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June 24, 2024 40 mins

Jonas Knox, Brady Quinn and LaVar Arrington react to Julian Edelman on The Herd, calling Rodgers absence in minicamp a bad look. Bronny’s draft day fast approaches and LaVar’s son narrows down his college choices.


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they they threw us together, don't worry. This is a
normal routine for us. We do it every single Monday
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pros and a cup of Joe's, where you can find us,
and so it's fun to be on here and kind
of look out and go, oh my god, there's actual.

Speaker 4 (01:19):
Human life walking around and such signs.

Speaker 3 (01:22):
Yeah, it's weird, a little weird at this time slide now,
we are looking out the window here in the studio
and we're trying to see do we have any more
information on the whereabouts of Aaron Rodgers? Do you have
anything else that's out there? I believe rich Semini, who's
been all over this. He says that Rogers are kind

of hinted that Rogers is in the Middle East. I'm
not sure what. That doesn't really narrow it down for me,
but I'm not sure what's going on there. But not
everybody is the Middle East of America or like the
Middle East, the Middle East of the world. I don't
know what would be the Middle East of America. I
really don't know Kentucky though, what's like the mid East?
If you're a look at the East coast, it would

be the mid East Virginia, Chicago. Now like the west,
like middle of the East Coast, Virginia, Virginia maybe, but
that's considered the South.

Speaker 4 (02:16):
I don't know. More importantly, who cares? Point is.

Speaker 3 (02:22):
We don't know what we're saying of the United States.
The United States, Yeah, not just the East Coast. Yeah, Okay,
well I mean yeah, I guess whatever. The point is,
nobody knows where the hell Aaron Rodgers is. Julian Edelman
was actually on the Herd and he spoke about his
reaction what he assumes is the reaction from people inside

the locker room when it comes to Rogers not being
there at mandatory mini camps. Let's take a listen.

Speaker 5 (02:51):
I'm a big Aaron Rodgers fan, but if I was
in that locker room and Aaron Rodgers wasn't there for
three days on the mandatory mini camps, having played for Flash,
having played four snaps off of an injury, when we
have two new receivers, we got a bunch of new
linemen that we added to the team with a CBA
that doesn't allow us to practice a lot. I guarantee

there's four or five guys, six, seven, eight, nine guys
in that locker room sitting there like, where's where's he at?

Speaker 6 (03:17):

Speaker 5 (03:17):
If they start four and no, no one's gonna care.

Speaker 4 (03:19):
That's right.

Speaker 5 (03:20):
But this the NFL, I think it's a bad look
for your leader. For whatever reason to go and miss
an unexcused absence. I mean I was with Tom Brady
in his twentieth fifth year, twenty third year, and he
started he started missing OTAs here and there, but he
was still there, never missed a mandatory mini camp.

Speaker 4 (03:37):
And you know, I just thought it was a bad look. Agreed,
it's a bad look. Well go he You You got Julian.

Speaker 7 (03:45):
Edelman talking about Tom Brady missing not missing stuff?

Speaker 4 (03:51):
Are Youjlian Edelman?

Speaker 3 (03:53):
Are you making the face while you're doing that? He
does a tremendous Julian Edelman come on this here, truly
great in person too.

Speaker 6 (04:02):

Speaker 7 (04:03):
He just I just don't remember him talking like that
early in his career, and then being around him a
little bit that at Exos, I was like, man, he's
really changed up his cadence since he's gotten on TV.

Speaker 4 (04:13):
You're saying, somebody's working with him and.

Speaker 6 (04:15):
He's these different different cadence too.

Speaker 4 (04:17):
What was the old one? Q?

Speaker 7 (04:18):
Well, he slowed down a lot how he talks now,
so he doesn't talk as fast as he used to.

Speaker 8 (04:25):
Yeah, like what you're doing right now you almost kind
of can't sound like Brandy macho man savage right there whoa.

Speaker 4 (04:33):
The crowd rises to the top. Oh is this to
the tos?

Speaker 9 (04:42):
My name was Brady Qulin him six to forty two
and I'm stacked in shirt julian Erteleman my close script
bunch five seventy five times.

Speaker 6 (04:55):
Would you dig it down.

Speaker 7 (05:00):
Back to what we were talking about. There's there's no
way of getting around the fact that it's a bad look.
There's no way of getting around it, right, correct. You
know when you're gonna have mandatory mini camp, you know
it's finable, you know all of that, right, Like, it's
there's no way of getting around it.

Speaker 6 (05:19):
The truth is is like it's not gonna matter.

Speaker 7 (05:21):
If they win the division, going to playoffs, get to
the suit Like, no one's gonna be talking about that,
will they? But they will if things don't work out,
they'll use it as one of the many examples. So
that's the only thing at risk here. But it's it's
kind of been who Aaron has been at least, right
at least the last four or five years. Maybe, I mean,

this is kind of how he's conducted himself. So the
Jets can't be surprised by it. And I don't know
why fans or people in the media are on the
outside are surprised by it. And like I said before,
like ultimately, depending on how their season goes, We're only
going to talk about it if the season doesn't go
to the way we think it might go. And I'm

bullish on the Jets. I think they will end up
winning that division this year.

