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June 24, 2024 41 mins

Bryce Young is improving but the Panthers are still in the worst position in the NFL. The guys preview Game 7 of the Stanley Cup Final. The NFL makes adjustment to the Comeback Playoff the Year.


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Speaker 1 (00:00):
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Speaker 2 (00:21):
You're listening to Fox Sports Radio.

Speaker 3 (00:32):
Oh hey, it's the Herd Fox Sports Radio. LaVar Arrington,
Brady Quinn, Jonas Knox with you here. You can listen
to us on the iHeartRadio app, and you can find
us on hundreds of affiliates all across the country. You
can also do that Monday through Friday six am Eastern time,
three o'clock Pacific, where we take over the airwaves every

single weekday here. But they've moved us back to fill
in for Colin. And look, we're doing our part. We're
doing our part to try and keep everybody informed. And
what I would also say this, can I defend the
dog days of the sports calendar that a lot of
people have that looked at this being because the NBA

Finals are over. Yeah, you've got the Stanley Cup Final
later on, but after that then it's you know, you're
pretty much waiting. You've got some soccer games and stuff
like that, you've got some baseball, and then you're just
waiting for the football season to start. I think that
gambling and the ability to bet on sports has completely
wiped out the dog day's term because now everything's interesting.

You can bet on.

Speaker 4 (01:34):
Ron and Aaron Rodgers have done the same, the exact
thing as well. No, what what do you mean. I mean,
you can just gamble your ass off if you want
to on. Just pick a sport at any time. There's
always something going on. Croatia versus Italy. Yeah, bam, let's
go Italy. Okay, let's go Croatia.

Speaker 3 (01:58):
Damn whoa.

Speaker 4 (02:00):
I mean they got to have a one to evance today.

Speaker 3 (02:03):
Man Brady's like eighty six percent Italian.

Speaker 4 (02:06):
Me too, that's not true right there with him?

Speaker 3 (02:10):
Me too? Three me?

Speaker 5 (02:12):
Will you use your twenty three?

Speaker 3 (02:25):
It definitely did say that. Now that being said, we
talked and opened up the show discussing the story that
came out Tyler Dunn of Golong uh TD. He pointed
out that you know, I mean, I believe it is
it is it go long? Is that the name of
the that's the credit, right, is it go along TD
or something like? Yeah, listen, you know, it's hard to

keep track of some of this stuff. But the point
is he made the h the pointed out the information
that came out of the Cowboys in which the feeling
is Mike McCarthy's a little bit fed up with the
influence Jerry Jones has and everything that's going on there.
And it's a circus and it's drama, and it's to
be expected when it comes to the Dallas Cowboys. But

at least Dallas is like a good team. Maybe they're
not going to win a Super Bowl, but at least
they're a good team. And you can complain about the
owner getting involved too much, but they're always in the headlines.
They're usually in the playoffs. Yeah, they don't pick up
a lot of wins, but at least when it comes
to Jerry Jones, I would say his time as a
Cowboys owner has been highly successful. It's why the guy's

in the Hall of Fame. I mean, it's why Robert
Craft is really upset that he's not in the Hall
of Fame because Jerry Jones got in befohim and apparently
they have this rivalry which would make by the way,
the hiring of Belichick, if they do move on from
Mike McCarthy, that much more interesting to kind of stick
it to Robert Kraft one last time if they hire

him next year.

Speaker 5 (03:52):
I'm just saying they have some competition, like some vendetta
against one of those.

Speaker 3 (03:56):
Yeah, they don't like each other apparently. I think the
story was Arry Jones yelled at Robert Craft in an
owner's meeting and basically clowned him in front of everybody.
And Robert Craft is not and he was so distraught.
He was so distraught that he took his talents to Jupiter,
Florida to really try and get over the whole thing.
Where to go, Bobby orchids. The point is that there's

all that going on between Jerry Jones Mike McCarthy, and
then we transitioned over to the other spectrum, which is
a team who's got an owner that's too involved, but
they're just awful. And Adam Thelen is a member of
the Carolina Panthers. By the way, he had a really
good year last year, sort of under the radar because
they were so bad. But Adam Thelen was talking with

Rich Eisen recently about what he expects and what he's
seen from Bryce Young. Is to enter year two of
the Bryce Young era there in Carolina.

Speaker 6 (04:51):
I look back to last year, those first two weeks,
so it chase. He wasn't even there yet. He was
still not even on a team yet. He was not
the draft has been gone on yet. So I'm taking
it back to that, like, now he's there. Now, we're
getting routes on air, We're around each other, we're in
the locker room together, we're bs and talking about how
great the Timberwolves.

Speaker 3 (05:10):
Are because I'm a Timberwolves fan.

Speaker 6 (05:12):
So you know, you have that time together that we
didn't have last year, and so you kind of started
thinking about like, man, like that's that's tough as a
rookie quarterback coming You're already behind the eight ball, learning
the playbook, learning your players.

Speaker 2 (05:26):
And then it's like.

