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June 22, 2024 48 mins

This week on 2 Pros and a Cup of Joethe Celtics beat the Maverick the NBA Finals. NFL Insider Albert Breer hints at Aaron Rodgers whereabouts and much more. Plus a game of "Laker or Faker" after the hire of JJ Redick.

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Speaker 1 (00:01):
This is the best of two pros and a couple
Joe with Lamar Arrings and Rady Win and Jonas Knox
on Fox Sports.

Speaker 2 (00:09):
Radio, and that'll do it and five will do it.
The Boston Celtics are your NBA champions. They take care
of business last night. And what was kind of a
weird game because it felt like, I mean, the game
was over at halftime when Pritchard hit the three from
half court, which how that wasn't traveling?

Speaker 3 (00:31):
I have no idea.

Speaker 4 (00:35):
Wouldn't they called traveling anymore? It's offensive, man, Like, let's
be clear, because they travel all the time. Yeah, they
travel all the time. The whole Euro Step they traveled
all the time. It's it's offensive to hear a travel
call being called.

Speaker 2 (00:53):
He hits the buzzer beater at half, the game was over. Uh,
Dallas came out. Boston even struck in the third quarter.
It hit shots, and it just seemed like they won
by eighteen and it should have been forty because they
missed layups, they missed some three.

Speaker 4 (01:12):
They missed everything, and they just kind of and I think, well, oh, oh,
you're talking about the Celtic. Yeah, man, the Mavericks missed everything.

Speaker 2 (01:19):
Yeah, And I think Doris Burke said because I was
thinking the same thing right as she said it when
she said that both teams looked tired, and they did.
There was a point in the third quarter where there
was this adrenaline dump for Boston. But it didn't matter
because Dallas couldn't hit a shot.

Speaker 5 (01:34):

Speaker 6 (01:34):
They couldn't.

Speaker 4 (01:35):
They couldn't have shot a basketball into the ocean last night. Man, Yeah,
they would have missed the ocean.

Speaker 1 (01:41):

Speaker 6 (01:44):
They missed everything, Bro.

Speaker 4 (01:46):
I don't even know how Luca ended up with as
many points as he did. They missed everything, literally missed everything,
and and it's like the worst game to do it in.
I started after I saw him miss so many, so
many layups and so many shots and threes and mid
range shots.

Speaker 6 (02:05):
I started falling asleep.

Speaker 7 (02:07):

Speaker 4 (02:08):
You know, I know the avid sports fans out there
were probably sitting there watching the game with a notepad
and you know, had it on TVO or whatever it
is so they could rewind it and watch the game again,
and rewind the sets that they were running, and could
label and and and tag what it was that they
were doing exactly offensively or what they were doing defensively,

and you know, talking about the picking rolls and all
of the sets and why they called time out and
breaking down all the analytical information that's connected to the game.
Jonas Knox. But I ain't that type of sportsman. No, sorry, yeah, sorry,
all the saw you to all the advit sports fans
out there that listen to us, to actually hear all

of the ridiculously uh accurate and uh well well studied
perspectives and opinions of the game that took place last night,
y'all want to hear my analysis on it. The Mavericks
stank in the worst worst possible game of the year

that they could have stanken they I.

Speaker 2 (03:16):
Thought this Minnesota would have been a more difficult matchup.
Denver for sure would have been a more difficult matchup.
I just thought they were totally outclassed.

Speaker 8 (03:26):
We got it wrong and they got it wrong.

Speaker 3 (03:30):
I said four or five that this series would be over.

Speaker 6 (03:33):
Know what I'm saying. I'm not saying we in terms
of calling it.

Speaker 4 (03:35):
I'm saying you're right that that was not To me,
that was not a fun That was not a fun
NBA Finals. It was not a fun entertaining I would
not have had a finals party at the crib to
watch the game.

Speaker 2 (03:53):
Like really, hell, you would have like a Boston Dallas
them party.

Speaker 4 (03:56):
No, Nope. The minute I heard I knew they was
going choke. That's that was y It's kind of what
I felt. Hey, by the way, Boston owns you, Kyrie Irving, like,
don't don't don't sit there and ever say that there
wasn't a hex put on you or some type of
voodoo on you from what happened when you were there.

I mean when they booed you, they booed you right
on into a mediocre game and the biggest, biggest game
of the year for y'all.

Speaker 2 (04:26):
And listen, you can believe in the whether it's the
spell that has been put on him or the bad
luck or the karma or whatever you want, or you
can just believe in the fact that they know his
tendencies and know how he plays. There's something. There's something too.
When he gets in that building.

Speaker 6 (04:44):
He folds. He's stak bad.

Speaker 2 (04:47):
Like he had one decent game it was Game four,
and other than that, I mean, he played okay because
he had to in game three because Luca went out
and fouled out.

Speaker 3 (04:56):
So he was really their only option as far as.

Speaker 6 (04:59):
He took a dumb ass shot at the end of
the game.

Speaker 4 (05:01):
That that kind of if he would have just went
to the hoop, they would have been down by two
or one and then they got a chance to tie
the game or whatever it is.

Speaker 2 (05:09):
That three pointer was as far as rubbish as far
as games in Boston. He was not good and he
can you know trying. Ah well, listen, I thought it
would be louder. I thought it would be this and
the like, whatever's going on there does.

Speaker 4 (05:23):
Affect him absolutely, whatever's going on there, it affected that
entire team. They was all they were all hot, rubbish
hot You ever you ever smell rubbish on a really
really really hot day? Yeah, big time thinks bad that
that that was the Mavericks.

Speaker 2 (05:40):
Left leftover food. You know, maybe a right, you know,
a rat that you forgot, you killed and threw in
the trash. Right, But like, do the decent thing. If
a rat dies in your backyard or your dies on
your property, have some class and throw it in the
neighbor's yard. Okay, do what's right for everybody else around you,
and don't be accountable.

