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June 21, 2024 39 mins

Today on 2 Pros and a Cup of JoeJonas Knox and Brady Quinn react to the Lakers finally hiring JJ Redick as their next head coach. Trevor Lawrence addresses his huge contract extension. Plus, "ICYMI."

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Speaker 1 (00:00):
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Speaker 2 (00:46):
Nope, not today, No LeVar Arrington, no singing to this
trash ass song.

Speaker 3 (00:58):
Why are you? Then?

Speaker 1 (01:01):
I'm letting everybody get their last licks in because I
got a banger on the way. Yeah, and we're gonna
go on happen. I think probably by the time we
get back on Monday, I think we'll be ready to go. Okay, Yeah,
I think that's I think that's where we're looking. So,
by the way, it's something that you will hate, absolutely hate,

because it's it's probably a bit extreme for this time
of the morning, but nonetheless it is two Pros and
a Cup of Joe here on Fox Sports Radio. No
LeVar Arrington. He is in state college for those of
you wondering how that's going. He did send a video.
The LeVar Islands are flowing, and so he is enjoying
his time there in State College, PA. It is Brady

Quinn and myself taking you all the way up until
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fast free shipping, free road has a protection at over
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tire buying should be Yet, Lee, the lapt just corrected me.
All the days kind of blur together. But Monday we're
actually in for Colin Coward on the Herd. So we're not.

Speaker 3 (02:20):
Oh that's right, that's right, that's right.

Speaker 1 (02:22):
Yeah, so we're not. I mean, I'm stunned we got
invited back, to be honest with you, with the behavior
last time. I'm a little surprised.

Speaker 3 (02:31):
But what did we do wrong?

Speaker 1 (02:33):
I mean, it's we think that the material and the
grab ass is appropriate at all hours, and it just
really ain't.

Speaker 3 (02:46):
You know.

Speaker 1 (02:46):
It's like somebody who wears like a stripper outfit to church.
I mean that's just not you know.

Speaker 3 (02:53):
Like this comparison.

Speaker 1 (02:55):
Well I don't know, just the only that's what I got,
all right, But I just I think that we assume
that oh, okay, well this is gonna fly here instead
of like, whoa, they're not ready for all that. And
you know, we'll see if we can pull together on Monday,
so we'll be in on the herd, so it'll be
it'll be a fun ride. Hey. Stunning development in the
world of sports. Can you believe it? JJ Reddick is

the head coach of the Los Angeles Lakers.

Speaker 3 (03:24):
Don't say her deal?

Speaker 1 (03:25):
Yeah, eight million dollars a year. Reportedly it's a four
year contract. I mean, I thought for sure that this was,
you know, they were going to go in a different
direction and this was and I mean, but nope, JJ
Reddick is the guy. He is the new head coach
of the Los Angeles Lakers. Can you believe it?

Speaker 3 (03:43):
So? How much was reportedly offered to Dan Eurley.

Speaker 1 (03:47):
Was it six years seventy million? I think was the
number I saw? If I'm not mistaken something.

Speaker 4 (03:55):
Like that, why wouldn't JJ demand that exact number?

Speaker 1 (03:59):
I don't know. The whole thing is weird. What's weird
about it? It just it doesn't make sense. Like if
JJ Redick knows that Dan Hurley's being offered that amount,
then yeah, why wouldn't he ask for that amount?

Speaker 3 (04:12):
What's the other option if it's not JJ.

Speaker 1 (04:14):
Redick, Berego, who's an assistant for New Orleans? And then
as far as splash Hires, I don't know, like Calipari,
I don't know, Like I mean, I look at it,
I go it felt like this was really JJ Reddick

and will float out there Dan Hurley to try and
steal some shine from the NBA finals. And then JJ
Redick reportedly, I think Rob Plinkett said that he offered
him the job Thursday morning. It's like, dude, stop. He
was offered the job while they were recording a podcast
him and Lebron James together. That's when the job was offered.

This idea that anybody else is making this call, not
Lebron James, is laughable she doesn't add up.

Speaker 4 (05:04):
So I'll say this, I'm not going to criticize the
higher the process, to your point, was one of the
worst kept secrets we've seen in a while.

Speaker 3 (05:15):
But who knows.

Speaker 4 (05:16):
Maybe JJ Reddick could be a really good head coach,
you know, maybe he'll have the ability, whether it's working
with Lebron, talking to Lebron and helping him devise a
plan to make this thing work.

Speaker 3 (05:31):
We don't know. Like I'm more.

Speaker 4 (05:33):
Curious than anything else to see how this plays out.
And in part because I do think JJ Reddit's smart.
I think he sees a bigger picture as far as basketball.
But who knows, I mean, who really has any clue
how this whole thing is going to play out. Well,
we just know this. He wasn't their number one pick,

at least he wasn't. I used to say, Rob Plinkez,
there's a reason why Dan Hurley was there. And then
on top of that, he's got no experience, which I
think oftentimes we like we kind of relate, oh, this
guy's gonna be good because we've seen.