Speaker 6 (05:26):
Again, like you take that month off, you get away
from each other. Maybe we get together quickly for a
day or two, and then it's like the grounds run
of Boom, like training camp, Like we got to figure
out who the starter is, Like okay, now he's the starter.
Now we got to figure out the games, the preseason
games and all that. So it was a whirlwind in
a lot of ways. And that's not even talking about
the system and the coaching and the adversity and all that.

So it's been a really cool offseason to see how
he's just come back with Okay, like I got urgency,
I got confidence, I have comfortability in the system, in
the in the facility, the locker room, and what that
does for a player.

Speaker 3 (06:03):
I mean, if only they had a different owner, they'd
be fine. Everything would be okay. Care I mean, I
don't know that David Tepper has help the situation. But
I will say this, for all those things that Adam
Thielen just said, was any of that different for c J.

Speaker 7 (06:18):

Speaker 5 (06:22):
I mean, he came into a situation missed. You know,
you're only gonna be a part of so much, right,
and he came in and let the let the NFL
on fire. Now, I do think the roster was better
out around c J. Stroud. You know, I didn't think
the offensive line protection was great. Outside of feeling, I
don't know that anyone really emerged as a deep threat

or any threat whatsoever, at least on a consistent basis
for them offensively. Defensively, they weren't as good as they
they were when you know Matt Rules head coach.

Speaker 7 (06:52):
I mean, it kind of ended up being a dumpster fire.

Speaker 5 (06:55):
I mean between play calling going back and forth between
Frank Reich and their OC and I mean, it's just
the whole thing. And look, that's not to take away
from Bryce Young not playing good football. And like, the
one thing that stood out to me that he did
and I had one of their games early in the year.

Speaker 7 (07:13):
Was the way he would step up in the pocket.

Speaker 5 (07:15):
One thing that in the NFL, it's it's hard to
do and consistently get away with it is when quarterbacks
typically have their shoulders perpendicular to the line of scrimmage,
and what happens is when you start to turn where
your shoulders are now parallel, you're essentially cutting off half
the field. Like if you're a right handed quarterback, the

entire middle to right half the field is cut off
because you're not gonna be able to kind of retwist
and retort, you know, contwort your body to then fire
something back to the right side of the field. And
it's one of the reasons why when you hear about
quarterbacks working on their footwork for example, Jordan Love the
entire focus for him this off seasons fundamentals and footwork.

It's because oftentimes in college you can get away with
some of that where you turn your shoulders parallel or
parallel to the line of scrimmage and work up into
the pocket and then look, if you do that, that's fine,
but you gotta get it back square again. You gotta
get back into a throwing posture where you can make
a throw to any portion of the field. And that's
some of the difference between getting getting away with certain

plays in the college game and the way college players
rush versus the NFL game, where you know those guys
are retracing their steps. If they're trying to race to
the spot of where you're step setting the pocket, and
then you step up, they're gonna counter, They're gonna retrace
right back down, and so you've got to get rid
of that football.

Speaker 7 (08:37):
If you're standing in the pocket.

Speaker 5 (08:40):
Oftentimes, you know in college you can still scramble, you
can make something happen. You can you're just a better athlete.
You're able to loose some of those guys, and you
can't get away with that quite as much in the NFL.
So those are fundamental things that like early on watching
him last year is like, ah, that's one of those
habits that you're gonna have to get rid of. You're
gonna have to learn how to play this game a
little bit different in that respect, and it's hard. You know,

it's one of those things you've got to drill out.
But you really only get those those reps in live
game scenarios where you are live, you can be hit,
you can be sacked, and you can try and practice,
but it's not quite the same. So he needs to
have a big step from year one to year two.
And yet he's got again another you know, new coaching
staff and everything else he's got to absorb, even though

he is there for the entirety of the offseason.

Speaker 4 (09:27):
I mean, I hope it works out for him. He
looks so small. I wonder what he looks like physically
coming into this season. I mean, we looked at a
few probably, right, I would assume you think the same
size though, No, I mean I doubt I would assume
he's not going to Yeah, I mean, I know he's
not going to grow taller.

Speaker 3 (09:47):
I'm assuming, but she just gas up in the off season.

Speaker 7 (09:51):
What would you recommend johns.

Speaker 3 (09:52):
Oh my god, I mean, you know, and that's how
he's going to grow taller and pick a card in
the card. Whatever you gotta do. Go lay hang by
your a. Go talk to the guy who helped stretch off.

Speaker 7 (10:01):
Can you pick his hands? Remember that guy.

Speaker 4 (10:03):
They do have this new surgery for your kneecaps where
they can add like three.

Speaker 3 (10:08):
To four inches onto your hype.

Speaker 5 (10:09):
But I did, I did see that. That was like,
that was big for some of these guys who are
trying to date.

Speaker 4 (10:14):
Yeah, it looked pretty painful though, for for the first
time of healing.

Speaker 5 (10:18):
But we'd have that conversation about well at different time slots.

Speaker 3 (10:23):
Yeah, yeah, you know, yeah, I kind of no.

Speaker 5 (10:25):
Remember we were saying like, which would what really would
you want to lengthen?

Speaker 3 (10:30):
I mean, you know, and you can putent. I'm not
going to touch it now. I'm not going to touch
it anyway, you know.