Speaker 4 (06:08):
Well, you guys know, I'm not bullish on them.

Speaker 8 (06:11):
And so because again I think that it's hard to
overcome corrosive culture. I really do, and I don't have
any indicator that the culture has shifted in the direction
of a healthy culture that is conducive to having an
environment to have success as a football team. And that's

regardless of who you add. Again, if I'm giving an
example my rookie year, I came into a corrosive environment.
Didn't know it at the time, too young to know it,
to naiven to know it. But nonetheless, that's what happened.
They added guys like Deon Sanders. They brought in Jeff
George to be the backup to Brad Johnson, who was

an eventual Super Bowl champion for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. Uh,
they added Mark Carrier, They brought in Bruce Smith, I
mean they drafted me and Chris Samuels. They loaded up
the team, and the team was loaded, by the way,
with a cornerback named Champ Bailey.

Speaker 4 (07:13):
On that team.

Speaker 8 (07:14):
You had Champ Bailey, You had Deon Sanders, you had
Darryl Green, you had Sam Shade, you had Mark Carrier
in the back end of that. Yes, Stephen Davis there,
Skip yeah, yes, yes, Stephen Davis. You had Skip Hicks,
Adrian Morell, Larry Centers in the baketbil.

Speaker 4 (07:34):
Loaded. The team was loaded.

Speaker 8 (07:36):
You had John Janssen on one tackle side. You had
Chris Samuels on the other side anchoring that that offensive line.
The point is is that we didn't even make the playoffs,
and and I look at I look at that as
an example in terms of a reference point. What would

make you feel what would make me feel like things
could have gone differently with that team with all that
talent on it. And basically, I think the conclusion that
I continue to come back to is there needed to
be an environment that was more stabilized and conduce it
to just being about the game and understanding that us

working together, us getting getting better as a team was
going to ultimately be the reason why we win games.
And there were a lot of distractions, and I think
that in New York there's going to be a ton
of distractions. And while someone like Aaron Rodgers, who has
lived in what has been perceived as him creating distractions,
how whatever side you fall on it, I just think

the reality of it is is that maybe he can
handle those those aspects of what comes along with it.

Speaker 4 (08:46):
But some of these guys are very young. There's a
lot of there's a lot that goes along with.

Speaker 8 (08:54):
Having this type of offseason, and I don't know that
this team has given me any endication that they're going
to overcome all of the things that are being discussed
or that we've seen in years past from this organization.

Speaker 3 (09:07):
So I'm I'm going to support Aaron Rodgers through all
this because that's that's just the hill I've chosen to
die on, and I'm and I'm happy to die on
that hill, no problem. I think whatever he wants to
do to get ready, he's been there the entire offseason.
He missed two days, not really that big of a deal.

Speaker 7 (09:24):
I mean, maybe this is just how he gets ready, right,
Like Jonas, how do you get ready for a radio show?

Speaker 4 (09:29):
Lift, look at me? What do you meant?

Speaker 3 (09:31):
How do I get ready for a radio show? I lift,
I do shrugs for an hour straight. I'm just see
what he looks like right now.

Speaker 4 (09:37):
Here's here's what What do you.

Speaker 6 (09:39):
Do to get ready for the radio show?

Speaker 4 (09:44):
In what way? In what regard.

Speaker 6 (09:47):

Speaker 8 (09:47):
Just driving here or just before we crack the microphone.
I just liked this, like in.

Speaker 7 (09:52):
The car you like, are you one of your voice
singing now? Like you know, sing out now brown Cow.

Speaker 8 (09:57):
I listen to music. I try to pump myself up
like I'm I'm about to go play a game. I
do try to like, I try to like I'm gonna
give the people what they want, you know, for the
most part.

Speaker 6 (10:06):
Maybe this is his pump up, you know.

Speaker 8 (10:08):
Yeah, Aaron Rodgers, Yeah, yeah again, that's that's that's good
to think that. Okay, he's got a pump up. Obviously
he's had a lot of great success. But what if
that pump up doesn't translate to the other guys that
are in that locker room? I mean, so I feel
like for me, if I have a bad show, like say,
my pump up doesn't lead to me having a great show.

It doesn't matter because in radio, you guys will you
guys will have a great show. I'll have a bad show.
Then somebody might hear it and be like, oh the
dude sucks Da da da and the other we keep
it moving. But in football, if if one of us,
especially Aaron Rodgers, if you know, or better yet, if
it's not Aaron Rodgers, if it's other players, like if
it's his running back, if it's his if it's his

offensive lineman, if it's his receivers.

Speaker 4 (10:55):
If they have a bad.

Speaker 8 (10:56):
Game and Aaron Rodgers can overcome that, they're going to
lose and an alter that's going to impact them because
they weren't able to get over what it was that
Aaron Rodgers used to get himself ready. They weren't able
to overcome.

