The Hottest County In Wisconsin

By Sarah Tate

August 15, 2023

Photo: tommaso79/iStock/Getty Images

Summer is still in full swing, and with it has come some extremely hot temperatures. From average warm temps and high humidity sending people flocking to swimming pools or the beach to heat waves forcing them to take shelter indoors, some places experience hotter temperatures than others.

Stacker analyzed data from years past to determine which Wisconsin counties get a bit warmer during the summer months than others. Here's how the site determined the list:

"Stacker compiled a list of the counties with the warmest summers in Wisconsin using data from the National Centers for Environmental Information. Data represents the average temperatures from June to August 2022; the historic average is the average for these months from 1901 to 2000."

According to the site, the hottest county in Wisconsin is Kenosha County, with a summer 2022 average temperature of 71 degrees. The historic average summer temp is 70 degrees, and last summer had a 1.0 degree difference.

These are the Wisconsin counties with the Top 10 hottest summers:

  1. Kenosha County
  2. Milwaukee County
  3. Rock County
  4. Racine County
  5. Grant County
  6. Green County
  7. Dane County
  8. Lafayette County
  9. Pepin County
  10. Crawford County

Check out Stacker's full list to see more of the hottest counties in Wisconsin. To see the other side of the thermometer's effects, read up on the coldest city in Wisconsin and see where the biggest snowfall in the state was recorded.

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