Speaker 4 (10:36):
To me, that was the biggest glaring observation of Bryce
Young last year was just how small he looked. Like
Kyler Murray is short, but Kyler Murray still has like
a thickness about him. You know, he still looks like

he can physically take a hit from from a defense.

Speaker 3 (11:02):
Just just don't look at Jonas. Just don't look at him.
I'm not doing Listen, I'm trying to be a professional broadcaster.

Speaker 4 (11:08):
The word you call him thick?

Speaker 3 (11:13):
Oh yeah, yeah, yeah, I.

Speaker 5 (11:14):
Mean, in all seriousness, little bit you talked about like
if you looked the same, like Russell Wilson and him
are about the same height, right height you want Yeah,
that's what I'm saying. You want him to come back
and look more kind of must or built like Russell.

Speaker 4 (11:26):
I think he needs to be stronger, man. I think
he has. He needs to have a stronger feel, a
stronger look to him. And I think a lot of that,
to me, has to do with.

Speaker 3 (11:39):
I don't know.

Speaker 4 (11:40):
I just feel like he needs to be able to
take a hit. He needs to be able to run
the ball, He needs to be able to be stronger
in the things that he does. And ultimately, I'm just
being honest with you, he needs to look more physically
in clinient than what he did as a leader, Like
he just really looked puny, if I'm being honest, Like,

you just looked like a puny guy out there, And
I think that plays a part. I think it plays
a part in his confidence. I think it plays a
part in the confidence of the team around him. I
mean there have been guys that have done it. I
mean I think first and they that comes to minds
like Doug Flutie comes to mind, Like Doug fluti had
a hell of a career and there's some really cool

things and he was super, super tremendously undersized. But I
would just be wondering, what does Bryce Young look like
coming back physically, and then along with the mental capabilities
that he brings to the table, can he take a
definitive step forward in what he's able to do in
order to make this team a better team? And how

much of that falls at the feet of Bryce Young
in this scenario.

Speaker 3 (12:48):
So there's going to be growing pins that he's going
through and if they're well, I'm not using that to
be as any sort of a joke, but I say
that because if you are going through all that, that's
the worst organization you could have.

Speaker 4 (13:01):
That in like a losing an organization is the worst
organization that you would be in being a top draft
pick and needing time to grow.

Speaker 3 (13:10):
Like if you're a coach, like if you're like there,
I think their wind total is five or five and
a half, like is six and eleven? Which is which
would be exceeding expectations. Is that going to be enough
to get David Tepper to not stop by on the
way to a draft to complain about somebody who's signage
that they've got out in front of a bar or restaurant,

Like that's.

Speaker 7 (13:31):
The pusiple to watch out might pop out of the studio.

Speaker 3 (13:34):
Yeah, that's the problem. I don't know. It's from Pittsburgh,
I believe, so we should be okay. At least he
went to school in Pittsburgh. Yeah, I think he is
from Pittsburgh. I think he's got like the business school
at Carnegie Mellon here. Yeah, I've got a good business
school to do some research on David Tepper. David School Business, Yeah, Pittsburgh.

How about that? How about its right? We know each other?

Speaker 4 (13:59):
I mean, you know, so maybe I mean I don't
know him. I'm just saying we know, and you know,
you know, when somebody's from interesting, Yeah, it's got to
be a tough spot, the tough place to play, you
would assume. So nothing like like literally stopped by and
complained about signage out in front of a bar and
a restaurant. He's fired to what two coaches now, Matt

Rule and Frank Reich are both You know.

Speaker 3 (14:25):
Is Matt Rule still getting paid or because he took
the Nebraska job he's no longer getting paid? A great question.
I just like, for sure the specifics.

Speaker 5 (14:33):
You know what my bet is, I bet he's not
getting paid for them. He probably had offsets in this contract.

Speaker 3 (14:39):
He's probably done.

Speaker 4 (14:40):
Boy, Now, I mean, is it hasn't just been two
years at least he's been on Nebraska.

Speaker 3 (14:44):
This would be year three.

Speaker 7 (14:45):
He's not a seven year deal.

Speaker 3 (14:47):
Yeah, he might still be getting paid. Bro, he might
still be getting paid, but there might be offset, There
might be a set.

Speaker 5 (14:54):
I think there was offsets, and I think that was
one of the reasons why when he took the job
in Nebraska people were like, no, he wanted to go
back and coach, you know.

Speaker 3 (15:01):
I mean it's like you look at uh, Christian McCaffrey
left care like left Carolina continue to play well.

Speaker 4 (15:09):
They have some They have some players there, J Moore,
they have some players. Bride didn't make any sense. You
just traded away arguably your best.

Speaker 3 (15:21):
Player guys like they found them.

Speaker 8 (15:24):
I mean, there's two names you threw out there that
are your best players as down you found them, like
those are yours and they're like we do like you know.

Speaker 3 (15:36):
We we'll move on. And uh, I just I don't
get it, man, I don't know how anybody.

Speaker 4 (15:42):
Then he goes and becomes the best player on on
another day, but then they go to the super Bowl
and it gets paid again.

