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June 20, 2024 56 mins

Vince gives his take on the Celtics championship run and if he thinks they can repeat next season. Vince goes deep on Free Agency and where he thinks the top guys like Paul George, OG Anunoby and DeMar DeRozan could possibly fit. Vince also tells the incredible behind the scenes story of his Draft Night Trade with Antawn Jamison, and gets into what he thinks the best situation would be for Bronny James in the Draft and NBA.


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It's the VC Show. It's the VC Show. It's the
VC Show. It's the Dude TV Show. Season two. Yeah,
we back again, got the world. Tune in there for show.
So go with tell a friends, my heart got me
on the squad us Slam Dunstan Whistle, go on there.

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Kick your feed up so you can listen to Gee.

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It's the VC Show. It's the VC Show. It's the
VC Shows, the v C.

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What's up, everybody? This is VC. Welcome to the VC Show.
Another exciting episode once again talking basketball, all things basketball,
a lot of great topics to talk about. We have
an NBA champion, some w NBA talk, some Olympic talk.
We're gonna talk a little bit about the draft and
what we're learning about what's going on in the draft,

particularly Bronnie, and some other great topics as well. So
stick around, kick your feet up. The VC Show starts.
Now he on that got what they wanted then signed
you run all right, everybody, We now have a NBA champion.
Congratulations to the Boston Celtics getting it done in what

we consider the gentlemen's suite. You know, they answered a
lot of questions, critics they were obviously under a microscope
all season long, and even particularly into the playoffs, into
the start of the finals, where you know people are saying,

all right, well, are they really that good because of
you know, the teams they played, star players were down
or whatever. Well it's you answer that question by saying, hey,
that's not our fault. We did was supposed to do.
And they answered the call, took the challenge when it
was time, and then the question was, Okay, I think

we all understood how important Porzingis was for them all season,
so the question that needed to be answered then was
can they win in the big game without them? And
boy did they do so. Porzingis was fantastic in Game one,
gave him what he had in Game two, tried to

get himself back, just motivation. But I just this team.
They were hitting on all cylinders all playoff long, and
it's hard to deny their accomplishment. And as much as
I applaud Dallas, I thought they were very good and

I thought it would be a very good series. I
didn't know if entertaining series because of the drama to
see what Kyrie Luca, who was on a killing spree,
just doing this thing, and then the Celtics as a
team playing well, the question can can Tatum play well

and lead the team? They were winning? They won big.
He didn't play great. I think he had two great
game games in this series, averaging twenty two eight and seven,
but he shot only thirty nine percent from the field
twenty six percent from the three. The numbers, as far
as you know what you read, aren't great when you
talk about your star player. But at the same time,

at the same time, he understood the situation. He did
not force the issue when he was not shooting well.
He made plays for other guys, and he allowed the MVP,
Jalen Brown, the opportunity to go and do what he

needed to do. So congratulations, first of all goes out
to Jaylen Brown. I thought he was one of three
consistent players for the Boston Celtics. He was number one. Obviously,
he averaged twenty point eight so almost twenty one game,
five rebounds, five assists, took the challenge on guarding Luka Doncic,

and he was great. He was great, and Luca is
a hard guard, and he took on the challenge period.
And then I think Drew Holliday was fantastic. I mean,
you know, when you talk about a guy who was
considered one of your role players, but a very important
guy through three games, his name was floating around, let's

say whispers about possibly and potentially being an MVP. And
then there's Derek White whose name was floating around for
potentially being up for MVP. I'm talking about guys that
know their role and do it extremely well. You know.
For you guys, young players, I know, we all want

to be stars. We all want an opportunity to have
a friend, to be the man for a franchise. But
you can still be the man for a franchise as
a role player. And let me tell you something, I
guarantee Jalen Brown and Jason Tatum and the Boston Celtics
organization view Derek White and Drew Holliday as superstars because

of the role that they had all playoffs, not just
the finals. Throughout all the playoffs, Derek White was fantastic
guard in different positions, hit down big shots. We know
what Drew was doing on the defensive end. Uh. Just
everything in general was just it was fun to watch.

I mean it just they made a very good Dallas
Mavericks team look average normal because they were playing out
of their minds. Dallak Mavericks, and they were stepping up
to the plate where everybody felt like, oh, a lot
of people who picked Dallas to win this series. And
if you guys recall last week, I spoke about one

thing that would be a challenge, well a few things,
but one thing in particular that would be a challenge.
I felt for the Mavericks, but particularly for the individual
player in Kyrie trying to find his way more so
than obviously winning. It's an unbelievable record that he has

right now, streak going on as far as playing against Boston,
and I don't know if that record is just for
I think it's just playing against Boston, not really at Boston,
but obviously at Boston he was a different guy. And
I spoke on just how tough it is to be
mentally strong and kind of stay locked in. I mean,

if you mean, you're playing for the NBA Finals, so
it should be easy to lock in. But at the
same time, like, whether he admit it or not, it's
his kryptonite, you know, it's just fair to say it's
like it's his kryptonite. And the moment, I think fans
felt like they can affect him with what said. I
mean they were saying some crazy stuff, of course, but
when they felt like they continue to pour it on.

