Dodge Cabins when she spotted two bison. The pair attempted to walk away before one of the bison charged and gored the woman.

The woman was transported by helicopter to Eastern Idaho Regional Medical Center for "significant injuries to her chest and abdomen" sustained in the attack. Officials said it was unknown how close the two people were to the bison prior to it charging and no additional details were provided amid an ongoing investigation.

The incident was the first in which a bison gored a visitor in 2023, following multiple incidents in 2022.

A 34-year-old man was hospitalized after the large mammal charged at and gored him while he was walking with his family on a boardwalk near the Giant Geyser at Old Faithful on June 27, 2022. The incident took place weeks after a 25-year-old woman was gored to death and tossed 10-feet into the air by a bison at Yellowstone on March 30, 2022.

Yellowstone requires all visitors to stay more than 25 yards away from all bison -- the largest mammals in North America -- as they are capable of reaching speeds of 35 MPH and jumping several feet. The park's bison population is estimated between 2,300 to 5,500 and the animal has injured more visitors than any other.

Yellowstone warns all visitors to stay more than 25 yards away from all bison, elk, bighorn sheep and moose, as well as at least 100 yards from bears and wolves present at the national park.

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