Speaker 3 (15:48):
I mean, what the hell? And Copo you know, like
they're just they're all all of it. It's just crazy, man,
the talent leave it out the door. What's wrong with you? Guys? Hey,
it's the worst situation in the NFL, and it's not

even close worst situation in the league. So congratulations to
the Saints. Go lad to the Atlanta Falcons as well too,
and everybody else in that division. The bucks on on
having an extra bye week because the Carolina Panthers are
still there, So that's good news for all of you.
It is two it is no, it's not two pros
and a cup of Joe Pros and a cup of

Joe her Yeah, but we we are on the herd
here on Fox Sports Radio. It's LeVar Arrington, Brady Quinn,
Jonas Knox with you coming up next here, though, we're
gonna get to the bottom of this. We're gonna try
and find out why something was changed in the NFL,
and that'll be yours here on FSR.

Speaker 2 (16:49):
Be sure to catch live editions of The Herd weekdays
and noon eastern non am Pacific on Fox Sports Radio
FS one and the iHeartRadio app.

Speaker 3 (16:58):
It's a Herd Fox Orts Radio. LaVar Arrington, Brady Quinn,
Jonas Knox with you here. Come it up. A little
over twenty minutes from now. We're going to tell you
about one football coach, one head coach who has made
a promise. He's made a promise and now we get
to wait and see whether or not he's going to

go back on that promise. That'll be yours here coming
up a little over twenty minutes from now. So, how
are the nerves by the way, Florida Panther fan Brady Quinn,
And now that we are a couple more hours into
the program, feeling about Game seven coming up later on tonight,
you any more nervous than you already want? Good? Jonas,
I can't love good. You know what's great, It's great

not having a dog in the fight where you can
just watch it and be entertained by it, you know, like.

Speaker 5 (17:43):
He just said, there's a portion of me that gets it.
I mean, Connor McDavid's arguably the best player in the NHL.
So he's played long enough where I think there's a
lot of hockey fans who want him to win it.

Speaker 7 (17:54):
I completely understand that, But I don't know, man.

Speaker 5 (17:58):
It's it's even though it's been a great to your
run for the Florida Panthers, you never know, you know,
one they'll be able to make it back. So for
the Panthers, for all the fans that probably didn't even
know they existed five six years ago, the Bandwagon fans
that are down there who de bond, I'm with them.

Speaker 3 (18:13):
I'm pulling for the Cats. So you know, listen to Lebars.
A lot of people jumping up out the woodwork. I'm
just saying, you know, you know, Labar and I are
Penguins fans. We don't have that problem. We just you know, yeah,
we don't have anyone to tear four right. Yeah, we're
an off season. Yeah, there's cups, there's cups lying around,
there's a lot of them. But when it comes to
the odds on that game. By the way, it's pretty

even on DraftKings. I'm seeing the money line. Florida is
a minus one twelve. The Oilers are a minus one
oh eight, So they're basically you know, at this point,
it's just you know, pick your team and then you
just go from there. So we get to see that
game seven play out. Speaking of odds, this is kind
of that's sure how I feel about this. So the

NFL announced last week that they were kind of changing
and this is the Associated Press that the announcements as
far as an NFL award goes rather but they're clarifying
their criteria for the Comeback Player of the Year, saying
it should be a player overcoming injury and illness, not
a player following a bad year. Is that a shot
at joe Flacco? Is that?

Speaker 6 (19:17):
What that is?

Speaker 3 (19:18):
Is this because people were upset that DeMar Hamlin didn't
win Comeback Player of the Year and Joey Flacco got
up off a futon somewhere and led the Browns for
the playoffs and won the Comeback Player of the Year.
And instead of just celebrating that, we've got to sit
here and now make adjustments to the award and now
make adjustments to who can actually qualify for this award?

I mean, what does it matter if you're coming off
a bad year and you have a better year like
Bryce Young? Bryce Young's like a twenty five to one
to win Comeback Player of the Year, right is he?

Speaker 6 (19:49):

Speaker 3 (19:49):
Is he not qualified because he didn't go through enough
injuries last year? Enough? He didn't get banged up enough? Like,
how's this working?

Speaker 4 (19:56):
And you have such a horrible year where they say
you're eligible to be a comeback player? Like how bad
does that have to be? I mean, like, how bad
does your have to be being for you to say, yep,
you're a Comeback Player of the Year recipient?

Speaker 3 (20:14):
What am I coming back?

Speaker 5 (20:15):
Here's what I don't understand about them trying to, I
don't know, clarify the criteria. The Demor Hamblin situation was
incredibly unique, and it felt like there was a big
push to get him the award for what he over
came to get back just healthy enough to be on

a team. Yet it swerved away from the what the
award has been in the past. So why are we
then making an award around essentially what's happened to Demor Hamblin?
You know what I'm saying, like, that's not that's we
should make it the rule around more of the norm,
not an outlier. I mean, unless we start seeing that all,

you know, all of a sudden, all over the field,
I don't think that's going to be the case. But
there is a sense that there was a lot of
people who are frustrated that they wanted to more Hamblin
to win he didn't end up winning, and instead the
award with the Joe Flacca, which, in my opinion most
fit I think that specific category given the way he
uplifted the Browns and considering what had happened in the

prior probably two years of his career.

