Where Pennsylvania Ranks A On List Of The 'Most Beautiful States in the US'

By Logan DeLoye

April 19, 2024

Lancaster, Pennsylvania
Photo: iStockphoto

Would you consider your state to be the most beautiful place to live in all of America?

Each state offers a unique essence unlike any other, whether it be portrayed amid stunning nature scapes, or within unmatched man-made architecture. The state you live in might be beautiful, but how beautiful is it in comparison to the other 49?

According to Thrillist, Pennsylvania ranks as the 35th most beautiful state in America. Per the list, the top five most beautiful states in the country include California, Hawaii, Alaska, Utah, and Colorado.

Here's what Thrillist had to say about why they ranked Pennsylvania as the 35th most beautiful place in the U.S.:

"It's got hills, Amish buggies, and pleasant forests that in the fall molt into spectacular golds and yellows and oranges. But for Pennsylvania's size, it lacks that "wow" factor. It's a densely populated eastern state minus the redeeming coastline. It's got a nice piece of the Appalachians, but not so impressive a piece as its neighbors. And, yes, you can ski the Poconos if you really don't feel up to going somewhere better. But like so many of the features here, you'd trade up, given the option."

For the full ranked list of the most beautiful states in America visit thrillist.com.

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