Speaker 3 (11:10):
I mean, listen, if he wants to do bong rips
while sitting on a camel to get ready for the season,
then you go do what you gotta do. Like they'll
take whatever they can get. They are not in a
position to complain about what Aaron Rodgerson is. I mean,
the only problem is is what if he goes down.
He went down, Aaron Rodgers was ready to go. He
goes down and what happens to their season. Their season

went down. So I think if it's if it's made.

Speaker 8 (11:34):
All about Aaron Rodgers, then I think that you defeat
the purpose of this team having a fair opportunity to
win if Aaron Rodgers is unavailable.

Speaker 3 (11:44):
Can I ask you guys about this because I thought
this was I'm not sure exactly how to view this,
but when he was away from mandatory mini camps, there
was a story. They kind of got buried in the whole,
you know, theories of where he was and what he
was doing. But part of this story that I thought
was interesting. Connor Hughes of S and Y reported that
Todd Downing was calling plays during the two minute drill

at mini camp and not Nathaniel Hackett. If Rogers was there,
is that happening or is it because he wasn't there
that they decided.

Speaker 4 (12:15):
See that's a petty conspiracy thing.

Speaker 3 (12:17):
I'm just asking was that was that sort of a punishment?

Speaker 7 (12:22):
It could it could just be there giving Todd Downing
an opportunity. You know, coaching staffs have to prepare for everything.
Why isn't Nathaniel Hackett sick camp in the facility, can't
call play something happened, right, You've got to have someone
who's out there as well, So you got to prepare
yourself for that. I mean, Downing is the quarterback coach
and he is the past game coordator, and so one

thing you have to consider it too is oftentimes there
could be a cordator who's up in the booth, and
that means he's not the one talking directly in the
quarterbacks helmet. It might be a relayed call in to
someone on the sideline who's then calling in the radio
system of the quarterbacks helmet. So sometimes the confusion from
people on the outside because they're like, oh, so and
so it's calling the plays. You're like, well, no, he

was just you know, basically radioing in the play. There's
still someone else who's actually deciding what play is being run.
So I don't I don't know that you can read
too much into that. That being said, I mean Todd
Downing has been an offens coordinator before in Oakland back
in what twenty seventeen, and I think they're in the
bottom half of the league and yards at scoring and

twenty twenty one, twenty twenty two in Tennessee he was
there too, and they got worse between those two years.
Gotta be in the middle of the road to that,
so I'm not sure it gets any better if if
they're looking at going to Todd down at least giving
his resume.

Speaker 8 (13:38):
So far, I would say there's a better conspiracy theory
if Nathaniel Hackett had just mysteriously, coincidentally ironically took a
vacation at the same exact time as Aaron Rodger, Aaron Rodgers,
you know.

Speaker 6 (13:52):
Leaving and you just leave them, they'd be together. It'd
be like leeon Todd.

Speaker 4 (13:55):
Or Lean Jones. Where do you go? There you go
with me, There you go.

Speaker 8 (14:01):
Nathaniel Hackett was gone and said it was pure, pure
coincidence that I took the same exact time off as
Aaron Rodgers during the mandatory mini camp that took place,
and left you know, the rest of the team to practice,
left Brady and LeVar to do the show.

Speaker 4 (14:20):
Without them.

Speaker 8 (14:21):
I would say that there's more validity to the conspiracy
theory that's just pure coincidence. Then why then, why come
up with the idea of the offensive coordinator not calling
the two minute drills and creating a conspiracy theory to that?

Speaker 3 (14:38):
I mean listen, I'm just trying to do I'm with
you there, right, turn on that music because you know
what I want to know. Hey, let me tell you
something I want to know. I took I want to
get to the bottom of this, and Lee just happened
to coincidentally take time off at the exact same time.
Keeping in mind that that Jonas Knox and we had
to take the top literally five days during the course

of an entire three hundred and sixty.

Speaker 10 (15:01):
Five day calendar, and lead the lap happens to take
a vacation the same exact time as one Jonas not.

Speaker 3 (15:12):
I don't know, maybe it is coincidental. I mean that
that sounds like something you got to take up the lead.

Speaker 6 (15:17):
I don't know.

Speaker 3 (15:17):
I don't think it's a takeover of air. I just
think that this is like that would be a better
conspiracy theory for what's going on in New York versus
what the one you present it. Ste Do you want
to defend yourself against these reckless accusations here on the air, like,
do you want to have this conversation?

Speaker 2 (15:33):
You know, we've we've synced up.

Speaker 4 (15:35):
I don't know what to tell you.

Speaker 3 (15:37):
Are we on the same clock as I think, I
think so, I think there might be we're always in
the city. Yeah, I'm not even say that, and forgure
out what time slot we're in. It's all good, that's
a joke, that's appropriate, certainly, but but but all seriousness, right,
if Nathaniel Hackett was not there, then maybe you had
the conversation, you know, now, I would say, knowing that

Aaron Rodgers let them know before he let them know
ahead of time that he was going to be missing,
I just and I used graduation as a reason why
he was missing, you know, as that being a legit
reason to say they used as a reason why hot
air balloon, right, yeah, hot airb that's right.

