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June 20, 2024 38 mins

Today on 2 Pros and a Cup of Joe, NFL owners discuss the idea of taking quarterbacks off the Salary Cap because of their large contracts. The guys play a game of “Draft Pick or Draft Shtick.” Senior NFL Reporter for TheMMQB, Albert Breer stops by.

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Speaker 1 (00:01):
This is the best of two pros and a couple
Joe with Lamar Arrington, rading Win and Jonas Knots on
Fox Furs Radio.

Speaker 2 (00:13):
So apparently there's been some discussions. There's been some thought
about maybe changing or improving the impact that quarterback salaries
are going to have on teams around the NFL, so
much so that Tom Pellasero of the NFL Network, he
discussed the possibility of this quarterback salary cap, so to speak,

being privately kicked around by NFL owners here he was
talking to Rich Eisen.

Speaker 3 (00:40):
There certainly has been discussion within the league, rich among
certain owners about even the idea of a quarterback cap
that at some point you want quarterback numbers to not
go over a certain percentage of your salary cap. To
my knowledge, that really hasn't gained traction, in part because
so many teams have paid their quarterback and if you

went to suddenly an NBA model where also you have
the max and the super Max, there's really only a
couple levels that guys can get paid at, it kind
of changes the dynamics in terms of how you set
yourself up salary cap wise or whatnot. So absolutely there's
been a discussion about exactly what you're talking about, which is,
how are we paying this much money to this position

and to certain guys just because they're the next one up.

Speaker 2 (01:24):
Brady Quinn, your expertise quarterback salary cap, let's hear it.

Speaker 4 (01:30):
I mean, I'm personally not a fan of this because
you would be, in essence, try to implementing rules to
limit the owners, you know, paying out x amount to
the quarterbacks, where you don't really do that to any position,
So why would you do with quarterbacks?

Speaker 5 (01:50):
Like if edge rushers and wide receivers.

Speaker 4 (01:51):
I guess wide receivers would be another one to talk
about right now, since so many have gotten paid this offseason,
are we going to get to a point because wide
receivers are being paid so much they need to have
a cap put on them. I mean, I understand like
people have to understand that the salary cap is put
in place in most cases for parity, because what you
don't want is you don't want a really rich owner

and a really rich team to be able to spend
all the cash possible to be able to essentially buy
a Super Bowl. That is what you're hoping is not
going to be the case. So you put in, you
put in a salary cap, and then you're able to
at least say, hey, this is a level playing field here.
I mean, let's just take for instance, college football in.

Speaker 5 (02:35):
The world of nil.

Speaker 4 (02:36):
Right now, you have many people who are frustrated with
how the landscape is changing, but we're not to a
point where they feel like it's fair. Well, why is
it not fair? Well because you have certain schools who
have a lot more money than others, and so they
can get.

Speaker 5 (02:51):
More of the recruits. Now, I would argue that's always
been the case.

Speaker 4 (02:56):
Right Like, when you have a school with a lot
of money, they initially used to entice you. If they
weren't paying a kid under the table, they were probably
enticing them with the facilities, the stadium, they're paying for
a coaching staff, the resources, everything else that you see,
right Like, that was how they lure or recruit in.
Look at how amazing this stadium is, this facility, this

everything we have here, right that used to be the way.
Now you got an il and so you know, if
you're Texas and you're one of their top recruits. As
you walk in through their football facility, you see a
bunch of Lamborghinis, parked outside right. That video went viral,
and in essence, what you're trying to do is create
more of a level playing field. It's no different in

as far as why a salary cap will be implemented.

Speaker 5 (03:41):
And so in this case, it's twofold.

Speaker 4 (03:43):
It's probably for a parody to a degree, but it's
also because these owners are like, man, I don't want
to keep paying these guys so much money and they're
taking up such a percentage of the cap. Well, I'd argue,
if your quarterback wants to take up fifty percent of
the cap, so be it. You're gonna field the rest
of the team with the other fifty percent, Like that's
your choice, Like you got to figure that out as

an organization if you want to do that.

Speaker 5 (04:04):
And if that guy goes down, yeah, your seasons in.

Speaker 4 (04:07):
The tank, and it's most likely it's it's most likely
or probably your fault for implementing that. So that just
doesn't sound like the type of ideology that would come
from like free market. And so I don't like it
because I feel like there's elements of you know, trying
to you know, limit how a team ends up spending

its money.

Speaker 5 (04:28):
But that's not business. Like that's you get.

Speaker 4 (04:31):
In the real world, every decision you make, every dollar
you spend is going to be, you know, judge based
on their performance, and it should be the same thing
in sports.