Speaker 4 (06:00):
Throw it, I mean, and make sure it's like two
or three neighbors down. Don't throw it in the one
next to you, because that's kind of counterproductive. I still,
I don't want to smell that craping decaying at carcass
of an animal.

Speaker 6 (06:13):
I don't want that.

Speaker 2 (06:14):
That's a great point. I'm gonna take a little little stroll.
You never cut a fart in a store that you
plan on going back into. Speaking it all the way out.
Speaking of oh man, Man.

Speaker 4 (06:28):
Went and had breakfast yesterday, egg white omelet man and
you know, went to this car dealership for my daughter.
She finally wore me down to get her this bug
that she's been eyeing up and picking out and all
this old other stuff. And we were the only ones
at the dealership because it was pretty early, and you know,

I had to do it, you know what I mean,
I had to do the do it, do it just
like how the Mavericks did it in that game last night.
It was just as bad. Right now. We're the only
ones in the dealership at the time, so I feel
comfortable and confident. It happened to be a single man.
It was multi you know, both sexes could go in there.

You know, that's how it is these days. Both sexes
can use any bathroom these days. And I went in
there and I generally I'm not a public blow it
down type of guy, but it was a public blow
it down moment for me to be able.

Speaker 6 (07:22):
To complete the sale of this vehicle.

Speaker 4 (07:26):
It was going to take too long for me to
make it back home, so I had to do the
do if you know what I mean. And I ain't
talking mountain dew, and I'm just thinking I'm safe, you
know what I mean. So you know, when you think
you're safe, it's like it's a different type of situation
scenario than when you feel like you're not safe, like oh,
there's whole bunch of people here, or there's a line

to come in here, whatever it may be. Like, I
just don't want to be that guy that walks out
and somebody walks it like oh man, like you know,
like how they would do if it was Lee or
something like that. So I go ahead do the do
because I think that I'm just by myself. And sure enough,
when I came out, there was a lady waiting to
go in. I said, I was mortified you. I looked

at her. I looked at her. I was like, all
the restrooms for you to just pop up and want
to have to go in at the moment in time
where you're at right now, you would be here. And
I looked at her and I was just kind of
like I kind of like tried to play it off
like it's meant to be, you know, some.

Speaker 3 (08:32):
People are meant to get that funked out.

Speaker 4 (08:34):
Early in the morning, I went into the side I
didn't got that wark.

Speaker 2 (08:41):

Speaker 6 (08:42):
The worst part is I hit.

Speaker 4 (08:43):
Myself away into the office where we was doing the paperwork,
and she had the nerve to still be there when
I looked at her with such a look of shame. Man,
the look of shame was real on my face, man.
And I looked that her and she looked at me

and we locked eyes and it was like like you're
kind of good looking on top of this, So it
made it kind of made it worse. It wasn't like
it was a mom or a grandmom or anything like this,
Like she was like pretty good looking. It I was like, dang,
I was like, you're judging me right now, and I
know you're judging me, and it's like I was like,

you know, it's okay, you know, it's okay.

Speaker 2 (09:29):
Listen, there's nothing nothing wrong with uh, you know, your
back porch making its presence felt, you know, and I mean.

Speaker 4 (09:35):
At least she knew that I was of the caliber
of a of a strong strong man, you know what
I mean.

Speaker 3 (09:43):
A lot of protein.

Speaker 4 (09:45):
And I found that to be a more interesting story
than the Maverick Celtics last game, the close out game
of them becoming the you know, the world champions of
the World. Man, It's just that it was more interesting. Which,
by by the way, I thought Drew Holliday was the MVP.
You could say all you could say all utility player

that should come up with utility Player of the series,
because I thought Drew was the MVP of that team.
I thought he did everything that he needed to do
and it was more than what any other player did. Now,
he didn't score as many points as Tatum or Brown,
and Tatum and Brown are the anointip bona fide superstars

of the team.

Speaker 6 (10:31):
I get that.

Speaker 4 (10:32):
But if you were sitting there thinking that Tatum might
have got snubbed not getting the MVP award, I thought
it was Drew Holliday. I think he was the most valuable.
I'm not saying he was their best player, most valuable
player doesn't mean you're best player, right, most valuable player.
It means the player that carried the most value, you know,

into and out of the game. And I thought Drew
Holliday the way that he played, the way he dictated
the pace early on. I think he scored like the
first six points of the game. He created created turnovers
early into the game, He had strong passes early in
the game. He did so many things that dictated at

the pace of that game early on, and it allowed
for the Celtics to grab a lead early in that
game that they never really relinquished the entire game.

Speaker 2 (11:25):
By the way, Porzingis had no business planning that camp,
Well you know that.

Speaker 6 (11:30):
Here's one storyline. Here's one storyline.

Speaker 3 (11:33):
He was not anywhere close to me.

Speaker 4 (11:35):
Here's one storyline. We did not bring up about Porzingis
throughout the entirety of our conversations. They let him go,
The Dallas Mavericks let him go. That's the team he
came from. And that's not a storyline. We were so
captivated and just really into talking about Kyrie leaving the
Celtics that we didn't think about talking about Porzingis action

being let go by the Dallas Mavericks, and I'm certain
that there was some ill feelings towards it and just
thinking that he was let down by the Mavericks. And
so I think that him getting into the game was
more of the opportunity for him to be able to
say he played in the final game and had the

opportunity to do something in the final game against his
former team, so that when he got that that championship trophy,
that throughout the history of him being able to say
he's an NBA champion, that he did get into the
game playing against his former team.

Speaker 6 (12:39):
He didn't bow out and tap out.

Speaker 2 (12:41):
And look, if he's at full health, If he's at
full health.