Speaker 6 (16:21):
I think it was because I exawt one that morning
and maybe I was just.

Speaker 8 (16:26):
I think we were both wrong anyway. So you know,
I think Jonas is more closer to being correct than
any of us, or you were gone and we played
headliner lie than I think Lee or Jonas flowed out
of theory. So there's that, Yeah, that he uh, that
was a lie though, I think.

Speaker 3 (16:42):
The ayahuasca was my guess, that was my theory on
where he was.

Speaker 7 (16:46):
Oh, you had a destination though, too, did I yeah,
I don't know.

Speaker 4 (16:51):
I'm not sure if I did.

Speaker 6 (16:52):
It was like it was a couple of weeks ago.

Speaker 3 (16:54):
By the way, I just saw this headline. I thought
this was pretty funny. The bartender justin Timberlake's Bartenders claiming
that he had one drink before his dwi rs.

Speaker 4 (17:03):
Yeah, what was it? A paint can of moonshine? One drink?
My ass?

Speaker 6 (17:09):
What do you mean? It's bartender, he's got a personal tour.

Speaker 4 (17:13):
The bartender that was that, I guess served him the drink.

Speaker 6 (17:16):
That's like one guy, so they served him one drink?

Speaker 4 (17:18):
What are we talking about? Drinks? All right?

Speaker 3 (17:21):
Well, listen, you know if we do have any updates
on the whereabouts of Aaron Rodgers, and we will give
that to you at some point throughout the course of
the show. It is The Herd here on Fox Sports Radio,
LeVar Arrington, Brady Quinn, Jonas Knox with you coming up
next here, we're going to tell you about what would
be best maybe not for the player himself, but best
for the league when it comes to storylines. That'll be

yours right here on FSR.

Speaker 2 (17:47):
Be sure to catch live editions of The Herd weekdays
and Noone Eastern non am Pacific on Fox Sports Radio
FS one and the iHeartRadio app.

Speaker 3 (17:56):
So somebody mentioned playing the hits earlier on the show,
and it's now time to transition smoothly over to Lebron
James more.

Speaker 4 (18:06):
Specifically really doing this song. We are so predictable. Specifically, hey, you.

Speaker 6 (18:12):
Know what the time slot tell me?

Speaker 4 (18:15):
Well, let me look.

Speaker 3 (18:17):
If somebody would do us as solid and get in
trouble so we could talk about something different, we'd appreciate it, right,
if somebody would just go out there.

Speaker 7 (18:26):
I mean, why you brought up honestly, take us on
a completely different direction, because I have a question from
an incident that took place last night at a concert,
and I'm curious to get your feedback on this, because.

Speaker 4 (18:39):
No, no, no, no, some different.

Speaker 7 (18:41):
I had some friends who are out of concert and
they went to walk to their seats and there's people
who are standing or sitting in their seats, and so
they walked over and they said, excuse us, you're in
our seats. Here's our ticket. And their response was, well,
someone's in our seats, and so we're just gonna sit
in these seats, and they they've really tried to sit

there they tried to like basically capitalize on the fact
that because someone wronged them, they're gonna wrong someone else.
And so basically my friends who went to this, we're
just supposed to find a spot to sit somewhere else. Now,
eventually an usher got involved in all this stuff. So
I was seeing to myself, like, is that how that works?
Like you just well, someone's sat in my seat. Instead
of doing the right thing, I'm just gonna mess upbody else. No,

that's not the right way of handling it. But I
would say, go get a nusher, Go get a nusher.
And if so, if they there was some words had
at one point in time, maybe the met Wagon got involved.

Speaker 4 (19:37):
I don't know.

Speaker 3 (19:39):
Well, the better way of explaining it is knowing the
characters that are involved in what takes place, because there
are a certain group of people within my circle as
well that it it would have been an offense of
sorts where now it's like, are you looking at me?

Speaker 4 (19:59):
And I will beat the s out of you if
you don't.

Speaker 3 (20:03):
Move and comply with what it is that lot of style,
it just depends on what It depends on the character.
You know, Superman is going to handle it different than Batman.

Speaker 4 (20:12):
You know what I mean? What it is.

Speaker 6 (20:14):
Someone's gonna get tossed eleven rows if they can get out.

Speaker 4 (20:17):
Of the seat. So what was the concert?

Speaker 6 (20:22):
The Zach Bryant concert.

Speaker 4 (20:24):
Oh yeah, I mean, well you shouldn't have been there anyways.

Speaker 6 (20:26):
I mean I wasn't there what I'm saying, but I
had some friends.

Speaker 7 (20:30):
This is the story they were canted to me, and
I thought to myself.

Speaker 4 (20:34):
I liked the response because that's what I would have
wanted to.

Speaker 7 (20:37):
Say, a way of getting those people out of your seat.
So you're not doing that to someone else.

Speaker 4 (20:40):
Well, it's not going to get a nusher.

