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June 21, 2024 37 mins

Following the hire of JJ Redick, the guys play, "Laker or Faker." The UFL stick with their 8 original teams, proving to be the best spring football league yet. Plus, a special edition of "Headline or Lie?" 

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Speaker 1 (00:00):
Hey, thanks for listening to the Two Pros and a
Cup of Joe podcast with LaVar Arrington, Brady Quinn, and myself,
Jonas Knox. Make sure you catch us live weekdays six
to nine am Eastern Time three to six am Pacific
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every day on the iHeartRadio app by searching FSR. You're
listening to Fox Sports Radio, Two Pros and a Cup
of Joe, Fox Sports Radio, Brady Quinn, Jonas Knox with
you here. No LeVar Arrington he is. He's in state college,

so means he's probably a little banged up right now.
He's out there for a visit with a little gun, which,
by the way, I don't know if you had heard this,
so we were talking earlier this week. So his son
is down to three. He's down to Penn State, UCLA
and Tennessee. Those are his final three and I'm trying

to get him, and he threw this out there, so
I don't want you to think that I'm trying to
This is my idea, but LaVar threw out the idea
of man man his son making his decision on the
air with us as potentially being the go to because
it's kind of cheesy the whole, like you have a
hat in front of you and you throw it away
or you do whatever you do.

Speaker 2 (01:27):
Are you talking about this from experience.

Speaker 1 (01:29):
Well, no, I'm talking about watching it. Listen, you don't
need to rub it in that I wasn't a good ass.

Speaker 3 (01:34):
I'm trying to point out the fact that it's the
kid's decision how they want to do it, not yours.

Speaker 1 (01:40):
And I'm trying to point out the fact that they
should be listening to me and not make poor decisions. Okay,
if you put a bunch of hats in front of
you and then you throw to his site, it's disrespectful.
You can just make your call and that's it. You
know me, if I had anybody that was interested in
me in me outside of just one or two entities,
I would have the at least the decency to let
them know ahead of time. Hey, I'm going to go

this direction. Don't where I'm not going to make an
example out of you. So I'm just saying, if we
have him on the show, he could make that decision
on the air, Tennessee, UCLA or Penn State. If you
were a betting man, what would you say his pick is.

Speaker 2 (02:16):
Going to be.

Speaker 3 (02:19):
You could make a case for really any one of
the three. I know people think the obvious choice is
Penn State, but there's also a thought or idea that
maybe he wants to carve his own path. Obviously, the
family lives in near La, so being at UCLA means
you stay closer to home.

Speaker 2 (02:38):
So there's that element of things.

Speaker 3 (02:41):
Tennessee is a program that look, I visited there, I
played there against them. That would be a hard, hard
place to say no to. I'll just all put it
that way. He loved it.

Speaker 2 (02:54):
It is.

Speaker 3 (02:56):
Knoxville is one of the most amazing places you'll ever
go to see a football game, to play a football game,
to tailgate what I mean, they have, They have a
lot down there. So that's a hard Like I said,
that's a hard place to say no to. You know,
Coach Tible's and a heck of a job there. They're
building up their program. It's just it's a it's such

a tough decision for young people to make, and it
really does change the trajectory of the rest of your
life for athletes in particular, because you know, you choose
to go to any one of those places in large
part you're most likely going to end up at least.

Speaker 2 (03:35):
Regionally around that area.

Speaker 3 (03:38):
When you're done working or excuse me, when you're done
going to school, and if you get in the workforce.
That's assuming again, like you know, you're not playing the
NFL or something. But you know, for most people who
go to college, like that's kind of how that works.
You know, you go to school and you're probably going
to settle some roots down there. A lot of the
networking connections are there. So there's so many things to

factor in as a young adult that you don't really realize.
So I don't know, I think, look, the easy decision is,
you know Penn State. You know, obviously following your dad's footsteps.
There's there's all those elements. But you know, also there's
the difficulty of living in one of the all time
great shadows. You know, even though you're maybe doing that
all the time when it's your dad, there's still the

difficult difficulty of that too. So it's it's an awesome
tough decision to have, or or some people say a
problem to have right having to pick between three great schools.
Oh Man, But it's it's a tough decision, It's no
doubt about it.

Speaker 1 (04:36):
I also think even the fact that those programs want you,
I think is an honor, Like there's there's so many
people who don't have that opportunity or just you know,
maybe don't get the fact that you are so good
and so talented and more importantly, have worked so hard
that you've got three programs U C. L A, Tennessee,
Penn State that all would like to have you be

a part of their program. That's all.

Speaker 3 (05:00):
So to answer your question, I'm going to say Penn State.
I'm gonna say Penn State because I think that's the
one that if I picked any of the other two,
I would feel worse about getting it wrong. If you
chose Penn State. Does that make sense? Yes, Like if

I chose UCLA because he's gonna be closer home or
Tennessee just from my perspective of Tennessee. But then he
picks Penn State and like, oh, I'm an idiot. That
was the stop obvious one, right. The other two I
think you can make reasons, but it's like, all right,
it's not, you don't feel as dumb.

Speaker 1 (05:35):
I think he's going to pick Tennessee. I think I
think it'll be Tennessee. I think it's an opportunity to
if you wanted to get away. That's the because if
you go to Ucla, you're still local, if you go
to Penn State, you're still part of the family. You
go to Tennessee, that's where you're doing your own thing.

I think it's going to be Tennessee. That's gonna be.
That's to be my pick there. So I'll take that.
But listen, whatever he.

Speaker 2 (06:04):
Decides inside information there, no, I just.

Speaker 1 (06:07):
Like Lee, am I wrong? Like when they came, we
talked about it on the air. They were blown away
by Tennessee, Like what do you.

Speaker 2 (06:12):
Got out there?