Speaker 6 (04:40):
You know, I feel like there should be a special
exception for the quarterback position. I think that would solve everything.
Like have a salary cap for the rest of the team,
no salary cap for the quarterback position. I feel like
that solves it because then now you can have enough
space to pay high end players that aren't necessarily a quarterback.

Could be a receiver, could be an adge rusher, you know,
it could be something to that effect that you know,
you might have a playmaker in your secondary, could be
something like that. And then your your cap is purely
based upon the other twenty one positions on on the team,

which when you think about it, I mean, what place
kicker or long snapper.

Speaker 5 (05:33):
You you declude some specialists there.

Speaker 6 (05:35):
But but if you think about it, that that's really
the only those are the only positions that have such
such a small amount There's no other position that has
that small of an amount of of representation on your
on your roster. Quarterback, what a kicker and a punter, right,
I mean that's probably it.

Speaker 5 (05:57):
Am I missing any anybody? You got? You got?

Speaker 6 (06:00):
You have at least what six seven receivers something like that, right,
you have?

Speaker 5 (06:06):
You have at least.

Speaker 6 (06:08):
Ten linemen both sides, So on defense side you have
like nine to ten.

Speaker 2 (06:15):
We're a long snapper, I said, long snapper.

Speaker 6 (06:18):
I mean, but they're still considered to be linemen in
most cases. I mean, they could be a specialist, but
they are still considered to be alignment unless. I mean,
I've never really seen a different position outside of alignment
be be a.

Speaker 5 (06:33):
Long snapper in the league.

Speaker 6 (06:34):
I know, we had like a couple a couple of
linebackers or fullbacks that did it in college maybe, but
not in the league. So you you're going to at most,
at the maximum, you're going to have three quarterbacks on
your roster more often than not, it's generally too if
I'm not mistaking. So if you only have two guys

on your roster for that position and your starter is
Patrick Mahomes, why not just say, you know what, just
like the coach, you don't have a salary cap for
your coach, so why not just not have a salary
cap for the quarterback. I mean, we all know that
that's the most Like everybody knows that's the most important
position on the team.

Speaker 4 (07:18):
I guess i'd argue this way, then why have a
salary cap for other players?

Speaker 5 (07:21):
Why? Because they're not as important? Yeah, cose they're not
as important. I mean, you don't have to live, you
don't have to live on that side. So I don't
need you arguing for us. Q.

Speaker 6 (07:30):
You don't need to argue for us because we're not
as important as you, and we know we're not.

Speaker 4 (07:34):
That's why for the rest of the offensive people, I
was more saying, you can throw office back if there's
offensive lot tackle that can't protect them or a wide
receiver that can't get open.

Speaker 5 (07:45):
I was actually argue for the offensive ones. That's that's
Q is on it today. That mean that's a bang
bang right there. I'm proud of you. I'm proud of you.

Speaker 4 (07:58):
But here's the other thing is I wouldn't I would
argue for defensive players or any other player. Just again
from the standpoint that if you are the best in
the NFL what you do, you should get paid and
you should and if you're not gonna limit quarterbacks, then
you shouldn't limit that player like Aaron Donald's of the
world when Aaron was playing, and you know, like he.

Speaker 5 (08:20):
Was the best of what he did. True, Like you.

Speaker 4 (08:23):
Can't put a cap on you know, the ability for
what he can make with all the other fifty two
players on the roster, right, but then and then not
have one for a quarterback or I guess the other
fifty one in that case.

Speaker 5 (08:34):
So I'm just saying like I'm.

Speaker 4 (08:36):
Either all or nothing thing about it, Like you either
open up and you let any team spend whatever they
want and let the free market dictate you know how
this is all going to shake out what teams want
to spend and if they make good decisions, or you
put a salary cap and everyone falls underneath it.

Speaker 5 (08:51):
I just don't I don't think you could do a
high boy. I would love it.

Speaker 6 (08:55):
I would love that, I mean honestly, because that's what
I mean. You're right, right, if you're gonna put all
your money into this, It's like it's like when you're
building a car, you know what I mean, Like if
you if you want to put more into the engine
but not put it into like you know, the suspension
or something like that, then that's your you know.

Speaker 5 (09:16):
That's your prerogative.

Speaker 6 (09:18):
You know, somebody might like defense more than they like offense,
so they might want to spend more money on their defense,
you know, and say, we will get a serviceable offense
and we'll win it. On the other side of the ball,
I think that would be awesome to not have a
salary cap personally. I mean, because at the end of
the day, you're only going to pay what you're willing

to pay regardless, You're only worth what the team is
willing to pay you. So if you say, hey, I'm
going to test a free agency market and I want
to see if they're going to.

Speaker 5 (09:50):
Pay me more, then so bid, so bid.

Speaker 6 (09:54):
If somebody's gonna pay you more for your player, at
least have the option to match first rite or refusal.
You don't want to match it, then let let the
guy go to that team. I think that'd be awesome.