Kyrie is a champion and already he was. He's one
of the best players in the league. He was playing
like it. It's this. I mean, we saw what he
did in Game three, in Game four. I mean, he
just he's a special player and it's just a tough
situation where he just if if they're if they're playing
against anybody else, you'll see a better version of Kyrie.

And I know the different channels sports shows talking about uh,
you know, they felt that Kyrie was out of it Dallas.
I just from what I saw, yes, you could ride
the momentum, but they were riding the momentum of playing
great in the series before coming into Boston. It's just
the actual reality of it is that it's just a

tough place to play for Kyrie. You know, whether he
mints it or not, and that's fine if he does not,
but you know, at the same time, he's a monster.
He's a beast, and congratulations to him and his team
on a good season. Another thing I loved to highlight
and I talked to a lot of people throughout the
five games series that was going on, and that people

always ask my opinion on it, and I thought, there's
two things that I noticed and that the Boston Celtics did,
and it was quite interesting. One they allowed Luca to
get the switch he wanted to play one on one

and put up the numbers he chose to because he
you know, he holds the ball, he gets into his
bag and he's a have to score. He averaged twenty
nine for this series. And I did say I felt
Jalen Brown guarded him extremely well, and what I mean
is that he's frustrated him and there were times where

you could see the frustration. So they mixed it up.
And I always say, as a star player being in
that position, if you allow star player to get used
to one style of one defense, one guy, one situation,
they will exploit you and dominate you. And we saw
that in Game four. We saw that, like they got

whatever they wanted, Luca got whatever they wanted. And when
you allow Luca to not only score, but get other
guys involved, get the lib get the skip passed for
open threes, or do whatever he wants, get you in
foul trouble you're not going to beat him. Well, they

allowed Luca to go get his but made sure they
stayed home on Kyrie, and they chose who would be
the designated shooter for them, took away the lob plays. Yes,
they eventually Game four, they got the lob and everything
they wanted. But and all in all, they made the
game tough for him. Then they would switch and give

him a different look every now and then they would
double team him. Now that these other guys are out
of rhythm from Luca playing one on one, now you
double team him, giving them a different look. Now you're
making Derrick Jones Junior the shooter. And he hit them,
but will he hit enough? Or you're making Lively and
Gaffer the decision decision makers. They didn't contest with a

full out contest on PJ. Washington. They were playing the
percentage game. Yes, he hit some and he got going
a little bit, but they played the percentage game because
you figure you frustrate Luca by getting the ball out
of his hands, particularly high off the court, and then
you try to deny and where he has to watch
other guys play basketball, and he got frustrating outside of

the fact that he was trying to draw a foul
or flop you know, the flop play, or complaining every play.
So you can just see the frustrating, the frustration seeping in,
particularly in the first three first three games, and it
wasn't much complaining in game four because he did everything
he wanted to do on the floor. So and he

tried his best Game five not to really get to
engage with the referees, and Kyrie was just trying. I mean,
he was trying to hit the home run every play.
It's just this is a tough situation. Man, It's just unfortunate.
But I felt like Boston had an unbelievable game plan.
They had a lot of guys out there that cat

guard him and out I was reading comments like, oh man,
all these guys can't guard. It's not the fact, it's
just the fact that you give Luca different looks from
Houser to Tatum, to Drew to Derek White, Oh yeah,
Jalen Brown, Oh yeah. You give him perzingers every now
and then. Oh you also give him al Horford a

little bit. So it's a it was just giving them
a different look. So he couldn't find the rhythm of
just beating one guy. Yeah, so he may beat Hawser
off the drib a little bit. But at the same time,
Hauser played great defense sometimes and Luca was just hitting
tough shots. He's a tough shot maker. I also want
to give a shout out. I mentioned Al Horford. Shout

out to Al Horford. Man played in the league forever,
been around, and he was able to get it done. Man.
It was just it was great to see the elation
and the excitement and disbelief. He just couldn't believe it. Man,
It's just it's just a great feeling. It's always cool

to watch the initial reactions after teams win the championship.
And as much as we a lot of people felt.
You talk about numbers, when you look at the actual numbers,
Jason Tatum might have had better numbers. Jaln Brown was
probably the most consistent player. He delivered each and every
night on both ends of the floor. I think they

both had great comments. I know we all were looking
at we all were looking at Tatum's reaction to see
how he reacted, But I mean, I just think it
was the right decision in my opinion. So the next
thing that was talked about, obviously after the game was
will we see a repeat? Well, we see a repeat.