Speaker 3 (06:08):
Him do it before.

Speaker 4 (06:10):
There's plenty of times guys are good at something or
they ended up, you know, being great at something. Or elected,
or they get a job to something they haven't had
any experience before. We've seen that, so I'm gonna get
give him the benefit of doubt to kind of wait
and see.

Speaker 3 (06:24):
I'm not gonna judge it.

Speaker 4 (06:25):
But what does make me most interesting to see next
is what they do in the draft.

Speaker 3 (06:31):
Yeah, if they do indeed.

Speaker 4 (06:33):
Take Bronni, if that is to entice Lebron to stay there,
because it feels like this was Lebron's pick, like this
was who Lebron wanted to be head coach.

Speaker 1 (06:41):
Yes, and I also look at it and I go,
that's really that would really be the finishing touch on
exactly who's running the show there. If Bronnie James is
the Lake Draft of the draft, then then you get
your answer because this idea and Petro's talked about it
before too. His biggest issue is the pushback that Lebron

James doesn't have any any say or it's not his
his idea. Like the like the story that came out
I think was that Darvin Ham was fired and the
guy that really had the issue with Darvin Ham was
Anthony Davis. Like, come on, dude, you think Anthony Davis
is pulling the strings there. You think Lebron James is
pulling the strings there, and you just go back through
the course of his career, and it's not to say, like, look,

if there's a lot of people out there that if
they had the power and control to be able to
change things within an organization, good for them. Like I
don't have an issue with Lebron wanting to go play
for other teams. I don't have an issue with him
wanting to play for his son. I think that we
talked about it yesterday. I think that's awesome. It's this
idea that he doesn't do all this, that he isn't
behind the scenes orchestrating all this, that this wasn't a

plan that was put in place that maybe had something
to do with you know them on the podcast getting
together and having discussions about it. I just look at
it and I go, if we're going to be truthful
about Lebron James, the most successful era of his NBA career,
of his playing career was when he didn't have control

when he was in Miami. Cause he tried that same
game with pat Riley, as we've talked about, and pat
Riley was like, oh no, dude, like you got it
all wrong, Like I'm calling the shots here, that's your
head coach, and that was the most successful run he
had as far as a GM and calling shots elsewhere
to be seen. It remains to be seen whether or

not this is going to work. I'm with you. I'm
fascinated by it. But there's a lot of casualties along
the way of guys that Lebron James is not wanted
any part of, not wanted to deal with, wanted to
move on from. And I just wonder at some point
does JJ Reddick look at this and go, Man, I
could just go back to being a broadcaster. It's less stress.
I'm going to make a good living. I made a

good living in my playing career and I was a
damn good broadcaster at that. I just I'm with you.
I'm fascinated to see how it works out. I'm just skeptical.

Speaker 4 (09:00):
Here's what we know. I mean, even though in the
NBA now they've they've moved through head coaches relatively fast.
I mean, look at Monti Williams, for example. He's made
like eighty five million in the past two years to
not coach.

Speaker 3 (09:11):
So there's that.

Speaker 4 (09:13):
But what he knows is he knows is if it
doesn't work out, he does have TV on the other
side of this. You know, it doesn't matter how things go, honestly,
unless there's I mean some ridiculous incident that happens or something.
But he's got that in his back pocket. I think
the interesting thing is how he handles and who he
brings in to help him out on his staff, you know,

being a guy who's entering into one of the biggest
job in sports. I mean, it's the Lakers head coach.
And it's funny you brought up John Calipari, who maybe
a couple of years ago. Feels different if you make
that higher, you know now where you feel like in Lexington,
they kind of ran amount of town in Kentucky to

go to Arkansas, and you kind of wonder if it
has the same appeal to it. And it'd be interesting
to see John Calipari and Lebron James working together because
I don't know that John Calipari would push back on
anything Lebron James wants.

Speaker 3 (10:11):
I do think JJ Reddick will push back.

Speaker 4 (10:13):
I don't know how successful that'll be, but I do
think he will be the type to try to hold
him accountable or push back if he doesn't believe it's
something that he's doing, and that's what.

Speaker 1 (10:24):
That's what made him a good broadcaster. I like people
like don't like JJ Reddick because they think, well, he's
a little bit smug or he's a little bit arrogant.
I thought he was, like he would push back on
Steven A. Smith, Like he would push back on conversations
that were being had, and he would like and yeah,
you know, he probably some regrettable things about you know,
Bob Coozy and Jerry West and just sort of their

era of basketball and all that. But that's why I
just wonder if how long before there's an incident and
do we find out about it, Because if he's been
in the media as long as he's been in and
he knows how this game works, if all of a
sudden there's a story comes out that him and Lebron James,
there's a little bit of friction. JJ Reddick does strike

me as the type that would absolutely discuss it or
have no issue discussing it in the media and just
deal with the repercussions. So that's why I am interested
to see how this plays out.

