Texas City Has The Best Food Scene In The Entire State

By Sherah Janay Ndjongo

February 9, 2024

Smoked pulled pork sandwich
Photo: Getty Images

Some cities are foodie paradises with an abundance of must-try restaurants, innovative pop-ups and unique street vendors. Every corner unveils a new culinary adventure, making these areas a haven for those who seek the artistry and pleasure of exceptional dining experiences.

Love Food has determined the best bites in every U.S. state that all food enthusiasts need to add to their bucket list:

"While most states are full of great food hubs, there is always one metropolis that stands out for its ability to put simply incredible food on plates, from beloved regional pizzas to fine dining tasting menus to mouth-watering food truck eats. The cities are the best of the best, so here’s where to go in each state and what to eat there."

The top foodie city in Texas is Austin:

"While Houston and Dallas put up a tough fight for Texas’ foodie title, Austin just has to take this one. Famous for its 24-hour tacos and fluffy doughnuts, this city is pretty good at charming our taste buds. There are endless barbecue joints contributing to its reputation – Interstellar BBQ and Franklin Barbecue to name a few. You can’t forget the doughnuts though, which Gourdough’s cook to absolute perfection."
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