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June 21, 2024 45 mins

Today on 2 Pros and a Cup of JoeJonas Knox and Brady Quinn react to the Lakers finally hiring JJ Redick as their next head coach. They tell you why a Wide Receiver University could never work and play "Laker or Faker." Plus a debate over Gatorde flavors and much more! 

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Speaker 1 (00:01):
This is the best of two pros and a couple
Joe with Lamar Arings, Brady Winn and Jonas Knox on
Boxorts Radio.

Speaker 2 (00:13):
Hey, stunning development in the world of sports. Can you
believe it? JJ Reddick is the head coach of the
Los Angeles Lakers.

Speaker 3 (00:25):

Speaker 2 (00:25):
Yeah, eight million dollars a year. Reportedly it's a four
year contract. I mean, I thought for sure that this
was you know, they were going to go in a
different direction and this was and I mean, but nope,
JJ Reddick is the guy. He is the new head
coach of the Los Angeles Lakers. Can you believe it?

Speaker 3 (00:44):
So? How much was reportedly offered to Dan early?

Speaker 2 (00:48):
Was it six years? Seventy million? I think was the
number I saw? If I'm not mistaken something like that.

Speaker 3 (00:57):
Why wouldn't JJ demand that exactly?

Speaker 2 (01:00):
I don't know. The whole thing is weird.

Speaker 3 (01:03):
What's weird about it?

Speaker 2 (01:04):
It just it doesn't make sense, Like, if JJ Redick
knows that Dan Hurley's being offered that amount, then yeah,
why wouldn't he ask for that amount?

Speaker 3 (01:13):
What's the other option? If it's not JJ Redick.

Speaker 2 (01:17):
Berego who's an assistant for New Orleans? And then as
far as splash Hires, I don't know, like Calipari, I
don't know, like I mean, I look at it, I
go it felt like this was really JJ Reddick and

will float out there Dan Hurley to try and steal
some shine from the NBA Finals. And then JJ Redick reportedly,
I think Rob Plinkett said that he offered him the
job Thursday morning. It's like, dude, stop, he was offered
the job while they were recording a podcast him and
Lebron James together. That's when the job was offered. This

idea that anybody else's making this call and not Lebron
James is laughable just doesn't add out.

Speaker 4 (02:04):
So I'll say this, I'm not going to criticize the
higher the process, to your point, was one of the
worst kept secrets we've seen in a while.

Speaker 3 (02:16):
But who knows.

Speaker 4 (02:17):
Maybe JJ Reddick could be a really good head coach,
you know, maybe he'll have the ability, whether it's working
with Lebron, talking to Lebron and helping him devise a
plan to make this thing work.

Speaker 3 (02:32):
We don't know. Like I'm more.

Speaker 4 (02:34):
Curious than anything else to see how this plays out.
And in part because I do think JJ Reddit's is smart.
I think he sees a bigger picture for as far
as basketball, But who knows, I mean, who really has
any clue how this whole thing is going to play out? Well,
we just know this. He wasn't their number one pick.

At least he wasn't. I used to say, Rob Plinkez,
there's a reason why Dan Hurley was there. And then
on top of that, he's got no experience, which I
think oftentimes we like we kind of relate, Oh, this
guy's gonna be good because we've seen him.

Speaker 3 (03:09):
Do it before.

Speaker 4 (03:11):
There's plenty of times guys are good at something, or
they ended up, you know, being great at something or elected,
or they get a job to something they haven't had
any experience before.

Speaker 3 (03:20):
We've seen that.

Speaker 4 (03:21):
So I'm gonna get give him the benefit of doubt
to kind of wait and see. I'm not gonna judge it.
But what does make me most interesting to see next
is what they do in the draft.

Speaker 3 (03:32):
Yeah, if they do indeed.

Speaker 4 (03:34):
Take Bronni, if that is to entice Lebron to stay there,
because it feels like this was Lebron's pick, like this
was who Lebron wanted to be head coach.

Speaker 2 (03:42):
Yes, and I also look at it and I go,
that's really that would really be the finishing touch on
exactly who's running the show there. If Bronnie James is
the lake draft of the draft, then then you get
your answer because this idea, and Petro's talked about it
before too. His big issue is the pushback that Lebron

James doesn't have any any say or it's not his
his idea, Like the like the story that came out
I think was that Darvin Ham was fired and the
guy that really had the issue with Darvin Ham was
Anthony Davis. Like come on, dude, you think Anthony Davis
is pulling the strings there. You think Lebron James is
pulling the strings there? And you just go back through
the course of his career, and it's not to say, like, look,

if there's a lot of people out there that if
they had the power and control to be able to
change things within an organization, good for them. Like I
don't have an issue with Lebron wanting to go play
for other teams. I don't have an issue with him
wanting to play for his son. I think that's we
talked about it yesterday. I think that's awesome. It's this
idea that he doesn't do all this, that he isn't
behind the scenes orchestrating all this, that this wasn't a

plan that was put in place that maybe had something
to do with you know them on the podcast getting
together and having discussions about it. I just look at
it and I go, if we're going to be truthful
about Lebron James. James, the most successful era of his
NBA career, of his playing career was when he didn't
have control when he was in Miami, cause he tried

that same game with pat Riley, as we've talked about,
and pat Riley was like, oh no, dude, like you
got it all wrong, Like I'm calling the shots here,
that's your head coach. And that was the most successful
run he had as far as a GM and calling
shots elsewhere to be seen. It remains to be seen
whether or not this is going to work. I'm with you,
I'm fascinated by it. But there's a lot of casualties

along the way of guys that Lebron James is not
wanted any part of, not wanted to deal with, wanted
to move on from. And I just wonder at some
point does JJ Reddick look at this and go, man,
I could just go back to being a broadcaster. It's
less stress. I'm going to make a good living. I
made a good living in my playing career, and I
was a damn good broadcaster at that. I just I'm

with you. I'm fascinated to see how it works out.
I'm just skeptical.

