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June 24, 2024 52 mins

Brady Quinn, LaVar Arrington and Jonas Knox fill in for Colin to talk about a report saying Cowboys Mike McCarthy is "fed up" with the dynamic and structure in Dallas under owner Jerry Jones. They discuss Julian Edelman's comments about Aaron Rodgers missing mandatory mini camp and why the franchise QB should have been present and the NFL makes adjustment to the Comeback Playoff the Year.


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Speaker 4 (00:54):
How are we feeling?

Speaker 5 (00:54):
Okay? Fling us back?

Speaker 4 (00:57):
Really? But do we do someth wrong last time?

Speaker 5 (01:00):
I don't know.

Speaker 6 (01:01):
I mean, I just figured we'd talk about the usuals,
you know, the lebron Dallas Cowboys.

Speaker 5 (01:07):
What else?

Speaker 3 (01:08):
Well, I mean, what makes you think we're going to
go in that direction here?

Speaker 5 (01:13):
I mean, I don't pay the hits? All right?

Speaker 3 (01:15):
Well, listen if we want to play the hits, let's
go ahead and play the hits. Then here we go,
and we're off and running. Welcome to the NFL off
season starring the Dallas Cowboys. They are back, and the
Dallas Cowboys. Cowboys are back in their rightful place, not

actually in a deep run in the playoffs or in
a super Bowl, but in the news in the off
season when games aren't being played, because, according to Tyler
Dunn of Golong, Mike McCarthy is getting fed up with
Jerry Jones and the influence there that he's gotten Dallas.

Speaker 4 (01:55):
He said, quote, he's doing the best he can.

Speaker 3 (01:58):
An ex Cowboys personnel man recently said, some of the
people I've talked to have said that he's getting fed
up with it a little bit. He also mentioned that
the report noted the current players are more concerned about
Jerry Jones than their own head coach, and as indicated
by a high ranking Cowboys lieutenants, over the notion that quote,
ownership can undermine the head coach at any moment. They

also pointed out that the fact that he didn't get
a one year extension and he's basically lame dug coach
puts him in a really bad spot. Regardless, Mike McCarthy
going into what could be his final year as Cowboys
head coach and at this point, based on this reporting,
is a little bit tired.

Speaker 4 (02:36):
Now things shake up there in Dallas.

Speaker 6 (02:39):
I'm going to play both sides of this one because
I can understand his frustration. I think a lot of
head coaches aren't accustomed to an owner that's kind of
weekly radio show that can basically air out anyone at
any time. And it doesn't seem like he's got much
of a filter, so that can be frustrating. But you
also know what you were signing up for. I mean,
it's not like Jerry Jones has really changed. So when

Mike McCarthy took time off after getting fired from Green
Bay and took this opportunity, I mean they had their
sleepover and everything for the interview process, and he had
to literally know what he was getting in bed with,
right and after a rough first year, and granted, I
think you give him, you know, a benefit of the doubt.

Speaker 5 (03:18):
Because it coach to anything else.

Speaker 6 (03:20):
It's twelve and five, twelve and five twelve five. The
regular season has been fine. It's more been how things
have ended in the playoffs, and that's really what has
stuck with everyone in the back of their mind, is
just disastrous endings on the field. And that has nothing
to do with Jerry Jones and what he says during
his radio show during the season or what he does

or doesn't do when it comes to the offseason. That
has to do with Mike McCarthy and how this team
has executed once they've gotten the playoffs, and this past
year not even showing up against his former team, the
Green Bay Packers, the disastrous ending to their season back
in twenty twenty two versus the San Francisco forty nine

ers with a what the heck was that play at
the end of it. I mean, there's countless things. The
two minute drive too, where they thought they'd have enough time.
I mean, there's so many things you could point to
over the last three years that has nothing to do
with Jerry Jones.

Speaker 5 (04:18):
So as much as this.

Speaker 6 (04:19):
Report may be true, and I think we can all
understand that, it still doesn't change the fact that Mike
McCarthy and this Dallas Cowboys teams, when it's mattered the
most in the postseason, have struggled to figure out a
way of getting to a super Bowl or at least
getting to an MC Championship game.

Speaker 4 (04:38):
Do we know who put the report out? Where at
the report originate from Tyler Dunn? And what was his source? People? Personnel,
people and personnel. Yeah, members in the Cowboys.

Speaker 5 (04:49):
Probably not related to Jones family.

Speaker 4 (04:51):
Probably not related to the Jones family. You know, I
know I get made fun of for watching fantasy shows.
You know, I just watched the later. I don't make
fun of you about that. I appreciate it. I know
you don't. We're on the same page. We're good with one.

Speaker 5 (05:05):
And not hear more about the honest.

Speaker 4 (05:07):
Well, here's the thing I just I just watched The
Game of Thrones is the original, but the new one
is a House of Dragons, right, And you know, and
watching it, you start to realize that you fight the
battles of running a kingdom internally. It's not really one
on the battlefield of where you have the catapults and

you know, the spears and the cannons and all that stuff.
It's actually one behind closed doors, right, And what information
you know is disseminated from there and resonates from there
is usually a sophisticated maybe considered sophisticated, maybe not so much,
but seemingly sophisticated plan or idea as to how you

want to manage the expectations and deliver the messaging and
the branding of what this monarchy represents to the common man,
to everybody that's out there. Depending on where the message
come from, it dictates how you view the people who
are making the decisions. Right, and this is one of

those scenarios where you gotta believe if it's Jerry Jones's side.
Jerry Jones once it's always been stated the over pronounced
approach to what he does is to win a Super
Bowl and him be the reason why they won a
super Bowl. The reason why they are the reports is
he fell out with with Jimmy Johnson because they couldn't

come to a healthy relationship in terms of who represented what.
And then boom, you're trying to figure out what you're
going to do, you know, post Jimmy Johnson, which you
have Barry Switzer and all those guys. You've won super
Bowls with other coaches, But he wants to win this
Super Bowl for him and his family in the worst way.

Mike McCarthy is on his second head coaching job, and
we all know that to get a second head coaching
job in the NFL after leaving one, you're you're basically what,
There's never been a coach that's been a head coach
three times a head coach three times?

Speaker 5 (07:14):
Correct? Is that?

Speaker 4 (07:15):
Is that an accurate that? I think it's an accuracy
three times?

Speaker 5 (07:19):

Speaker 4 (07:19):
Three times? Yeah?

Speaker 5 (07:20):
How that work out? Uh so?