I think Boston will be right there again. They'll have
a chance to be right there again, obviously, Mike. If
you guys think back to the beginning of the season,
my question was porzingis being healthy and if he was
not healthy, do you have enough and can you get
a enough out of Al Horford? You did and they

were able to. He was prasinga stay healthy most of
the season where Al was not worn down come playoff
time and you got the best version of Al Horford
in the playoffs, which it worked out great for him.
Luke Cornette, I think did his job and played his
role well all season. They didn't use him in the playoffs. Cool,
That's not what his role was. His role was to

be consistent and to get to buy them minutes throughout
the season so you don't wear down Al Horford because
Al Horford's worth to the Boston Celtics, in my opinion,
was what we saw in the playoffs where you're gonna
need him to knock down threes, obviously, but to have
to switch and guard some of the faster players in

the scores where you don't have to put yo you're
gonna put him in situations where he has to guard it,
but he's capable because he's not worn down. So uh
it was. It was just job well done by the
front off office, just putting in the right pieces. We

heard Joel and B said, yes, did Milwaukee gift the
championship to Boston? Mister Joel and B, you could be
correct because Drew Holliday is the glue and a piece
where I think you can plug and play him anywhere
because of his unselfishness, his unselfishness and his ability to

score when needed, but his willingness to guard multiple positions.
It didn't matter. Man. He was guarding Luca in the post,
he was guarding some of the Bigs in switches while
Al Horford was out there on the perimeter trying to
box those guys out and stuff. So they have a
very special team. But in the East alone, we have

to think of I'm gonna work my way up with
the magic will look like next year. I think they're
gonna still be very good. The Pacers, we'll get into that.
The seventy six ers getting healthy and see what that
looks like. The Knicks getting healthy. I don't know how

I forget them, sorry Jannis. But the Milwaukee Bucks, once
they get healthy, they're coming back. We know Giannis is
coming back with vengeance, with the vengeance and he's in
the lab getting ready. So look out for the Milwaukee
Bucks as well. This I mean, that will probably be
why that's probably the first team I should have said,
is the Milwaukee Bucks. So the East will be interesting.

The West next year is gonna also be very interesting
because I think we don't know what Phoenix is gonna
look like. We know Denver is gonna have a shot Memphis.
See what Houston looks like. Clippers. That's just the name
for you. See with Golden State, like I mean, we

always see you have teams that we could like, hey,
we'll just see what what they look like and just
just helped alone. Now let's get into free agency. Indiana

signed Siakam or Web sign Siakam for four years basically
one and a half quick numbers, that's like forty seven
and some chains a year for Pascal. So they're secure
and now they just plug and play pick get some
pieces that they need in free agency to add on.

Then there's uh, the obvious Lebron and it'd be interesting
to see what he does, because I feel like, in
my mind, I think he's gonna go back to LA
He has everything he wants there. You know, they just
need to upgrade their team, but his life, everything he wants,
his businesses that are there, so it makes sense. But

you never know, you never know James Harden. I feel
like James Harden, it's happy where he is. So I
don't know if it's what the price, what the number
will look like. And then there's PG with that to
see what happens there. Because I feel like, as I'm

thinking about it, well, I think James will wait to
see what PG does before he makes his decision. I
think that's because it's interesting. We've heard Paul George's name
to a lot of teams where he you know, he
could possibly be a fit, or he can stay with
the Clippers and they run it back and try it
again with that same team. You know, you always like

to have your your core guys together for as long
as possible. To have a great coach in tyleru So
who also has done well for himself this summer. And
then there's o g with the Knicks. We saw I
read about his his offer from the Knicks and he

wasn't happy, so he's opened himself up to free agency.
Who he would be a great, great pick for a
lot of teams. I think the seventy six Ers would
love to have him. I think he'll be a great
piece for them. He'll be a great piece for a

couple of teams. The first team that comes to mind
is the seventy six Ers. He's a three n D
guy that can take a lot of pressure off of
your two star players. Because we know Maxie he was
a free agent free agent. Also, I think who had
a great year. Who's gonna get paid this this summer?

Klay Thompson. That's an interesting one for the simple fact, yeah,
everything behind it. We heard that he unfollowed the Warriors.
Some of the players, uh, I don't know. Draymond and
other guys don't seem to worry, aren't too worried about it.
But it's just interesting, you know, just gets people talking.

You see Clay is playing with the Bahamian national team,
which is interesting. I think they have some pretty interesting
pieces there. I'll tap into that later, but Clay Thompson
is another guy who will be a hot topic in
in a wanted piece for a lot of teams. Clay

Thompson with the Magic, Clay Thompson with the Sixers. Maybe
Clay Thompson. I don't know how you make that work
with the Lakers, but he's a guy that can can
can put a team over the over the top with

Claike Thompson. Malik Monk is another guy that I feel
like as a guy with a team that needs a
score off the bench, Phoenix shoot, he can go back
to Sack and they can run that back as well.
I think he's going to be important piece. I think KCP,
who's a free agent, He's he's going to play a

huge role to help get a team over the top.
Another three and D guy, role player that knows his
role and plays it to the best of his ability.
So and then lastly the DeMar Derozen and this is
just the name of you. I know there's a lot
of others, but these are some of the big names
that I think that could outside of Lebron maybe hardened

depending on what PG does, stay where they are. I
think those other guys I mentioned, uh PG, possibly Clay
og Leak and Case could be on the move to
help a contending team and DeRozan could also be that
guy to help a contending team, another solid superstar who

could play beside another star. You know, here's your veteran.
Here's another guy like DeRozan that could possibly be in Orlando.
You got to figure out what you're gonna do. If
you bring him, it could work. I think that can work.

