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June 21, 2024 37 mins

Jonas and Brady tell you why a Wide Receiver University could never work. The 18 game season in the NFL inches closer and closer. Plus a debate over Gatorade flavor and a weekend preview on "Over/Unders."

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Speaker 1 (00:00):
Hey, thanks for listening to the Two Pros and a
Cup of Joe podcast with LaVar Arrington, Jonas Knox, and
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Speaker 2 (00:27):
Give this you're listening to Fox Sports Radio.

Speaker 3 (00:34):
What a terrible song, but you know what it's in
Gatorade commercials, so it must be good. It is Two
Pros and a Cup of Joe here on Fox Sports Radio. Yeah,
what happened?

Speaker 4 (00:49):
As soon as you come out with a branded water
and your entire product, I mean, the entire company was
based on the fact that, like gator it's better than water.
I mean that that you needed more than just water,
and then yet you come out with a water line.
That's a problem.

Speaker 3 (01:06):
Now let me ask you this when you get Gatorade.
This is a two part question, the dread Well. The
first answer is no, all right, Well, the first answer
is not a yes or no it's which flavor do
you go with when it comes to gatorade? Like, what
are you like? What is your I mean, are you
a fruit punch?

Speaker 4 (01:23):
To this day, I'd say fierce smelling was my favorite
of all time. Like there was never one that when
it was cold, it tasted bitter and fierce smell.

Speaker 3 (01:33):
If you didn't win the lottery, I my chair. What
I've never seen Larina? That excited my life. What happened?
No one ever says melon is their favorite flavor. I've
never heard that ever, and it's my favorite.

Speaker 5 (01:48):
It's fierce smelling. Let's let's be very specific. Now, it's
not just.

Speaker 4 (01:51):
Melon's it's fierce smellon because I don't know if they
even made another version of a melon. But there's nothing
like the fierce line of flavors, but fierce melon and particular, Yes.

Speaker 3 (02:01):
I don't even know that I chair. She scared me
like I've never seen her. Like I've given shouts out
to Koosbay, Oregon, which nobody knows about, Okay, nobody, and
that's close to where you are from, correct, Lorena, And
I give shout outs and it's just kind of like, oh,
nice little tip of the cap you yell out fierce

melon and she almost exploded in the studio, like.

Speaker 6 (02:25):
Good god, I'm a glacier freeze guy.

Speaker 3 (02:29):
In case, that's good. That's solid glacier freezes right now.

Speaker 5 (02:39):
Underted is cool blue. Like here we go, judge. You
don't you don't. You don't drink sugar? So what did you?
What would you do?

Speaker 2 (02:48):

Speaker 3 (02:48):
That was going to be the second part of my question.
Do you go old school gatorader? Do you go sugar free?
I go sugar free?

Speaker 5 (02:59):
You're the worst.

Speaker 3 (03:00):
What I'm just saying, like, have a.

Speaker 5 (03:02):
Doughnut just like this one day, dude, enjoyed life for
a minute. Wait, you can't eat air?

Speaker 3 (03:08):
All right, I'm waiting. I had a dessert in Chicago,
and uh and I'm waiting until I know and I'm
waiting until after July fourth. Uh you know to uh
that I kind of set goals to where I can
have my next dessert.

Speaker 4 (03:24):
So after prides himself on being relatable and then you
talk about food and stuff like this, it's not relatable.

Speaker 3 (03:31):
Well yeah, I mean, listen, my diet's probably not relatable.
But the truck I drive. You know my background, you know,
the hardworking, blue collar background of the eight oh five
Ventura County. I mean that's very relatable, all right, and
we don't need to judge here on this show. I
would simply say, pound for pound, orange is the best
Gatorade flavor. We're gonna go pound for pound, Lee. Is

there a way that you can find out most consumed
gatorade flavor like and what the rankings are, because I
would venture to guess that orange is near the top
of the list. I'm not a big fan of the original.
Just seems a little bit too acidic. But I mean,
clearly lemon lime is the Uh that's the original?

Speaker 6 (04:16):
Is the original?

Speaker 3 (04:17):
Yeah, but that's not the good that's not number one.

Speaker 5 (04:19):
Can't be yeah, he said, I'm reading it is right now, jeez.

Speaker 7 (04:23):
And Orange Gatorade did see a spike in popularity during
the summer of twenty twenty one. Oh hold on, I'm
finding statistics. Give me a second.

Speaker 3 (04:33):
I think fruit punch is overrated. There's also an ice
something and that might be the glacier freeze that you're
talking about. But there's like a clear one that is
really good as well too that I recall having back.

Speaker 5 (04:47):
They still make fierce melon.

Speaker 3 (04:49):
I'm looking it up, right, now it says it's rumored
to be discontinued, but some people still find it here
and there.

Speaker 5 (04:55):
Wow, I mean, how about this Gatorade.