Speaker 4 (07:22):
So in the in the end, in the end, I
think what's happening is, if it's coming from Mike McCarthy's side,
this is self preservation, and in fact, I might say
if it's coming from the jone side, it might be
self preservation as well. You're trying to find a way
to move on or set up what it's going to

be if this team underperforms, right, you just put it
out there like it gets picked up. Okay, it's going
to be discussed. If I'm Mike McCarthy, I'm putting it
out there because I'm letting y'all know before we go
into this season that something ain't right, and that's something
isn't right because this guy continues to be a person
that is undermining what it is that I'm trying.

Speaker 5 (08:06):
To do create and build here.

Speaker 4 (08:07):
So really, what I'm trying to tell y'all is this
isn't my fault as a head coach.

Speaker 3 (08:12):
You know, if you date a stripper, don't complain two
years later when she comes home smelling like somebody else's cologne.

Speaker 4 (08:18):
Is what it is?

Speaker 3 (08:19):
You got in bed with that, literally, and then then
you want to complain about it after the fact.

Speaker 4 (08:24):
This is the cowboys experience.

Speaker 3 (08:27):
So what I'm just saying, like this, this is the
Cowboys Dalton Schultz talked about it when he said that,
you know, it's just night and day difference between the
Cowboys and the Texans where the Cowboys, like you'll be
working out and people are taking tours and they're looking
at you through the glass like you're at a zoo,
Like that's what the cowboys do. That's what Jerry Jones is.
So the idea that like, well, you know, I'm getting

fed up because he's got too much influence. He's got
to Brady's point, whatether owner in the NFL or in
sports has has two radio hits a week all year long?
Jerry Jones, does you know who's got the other radio hits?
His son, Stephen Jones. It's just like this is what
they do. So like Mike McCarthy go, oh, you know,
I'm just getting fed up with it. Okay, if he's

fed up with it, and the Cowboys have a decent
year and they offer him a contract extension after the year,
take it.

Speaker 4 (09:16):
They would take it. Yeah, Well, I didn't mean all
of those things. Somebody said that. It wasn't me. That's
this is self preservation. That's why you use a different
source to put your information out there.

Speaker 5 (09:28):

Speaker 6 (09:29):
Let's let's also acknowledge though, other teams within their division
and the way they do business. So, for example, the
Philadelphia Eagles, they've been able to re sign, retain, make
all these moves in the off season, whether it was
you know, Smith or you know, even melt or or
whoever else you want to talk about the roster.

Speaker 5 (09:50):
It didn't doesn't.

Speaker 6 (09:50):
It doesn't need to get to the point where it
becomes a talking point. As no, does Mike McCarthy go
into his final year, but so does Dak Prescott and
ce wants a new contract, and Micah Parsons is two
years out. But they've already set the precedent of redoing
those contracts or extending those contracts because of Zeke Elliot
in the past.

Speaker 5 (10:09):
So now a guy like Micah.

Speaker 6 (10:10):
Parsons, who's done everything you could ask for him to do,
is knocking at the door saying, I understand that you
don't want to do this for every.

Speaker 5 (10:18):
Player, but I'm that guy. I'm that player.

Speaker 6 (10:20):
I've done exactly what Zeke has done, but on the
defensive side of the ball for you, So pay me now.
And it does seem like, for whatever reason, as that
price tag continually goes up for every one of those guys.
And that's one of the reasons why Dak Prescott's contract
is as ironclad as it is and he has so
much leverage. But it's because they waited, and it's because they,

for whatever reason, don't want to do business the way
they should.

Speaker 5 (10:44):
With guys that they've drafted, guys that they've developed, guys
that they've hit on.

Speaker 6 (10:49):
I mean, if I'm in the personnel department, there's gotta
be some frustration to a degree, right. Will McClay does
a tremendous job there, because as much as you want
to acknowledge the fact that they are hitting on a
bunch of these guys, they don't necessarily extend them when
they should they should extend them earlier in their career
so they can work with the salary cap work some
of those numbers not give up so much leverage to

someone like Dak Prescott, who was again going into a
final year of the deal the last time around and
now has a no trade trade tag, has no franchise tag.
I mean, all these different, you know, closet things they
put in their contract. They're able to do because Jerry Jones,
Steven Jones, they sit on the hands and they wait
and they allow the market to continue to go up
and up and up. I mean it's only going up

for quarterbacks, it's only going up for receivers. And so
that drama continues. And as much as we want to say, well, yeah,
I guess that keeps them in the news, it keeps
them as part of the story. I would think if
you're Mike McCarthy, yeah, you're tired of the story being
about everything other than football and everything other than what's
on the field. And look, maybe that, you know, negates

what I said earlier, but maybe it's also distracted from
how the seasons have ended a little bit, because there's
always something going on in Dallas in the offseason.

Speaker 3 (12:00):
Do you think somebody in Dallas was like when the
em Att Smith hold out happen, They're like, all right,
that got a little ugly, but at least we learned
our lesson.

Speaker 4 (12:06):
That'll ever happen again. You know what this all these
years later, everybody's like, no, I'll just wait and get
Complame all of this on Green Bay, all right, you
Green Bay packers out there, you know what you've done.
You've created people that just constantly want attention and drama.
That's all this is. This is a product of that
lead to lap. I know you might not want to

hear this, but the drama is from everybody who comes
from Green Bay. She got Michael McCarthy.

Speaker 5 (12:33):
Shot at Green Bay, and you took a shot up
there at.

Speaker 4 (12:35):
The Jets, Yes I did. And then here's the thing, right,
you got these drama queens, I mean, Kings guys, drama
guys and the Kansas, and they want this attention during
the off season. And for what Why does Aaron Rodgers
want this attention? Why does a headline like this come out?
Why does this happen? Why ask why? You say, because

they're Green Bay people, And I don't understand why that is.
Maybe it's because they don't have a whole lot going on.
Maybe it's because it's about playing the hits. I want
the attention on me. Where does this headline come from?
Why is this a headline to day to day? And
you know what?

Speaker 5 (13:14):
Who did it last week?

Speaker 4 (13:15):
Who had the headlines last week? Or Mike McCarthy. Are
you and Aaron Rodgers competing for swag and clout in
the media, like for coverage? Who's doing it? Wait a second,
who's doing it?

Speaker 5 (13:28):
Didn't you?

Speaker 4 (13:29):
I want to know, didn't you almost sign with Green Bay? Yes?
Is this why? Because it was two miles walked into picket,
the big pickets room, and he was in there sitting
in his boxer shorts with like five orders of room service.
And I was like, yeah, I'm not coming here. I'm
not coming here. Why there's nothing.

Speaker 5 (13:46):
Going on this does? I mean?

Speaker 4 (13:47):
If this is the exciting is the height of my
excitement coming to Green Bay? I can't come here.