You move Franz to possibly the four is to play
some four. I don't know if that's this cup of tea,
but you can or you put the young fella at
the four. Franz can play the small forward. I think
they can make that work. Over there. There's a bunch
of options for DeRozan as well. So I say all
of this to say that it'll be interesting to see

what all of these teams that we said get healthy.
Then you go and add a free agent or too
to make your team better. Maybe some of them names
we mentioned. Maybe it's more because I'm sure you guys
are having conversations now trying to put these guys into
places that makes sense for either your team or someone
else's team. So that's the beauty of podcasting and listening

and creating conversation about free agency and where guys could
go or potentially go or they could just do what
Pascal Si I can didn't stay there and write it out.
Free agency is always interesting because I think back to
when I was a free agent and I was up

lockout hits, and I knew I wasn't coming off the
board as what some of the first free agents to go.
But at the same time, I knew I if I
would wait, my time, my time would come and I'll
fall in my slot of need want in teams contacting.
And I got that phone call from Dallas and Mark

Cuban was a very interesting conversation. You know, you always
see Mark Cuban from from the outside. Getting the conversation
having a conversation with him was pretty cool. My conversation
with the Memphis Grizzlies was actually pretty dunk cool. They
got on a plane and came on down. Had a

great conversation, as well as my conversation with Sacramento Kings.
I'm sure y'all said, wait, you play for the Kings. Yes,
I did. I played for the Kings for a year
and Lottie, they made the trip down. We had a
great conversation, great opportunity. So free agency is always nerve
racking for some when you're in the position as a

free agent to make the moves, decisions, moved the needle
of how things go, kind of like where Lebron is.
I think PG is in a position where he where
he goes is gonna determine where some of these guys
like a OG, maybe even Clay end Up uh OG

and O G hit me out OG and Golden State.
Oh that would be a good one too. Go ahead,
y'all talk about that. But yeah, I just I just
I remember even my even my conversations. I had a
great conversation in Atlanta also with Lloyd Pierce Man. It's
just obviously the conversation. It's funny over the years how

the conversations changed. Uh, you know, they always talking. We
know you're older, but we just want you to be
a locker room guy. Be this with that. And I
was up front with what I what I was looking
for and what I wanted to do. I was all
all in for mentoring guys and being an example in
the locker room and helping guys navigate through their careers.

But I felt like as a player, you still for
young guys, it's easy to go talk to them and
help them verbally, but when you go out there and
go out on the court and physically show them what
that conversation looks like. I think that's when you're worth
to a team is elevated. So that was some great

conversations in Atlanta. I had some great games in Atlanta
over my career, so the play in Atlanta was pretty
darn cool. Met some great people. So I'm definitely locked in,
just like you guys are for free agency because it's
gonna be interesting. It really is. I think this is
this is the year to see, you know, what Lebron

decides to do. Like I said, it's just gonna be
the trickle down effect. I don't know safe tune. With

all that being said, along with free agency, we go
back now. We backtrack comes the draft before free agency,
because the draft which is coming up June twenty sixth
and twenty seven, it's a two day thing now, which
is interesting. But I'm going to get into why I

think it's interesting college basketball. Some people say it's a
down year for the draft. Sure, I know a few.
As a big I think Clinging, I think Donovan Clinging,
the big fella from yukon't read Shepherd. It's interesting about

Read Shepherd because I know his dad played against his dad,
So it's just pretty cool to see guys that I've
played with now kids are making their own way, doing
the thing, getting their opportunity. And I mean, he can
go top five, Read, so good luck to you. But
it's just the draft is always rather interesting, regardless of

how we see the draft, being a strong or weak draft,
it plays a bigger role more so internally in the
NBA because all of these free agents that we talked
about that we mentioned plus more sometimes can determine how
the draft works. So how a player is drafted, and

we as fans we watch it, we feel like, hey,
this player is good enough because we look at the
position or the number, But it's more so need sometimes.
And I know the Hawks have the number one pick,
and obviously we're hearing them say they're going to keep
their pick. They have no intentions of trading it. I'm

not very familiar with the French guy. I've seen some
video who we he has potential. It's like everybody else,
so I'll be interested to see where they go. I mean,
I have had conversations. I'm sure you guys have had
conversations about what they should do. I know we're hearing
whispers about them potentially moving their two stars and Trey

and the Jontey Murray and others are Clint Capella potentially
on the go. So if they're gonna do that, they're
gonna have to. I mean, it's a lot. It's easy
for us to be armchair gms in Archair, you know
Archair gms and the part of the organization for draft

night or what teams should do. But it's it's easy
to place a guy that we feel that should be there.
It's the tough part is making the money work, because
in reality they have to make the money work because
just like I said, I mentioned some of those guys,
like I said, og would be great at Golden State. Yeah,

but does it work? Will the money work? I'm sure
they can make it work. And that's kind of how
things work. And I say that because I think to
my draft and for those who are too young, my
draft was nineteen ninety eight. The Clippers had the number
one pick, selecting Michael Oliva. Candy Mike Bibby was number two,