Speaker 4 (04:58):
Let's go back to actually, your good flavor is the
good stuff and get away from the whole water thing.
I think you've literally lost perspective on where you're at,
and save me the whole all we infuse it with
electro lights and all this. It's like, Okay, that should
have been option one, Like that was the whole point
of the original Gatorade. Ohs, that didn't even show anymore.

Speaker 3 (05:19):
By the way. You know what I have had feared. Yeah,
that is a good flavor. That's the it's like a
darker orange. Yes, oh yeah, no, good call. Yeah, that's
that's that's solid there, dude.

Speaker 5 (05:30):
One of those cold on a hot day was like
the greatest thing ever. Yeah, I mean, and then they
started making water, so there you go. I'm just saying, like,
go back to their old commercials. It was always about
how it was like GATORA, it's better before you than water. Hey,
we've been to water. Now, all right, well this isn't working.

Speaker 3 (05:48):
I mean, listen to you know, you know, former friend
of the show hopefully a friend again soon. Element those
lm NT hydration packs, those are solid. Those will get
you right too, you know. That's it. And those are
sugar free, by the way.

Speaker 4 (06:03):
And then we don't even have a sponsor with them.
It'd be awesome if they came on board. I will
say this unsolicited.

Speaker 5 (06:08):
It is the greatest hydration thing I've ever taken.

Speaker 4 (06:11):
Yes, and for those of you if you get banged up,
take one of those before you go to bed.

Speaker 5 (06:14):
You'll be fine the next day.

Speaker 3 (06:16):
Yeah, cut that and send a jade. Listen, you remember
when so we went to the Super Bowl in Vegas.
I put together like a little a little get better
pack for Brady LeVar Lee and it was it was
an Element it was an Element pack for each day.

Speaker 5 (06:36):
They were all consumed.

Speaker 3 (06:39):
Right on day two. Brady's like, you got any more?
I gave me five?

Speaker 5 (06:43):

Speaker 4 (06:43):
Well, first off, one of those dinners was with you,
it was, it was with Lee as well.

Speaker 3 (06:48):
So that was when that was when the Browns fans said,
Brady a bottle of wine, and I think did Lee?

Speaker 5 (06:58):
Well, we said we working a drink anymore?

Speaker 4 (07:00):
And then they send a bottle of wine and We're like,
well this would be extremely rude not to.

Speaker 5 (07:05):
I mean, that's that's an awkward situation.

Speaker 4 (07:06):
If someone buys you a drink but you don't want
to drink, or you're not drinking, it's extremely disrespectful to
not drink it.

Speaker 5 (07:12):

Speaker 3 (07:13):
Does that happen to you a lot? Do people send
you drinks? Is like, hey, I know, that's great. I
don't know.

Speaker 5 (07:17):
I try not.

Speaker 4 (07:18):
I've got so many kids. People look at me and
it looks like a circus. They're like, oh, we didn't know,
you know, the Wringling Brothers were here.

Speaker 5 (07:24):
You know.

Speaker 4 (07:24):
It's like, usually we're out in public, they're like, can
we pay for your dinner for you to leave so
we can have some bees at quiet?

Speaker 5 (07:30):
It's usually that's usually how it works.

Speaker 3 (07:33):
Yeah, it's uh, by the way, did they throw crans
on the floor? That's why they don't.

Speaker 4 (07:38):
They don't throw them. I mean, my girls, honestly, are
actually really good. The problem is when they eat and
they'll still use their hands, and so I try to
call them heathens.

Speaker 5 (07:47):
I'm like, do you you're not an animal? Like the
use your utensils.

Speaker 4 (07:52):
But somehow, especially Teagan, she's five, she's just gonna be
six here shortly, I'm like, how is it there's always
a mess around your chair when you eat? I don't
understand how that happens. But she's like our kid, that's
just like perfectly okay with it. And meanwhile, our oldest
is like wants everything to be nice and clean and
neat and pushing her chair back in our young our
youngest daughter is just like so cute.

Speaker 5 (08:12):
We just let her do whatever she wants. But she's
pretty neat.

Speaker 3 (08:14):
Too, see Sloan putting it down. I don't know how
it's supposed to go. What did you finally on?

Speaker 6 (08:21):

Speaker 5 (08:22):

Speaker 3 (08:22):
Anything else? You look like you were you were going
to say something, so I don't know if you're still.

Speaker 7 (08:28):
I was weighing in on the uh extra bottle of wine?

Speaker 5 (08:31):
Yeah right? We had to drink it? Yeah?

Speaker 3 (08:34):
Yeah? Yeah? Who got ahold of it?

Speaker 8 (08:37):

Speaker 3 (08:37):

Speaker 5 (08:38):
Did we?

Speaker 4 (08:39):
Did we drink something, cork it and leave? I can't
remember prootly that got a little fuzzy.