Speaker 3 (21:24):
How many games did Joe Flacco played for the Browns
last year? Like it was seven or eight something like that.
So he's played seven or eight games as a Browns
quarterback and already won more awards than Deshaun Watson has
since he's been there, and he's not even there anymore.
It's kind of impressive by Joe Flacco and not all

that impressive from Deshaun Watson. Now, would you guys are
you getting at it? Well, I'm just you know, you know,
you got to be available, you know, at some point
I think that would help everybody involved. Now, do we
have any game show music impromptu game show music here,
because we do have ourselves some odds, all right. So
if we're looking at Player of the Year, since they
want to go ahead and manipulate the rules because everybody's
upset that Demor Hamlin didn't win last year and Joe

Flacco did.

Speaker 4 (22:07):
We do have some.

Speaker 3 (22:08):
Odds here, and we have a live studio band. Again,
this is a brand new setup in studio here, so
we have a live studio band. They are plugging their
instruments in right now and they are getting ready to go.
All right, guys, you take it away and three there
and we're and there they go right there. You hear them,
they are. They are all jamming away here and they

are trying to stay out of the camera shots and
they are behind the cameras here as we are being
filmed in studio right now. So the live studio band
is piping away. This just incredible music as we look
at the comeback Player of the Year odds that the
AP is trying to manipulate now because they're upset about
Tomor Hamlin, all right, So who would you say, is
the shortest odds. I don't want to say the favorite

because it's still plus money, but the shortest odds to
win comeback Player of the Year. If you had to
guess who you guys going with Rodgers, Yeah, it has
to be that is correct. Aaron Rodgers is sitting at
plus one twenty five. So Aaron Rodgers there, I no,
why not? Because so you don't even think like that?

Why why you hate so much? I don't know, it's
not gonna happen? Is at this point?

Speaker 7 (23:20):
Do you just not want to be wrong?

Speaker 3 (23:21):
Is what it is?

Speaker 7 (23:22):

Speaker 3 (23:22):
No, I don't care about being wrong. You know, it's
the radio.

Speaker 5 (23:26):
It's gotta be other quarterbacks. It's gotta be like Burrow
he missed Joe Burrows.

Speaker 3 (23:29):
Burrow is a plus two fifty's. Kirk Cousins is a
five to one. Was Russell Wilson. Russell Wilson is twenty
to one. Was justin Fields. Justin Field is forty to one. Okay,
but again, those guys aren't coming off injuries. Like is
this your problem with the definition of it? Yeah, but
like they're mixing in all these players that are and

they're trying to tell you why I with you on
what you're saying.

Speaker 7 (23:56):
I'm with you. I understand what you're saying.

Speaker 3 (23:59):
Yeah, yeah, OK, I do get it. But now they're
saying that they're focusing more on the injuries, like you've
got to be coming off an injury or an illness
to really get serious considerations. So if that's the case,
then why would Russell losing your office? Yeah, like Russell
Wilson and Daniel Jones.

Speaker 4 (24:20):
I mean, not many players could come back from going
to heaven Russell's team bedroom with nineteen bathrooms and no.

Speaker 5 (24:27):
No's bedrooms with like four bathrooms, three bathrooms. No, it
was a four bedroom with a sixteen back.

Speaker 3 (24:34):
Yeah, correct, that's correct. It was all the crap class
guys got a sixteen Kraft clause. There we go.

Speaker 5 (24:39):
That architect walked in there, he had ibs and it
all got hot sauce at lunch.

Speaker 3 (24:44):
And by the way, the bathroom the bathroom here. By
the way, what does it say about the optimism around
the Steelers that both their quarterbacks are up for Comeback
Player of the Year. I wanted to say that. That's
why that's why I asked them consecutively.

Speaker 5 (24:57):
Does that make the case that there's optimism for them
then not for one. Well no, but whoever ends up starting,
you got a hedge. Yes, wait, Flaka only started five
games in the course of the regular season, which it's
a regular season award. So he was able to do
that in five games, four to one as a starter.

So technically that's why you'd see that. Justin field too,
isn't getting first crack at it. It's gonna be Russell
Wilson first five games.

Speaker 3 (25:28):
There you go, all right, Now Sam Darnold sitting at
twenty to one. All right, he's in the vicinity. But
what injury is he coming back from. He just didn't
play last year because he was backing up Rock Party.
So you're saying feelings are part of injuries. Come back
feelings are are injuries. You can get your feelings hurt. Listen,

I believe that every if you're coming it doesn't matter
what you're coming back from injury. There you go, yeah,
like anything that Nick Chubb twelve to one, that's that's
a real comeback.

Speaker 4 (26:03):
Yes, that's a good one, by the way, and you
woul't want him to win, yes, you know, because that
was a that was a pretty gruesome injury. You'd love
to see him come back and play well.

Speaker 3 (26:15):
Now, I would like to point out somebody who is
coming back from injury that I believe has no shot
in hell of winning Comeback Player of the Year. Step
right up, Massage Watson, You, sir, will not be rewarded
for coming back from injury. It would be interesting if
he won the award, though I don't think he's going to.
Do you think that You think you think they're gonna

give him an a war. I mean it would be
the first time he'd be a comeback player. Oh jeez, Brady,
your thoughts. No, You're not.