Speaker 4 (11:20):
So it's a funny, funny and it's funny because his
reputation will last past this coaching job. Again, assuming he's
not you know, who knows. Maybe he's like a Sean McVay.
You know, he's kind of one of those brilliant minds
that he's able to connect with players and he's going
to be coaching there for as long as he wants.

Speaker 3 (11:36):
I mean, that is the interesting thing.

Speaker 4 (11:38):
Now when you look at you know, Los Angeles outside
of Jim Harbaugh, you know, you look at McVeigh and
the impact he had on the Rams, and you've got
someone like JJ Reddick, who I think in ways has
a similar personality recall quick you.

Speaker 3 (11:53):
Know, wit to him or the ability to you know.

Speaker 4 (11:56):
Process quickly. I do think he'll be a good coach.
I just hope he has time. Like I don't care
if it's a player or a coach. Oftentimes the rug
is ripped from out underneath them and they have no time.
And I feel odd saying this, but I do think
it's somewhat true. This contract doesn't make me feel like

he's gonna have a ton of time, Like it's a
contract that they can move off of from you know,
from him. Yeah, had it been the Dan Hurley deal,
different story, because it would have been so punitive to the
to the club to move on from him. Now it's
it's not really like that as much. So that's the
hard part is I'm not even so sure you know
that they wouldn't if it's not working out after a

year or two just say yeah, we're gonna move on
because it doesn't hurt them.

Speaker 3 (12:45):
To do so. I don't.

Speaker 1 (12:46):
I mean, I've said it before. I don't know anybody
that would. I mean, although, seeing as you pointed out,
Monty Williams make whatever, eighty plus million dollars to basically,
you know, do nothing over a couple of years. Is he,
by the way, is he in the Jimbo Fisher realm
like they is? Okay, so he's there, Yeah, all right,
So him and Jimbo Fish are on a yacht somewhere going,

hey man, what do you want to do today? I
don't know, spend a little bit of money. So so
good for Monnie Williams, but jj reddick, we get to
see how it plays out. It'll be a fun watch
and and who knows, maybe gets fed up and sick
of the whole thing and just walks out, which would
also be fun. Two Pros and a cup of Joe
here Fox Sports Radio. He's Brady Quinn. I'm Jonas Knox
with you. By the way, important announcement here as it

pertains to this show here on this day. You know
it is a football Friday. Listen, don't get caught up.
Don't get caught up in all the NBA storylines and
all the other crap out there. We know who butters
our bread. It's a damn football I need something else,

You need the classic? Okay, all right, By.

Speaker 3 (14:34):
The way, studios still do this. It really is.

Speaker 1 (14:40):
By the way, Uh, Justin Cooper under the radar, phenomenal dancer,
like really can really put it down. Oh yeah, he
can really put it down. If if only we had
the ability to get a two camera shot in the studio,
we could point the other camera over to him and
make it work. But nonetheless, it is a football Friday
here on. Two pros and a cup of Brady Quinn,

Jonas Knox with you. We're gonna have the usuals coming
up later on. We do have another edition of in
case you missed it. We've also got some over unders.
As we look ahead to a busy weekend in the
World of Sports and beyond and gamble or you know
what's off to it. We're gonna close up shop with you,
any of you out, and we're going to try and
put together a little something called Laker or Faker, all right,
so stick around for that. Always a fun conversation in

our three of the program, and it's all yours here
from the tire Raq dot Com studios. Coming up next
here though, you are going to hear about one player
who can breathe a sigh of relief and also have
Super Bowl aspirations at the same time. It's yours right
here on FSR.

Speaker 5 (15:42):
Be sure to catch live editions of Two Pros and
a Cup of Joe with Brady Quinn, LeVar Errington, and
Jonas Knox weekdays at six am Eastern, three am Pacific
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Speaker 1 (15:56):
Two Pros and a Cup of Joe Fox Sports Radio,
Brady Quinn, Jonas Knox with you here. Coming up, we'll
call it a little over twenty minutes from now from
the tire rack dot Com Studios. Somebody with a brutal response,
just honest, just straight up being honest, and it's good
to have him back in the world of sports, one
of the all time grades. We will get into that

for you and you will hear from them coming up
here a little over twenty minutes from now. So the
latest just got paid a big time deal in the
NFL is Trevor Lawrence. He is he has been paid now.
He didn't really need the money because he's still living
off the royalties from being the guy in the painting
and Ghostbusters too.

Speaker 3 (16:35):
But nonetheless, I think.