Speaker 6 (13:52):
I gotta be honest with you. I've got family who
was up in Green Bay. They loved it, they miss it,
want talk about it all the time.

Speaker 4 (13:58):
We'll go back. What's holding you back? I just want
to know where the dramas coming from and both teams
are going to lose next year.

Speaker 6 (14:10):
Well, the drums was still present in Dallas before Mike
McCarthy got there. True, And the difference you can make
the case is the fact that now it's not whether
or not they're a playoff team, it's whether or not
hell is.

Speaker 5 (14:22):
The season gonna end? Like?

Speaker 6 (14:23):
Is it gonna end to hoisting up at Lombardy? What
we do in a disastrous fashion like we've seen?

Speaker 5 (14:29):
What week?

Speaker 4 (14:29):
Does Mike McCarthy get fired?

Speaker 3 (14:31):
What an optimistic out is that on the draft? Is
that on the draft?

Speaker 5 (14:36):
To draft? Back? Is that on draft?

Speaker 3 (14:38):

Speaker 4 (14:39):
Search when Mike McCarthy will be fired? All right? Let
me ask you that. I bet you there's a line.
If they win a playoff game, that's a win. Not enough,
not enough.

Speaker 3 (14:47):
If they if they go to the conference championship, that's back,
that's a win.

Speaker 5 (14:51):
I think it's back.

Speaker 4 (14:53):
He's gone.

Speaker 5 (14:55):
It doesn't help that Bill Belichick's out there.

Speaker 4 (14:57):
I'm surprised I didn't do it this year.

Speaker 5 (15:00):
He's gone. He's out of the.

Speaker 4 (15:01):
Literally, dan Quinn jump ship quick. Once you saw dan
Quinn jump ship. Now you've got Michael Parsons. Don't even
seem like he's really banging with the defensive coordinator all
like that. Ceed Lamb wants his contract. He's upset.

Speaker 5 (15:14):
You know, Dak.

Speaker 4 (15:15):
Prescott, he's at the end of his contract. Now you
got the head coach. He's coming out. He seems to
be the scruntled. If the purports are the reports are accurate,
there's just there's an issue. There's issues in Dallas.

Speaker 6 (15:28):
Let's go through their schedule real quick, because you you're
you're already putting it over under on when he gets fired.
So I've got to I've got to ask you. I'll
give you three options. Okay, Okay, here we go. The
first option is and this is their first six opponents
at Cleveland, Oh first New Orleans at home versus Baltimore,
and then back to back weeks on the road the
Giants and then the Steelers.

Speaker 4 (15:49):
Done after the Giants. That's done.

Speaker 5 (15:52):
After the Giants, I don't know it.

Speaker 6 (15:54):
I mean they could they could be two and two,
three and one, I mean, I don't know about that.
Done after So anyway, I'll get to the rest of
the schedule. So then they have after Detroit, they have
a bye week seven, which if you're going to make
a change.

Speaker 5 (16:08):
That's usually when it would happen.

Speaker 6 (16:09):
You'd say after week six, they make the change, a
couple weeks to get in order, and then they you know,
have to go on the road back to back weeks.
But the more interesting storyline is you had a coach
on your staff that was potentially looked at as a
replacement in dan Quinn. They don't play Washington until week

twelve in Washington, a little before Thanksgiving. So that's the
tough part is Let's say, for example, you go to
Washington and you lose and you get stomped by the
guy that you had in your house running your defense,
one of the top defenses. Then you could have hired.

You decide to allow him not to be that that
have to be the case. Let him go to Washington.
But then you've got a short week where you've got
to put the Giants on Thanksgiving. So it feels like
it be hard to do and that's hard on your
team if you're gonna do it at that point. And
then the next time they play Washington is until.

Speaker 5 (17:06):
The end of the season.

Speaker 6 (17:07):
So in a way, the schedule almost has set up
to allow Mike McCarthy and Dallas to avoid that pink
elephant in the room having to face a Dan Quinn
coach team that's in their division. They got to play
twice and was a guy that I guess reportedly they
all loved.

Speaker 4 (17:25):
I just wonder if that pink elephant smells like cologne,
because this is going to be done after the first dance.
Now let's go to the white gorilla in the room.
What I don't know, pink elephant smell like glad damn.

It is the Herd here on Fox Sports Radio. I mean,
I don't know if it could. You just never know,
all right, So we're.

Speaker 5 (17:59):
I'm if we're a fitting some advising pick.

Speaker 4 (18:02):
Ef it don't.

Speaker 3 (18:03):
We're going to take you all the way up until
three pm Eastern time at noon Pacific right here on
Fox Sports Radio.

Speaker 4 (18:09):
And on the iHeartRadio app.

Speaker 3 (18:11):
Coming up next here, though somebody got an early payday
in the world of football. We'll explain why it happened.
That's yours next.

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What is Up on Game?

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Speaker 3 (19:17):
LaVar Arrington, Brady Quinn, Jonas Knox in for Colin Coward
here on this Monday as we take you all the
way up until three pm Eastern time noon Pacific.

Speaker 6 (19:27):

Speaker 4 (19:27):
You can always find this show.

Speaker 3 (19:28):
On the iHeartRadio app and on hundreds of affiliates all
across the country. We are normally on very very very
very very very very very very early in the morning
Monday through Friday, six to nine am Eastern time. Sure
we love to talk to you now though to six
am Pacific time. Say so if you're wondering why they

threw us together. Don't worry. This is a normal routine
for us. We do it every single Monday through Friday,
six to nine am Eastern time, on two pros and
a cup of Joe's. Where you can find us and
so fun to be on here and kind of look
out and go, oh my god, there's actual human life
walking around and such signs. Yeah, it's weird, weird at
this time slide now, we are looking out the window

here in the studio and we're trying to see do
we have any more information on the whereabouts of Aaron Rodgers?
Do you have anything else that's out there? I believe
rich Semini, who's been all over this. He says that
Rogers are kind of hinted that Rogers is in the
Middle East. I'm not sure what. That doesn't really narrow
it down for me, but I'm not sure what's going

on there. But not everybody is the.

Speaker 4 (20:34):
Middle East of America or like the Middle East, the
Middle East of the world. I don't know what would
be the Middle East of America.

Speaker 3 (20:40):
I really don't know. Kentucky, not old though, what's like
the Mid East? If you're a look at the East coast.
What would be the mid east Virginia, Icago, now like
east west, like middle of the East coast Virginia, Virginia maybe,
but that's considered the south.

Speaker 5 (21:00):
I don't know.

Speaker 4 (21:01):
More importantly, who cares. Point is.