Speaker 8 (12:45):
It's a it's a landslideh Like, I don't know that
they lose a game all postseason, just looking at the
path that they were on, they only lost three times
to begin with, Like, if he's at full health, it's
nowhere even close to your point.

Speaker 2 (12:58):
And on the MVP discussion, I thought initially, Gutria, like
right after my gut told me Tatum's gonna win the
MVP based on how he played last night in a
closeout game. And so I was surprised when they gave
it to Jalen Brown. And it also didn't help that,
you know, I may or may have known somebody that
looks and sounds a lot like me who might have

had a little bit of a parlay bet going on
Tatum to win MVP and then for the Celtics to
win in five, which would have paid out like plus
three twenty. But forget about me. That's not the point.
The point is when I took a step back and
looked at it, I said, all right, you could make
an argument for Tatum. You can make an argument for
Drew Holiday. You can't be mad at Jalen Brown because
if you got to the first couple of games, like

defensively what he did, and I know he didn't. You know,
Tatum led the team in points, rebounds, and assists through
the series, but if you watch the game, you watch
the way he beat up on Luka Doncik, on Doncic
through early on.

Speaker 3 (13:54):
In the series. He wanted him.

Speaker 2 (13:56):
Last night there was a clip of him saying, if
Lucas stays in, leave me in the game. I think
you could make a small argument for either one of
those guys. But Jalen Brown got it, and good for him.
Eastern Conference and I think you I think kind of
hitting into the break. I think that that to me
as a final maybe point of it for you know,
this type of conversation is is that it really was

a balanced approach to winning the series and to winning
the championship, you know all together. I think that you
kind of summed it up right there. It could have
been a take your pick. I don't think that you
would be offended. You might have been like Drew Holliday
like dang, you know what I mean. But Jalen Brown
or Jason Tatum, I don't think that you have any

really like, you know, trepidation or you're taken back, like,
oh my gosh, he was snubbed type of deal.

Speaker 6 (14:49):
And that's been the type of team that they are.

Speaker 3 (14:51):
How about the.

Speaker 2 (14:51):
Fact that the Milwaukee had to please Giannis, They had
to please him, he wanted some help. They go out,
they trade for Dame Lillard, They send Drew Holiday over there, like,
you know, we'll sacrifice a little bit on defense to
get that type of scoring and that type of production.

Speaker 3 (15:11):
And then four.

Speaker 2 (15:11):
Days later, Brad Stevens is sitting there and he goes,
all that'll work for us. Yeah, Malcolm Brogden doesn't want
to be here anymore anyways, so let's go ahead and
do a deal. They bring in Drew Holiday and it
completely changed the landscape of the Eastern It.

Speaker 4 (15:26):
Delivered the Celtics the missing piece that they needed.

Speaker 2 (15:30):
Literally four days after the trade, everybody was talking about
the one that actually mattered, the one that actually got
a championship done. Had nothing to do with Dame Lillard
except for the fact that he was the prize possession Milwaukee.

Speaker 3 (15:46):
Had to have.

Speaker 2 (15:47):
They let go Drew Holiday, and everybody who knows basketball
looked at that and said, oh, no, of all the
places for Drew Holiday to go to, he goes to Boston.
So they literally they were upset they lost Marcus Smart,
they were, and then they went out and upgraded in
every single way.

Speaker 4 (16:05):
Basically two castaways to to throwaway players to get something
in return that you thought was making your team better.
One of those teams they played in the finals and
whooped their ass, and the other team they couldn't get
out of their own way, and you got a head
coach and Doc Rivers doing the usual dance and song

like this is a difficult thing, that this is a
difficult ship to stare right here, like you put me
in a.

Speaker 6 (16:33):
Bad situation here with these dudes, Like.

Speaker 2 (16:35):
And they've already extended your holiday. He's already got a
four year extension.

Speaker 6 (16:38):
Yeah, wouldn't you.

Speaker 3 (16:39):
Yeah, So he's he's good to go.

Speaker 1 (16:42):
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Hey, it's me Rock Parker.

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Speaker 2 (17:27):
Albert Breers in he's our senior NFL reporter lead content
strategist at the MMQB.

Speaker 3 (17:32):
You can get him on Twitter at Albert Breer.

Speaker 2 (17:34):
Also, by the way, a guy who called his shot
and said, Celtics in five. Congratulations, Ab there's nothing you
can't do.

Speaker 7 (17:42):
That's right, That's right, I got it. I just like
in The Fall, right, get everything right?

Speaker 3 (17:47):
Yep, that's how it works. I do, I do want to.

Speaker 2 (17:50):
I'm curious here because if since you know and you
can see into the future and you know that the
Celtics are going to win in five and you never
miss on anything in the Fall, can you finally fest
up and tell us where the hell Aaron Rodgers was?

Speaker 5 (18:02):

Speaker 3 (18:02):
Where did he go? Come on? What is spilled the beans?

Speaker 5 (18:04):

Speaker 7 (18:07):
He went far far away, I was. I I'm not
sure that you could get where he is from where
I am without a connection, So yeah, and I live
in a pretty big city. So yeah, it's it's it's
an interesting situation for sure.

Speaker 2 (18:27):
I mean, there's nothing else, no other details on it, no, uh,
nothing anybody wants to spill or.

Speaker 7 (18:34):
I might have an idea where he's at. I like, honestly, guys,
I think I mean so much this is avoidable, you
know what I mean? But here we are, and you know,
I think the Jets are managing at the best they
can and look like I did think to some degree. Like,
I think part of it is, like, you know, a
guy wants to get his mind right for the season.

I again, I think like this was this particular timing
and everything else. To me, it's avoidable. But I mean,
the guy's accomplished a lot, and obviously he has the
leverage to pull something like this off if he wants to.
And so yeah, that's a situation. Everybody's in.

Speaker 5 (19:14):
Albert. Do you know exactly where he's at right now?

