Viral Video Shows Arizona Woman Shocked To Find Snake In Toilet

By Sherah Janay Ndjongo

August 10, 2023

Photo: Rattlesnake Solutions

An Arizona woman returned to her house from a relaxing vacation only to be greeted by an unwelcome visitor who had made itself at home.

The Tucson resident Michelle Lespron, who had been away from her house for quite some time, expected everything to be in the same state as when she left. However, when opened her toilet lid and took a look inside her toilet, she was frightened to discover a massive snake slithering in there!

Lespron immediately took action and was able to look up and call local snake removal company Rattlesnake Solutions for help. The experts were quickly able to identify the snake as a coachwhip.

Owner of Rattlesnake Solutions Bryan Hughes told news outlets, "A coachwhip, some people call it a red racer but this one isn't red, it is a fast, intelligent snake, that does a lot of things. It eats rattlesnakes, it climbs trees, it climbs houses, it gets everywhere and does what it wants."

After two failed attempts to capture the reptile, three times proved to be the charm. The snake was retrieved and removed from the home.

According to Hughes, a situation where snakes are living in toilets is not very common.

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