Speaker 2 (10:05):
Let me ask you has a question if there was
no salary cap, non quarterback, who would get the most.

Speaker 5 (10:11):
Money, Jefferson, Do you think so right now? Mm? Because
like if that's a tough question.

Speaker 2 (10:20):
If Aaron Donald's gone, then it kind of opens things
because I would have said Aaron Donald, like if he's
the best in his position.

Speaker 6 (10:26):
To say, it's Maus on defense, it's it's males Garrett,
it's it's up there t J.

Speaker 5 (10:35):

Speaker 6 (10:35):
Possibly they might use his age against him. I mean,
but I mean, like like what I don't know in history. Yeah,
I was thinking that, but I didn't want to say it.
But but I mean, what.

Speaker 5 (10:54):
Do you think I was gonna say? I don't know,
you might have had some good I mean one you
one today.

Speaker 6 (11:00):
Jonas, I don't know, you white dog?

Speaker 5 (11:08):
Is that what they go with? But he's in the
black and gold though he gets black.

Speaker 2 (11:13):
That's all the you know, that's that's the easy go
to there. Yeah, I just I wonder.

Speaker 5 (11:19):
You know the shake uf you're not a quarterback that
did have worked?

Speaker 2 (11:25):
Like you're getting tax differently. I just I wonder, like
who would be that.

Speaker 6 (11:30):
Get Justin Jefferson, Dang, you ain't gonna get it there,
go and get it and then we're gonna get it.

Speaker 2 (11:37):
Yeah, hey, Coop, Piers twenty bucks, go buy a mirror, buddy,
and then and that's your answer.

Speaker 5 (11:41):
Is why you're I thought that would have been lead but.

Speaker 7 (11:47):
Probably you white know you?

Speaker 2 (11:53):
I mean, I but I wonder also though based on potential,
maybe it's MICHAEH. Parsons like, if you're looking at it
at just potential, if he was if he was ready
to sign a contract right now, and there was no soundarach.

Speaker 5 (12:06):
Side like, well he is ready to sign.

Speaker 2 (12:08):
A contract, so if he is, so, if that might
have been LeVar, that might have been a lot of
money coming back to Stick City there, you know, from.

Speaker 5 (12:16):
Hey, I hope he gets it.

Speaker 6 (12:17):
Man, I think he's going to have I've been seeing
a lot of how he's been preparing for the season.
I'm pretty excited to see him play this year. Man, Yeah,
I really am. I'm curious as to what it's going
to be like with a different defensive coordinator and you
know you're talking about like kind of or hearing him
talk about how they haven't really talked too much.

Speaker 2 (12:37):
Seems like it's going well so far.

Speaker 5 (12:39):
Yeah, yeah, really yeah, you know, but you know, we'll
see how it goes.

Speaker 2 (12:44):
Now, do you want me, because it's probably like twenty
minutes away from where I live, do you want me
to drive up to Knox Snard and take a look
at Cowboys training camp to let you guys know how
it's going.

Speaker 5 (12:52):
Well, we should go, We should ever laugh from there.

Speaker 2 (12:55):
One hundred percent.

Speaker 5 (12:56):
We should Why should we go? We should go?

Speaker 2 (12:59):
Let's go? What I mean I think are you in
for this in Knox Start in the eight oh five
that's a home game.

Speaker 4 (13:07):
Do you feel like someone's gonna have a sign instead
of rooting for the Cowboys in training camp which they
go to Knock Start still?

Speaker 2 (13:15):
Yeah, yeah, they're still there. Yeah.

Speaker 4 (13:17):
Well, I know some teams have like changed up, like
the Raiders. Obviously they don't go to They should a
nap it isn't they?

Speaker 2 (13:22):
Yeah, now they're in coast. There's like three teams that
are doing training camps like inn in Orange County.

Speaker 5 (13:29):
We should do like, we should do a tour.

Speaker 6 (13:32):
We should do a training camp tour where like you know,
like these podcasts.

Speaker 5 (13:35):
Out here and do like sit down in I'm in
some sit down with the players.

Speaker 4 (13:42):
Here's the problem that you aren't You all aren't figuring out,
is you can go to the East coast because of
our time slot.

Speaker 5 (13:48):
It'd be way more beneficial for all involved.

Speaker 2 (13:50):
Yeah that's fine.

Speaker 6 (13:52):
I mean, I mean i'd say just let's start in
California and let's get all the teams in California.

Speaker 5 (13:58):
All right, Well, there's not much action going on three
am Pacific.

Speaker 6 (14:01):
Time for follow me here, c I know, I know,
interviews and then we just you know, we chill out
for the first hour.