Speaker 3 (20:42):
It's also kind of weird that that they found their
balls in between not having the courage to stand up
for their own seats but then have the courage for
else is somewhere time they're like, you know what, we're
not going to take this city, be telling them to
rose down. It's weird how that works, Like I didn't

have the courage at the time, but you know, a poker,
were being more offensive because you actually felt brave enough
to say that to right, but not the people who
was in your seats.

Speaker 7 (21:11):
By now, again, I don't know what the people who
are in their seats looked like, I get it. What
my buddies look like, get it, they're bigger fellows. So
I would have And based on their story, the people
who were saying they're going to stay at their seats,
they had an extreme height, weight, everything advantage on them.

Speaker 3 (21:28):
Oh yeah on them. On your peeps. No, oh, your
peeps had the extreme yea on them.

Speaker 8 (21:37):
But see the thing about it is that you can't
win in that scenario because now that's going to turn
into legal fees and and you might get arrested or
you know, they might sue. Like it's just you just
go get a go get a a nusher. Yeah, you
go get a nusher and then the usher can go
get the security. If then the security could get the
cops and then you go from there. But but I

would love to be the one that would would handle
it if we were in that scenario.

Speaker 3 (22:03):
For the good old days, back in like twenty twenty two,
when people were just happy to be able to go
places again, you know, And now everybody's got that error
arrogance with him now all of the SuDS. Yeah, were
twenty twenty one, well, you know, in California, things were
things are a little bit different out here, so you know, yeah,
they had to do a bad zoom. Yeah, things things
are a little bit shut down, a little bit shutzoom

had to sit in pods.

Speaker 6 (22:28):
You know.

Speaker 4 (22:28):
If you want to do ah, I want to be
a part of any live event, but make.

Speaker 8 (22:32):
Sure keep it masked up. You knows, unless you're certain people,
then you can take it off. It would have been
tremendous though, had the meat wagon, including the person who
says had the wagon thrown them eleven rows down, that.

Speaker 4 (22:44):
Would not been good.

Speaker 3 (22:45):
It would not would go Yeah, but he would have
gotten arrested. That's the arrest that we need, and we'd
be like, hey, we know that guy. He was at
one of our remotes.

Speaker 7 (22:52):
I also did make fun of one of my buddies
because he's big into BJJA and we're SI and he's
really rised up and gotten better. But I'm like, I mean,
it's one of those deals where like no one knows,
you know that like wrestling or until it happens, Until
it happens.

Speaker 6 (23:08):

Speaker 7 (23:11):
And on top of that, like you're not gonna be
able to overly utilize that like in every single space,
whereas if you got like a mic Tyston overhand right
or a.

Speaker 6 (23:19):
Nice hook that would come into play. But anyway, and
I don't mean to get off topic, but well, I
will save us from.

Speaker 8 (23:26):
I thought we were on topic, and I was kind
of like considering and wondering how the relevance of what
your story is. Who's getting tossed eleven rows? If they
draft Brownie James?

Speaker 6 (23:40):
Well done? Who's getting well done?

Speaker 4 (23:43):
Who's getting tossed?

Speaker 6 (23:46):
We are?

Speaker 4 (23:47):
Yeah, I don't know.

Speaker 3 (23:49):
Yeah, that's a great call because you know, the NBA
Draft is coming up later on this week, and I
don't know if you guys know this or not, but
all eyes are on somebody not get drafted at all,
and that would be Bronnie James, who in some mock
drafts is seen as going as high as fifty five

and as low as fifty five as well too, because
that's where Bronnie James is as high and as low
at the same number. So everybody just assumes, they just
it is funny. They don't know if everybody caught that,
but that is hilarious. It's hilarious. They just assumed that
it's a foregone conclusion and as low as the same number,

Ronnie James is going to end up with his dad
in the LA Lakers with Joe Daddy. So daddy, And
if you go to DraftKings right now to draft Bronnie James,
the Lakers are sitting at a minus one twenty, so
they are the favorite. Wow, they are the favorite to
take Bronnie James. There are the favorite.

Speaker 7 (24:53):
Also, there's a report out right that Lebron's going to
opt out, but that doesn't mean he's not going to
sign back with the Lakers.

Speaker 6 (25:00):
I think that's I believe that's what I've read.

Speaker 4 (25:01):
Yeah, which you're still leveraging.

Speaker 7 (25:05):
Yeah, that's what you're no signal, right, You're basically gonna
see where Bronny ends up and then try to leverage
that situation into potentially going to that team. And we
talked about this last week, like, I don't fault Lebron
James for wanting to play with the Sun. It was
like one of the most unique things that you could
experience in life, let alone in professional sports. So I

don't know why people I don't know I apparently have
criticism towards him about this. I think what the frustration
is is the fact that it feels like he's manipulating
the Lakers to do what he wants them to do
with the head coaching higher maybe some roster construction, and
then he might not even sign back if they don't
take Bronnie or always holding them hostage if you will.

And that's that's a tough spot because obviously you'd like
to be able to have things, but it works out
organically now where you're forcing things behind the scenes.