Speaker 3 (21:05):
We don't know what we're saying of the United States?
The United States? Yeah, not just the East coast. Yeah, Okay, well,
I mean yeah, I guess whatever. The point is, nobody
knows where the hell Aaron Rodgers is.

Speaker 5 (21:18):
That's the point.

Speaker 3 (21:19):
Julian Edelman was actually on the Herd and he spoke
about his reaction what he assumes is the reaction from
people inside the locker room when it comes to Rogers
not being there at mandatory mini camps. Let's take a listen.

Speaker 7 (21:34):
I'm a big Aaron Rodgers fan, but if I was
in that locker room and Aaron Rodgers wasn't there for
three days on the mandatory mini.

Speaker 4 (21:41):
Camps, having played four snaps last year.

Speaker 7 (21:43):
Having played four snaps off of an injury, when we
have two new receivers, we got a bunch of new
linemen that we added to the team with a CBA
that doesn't allow us to practice a lot. I guarantee
there's four or five guys, six, seven, eight, nine guys
in that locker room sitting there like, where's he at now?

Speaker 4 (22:00):
If they start four?

Speaker 7 (22:01):
No, no one's gonna care.

Speaker 4 (22:02):
That's right.

Speaker 7 (22:03):
But this the NFL, I think it's a bad look
for your leader, for whatever reason, to go and miss
an unexcused absence. I mean I was with Tom Brady
in his twentieth fifth year, twenty third year, and he
started he started missing OTAs here and there, but he
was still there, never missed a mandatory mini camp.

Speaker 4 (22:20):
And you know, I just thought it was a bad look. Agreed,
it's a bad look. Well go, hey, c you you
got Julian.

Speaker 6 (22:28):
Edelman talking about Tom Brady missing not missing stuff right anyway?

Speaker 5 (22:34):
Are you Edelman?

Speaker 4 (22:36):
Are you making the face while you're doing that?

Speaker 3 (22:37):
Yes, he does a tremendous Julian Edelman come on this here,
truly great in person too.

Speaker 4 (22:45):
Yeah, he just.

Speaker 6 (22:46):
I just don't remember him talking like that early in
his career, and then being around him a little bit
out of exos, I was like, man, he's really changed
up as Cadence since he's gotten on TV.

Speaker 4 (22:56):
You're saying somebody's worked with.

Speaker 5 (22:58):
Him, he's different, different, cadence.

Speaker 4 (23:00):
What was the old one? Q.

Speaker 6 (23:02):
Well, he slowed down a lot how he talks now,
so he doesn't talk as fast as he used to.

Speaker 4 (23:08):
Yeah, Like what you're doing right now you almost kind
of can't sound like Brandy Macho man savage right there?
Whoa the crowd rises to the top, Oh, to the top?

Speaker 5 (23:22):

Speaker 4 (23:25):
My name is Brady Qualin. I'm six to forty two
and I'm stacked in shirt.

Speaker 3 (23:32):
Julian Erteleman, I close script bunch five seventy five times.

Speaker 2 (23:39):
You dig it down.

Speaker 5 (23:43):
Back to what we were talking about.

Speaker 6 (23:46):
Yes, right here, there's no there's no way of getting
around the fact that it's a bad look.

Speaker 5 (23:50):
There's no way of getting around it, right, correct, I
mean that's a safe take.

Speaker 6 (23:53):
You know, when you're gonna have mandatory mini camp, you
know it's finable, you know all of that, Right, It's
there's no way of getting around it. The truth is
is like it's not gonna matter if they win the division,
going to playoffs, get to the suit Like, no one's
gonna be talking about that, will they But they will
if things don't work out, they'll use it as one
of the many examples. So that's the only thing at

risk here, but it's it's kind of been who Aaron
has been at least right at least the last four
or five years maybe, and this is kind of how
he's conducted himself. So the Jets can't be surprised by it,
and I don't know why fans or people in the
media are on the outside are surprised by it. And

like I said before, like ultimately, depending on how their
season goes, We're only gonna talk about it if the
season doesn't go the way we think it might go.
And I'm bullish on the Jets. I think they will
end up winning that division this year.

Speaker 4 (24:51):
Well, you guys know, I'm not bullish on them. And
so because again I think that it's hard to overcome
career jo culture. I really do. And I don't have
any indicator that the culture has shifted in the direction
of a healthy culture that is conducive to having an

environment to have success as a football team. And that's
regardless of who you add. Again, if I'm giving an example,
my rookie year, I came into a corrosive environment, didn't
know it at the time, too young to know it,
to naive to know it, but nonetheless That's what happened.
They added guys like Deon Sanders. They brought in Jeff

George to be the backup to Brad Johnson, who was
an eventual Super Bowl champion for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.
They added Mark Carrier, They brought in Bruce Smith. I
mean they drafted me and Chris Samuels. They loaded up
the team, and the team was loaded, by the way,
with a cornerback named Champ Bailey on that team. Ye

had Champ Bailey, Y had Deon Sanders, had Darryl Green,
you had Sam Shade. You had Mark Carrier in the
back end of that. Yes, Stephen Davis there, skip yeah, yes, yes,
Stephen Davis. You had Skip Hicks, Adrian Morell, Larry Centers
in the backfield. Loaded, the team was loaded. You had

John Janssen on one tackle side. You had Chris Samuels
on the other side anchoring that that offensive line. The
point is is that we didn't even make the playoffs.
And and I look at I look at that as
an example in terms of a reference point. What would

make you feel what would make me feel like things
could have gone differently with that team with all that
talent on it. And and basically, I think the conclusion
that I continue to come back to is there needed
to be an environment that was more stabilized and conduce
it to just being about the game and understanding that

us working together, us getting getting better as a team
was going to ultimately be the reason why we win games.
And there were a lot of distractions, and I think
that in New York there's going to be a ton
of distractions. And while someone like Aaron Rodgers, who has
lived in what has been perceived as him creating distractions,

whatever side you fall on it, I just think the
reality of it is is that maybe he can handle
those those aspects of what comes along with it. But
some of these guys are very young, there's a lot
of there's a lot that goes along with having this
type of offseason. And I don't know that this team
has given me any indication that they're going to overcome

all of the things that are being discussed or that
we've seen in years past from this organization.

Speaker 3 (27:51):
So I'm going to support Aaron Rodgers through all this
because that's just the hill i'fe chosen to die on,
and and I'm happy to die on that hill, no
problem I think whatever he wants to do to get ready,
he's been there the entire offseason.

Speaker 4 (28:04):
He missed two days, not really that big of a deal.

Speaker 6 (28:07):
I mean, maybe this is just how he gets ready,
right like Jonas, how do you get ready for a
radio show?

