The Most Affordable Luxury Hotel In New Mexico

By Sherah Janay Ndjongo

October 19, 2023

Standard hotel room in a luxury hotel in Moscow
Photo: Getty Images

Now is the time to book a dream vacation. But, this time around, the prospect of a common hotel room falls a little short of the mark.

Indulging in luxury may sound expensive. However, to ease your worries and safeguard your wallet, CashNetUSA has meticulously pinpointed the most cost-effective luxury hotels in every state, alongside major cities.

Truth be told, access to a highly sought after luxury hotel room is no longer confined to those with an endless supply of money. Disruptions within the hospitality industry, technological advancements and a saturated market have converged to make opulent accommodations attainable. It sounds far-fetched, but there definitely exists a selection of top-tier rooms for well under $200.

Immerse yourself in designer furnishings, revel in artistic surroundings, savor authentic local experiences and bask in the personal touch—all available at surprisingly affordable rates within state borders. However, unearthing these deals necessitates diligent searching.

The research methodology involved an exhaustive search on to identify the most economical one-night stay in a five-star hotel in each state. When a five-star option proved elusive, the team extended their investigation to include four-star hotels.

Included in CashNetUSA’s findings as well is a comprehensive roadmap to guide one in seamlessly transitioning from one reasonably priced four- or five-star hotel to another.

In New Mexico, the most inexpensive luxury hotel is the five-star Bishop's Lodge Auberge Resorts Collection in Santa Fe, which costs $999 per night.

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