Speaker 3 (25:55):
I also kind of feel bad for Bronnie James because
I don't know that he's necessarily asked for any of this.
Like I've never heard him actually talk publicly that much
about all this stuff, other than he made a comment
a few weeks ago saying, yeah, you know, it's not
something that you know, I have to have to play
with my dad. It's not He just kind of more
downplayed than anything. But you don't hear a lot from him.

Speaker 6 (26:17):
Okay, so we're gonna have a really open conversation.

Speaker 4 (26:19):
Right now, come on, let's do it. Let's be over
because because.

Speaker 7 (26:21):
You weren't here last week because you were visiting I
believe Penn State with your son, and we talked about
that and I said, you know, you're obviously your son's
got three amazing choices, right, I believe this final is
narrowed down. Yeah, is UCLA, Tennessee, Penn State.

Speaker 4 (26:35):
That's correct.

Speaker 7 (26:36):
Okay, So I talked about all three and I said, like,
he can't go wrong like that. That's that's my perspective,
because you know, UCLA is great school, is good program.
It's gonna be close to home for you guys Tennessee.
There's so many things to like about that. Josh Hipel's
hell of a coach. I love Knoxville everything else about it.
And then Penn State. And one of the things I

talked about in regards to Penn State is it's like
the good and the bad of he'd be playing behind you,
literally in your shadow, which there's there's greatness to that,
but there's also that element of like do you want
that for him? What does he wanted for himself? And
and how that whole conversation goes so like I have.

Speaker 4 (27:18):
A great conversation. No, No, I mean for me.

Speaker 8 (27:21):
That's why I've stayed out of you know, I've only
gone on his official visits.

Speaker 4 (27:27):
You know.

Speaker 8 (27:27):
All the other visits that he's taken has just been
him and his mom and his sister.

Speaker 6 (27:30):
You want that he got game.

Speaker 8 (27:38):
I mean, I've heard he's enjoyed himself on on the
official visits that he's gone on.

Speaker 3 (27:43):
I mean, no, I ain't taking to Zimbi's. He ain't
ready for Zimbi's. That's that's next level. They talk about
playing in the shadow. You know, he ain't ready for
Zimbie Damn.

Speaker 4 (27:56):
Listen, here's the thing, and Zimbi's is not a strip
club by the way, people out there to us, we
have a different audience here. They have the LeVar Islan
that add Zimbi's. Though in Harrisburg, penns Fins, I.

Speaker 7 (28:06):
Still want credit for giving you the Navy rights of
that there. It's your trick, but I want credit for
naming it.

Speaker 8 (28:12):
You know what's crazy though, The missing ingredient or the
added ingredient is Amaretto to the LeVar Island.

Speaker 4 (28:20):
That's what makes it the island. Yeah, gotcha? Yeah all right.

Speaker 8 (28:24):
So anyway, so if you go get a long island
and you add asked for Amaretto to be added to it,
now you're drinking a LeVar Islan. So shouts out to
Brady Quinn for coming up with the LeVar Islan deal.

Speaker 3 (28:37):
But what's better Lions Than or the Basement. I don't
go to any of those. Champs is actually the spot there,
you know, And it's not.

Speaker 6 (28:47):
The chain people, not the Champs chain.

Speaker 4 (28:49):
You're thinking about.

Speaker 7 (28:50):
Yeah, yeah, I thought that at one point. Then when
I went there, I was like, oh no, this is
something entirely Champs has been there for a long time.
And then they expanded to the downtown, which used to
be a Chilies by the Way, and God blessed they
took that Chili's and turned it into.

Speaker 4 (29:05):
A Vibe and we were there anyway.

Speaker 8 (29:12):
So it's a great question because it's a question that's
always answered. So if like just even thinking about if
my son could play at the same time as me
on the same team, let alone going to the same
school that you went to, donning the same number and
different things like that, It's it's interesting.

Speaker 4 (29:30):

Speaker 3 (29:31):
I was having a conversation earlier about kind of something
I had took place, and I don't want to disclose it.

Speaker 4 (29:36):
I'm not going to talk about it.

Speaker 8 (29:37):
But the thing about it for me is I do
not want to be the one who dictates to him
where he goes and what he does, if that's what
he's earned. Q and that's to me, that becomes the
question I asked myself and looking at it as a
parent and looking at how this situation is kind of

unfolding with Brnni and Broun Is this a situation where
if he gets drafted and goes to a team, is
it something that he has unequivocally earned? Because if Bronni
has earned everything that he's gotten, then there's no reason

to worry about what happens and what decisions are being
made outside of what he's earned. So if he's being
drafted to the Lakers, then now from there lebron can
make his decisions. Does he want to opt in and
stay there, does he want to opt out? Whatever it
may be, You make your decision based off of everything
that took place for the team. For me, I look

at my son and I say, you've earned the right
to be a top recruit. You've gotten scholarship offers from
some tremendous schools. I thought he should have took Michigan
seriously more serious than what he did. I thought he
should have took Oregon more seriously than what he did.
I liked both of those programs, along with Tennessee outside

of outside of Penn State love UCLA loved Deshaun Foster
and coach of staff met the enemy. I told you
guys how much I thought of him after meeting him.
I just don't think that UCLA has the resources to
be able to handle these teams that I'm talking about,
and he has the talent. Man has the talent to
go be a player at one of those those programs.