Speaker 4 (28:12):
Lift? Look at me? What do you beat out? Do
I get ready for a radio show? I lift?

Speaker 3 (28:16):
I do shrugs for an hour straight, like I just
see what he looks like right now?

Speaker 4 (28:21):
Here's here's what What do you do.

Speaker 5 (28:23):
Ready for the radio show?

Speaker 4 (28:27):
In what way? In what regard.

Speaker 5 (28:30):

Speaker 4 (28:31):
Just driving here or just before we crack the microphone.
I just liked this, Like in the car, you like, are.

Speaker 5 (28:36):
You one of your voice singing now? Like you know,
sing out now brown Cow.

Speaker 4 (28:40):
I listen to music. I try to pump myself up
like I'm about to go play a game. I do
try to, like I try to like I'm gonna give
the people what they want, you know, for the most.

Speaker 5 (28:49):
Part, maybe this is his pump up, you know.

Speaker 4 (28:51):
Yeah Aaron Rodgers, Yeah, yeah again, that's that's that's good
to think that. Okay, he's got to pump up. Obviously
he's had a lot of great success. But what if
that pump up doesn't translate to the other guys that
are in that locker room. I mean, I feel like
for me, if I have a bad show, like say
my pump up doesn't lead to me having a great show,

it doesn't matter because in radio, you guys will you
guys will have a great show. I'll have a bad show.
Then somebody might hear it and be like, oh, the
dude sucks Da da da and the other we keep
it moving. But in football, if if one of us,
especially Aaron Rodgers, if you know, or better yet, if
it's not Aaron Rodgers, if it's other players, like if
it's his running back, if it's his if it's his

offensive lineman, if it's his receivers. If they have a
bad game and Aaron Rodgers can overcome that, they're going
to lose, and ultimately that's going to impact them because
they weren't able to get over what it was that
Aaron Rodgers used to get himself ready. They weren't able
to overcome.

Speaker 3 (29:53):
I mean, listen, if he wants to do bong rips
while sitting on a camel to get ready for the season,
then you go do what you gotta do. They'll take
whatever they can get. They are not in a position
to complain about what Aaron rodd hasan is. I mean,
the only problem is is what if he goes down?
He went down, Aaron Rodgers was ready to go.

Speaker 4 (30:11):
He goes down, and what happens to their season? Their
season went down. So I think if it's if it's
made all about Aaron Rodgers, then I think that you
defeat the purpose of this team having a fair opportunity
to win if Aaron Rodgers is unavailable.

Speaker 3 (30:27):
Can I ask you guys about this because I thought
this was I'm not sure exactly how to view this,
but when he was away from mandatory mini camps, there
was a story. They kind of got buried in the whole,
you know, theories of where he was and what he
was doing. But part of this story that I thought
was kind of interesting. Connor Hughes of S and Y
reported that Todd Downing was calling plays during the two

minute drill at mini camp and not Nathaniel Hackett. If
Rogers was there, is that happening or is it because
he wasn't there that they decided.

Speaker 4 (30:59):
See that's a petty conspiracy thing.

Speaker 3 (31:00):
I'm just asking, was that sort of a punishment.

Speaker 6 (31:04):
Who knows it could just be there giving Todd Downing
an opportunity. You know, coaching staffs have to prepare for everything.
Why is with Nathaniel Hackett sick camp in the facility,
can't call it play? Something happened, right, You've got to
have someone who's out there as well, So you got
to prepare yourself for that. I mean, Doubting is the
quarterback coach, and he is the past game coordator, and

so one thing you have to consider it too is
oftentimes there could be a cordator who's up in the booth,
and that means he's not the one talking directly in
the quarterbacks helmet. It might be a relayed call in
to someone on the sideline who's then calling in the
radio system the quarterbacks helmet.

Speaker 5 (31:42):
So sometimes there's.

Speaker 6 (31:43):
Confusion from people on the outside because they're like, oh,
so and so it's calling the plays. You're like, well, no,
he was just you know, basically radioing in the play.
There's still someone else who's actually deciding what play is
being run. So I don't I don't know they can
read too much into that. That being said, I mean,
Todd Downing has been an offense coordinator before in Oakland

back in what twenty seventeen, and I think they're in
the bottom half of the league and yards at scoring
and twenty twenty one, twenty twenty two in Tennessee he
was there too, and they got worse between those two years.

Speaker 5 (32:15):
Gotta be in the middle of the road to that.

Speaker 6 (32:16):
So I'm not sure it gets any better if they're
looking at going to Todd down at least giving his
resume so.

Speaker 4 (32:21):
Far, I would say there's a better conspiracy theory. If
Nathaniel Hackett had just mysteriously, coincidentally ironically took a vacation
at the same exact time as Aaron Rodgers Rogers, you know, at.

Speaker 5 (32:35):
Leaving, and you just leave them, they'd be together. It'd
be like Leon Todd.

Speaker 4 (32:38):
Or Lean Jonas, where do you go? There you go?
That's pure me, there you go. Nathaniel Hackett was gone
and said it was pure, pure coincidence that I took
the same exact time off as Aaron Rodgers during the
mandatory mini camp that took place and left you know,
the rest of the team to practice, left Brady and

LeVar to do the show without them. I would say
that there's more validity to the conspiracy theory peer that's
just peer coincidence. Then why then, why come up with
the idea of the offensive coordinator not calling the two
minute drills and creating a conspiracy theory to that. I mean, listen,

I'm just trying to I'm with you there, right, turn
on that music because you know what I want to know. Hey,
let me tell you something I want to know.

Speaker 3 (33:30):
I took I want to get to the bottom of this,
and Lee just happened to coincidentally take time off at
the exact same time, keeping in mind that that Jonas
knocks and we had to take off literally five days
during the course of an entire three hundred and sixty
five day calendar, and lead the Lap happens to take
a vacation the same exact time as one Jonas Knox.

Speaker 4 (33:55):
I don't know it's coincidental. I don't know. I mean
that that sounds like something you got to take up leave.
I don't know. I don't think it's a takeover of air.
I just think that this is like that would be
a better conspiracy theory for what's going on in New
York versus what the one you present.

Speaker 3 (34:10):
It ste do you want to defend yourself against these
reckless accusations here on the air, Like, do we want
to have this conversation?

Speaker 4 (34:16):
You know, we've we've synced up. I don't know what
to tell you. Are we on the same clock as
I think?

Speaker 3 (34:23):

Speaker 4 (34:23):
I think there might be.

Speaker 3 (34:24):
We're always in the say yeah, the mind, don't even
say that and forgure out what timeslot we're in. It's
all good, that's a joke that's appropriated, certainly, but but
but all seriousness, right, If Nathaniel Hackett was not there,
then maybe you had the conversation.

