Chrisean Rock Claims Blueface Beat Up Her Friend For Babysitting Their Son

By Tony M. Centeno

December 5, 2023

Chrisean Rock & Blueface
Photo: Getty Images

Chrisean Rock is hurling other serious allegations at Blueface after he claimed she abandoned their infant son.

On Monday, December 4, the reality TV star hopped on Instagram Live to respond to accusations the father of her child posted just hours before. Blueface posted a video of himself holding Chrisean Jr. in his arms at 4 a.m. while he berates Rock's friend Marsh, who was watching the baby while his mom was out. In the video, Blueface threatened to send his other baby mama Jaidyn Alexis to fight her. However, Rock claims Blueface kidnapped their son and beat Marsh up himself.

“I don’t want no problem,” Rock explained. “I don’t even know why this n***a came and kidnapped by baby from my house. I’m not keeping you from my child, none of that… After he made that recording, he trashed her. ‘Cause I could show you Marsh face she got slits on her mouth and her face and her eye.”

With Blue's other baby mama Jaidyn Alex by her side, Chrisean Rock explained that she was at the studio working on music and purposely refused to answer his calls. Then, Marsh called her and said that Blueface took the baby out of her custody. Rock told Marsh to not let the baby out of her sight, which is why her friend appears in Blue's viral video.

"Blueface beat me to my house before I even can get to my son," Rock continued. "Tryna take my son. Marsh ain’t leaving his side. Marsh stuck in the muthaf**kin’ car. Marsh like, ‘I’m in the s**t with you. What? ‘Cause this b***h on the phone said this is her baby so I’m finna die for her baby, get locked up for her baby. Wassup Blueface?'”

Following Rock and Jaidyn's joint livestream, Blueface went live later on and showed scenes from his home, which he claimed was trashed by both of his children's mothers. See the footage below.

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