Speaker 1 (16:37):
So, you know, you know that movie scene all the time,
so it's probably getting checks left and right from that.
But nonetheless, stupid, yeah, thought that's really fun. I know,
I just I just he looks just like him. I'm sorry,
I don't have to tell you. But nonetheless, he did
talk yesterday about the signing of his new contract. He
spoke about there being no real ad pressure, which fair point.

I mean, he probably would have more pressure if he
was going into a year in which he needed to
play well to get paid, but now that he's gotten paid,
he said there's no real added pressure. But he also
did compliment the current state of the Jacksonville Jaguars and
where the roster is at.

Speaker 6 (17:16):
I feel like every year, you know, I've gotten better
and better in the system, and I know this year
is going to be a big year to keep improving.
I feel really confident in that. Like I said, just
the overall team that we have, the leadership on the team,
as far as players, felt like we started to build
this thing from the ground up in twenty two and
then last year continue to grow, and then this year,

like I said, the free agents and the draft that
we got I'm really excited about. I think this is
definitely the best team that we've had here in my eyes,
just at this point in the year from what I've seen,
I feel very confident in that. So yeah, I think
all those things and the building blocks that we have
and the I guess players that you build around, the

type of leaders and the type of people, that's what
I feel the most offidence and really is the we
have good people here and I think that's important to
having success.

Speaker 1 (18:05):
So Trevor Lawrence talking about the optimism going into the
season with this Jaguars.

Speaker 4 (18:09):
Team, Well, yeah, after you get paid like that, you
better feel optimistic about your team's chances because you're gonna
be there a while.

Speaker 3 (18:16):

Speaker 1 (18:16):
You know, I wish you would have kept Calvin Ridley.

Speaker 4 (18:18):
Yeah, you guys could pay me a bunch of money
to Hey, our staff here Fox Sports Radio is great.
I hope that's just last I'm just kidding, you know,
Laurene Lee Eddie, you guys are all great. Yeah, but yeah,
you kind of get the sentiment. I mean, I hope
he's going to be saying that. Otherwise you wouldn't want
to be staying around there very much longer. But it's

interesting if you look at where he's at. I mean,
last year they did didn't meet expectations with a new
head coach that was brought into essentially help him in
this team get to a super Bowl and for him
specifically to become the player that we all think he is.
I mean, he as a freshman played it. They going

and winning a national championship. He's the number one overall pick,
and now on a second coach and you know, giving
this contract. If things don't work out, they're not going
to move on from Trevor Lawrence.

Speaker 3 (19:13):
It would be Doug Peterson.

Speaker 4 (19:15):
I mean, he was who was getting a lot of
the heat last year, and there's concern over who's calling
the plays.

Speaker 3 (19:21):
Is that him?

Speaker 4 (19:21):
As a press Taylor, there's a little back and forth
on and really what that is even going to be
going into this year. So he's almost bullproof in a way,
even though he still needs to elevate his level of
play with this, you know, great roster around him. In
his words, But I just it's funny when you hear

guys say this because he talks about, you know, team
and the chemistry and all that Stuff's great it is.

Speaker 3 (19:51):
In the NFL, it doesn't.

Speaker 4 (19:53):
Matter quite as much though about you know, some of
the chemistry sometimes. And it sounds terrible to say this,
but you know, there are certain players who are uber
talented and they can be dirtbags.

Speaker 3 (20:04):
Off the field, Like it's just talent.

Speaker 4 (20:07):
Is like, there's certain guys who are so so talented
at what they do, yet they've got other issues elsewhere
that hey, the team chemistry, and then none of that matters.
It's like, if you have that guy who's just extraordinary
what he can do, teams are willing to make exceptions
for some of the shortcomings elsewhere.

Speaker 6 (20:25):
You know.

Speaker 3 (20:26):
I mean, we've seen it callous times before.

Speaker 1 (20:28):
To your point, it was a long time before we
started hearing stuff about Antonio Brown and then then all
of a sudden everybody afterwards like, oh no, this has
been gone off for years, Like.

Speaker 3 (20:36):
Oh okay, there's again.

Speaker 4 (20:39):
There's a list you could probably you know, we don't
need to get a specific names. But I think we
all understand there's a reason why teams put up with stuff.
There's a reason why teams take an opportunity on a
player that maybe has something that happens off the field.
You know, they're willing to deal with that because their
talent is so much greater than everyone else. I mean,

it's not the good guy league, Okay, it's the NFL.
It's built for the best players in the league. So
I think the Jacksonville Jaguars roster is better. I think
he's right, you know, how much better. How much they
have they improved to give him a shot at being
the quarterback we think he's gonna be.

Speaker 3 (21:20):
I'm not so sure. I'm not sure.

Speaker 4 (21:22):
Like I would put Houston as the favor in that
division after watching what Stroud did last year, watching what
they've done this offseason. You know, Stefan Diggs, Joe Mixon,
Owt in the backfield. They get back players who are
banged up like Tank Dell, who are now healthy, improving
the defense like that, that team looks like the favorite.