Speaker 4 (34:41):
You know, now, I would say, knowing that Aaron Rodgers
let them know before he let them know ahead of
time that he was going to be missing, I just
and I used graduation as a reason why he was missing,
you know, as that being a legit reason.

Speaker 5 (34:58):
To say, hey, that uses a reason.

Speaker 4 (35:01):
Hot air balloon, right, yeah, hot airbar, that's right?

Speaker 5 (35:03):
Hot all yeah. I think it was because I saw
one that morning, and maybe I was just like, I think.

Speaker 4 (35:09):
We were both wrong anyway, So you know, I think
Jonas is more closer to being correct than any of us.

Speaker 5 (35:16):
You were gone and.

Speaker 6 (35:17):
We played headliner Lie then I think Lee or Jonas
float out of theory.

Speaker 3 (35:21):
So there's that. Yeah that he Uh, that was a
lie though. I think the ayahuasca was my guess. That
was my theory on where he was.

Speaker 5 (35:29):
Oh, you had a destination though, too.

Speaker 4 (35:32):
Did I?

Speaker 5 (35:33):
Yeah, I don't know.

Speaker 4 (35:34):
I'm not sure if I did.

Speaker 5 (35:35):
It was like it was a couple of weeks ago.

Speaker 3 (35:37):
By the way, I just saw this headline. I thought
this was pretty funny. The bartender justin Timberlake's bartender is
claiming that he had one drink before his d w
I arrest.

Speaker 4 (35:46):
Yeah, what was it? A paint can of moonshine? One drink?
My ass?

Speaker 5 (35:52):
What do you mean? It's bartender like he's got a
personal bart on tour.

Speaker 4 (35:56):
The bartender that was that, I guess served him the drink.

Speaker 5 (35:59):
And that's like one I starved in one drink?

Speaker 4 (36:01):
What are we talking about?

Speaker 5 (36:03):
More shrinks?

Speaker 3 (36:04):
All right, well, listen, you know if we do have
any updates on the whereabouts of Aaron Rodgers, and we
will give that to you at some point throughout the
course of this show. It is the Herd Here on
Fox Sports Radio, LeVar Arrington, Brady Quinn, Jonas Knox with
you come it up next here we are going to
tell you about what would be best maybe not for
the player himself, but best for the league when it

comes to storylines. That'll be yours right here on FSR.

Speaker 2 (36:30):
Be sure to catch live editions of The Herd weekdays
and neon easternn AM Pacific on Fox Sports Radio FS
one and the iHeartRadio app.

Speaker 3 (36:39):
It's a Herd Fox Sports Radio. LeVar Arrington, Brady Quinn,
Jonas Knox with you here.

Speaker 4 (36:45):
Come it up.

Speaker 3 (36:46):
A little over twenty minutes from now. We're going to
tell you about one football coach, one head coach who
has made a promise. He's made a promise, and now
we get to wait and see whether or not he's
going to go back on that promise. That'll be yours here,
coming up a little over twenty minutes from now. So,
how are the nerves by the way, Florida Panther fan

Brady Quinn, And now that we are a couple more
hours into the program, feeling about Game seven coming up
later on tonight, you any more nervous than you already?

Speaker 5 (37:16):
Will? Got good?

Speaker 3 (37:17):
Jonas, I can't got good. You know what's great? It's
great not having a dog in the fight where you
can just watch it and be entertained by it, you know,
like he just.

Speaker 6 (37:24):
There's a portion of me that gets it. I mean,
Connor McDavid's arguing the best player in the NHL. So
he's played long enough where I think there's a lot
of hockey fans who want him to win it. I
completely understand that, But I don't know, man, it's it's
even though it's been a great two year run for
the Florida Panthers, you never know, you know, one they'll
be able to make it back. So for the Panthers,

for all the fans that probably didn't even know they
existed five six years ago, the Bandwagon fans that.

Speaker 5 (37:52):
Are down there who to bond, I'm with them. I'm
pulling for the Cats.

Speaker 4 (37:55):
So, you know, listening to Lebar, a lot.

Speaker 5 (37:58):
Of people jumping up out of the woodwork.

Speaker 4 (37:59):
I'm just saying, you know, you know, LaVar and I
are Penguins fans. We don't have that problem. We just
you know, yeah, we don't have anyone to tear four right. Yeah,
we're an off season. Yeah, there's cups, there's cups flying around,
there's a lot of them. But when it comes to
the odds on that game. By the way, it's pretty
even on DraftKings. I'm seeing the money line. Florida is

a minus one twelve. The Oilers are a minus one
oh eight, So they're basically you know, at this point,
it's just you know, pick your team and then you
just go from there. So we get to see that
game seven play out. Speaking of odds, this is kind
of a that's sure how I feel about this. So
the NFL.

Speaker 3 (38:37):
Announced last week that they were kind of changing and
this is the Associated Press that the announces as far
as an NFL award goes rather, but they're clarifying their
criteria for the Comeback Player of the Year, saying it
should be a player overcoming injury and illness, not a
player following a bad year. Is that a shot at
joe Flacco? Is that what that is?

Speaker 5 (38:58):

Speaker 6 (38:58):

Speaker 3 (38:59):
Is this because people upset that DeMar Hamlin didn't win
Comeback Player of the Year and Joey Flacco got up
off a futon somewhere and led the Browns for the
playoffs and won the Comeback Player of the Year. And
instead of just celebrating that, we've got to sit here
and now make adjustments to the award and now make
adjustments to who can actually qualify.

Speaker 4 (39:18):
For this award?

Speaker 3 (39:19):
I mean, what does it matter if you're coming off
a bad year and you have a better year like
Bryce Young? Bryce Young's like a twenty five to one
to win Comeback Player of the Year, right is he?

Speaker 5 (39:29):

Speaker 3 (39:30):
Is he not qualified because he didn't go through enough
injuries last year enough? He didn't get banged up enough?
Like how's this work?

Speaker 4 (39:37):
And you have such a horrible year where they say
you're eligible to be a comeback player? Like how bad
does that have to be? I mean, like, how bad
does your seas have to pay be for you to say, yep,
you're a Comeback Player of the Year recipient? What am
I coming back?

Speaker 6 (39:56):
Here's what I don't understand about them trying to I
don't know, clarify the criteria. The demor Hamblin's situation was
incredibly unique, and it felt like there was a big
push to get him the award for what he over
came to get back just healthy enough to be on

a team. Yet it swerved away from what the award's
been in the past. So why are we then making
an award around essentially what's happened to Demor Hamlin. You
know what I'm saying, Like, that's not that we should
make it the rule around, more of the norm, not
an outlier. I mean, unless we start seeing that all,

you know, all of a sudden, all over the field.