Speaker 7 (08:43):
I think we went down to the UH to the
bar downstairs and uncorked it at the bar, which probably
wasn't okay to do.

Speaker 3 (08:53):
Wait, did you really I need even see that?

Speaker 6 (08:55):
I I don't remember.

Speaker 3 (08:58):
I'm almost positive you took it back to the room.

Speaker 7 (09:00):
Well I did take it back to the room for sure.
You know Lee plays for the Browns.

Speaker 6 (09:08):
We're already too.

Speaker 3 (09:10):
Those guys are like those guys are like.

Speaker 5 (09:12):

Speaker 3 (09:13):
We gave one of our favorite Browns players a bottle
of wine. I hope he enjoyed it.

Speaker 5 (09:17):
Little they know.

Speaker 3 (09:18):
The guy with a mullet smoked it when he got
back to the room.

Speaker 6 (09:24):
Thanks, guys.

Speaker 3 (09:27):
Well yeah, well, I hope it was tasty. But it
is two pros and a cup of joe here on
Fox Sports Radio. By the way, we're doing it all
live from the tire rack dot Com studios. Ti rac
dot com will help you get there an unmatched selection, fast,
free shipping, free road hazard protection, and over ten thousand
recommended installers. Tire rack dot com the way tire buying
should be. So we do have a discussion in the

NFL that we're going to get to when it comes
to what it could look like, what the future could be,
et cetera, et cetera, et cetera. I did want to
ask you this because I have this was kind of interesting.
So AJ Brown he this tight end you that's become
a big hit where all the tight ends from around
the NFL get together and it's basically a camp where
they work together. Greg Olsen's there and everybody else, you know,

kind of kind of puts it together. There's I believe
it's a concert that goes on. Kelsey's there, all of them.
And so aj Brown of the Eagles threw out a
thing on Twitter or x and said, Hey, wide receivers
on a we get together. Let's make it happen. Tyreek
Hill said let's do it. And my thought on that
when I saw it was, Yeah, there's no chance that

happens like that feels like a long shot that you
could get wide receivers together in one room. It would
be tremendous TV. Like if HBO wants to rid themselves
of the hard Knocks plague and the fact that it's
just the same tired act over and over again, tell
me you wouldn't watch wide receivers trying to coexist for
a weekend somewhere in the NFL. I am hauling on it.

Speaker 5 (10:56):
It'd be interesting to see how that would work.

Speaker 4 (10:58):
I mean, there's there's a reason why you don't see
something like this and why tight ends were some of
the first to get together and do it. Wide receivers
just it's a different perspective, you know. And you'll see
a few guys get together and work out together. Usually
it's guys on the same team or guys who played

together in college.

Speaker 5 (11:19):
It's very rare you'd see a really large.

Speaker 4 (11:22):
Big group unless they just all happen to be training
in the same area. And there's usually a few trainers,
whether it's in Cali or South Florida.

Speaker 5 (11:29):
Sometimes Texas.

Speaker 4 (11:31):
There's about three different states and spots where a group
of guys will be all getting together and doing you know,
conditioning drills, running routes. But I don't know, it sounds
like it'd be a lot of trouble man. I mean,
wide receivers just.

Speaker 5 (11:44):
Have more of I don't know.

Speaker 4 (11:47):
I guess the ego, I think when it comes to it,
you know, it's just it is what it is. But
tight ends I think Petro says it the best too.
They've got to play in the trenches, so there's an
element of of you know, understanding. You know, there's a
there's a battle, there's physicality that goes on every single
play in there.

Speaker 5 (12:07):
So they have that perspective.

Speaker 4 (12:08):
They have the perspective of being split out and catching footballs,
but they also have the perspective of what it's like
to run block past blocks. So that perspective I think
gives them the greater ability to understand their game is
truly multifaceted and what they're asked to do, which takes
you know, getting together, talking to their guys, how they
see things, how they do things, but also just a

different perspective and how they conduct themselves.

Speaker 3 (12:33):
So because you're held accountable, Like if you if your
mouth off, I got to see that guy the next play.

Speaker 5 (12:38):
Yeah, you get your head knocked off the next player.

Speaker 4 (12:40):
Right, Like you think you're you're going to run across
the line of scrimmage on a backside cut off on
an outside zone play to the right and you're moving
right to left. That DNS coming to hit you with
bad intentions. You know they've taken away some of the
ways you can you can block guys inside the box.
So it's just it's different when you have to deal
with that because you know you can get got the

next play.

Speaker 5 (13:03):
You know, it's just there's a different respect.

Speaker 3 (13:05):
Is Samarja the most relatable meat head wide receiver you
played with?

Speaker 4 (13:10):
I would yes, one, I would not describe him as
as a meathead in any way, though, I would say
he was one of the greatest athletes I'd.

Speaker 5 (13:17):
Ever been around. You know, he he could do.

Speaker 4 (13:20):
Anything baseball, football, basketball, But he also was like ridiculously strong.