Brayfela Frienz was number three, Antoine Jamison was number four,
and that was number five. Also in that draft was
Paul Pierce, Dirk Nabisky tractor trailer. That's just to nab
a few. I'll stop there, but I've said that because
I was traded draft night, and I remember I think

back to my workouts coming out, like the Toronto Rafters
when I was playing working out playing pick up, they
would come down come to watch me to said, hey,
you're available at four, we're drafting you, so you might
as well come work out for us. It's like, okay,
and I worked out for Golden State. I worked out

for Sacramento Kings. Down the line, I think there were eight.
Did I say white Chocolate? I think White Chocolate was
also in that draft I worked out for. I worked
out for Vancouver and the Clippers didn't want me to
work out because they tell me no because they already
knew they were either taking Oliver Candy or Bibby. It

was already said Olacan or Bibby. We're going to go
one and two. Denver. I worked out for Denver, had
a great workout, felt like I could possibly go as
high as three. So it's just a lot of waiting sees.
I mean, I think if you bring in any draft
pick or any player who's gone through the draft process.
I think a majority of them saying working out for

teams as nerve racking because you never know did you
do or play as well as you think you did.
And that was kind of my thing for a couple
of couple of teams Golden State. I had a great
workout Sacramento. My workout was great. I didn't. I had
a lot of things that went wrong in my workout
with Toronto, So in my mind, I didn't think I

worked once I was able to get on the court,
I didn't feel like I worked out or I had
a great workout. I was told I had a darn
a good workout, but it didn't feel like it. So
that's the up and down. And when teams coming like, man,
how was my workout? Oh, I had a good workout Denver,
but they wanted ready for friends. But Denver really liked

and liked me and enjoyed my workout. You know, do
they just tell you that? Possibly? But whatever? And then
the fourth pit comes out was like ooh, Toronto, and
I was just like, you know, so the story goes.
I going into my workout for Toronto, my flight was
delayed delayed, delayed to where I got in so late

to where I was staying because I hadn't checked it
all day. They canceled my reservation, so I had to
go check into another hotel. Finally get situated my bags
back up. My bags didn't come on time, so I
had to wait for my bags, which caused me to
go into the to the one am morning, which then

my reservation was canceled where I was staying. Once I
finally got my bags, I ended up going to check
into another hotel. When I checked into that hotel was
starting to get into the to the one thirty hour,
I ordered room service I hadn't eaten that was running late.
So now we're getting into two three in the morning.
I have to go to sleep for this workout. Well,

finally get to sleep with all just the nerves of it.
The ball the ball boy picks me up or whoever
a couple of people come to pick you up for
the workout, and I'm working out by myself. I'm not
working out with anybody else. Finally get to the practice facility,
meet everybody, shake hands, how you doing, small talk, blah

blah blah, ask your questions, and then like all right,
all right, let's get ready to go, go, get changed,
get ready for your workout. No workout gear, didn't have
any workout gear. The ball kid, I guess I forgot
my workout gear. So we're sitting there like dang, and
it wasn't in that facility, so he had to get
in the car go down to where to the practice

facility or wherever the stuff was. Now I'm just like dang,
everything is going sideways for this workout. Finally get in there,
trying to get stretched, get myself going, and then doing
the drill and I remember early full court. I'm just
trying to dribble fast, down up, do the pull ups,
and I'm pulling up a little short, little short. And
at the end of the day, they're trying to see

your potential. I mean, because you can go and hit
every shot and you could just be having a day,
or you can go miss every shot and you could
just having a bad day. They just want to see
your potential and what can how you can fit in
with their team, and if they have the resources and
the coaches that can make you a better player and

fitting what they're trying to do. So all these things
obviously later on I understood that, but when you're in
the moment, you're just trying to be as perfect as possible.
So Toronto is up and they call Antoine Jamison's name
instead of mind. I was like, hmm, that's interesting, Well
let's go back. One of the coaches like, if you're

available at four, we're taking you, so you might as
well come work out for us. So I was like,
all right, well I did come work out for him.
Everything went bad in my mind. I didn't feel like
I played well. Antoine didn't work out for the Toronto Raptors.
So I'm like, the heck is going on? All right, whatever,
we're excited for him. My boy got drafted, My roommate
college gets after all right, cool, congratulations and family. We're