Speaker 5 (14:11):
I'm a radio.

Speaker 4 (14:12):
Purist though, so like IANG doing pre pre recorded stuff
like that, it's gonna be live, yeahack dot com studios live.

Speaker 2 (14:24):
And if we do it on the East coast, can
we rent a van and just tour like we'll just
drive from spots.

Speaker 5 (14:29):
Van though it sounds like that some of the tour bus.

Speaker 6 (14:32):
Let's get the whole experience of going on tour, the
John Madden tour bus, I mean, or.

Speaker 5 (14:37):
The Cowboys tour bus, you.

Speaker 6 (14:39):
Know, yeah, oh god, Yeah, there's.

Speaker 5 (14:42):
A poll on there. There's a lot of people in
on that bus.

Speaker 2 (14:47):
Do we have out.

Speaker 4 (14:50):
Get out back Steakhouse to sponsor us? They still onion
in there.

Speaker 6 (14:54):
They're definitely not around like they used to be. Maybe
really roster. Oh no, no, they're gone. They're gone.

Speaker 2 (15:04):
And by the way, if you if you're if you
go bloom an onion, the next morning show is going
to smell like ass because that next morning show, yeah
that sits on your bread.

Speaker 5 (15:16):
Yeah, but yeah, yeah, hopefully there's the rule. There's no
number two and on the bus. Yeah.

Speaker 2 (15:21):
Well, unless you're in the Dave Matthews band, you can
just dump it on the Chicago River while people are
doing an architecture tour and uh them is it raining?

Speaker 5 (15:32):

Speaker 2 (15:33):
Dave Matthews into me with flying turt What a great idea.

Speaker 5 (15:42):
That's gross.

Speaker 2 (15:43):
Well listen now that that's an idea, So Lee, can
we can we get that started? Can we effort that?

Speaker 5 (15:48):

Speaker 8 (15:48):

Speaker 2 (15:48):
Do the Steelers still do training camp in Latrobe? I
would love to go to see Rolling Rock.

Speaker 5 (15:53):
Saint Vincent College, I believe it is. Yeah, that sounds right.
We'll do that.

Speaker 2 (16:00):
We'll get to the we'll get to the bottom of that.

Speaker 6 (16:02):
I know a few people around them parts, you know
what I mean. If we put together our network of
people that we know, I can guarantee we probably have
a really, really, really nice time.

Speaker 2 (16:13):
Oh that's the case. I'll get you guys hooked up
in Mexico, no problem. Take over Tijuana, Tijuana. Yeah, it
is Two Pros.

Speaker 5 (16:21):
And Tijuana called Tijuana there is.

Speaker 8 (16:27):
There is.

Speaker 1 (16:29):
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It's me Rock Parker.

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Speaker 2 (17:12):
So it's time now. This is the creation of one.
Brandon T Quinn and Lee to Lap is going to
be the host of a game we're calling Draft Pick
or Draft Stick. So Lee has got a list of names.

It's either somebody who will be in the green room
for the NBA Draft Lottery.

Speaker 5 (17:42):
I love this for so many reasons.

Speaker 2 (17:44):
And somebody who will not and it's completely made up.
So Lee, how do you want to do this? We've
got five apiece. We see how we do best out
of five.

Speaker 6 (17:54):
The avid sports fans and see if they could get it.

Speaker 5 (17:58):
That work, that work.

Speaker 10 (18:00):
Uh yeah, we could go round robin around the room.
I'll list out a name. I'll go one by one
to you guys, and you tell me whether it's a
draft pick or draft stick.

Speaker 2 (18:10):
All right, we're into it. So let's uh, who do
you want to start with.

Speaker 10 (18:13):
Let's uh, let's start with mister Brady Quinn right now,
step on up?

Speaker 5 (18:18):
Oh no, oh no, all right, here we go.

Speaker 10 (18:21):
All right, Brady out of Serbia, we have got Nicola Jurassic.

Speaker 11 (18:30):
Draft pick.

Speaker 2 (18:31):
Draft out.

Speaker 5 (18:35):
I'm going to say draft pick.

Speaker 11 (18:40):
Dang, that would be it's a draft stick.

Speaker 10 (18:45):
It's close because there is a Nicola topic out of Serbia.
But this is Nicola Durissic who's also out of Serbia,
real name, but he is not an invitee.

Speaker 2 (18:56):
But he is a basketball He is an.

Speaker 11 (18:57):
Actual basketball player.

Speaker 2 (18:59):
I wait to get his hopes.

Speaker 11 (19:00):
Yeah, it was close, very close.

Speaker 5 (19:02):
All right, well he ain't technically wrong. He plays ball,
so he.

Speaker 11 (19:05):
Does play right. All right, all right, var are you
you're up next?