So for me, I'm saying to you, you've you've narrowed
it down to the three that you like the most.
I think that they're fine, fine decisions that you've narrowed
it down to, and it ultimately comes down to how
you feel and how you feel about how your family
feels about the decision that you're going to make. You're
not going to get the opportunity to say to me

which kind of you're you're touching on Jonas. You're not
going to get to say to me after it takes place.
You set me up to fail, like you made this decision.
You you're the one that manipulated this. You're the one
that dictated what happened and forced things to happen. And
now this is the situation I'm in. My son would
never be able to do.

Speaker 3 (32:07):
That and say that I chose this because you told
me to choose it, And now everybody's saying they hate
me or I can't, I don't play like you, or this,
that and the other, like, nah, you aren't the right
to choose where you want to go play. That's a wonderful,
wonderful thing to have happened, because very few people get
this opportunity. So take into information. If you want to

run some of it by me and get advice on it,
I'll certainly add advice to what it is that the
situation is. You certainly have to take a good, long,
hard look at Penn State because of what your dad
represented to that university and how you're going to be
looked at and how you're going to be measured, and
you'll have a fair opportunity to build a legacy within

our legacy.

Speaker 4 (32:52):
That you know is your own if you were to
choose somewhere else.

Speaker 8 (32:56):
So I'm not sitting here trying to force Penn State
on him because I went to Penn State and I
love Penn State. I'm actually telling him you have to
be cautious and aware of making that type of decision.
So to me, I feel like in a way lebron
wanting to play with his son is a blessing, but
it's also a curse that if y'all on the same

team together, how is that judgment of Bronnie James going
to look? How is it going to be way and
measured if Bronni doesn't get on the court or if
he does get on the court and the team isn't
doing well, like what type of impact? And for me
it's more so as a dad, right his emotional his
mental how is it impacting him that way versus his career?

Speaker 3 (33:38):
It is the Herd Here on Fox Sports Radio, LeVar Arrington,
Brady Quinn, Jonas Knox in for Colin Cowherd brought to
you by Navian say big on your water and energy
bills with a new Navvy and tankless water heater. Navian
tankless water heaters provide endless hot water for spotlight comfort.
Navian makes it easy to go tankless. Visit tanklessmade Simple
dot Com. Coming up next here though, we're gonna tell

you about some optimism and brand new optimism regarding one
quarterback in the NFL, and it's from their star player.
It's next here on FSR.

Speaker 2 (34:10):
Be sure to catch live editions of The Herd weekdays
and newoneaster not a em Pacific.

Speaker 3 (34:15):
It is the Herd here on Fox Sports Radio, LaVar Arrington,
Brady Quinn, Jonas Knox with you coming up top of
next hour a little over twelve minutes from now, we're
going to tell you about I mean, it's never too
easy to just call your shot and call it the
worst situation in the NFL. But we will get into
that for you again top of next hour here on FSR.
Before we get to the Herdline News, though, I want

to remind you this. Shortly after the show, the podcast
will be going up, so if you've missed any of
today's show, be sure to check out the pod search
two pros or Heard wherever you get your podcasts. Be
sure to also follow rate and review the podcast. Again,
just search two pros or Heard wherever you get your podcasts,
and you'll see this show posted right after we get
off the air.

Speaker 4 (34:58):
I'm sure qu turn on the news.

Speaker 2 (35:01):
This is the herd Line News.

Speaker 3 (35:03):
Waiting, Lee, You're serious, waiting, go Lee, breaking news.

Speaker 4 (35:11):
Joan is serious? All right? So Ryan Music, what do
we get?

Speaker 7 (35:20):

Speaker 2 (35:20):

Speaker 11 (35:20):
Here we go NFL News let's line him up and
knock him down.

Speaker 4 (35:24):

Speaker 11 (35:25):
Brock Purty going into his second season as the full
time starter for the forty nine ers, but this time
he's actually healthy and not necessarily fighting for a roster
spot or reps.

Speaker 4 (35:35):
But how good is he?

Speaker 11 (35:37):
Well, his star tight end George kittletold NBC Sports Bay
Area this quote. He looks like the guy. It's really nice.
He's in the building every day. He's the same guy
every single day. He's consistent, he's incredibly competitive. It's fun
seeing them yell at guys when they don't hit the
route depth if they have the wrong landmark. He's taking
control of the offense and making it his.

Speaker 3 (35:56):
Oh right, So it's like the first real offseason he's
add because last year he had the surgery. When he
came in, who knows how many reps he actually got
maybe next to none. So believe it or not, he's
actually going to get better and better and he's actually there,
you know, Yeah.

Speaker 4 (36:13):
Okay, that's another thing. There you go.

Speaker 11 (36:15):
He's not looking for the playbook like Jimmy G. When
they had Jimmy G in the playbook and then all
of a sudden he had to play because stray Lance
got her.