Speaker 5 (40:42):
I don't think that's going to be the case.

Speaker 6 (40:43):
But there is a sense that there was a lot
of people who are frustrated that they wanted Demor Hamblin
to win. He didn't end up winning, and instead the
award went the Joe Flacca, which, in my opinion most fit.
I think that a specific category given the way he
uplifted the brown and considering what had happened in the
prior probably two years of his career.

Speaker 3 (41:04):
How many games did Joe Flacco played for the Browns
last year, Like, it was seven or eight something like that.
So he's played seven or eight games as a Browns
quarterback and already won more awards than Deshaun Watson has
since he's been there, and he's not even there anymore.
It's kind of impressive by Joe Flacco and not all

that impressive from Deshaun Watson.

Speaker 4 (41:26):
Now, would you guys be getting at it?

Speaker 3 (41:28):
Well, I'm just you know, you know, you got to
be available, you know at some point I think that
would help everybody involved. Now, do we have any game
show music impromptu game show music here, because we do
have ourselves some odds, all right, So if we're looking
at comeback Player of the Year, since they want to
go ahead and manipulate the rules because everybody's upset that
tomorrow Hamlin didn't win last year and Joe Flacco did.
We do have some odds here, and we have a

live studio band. Again, this is a brand new setup
in studio here, so we have a live studio band.
They're plugging their instruments in right now now and they
are getting ready to go. All right, guys, you take
it away and three there and we're and there they
go right there.

Speaker 4 (42:06):
You hear them, they are They are all jamming away here.

Speaker 3 (42:10):
Uh. And they are trying to stay out of the
camera shots and they are behind the cameras heres. We
are being filmed in studio right now. So the live
studio band is piping away. This just incredible music as
we look at the Comeback Player of the Year odds
that the AP is trying to manipulate now because they're
upset about tomor Hamlin. All right, so who would you
say is the shortest odds. I don't want to say

the favorite because it's still plus money, but the shortest
odds to win comeback Player of the Year.

Speaker 4 (42:37):
If you had to guess, who are you guys going with?
Aaron Rodgers? Yeah, it has to be that is correct.

Speaker 3 (42:44):
Aaron Rodgers is sitting at plus one twenty five. So
Aaron Rodgers there, No, why not go?

Speaker 4 (42:53):
So you don't even like that?

Speaker 5 (42:55):
Why you hate so much? I don't know.

Speaker 4 (42:57):
It's not gonna happen?

Speaker 5 (43:00):
Is at this point? Do you just not want to
be wrong? Is that what it is?

Speaker 7 (43:03):

Speaker 4 (43:03):
No, I don't care about being wrong. You know, it's radio.

Speaker 6 (43:06):
It's got to be other quarterbacks. It's got to be
like Burro he missing Joe Burrows.

Speaker 3 (43:10):
Burrow is a plus two fifty, Kirk Cousins is a
five to one. Was Russell Wilson. Russell Wilson is twenty
to one. Was justin Fields? Justin Fields is forty to one. Okay,
but again, those guys aren't coming off injuries. Like is
this your problem with the definition of it?

Speaker 4 (43:30):

Speaker 3 (43:30):
But like they're mixing in all these players that are,
and they're trying to tell you why I'm with you
on what you're saying.

Speaker 4 (43:36):
I'm with you.

Speaker 5 (43:38):
I understand what you're saying.

Speaker 3 (43:40):
Yeah, yeah, okay, do get it. But now they're saying
that they're focusing more on the injuries, like you've got
to be coming off an injury or an illness to
really get serious considerations. So if that's the case, then
why would Russell your office? Yeah, like Russell Wilson and
Daniel Jones. I mean, not many players could come back

from going to Heaven Russets team bedroom with nineteen bathrooms.

Speaker 6 (44:07):
And no, no bedrooms with like four bathrooms three bathrooms. No,
it was a four bedroom of the sixteen bats.

Speaker 4 (44:14):
Yeah, correct, that's correct.

Speaker 3 (44:15):
It was all the crap class guy's got a sixteen
Kraft clause.

Speaker 4 (44:19):
There we go.

Speaker 6 (44:20):
That architect walked in there, he had Ibst sauce at
lunch and by the way, bathroom the bathroom here fin
the way.

Speaker 4 (44:28):
What does it say about the optimism around the Steelers
that both their quarterbacks are up for Comeback Player of
the Year. I wanted to say that that's why, and
that's why I asked them consecutively.

Speaker 6 (44:38):
Does that make the case that there's optimism for them,
then not for one. Well no, but whoever ends up starting,
you got a hedge. Yes, Wait, Flaka only started five
games with the course of the regular season, which it's a
regular season award. So he was able to do that
in five games four to one as a starter. So

technically that's why you'd see that. Justin field too, isn't
getting first crack at it. It's gonna be Russell Wilson
first five games.

Speaker 4 (45:09):
There you go, all right, Now, Sam Darnold sitting at
twenty to one, All right, he's he's in the vicinity.
But what injury is he coming back from. He just
didn't play last year because he was backing up Rock Party.
So you're saying feelings are part of injuries.

Speaker 5 (45:24):
It's come back.

Speaker 4 (45:25):
Feelings are are injuries. You can get your feelings hurt. Listen.

Speaker 3 (45:29):
I believe that every if you're coming it doesn't matter
what you're coming back from injury, you know what? There
you go, Yeah, like anything like that. Nick Chubb twelve
to one, that's that's a real comeback. Yes, that's a
good one, by the way, one that's also sneaky.

Speaker 4 (45:47):
And you don't want him to win? Yes, you know,
because that was a that was a pretty gruesome injury.
You'd love to see him come back and play.

Speaker 5 (45:56):

Speaker 3 (45:56):
Now, I would like to point out somebody who is
coming back from injury that I believe has no shot
in hell of winning Comeback Player of the Year. Step
right up, Massage Watson, You, sir, will not be rewarded
for coming back from injury.

Speaker 4 (46:12):
It would be interesting if he won the award, though,
I don't think he's going to do you think that,
You think you think they're gonna give him an a war.
I mean it would be the first time he'd be
a comeback player. Oh jeez, Brady, your thoughts.

Speaker 5 (46:31):
I'm not touching it.

Speaker 6 (46:33):
No, you're not to Massage Watson's coming back for it.
I know exactly what he was just doing there. So
I will congratulate you, LeVar. That's very well done. I
tell you no chance we get this time slot ever again.