Speaker 5 (19:09):
He ain't getting drafted though.

Speaker 10 (19:10):
He ain't getting drafted. Tang, All right, var, here we go.
We've got out of Colorado, Cody Williams.

Speaker 6 (19:21):
I mean that sounds pretty uh predictable, uh, just based
off of Williams.

Speaker 5 (19:28):
I'm going to go draft him.

Speaker 2 (19:29):
Paul in the carrage.

Speaker 7 (19:39):
What are you trying to say about the last name Williams?
What Ted Williams saying black?

Speaker 5 (19:44):
Yeah, he was a baller.

Speaker 7 (19:50):
The ball so hard. Throwze him up. You can still go,
he can still do it. Tell you, hey, Ted.

Speaker 2 (19:58):
Hey, Ted, sitting the sun for an hour. We need
a base.

Speaker 5 (20:01):
Hit him out, damn him out, demo Lee.

Speaker 11 (20:12):
All right, Jonas, get in there.

Speaker 2 (20:14):
This is gonna be easy. Mighty five or five here
all right.

Speaker 10 (20:18):
Out of the great country in continent of Australia, we
have Patrick Phillips.

Speaker 2 (20:27):
That's a draft stick. No Australians past, Sorry Phillips. That
didn't sound like an Australian name.

Speaker 5 (20:37):
It is, it is.

Speaker 11 (20:38):
There is a there's a Patrick Phillips in Australia.

Speaker 5 (20:40):
Yes see, Now you're your reasoning has falled.

Speaker 2 (20:44):
It's been flawed, right, but yours has it?

Speaker 8 (20:47):

Speaker 5 (20:48):
I was sound.

Speaker 11 (20:49):
That was very sound, all right, Brady, Get it on.

Speaker 5 (20:53):
Brady, get on getting on together, Brady. Where we go?

Speaker 2 (20:57):
Here we go.

Speaker 11 (20:58):
We've got Yves Mesia had a Baylor.

Speaker 5 (21:06):
Come on, que get this, give us, give it to us.
How about this for que You know what, hold I
fill in for I got it?

Speaker 2 (21:16):
Wait, hold on, why why are you gonna fill in
for him?

Speaker 5 (21:18):
He told me to answer.

Speaker 2 (21:19):
He's doing show prep.

Speaker 5 (21:21):
Oh okay, all right, Brady, I've got it. I've got it. Okay,
although I feel like I'm getting the hard ones. By
the way, I'm gonna say, that's a that's a traffic bam.
Come on, I feel good about it.

Speaker 11 (21:34):
I try to trick you that, you know, I did
try to trick you.

Speaker 6 (21:37):

Speaker 4 (21:37):
Give Jonahs some Europeans, I mean, come on, all.

Speaker 11 (21:41):
Right, I got them, all right, I got them.

Speaker 5 (21:44):
It's me. It's my turn.

Speaker 10 (21:45):
All right, back to you of are we got Moses
Horton out of California.

Speaker 6 (21:49):
Moses Horton, it's not a California. Sounds amazing. And you
tried to trick me because that Horton could go either way.
But I'm going with stick all the way. NBA stick.

Speaker 5 (21:59):
Let's go damn dang.

Speaker 11 (22:07):
All right, all right, let's go with the uh. Let's
go with a German No yeah.

Speaker 5 (22:12):
German for uh yeah, I am a.

Speaker 2 (22:15):
I'm a big fan of Ramstein. So you know this
is gonna be easy money for me.

Speaker 5 (22:20):
All right?

Speaker 11 (22:21):
Out of Germany, we got but Komy dad yet?

Speaker 2 (22:25):
What did you just say?

Speaker 11 (22:26):
Komy daddy it?

Speaker 2 (22:30):
Hey called me daddy it.

Speaker 4 (22:32):
This only ports the greater picture. No one knows who
the hell's get drafted.

Speaker 2 (22:41):
I'm gonna say it's a draft stick.

Speaker 5 (22:42):
Damn, I feel good about it.

Speaker 10 (22:48):
He was a he's actually a really good player out
of Germany who did attend the uh the combine.

Speaker 11 (22:52):
But he is not in the green room.

Speaker 2 (22:54):
He doesn't sounder say that.

Speaker 5 (22:57):
Dang? What does he sound like? Then?

Speaker 2 (23:00):
I don't know. I don't want to get in trouble.

Speaker 10 (23:04):
Ali, all right, Brady, what you mean them people out
of the G League?

Speaker 11 (23:11):
We have Ron Holland.

Speaker 5 (23:16):
I don't know what's harder.

Speaker 4 (23:17):
The the the more exotic games are like the Ron Holland.

Speaker 5 (23:22):
You got this, you got this, come on with league.
I'm just say that's a that's a draft stick.