Speaker 3 (21:38):
To me. I'm fascinated to see what Anthony Richardson looks.

Speaker 4 (21:40):
Like in Indie. You know, it's just it's just not
a league of good guys always. I mean, there are
good guys, but it's not that's not always what really
ends up being the biggest thing in the end.

Speaker 1 (21:54):
So let me just ask this question. And I'm not
trying to piss off our fine affiliate, Fox Sports nine
thirty in Jacksonville. It's the last thing I want to do.
And a good morning to you and thank you for
being a part of the FSR family. I just want
to ask you this last year was a disappointment, as
we've discussed, and I don't have an issue with Trevor

Lawrence getting paid because we talked about it, I think
last Friday, in which it was like I just looked
at it as all right, they believe that he's the guy.
It's they're doubling down on believing he's their franchise quarterback
coming off a little bit of a down year, and
so they look at it and say, we believe he's
our guy, and we'd rather get a deal done now
than have the contract and the prices of this go

up later on. Totally get that all makes sense, But
you've got, you know, one playoff appearance and he's got
the playoff win. How much of that playoff win was
Trevor Lawrence and the Jaguars and not a complete meltdown
from Brandon Staley and the Chargers, Because I do, I
do look back at that game and I go if

they had, if that game had played out the way
it was trending and they had gotten blown out, how
much different is that discussion with the premium we put
on postseason play. It does feel like this is a
whole different conversation, and we're basing that off one half
of football, because that's really where he shined, was one
half of football. And I just wonder if the conversation

and the heat is a little bit or if they're
a little bit more hesitant to give him this deal
now based on that performance, had the Chargers not melted down.

Speaker 3 (23:26):
There's always gonna be two ways of looking at that.

Speaker 4 (23:29):
There's gonna be the Chargers melting down and there's gonna
be you know, Trevor Lawrence and how he played in
the second half. It kind of goes hand in hand, Like,
I don't know that anyone's looking back on a question.

Speaker 3 (23:39):
Like, ah, you know, we really shouldn't pay this guy
because the Chargers really just melt it down.

Speaker 4 (23:43):
I wasn't Trevor Lawrence is doing, you know, like, I
don't know that anyone who looks it that way. Probably
only national radio show hosts like yourself want to nitpick
at it because it's an LA team and you've like
taking shots.

Speaker 1 (23:56):
No, that's not true. I supported Brandon Staley. You're an
awful No, No, I'm listen. I mean it beats some
of the other craft that's out there. Okay, we're just
trying to break down the NFL and talk about Trevor Lawrence.
I just think that there's the expectation that comes with
being the number one pick, and has he lived up

to those expectations? I would say no, But it also
doesn't mean that he's not going to christ Alan Okay.

Speaker 4 (24:23):
On that note, what are the expectations then, like where
does he need to get to?

Speaker 3 (24:27):
In your mind, they don't have to win a Super Bowl?

Speaker 1 (24:33):
No, I don't. I don't play that game because too
many things have to happen, Like Dan Marine don't ever
won a Super Bowl, Like, I mean, are we going
to question his career? Like too many things have to
happen for you to win a Super Bowl. You need
a lot of things to go your way. But a
start would be best quarterback in your division. And he ain't,
like I'm sorry, like what we saw from CJ. Stroud.

I just don't think that that we've seen him play
to that level or we've seen the Jaguars played to
that level since Trevor Lawrence has gotten there. And I'm
not saying it can't happen. Alex Smith was the number
one pick, he figured it out, he had a he
had a really good run there with Kansas City. Uh,
he had Washington trending in the right direction. He finished
off great with San Francisco. I'm not saying it can't happen.

I just wonder, as it stands right now, has he
lived up to being that quote unquote number one pick.
And and I also look, not all that is his fault.
I mean, you know, the first year he got there,
like there was some stuff out there, you know, like
he had he had a coach fired in the middle
of the year, you had a you had a kicker
complaining about the coach kicking him in in you know

that though, Yeah, I mean, but you know it happened
during the season, so not all of it is his fault.

Speaker 3 (25:45):
I'm sure the kicker can play about the locker room.
A lot of guys listen.

Speaker 1 (25:48):
That that would have torn me apart. That would have
torn apart. You don't think so so so so he.

Speaker 3 (25:54):
Probably he probably was saying something. Everyone's like, yeah, okay, pill,
just make your kicks. It's great.

Speaker 1 (26:02):
Uh So, I just I wonder when I look at
Trevor Lawrence and I look at him in that division,
what if Anthony Richardson does come back at you know whatever,
what is he like two seventy five? Now? Did he
gain weight or lose weights?

Speaker 3 (26:15):
He's not your bull mastiff.

Speaker 1 (26:16):
Okay, well, I'm just wondering, Yeah, like, did he bulk
up or did he slim down? Because slimming down is
like the new thing lean is in.

