Megan Fox Reveals How She Feels About Machine Gun Kelly's Blackout Tattoo

By Sarah Tate

March 20, 2024

Photo: Getty Images

Machine Gun Kelly shocked fans earlier this year when he unveiled an extensive blackout tattoo covering much of his chest and arms. Now, his fiancée Megan Fox is sharing her reaction to the massive new ink.

The Mainstream Sellout artist, who also recently debuted new moniker in the place of Machine Gun Kelly, showed off the new tattoo in February, with solid ink covering the upper portion of his chest before wrapping over his shoulders and down his arms to his wrists, leaving behind an outline of a cross on his torso and lines streaking down his arms that have older tattoos peaking out.

While appearing on a recent episode of the Call Her Daddy podcast, the Jennifer's Body star spoke to host Alex Cooper about MGK's new tattoo, describing the ink as "very art" and stating that he had a conflicting relationship with some of his older ink, per Entertainment Tonight.

"He has a really special story behind why he did that, which obviously, I'll leave for him to tell," she said. "But the relationship with the tattoos that he had was very conflicted emotionally, whatever they represented — and I don't actually know — but he didn't like to revisit those memories of some of the tattoos that he had and he wanted to get rid of them."

She continued, "It gives me, like [minimalist fashion designer] Rick Owens. It's like an elevated version of all those tattoos that were pieced together. I think it's really elegant and it's kind of ahead of its time. I think in 10 years it'll be a trend."

The Transformers actress revealed she even accompanied MGK during one of the tattooing sessions, calling it a "spiritual initiation" while expressing shock at the level of pain he likely endured.

"I don't know how many people can take that kind of pain. People will be put to sleep and get the tattoos done, but he did it fully awake with no pain killers," she said. "I don't actually know how he endured that level of pain."

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