The Most Popular Fast Food In Texas Is Totally Unexpected

By Sherah Janay Ndjongo

November 1, 2023

Friends and fast food
Photo: Getty Images

Sometimes convenience trumps all when it comes to our meals, and it's during these moments that our cravings for fast food are most amplified.

On its own, fast food has created its own reputation, earning its place as a cherished and iconic culinary category throughout the nation. As a result, different regions across the country have put their own distinct spins on classic fast food items.

Fast food has evolved to be a reflection of our current busy lifestyles in this day and age. Not to mention, a major part of its appeal is its affordability can always ensure quick and satisfying bites.

A new study from the staff revealed the most popular fast food chain in every state:

"By conducting a state-by-state overview and selecting the most searched fast-food drive-thru, the team found there to be several distinctions, in addition to general increases in searches as a whole, across the United States. By examining the search terms and chains, we're assuming those are likely the most desired and frequently visited, too.
...In analyzing Google Search data (and using 'Ahrefs') from 2022-2023, it was easy to mark comparisons and distinctions within the year in terms of drive-thru popularity and choice within each state."

In Texas, the most popular fast food is Whataburger with 7 million searches.

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