Speaker 5 (26:54):
Massage Watson for it. I know exactly what he was
just doing there. So I will congratulate you, LeVar. That's
very well done.

Speaker 7 (27:06):
I'll tell you we're not no chance we get this
time slot ever again.

Speaker 3 (27:11):
So can I Can I be serious with you there?
Thank you? I'll be serious with you though.

Speaker 7 (27:15):
All right.

Speaker 3 (27:16):
You know who's got great value at forty to one
to win Comeback Player of the Year. Justin Herbert? What
was he in the running?

Speaker 4 (27:24):
He got hurt last year? What about Trevor Lawrence. Where's
Trevor Lawrence? I believe he's Where is Trevor Lawrence. It
could be the dark horse.

Speaker 3 (27:33):
How many games that Herbert have missed?

Speaker 7 (27:35):
Like one or two?

Speaker 3 (27:37):
No, there's more than that, was it? Yeah, it was
more than that. I don't remember that. But I mean,
if if you believe that that's going to be a
pairing him and Harbaugh and and he comes back, I
think they're going to have an excellent year. I do
two as a team.

Speaker 7 (27:51):
I don't know that statistically he's going to be passing
for as many yards and so forth.

Speaker 5 (27:55):
I mean, he missed four games about his prior to
seasons he darnear threw for seven hundred attempts in the
regular season.

Speaker 3 (28:04):
Like that is ridiculous. Like that's not Jim Harbaugh's blueprint. Hmm,
Gardner Minshew seventy five to one. That's interesting.

Speaker 7 (28:13):

Speaker 3 (28:14):
It's not going to happen.

Speaker 7 (28:16):
You don't think, No, what do you know.

Speaker 3 (28:20):
There's a better chance of my Gardener winning comeback Player
of the Year than Gardner Minshew. It's not happening. And
he didn't know. Not really leave the jokes there. I
know what you do, LeVar, leave it alone. It a lot.
I know by the way I'm jotting down stuff that
we can't say in this time slot that we should
use tomorrow though, because I do think we've stumbled upon

as we are going to revisit that would make some sense.
So there's your your look at the comeback Player of
the Year. So Aaron Rodgers is the favorite LaVar's guy,
followed by Joe Burrow, Kirk Cousins, Anthony Richardson, Nick Chubb,
and Sam Darnold. Those are your those, man. I am too.
I agree with that. That's a fair one.

Speaker 5 (29:04):
That's a that's a great value at this point because
I feel like once he comes back in showcases the
first few weeks, he's gonna be healthy.

Speaker 7 (29:12):
Like it's only going to go off from there.

Speaker 3 (29:13):
Yeah, So that is I hope he can do it.

Speaker 4 (29:17):
Geez, that was a bad injury, bad one and and
the fact that they went through that and still that
still made the playoffs.

Speaker 3 (29:24):
It still made the playoffs. Joe Flacco stepping up.

Speaker 4 (29:28):
I mean, can you get the award two years in
a row. I mean, I guess it doesn't matter, but
it did go to Cleveland last year.

Speaker 3 (29:35):
Well, the Jets had Rookie of the Year on both sides, right,
So you know, teams do get the can't get the
same award, So, you know, come back Player of the
Year two years in a row for the Cleveland Browns.
Why not? Why? What's more likely that Nick Chubb win's
comeback Player of the Year that Deshaun Watson starts off
about game.

Speaker 4 (29:53):
For the Browns? Can you split the award? Can you
have co award winners? Because I feel like Justin Fields
and Russell Wilson could do that this year.

Speaker 3 (30:02):
What if they both come off as a hater and
you're not? What if what if they both so what
if they both had really good seasons?

Speaker 7 (30:13):
They could right?

Speaker 4 (30:15):
What if they both had tremendous success this year? It
would be kind of impossible, wouldn't it.

Speaker 6 (30:21):

Speaker 3 (30:22):
What do you mean? Why? Why would you be the snap?

Speaker 5 (30:25):
Remember Arthur Smith try to run a two quarterback system
at some point, I don't know all.

Speaker 3 (30:34):
With Yeah, why am i? Why am I blanking on
his name? Uh Ridder? Desmond Ridder?

Speaker 7 (30:44):
And who was the other guy?

Speaker 3 (30:47):
Uh yeah?

Speaker 7 (30:48):

Speaker 3 (30:48):
Well Mariota basically didn't he quit the team. I think
he left the team at some point, just said, you
know that my knee was a little sore and I
had to go get it checked out. Second it was
a rush. It was a pressing issue, so I had
to just go away. So let me get this straight.
We're bad and I'm not playing. I'm gonna go to
o Wahoo. I'll see you guys later. I go back home.

Speaker 7 (31:06):
That's this.

Speaker 3 (31:08):
Way roll out? Did he did you see what?

Speaker 6 (31:11):

Speaker 3 (31:11):
There was a trailer that came out for Madden twenty five.
Did you see what was on the trailer? It was
justin fields returning kicks. That's disrespectful, all right. He has
played good quarterback in the NFL at times, and they
got him as a kick returner.