Speaker 3 (06:00):
Well, here's what we know.

Speaker 4 (06:01):
I mean, even though in the NBA now they've they've
moved through head coaches relatively fast. I mean, look at
Monti Williams, for example. He's made like eighty five million
in the past two years to not coach.

Speaker 3 (06:12):
So there's that.

Speaker 4 (06:13):
But what he knows is he knows is if it
doesn't work out, he does have TV on the other
side of this. You know, it doesn't matter how things go, honestly,
unless there's I mean some ridiculous incident that happens or something.
But he's got that in his back pocket. I think
the interesting thing is how he handles and who he
brings in to help him out on his staff, you know,

being a guy who's entering into one of the biggest
job in sports.

Speaker 3 (06:41):
I mean, it's the Lakers head coach, and.

Speaker 4 (06:44):
It's funny you brought up John Calipari, who maybe a
couple of years ago, feels different if you make that
higher you know now where you feel like in Lexington,
the kind of ran am out of town in Kentucky
to go to Arkansas and you kind of I wonder
if it has the same.

Speaker 3 (07:01):
Appeal to it. And it'd be interesting to.

Speaker 4 (07:03):
See John Calipari and Lebron James working together because I
don't know that John Calipari would push back on anything
Lebron James wants. I do think JJ Reddick will push back.
I don't know how successful that'll be, but I do
think he will be the type to try to hold
him accountable or push back if he doesn't believe it's
something that he's doing.

Speaker 2 (07:24):
And that's what that's what made him a good broadcaster.
I like people like don't like JJ Reddick because they think, well,
he's a little bit smug or he's a little bit arrogant.
I thought he was like he would push back on
Steven A. Smith, Like he would push back on conversations
that were being had, and he would like and yeah,
you know, he probably some regrettable things about you know,

Bob Coozy and Jerry West and just sort of their
era of basketball and all that. But that's why I
just wonder if how long before there's an incident and
do we find out about it, because if he he's
been in the media as long as he's been in
and he knows how this game works, if all of
a sudden there's a story comes out that him and

Lebron James, there's a little bit of friction. JJ Reddick
does strike me as the type that would absolutely discuss
it or have no issue discussing it in the media
and just deal with the repercussions. So that's why I
am interested to see how this plays out.

Speaker 4 (08:20):
So it's a funny funny and it's funny because his
reputation will last past this coaching job again, assuming he's
not you know, who knows. Maybe he's like a Sean McVay.
You know, he's kind of one of those brilliant minds
that he's able to connect with players and he's going
to be coaching there for as long as he wants.

Speaker 3 (08:37):
I mean, that is the interesting thing.

Speaker 4 (08:38):
Now when you look at you know, Los Angeles outside
of Jim Harbaugh, you know, you look at McVeigh and
the impact he had on the Rams, and you've got
someone like JJ Reddick, who I think in ways has
a similar personality recall quick you know, wit to him
or the ability to you know, process quickly. I do

think he'll be a good head coach. I just hope
he has time. Like I don't care if it's a
player or a coach. Oftentimes the rug is ripped from
out underneath them and they have no time. And I
feel odd saying this, but I do think it's somewhat true.
This contract doesn't make me feel like he's gonna have

a ton of time, Like it's a contract that they
can move off of from, you know, from him. Yeah,
had it been the Dan Hurley deal, different story, because
it would have been so punitive to the to the
club to move on from him. Now it's it's not
really like that as much. So that's the hard part
is I'm not even so sure you know that they
wouldn't if it's not working out after a year or

two just say yeah, we're gonna move on because it
doesn't hurt them to do so.

Speaker 3 (09:46):
I don't.

Speaker 2 (09:47):
I mean, I've said it before. I don't know anybody
that would. I mean, although seeing as you point out
Monty Williams make whatever eighty plus million dollars to basically,
you know, do nothing over a couple of years. Is he,
by the way, is he in the Jimbo Fisher realm
like they is? Okay? So he's there, Yeah, all right,
So him and Jimbo Fish are on a yacht somewhere going,

hey man, what do you want to do today? I
don't know, spend a little bit of money. So so
good for Monnie Williams, but jj Redick, we get to
see how it plays out. It'll be a fun watch
and and who knows, maybe gets fed up and sick
of the whole thing and just walks out, which would
also be fun. Two pros and a cup of Joe.
Here Fox Sports Radio, He's Brady Quinn. I'm Jonas Knox
with you. By the way, important announcement here as it

pertains to this show here on this day. You know
it is a football Friday. Listen, don't get caught up.
Don't get caught up in all the NBA storylines and
all the other crap out there. We know who butters
our bread. It's a damn football.

Speaker 3 (11:24):
I need something else.

Speaker 2 (11:25):
You need the classic Okay, all right, By the.

Speaker 3 (11:34):
Way, studios still do this.

Speaker 2 (11:39):
It really is, by the way, Uh, Justin Cooper under
the radar, phenomenal dancer, like really can really put it down.
Oh yeah, he can really put it down. If only
we had the ability to get a two camera shot
in the studio, we could point the other camera over
to him and make it work. But nonetheless, it is
a football Friday here on Two and a Cup of Joe.

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Speaker 2 (12:45):
Now, let me ask you this, when you get gatorade.
This is a two part question, the dreaded.

Speaker 1 (12:50):

Speaker 3 (12:50):
The first answer is no, all right.