Speaker 5 (13:28):
I mean he to this, I swear to you he
to this day.

Speaker 4 (13:31):
We had a couple of really really good wrestlers that were,
you know, also great football players in John Sullivan and
Trevor Laws. And when I was in college and these
that's an old lineman d lineman, and he would wrestle
them and hold his own as a wide receiver.

Speaker 5 (13:46):
Like I mean, guys who are like nationally.

Speaker 4 (13:49):
Ranked coming out of high school probably could have went
to school for that if they wanted to, and he
could hold his own versus those guys.

Speaker 5 (13:56):
Now they I was, you know.

Speaker 4 (13:59):
I hadn't really seen it, had a ton of those
wrestling matches to hear more stories, but.

Speaker 5 (14:04):
It was pretty impressive. Now.

Speaker 3 (14:06):
So I saw the highlight of this because the anniversary
happened recently. But do you remember when Bryce Harper fought
Hunter Strickland of the Giants. So Hunter Strickland was a
reliever for the Giants. He threw up Bryce Harper, and
Bryce Harper charged him. They got in a little bit
of the fight. The highlight of the fight was not
those two guys, because there might have been one or

two punches landed. Michael Morse, who's a big dude for
the Giants, went in to break it up, and Samarga,
who was playing for San Francisco at that time, ran
out of the dugout and friendly fire cleaned his clock.
And I'm not exaggerating. I don't think Michael Morse ever
played another game.

Speaker 4 (14:47):
The crazy thing about that is I used to train
with Michael Morris down in South Florida. They had a
facility called Bob Pete brab Marito has a facility and
Mike used to train down there.

Speaker 5 (14:59):
I'd see him all the time.

Speaker 4 (15:00):
I don't I don't think I saw him after that incident,
after that all happened, but I had gotten to know
him pretty well leading up to that. So that was
such a weird connection because I remember seeing that and
those guys were texting you, like what's your boy doing.
I was like, I don't have no idea, But I
don't think that was intentional anyway. Yeah, although that will
be the best way to get in a clean shot

on a guy you don't like.

Speaker 5 (15:21):
On your own team.

Speaker 3 (15:22):
Oh, come on.

Speaker 4 (15:23):
Get a gigantic brawl and you just like, hey, man, sorry,
there's so many people in there. I was just trying
to take my shot and just having to cold clock
you in the face.

Speaker 3 (15:32):
Michael Morris. That a decent career, man, I was a
serious camp Yeah, World Series champ, but it is Yeah,
that's like you could still watch that to where just
unintentional Samarja just went back to like he was at
South Bend again and just wiped him out unintentionally. So
Two Pros and a Cup of Joe. Fox Sports Radio
Brady Quinnjona snoxs with you here coming up next here

though from the tiraq dot Com studio. So we apparently
they're not everybody's against this, all right. There are some
people in the NFL who don't like it, but there
are also some people who do. We will tell you
what we're talking about coming up next here on FSR.

Speaker 2 (16:08):
Be sure to catch live editions of Two Pros and
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Hey it's me Rob Parker.

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Speaker 3 (16:52):
Two pros and a cup of Joe Fox Sports Radio.
What coming up in about twenty minutes from now from
the tire rac Studios, We are going to have some
over unders. We are going to get you set for
a busy weekend in the world of sports and beyond,
and we're gonna gamble our asses off while we do it.
So that'll be yours here again a little over twenty
minutes from now. Also, we need to pin down these

specifics on Laker or Faker coming up an hour three
of the program. Lead Laps got several questions for you, Brady,
so just trying to get to the bottom of exactly
how we're gonna put this together. Okay, he's got those
questions he needs answered because he's not quite sure exactly

where it's going. So so if.

Speaker 9 (17:40):
We can get that going for Lee, because he's off
and running this morning, all right, So let's get into
this discussion here, because the eighteen game season in the NFL,
that feels like it's a matter of when, not if.

Speaker 3 (17:57):
And according to Mike Florio perie source with knowledge of
the situation, the NFLPA is bracing for it and bracing
for the discussions for the eighteen game proposal, and there's
a sense that plenty of young players are fine with it.
So the veterans may have some pushback, but the young
players are like, it's not the worst thing in the world.

And if you remember how they got to seventeen games,
it was a really close vote, and I believe a
lot of veterans were unhappy with the decision from you know,
other players in the league moving it to seventeen games.
And it appears like at least that part of the
NFL Players Association and the players in the league, they're

okay with the extra workload during the regular season.

Speaker 4 (18:41):
Young players obviously, and we don't know specifics to who
these young players are, you know, whether they're guys who
have been in the league for a year or two
guys trying to.

Speaker 5 (18:50):
Just get onto a roster. I think the reason why
a lot of.