sitting at the table next to us. They're putting on
their hats and everybody's excited in Toronto. And I'm still like,
but he didn't work out for him whatever. I didn't
know what was all going on behind the scenes, which
I talked about earlier leading up to this story, because
they meaning Toronto was working out a deal with Golden
State for Antoine's rights, so they said, if you draft

him at four, we'll draft then said five exchange, so
on and so forth. And I think at the time
Dallas was the Mavericks are trying their hardest to move
up to get Antoine. The Golden State was trying to
move up what wanted to obviously work out a deal

that worked in Toronto's favor to make it all happen.
And I find this out later on, because you know,
right after that, I get called, I get drafted the
Golden State, and I had a pretty darn good workout there.
Shout out to Tremaine folks, my workout partner. But I
had a good work out there and it was all interesting.

So as I'm going up, yeah, I'm sure you guys
heard the story, I'm going up heartbeating. One of the
things is that I vowed and it wasn't a meme
at that time, but I did not want to trip
up the steps as I'm going to go shake the
Commissioner's hand, just like I did not want to drop
the trophy if I wanted to dunk contests or drop

the trophy if I were to have it were to
win the Rookie of the Year. Those were some of
the things I was thinking about as a rookie. You
don't want to trip up the steps. That was my
first hurdle, just trying to rush up there. So I
took my time. Well, as this is going on, all
this is going on, Antoine has as you know, has
already taken his picture. He shakes David Stern's hands. He's

on the side, getting ready to do that one interview,
you know when you sit beside the stage and do
the interview. He's done that, and now he's standing beside
the save stage and my heart's beating excitement. Oh man,
that's what I see on TV. Finally here. Blah blah blah.
It's all crazy. And he is trying to say something
to me at the same time, trying at the trip,
trying to figure out what he's saying, trying at the trip,

next step, trying to figure out what he's saying. So
I'm like, hunh, so I'm holding on this onto the
to the rear, like what what are you saying? Huh
what are you saying? I don't know what you're saying.
I can't hear you. I go up shake the commissioner's hands.
We take the picture, and he says to me, hey, steak,
stand right here real quick. I'm about to announce a trade,

I said, Okay, Antoine, I see him. He's saying something.
I'm still like, what are you saying? All right whatever,
I was like, dang, somebody about to get traded already.
We're five picks in. Now announce the trade, he said.
The Toronto Raptors traded the rights of Antoine Jameson for
Vince Carter the Golden State. Blase blah. I was like, oh,

that's why he told me to stay there, because it's me.
So I was introduced to the business of basketball five
to seven minutes into my the beginning of my NBA career.
And as it's happening, if there's a still shot out
there somewhere of Antoine and I exchanging hats, and I

was like, you know, in that moment, I'm like, man,
what you saying? He said? I was telling you, stupid
that we're getting traded for each other. You know that
this is going on now. By the time they called
my name, I'm standing up, hugged the family, congratulations, walking
to the thing, enjoying the moment, get your hat, fixing
your hat, really, you know, the saying what's up to something?
The people or whatever and go up the stage just
said already taking place within Antoine's draft pick, Antoine being

drafted and then me being drafted. So I'm like clueless
on what's going on. So he's trying to tell me.
I was like, oh, oh shoot, I ain't not good
to hear you, blah blah blah. And then we take
a picture cheese or whatever. And the cool story is
my family, you know, I tell you. So, Antoine's family
had on the Raptor's hat and they had it all
nice and whatever. My brother and friends and family all

they they have the Golden State hat, getting it all
nice and write how you like it? And then all
of a sudden, it's like I've been traded. So their
family and my family, they're all just throwing hats on
the table, switching hats. Find your hat, fix it up.
So it's a pretty cool moment. It was to be
traded for my college teammate, my good friend who we
still talk all the time just about life in basketball

and so on and so forth. So it was comforting, interesting, weird,
surreal moment because you we watch it all the time,
but when it's actually you going up on that stage,
it's you try to emulate what you see. You always
I'm gonna do it like this, and sometimes you're so

nervous and calling the moment or so much going on forget.
But I'm just like, I'm just gonna live in a moment, man.
Is It was an interesting moment that once I you know,
they always say what you could, you can't it can't do.
You started hearing that and you get asked the questions.
I was like, man, please, man, I'm I'm an NBA player. Man,
I'm about to live. Live this man, Live this life, man,

and enjoy this moment. Man. Twenty two years later, here
I Am I mentioned the draft being June twenty sixth

and twenty seven. Typically the draft is usually one day
first the two rounds, and it's interesting that they're doing
it two days. And I was like, why would they
do that? And I don't know why, but I think
it's interesting this. We don't mention Bronnie James real quick

and shout out to him. Man uh, and shout out
to Lebron. I'm glad to hear that he was through
Rich Paul, his agent, but to hear that Lebron is
kind of letting the process happen for Bronnie if you would,
meaning yes, he said, if we if we get a

chance to play together, it'd be great. But I'm not
pushing the issue. And I'm so happy to hear that
because i think at the end of the day, I'll
always say, what does Bronnie want? What does Bronnie want?
You know? And this is just me talking guys and
you guys, I'm sure some of you agree and some
of you don't, or whatever you may do, that's that's fine,
But what does Bronnie want? What does Yes, it would

be great. It was like it was great to play
with my cousin for a couple of years, Like it was.
It's nothing like playing with your family, especially at the
pro ranks. And now you're talking about a son playing
with his dad. Unbelievable. But is that what does is
that what he wants? Does he want that? Is he
up for it? Uh? We've always heard, I've always heard,
you know, I don't know if you guys have like
it coming from Lebron's side, agency side. So I think