Speaker 2 (12:52):
Well, the first answer is not a yes or no,
it's which flavor do you go with when it comes
to gatorade?

Speaker 3 (12:59):
Like? What are you like?

Speaker 2 (12:59):
What is your I mean you a fruit punch?

Speaker 4 (13:02):
To this day, I'd say fierce smelling was my favorite
of all time. Okay, like there was never one that
when it was cold, it tasted bitter and fierce smell.

Speaker 2 (13:09):
Relaxed Lorena. He didn't win the lottery.

Speaker 6 (13:14):
I just fell out of my chair.

Speaker 2 (13:15):
What I've never seen, Lreena? That excited my life? What
happened here?

Speaker 6 (13:21):
No one ever says melon is their favorite flavor. I've
never heard that ever, And it's my favorite.

Speaker 4 (13:26):
It's fierce smelling. Let's let's be very specific, man, It's
not just melons. It's fierce smelling because I don't know
if they even made another version of a melon. But
there's nothing like the fierce line of flavors, but fierce
mellon in particular.

Speaker 2 (13:39):
Yes, I don't even know that.

Speaker 3 (13:40):
I why the leef thought of his chair?

Speaker 2 (13:42):
She scared me like I've never seen her, like I've
given shouts out to Kosbay, Oregon, which nobody knows about. Okay, nobody,
And that's close to where you are from, correct, Lorena?
And I give shout out chin. It's just kind of like, oh,
nice little tip of the cab. You all out fierce
melon And she almost exploded in the studio, like, good.

Speaker 6 (14:04):
God, I'm a glacier freeze guy.

Speaker 2 (14:08):
In case. That's good. That's solid glacier freeze.

Speaker 3 (14:11):
You right now? Underrated is cool? Blue? Like here we go, judge.
You don't you don't. You don't drink sugar? So what
did you? What would you? Well?

Speaker 2 (14:27):
That was gonna be the second part of my question.
Do you go old school gatorader? Do you go sugar free?
I go sugar free?

Speaker 3 (14:37):
You're the worst.

Speaker 2 (14:38):
What I'm just saying, like.

Speaker 3 (14:41):
Have a doughnut like like this, enjoyed life for a minute. Wait,
you can't eat air? All right?

Speaker 2 (14:47):
I'm waiting. I had a I had a dessert in
Chicago and uh and I'm waiting until I know and
I'm waiting until after July fourth. Uh you know to
uh that, I kind of set goals to where I
can have my next dessert.

Speaker 4 (15:02):
So after prides himself on being relatable, and then you
talk about food and stuff like this, it's not relatable.

Speaker 2 (15:10):
Well yeah, I mean, listen, my diets probably not relatable.
But the truck I drive, you know my background, you know,
the hard working, blue collar background of the eight oh
five Ventura County. I mean that's very relatable, all right,
And we don't need to judge here on this show.
I would simply say, pound for pound, orange is the
best Gatorade flavor. We're gonna go pound for pound, Lee,

Is there a way that you can find out most
consumed Gatorade flavor like and what the rankings are, because
I would venture to guess that orange is near the
top of the list. I'm not a big fan of
the original. Just seems a little bit too acidic.

Speaker 6 (15:49):
But I mean, clearly lemon lime is the that's the original.
Is the original?

Speaker 2 (15:55):
Yeah, but that's not the good That's not number one.

Speaker 3 (15:57):
Can't be yeah, he said reading it is right now, jeez.

Speaker 7 (16:01):
And Orange Gatorade did see a spike in popularity during
the summer of twenty twenty one.

Speaker 6 (16:08):
Oh hold on, I'm finding statistics. Give me a second.

Speaker 2 (16:12):
I think fruit punch is overrated. There's also an ice
something and that might be the glacier freeze that you're
talking about. But there's like a clear one that is
really good as well too, that I recall having back.

Speaker 3 (16:25):
But they still make fierce melon.

Speaker 2 (16:27):
I'm looking it up right now. It says it's rumored
to be discontinued, but some people still find it here
and there.

Speaker 3 (16:33):
Wow, I mean, how about this Gatorade.

Speaker 4 (16:36):
Let's go back to actually your good flavors, the good stuff,
and get away from the whole water thing. I think
you've literally lost perspective on where you're at, and save
me the whole all we infuse it with electro lights
and all this. It's like, okay, that should have been
option one, Like that was the whole point of the
original gatorade.

Speaker 3 (16:55):
Oh that I even shown.

Speaker 2 (16:57):
Anymore, by the way, you know what I have had feared. Yeah,
that is a good flavor. That's the it's like a
darker orange. Yes, oh yeah, no, good call. Yeah that's
that's uh, that's solid there, dude.

Speaker 4 (17:08):
One of those cold on a hot day was like
the greatest thing ever. Yeah, I mean, and then they
started making water, so there you go. I'm just saying, like,
go back to their old commercials. It was always about
how it was like Gator, it's better before you than water.

Speaker 3 (17:24):
Hey we've been to water. Now all right, well this
isn't working.

Speaker 2 (17:27):
I mean listen to you know, you know, former friend
of the show, hopefully a friend again soon. Element. Those
are LM n T hydration packs. Those are solid. Those
will get you right too, you know. That'll that's it.
And those are sugar free, by the way.

Speaker 4 (17:41):
And then we don't even have a SPONSORIP with them.
It'd be awesome if they came on board. I will
say this unsolicited. It is the greatest hydration thing I've
ever taken. Yes, and for those of you if you
get banged up, take one of those before you go
to bed. You'll be fine the next day.