Speaker 3 (26:23):
Now the what do you want him to do?

Speaker 1 (26:25):
I don't know. Whatever would keep him on the field
and finish games like that. That would be my preference personally.

Speaker 3 (26:30):
I mean, I would think that you'd want I'm stacked
in jacked a clean.

Speaker 1 (26:34):
Yes, that is correct. Two eighty five works, and I
also think it's it's a nice change of pace considering
George Kittle's lost thirty pounds lamar, yes, somebody like we
cannot lose track of meatheads. Which, by the way, I
listened to an interview on Joe Rogan's podcast with the

guys that are putting together the enhanced Games. Yeah, I
can't wait. I can't wait to see guys gassed all
the way up to their ears and out there competing
to try and break world records. And we're looking at
twenty twenty five when that happens.

Speaker 4 (27:12):
What do you feel like? I feel like it could
be a bunch of injuries. You know, we're gonna end
up having it at the end of the day. It's
gonna be a bunch of guys like ripping up their
knees and tendons in their body, like can't take the strength.

Speaker 1 (27:22):
Yeah, but what a way to go out though, you
know that's not It's like it's like powder running in
the field just get sucked up into the sky, you know,
Like that's the way you go out. You run so
hard that the sky got exploded. Probably could have been
that too, but nonetheless, Trevor Lawrence and the Jacksonville Jaguars.
They are the current projected to finish second in the

AFC South. The Texans are a plus one oh five.
I mean, look, the fact that that's that's better than
even money is surprising to me. Like I would think
they would be favored to win that division, and then
you got Jacksonville, then you've got Indianapolis, and then the
Tennessee Titans are a ten to one to win the
AFC South. A lot of optimism on Tennessee. By the way,
I think their win total six and a half, I'm

not mistaken. I mean, if they have upgraded, you know,
they they've added pieces, but apparently not everybody sold them.
Will Evis well, they need to see more from him.
Speaking of Jacked, good for him. It is two pros
and a cup of Joe here on Fox Sports Radio.
By the way, Eddie does a does a Braden Quinn
sound a little nervous, A little nervous that my Edmonton

oilers are starting to bark a little.

Speaker 7 (28:30):
You're talking about.

Speaker 3 (28:31):
Eddie, when did you When did Jonas claim to be Edmonton?

Speaker 7 (28:34):
I don't know, but that's that's offensive to first of all, America,
to America. Yeah, first all, what are you joining Forrest
with Ben Maller?

Speaker 1 (28:42):
On a second, Eddie and I have talked about this, all.

Speaker 3 (28:44):
Right, America's team right now.

Speaker 7 (28:47):

Speaker 1 (28:48):
The old the old venue the Oilers used to play
at looked like the Alpha Beta that was going out
of business.

Speaker 6 (28:54):

Speaker 1 (28:54):
That that my mom used to take me shopping in
and I remember, and so whenever I would watch Oilers games,
I go, look, that looks just like Alpha Beta because
there was like half the lights on because they couldn't
pay the rent and so I don't.

Speaker 7 (29:06):
Know, not paying the rent. It was an older building, well, you.

Speaker 1 (29:09):
Know, but near and dear to my heart, all right.

Speaker 7 (29:11):
So I always liked how the benches were on the
side of the cameras. That was very rare. All the
other arenas their benches are on the other side.

Speaker 1 (29:17):
But listen, you know that's character true. So how we
feel in here, Eddie? Is this going seven? I think
we're going seven?

Speaker 7 (29:24):
It looks like it. Yeah, yes, But then of course
Florida is gonna win in game seven. Yeah, Eddie, that
makes it right.

Speaker 4 (29:31):
It's better for the NHL though, I mean, it's true
they get a lot of attention with all this you
know that's that's been great.

Speaker 1 (29:37):
You can't have short series in the NBA Finals and
the NHL Final. You can't. It just doesn't you know
you can.

Speaker 3 (29:42):
Have an NBA I mean I kind of went like
a farther.

Speaker 1 (29:46):
By the way, are you it's over? I've heard I've
heard Ben Mallard give you, give you a hard time,
give you a hard time, Eddie about econom McDavid. Are
you a conom McDavid hater or what?

Speaker 6 (29:57):

Speaker 7 (29:57):
Yeah, I'm an LA Kings fan and the Oilers have
beaten my team three years and run the playoffs. So yes,
I hate the Oilers and I hate Comomic David.

Speaker 1 (30:02):
Yeah, but what are the odds it's going to be
for I think there's a I think there's some retribution coming.

Speaker 7 (30:08):
You can't be four in a row. No, absolutely no,
especially if they you know when the Stanley Cup.

Speaker 1 (30:12):
That's not how it works.

Speaker 7 (30:14):
By Economic David's put on a show in the last
two games. I mean, he's he's amazing, he's amazing.