Speaker 4 (31:26):
I mean, but just imagine if he played a different
position and like, let's just say, made the Pro Bowl
as like a slot receiver, like pulled like a what's
my guy played for Indiana was the quarterback Antoine Randall LAO, which,
by the way, did that in Pittsburgh. I'm just saying,

what if they put him at slot and he ends
up making a Pro Bowl. Russell Wilson ends up making
a Pro Bowl being an amazing quarterback and they should
post share Comeback Player of the Year.

Speaker 7 (32:00):
Yes or no, that'd be neat.

Speaker 5 (32:02):
It'd be cool to see, But BA, I think you're
disrespected Justin Fields as a quarterback.

Speaker 3 (32:06):
Now would agree. No, I just think that Russell Wilson
is just way better. That's all, all right? Well, I
mean it definitely is a hot take. Do you think that? No,
I don't.

Speaker 4 (32:16):
Let's just say, man, you've been sarcastic, sarcastic the whole time. Okay,
I don't think we have a quarterback right now. Hey,
you know what you can you can.

Speaker 3 (32:26):
Say we too.

Speaker 9 (32:27):
Here we go, boom boom boom boom boom. Here we go,
we go, boom boom, boom, boom boom. Here we go, Stealers.
Here we go, Pittsburgh game, going into the Sioux with
them quarterbacks.

Speaker 7 (32:43):
Here we go.

Speaker 4 (32:44):
Well look, I'm not gonna all right. I mean, I'm
a Stellers fan. We're natural haters. I'm not gonna throw
water on your take at all. Speaking of which, for
hot water that never runs out, go tankless with Nabby
and right now save hundreds on new high efficiency tankless
water heater with local rebates. Find the name of your
contractor at tanklessmadsimple dot com. That's tanklessmadsimple dot com. So

coming up next here we're going to close up shop
with more Herdline News, and there's somebody in the world
of football who is making a guarantee on their future.

Speaker 3 (33:16):
Find out who it is next.

Speaker 2 (33:18):
Be sure to catch live editions of The Herd weekdays
at Newoneaster. Not a Empacific, It's a Herd Fox Sports
Radio Labari Arrington, Brady Quinn, Jonas Knox with you here.
We are going to close up shop with the Herdline
News coming up here in just a couple of moments
from now with Ryan Music. But a reminder that shortly

after the show, our podcast will be going up, So
if you've missed any of today's show, be sure to
check out the pod search two Pros or Heard wherever
you get your podcast.

Speaker 3 (33:46):
Be sure to also follow rate and review the pod again.
Just search two pros or Heard wherever you get your podcasts.
You'll see this show posted right after we get off
the air. By the way, if you've liked anything you've
heard on this show, and even if you haven't and
you're pissed off and you would like a little bit
of revenge and you just want to listen, you can
do so for three hours a day, Monday through Friday
from six to nine am Eastern time three to six

am Pacific. That's where you can find the three of
us slapping it up every single weekday morning here on
the show. But that's tomorrow and right now is this?

Speaker 6 (34:16):

Speaker 3 (34:17):
No, this is the herd Line News right Ryan Music?
What do we got all?

Speaker 6 (34:24):
Right? Here?

Speaker 3 (34:24):
We go a lot of expectations for Colorado Football and
Coach Prime as they head into year two, and with
all the hype that follows Dion Sanders, many have wondered
how long will he stay in college before making the
jump to the NFL. Well, Coach Prime tells Joe Klatt,
not so fast. Quote. I'm a leader of men, not
a follower of men. I'm a father, not a baby daddy.

I lead my sons. I don't follow my sons. My sons,
Travis included, are getting ready to migrate to the NFL.
I'm not following them to the NFL.

Speaker 7 (34:59):
Well, he would be hired before they would be drafted.

Speaker 3 (35:04):
So technically, technically, so he would following following him.

Speaker 7 (35:09):
Yeah, exactly.

Speaker 3 (35:11):
Okay, I'm just saying, would you ever leave Colorado for
a different job in college football? Hell?

Speaker 7 (35:17):

Speaker 3 (35:20):
Like Florida State, really, like like Florida State, Like Florida
State because I.

Speaker 5 (35:25):
Don't know, I feel like they gave him the cold
shoulder the first time they went around instead hired Mike Dorbell.

Speaker 3 (35:32):
I mean, what about Colorado like LaVar? What about uh
you know, maybe Alice? Yeah, maybe you.

Speaker 5 (35:39):
Guys already tried to fire Mike McCarthy if var did
earlier the show or hey.

Speaker 3 (35:43):
What if what if the Denver Broncos decided they wanted
to move on from Sean Payton. You know it's it's
it's right there, I mean us right up the road.
You can make that happen. You know, that could be
a possibility for Dion Sanders to be the next Broncos
head coach. Like uh we we throughout the idea of
him maybe on to the Cowboys as well too, So
there was there was that possible that was thrown out there. Yeah,

and uh, I don't think he's going anywhere. I think
he's got a good thing going. What if Okay, so
if his son Shauldur it ends up being number one
or one of the top quarterbacks in this upcoming class,
likely going high in the draft, right, which means the
team isn't very good. So what if it's not immediately

he makes the jump. But let's say Shaudor is in
year two, year three in the NFL, whoever his head
coach gets fired, So now we're talking two three here
we say, But what we say, isn't that what life
is about?