Speaker 7 (19:16):
Brady? No, I sound like all right, which is like sucked.
So like that's all I can give you right now.

Speaker 5 (19:23):
Damn, do you know exactly where he's at right now?

Speaker 7 (19:27):
I have a general idea, okay, I mean I can't
tell you what city is, Easian, I'll put.

Speaker 5 (19:34):
It that way, Okay, just the country is what you're saying.
Yeah maybe, I mean we've.

Speaker 10 (19:41):
Had some wild speculation on this show and one of
our seconds called headline are Live. We won't get into that, though,
I do want to ask you just as we move
closer to the season, we keep hearing more and more
of this idea of like, now Pittsburgh wants to have
a game in doublin Ireland, which is be awesome you
know for us, but there seems to be this push
to get international, to go international. Is there more too

than just branching out the sport or is there something
maybe behind the scenes with all this.

Speaker 7 (20:11):
No, it's business. I mean I think that's where it is,
Brady and I did it spoils down to, you know,
maybe about fifteen years ago. This is the one. You know,
Roger was the commissioner. They felt like domestically they couldn't
grow anymore, so they had to grow out from a
business standpoint, and that's meant adding inventory. And over the

years that's what you know, going to London was, That's
what Thursday night football is, That's what playing every day
of the week and on Christmas. That's what all these
things are. It's adding inventory that you can sell and
sell to a new audience. And whether that new audience
is an audience that will show up on a Wednesday
night or whether it is an audience it will turn

on a TV in Ireland. That's been their commitment. And
you know, it's interesting because if you look at like
the mandate of the commissioners over the years, right, like
so Roselle was the commissioner, he's kind of a carnival barker,
and he was like the commissioner when the NFL needed
to be promoted and needed to be you know, turned

into a bigger deal. And Roselle did that. And Taglabu
became the commissioner. He's a lawyer. He became the commissioner
at a time when there was a lot of labor
problems in the eighties.

Speaker 11 (21:26):
And he was able to take care of that.

Speaker 7 (21:28):
And you know Roger where you know, Roselle was the
carnival barker and and and Tagliabu was U was a lawyer.
Gadell is the guy who was just an expert at
finding a way to create new revenue streams and create
new ways to make money. And that's been his mandate
since he's been the commissioner. And this I think has

been one of the more prominent ways of doing it,
is of finding new audiences overseas. And so, you know,
I think this will continue. Obviously it's accelerated the last
couple of years because they've gone to Germany now, and
they'll go to Brazil this year, they'll go to Spain
next year. I'd imagine, you know, it'll keep going out.
I think Dublin will actually be one of the easier ones. Guys,

and Brady, you've been over there for a game, I believe, right,
Like I think you said Notre Dame.

Speaker 5 (22:12):
Yeah, they do a tremendous job.

Speaker 10 (22:15):
And you know, obviously, you know, you lose out on
some of the revenue that you get by you know,
not having that home game. However, people have to understand
these cities will essentially pay you to come over there.
Like they'll come up with the funding from the tourism
and from the government there, and then they'll they'll figure
out how to make it back up with all the
economic stimulus that provides. So it's not I understand that

stinks for Pittsburgh Steelers fans at home, but it's a
cool trip. If they do go on the trip and
the team still makes money off it.

Speaker 7 (22:43):
It's an awesome trip. I mean, I honestly, like, you
go there flying on Thursday, play a couple of rounds
of golf, right, go to a game on Sunday. Not
a bad deal at all.

Speaker 11 (22:52):
And like I do think like.

Speaker 7 (22:53):
Dublin would probably be one of the easier ones. The
reason I brought up Notre Dame, Brady, is because they've
hosted a lot of football games over there now, you know.
So it's from a logistical standpoint, like when they go
to sap Plo in Brazil this year, when they go
to Madrid in Spain next year, like that'll e sense
first time those stadiums have hosted American football. So there's

a lot of like forecasting and guessing when it comes
to trying to make everything right there. You know, I
would have been with Dublin because they've posted so many
college football games now, like they probably have a pretty
good process in place for hosting our sport.

Speaker 4 (23:31):
With that being said, Abe, I mean, there was a
time when there was an NFL Euro and folded, it folded,
it didn't work, And I do I believe that was
was that under Taglebu or was that under Goodell? It
might have been Goodell's start, but it didn't work. What
makes this time different than when they were trying to
do it with an entire league?

Speaker 7 (23:53):
Well, we're putting real games over there. It's the difference,
you know, And I think, like, I mean, it's it's
so it started entertacking a folder under at Cadel and
the reason why it folded was because they couldn't make
money off of it. And again, like Rogers' mandate is
to is to make money, and they couldn't turn it
into a money making enterprise. They've been able to turn

this into a money making enterprise for the league, and
that's why it survived, and that's why it's expanded, and
that's why they're continuing to because they want to following
the lead of leagues like the NBA that have had
a lot of success to the point where players are
being developed over there, you know, and kids are playing
the game like that's that's the goal, that's where you

want to get. And I think part of it and
this is no affront to anybody who played over there,
because obviously guys have played over there, all had a
chance to play in the NFL, you know, you have
to be close to playing the NFL have had played
in that league. But I sort of liking it to MLS,
you know what I mean. I think, I don't know,
I grew up with like like some of my friends
who played soccer growing up, you know, like they're obviously

they're huge fans of a sport. They were never watching
m LS, you know, they're watching the Premier League these
are American kids, right, They're watching the Premier League, They're
watching Real Madrid and FC Barcelona, They're not watching Major
League Soccer. I think it's sort of the same thing.
It's like, if you put a product that isn't like

the top products over there, it's hard top people to
buy it. But if we are sending Patrick Mahomes and
Tom Brady you know.

Speaker 11 (25:26):
And you know, and we're going to send Jordan.