Speaker 2 (17:54):
Yeah, cut that and send a jade. Listen, you remember
when so we went to the Super Bowl in Vegas.
I put together like a little a little get Better
pack for Brady LeVar Lee and it was it was
an Element It was an Element pack for each day.

Speaker 3 (18:15):
They were all consumed.

Speaker 2 (18:17):
Right on day two. Brady's like, you got any more?
Did I give you five?

Speaker 3 (18:21):
Yeah? Well, first off, one of those dinners was with you,
it was it was with Lee as well.

Speaker 2 (18:27):
So that was when that was when the Browns fans
sent Brady a bottle of wine and I think did Lee.

Speaker 4 (18:37):
Well, we said we weren't in a drink anymore, and
then they sent a bottle of wine and we're like, well,
this would be extremely rude not to I mean, that's
that's an awkward situation. If someone buys you a drink
but you don't want to drink, you're not drinking. It's
extremely disrespectful to not drink it.

Speaker 1 (18:51):

Speaker 2 (18:51):
Does that happen to you a lot? Do people send
you drinks? Is like, hey, I know'st well.

Speaker 3 (18:56):
I try not.

Speaker 4 (18:56):
I've got so many kids. People look at me and
it looks like a circus. They're like, oh, we didn't know,
you know, the Wringling Brothers were here.

Speaker 2 (19:02):
You know.

Speaker 3 (19:02):
It's like, usually get me.

Speaker 4 (19:03):
We're out in public, They're like, can we pay for
your dinner for you to leave so we can have
some piece of quiet.

Speaker 3 (19:09):
It's usually that's usually how it works.

Speaker 2 (19:11):
Yeah, it's uh, by the way, did they throw crans
on the floor? That's fine, they don't.

Speaker 4 (19:16):
They don't throw them. I mean, my girls, honestly are
actually really good. The problem is when they eat and
they'll still use their hands, and so I try to
call them heathens. I'm like, you're not an animal, like
the use your utensils. But somehow, especially Teagan, she's five,
she's just gonna be six here shortly, I'm like, how
is it there's always a mess around your chair when

you eat. I don't understand how that happens. But she's
like our kid, that's just like perfectly okay with it.
And meanwhile, our oldest is like wants everything going to
be nice and clean and neat and push your chair
back in Our young our youngest daughter is just like
so cute.

Speaker 3 (19:51):
We just let her do whatever she wants. But she's
pretty neat.

Speaker 2 (19:53):
Too, see Sloan putting it down. I don't know how
it's supposed to go. What did you finally on gatorade?

Speaker 3 (20:00):

Speaker 2 (20:01):
Anything else? You look like you were you were going
to say something. I don't know if you were still uh.

Speaker 6 (20:06):
I was weighing in on the uh the extra bottle
of wine?

Speaker 3 (20:10):
Yeah right? We had to drink it? Yeah?

Speaker 6 (20:12):

Speaker 3 (20:12):

Speaker 2 (20:13):
Who got ahold of it?

Speaker 1 (20:15):

Speaker 2 (20:15):

Speaker 3 (20:16):
Did we? Did we drink something? Cork it and leave?
I can't remember proxibly. That got a little fuzzy.

Speaker 7 (20:22):
I think we went down to the uh to the
bar downstairs and uncorked it at the bar, which probably wasn't.

Speaker 6 (20:31):
Okay to do.

Speaker 2 (20:31):
Wait did you really I didnt even see that.

Speaker 6 (20:33):
I I don't remember.

Speaker 2 (20:36):
I'm almost positive you took it back to the room.

Speaker 6 (20:39):
Well I did take it back to the room for sure.

Speaker 2 (20:42):
You know Lee plays for the Browns were those the
guys are like. Those guys are like, man. We gave
one of our favorite Browns players a bottle of wine.
I hope he enjoyed it. Little they know, the guy
with a mullet smoked it when he got back to
the room.

Speaker 6 (21:03):
Thanks guys.

Speaker 2 (21:05):
Well yeah, well, I hope it was tasty. But it
is two pros and a cup of Joe. Here on
Fox Sports Radio. By the way, we're doing it all
live from the ti rack dot com studios. Ti rac
dot com will help you get there an unmatched selection, fast,
free shipping, free road hazard protection, and over ten thousand
recommended installers. Ti rack dot com the way tire buying
should be. So we do have a discussion in the

NFL that we're going to get to when it comes
to what it could look like, what the future could
be etcetera, etcetera, etcetera. I did want to ask you
this because I that this was kind of interesting. So
AJ Brown he sees this tight end you that's become
a big hit where all the tight ends from around
the NFL get together and it's basically a camp where
they work together. Greg Olsen's there and everybody else, you know,

kind of kind of puts it together. There's I believe
it's a concert that goes on. Kelsey's there, all of them.
And so AJ Brown of the Eagles threw out a
thing on Twitter or x and said, Hey, wide receivers,
why don't we get together. Let's make it happen. Tyreek
Hill said let's do it. And my thought on that
when I saw it was, yeah, there's no chance that happens.

Like that feels like a long shot that you could
get wide receivers together in one room. It would be
tremendous TV. Like if HBO wants to rid themselves of
the hard Knocks plague and the fact that it's just
the same tired act over and over again, tell me
you wouldn't watch wide receivers trying to coexist for a
weekend somewhere in the NFL.

Speaker 3 (22:33):
I am halling it'd be interesting to see how that
would work.