Speaker 4 (36:39):
Sometimes you gotta pivot, Sometimes you rethink things, Sometimes you evolve.
Sometimes life happens, you know what I mean?

Speaker 3 (36:45):
Like, I don't.

Speaker 4 (36:46):
I wouldn't say that he would never consider it, But
just from my conversations with Prime, I don't think he
has any aspirations to go to the pros to coach.
It just doesn't seem like that's where he wants to coach.
And I would I would say that confidently from the
conversations that that I've had with him, that that's he

college is where he really really loves being a college coach. Well,
that's what I would throw out there.

Speaker 3 (37:15):
I don't know. It's far more like.

Speaker 5 (37:16):
See go ahead, I supposed to how I would be
curious to see how to be taken because at that
point in time they might not be doing well, but
he'd be in a position Shador would be to be extended.
So then what role would coach Prime play and all
that like that could be kind of a sticky situation, right, dang.

Speaker 3 (37:38):
So LeVar and I think Brady, you guys both think
it's much more likely he'll take a different job in
college than ever just go to the NFL. Oh No,
I think if you.

Speaker 7 (37:48):
Got an opportunity in the NFL, you know he would
he would go.

Speaker 5 (37:52):
I don't if you're if you're an ultimate competitor, and
that's the highest level, and he obviously is a Hall
of Famer, one of the to ever do it.

Speaker 7 (38:01):
I'm just saying somewhere inside, that's there, right, I.

Speaker 4 (38:04):
Think it's in there. You think about it, but I
just don't. I don't think he leans that way my estimation.
I don't think he leans that way. Does he go
to Is there a chance that one day he goes
to Florida State? Yeah, Texas A and M or something
like that, or Texas, Yeah, But the league, I don't

think he. I just don't think he wants to coach
in the league. So I could be off, but that's
just what I got from him.

Speaker 3 (38:36):
We got music. Well, we've been talking a lot about
the Dallas Cowboys and Mike McCarthy. Let's take a little
bit of a pivot there. We know Michah Parsons has
been great so far in the NFL.

Speaker 7 (38:46):
I mean.

Speaker 3 (38:49):
The problem is we also know Cowboys not great. In
the postseason, Parsons was asked about the playoffs and some
of the reactions to America's team coming up short, and
here's what he had to say. The criticism is a
privilege because sometimes a great standard is not good enough
for those who want to be greater. When people want things,
you have to answer that call. I don't even see
it as a negative thing. It is the most positive
thing people can say to me because it pushes me

to be better. It's a great privilege for someone to say, hey,
you're great, but you can still be greater. That from
the Dallas Morning News. God, he's gonna get paid. I
wonder what that contract is going to look like considered
do they have to pay him? Is he eligible this
year or is it next year that he would be
eligible to get a deal done? Michael Parsons, so what

And you know they're gonna wait because that's what they
always do. It will be the highest paid defensive place. Yeah,
that one got done. That one got done pretty quick.

Speaker 4 (39:42):
He was.

Speaker 3 (39:44):
Or Cabo Yeah, uh, Mango deck because that was go deck.
It will work out on that beach.

Speaker 4 (40:00):
What's over there like a lot of uh, mango debt, Yeah,
a lot of mangoes and deaths.

Speaker 3 (40:05):
A lot of like the way we don't want to
get dumped, you know, so that you know, yeah, you know,
I don't know when we're figuring this out, do a
different time slot, so you know, you gotta I gotta learn, uh,
and to be careful as we say. You know, you
say mango debt now I do. I do wonder if

the relationship between Mike Zimmer and Michael Parsons might be
one that escalates to the point to where Mike Zimmer
is like putting his hands on him like he did
Kirk Cousins. Yeah, I think you guys is a little different. Yeah,
you might think better of that one. Mike Zimmers a
little fiery. So if he's not, but maybe he wants to.

Maybe Mike Zimmer looks at Michael Parsons and says, listen,
I saw how he worked against that sumo wrestler. He
saw him against that sumo wrestler. Wanted the second time. Bro,
He lost the first, but he won the next. He
did what you mean, you don't know? And he plays
that big man up out it out that circle. Yeah,
I think it was corny. I would just say this
that it felt bad for him because he was a guest.

Speaker 4 (41:12):
I don't know about that. No, No, that's some horsepower
in them legs, Paul, you.

Speaker 6 (41:20):
Know it is.

Speaker 3 (41:27):
It is interesting though that with the Dallas Cowboys, Uh,
you've got maybe the best one of the best defensive
players in the league, one of the best wide receivers
in the league, like.

Speaker 4 (41:37):
Every both in need of a contract and both unhappy
right now. And coach it's just kind of fed up
with the owner there. So so we started our one
our three bookend and closed out with Dallas Ghost Stars

Speaker 7 (41:56):
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