Speaker 4 (18:53):
Young players you know, look at this and say, yeah,
I'm okay with that, Well, for them, it provides them
potentially more opportunity. You know, with an eighteen game proposed schedule,
the NFLPA is going to push for expanded rosters, more
guys who are dressing on game day, which you know,
I look at it and say, like, I really have
never agreed with the fact that you know, you only

dress forty forty five, forty six guys of a fifty
three man roster anyway. I mean, if you have fifty
three guys on a roster, they should all be able
to dress if they're all healthy, and if they're not.

Speaker 5 (19:26):
Healthy, like, so be it.

Speaker 4 (19:28):
I just it's never I know, there's some schematic to
you know, a strategy to all that, how you go
about managing that, but it's just it's one of those
things that to me should be changed. As we've already
gone from sixteen to seventeen, now we're going to eighteen.
You know, you need more bodies out there, you're going
to have more injuries. You should allow a team the
opportunity to still be able to not have to sacrifice

other spots, you know, if you actually care about player safety,
which we could talk about forever, because we you and
I both know the NFL ultimate doesn't care about that.
They just want to make money and that's where the
owners want to get to eighteen games. And for the
young players, it just comes down to opportunity, greater roster
sizes and maybe a better chance of them being able
to stick and make it onto a team. But I

guarantee you if they were in the spot off a
guy who played seven eight years, they'd be looking back
going no, I don't want to you know, as I
look in the next two or three years, I don't
have to keep playing, you know, at an additional game
every year.

Speaker 5 (20:21):
So that's the hard part is you've got a lot.

Speaker 4 (20:25):
Of players who I think are young and haven't been
in the league long enough to kind of understand where
this whole thing is going, and they just see it
more as an opportunity, which you know, I guess if
you're young too in college football, as you're getting into
the NFL. You're also now playing more games than you've
played ever before. You know, you've got your traditional you know,

twelve games a conference championship games in most cases, and
if you don't, you can still make them the playoff
or you have the opportunity to potentially play you know,
three more games. So you're getting to that number. That's
getting close to that anyway. I mean high school you're
kind of used to that if you're playing through a
ten game regular season schedule and you have to make
it all the way to States.

Speaker 5 (21:08):
So it's there in some.

Speaker 4 (21:09):
Capacity, I guess, but it probably doesn't feel that abnormal
as college football has even expanded to their schedule the.

Speaker 5 (21:16):
Length of the season.

Speaker 3 (21:18):
So the NFL went to sixteen games back in nineteen
seventy eight, I believe, and it wasn't until twenty twenty
one that they added another game and went to seventeen.
And we're not even three years in and they're already
looking to add one more. Like it just feels like
it's that, you know, that even number that they want

to get to. And you know, I think we've set
the over under on when this gets done at what
a year and a half that we're going to get
to that eighteen game mark. And I think we all
took the under if I'm not mistaken, that's that's kind
of where we headed. Yeah, and it is kind of
like what the reasoning behind not allowing a certain number

of players to dress? Not allowing like it just that Also,
and I'm with you, that never seemed to add up
to me because you look at a college sideline and
it's you know, you've got how many players dressed for
a college game? Like you got players wearing the same
number for college football half the time, and of course
a lot of those guys aren't going to play. But

it is weird how restrictive it is in the NFL.
And is it just a money thing? Is it just
a and So I look at it and I go,
anything that's going to give more players an opportunity to play,
to have an opportunity to earn a paycheck whatnot, Like
I think that's a good thing for the league. But yeah,
there's going to be veteran play and there's probably gonna
be outspoken Veteran players are going to be pissed about this,

that are going to be like, look, we're going to
eighteen games, So what about the two game, you know,
preseason instead of three games. That doesn't really mean anything.
But ultimately we're just going to get there. Because there's
way too much money involved. They're going to sweeten the
pot and then players are going to be going to
agree to it. And I wouldn't be surprised if I
think it was fifty one percent of the vote got

it done, and for the seventeen games, I wouldn't be
surprised if it's even more than that to get it
done for eighteen. At this point with all the revenues
coming in, just kind of a kind of interesting how
the NFL just continues to say, we care about you,
You're important to us. How much is that extra game
going to get us? Listen, we're going to agree to it,
but we still care about you. You're still important to us.

And then we just go from there. So if fans
want more football, they're going to get it.

Speaker 4 (23:30):
Well yeah, but I mean again it players understand that
there's a there's a greater revenue to be made or
to be had from all of this, but they also
understand that they're a depreciating asset. So playing more games,
you know, they need to, you know, increase the pay
for that, you know, whatever proportionate percentage of is for
the additional games. Like that's one thing that frustrates players.

And as you see these contracts continue to explode, now
there's a thought that, well, there's a good reason why
we're doing this, because you know, some of those contracts
were signed when they're playing sixteen games. You know, now
most are probably signed over a seventeen game schedule, but
some are preparing for the future where you're playing eighteen
in the regular season, and that's ultimately what you're agreeing

to in your contract.