Speaker 1 (30:19):
I'll say that play Chuck made save, I'm like, I
actually hope they were going to tie it then and
then he gives up the damn.

Speaker 3 (30:29):
It gives it up. But what are you to do?

Speaker 4 (30:31):
I was actually so enamored with that play that I
was like, wait a second, that wasn't a goal and
what are they talking about? Then they show the replay.
I was like, Oh, there's the there's the follow up
shot that. Yeah, we disappointing, but it was un I mean,
is that you can't call it the greatest play in
Stanley Cup.

Speaker 3 (30:49):
History because it didn't end up Really Yeah.

Speaker 7 (30:51):
If that, say, then led to the you know, the
tying goal and they win it or something, then yes
you could. But yeah, in.

Speaker 3 (30:58):
A vacuum though, I've never seen anything like that hockey.

Speaker 7 (31:01):
But no, I've seen guys you know, put it off
the goal line, but not diving full on stretching out
with their stick the way and right off the goal line. Now,
that was unbelievable.

Speaker 3 (31:10):
It was like something from a movie.

Speaker 7 (31:12):
Hap it was.

Speaker 3 (31:15):
That was awesome.

Speaker 7 (31:16):
Close Go Cats, It's right, go Usa.

Speaker 1 (31:19):
Yeah, those oilers are going to bring it back to Florida.

Speaker 4 (31:22):
See Eddie Jonas just can't root for Florida because it's
it's so different from what he's used to in thousand hok.

Speaker 1 (31:27):
Hey, by the way, what was the what was the
so when they play at Sunrise? Did they fly out
of Fort Lauderdale Sunrise?

Speaker 3 (31:34):

Speaker 4 (31:34):

Speaker 1 (31:34):
Did they play play out of Fort Lauderdale? Is that
where their flights are or what? Because I looked up
I looked up a flight from Fort Lauderdale to Edmonton.
I think it's like close to eight hours, like that's
the flight time. So is that where they would fly
out of or they go to Miami?

Speaker 4 (31:49):
I would assume Fort Lauderdale was closer for many involved.
So yes, that's my assumption where they flat And.

Speaker 1 (31:56):
By the way, what's wrong with calling it Sunrise Florida?
Isn't that where they play? Is that where the stadium?

Speaker 4 (32:00):
Tell West, that's where the the arenas? I'm not even
sure what it's name. Now, They've they've gone through a
number of sponsors with it.

Speaker 1 (32:07):
So all right, well, so you know the look the
heat have had the same issues, and again, as we've
talked about, there's a little different issues. I mean, there
there's there has been a company that's.

Speaker 7 (32:15):
Throwing their names.

Speaker 3 (32:16):
Why do you have to take it there?

Speaker 1 (32:17):
I'm just saying there's been a company that's put their
name in that.

Speaker 3 (32:19):
All right, Jonas, what company was it?

Speaker 1 (32:21):
I'm not familiar with this but you'd sent over some
notes a companied by the name of Bangbros. Like I'm
and I have no idea what that ever heard of them?
Is that like a construction company? I'm not sure, but
they demolition company I've heard. That's what I've heard. Well,
listen now it is Two Pros and a Cup of
Joe here on Fox Sports Radio Brady Quinn, Jonas Knox

with you. We are going to have another edition of
In Case You missed It coming up here. And in
that story of In Case You Missed It, we have
got one of the all time greats making his triumphant
return as only he can. You will hear from him
next yere at FSR.

Speaker 5 (32:55):
Be sure to catch live editions of Two Pros and
a Cup of Joe with Brad Quinn, LeVar Arrington and
Jonas Knox weekdays at six am Eastern, three am Pacific, Two.

Speaker 1 (33:08):
Pros and a Cup of Joe, Fox Sports Radio, Brady Quinn,
Jonas Knox with you here coming up top of next
hour a little over ten minutes from now from the
tire rack dot Com Studios. Apparently, not everybody dislikes the
idea of something that will impact you in the NFL
good news or bad news. We will get into the

bottom of that coming up here again a little over
ten minutes from now. Before we get to another edition
of In Case you missed it, they, I'll want to
remind you that shortly after the show, our podcast will
be going up, So if you've missed any of today's show,
be sure to check out the podcast. Search two Pros
wherever you get your podcast. Be sure to also follow,
rate and review the pod. Again. Just search two Pros
wherever you get your podcast. You'll see this show posted

right after we get off the air.

Speaker 5 (33:52):
Sometimes you can't get to everything in the world of
sports or entertainment. Good thing, the guys are here to
bring you.

Speaker 1 (34:00):
You missed it, and for that we turned it over
to our executive producer.

Speaker 3 (34:05):

Speaker 8 (34:07):
Lab Good morning, everybody, Good morning, Jonas, Good morning, Brady,
Good morning.