Speaker 7 (25:29):
Love and Jalen Hurtz count of Brazil, right, that is
something people can buy into. So I think we're sort
of talking about two different things that LA bar right,
Like it's like it's a hey, just watch the sport.
To watch the sport, right, We're not going to send
our stars over there, just watch the minor league please,
Versus we're going to send our biggest stars, our best

teams over there.

Speaker 11 (25:52):
Kee buy into that.

Speaker 7 (25:53):
And I think it's you know, it's proven to be
a more sellable product, and like the way the NBA
has been able to exploit it. Team and I think
what the NBA's found is that stars, not teams are
what's fell over there. So by sending our stars over there,
I think we found I think the NFL has found
a product that it can sell internationally.

Speaker 2 (26:13):
Albert Brier joining us here on Fox Sports Radio, AB,
how does this play out with Brandon Ayuk in the
forty nine ers.

Speaker 7 (26:20):
Well, that you want to keep them, so, you know,
regardless of what you saw on TikTok, there hasn't been
an effort mainly to give him some long term and
for has you know, been in the upper twenties. And
I think that they're I think right now sort of
it this stalemate, impass whatever you want to call it.

Speaker 11 (26:42):
You know, now, I think he's as good a.

Speaker 7 (26:44):
Player as I'm on Ross, Saint Brown and Jalen Wattall
those guys got paid in the twenty eight to twenty
nine million dollars per year range. But since those guys signed,
Jeffers justin Jefferson's signed, So I like, how does that complicated?
How do you where you know, where where Ayuk is
versus where Jefferson is and how Jefferson's contracts. No, there's

effects the market versus where Water and Brown were a
couple of months ago. I just think it's like kind
of gotten complicated from a negotiating standpoint, and that's probably
why they're frustration on Ayuk's part. But I would say this,
I feel comfortable saying the Niners if you ask them
right now, who do we want for the next five years,
Brandon Ayuk or Deebo Samuel, if they are being truthful,

they would tell you we were like, we want Brandon Ayuk,
and I, you know, I certainly think that they're going
to continue their effort to try to sign in long term.
And I would actually say if one of those two
is going to be traded over the summer, I'd say
it's more likely Deebo Samuel than Brandon Ayuk. But that's
just my feeling right now on you know, whatever it is.

June twenty twenty first, is that right? I think so?
Two twentieth, Yeah, two twentieth. There you go, that's my feeling.
Engine twenty, Thanks Jonas Albert.

Speaker 5 (28:04):
Who's next up to get a contract done?

Speaker 10 (28:06):
We know there's a lot of wide receivers hoping to
get their deals inked.

Speaker 5 (28:10):
Who's up next?

Speaker 7 (28:12):
Well, I mean like a Teddy Lamb is certainly somebody.
If you're talking about the receivers. Now you've got sort
of the work and you can say he's not justin
Jefferson but look at his numbers from Lush year, like
one hundred and thirty catches for seven hundred yards. I mean, like,
if you're cdee Lamb, you're asking to probably get pretty

close to Jefferson, right, And how do the Cowboys manage that?
With dak in the contract here and with Mike Parson's
situation where a lot of people aren't talking about but
he should be paying attention to. There's obviously a lot
of things happening now right now with the Cowboys, you know.
And then you have two tongue of Balola who have

like kind of like a weird holdout holdout thing going
on in the spring and Jordan Love, my guests, would
be the next one to gets done that gets done
would be Jordan Love. And if jortin Love gets close
to what Trevor Lawrence got, how does that affect the
two negotiation? I just think what's interesting about this pradie

is like a lot of these contract negotiations tie into
one another, you know, So I think it's gonna be
interesting to see who goes first and how that affects
the other guys, and you know, and then of course
you got cd and Brandon Aiyuk out there who I
think are materially affected by what happened with Justin Jefferson.
So see, because of the rising cap, the market being

affected by these Blockbuxer deals.

Speaker 11 (29:43):
And then you know again in the way of.

Speaker 7 (29:45):
Justin Jefferson getting done and Trevor Lawrence getting done, and
you know certainly they're gonna be receivers and quarterbacks who
are gonna be asking for more.

Speaker 2 (29:53):
He is Albert Breer, Senior NFL reporter, lead content strategist
at the MMQB. You can get him on Twitter or
ex at Albert Breer A.

Speaker 3 (30:00):
We appreciate it. Let's do it again next week.

Speaker 1 (30:03):
Be sure to catch live editions of Two Pros and
a Cup of Joe with Brady Quinn, LeVar Errington, and
Jonas Knox weekdays at six am Eastern, three am Pacific.

Speaker 3 (30:14):
Brady Quinn, Jonas Knox with you here. No, LeVar Arrington
he is.

Speaker 2 (30:18):
He's in state college, so means he's probably a little
banged up right now. He's out there for a visit
with the son, which, by the way, I don't know
if you had heard this, so we were talking earlier
this week. So his son is down to three. He's
down to Penn State, UCLA, and Tennessee. Those are his
final three and I'm trying to get him. And he

threw this out there, so I don't want you to
think that I'm trying to this is my idea. But
LeVar threw out the idea of man man his son
making his decision on the air with us as potentially
being the go to because it's kind of cheesy the whole,
Like you have a hat in front of you and
you throw it away or you do whatever you do.

Speaker 5 (31:01):
Are you talking about this from experience.

Speaker 2 (31:03):
Well, no, I'm talking about watching it. Like listen, you
don't need to rub it in that I wasn't a
good as.

Speaker 10 (31:08):
I'm trying to point out the fact that it's the
kid's decision how they want to do it, not yours.