Speaker 5 (24:16):
You know, you have bonuses and so forth for the postseason,
but that's.

Speaker 4 (24:20):
Not that's not what you're agreeing to when what you're
banking on between ownership when you're signing a big contract.
So they're already structuring that to be the case in there.
That's why you see some contracts that are backloaded where
they have a little bit of a.

Speaker 5 (24:32):
Higher salary cap hit.

Speaker 4 (24:33):
I mean, some of that's too to push it away
from the you know, the current salary cap and make
it more feasible to happen with the rest of the
roster at this point, but some of that too, is
the expectation that they're gonna get the eighteen games, and
so these guys should be getting compensated more, you know,
for that when that time comes.

Speaker 3 (24:50):
Isn't that if you're coming out of college and playing
eleven or twelve games, like it's just getting more and more.

Speaker 5 (24:57):
No one's playing eleven or twelve games. I mean, start
playing twelve.

Speaker 3 (25:00):
At a minimum, and you still and then you'll get
to your playing six more. I just wonder at what
point during the regular season you're like, man, f this
like this is not what I'm used to.

Speaker 4 (25:11):
I don't know you say that, but you are going
to hit a rookie wall, you know if you will.
I mean, you tend to forget even play eighteen, you're
still playing two preseason games. So if you're a young player,
you're probably playing in those preseason games and you're going
through training camp.

Speaker 5 (25:24):
You're going it just the season feels so much longer.

Speaker 4 (25:28):
And that's why the idea of you know, moving up
OTAs and mini camp to being a ramp up into
training camp. You know, the thought process behind it is
it's it's gonna be interesting to see how players feel
about that. Halfway through the NFL season, it's gonna feel
like an eternity because it's so foreign to what they've
done in the past. I mean, for example, at any

other level, you have spring football, you have summer where
you're preparing, conditioning, still doing some stuff, but you're not banging,
you're not hitting, you don't have it, you don't.

Speaker 5 (25:57):
Have a game that you're preparing for.

Speaker 4 (25:58):
And then you go to training camp, go in the
season that's in high school, that's in college, but down
football in the NFL, you're gonna take it and you're
gonna move that all from the spring, and you're gonna
push it all in the summertime leading up to the
training camp. It's gonna be the only level of football
that does it that way. So I have no idea
how players are gonna feel about it. But if you

think that and think about it for a rookie, I mean,
you get done with your season, you immediately jump into
preparation for the Combine, the underwear Olympics, you know, hoping
to not pull with Chris Jones, unless you know, maybe
you got luggage like that and you're going right in
a draft and then that, and then you'll have a
little bit of a break before you start up things
in the summertime. But it just to me, it doesn't

make as much sense moving it in that way. I
understand the rationale behind it, I would not be I
wouldn't be favorable of pushing the spring and all that,
you know, to lumping it in with everything building up
for training camp.

Speaker 3 (26:56):
Yeah, if they make that change. If you're a rookie,
you go from like say you play the previous season
starts out August, like it's like you basically go a
year plus straight of football, always trained, like there's no
way your body doesn't break down or you're not feeling
it at some point. That's a long ass time to
be constantly going, constantly grinding, constantly, you know, playing football,

preparing for games, recovering from injury, like doing whatever you
need to do. Like there's yeah, that that is a
that is a long time to go. But I mean
I can handle it. But you know how we work, man,
that's what we do. I mean, that's that's exactly why.

Speaker 5 (27:34):
And what capacity could you handle it?

Speaker 3 (27:36):
I could watch all of it. I don't know. I
don't want to be a part of it, but this
is exactly why. You know, if a guy is recovering
from an injury, and you know, may or may not
piss hot on something. He shouldn't be judged, all right,
he just should not be I'm just saying he shouldn't
be judged. Things happen. Guy's got to get right, and
if you're gonna put their bodies through it, at least

give them a little bit of an opportunity to to
feel a little bit better about themselves at some point
as they get late in the season. That's all I'm saying.
Two Pros and a Cup of Joe here on Fox
Sports Radio and coming up next here from these tire
rack dot Com studios. It is a Friday tradition. We
are going to look ahead to a busy weekend in
the world of sports and beyond. It's another edition of
over Unders and it's yours here on FSR.

Speaker 2 (28:20):
Be sure to catch live editions of Two Pros and
a Cup of Joe with Brady Quinn, LeVar Arrington and
Jonas Knox weekdays at six am Eastern, three am Pacific.

Speaker 3 (28:31):
Two Pros and a Cup of Joe, Fox Sports Radio,
Brady Quinn, Jonas Knox with the hair by the way,
if you've noticed it more and more people have road
raids these days. Seems like there's a clip online or
on television of people thrown down in a street somewhere
because they get pissed out.

Speaker 4 (28:49):
I think that maybe has always been there, we just
didn't have access to see it as often as we
do now.