Speaker 1 (34:15):
Lots of things, lots of.

Speaker 8 (34:16):
Moving parts around here today.

Speaker 1 (34:18):
Good morning, Good morning guys.

Speaker 8 (34:20):
In case you missed this sad news especially for us today. Hey,
I kept on seeing. Uh, it's one of those days.

Speaker 3 (34:30):
He's just plowing right through. Huh.

Speaker 8 (34:32):
Hey Brady, hay Leabar, Yeah, I him plowing right through
in more ways than one.

Speaker 1 (34:39):
Yeah. By the way, Brady, Brady, he is back.

Speaker 4 (34:43):
Hey, yeah, he is back.

Speaker 1 (34:50):
Good for you, Lee, Yeah, thank you, thank you. That's
all you needed.

Speaker 8 (34:56):
You ever had one of those days where you just
see like a name pop up? You're like, why is
the his name keep popping up? Why is this in
the emails? Did you realize later?

Speaker 3 (35:05):

Speaker 1 (35:06):
Yeah, what name is that?

Speaker 8 (35:07):
Donald Suther? It's like, why is Donald Sutherland? And my
uh in my inbox a lot today? Well r I
P mister ds Uh. Guys we're big fans of Donald Sutherland,
are especially around backdraft. You guys want to hear a
little uh backdraft snippet all from Donald Sutherland?

Speaker 3 (35:28):

Speaker 1 (35:29):
Come on please, that's.

Speaker 3 (35:32):
What did you do with that little girl?

Speaker 5 (35:33):

Speaker 3 (35:37):
What do you do the old ladies?

Speaker 2 (35:38):

Speaker 3 (35:45):
What about the world wideld? What would you like to
do in the whole world at all?

Speaker 1 (35:53):
He's so good seeing he's so good. And by the way,
that also the Walk and Talk monologue he gave in
JFK as well too, when he's talking to why am
I blanking on his name? The guy who was the

lead act Kevin Costner and JFK where he's explaining to
him how the whole assassination took place and everything that
led to it, Like Donald Sutherland underrated, great actor, great actor.

Speaker 3 (36:26):
Why are we talking about him again?

Speaker 1 (36:27):
Because he passed away? Oh Jesus yea.

Speaker 3 (36:31):
I was with leeb and banged up Lee.

Speaker 1 (36:40):
Huh, what's up?

Speaker 3 (36:44):
What's the Nextly?

Speaker 1 (36:46):
Jonas helped me set the sound up. I got it
ready for so from one grade to another. Did you
hear Barry Bonds last night on Fox talk about you
know what it would look like if he faced the
great sad page back.

Speaker 3 (37:01):
In the day.

Speaker 1 (37:02):
Uh, this is Barry Bonds makes his triumph return and
it went a little something like this.

Speaker 9 (37:08):
Players that you would want to play with that played
against the negro leagues now playing against both of you.
You two were probably two of the most confident players
I ever played against. You tell me right now on
the spot, what would you do against Satchel Paige me?

Speaker 1 (37:23):
You gone lost your mind?

Speaker 7 (37:30):
Simple? Read about it on ESPN.

Speaker 3 (37:35):
Want to talk about girl.

Speaker 7 (37:38):
You believe in yourself?

Speaker 3 (37:39):
I don't believe in me.

Speaker 1 (37:40):
You don't believe in me. I love Fairy Bond so
much because he's such a villain and so many people
despise him.

Speaker 4 (37:50):
Here's the thing I'll say is I don't care what
he took. He started to put the bat on the ball.
There was no one better than the peak of their
career than Barry Bond. Totally agree to the stats stop
whatever other argument where you want to make okay, when
he got up to the plate, he was getting on bass,
they were either going to walk him, he was hitting

a home run or he was ripping once suwhere for
a base hit like that? He was the best hitter
I've ever seen in my lifetime. And if kids and
people want to try to challenge that, go back and
watch some of his highlights, go watch his games.

Speaker 3 (38:23):
Hit the highlights, Like you couldn't pitch to him. He
was that good.

Speaker 1 (38:28):
I totally agree. And the idea that you know, he
took what he took and all that, like, look, it
was a dirty sport at the time.

Speaker 7 (38:34):
You know.

Speaker 4 (38:35):
It's like did they walk in a run one time?
Like Bassis loaded, he was up and they walked in
a round.

Speaker 1 (38:40):
Yes, because they were like, look we'll take our I mean,
we'd rather, you know, give up a run than take
our chances with the guy who was at to your
point at his peak, must watch at bats you tuned
in every single time, and he was totally dominant. And
if he had not gotten intentionally walked as much as
he did, what would his number have been? Like that,

like just to a crazy career for Barry Bonds. And
you know, unfortunately he's probably never getting into the Hall
of Fame. That's too bad. But he's in our Hall
of Fame, yes,
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