Speaker 4 (46:51):
So can I can I be serious with you there?
Thank you? I'll be serious with you though.

Speaker 5 (46:56):
All right.

Speaker 3 (46:57):
You know who's got great value at forty to one
to win Comeback Player of the Year.

Speaker 4 (47:00):
Oh justin Herbert? What why was he in the running?
He got hurt last year? What about Trevor Lawrence. Where's
Trevor Lawrence? I believe he's Where's Trevor Lawrence? Think could
be the dark horse? How many games that Herbert have missed?
Like one or two? No, more than that was it? Yeah,
it was more than that.

Speaker 5 (47:21):
I don't remember that.

Speaker 3 (47:23):
But I mean, if if you believe that that's going
to be a pairing him and Harbaugh and and he comes.

Speaker 4 (47:28):
Back, I think they're going to have an excellent year.

Speaker 6 (47:30):
I do two as a team. I don't know that
statistically he's going to be passing.

Speaker 5 (47:34):
For as many yards and so forth.

Speaker 6 (47:36):
I mean, he missed four games. Think about his prior
to seasons. He darnear threw for seven hundred attempts in
the regular season. Like that is ridiculous, Like that's not
Jim Harbaugh's blueprint.

Speaker 4 (47:49):
Hmm, Gardner minshew, seventy five to one. That's interesting.

Speaker 5 (47:54):

Speaker 4 (47:55):
It's not going to happen. You don't think, No, what
do you know.

Speaker 3 (48:00):
There's a better chance of my Gardener winning comeback Player
of the Year than Gardner Minshew, It's not happening. And
he didn't know not really leave.

Speaker 4 (48:08):
The jokes here.

Speaker 3 (48:08):
I know what you do, LaVar leave it alone. I
know by the way I'm jotting down stuff that we
can't say in this time slot that we should use
tomorrow though, because I do think we've stumbled upon as
we are going to revisit that would make some sense.
So there is your your look at the comeback player

of the Year. So Aaron Rodgers is the favorite LaVar's guy,
followed by Joe Burrow, Kirk Cousins, Anthony Richardson, Nick Chubb,
and Sam Darnold.

Speaker 4 (48:38):
Those are your those I'm hoping for. Man, I am too.

Speaker 5 (48:42):
I agree with that. That's a fair one.

Speaker 6 (48:45):
That's a that's a great value at this point because
I feel like once he comes back in showcases the
first few weeks, he's gonna be healthy.

Speaker 5 (48:52):
Like it's going to only going to go up from there.

Speaker 4 (48:54):
Yeah, So that is I hope he can do it. Geez,
that was a bad.

Speaker 3 (48:58):
Injury, bad one, and the and the fact that they
went through that and still that still made the playoffs.

Speaker 4 (49:05):
They still made the playoffs. Joe Flacco stepping up, I mean,
can you get the award two years in a row.
I mean, I guess it doesn't matter, but it did
go to Cleveland last year.

Speaker 3 (49:16):
Well, the Jets had Rookie of the Year on both sides, right,
So you know, teams do get the can't get the
same awards. So you know, come Back Player of the
Year two years in a row for the Cleveland Browns?
Why not?

Speaker 5 (49:27):

Speaker 3 (49:28):
What's more likely that Nick Chubb win's comeback Player of
the Year that Deshaun Watson starts.

Speaker 4 (49:33):
Off about the game for the Browns? Can you split
the award? Can you have co award winners? Because I
feel like Justin Fields and Russell Wilson could do that
this year. What if they both died.

Speaker 6 (49:46):
Off as a hater and you're not? What if they
what if they both stiller? So what if they both
had really good seasons?

Speaker 5 (49:54):
They could?

Speaker 4 (49:54):
Right? What if they both had tremendous success this year?
Be it would be kind of impossible, wouldn't it?

Speaker 5 (50:02):

Speaker 4 (50:02):
What do you mean? Why do we make the bulk
of the snap?

Speaker 6 (50:06):
Remember Arthur Smith try to run a two quarterback system
at some point, I don't.

Speaker 4 (50:14):
Know all with Yeah, why am I? Why am I
blanking on his name?

Speaker 5 (50:22):

Speaker 4 (50:23):
Ridder? Desmond Ridder? And yeah, who was the other guy?

Speaker 5 (50:28):

Speaker 4 (50:28):
Yeah, Mario?

Speaker 3 (50:29):
Well Mariota basically didn't he quit the team. I think
he left the team at some point, just said, you
know that my knee was a little sore. Now I
had to go get it checked out. Hold on a second,
it was a RUSS. It was a pressing issue. So
I had to just go right away. So let me
get this straight. We're bad and I'm not playing. I'm
gonna go to o Wahoo. I'll see you guys later,
go back home.

Speaker 5 (50:47):
F this.

Speaker 4 (50:49):
My way roll out? Did he did you see what?

Speaker 5 (50:52):

Speaker 3 (50:52):
There was a trailer that came out for Madden twenty five.
Did you see what was on the trailer? It was
justin fields returning kicks. That's disrespectful, all right. He has
played good quarterback in the NFL at times, and they
got him as a kick returner. I mean, but just
imagine if he played a different position and like, let's

just say, made the Pro Bowl as like a slot receiver,
like pulled like a what's my guy played for for Indiana?
Was the quarterback Anjouan Randall LAO, which, by the way,
did that in Pittsburgh. I'm just saying, what if they
put him at slot and he ends up making a
Pro Bowl. Russell Wilson ends up making a Pro Bowl

being an amazing quarterback, and they should both share Comeback
Player of the Year.

Speaker 6 (51:41):
Yes or no, that'd be neat right. It'd be cool
to see. But I think you're disrespected justin fields as
a quarterback.

Speaker 5 (51:47):

Speaker 4 (51:49):
No, I just think that Russell Wilson is just way better.
That's all all right? Well, I mean it definitely is
a hot take.

Speaker 2 (51:54):
Do you think that?

Speaker 4 (51:55):
No, I don't I do.

Speaker 6 (51:57):
Let's just say, man, you've been sarcastic, because sarcastic the
whole time.

Speaker 4 (52:02):
Okay, I don't think we have a quarterback right now. Hey,
you know what you can.

Speaker 5 (52:06):
You can say we too.

Speaker 4 (52:08):
Here we go, boom boom boom boom boom. Here we go,
we go, boom boom boom boom boom. Here we go, Stealers.
Here we go, Pittsburgh game going to the up, not
with them quarterbacks.

Speaker 5 (52:24):
Here we go.

Speaker 3 (52:25):
Well look, I'm not going that's all right. I mean,
I'm a Stellers fan. We're natural haters. I'm not going
to throw water on your take at all.
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