Speaker 3 (28:55):
Yeah, well maybe right, but yeah, I see I saw
the There was two Amazon drive a beat up a
bum he tried to, like, he tried to like steal
one of their vans. Some guy just beat the piss
out of him. Then just there was another clip on
television of guy beating up some dude who apparently was
giving him a hard time. So listen, be careful out there, everybody. Hey,

I got news for you. If you want to throw
down on the streets, well I'm not gonna judge you
as long as you're driving on some tire rack tires
I know that's for sure. As we do this show
here live from ti rack dot com studios, by the way,
coming up top of next hour, a little over fifteen
minutes from now, we are going to well we're gonna
get to the to the bottom of a little something

that we plan on putting together on this show called
Laker or Faker. All right, this is something that's going
to appeal to everybody. Lee the Lap is thrilled, absolutely
thrilled with this, and so we will have that again
top of next hour here on FSR.

Speaker 6 (30:02):
Lee, what's some problem I'm looking so forward to that?

Speaker 5 (30:10):
Did you have proper time to prepare for this?

Speaker 6 (30:12):
Yes, I've prepared so much.

Speaker 5 (30:16):
I pitched I.

Speaker 4 (30:17):
Pitched the idea yesterday to Jonas and we thought we
kind of felt like you'd be the best to handle
the responsibility.

Speaker 5 (30:24):
So hopefully time.

Speaker 3 (30:26):
Yeah, yeah, all right, so we will come up with
some concoction of Laker or Faker with then probably the
top of an extent.

Speaker 6 (30:36):
Great name, I'll give you that.

Speaker 3 (30:39):
Well, we'll figure it out. Listen, don't worry about it,
all right. We are a lot of moving parts here
on this show here today, So there's that before we
get to another edition of Over Unders. Though shortly after
the show, our podcast will be going up, so if
you missed any of it, be sure to check out
the pod search two pros. Whoever gets your podcast, be
sure to also follow, rate and review the pod. Again,

just search two pros ee ever get your podcast, you'll
see this show posted right after we get off the air.

Speaker 2 (31:06):
Time to put your money where your mouth is.

Speaker 5 (31:09):
I have been.

Speaker 6 (31:09):
Losing only a lion low life game with the genuine.

Speaker 3 (31:13):
It's over under all, Right, lead the lap? How do
we do last week? What are we looking at here?

Speaker 6 (31:18):
Great week?

Speaker 7 (31:19):
Last week fellas of course, it was just just the
three of us and we were looking we were staring
at a sweep in the NBA Finals between the Celtics
and Mavericks, and we asked games left in the NBA
Finals at one and a half.

Speaker 6 (31:33):
Both of you guys took the under.

Speaker 3 (31:35):
Thought it would be a sweep.

Speaker 6 (31:37):
Of course, we all know that the Mavericks forced Game five.

Speaker 3 (31:41):
Yeah, but man, I kept hearing from people like what
about that carryover effect from Game four to Game five?
Did the MAVs find something? Yeah, they felt an island somewhere.
They found an island somewhere they can vacation on early
That's where they found.

Speaker 5 (31:54):
Do you think it's Dallas so much as it is?
I don't know.

Speaker 4 (31:58):
I'm not trying to be a conspiracy theory. I know
obviously getting to Game five I believe is at least
the TV networks break even.

Speaker 5 (32:05):
That's supposedly the number and it always.

Speaker 4 (32:08):
Feels like two teams would rather win at home than
went on the road when you're talking about like a
championship like that. I mean, think about if Boston won
in Dallas. I mean, do you think we'd get the
Jason Tatum we did it.

Speaker 3 (32:23):
Because the confetti wouldn't have fallen and it wouldn't have
had the same look, you know, like him lifting his
son up in the confetti, which was awesome. Like we
wouldn't get that same look. So yeah, I mean, oh wow,
you went really okay. Well I'm just saying like this.

Speaker 5 (32:36):
So you went for the genuine take on that.

Speaker 3 (32:38):
Oh yeah, the sit. Well, I'm a genuine guy, you know.
That's that's what I care about. And so I look
at it and I go, yeah, well, maybe, uh, you know,
maybe Boston was like, yeah, listen, we don't need this
all that much. We got a couple of days off,
let's go back home. Christap Porzingos will walk out there
with one leg the other one falling off his body,
and then then we'll get it together and figure it out.
So I mean, but I don't think that we should

be docked points on that, even though we had the
under of one and a half games. I don't think
we should be docked points based on the fact that
there could be a little bit of a conspiracy in
that game. For so, if anything, I feel like this
should be a wash. Is that right?

Speaker 4 (33:19):

Speaker 7 (33:20):
I will give you both equal amount of points here,
thank points being zero.

Speaker 3 (33:25):
Thanks, you got it.

Speaker 6 (33:27):
Fair play here, guys.