Speaker 4 (22:36):
I mean, there's a reason why you don't see something
like this and why tight Ends were some of the
first to get together and do it. Wide receivers just
it's a different perspective, you know. And so you'll see
a few guys get together and work out together. Usually
it's guys on the same team or guys who played

together in college. It's very rare you'd see a a
really large, big group unless they just all happen to
be training in the same area. And there's there's usually
a few trainers, whether it's in Cali or South Florida,
sometimes Texas. There's about three different states and spots where
a group of guys will be all getting together and
doing you know, conditioning drills, running routes. But I don't know,

it sounds like it could be a lot of trouble, man.
I mean, wide receivers just have more of.

Speaker 3 (23:25):
I don't know.

Speaker 4 (23:25):
I guess the ego. I think when it comes to it,
you know, it's just it is what it is. But
tight Ends, I think Petro says it the best too.
They've got to play in the trenches. So there's an
element of you know, understanding, you know, there's a there's
a battle, there's physicality that goes on every single play
in there. So they have that perspective. They have the

perspective of being split out and catching footballs, but they
also have the perspective of what it's like to run
block past blocks.

Speaker 3 (23:54):
So that perspective I.

Speaker 4 (23:56):
Think gives them the greater ability to understand their game
is truly multifaceted in what they're asked to do, which
takes you know, getting together, talking to the guys, how
they see things, how they do things, but also just
a different perspective and how they conduct themselves.

Speaker 2 (24:12):
So because you're held accountable, Like if you if your
mouth off, I got to see that guy the next play.

Speaker 3 (24:16):
Yeah, you get your head knocked off the next play.

Speaker 4 (24:18):
Right, Like you think you're you're gonna run across a
line of scrimmage on a backside cut off on an
outside zone plate to the right and you're moving right
to left, that DNS coming to hit you with bad intentions.
You know, they've taken away some of the ways you
can you can block guys inside the box. So it's
just it's different when you have to deal with that

because you know you can get got the next play.

Speaker 3 (24:42):
You know, It's just there's a different respect.

Speaker 2 (24:43):
Is Samarja the most relatable meat head wide receiver you
played with?

Speaker 3 (24:48):
I would yes, one.

Speaker 4 (24:50):
I would not describe him as as a meathead in
any way, though, I would say he was one of
the greatest athletes I'd.

Speaker 3 (24:56):
Ever been around.

Speaker 4 (24:57):
You know, he he could do anything small football, basketball,
But he also was like ridiculously strong.

Speaker 3 (25:06):
I mean he to this, I swear to you he
to this day.

Speaker 4 (25:09):
We had a couple of really really good wrestlers that were,
you know, also great football players in John Sullivan and
Trevor Laws. And when I was in college and these
that's an old lineman d lineman, and he would wrestle
them and hold his own as a wide receiver, Like
I mean, guys who are like nationally ranked coming out
of high school probably could have went to school for

that if they wanted to. And he could hold his
own oversus those guys. Now they I was, you know,
I hadn't really seen a ton of those wrestling matches.
You hear more stories, but it was pretty impressive.

Speaker 2 (25:44):
Now, so I saw the highlight of this because the
anniversary happened recently, But do you remember when Bryce Harper
fought Hunter Strickland of the Giants. So Hunter Strickland was
a reliever for the Giants. He threw up Bryce Harper,
and Bryce Harper charged him. They got in a little
bit of the fight. The highlight of the fight was
not those two guys, because there might have been one

or two punches landed. Michael Morse, who's a big dude
for the Giants, went in to break it up, and Samarga,
who was playing for San Francisco at that time, ran
out of the dugout and friendly fire cleaned his clock.
And I'm not exaggerating. I don't think Michael Morse ever
played another game.

Speaker 4 (26:26):
The crazy thing about that is I used to train
with Michael Morris down in South Florida. They had a
facility called Bob Pete. Brad Marito has a facility and
Mike used to train down there and I'd see him
all the time. I don't think I saw him after
that incident, after that all happened, but I had gotten
to know him pretty well leading up to that, So

that was such a weird connection because I remember seeing
that and those guys were texting him like what's your
boy doing. I was like, I don't have no idea,
but I don't think that was intentional anyway, Although that
will be the best way to get in a clean
shot on a guy you you don't like on your
own team. Oh, come on, get a gigantic brawl and like,
hey man, sorry, there was so many people in there.

Speaker 3 (27:07):
I was just trying to take my shot and just
having to cold clock you with.

Speaker 2 (27:10):
The fame Michael Morrit' Is that a decent career?

Speaker 3 (27:12):

Speaker 2 (27:13):
I was a serious camp Yeah, World Series champ, but
it is. Yeah, that's like you could still watch that
to wear just unintentional. Samarja just went back to like
he was at South Bend again and just wiped him
out unintentionally.

Speaker 1 (27:27):
Be sure to catch live editions of Two Pros and
a Cup of Joe with Brady Quinn, LeVar Errington, and
Jonas Knox weekdays at six am Eastern, three am Pacific.

Speaker 2 (27:38):
Brady Quinn, Jonas Knox with you here. No LeVar Arrington,
he is. He's in state college, so means he's probably
a little banged up right now. He's out there for
a visit with the Sun, which by the way. I
don't know if you had heard this. So we were
talking earlier this week. So his son is down to three.
He's down to Penn State, UCLA, and Tennessee. Those are

his final three and I'm trying to get him. And
he threw this out there, so I don't want you
to think that I'm trying to This is my idea,
but LeVar threw out the idea of man man his
son making his decision on the air with us as
potentially being the go to because it's kind of cheesy
the whole like you have a hat in front of

you and you throw.

Speaker 3 (28:23):
It away or you do whatever you do. Are you
talking about this from experience.

Speaker 2 (28:27):
Well, no, I'm talking about watching it. Like listen, you
don't need to rub it in that I wasn't a
good ass.

