The 'Fastest-Shrinking' City In Tennessee

By Sarah Tate

December 22, 2023

Photo: dszc/E+/Getty Images

You may have seen our previous coverage of the fastest-growing city in Tennessee, but have you wondered about the opposite? Which city in the Volunteer State is seeing its residents flee for another place to live more than other in the state?

Using data from the U.S. Census Bureau, Travel.Alot.Com compiled a list of the "fastest-shrinking" cities in the country, finding the "urbanized areas in each state" that are seeing residents leaving the city for another home somewhere else.

According to the site, the fastest-shrinking city in Tennessee is actually one of its most popular spots: the Nashville-Davidson area. While this might not make sense because of its popularity, the "seemingly thriving" city has reportedly seen a decrease in population over the past few years. Here's what the site had to say:

"This fine city had a whopping 689,248 residents in the year 2020. The following summer that number dropped to 678,851. It could be because of the staggering housing prices or the rising unemployment, but year 2021 saw over one and a half percent of the city's population leave this countryside for a new life elsewhere."

To see more of the fastest-shrinking cities in the country, check out the full list at

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