Speaker 7 (33:29):
We also went on to the Stanley Cup asking if
they would go one and a half games more, and
of course we're still in it.

Speaker 6 (33:37):
Boilers have forced good Jonas Brady, bad job by you.

Speaker 3 (33:43):
That's sweet. How about that?

Speaker 5 (33:47):
You're just not You're not very very much of a patriot.

Speaker 3 (33:49):
Well, listen, you should be very much in support of
your Irish brethren. Conor McDavid, I don't know why you
can't celebrate the guy. Why can't you celebrate his greatness?
Trying to get this back to a game seven?

Speaker 5 (34:01):
I'm move for the Cats. Go Cats.

Speaker 3 (34:03):
I just want a game seven. That's it. Like whatever
it's going to take to get to seven games, that's all.
I want something to watch on Monday night. You know
what else, Lee, Guys?

Speaker 7 (34:11):
We had the UFL Championship on Fox over Under was
a forty two. This would being between the Stallions and
the Bramas. We all love the Bramas, but of course
they got shut out twenty five nothing by.

Speaker 5 (34:24):
The birth Nice we had the under.

Speaker 6 (34:27):
I tried watching that game.

Speaker 5 (34:28):
It was.

Speaker 6 (34:30):
Hard to watch, right, to support the network Lee, Yeah,
you know, twenty five.

Speaker 5 (34:35):
You know, I thought, I don't think we need to
give a take on every single one. Give them all
he gets.

Speaker 6 (34:42):
But good job, Brady, you took the under on that.

Speaker 3 (34:44):
So twenty five nothing. I don't think I should be
docked points on that because it was poorly officiated.

Speaker 5 (34:48):
So that's true, saying take it up with Dean Blandina, right.

Speaker 7 (34:52):
Uh, and then you guys both got correct Scotti Scheffler
finishing over five and a half. Of course he finished
tied for forty first plus two and drinks by Lee
at his dry wedding ceremony. I definitely hit the over
on five and a half, nice me and the in
and out crew.

Speaker 3 (35:10):
So that's what I hear. So what is the so?
So who won? Did Brady win last week? That Brady
one three to two?

Speaker 5 (35:17):
Who cares?

Speaker 6 (35:17):
Jonas two, two and three?

Speaker 5 (35:19):
Who cares?

Speaker 3 (35:19):
We don't need to do a deep dive on it. Now,
what do we got this week, speaking.

Speaker 7 (35:23):
Of deep dive, We've got Stanley Cup Final. We got
Panthers at Oilers Game six, five and a half under.

Speaker 5 (35:32):
I'm gonna say, I'm gonna say under. Hey, I'll say under.

Speaker 4 (35:36):
I don't feel good about it though, I feel like
it could be when I was like four to two
games they end up getting an empty netter.

Speaker 3 (35:41):
I just I don't know last time they played there,
what was it eight to one was the final? What
are the odds that's gonna happen again?

Speaker 5 (35:49):
You know, I don't know. I'm taking the under, all.

Speaker 6 (35:52):
Right, Well, keeping it with that. Stanley Cup Final games
left one and a half over.

Speaker 5 (36:00):
I'm gonna say the over as well. But they get
it done in game seven? Go Cats?

Speaker 6 (36:04):
Yeah, I was gonna say, who gets it done with Cats?

Speaker 5 (36:06):
All right?

Speaker 6 (36:07):
Copa America USA versus Bolivia two and a half.

Speaker 5 (36:12):
Geez under Olivias? Can we can we score over?

Speaker 3 (36:17):
I mean Bolivias.

Speaker 5 (36:20):
I'll then sure, I'll take Oh you're going over?

Speaker 3 (36:23):
Okay, I'll take the over as well.

Speaker 6 (36:28):
That'll be fun. That'll be a fun watch on Fox.

Speaker 7 (36:31):
Guys, Bronni James, who drafts of Lakers or the field?

Speaker 5 (36:35):
When's the draft next?

Speaker 6 (36:37):
Weekend next week Thursday twenty sixth.

Speaker 5 (36:40):
I guess we do have to do it now, who
takes someone?

Speaker 6 (36:42):
You say Lakers, the Lakers are the field or no One.

Speaker 5 (36:46):
I'm gonna say the Lakers two.

Speaker 3 (36:49):
It's unbelievable.

Speaker 5 (36:50):
I know it's gonna happen.

Speaker 6 (36:53):
It's gonna happen. We all know what's gonna happen. That
would be I think the fifty fifth pick. Lastly, Guys
LeVar Island average for LeVar.

Speaker 5 (37:01):
This over per day three and a half.

Speaker 4 (37:05):
He's been mixing it lately, though, I'm gonna say over,
I would probably say otherwise.

Speaker 3 (37:11):
Listen, I'm gonna take the under. I'm gonna take the under.
I think he's gonna find something this weekend video I
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