The Best Sandwich Served In Tennessee

By Sarah Tate

April 12, 2024

Photo: Carol Yepes/Moment/Getty Images

Sandwiches are a pretty versatile meal that can be changed and accommodated to create the exact perfect bite you want. Not only that, but many places even have sandwiches that are popular amongst the region but that may not be able to find as easily if you travel a few states away.

Far & Wide compiled a list of the best sandwich in each state, from cubanos found in southern Florida and lobster rolls in New England to po'boys in Louisiana and the diner classic patty melt in Nevada. The best sandwich in all of Tennessee is the Nashville hot chicken sandwich, with the site specifically shouting out the ones served at Prince's Hot Chicken Shack and at Party Fowl.

This is what the site had to say about the best sandwich in Tennessee:

"Nashville hot chicken was reportedly invented by a woman scorned: Andre Prince Jeffries, owner of Prince's Hot Chicken Shack, claims that the cayenne-pepper-spiced fried chicken was first cooked up by the girlfriend of Jeffries' great-uncle, a noted womanizer, to punish him for one too many late nights out. Her attempt at revenge apparently had the opposite effect — today, dozens of spots cook up this classic, including, of course, Prince's, which serves its chicken on plain white bread with the diner's choice of heat level. Party Fowl is another tasty option, offering a number of variations on the sandwich, including a hot chicken po'boy and a hot chicken cubano."

Check out the full list at Far & Wide to see more of the best sandwiches served around the country.

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