I personally would love to see him go out there
and work out for everybody, because regardless of the teams
that you know, we hear Phoenix and Lakers, but there's
other teams that he may fit. He may teams may
like him to give teams an opportunity to see him,
because you never you never know. I think they want
to put him in the best position to succeed more

than anything, is my hopes, and it sounds like that's
what they're doing for the most part. So I just
I wish Brownie luck. I read that he's now ranked
fifty fourth. He's fifty fourth best player in the draft. Obviously,
we know the Lakers have the fifty fifth pick. I'm

not sure how many fifty eight to sixty picks this year.
I don't know. Let's just say sixty if not is not.
But my point is he was not ranked in the
top sixty coming out. Whether we think it's fair or not, whatever,
he clearly has done enough work to where he's earned

the right to be now ranked fifty fourth. So he's
within a draft pick. Is it the right thing? Is
it something he wants? I don't know. I don't know.
My opinion is that he cannot get drafted and he
can pick the team that he wants, so picks the
team that makes sense for him. But as I say that,

he has to go and work out for some of
these teams so he can get a vibe. We need
a vibe check for the player and the organization. So
if this thing doesn't work out, maybe they already know,
maybe they already know. It's not why, which could be
the reason why they don't allow him to work out
for a bunch of teams. But why not just see
what's there? Man? You want Brownie to regardless of how

we feel, we want Brownie to have as good of
a career as he possibly can. So I know a
lot of you don't feel that he should be in
this position or whatnot. But regardless of how it is,
he's going through the process. And one of the things
I mentioned before, and I'm gonna say it again that
I loved about one of Brownie's interview He's like, don't

pick me because I'm Lebron james Son. Picked me because
I earned it. So we'll see what that means, you know.
And I know a lot of people say, yeah, okay, whatever,
But at the same time, I love that he said that,
and I felt like that was one hundred percent genuine
pick me because I earned it. Mean that told me
everything about him. He wants to earn his way, earn

his way in this league. That's why I said, you know,
it'd be great to hear what he actually wants, but
he seems like he wants to earn it and be
an NBA player for a long time. So I think
this is my opinion. How you go about that is
allow him to work out for other teams, continuing to
do the stuff he's done. I mean, he has the
inside track. He's always worked with the best players. I

mean he made himself a player coming in as a freshman,
through his senior year in high school to where he
even has that chance. Yes, he's Lebron James, but at
the same time, your son has to be able to
do something. And his numbers didn't look great, whatnot, But
he held his own in the McDonald's game. And I

understood he wasn't ranked in the top twenty four, but
I understood at the time why they put him in there.
And he didn't disappoint. I can see if he went
in there and he didn't look like he belonged, but
he played well and he got hot and defended and
made some threes and here we are now he didn't
have a great year. I mean, it's a reason why.

I mean, this man was dealing with heart issues and
tried to come back and play basketball, and that's always
going to be in the back of his mind. We
have to remember that. And he still played through it.
He still went out there and played with zero hesitation
and you could see his growth and work ethic isn't
good enough? I don't know. We just have to see.
I just think we got to put him in the position.

I would like to see them put him in the
position where he can develop and be liked by other
teams because he may catch the eye of someone so
and we're hearing different teams that are very interested in him,
so that will be interesting, which I think why two
Days makes money. The NBA makes money because of the

drama of Bronnie James. Hear me out, I could be
way off, but the NBA would be they can ride
this wave. I mean, some people don't care, don't feel
like he's worth it. True, but there's a piece of
curiosity in there for us all to see what happens

with Bronnie James. Because the narrative of the fifty fifth
pick has been thrown out there. You know, you're curious
whether you can care less or now you say, man,
this dude don't even deserve it. Okay, you might be right,
but it's just interesting that this is another like they're
gonna get some views because of it. How often have
you watched the second round, whether it's the same day

or a different day. How often do you watch late
rounds in any sport? It's not often unless it's a
family member or your team or somebody you have an
interest in. There's a real interest in what happens to
Brownie James, whether we feel like he deserves it, he's
earned it, or he has not. We're gonna people want

to watch this so they can say nah, man, no, no,
or yeah yeah, okay, I see that, Oh it makes sense,
or the narrative now be like uh oh, Lebron may
go here. It's my opinion and I'm sticking to it.
In other news, I want to hop into the w
NBA real quick. No, not about Caitlin, No, not about injuries.