Speaker 2 (31:14):
And I'm trying to point out the fact that they
should be listening to me and not make poor decisions. Okay,
if you put a bunch of hats in front of
you and then you throw to his site, it's disrespectful.
You just make your call and that's it. You know me,
if I had anybody that was interested in me in
me outside of just one or two entities. I would
have the at least the decency to let them know
ahead of time. Hey, I'm going to go this direction.

Don't worry. I'm not going to make an example out
of you. So I'm just saying, if we have him
on the show, he could make that decision on the air. Tennessee,
UCLA or Penn State. If you were a betting man,
what would you say his pick is going to be.

Speaker 5 (31:53):
You can make a case for really any one of
the three.

Speaker 10 (31:56):
I know people think the obvious choice is Penn State,
but there's also a thought or idea that maybe he
wants to carve his own path. Obviously, the family lives
in near La, so being at UCLA means you stay
closer to home.

Speaker 5 (32:12):
So there's that element of things.

Speaker 10 (32:15):
Tennessee is a program that look, I visited there, I
played there against them. That would be a hard, hard
place to say no to. I'll just all put it
that way.

Speaker 5 (32:26):
He love it is.

Speaker 10 (32:30):
Knoxville is one of the most amazing places you'll ever
go to see a football game, to play a football game,
to tailgate what I mean, they have They have a
lot down there. So that's a hard Like I said,
that's a hard place to say no to. You know,
coach triples an a heck of a job there, they're
building up their program. It's just it's a it's such

a tough decision for young people to make, and it
really does change the trajectory the rest of your life
for athletes in particular, because you know, you choose to
go to any one of those places, in large part
you're most likely gonna end up at least regionally around
that area when.

Speaker 5 (33:13):
You're done working or excuse me, when you're done going
to school. And if you get in the workforce.

Speaker 10 (33:16):
That's assuming again, like you know, you're not playing the
NFL or something. But you know, for most people who
go to college, like that's kind of how that works.
You know, you go to school and you're probably going
to settle some roots down there. A lot of the
networking connections are there.

Speaker 5 (33:30):
So there's so many things to.

Speaker 10 (33:33):
Factor in as a young adult that you don't really realize.
So I don't know, I think, look, the easy decision is,
you know, Penn State. You know, obviously following your dad's footsteps,
there's there's all those elements. But you know, also there's
the difficulty of living in one of the all time
great shadows.

Speaker 5 (33:50):
You know, even though you're maybe doing that all the.

Speaker 10 (33:52):
Time when it's your dad, there's still the difficult difficulty
of that too. So it's it's an awesome, tough decision
to have, or some people say problem to have, right
having to pick between three great schools, O man, But
it's it's a tough decision, no doubt about it.

Speaker 2 (34:10):
I also think even the fact that those programs want you,
I think is an honor, Like there's so many people
who don't have that opportunity or just you know, maybe
don't get the fact that you are so good and
so talented and more importantly, have worked so hard that
You've got three programs UCLA, Tennessee, Penn State that all

would like to have you be a part of their program.

Speaker 3 (34:33):
That's awesome.

Speaker 5 (34:34):
So to answer your question, I'm going to say Penn State.

Speaker 10 (34:40):
I'm gonna say Penn State because I think that's the
one that if I picked any of the other two,
I would feel worse about getting it wrong if you
chose Penn State.

Speaker 5 (34:53):
Does that make sense? Yes, Like if I chose UCLA because.

Speaker 10 (34:56):
He's gonna be closer home or Tennessee just from my
perspective of Tennis. But then he picks Penn State and like, oh,
I'm an idiot. That was the stop obvious one, right
the other two I think you make reasons, but it's like,
all right, it's not you don't feel as dumb.

Speaker 2 (35:09):
I think he's going to pick Tennessee. I think I
think it'll be Tennessee. I think it's an opportunity to
if you wanted to get away. That's the because if
you go to UCLA, you're still local. If you go
to Penn State, you're still part of the family. You
go to Tennessee, that's where you're doing your own thing.

I think it's going to be Tennessee. That's gonna be.
That's gonna be my pick there. So I'll take that.

Speaker 3 (35:37):
But listen, whatever he decides inside information there, No, I just.

Speaker 2 (35:41):
Like Lee, am I wrong? Like when they came, we
talked about it on the air, they were blown away
by Tennessee, Like what.

Speaker 5 (35:46):
Do you got? The man?

Speaker 10 (35:49):
That's the hardest part too, And you go to a
lot of these visits, it's like there's so many cool
places that really is Like that's what makes it even
more difficult is when you have the opportunity to to
a lot of different spots. And by the way, I
mean you're talf a West coast, East coast, you know,
down South Tennessee, Like it couldn't be any more different
as far as the experience you're going to have from

like weather, from just everything, you know, the culture all that.
Like it says, those are three drastically different places to
to pick from.

Speaker 2 (36:18):
Yeah, so we will, you know, hopefully we'll get an
answer on that soon. But whatever he decides, we're all in.
He's part of the family. And and so lebar Arrington
out there as they're on a visit in State College
for Penn State. It is two pros and a cup
of Joe here on Fox Sports Radio, doing it all
live from the tire rack dot Com studios.

Speaker 3 (36:35):
Tire rack dot Com.

Speaker 2 (36:36):
We'll help you get there, an unmatched selection, fast free shipping,
free road, has a protection and over ten thousand recommended installers.
Tire rack dot com the way tire buying should be
so the worst kept secret in sports. We were talking
about this earlier. Congratulations to our friends that are listening
on the Blowtorch AM five seventy LA Sports. You've got
a brand new head coach in town. His name is

JJ Reddick. Four years, reportedly eight million dollars a year,
he steps away from the broadcast booth with ESPN, and
he is now the head coach of the LA Lakers.
Which I do want to ask this the pushback on
Tom Brady being a broadcaster as well. He can't really

you know, if he's going to be part owner of
the Raiders.

Speaker 3 (37:19):
I mean, he would have like.