Speaker 11 (23:32):
Ron Holland from the G League. Ignight will be there
in the green room, Tang.

Speaker 6 (23:35):
Okay, So I don't follow the league, Tang, and neither
do I.

Speaker 5 (23:41):
Yeah, I guess it's just happened to be on right now.

Speaker 2 (23:44):
We have we have lives.

Speaker 10 (23:49):
Ars next alright, lebar here we go, we got here,
we go out of Baylor, Jacoby Walters.

Speaker 6 (23:57):
Walters man again, it's a swing name, you know what
I mean. But Jakobe gives it away. So I'm going
to go with legitimate NBA stick stick.

Speaker 11 (24:10):
Wait wait, wait, yeah, what did you say? Legit stick?
Not not legit not legit stick.

Speaker 5 (24:16):
Yes, don't Jakobe.

Speaker 11 (24:21):
Walters out of Baylor. He's gonna be there.

Speaker 5 (24:23):
He proves my points. I've been confident in my my guessing.

Speaker 2 (24:27):
A big moment here, big moment.

Speaker 12 (24:30):
If y'all say Katelyn Clark, I'll be in though. That's legit.

Speaker 13 (24:38):
Alright, Jonas Darian Kline out of Iowa State, Darien Kleine, Oh,
that's a hard one draft pick.

Speaker 11 (24:54):
That's a fake one baby, Darian Klein, right up the middle.

Speaker 12 (24:57):
There's a fake one baby, all right, Brady that Brady
Zachary out of friends.

Speaker 5 (25:08):
Say that one more time.

Speaker 11 (25:09):
Zachary say that.

Speaker 5 (25:11):
One more time.

Speaker 4 (25:12):
He can't even say it right the second time. I'm
gonna say, n be a draft pick.

Speaker 6 (25:20):
That's correct, draft pick, a.

Speaker 5 (25:25):
Complete that's a question or.

Speaker 7 (25:27):
An answer, Tony last couple.

Speaker 11 (25:37):
Al right, collel where out of Indiana?

Speaker 5 (25:40):
Come bar Oh? Definite out of Delaware. Yeah, I'm gonna
say what what Indiana?

Speaker 6 (25:47):
Oh, I'm gonna say fake draft, fake, last one.

Speaker 2 (25:54):
Last one to win it.

Speaker 11 (25:55):
Tristan did Silva out of Colorado.

Speaker 2 (26:00):
Draft pick Yeah.

Speaker 1 (26:06):
Be sure to catch live editions of Two Pros and
a Cup of Joe with Brady Quinn, LeVar Errington and
Jonas Knox weekdays at six am Eastern, three am Pacific
right now.

Speaker 2 (26:17):
Albert Breers in. He's our senior NFL reporter, lead content
strategist at the MMQB. You can get him on Twitter
at Albert Breer. Also, by the way, a guy who
called his shot and said Celtics in five. Congratulations, AB,
there's nothing you can't do.

Speaker 8 (26:33):
That's right, That's right. I got it, just like in
The Fall, right, get everything right?

Speaker 2 (26:37):
Yep, that's how it works. I do, I do want to.
I'm curious here because since you know and you can
see into the future, and you know that the Celtics
are going to win in five and you never miss
on anything in the Fall, can you finally fess up
and tell us where the hell Aaron Rodgers was, Like,
where did he go?

Speaker 5 (26:53):
Come on?

Speaker 2 (26:54):
What is spilled the beans?

Speaker 5 (26:55):

Speaker 8 (26:58):
He went far far away? I was I'm not sure
that you could get where he is from where I
am without a connection, so oh yeah, and I live
in a pretty big city. So yeah, it's it's it's
an interesting situation for sure.

Speaker 2 (27:18):
I mean there's nothing else, no other details on it, no, uh,
nothing anybody wants to.

Speaker 8 (27:24):
I might have an idea where he's at. I like, honestly, guys,
like I think, I mean so much this is avoidable,
you know what I mean. But here we are, and
you know, I think the Jets are managing at the
best they can and look like I did think to
some degree, like I think part of it is like,
you know, a guy wants to get his mind right

for the season. I again, I think like this was
this particular timing and everything else to me is avoidable.
But I mean, the guy's accomplished a lot and obviously
he has the leverage to pull something like this off
if he wants to. And so yeah, that's a situation.
Everybody's in.

Speaker 5 (28:04):
Albert. Do you know exactly where he's at right now?

Speaker 8 (28:07):
Brady? No, it sounds like all right, which is like suck,
So like that's all I can give you right now.

Speaker 5 (28:14):
Damn, Do you know exactly where he's at?

Speaker 8 (28:15):
Right now, I have a general idea, Okay, I mean
I can't tell you what city is Easian, I'll put.