Speaker 4 (28:32):
I'm trying to point out the fact that it's the
kid's decision how they want.

Speaker 3 (28:36):
To do it, not yours.

Speaker 2 (28:38):
And I'm trying to point out the fact that they
should be listening to me and not make poor decisions. Okay,
if you put a bunch of hats in front of
you and then you throw to a site, it's disrespectful.
You just make your call, and that's it. You know me,
if I had anybody that was interested in me, in
me outside of just one or two entities, I would
have the at least the decency to let them know
ahead of time. Hey, I'm going to go this direction

and don't where. I'm not going to make an example
out of you. So I'm just saying, if we have
him on the show, he could make that decision on
the air. Tennessee, UCLA or Penn State. If you were
a betting man, what would you say his pick is
going to be.

Speaker 4 (29:17):
You could make a case for really any one of
the three. I know people think the obvious choice is
Penn State, but there's also a thought or idea that.

Speaker 3 (29:26):
Maybe he wants to carve his own path.

Speaker 4 (29:30):
Obviously, the family lives in near La, so being at
UCLA means you stay closer to home.

Speaker 3 (29:36):
So there's that element of things.

Speaker 4 (29:39):
Tennessee is a program that, look, I visited there, I
played there against them.

Speaker 3 (29:46):
That would be a hard, hard place to say no to.
I'll just all put it that way. He loved it too.

Speaker 4 (29:52):
It is Knoxville is one of the most amazing places
you'll ever go to see a football game. To play
a football game to tailgate what I mean, they have
they have a lot down there, So that's a hard
Like I said, that's a hard place to say no to.
You know, coach Tible's and a heck of a job there.
They're building up their program. It's just it's a it's

such a tough decision for young people to make, and
it really does change the trajectory of the rest of
your life for athletes in particular, because you know, you
choose to go to any one of those places, in
large part you're most likely going to end up at
least regionally around that area when you're done working or

excuse me, when you're done going to school, and if
you get in the workforce. That's assuming again, like you know,
you're not playing the NFL or something. But you know,
for most people who go to college, like that's kind
of how that works. You know, you go to school
and you're probably going to settle some roots down there.
A lot of the networking connections are there. So there's
so many things to factor in as a young adult

that you don't they realize. So I don't know, I think, Look,
the easy decision is you know Penn State, you know,
obviously following your dad's footsteps. There's there's all those elements.
But you know, also there's the difficulty of living in
one of the all time great shadows. You know, even
though you're maybe doing that all the time when it's
your dad, there's still the difficult.

Speaker 3 (31:19):
Difficulty of that too.

Speaker 4 (31:20):
So it's it's an awesome, tough decision to have, or
or some people say problem to have, right having to
pick between three great.

Speaker 3 (31:30):
Schools, O man, But it's it's a tough decision, There's
no doubt about it.

Speaker 2 (31:34):
I also think even the fact that those programs want you,
I think is an honor, Like there's there's so many
people who don't have that opportunity, or just you know,
maybe you don't get the fact that you are so
good and so talented, and more importantly have worked so
hard that you've got three programs U C. L A, Tennessee,
Penn State that all would like to have you be

a part of their program. That's awesome.

Speaker 3 (31:58):
So to answer your question, I'm going to say Penn State.

Speaker 4 (32:04):
I'm gonna say Penn State because I think that's the
one that if I picked any of the other two,
I would feel worse about getting it wrong. If you
chose Penn State, does that make sense? Yes, Like if
I chose Ucla because he's gonna be closer home or Tennessee,
just from my perspective of Tennessee. But then he picks

Penn State and like, oh, I'm an idiot. That was
the stop obvious one, right, the other two. I think
you can make reasons, but it's like, all right, it's
not you don't feel as dumb.

Speaker 2 (32:33):
I think he's gonna pick Tennessee. I think I think
it'll be Tennessee. I think it's an opportunity to if
you wanted to get away. That's the because if you
go to Ucla, you're still local. If you go to
Penn State, you're still part of the family. You go
to Tennessee, that's where you're doing your own thing. I

think it's going to be Tennessee. That's gonna be That's
gonna be my pick there. So I'll take that. But listen,
whatever he.

Speaker 3 (33:02):
Decides inside information there, No, I.

Speaker 2 (33:05):
Just like lee my wrong. Like when they came, we
talked about it on the air, they were blown away
by Tennessee, Like what do you got there?

Speaker 3 (33:11):
Man's that's the hardest part.

Speaker 4 (33:13):
Too, and you go to a lot of these visits,
it's like there's so many cool places that really is
like that's what makes it even more difficult is when
you have the opportunity to go to a lot of
different spots. And by the way, I mean you're talking
about West coast, East coast, you know, down South Tennessee,
Like it couldn't be any more different as far as
the experience you're going to have from like weather, from

like just everything, you know, the culture all that, Like,
it's just those are three drastically different places to to
pick from.

Speaker 2 (33:42):
Yeah, so we will, you know, hopefully we'll get an
answer on that soon. But whatever he decides, we're all
in each part of the family. And and so lebar
Arrington out there as they're on a visit in State
College for Penn State. It is two pros and a
cup of Joe here on Fox Sports Radio, doing it
all live from the tire raq dot Com studios. Ti
raq We'll help you get there an unmatched selection, fast

free shipping, free road has a protection and over ten
thousand recommended installers. Tire rack dot com The way tire
buying should be so the worst kept secret in sports
we were talking about this earlier. Congratulations to our friends
that are listening on the blowtorch Am five to seventy
LA Sports. You've got a brand new head coach in town.
His name is JJ Redick. Four years, reportedly eight million

dollars a year, he steps away from the broadcast booth
with ESPN, and he is now the head coach of
the LA Lakers, which I do want to ask this.
The pushback on Tom Brady being a broadcaster is well,
he can't really you know, if he's going to be
part owner of the Raiders. I mean he would have, like,

you know, maybe inside information he could pass along, et cetera,
et cetera. Is it fair to say that JJ Redick
has known he was going to be the head coach
of the Lakers for longer than just yesterday? Would I
would say? At some point?