It's about Cameron Brink. I want to wish her the best,
many blessings and prayers. She's been playing great basketball. She
tore a c L she was bawling. You know, it's
a reason why she was number two pick.

Speaker 1 (49:17):

Speaker 2 (49:18):
Her defensive prowess, to loan was up there with some
of the best in league hit in the league history.
So I wish her the best. But I do want
to make a comment about the Olympics for the women. Uh.

And it's more so about not even about Caitlin Clark,
more so than she made a comment that there a
lot of other women that were out there trying, trying
out for the team, if you would. And the interesting
part is like, well, they should all get a fair shot.
The w n B A. Uh. It's it's it's different

for them unlike the men because we're not in season
right now, all right, So all of these teams men wise,
outside of I'm talking about just Team USA women because
other women's teams they can prepare and they can have

their camps. Women the w n B A or the
women's Libic team cannot have a training camp because they're
in season right now. So their trial, if you would,
would be what they're doing in the w NBA season.
That's that's the one thing I just want to throw
out there for people to kind of think about. Uh,

you know, it's like, guess get they should all get
a fair shot. Let her try out. Well, they don't.
They can't do trials right when training camp. When they
when they do training camp, that's getting ready for the
the Olympic season. So the Olympic team, the men. I'm

interested to see that and shout out to Derek White.
I saw I read something about him being able. He's
a candidate now in an alternate if there's an injury,
somebody backs out, can't do it for whatever the case
may be. They at this point, I know we're saying, oh,
how come why him and somebody they You have all

of the scoring you need. You just need guys that
are role guys. He might not play much, but you
put him in there. He's gona knock down a shot.
With all those stars, Derrick White gonna guard, he's gonna
block shots, he gonna rebound, and he gona knock down
an open shot because you go. You know, when you're

playing against some of these other teams, you're gonna you
you gotta leave somebody open to stop a Lebron Steph Curry,
Shall I on KD so laundry listen, guys, So shout
out to him. Now Team Canada. I know you guys
saw the post a couple a couple of days ago.

If not, uh go look it up. I'm pulling it up.
Look at this list of guys, Dylan Brooks. If you
guys looked at that training camp roster, they have Kyle Alexander,

Alexander Walker, Kim Birch, Osha Brissett, r J Barrett, Lou Dort,
the Big Zach Edie Shay, Trey Lyles, Jamal Murray, Andrew
nimhar O Lennox, Dwight Powell, the shrub brothers, Phil Shrubb

and Thomas Shrubb, and Drew Wiggins. Let me tell you,
Team USA is loaded. This team is loaded as well
Team Canada. It's gonna be a very good, very interesting
Olympic team. I think Spain will be very very good.

I think France will be very very good, the Greek team.
There's gonna be a lot of great competition this year.
So yes, I think Team USA still hands down, will

get the job done with all of the talent that
they have, for sure. But when I saw this this roster,
I wanted to talk about them today because I was like, man,
this team is loaded again. Nikhil Alexander Walker. I hope
I said that right. Kyle Anderson, R. J. Barrett, Dylan Brooks,

Lou Dort, Edie, Shay Gill, Trey Lyles, Jamal Murray, Nim Hart, Olennock.
You have rebounding, you have Andrew Wiggins, you have defenders,
you have some shooting, you have some shot blocker and
Edie however that works. Maybe he doesn't play much. You

have some athletes pure scores, a bucket getter, and Shay
like look out man. Shout out to Team Canada the Bahamas.
I don't know how much noise they will make, but
it was interesting seeing Trey Trey Clay out there playing

with the Bahamian national team. So shout out to Clay.
I think it's kind of cool seeing him play because
he's putting us on notice, just let us know during
the summer that he still has it, he can get
it done, because it goes back to what we talked
about in free agency of him being a piece. And

I think this is knowing Clay like we do. This
is him letting us know that he still can play,
and he's letting other teams see that he can still
get it done and knowing that he's going to see
a team Canada, a French team, Team USA and others
that have a lot of pro pet players Spain, so

Slovenia should be decent, you know. So I think Clay
is making making the right move. Obviously, we hope he
stays healthy, feels like he's healthy, but look for him
to go out there and get some buckets. So that's
all the chatter I have for you today. Great conversation. Obviously,
continue to talk and leave your comments and comment on

some of the conversation I had today. Love to see
what you guys are talking about thinking about I. I
always see you guys. Some of you guys disagree. It's conversation, guys,
it's conversation. We want to continue to keep great conversation,
talk about wonderful things. Hey, you're kicking your feet up
with your people. Man, this is good barbershop, couch, library

talk on the yard and some of you guys are
in school. Continue to talk about it. Man. I always
appreciate you guys listening. Tune it in to the VC Show.
Another episode done and I'm out of here. Let's go
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