Speaker 5 (28:24):
It that way, Okay, just the country is what you're saying.

Speaker 8 (28:29):
Yeah, maybe.

Speaker 4 (28:30):
I mean we've had some wild speculation on this show
and one of our seconds called headline are Live. We
won't get into that, though, I do want to ask
you just as we move closer to the season, we
keep hearing more and more of this idea of like
now Pittsburgh wants to have a game in Dublin, Ireland,
which is be awesome, you know for us, but there
seems to be this push to get international, to go international.

Is there more too than just branching out the sport
or is there something maybe behind this?

Speaker 8 (29:02):
No, it's business. I mean I think that's where it is.
Brady and I I did it boils down to, you know,
maybe about fifteen years ago. This is the one. You know,
Roger was the commissioner. They felt like domestically they couldn't
grow anymore, so they had to go out from a
business standpoint, and that's meant adding inventory and over the

years that's what you know, going to London was, That's
what Thursday Night Football is that's what playing every day
of the week and on Christmas. That's what all these
things are. It's adding inventory that you can sell and
sell to a new audience. And whether that new audience
is an audience that will show up on a Wednesday
night or whether this is an audience it will turn

on a TV in Ireland. That's been their commitment. And
you know, it's interesting because if you look at like
the mandate of the commissioners over the years, right, Like
so Rozelle was a commissioner. He's a kind of a
carnival marker, and he was like the commissioner in the
NFL needed to be promoted and needed to be you know,

turned into a bigger deal. And Roselle did that. And
Taglabu became the commissioner.

Speaker 5 (30:09):
He's a lawyer.

Speaker 8 (30:10):
He became the commissioner at a time when there was
a lot of labor problems in the eighties and he
was able to take care of that. And you know
Roger where you know, Roselle was the carnival barker and
and and Tagliabu was U was a lawyer. Gadell is
the guy who was just an expert at finding a

way to create new revenue streams and create new ways
to make money. And that's been his mandate since he's
been the commissioner, and this I think has been one
of the more prominent ways of doing it, is of
finding new audiences overseas. And so, you know, I think
this will continue. Obviously it's accelerated the last couple of
years because they've gone to Germany now, and they'll go
to Brazil this year, They'll go to Spain next year,

i'd imagine, or it'll keep going out. I think Dublin
will actually be one of the easier ones. Guys, right,
you've been over there for a game, I believe, right,
like I think you said Notre Dame.

Speaker 4 (31:03):
Yeah, they do a tremendous job. And you know, obviously,
you know, you lose out on some of the revenue
that you get by you know, not having that home game. However,
people have to understand these cities will essentially pay you
to come over there, like they'll come up with the
funding from the tourism and from the government there, and
then they'll they'll figure out how to make it back
up with all the economic stimulus that provide. So it's

not I understand that stinks for Pittsburgh Steelers fans at home,
but it's a cool trip. If they do go on
the trip and the team still makes money off it.

Speaker 8 (31:33):
It's an awesome trip. I mean, I honestly like, you
go there flying on Thursday, play a couple of rounds
of golf, right, go to a game on Sunday. Not
a bad deal at all, And like I do think
like Dublin would probably be one of the easier one.
The reason I brought up Notre Dame Brady is because
they've hosted a lot of football games over there now,
you know. So it's from a logistical standpoint, like when

they go to stap Pallo and Brazil this year, when
they go to Madrid and Spain next year, like that
all sense first time those stadiums have hosted American football.
So there's a lot of like forecasting and guessing when
it comes to trying to make everything right there. You know,
I would have been with Dublin because they've posted so
many college football games now, like they probably have a

pretty good process in place for hosting hosting our sports.

Speaker 6 (32:21):
With that being said, Abe, I mean there was a
time when there was an NFL Euro and folded, it folded.
It didn't work, and I do I believe that was
was that under Tagleu or was that under Goodell? It
might have been Goodell's start, but it didn't work. What
makes this time different than when they were trying to
do it with an entire league?

Speaker 8 (32:44):
Well, we're putting real games over there. It's the difference,
you know. And I think, like, I mean like it.
It's so it started Undertagling, folded under at Goodell. And
the reason why it folded was because they couldn't make
money off of it. And again, like Rogers mandate is
is to make money, and they couldn't turn it into
a money making enterprise. They've been able to turn this

into a money making enterprise for the league and that's
why it survived, and that's why it's expanded, and that's
why they're continuing to because they want to following the
lead of leagues like the NBA that have had a
lot of success to the point where players are being
developed over there, you know, and kids are playing the
game like that's that's the goal. That's where you want