Speaker 3 (34:58):
Do you keep saying that though they literally try I
had to hire Dan Hurley? All right?

Speaker 2 (35:01):
I don't know how much they really tried to hire
Dan Hurley, and I don't know how legitimate that actually was.
But while he was calling the NBA Finals, I think
he at least had some sort of an indication he
was going to be the next head coach.

Speaker 3 (35:13):
Of the Lakers.

Speaker 2 (35:14):
Like, that's my belief. I find it hard to believe
that NBA Finals end on Monday and they do this,
you know, three day exploration into whether or not it
could work, and Nay, what do you know, JJ Reddick's
the head coach of the Lakers come Thursday. I just
I find that hard to believe. So if that's the case,
and he knew he was going to be the guy

the whole time, there's your example, right, handled it like
a professional, all right, didn't try and maybe get inside
information on what the Celtics were doing or impending free agency,
or where the direction of the organization or whatnot. Handled it.
And now he's the head coach of the Lakers, which
means Tom Brady go be an owner for the Raiders.
I trust you. In these meetings that you're having with

certain teams in the NFL, I think we've solved that
everybody's good, everything's on the up and up. But then
there's this idea who actually is happy? Because if you're
a Laker fan, you are happy no matter what. And
there's a lot of people who may be Laker fans
or maybe aren't Laker fans, is it.

Speaker 3 (36:14):
Time for this? All right? So I'll be waiting for
this the whole show.

Speaker 2 (36:17):
Well, I'm not too optimistic as how this is going
to go, because this is the best we got right now,
all right, So Brady Quinn has come up with and yes,
this was his idea, because I'm not signing off on
it at all in case it goes poorly. Oh no,
it's time for the debut edition of Laker or Faker Now.

Lee de Lap has put together a list of names.
They're either the name of somebody that we all know,
a celebrity, somebody famous who's a legitimate Laker fan, and
somebody who's not. So Lee, you've got this list, Brady,
does this sound us at least in the ballpark of

what we were hoping to accomplish here?

Speaker 3 (37:07):
I think?

Speaker 7 (37:08):

Speaker 3 (37:08):
I mean, we haven't started yet, So here we go.

Speaker 2 (37:12):
Lead the Lap take it away.

Speaker 7 (37:13):
Well, as we all know, there's a big famous pop
up concert yesterday by the one and only Kendrick lamar
La local from straight out of Compton.

Speaker 6 (37:27):
Was he holding this concert for mister JJ Reddick might
have been?

Speaker 2 (37:32):
I mean, is Kendrick? You would see JJ Reddick at
a place like that.

Speaker 6 (37:35):
Right, yeah, you'd think.

Speaker 2 (37:36):

Speaker 6 (37:37):
Is Kendrick Lamar a true Laker or a true faker?

Speaker 3 (37:42):
I think we've got off to a bad start.

Speaker 4 (37:45):
I don't think the concert had anything to do with
JJ reddicks higherly Okay, but so I think Kendrick Lamar
is a true Laker. The idea of the segment is
supposed to about whether they or not they're gonna be
on board with the high, if they're gonna be like
fake about it, or if they're gonna be like a
true Laker and.

Speaker 3 (38:05):
Might give their opinion.

Speaker 4 (38:06):
Well, so, I'm not sure where the hell this came from,
but I'm not even trying to he's a true Laker fan.

Speaker 3 (38:12):
But this doesn't even imply.

Speaker 2 (38:14):
I don't think he is a Laker fan. I think
he's a faker.

Speaker 7 (38:17):
Well, if you had watched the concert like me, you
would have known that he had gone up and said
good job JJ.

Speaker 6 (38:24):
Kendrick Lamar is a true Laker.

Speaker 2 (38:26):
Yeah, but he had Clippers on stage with him. Yeah,
and he also had bloods and crips too. Accordney to
Lorena that he had he was uniting gangs.

Speaker 7 (38:34):
Yeah, he's also uniting Lakers and Clippers fans across the
across the inland m So that's the reason why.

Speaker 2 (38:40):
I said he was a faker is because he had
clippers on stage. If you're a true Laker fan, then
you're not gonna have some some La clippers on stage
with you. All Right, Who's next?

Speaker 3 (38:49):

Speaker 6 (38:49):

Speaker 7 (38:50):
If you watch the Showtime show on HBO, you know,
I might know that John c Riley plays Doctor Buss.
But is John c Riley a true Laker fan on
board with JJ Reddick as the higher or is he
a true faker?

Speaker 3 (39:05):
He's a faker? I mean, I have no idea how
we know one way or another.

Speaker 4 (39:09):
But to answer the initial question, Jonas, No, this segment
is not going how I thought I was gonna go.

Speaker 7 (39:19):
I'm gonna say he's a faker too, that's true. Johnson
Riley admits that he is not even a basketball fan.
Ah in general, what range not even a basketball fan?
But he played doctor Buss in a show? Yeah, good
for him.

Speaker 6 (39:33):
There you go, guys.

Speaker 7 (39:35):
If you remember the movie Bofinger, Eddie, don't Eddie Murphy
was a big fan of already. Eddie Murphy was a
big fan of Laker girls. Keep it together, Keep it together,
and keep it together. Keep it together, Keep it together.