Speaker 2 (37:21):
You know, maybe inside information he could pass along, et cetera,
et cetera. Is it fair to say that JJ Reddick
has known he was going to be the head coach
of the Lakers for longer than just yesterday.

Speaker 3 (37:32):
Like I would say, at some point, do you keep
saying that though.

Speaker 5 (37:35):
They literally tried to hire Dan Hurley?

Speaker 2 (37:37):
All Right, I don't know how much they really tried
to hire Dan Hurley, and I don't know how legitimate
that actually was.

Speaker 3 (37:42):
But while he was.

Speaker 2 (37:43):
Calling the NBA Finals, I think he at least had
some sort of an indication he was going to be
the next head coach of the Lakers.

Speaker 3 (37:51):
Like that. That's my belief.

Speaker 2 (37:53):
I find it hard to believe that NBA Finals end
on Monday and they do this, you know, three exploration
into whether or not it could work, and Nay, what
do you know, JJ Reddick's the head coach of the
Lakers come Thursday. I just I find that hard to believe.
So if that's the case, and he knew he was
gonna be the guy the whole time, there's your example, right,

handled it like a professional, all right, didn't try and
maybe get inside information on what the Celtics were doing
or impending free agency, or where the direction of the
organization or whatnot.

Speaker 3 (38:25):
Handled it.

Speaker 2 (38:26):
And now he's the head coach of the Lakers, which
means Tom Brady go be an owner for the Raiders.

Speaker 3 (38:30):
I trust you in.

Speaker 2 (38:31):
These meetings that you're having with certain teams in the NFL.
I think we've solved that everybody's good, everything's on the
up and up. But then there's this idea who actually
is happy? Because if you're a Laker fan, you are
happy no matter what. And there's a lot of people
who may be Laker fans or maybe aren't Laker fans.

Speaker 5 (38:50):
Is it time for this? All right? So I've been
waiting for this the whole show.

Speaker 2 (38:53):
Well, I'm not too optimistic as how this is going
to go, because this is the best we've got right now. Right,
So Brady Quinn has come up with and yes this
was his idea because I'm not signing off on it
at all in case it.

Speaker 5 (39:08):
Goes poor Lee.

Speaker 2 (39:09):
Oh no, it's time for the debut edition of Laker
or Faker Now. Lee to Lap has put together a
list of names. They're either the name of somebody that
we all know, a celebrity, somebody famous who's a legitimate

Laker fan, and somebody who's not. So Lee, you've got
this list. Brady's this sounded us at least in the
ballpark of what we were hoping to accomplish here when
I met.

Speaker 3 (39:45):
Yet, so here we go, Lee the Lap take it away, will.

Speaker 6 (39:50):
As we all know, there's a big famous pop up
concert yesterday by the one and only Kendrick Lamar, la
local from straight out of Compton. Was he holding this
concert for mister J. J. Reddick might have been?

Speaker 2 (40:08):
I mean, is Kendrick You would see JJ Reddick in
a place like that, right, Yeah?

Speaker 6 (40:12):
You'd think so. Is Kendrick Lamar a true Laker or
a true Faker?

Speaker 5 (40:18):
I think we've got off to a bad start.

Speaker 10 (40:21):
I don't think the concert had anything to do with
JJ reddicks higherly, but so I think Kendrick Lamar is
a true Laker. The idea of the segment is supposed
to about whether or not they're gonna be on board
with the hire, if they're if they're gonna be like
fake about it, or if they're gonna be like a true.

Speaker 5 (40:40):
Laker and might give their opinion.

Speaker 10 (40:42):
Well, so, I'm not sure where the hell this came from,
but I'm not even trying to he's a true Laker fan.

Speaker 5 (40:48):
But this doesn't even.

Speaker 3 (40:48):
Imply I don't think he is a Laker fan. I
think he's a faker.

Speaker 6 (40:54):
Well, if you had watched the concert like me, you
would have known that he had gone up and said
good job JJ. Kendrick Lamar is a true Laker.

Speaker 3 (41:02):
Yeah, but he had clippers on stage with them.

Speaker 2 (41:05):
Yeah, and he also had bloods and crips too, accordey
to Lorena that he had he was uniting gangs.

Speaker 6 (41:10):
Yeah, he's also uniting Lakers and Clippers fans across the
across the inland.

Speaker 2 (41:15):
M So that's the reason why I said he was
a faker is because he had clippers on stage. If
you're a true Laker fan, then you're not gonna have
some some La Clippers on stage with you.

Speaker 3 (41:24):
All right, Who's next?

Speaker 5 (41:25):

Speaker 6 (41:26):
Guys? If you watch the Showtime show on HBO, you know,
I might know that John c Riley plays Doctor Buss.
But is John c Riley a true Laker fan on
board with JJ Reddick as the Higher or is he
a true faker?

Speaker 10 (41:42):
He's a faker? I mean, I have no idea how
we know one way or another. But to answer the
initial question, Jonas, now this segment is not going how
I thought I.

Speaker 3 (41:50):
Was gonna go, I'm gonna say he's a faker too.

Speaker 6 (41:58):
That's true. John cy Riley admits that he is not
even a basketball fan.

Speaker 2 (42:02):
Ah in general, what range not even a basketball fan?
But he played doctor Boss in a show.

Speaker 6 (42:08):
Yeah, good for him. There you go, guys. If you
remember the movie Bofinger Eddie, Eddie Murphy was a big
fan of Eddie Murphy was a big fan of Laker girls.
Keep it together, Keep it together, Keep it together, Keep
it together, Keep it together. But is Eddie Murphy a
true Laker fan with the JJ Reddick Higher.

Speaker 5 (42:29):
Or I think he's a faker. I'm not so sure
he's a true fan of the Higher.