to get. And I think part of it, and this
is no affront to anybody who played over there because
obviously guys have played over there, all had a chance
to play in the NFL. You know, you have to
be close to playing the NFL have have played in
that league. But I sort of liking it to MLS,
you know what I mean. I think I don't know,
I grew up with like like some of my friends
who played soccer growing up, you know, like they're obviously

they're huge fans of a sport. They were never watching MLS.
You know, they're watching the Premier League. These are American kids, right,
They're watching the Premier League. They're watching Real Madrid and
FC bar Flona, They're not watching Major League Soccer. I
think it's sort of the same thing. It's like, if
you put a product that isn't like the top products

over there, it's hard to people to buy it. But
if we are sending Patrick Mahomes and Tom Brady, you know,
and you know, and we're going to send Jordan Love
and Jalen Hurts, count of Brazil, right, that is something
people can buy into. So I think we're sort of
talking about two different things that LA bar right, Like,
it's like it's a hey, just watch the sport, to

watch the sport right, We're not going to send our
stars over there. Just watch the minor league please, Versus
we're going to send our biggest stars, our best teams
over there. Min into that and I think it's you know,
it's proven to be a more sellable product. And like
the way the NBA has being able to exploit its
team and I think what the NBA is found is

that stars, not teams are what's sell over there. So
by sending our stars over there, I think we found
the NFL's found a product that it can sell internationally.

Speaker 2 (35:04):
Albert Brier joining us here on Fox Sports Radio, AB,
how does this play out with Brandon Ayuk in the
forty nine ers, Well, that.

Speaker 8 (35:12):
You want to keep them so, you know, regardless of
what you saw on TikTok, there hasn't been an effort
mainly to give him some long term and for has
you know, been in the upper twenties. And I think
that they're I think right now sort of it this
stalemate impact, whatever you want to call it. You know, now,

I think he's as good a player as I'm on
Ross Saint Brown and Jalen Wattle. Those guys got Payton
the twenty eight twenty nine million dollars per year range.
But since those guys signed Jeffers justin Jefferson's signed, So
I like, how does that complicated? How do you square
you know, where where Yuk is versus where Jefferson is,

and how Jefferson's contracts effect the market versus where Water
and Brown were a couple of months ago. I think
it's like kind of gotten complicated from a negotiating standpoint,
and that's probably why they're frustration on Ayuk's part. But
I would say this, I feel comfortable saying the Niners

if you ask them right now, who do we want
for the next five years, Brandon Ayuk or Deebo Samuel.
If they are being truthful, they would tell you we
were like, we want Brandon Ayuk, and I, you know,
I certainly think that they're going to continue their effort
to try to sign in long term. And I would
actually say, if one of those two is going to
be traded over the summer, I'd say it's more likely

Deebo Samuel than Brandon Ayuk. But that's just my feeling
right now on you know, whatever it is. June twenty
twenty first, is that right? I think so June twentieth. Yeah,
two twentieth. There you go. That's my feeling on June twentieth,
Thanks Jonas Albert.

Speaker 5 (36:55):
Who's next up to get a contract done?

Speaker 4 (36:56):
We know there's a lot of water receivers hoping to
get their deals in.

Speaker 5 (37:01):
Who's up next?

Speaker 8 (37:03):
Well, I mean like Teddy Lamb is certainly somebody if
you're talking about the receivers. Now you've got sort of
TheMark and you can say he's not justin Jefferson, but
look at his numbers from Lush year, like one hundred
and thirty catches for seventeen hundred yards. I mean like,
if you're Ceedee Lamb, you're asking to probably get pretty

close to Jefferson, right, And how do the Cowboys manage that?
With dak in the contract here and with Mike Carson's
situation where a lot of people aren't talking about but
he should be paying attention to. But there's obviously a
lot of things happening now right now the Cowboys, you know,
and then you have two tongue of Balola who have

like kind of like a weird holdout holdout thing going
on in the spring and Jordan Love, my guess, would
be the next one to gets Doue that gets done
would be Jordan Love and Joutin Love gets close to
what Trevor Lawrence got. How does that affect it to
a negotiation? I just think what's interesting about this pradie

is like a lot of these contract negotiations tie into
one another, you know, So I think it's gonna be
interesting to see who goes first and how that affects
the other guys. And you know, and then of course
you got CD and Brandon Aiyuk out there, who I
think are materially affected by what happened with Justin Jefferson.
So see because of the rising cap the market being

affected by these blockbuckxer deals. And then you know, again
in the way of Justin Jefferson getting done and Trevor
Lawrence getting done, and you know, certainly they're gonna be
receivers and quarterbacks who are gonna be asking for more.

Speaker 2 (38:43):
He is Albert Breer, Senior NFL reporter, lead content strategist
at the MMQB. You can get him on Twitter or
ex at Albert Breer AB. We appreciate us. Do it
again next week, all right, thanks guys,
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