Speaker 6 (39:48):
But is Eddie Murphy a true Laker fan with the
JJ Reddick higher.

Speaker 3 (39:53):
Or I think he's a faker. I'm not so sure
he's a true fan of the higher.

Speaker 2 (40:00):
So you know, Lee, I think he's a I think
he's a Laker. I'm gonna go with that. Eddie Murphy.
I think he's a true Laker fan. He's happy with
JJ Redick.

Speaker 7 (40:09):
Uh. He is a New York Knicks fan, so he
does not care whatsoever about the hire for JJ Reddick.

Speaker 3 (40:16):
He's all right.

Speaker 6 (40:18):
Matthew Perry, famous Lakers fan seeing in the court. I
think he's a fan of this JJ Reddick higher.

Speaker 2 (40:28):
Matthew Perry, famous friend.

Speaker 3 (40:31):
Yeah, this isn't he. I'm not sure. I don't.

Speaker 6 (40:40):
I wish the song hadn't ended just now. I mean, yeah,
did he miss something there? Okay, my bad? Moving along here? Yeah, Lee,
I mean last October justin Timberlake.

Speaker 2 (40:57):
Second, hold on a second, please?

Speaker 3 (41:01):
Yes? Yes? Did you really say Matthew Perry?

Speaker 2 (41:03):
Lee? Did you try and paddleboard him to put him
into the segment?

Speaker 3 (41:10):
Isn't a weekend at Berdie? Yeah? We can't bring him
around for one of our segments on radio. Not like
he's alive.

Speaker 6 (41:17):
And you know what, I think he's a big I
think he's looking down.

Speaker 3 (41:21):
I don't know, Lee, did you just come up with
this list like five minutes ago?

Speaker 2 (41:29):
No, that's seven. Where are you saying? Justin Timberlake. He's
been in the news.

Speaker 7 (41:37):
You think he's you think he caught wind of this news.
I know he's worried about his world tour.

Speaker 3 (41:43):
He's like he's like a Memphis fan, right.

Speaker 2 (41:45):
Yeah, I think yeah, he's from Tennessee. Yeah, he's a
big fakir Yeah.

Speaker 4 (41:53):
Soga, yes, yes, include dead people on this list?

Speaker 2 (41:59):
What are can I not?

Speaker 6 (42:02):
Nobody gave me any rule because she didn't know he
was deadly. I know very well he's done.

Speaker 2 (42:08):
You didn't you know what. I don't believe he's dead.
So okay, all right, do we have one more just
to put a bow on this?

Speaker 3 (42:20):

Speaker 6 (42:21):
Who do we got here?

Speaker 3 (42:23):

Speaker 6 (42:24):
I got a lot here?

Speaker 2 (42:25):

Speaker 3 (42:27):

Speaker 6 (42:31):
Rich Paul.

Speaker 7 (42:33):
Talking big about the possible Lebron brownie package deal? What
about his uh lady friend of Dale. You think she's
a big fan of this uh of this hire? Is
she a true laker?

Speaker 6 (42:43):
A true faker?

Speaker 3 (42:44):

Speaker 2 (42:44):
I think She's got to be a true Laker. I mean,
you got to support your man.

Speaker 3 (42:48):
Yeah, so this seems like definitely a true Laker fan.

Speaker 2 (42:52):
That's true.

Speaker 6 (42:53):
She put out her support. She said, good job. I
love the hire.

Speaker 2 (42:56):
See there's one Brady public support.

Speaker 3 (43:00):
Were person alive and supportive school.

Speaker 2 (43:05):
We were going to make this work.

Speaker 4 (43:07):
I mean, what were you expect to see from Matthew Perry?
Like a sign from God somewhere.

Speaker 3 (43:12):
I mean.

Speaker 4 (43:14):
It's just like ghost way you see a shadow pop
up somewhere and give you a sign.

Speaker 2 (43:18):
You just need to look on Eddie's face. When Li
said Matthew Perry, Eddie, She's like, wait.

Speaker 1 (43:23):

Speaker 3 (43:25):
Eddie? What is happening right now? We love it.

Speaker 6 (43:34):
Whatever's happening.

Speaker 8 (43:35):
It was worth it to hear Lee say Matthew Perry
Like Edie, You're all over you like you know everything
about celebrity, and Matthew Perry is a huge Lakers fan.

Speaker 3 (43:51):
All right, Lorena's face.

Speaker 2 (43:56):
Everybody like like everybody's face. All right, Well listen that
that is amazing.

Speaker 3 (44:07):
All right.

Speaker 2 (44:07):
Well, hey, you know what, Brad Brady, I'm gonna concede
this to you. Congratulations you won the first ever edition
of Laker faker.

Speaker 4 (44:14):
I think I think we're all winners after Lee is
uh out some way to incorporate somebod who's passed away.

Speaker 3 (44:23):
That's a part of our show segment.

Speaker 2 (44:26):
Unbelievable, I mean, you know, unbelievable performance. Which also, by
the way, that's not even the best part about this
entire segment. It should be pointed out, you know that. Well,
it is a football Friday too.

Speaker 3 (44:43):
I can't, I can't. Why not? Just you have to
come on, I can't.

Speaker 2 (44:50):
You and I, Babe Thelman, Luise right off the cluff,
you and I together.

Speaker 3 (44:56):
The game show next week with the bar.

Speaker 2 (44:59):
That is a that is the way. This only good end. Yeah,
bring back the classic, bring back the classic.

Speaker 6 (45:10):
We gotta we gotta break oh my Friday.

Speaker 2 (45:17):
It is a football pridayly oh Man, get back to Paris.
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