Speaker 2 (42:36):
So you know, Lee, I think he's a I think
he's a Laker. I'm gonna go with that, Eddie Murphy.
I think he's a true Laker fan. He's happy with
JJ Reddick.

Speaker 6 (42:46):
He is a New York Knicks fan, so he does
not care whatsoever about the hire for JJ Reddicks. He's
all right. Matthew Perry, famous Lakers fan seeing in the court.
I think he's a fan of this JJ Reddick hire.

Speaker 3 (43:04):
Matthew Perry famous friend.

Speaker 5 (43:07):
Yeah, isn't he.

Speaker 3 (43:13):
I'm not sure.

Speaker 5 (43:14):
I don't.

Speaker 6 (43:16):
I wish the song hadn't ended just now?

Speaker 5 (43:19):
I mean Lee, other things?

Speaker 4 (43:21):
D Yeah?

Speaker 6 (43:23):
Did he miss something there? Okay, my bad?

Speaker 5 (43:26):
Moving along here?

Speaker 6 (43:27):
Yeah, Lee, I mean last October justin Timberlake.

Speaker 3 (43:34):
Second, a whole lot of second?

Speaker 9 (43:35):

Speaker 2 (43:37):

Speaker 6 (43:37):
Yes? Did you really say Matthew Perry?

Speaker 2 (43:39):
Lee, did you try and paddleboard him to put him
into the segment?

Speaker 5 (43:47):
Isn't a weekend at Berdie?

Speaker 11 (43:48):

Speaker 5 (43:48):
We can't bring him around for one of our segments
on radio. Not like he's alive, you know what.

Speaker 6 (43:53):
I think he's a big thing. I think he's looking down.

Speaker 5 (43:57):
I think he's true fan here.

Speaker 3 (44:00):
I don't know.

Speaker 5 (44:02):
Did you just come up with this list? Like a.

Speaker 3 (44:05):
No, that's seven. Where are you saying justin Timberlake. He's
been in the news.

Speaker 6 (44:13):
Do you think he's uh you think he caught wind
of this news? I know he's worried about his world tour.

Speaker 5 (44:19):
He's a he's like a Memphis fan, right, yeah, I think.

Speaker 3 (44:22):
Yeah, he's from Tennessee.

Speaker 6 (44:24):
Yeah, he's a big fakir.

Speaker 3 (44:25):
Yeah so.

Speaker 5 (44:30):
Fa, Yes, yes, we include dead people on this list.

Speaker 6 (44:35):
What are you can I not.

Speaker 3 (44:38):
Nobody gave me any rules because you didn't know he
was deadly.

Speaker 6 (44:43):
I know very well he's done. You didn't you know what.
I don't believe he's dead.

Speaker 3 (44:47):
So okay, all right, do we have one more just
to put a bow on this giant?

Speaker 6 (44:56):
Hmmm? Who do we got here? God? I got a
lot here?

Speaker 3 (45:01):

Speaker 2 (45:03):

Speaker 6 (45:07):
Rich Paul talking big about the possible Lebron brownie package deal.
What about his lady friend of Dale. You think she's
a big fan of this, of this hire? Is she
a true Laker or a true Faker?

Speaker 2 (45:20):
I think she's got to be a true Laker. I mean,
you got to support your man. Yeah, so this seems.

Speaker 5 (45:26):
Like definitely a true Laker fan.

Speaker 6 (45:29):
That's true. She put out her support. She said, good job.
I love the hire.

Speaker 2 (45:32):
See there's one Brady bo like public support.

Speaker 5 (45:36):
We were person alive and supportive school.

Speaker 3 (45:41):
We were going to fake this work.

Speaker 10 (45:43):
I mean, what what were you expecting to see from
Matthew Perry like a sign from God somewhere?

Speaker 5 (45:48):
I mean, what is this like ghost?

Speaker 10 (45:51):
By the way, you see a shadow pop up somewhere
and give you a sign.

Speaker 3 (45:55):
You just need to look on Eddie's face.

Speaker 2 (45:56):
When Li said Matthew Perry Eddie, She's like, wait, what Eddie?

Speaker 5 (46:02):
What is happening right now?

Speaker 2 (46:07):
We love it.

Speaker 6 (46:10):
Whatever's happening.

Speaker 5 (46:11):
It was worth it to hear Lee say Matthew.

Speaker 3 (46:13):
Pis like, and Lee, you're all over like you know
everything about celebrity.

Speaker 6 (46:19):
And Mac Berry is a huge Lakers fan.

Speaker 3 (46:27):
All right's face.

Speaker 2 (46:32):
Everybody like like everybody's face.

Speaker 3 (46:37):
All right, well listen he said that that's that is amazing.

Speaker 5 (46:43):
All right.

Speaker 2 (46:43):
Well, hey, you know what, Brady, Brady, I'm gonna concede
this to you. Congratulations you won the first ever edition
of Laker Faker.

Speaker 5 (46:50):
I think I.

Speaker 10 (46:51):
Think we're all winners after hbout some way to incorporate
somebody's passed away.

Speaker 5 (46:59):
That's a part of are our show segment unbelievable?

Speaker 2 (47:03):
I mean, you know, unbelievable performance, which also, by the way,
that's not even the best part about this entire segment.
It should be pointed out, you know that, Well it
is a football Friday too.

Speaker 5 (47:19):
I can't, you can't.

Speaker 3 (47:21):
Why not? You have to come on?

Speaker 5 (47:24):
I can't.

Speaker 3 (47:26):
You and I, Babe Thelman Luise right off the you
and I together.

Speaker 5 (47:32):
The game show next week when the bar that is
that is.

Speaker 12 (47:36):
The way this only good end? Yeah, bring back to
classic classic We.

Speaker 6 (47:47):
Gotta gotta break.

Speaker 3 (47:51):
Oh, it is

Speaker 2 (47:53):
A football Friday, oh Man pars Uh
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