Speaker 4 (36:23):
Now, let me ask you a question.

Speaker 3 (36:24):
If because the Niners and Jets open up the season together,
if the Niners beat the Jets in Week one, is
it because brock Party was at mandatory mini camps and
Aaron Rodgers was not. That's not the sole reason. Okay,
that's the only reason. What do you mean, let me
tell you a little something about quarterback?

Speaker 7 (36:45):
Okay, since he went back to Green Bay, that will
be the take because I struggle with.

Speaker 6 (36:52):
He goes to the Jets and now I think the
other big concern is who was the player that was
involved in him tearing his kill? Leonardo? Who does he
played for now San Francisco forty right?

Speaker 4 (37:06):
Yeah, that one out quickly. I don't know.

Speaker 3 (37:12):
It could be that, or it could be three days
of practice in May, Brady, I think it could be
well play, well played, sir, well play Labar. You're all
in on that, though, I'm all in.

Speaker 6 (37:25):
All in hate on the Jets thishe No, I'm not.
You don't want Xerxes to be successful.

Speaker 4 (37:30):
I do want Zerses to win.

Speaker 6 (37:32):
They're a part of three hundred.

Speaker 4 (37:33):
That's why. No way, I mean, I am part of
the three hundred. We're just going to go take a stroll.
In fact, Aaron Rodgers just said I'm going to go
take a stroll. He just didn't want to tell nobody
where he was going. It's apt zersees maybe he's visiting
that battle site.

Speaker 8 (37:48):
What was it called, ther Mama play thermal play Thermopo.

Speaker 4 (37:53):
There we go. Okay, all right, wonderful. What else you got?

Speaker 3 (37:56):

Speaker 4 (37:56):
All right?

Speaker 11 (37:57):
The Arizona Cardinals is looking for a bounced back season,
hoping to get back into the playoffs for the first
time since twenty twenty one. Big reason for that turnaround
is not only having a healthy Kyler Murray, but the
addition of their new wide receiver, Marvin Harrison Junior. Here's
what Murray has told ESPN about his new teammate, quote,
I think he takes us to another level. When you've
got a guy out there that's capable of winning one
on ones. Obviously he's got to do it and he

knows that, we all know it. But as far as
manipulating coverages and stuff like that, you've got a guy
out there that can do that.

Speaker 4 (38:24):
Even if he's not open. He's open.

Speaker 3 (38:27):
He's plus seven hundred to win Rookie of the Year.
Marvin Harrison Junior. Behind the quarterbacks are the favorites. Yeah,
Caleb Williams at a plus one thirty five, Jaden Daniels
at plus five point fifty, and then after Marvin Harrison Junior,
it goes JJ mccarr at the Milak neighbors, Xavier Worthy
elite neighbors.

Speaker 4 (38:45):
Yeah. Yeah, I like that's the honor eighteen to one.

Speaker 6 (38:49):
I love the value on him because I mean he's
the only option they've gotten. Now, same thing for Marvin
Harrison Junior. I mean, both those guys are gonna.

Speaker 7 (38:56):
Get a lot of targets, but kind of like Jade
Daniels the best and what do we see it was five.

Speaker 4 (39:02):
To ons NLUs five fifteen.

Speaker 6 (39:03):
Yeah, I mean, I don't know. I think because him
a Kleber Williams, we know we're going to start right away.

Speaker 7 (39:08):
Maybe Drake may probably maybe JAJ mccleer really know, so
you got to kind of bet on that too.

Speaker 3 (39:16):
But I don't think Cayla Williams is going to win.

Speaker 8 (39:19):
Rookie of the Year and it's going to be a runaway.
It's going to be a runaway. And y'all know, you know,
I'm just saying I just said you definitely if I'm
saying it, you know, I'm just saying no, I'm not
changing my tune. I'm just saying I think that that's
what's wanted.

Speaker 4 (39:37):
That's wanted. Why are you so emotional about it? When
william it wasn't emotional thing.

Speaker 8 (39:43):
I just think that that's you know, although I will
say if if Kyler Murray stays healthy, I don't think
Marvin Harrison Junior is a bad pick out all. I
think he finished the second and what takes place. But
I think Kayla Williams is going to do enough with
a crap eighteen to get Rookie of the Year.

Speaker 4 (40:03):
Can you buy Marvin Harrison Junior merchandise shed or is that?
I'm sure?

Speaker 8 (40:07):
Yeah, he got it done when he signed his contract,
so he's good. You're just trying to create some drama.
I'm just asking these trauma Listen.

Speaker 3 (40:13):
I'm trying to get to the bottom of day before
your mama, I'm trying to get to the bottom of
this stuff here.

Speaker 8 (40:17):
Hey, that's all I'm doing, Kayleb Williams and then Marvin
Harrison Junior. Bam, you heard it here first.

Speaker 4 (40:22):
So no, Jade Daniels na damn.

Speaker 3 (40:26):
They're going through tests as bad though a lot of
shade jumping on
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