Speaker 3 (06:13):
Man's that's the hardest part too. And you go to
a lot of these visits. It's like there's so many
cool places that really is like it's that's what makes
it even more difficult is when you have the opportunity
to go to a lot of different spots. And by
the way, I mean, you're talk about West coast, East coast,
you know, down south Tennessee, Like it couldn't be any

more different as far as the experience you're going to
have from like weather, from just everything you know, the culture,
all that like, it's just those are three drastically different
places to to pick from.

Speaker 1 (06:44):
Yeah, so we will, you know, hopefully we'll get an
answer on that soon. But whatever he decides, we're all in.
He's part of the family, and and so lebar Arrington
out there as they're on a visit in State College
for Penn State. It is two pros and a cup
of Joe here on Fox Sports Radio doing it all
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We were talking about this earlier. Congratulations to our friends
that are listening on the blowtorch AM five to seventy
LA Sports. You've got a brand new head coach in town.
His name is jj Reddick. Four years, reportedly eight million
dollars a year, he steps away from the broadcast booth

with ESPN and he is now the head coach of
the LA Lakers, which I do want to ask this.
The pushback on Tom Brady being a broadcaster is well,
he can't really you know, if he's going to be
part owner of the Raiders. I mean he would have like,
you know, maybe inside information he could pass along, et cetera,
et cetera. Is it fair to say that JJ Redick

has known he was going to be the head coach
of the Lakers for longer than just yesterday, like I
would I would say at some point keep saying that though.

Speaker 2 (08:01):
They literally tried to hire Dan Hurley.

Speaker 1 (08:03):
All Right, I don't know how much they really tried
to hire Dan Hurley, and I don't know how legitimate
that actually was, But while he was calling the NBA Finals,
I think he at least had some sort of an
indication he was going to be the next head coach
of the Lakers. Like that's my belief. I find it
hard to believe that NBA Finals end on Monday and

they do this, you know, three day exploration into whether
or not it could work, and Nay, what do you know,
JJ Reddick's the head coach of the Lakers come Thursday.
I just I find that hard to believe. So if
that's the case, and he knew he was going to
be the guy the whole time. There's your example, right,
handled it like a professional, all right, didn't try and
maybe get inside information on what the Celtics were doing

or impending free agency or where the direction of the
organization or whatnot. Handled it. And now he's the head
coach of the Lakers, which means Tom Brady go be
an owner for the Raiders. I trust you in these
meetings that you're having with certain teams in the NFL.
I think we've solved that. Everybody's good, everything's on the
up and up. But then there's this idea who actually

is happy? Because if you're a Laker fan, you are
happy no matter what. And there's a lot of people
who may be Laker fans or maybe aren't Laker fans.

Speaker 2 (09:16):
Is this all right? So I'll be waiting for this
the whole show.

Speaker 1 (09:19):
Well, I'm not too optimistic as how this is gonna go,
because this is the best we've got right now, all right.
So Brady Quinn has come up with and yes, this
was his idea, because I'm not signing off on it
at all in case it goes poorly. Oh no, it's
time for the debut edition of Laker or Faker Now

lead to Lap has put together a list of names.
They're either the name of somebody that we all know,
a celebrity, somebody famous who's a legitimate Laker fan, and
somebody who's not. So Lee, you've got this list, Brady,
Does this sound us at least in the ballpark of

what we were hoping to accomplish here?

Speaker 2 (10:09):
I think so? I mean, we haven't started yet.

Speaker 1 (10:11):
So here we go, Lee the Lap take it away.

Speaker 4 (10:15):
Well, as we all know, there's a big famous pop
up concert yesterday by the one and only Kendrick Lamar,
l a local from straight out of Compton. Was he
holding this concert for mister JJ Reddick might have been?

Speaker 1 (10:34):
I mean, is Kendrick you would see JJ Reddick in
a place like that, right, Yeah? You'd think so.

Speaker 4 (10:39):
Is Kendrick Lamar a true Laker or a true Faker?

Speaker 2 (10:44):
I think we've got off to a bad start.

Speaker 3 (10:47):
I don't think the concert had anything to do with
JJ Reddicks higher Lee, Okay, but so I think Kendrick
Lamar is a true Laker.

Speaker 2 (10:57):
The idea of the segment is supposed to.

Speaker 3 (10:59):
About whether or not they're gonna be on board with
the higher if they're gonna be like fake about it,
or if they're gonna be like a true Laker and
might get their opinion. Well, so, I'm not sure where
the hell this came from, but I'm not even trying
to he's a true Laker fan.

Speaker 2 (11:14):
But this doesn't even imply.

Speaker 1 (11:16):
I don't think he is a Laker fan. I think
he's a faker.

Speaker 4 (11:19):
Well, if you had watched the concert like me, you
would have known that he had gone up and said
good job JJ.

Speaker 1 (11:26):
Kendrick Lamar is a true Laker. Yeah, but he had
clippers on stage with them. Yeah, and he also had
bloods and crips too, Accordney to Lorena that he had
he was uniting gangs.

Speaker 4 (11:36):
Yeah, he's also uniting Lakers and Clippers fans across the
across the inland.

Speaker 1 (11:41):
M So that's the reason why I said he was
a faker is because he had clippers on stage. If
you're a true Laker fan, then you're not gonna have
some some La clippers on stage with you. All Right,
who's next?

Speaker 4 (11:51):

Speaker 1 (11:51):

Speaker 4 (11:52):
If you watch the Showtime show on HBO, you know
I might know that John c Riley plays doctor Buss.

Speaker 1 (12:00):
But is John C.

Speaker 4 (12:00):
Riley a true Laker fan on board with JJ Reddick
as the higher or is he a true faker?

Speaker 3 (12:07):
He's a faker? I mean, I have no idea how
we know one way or another. But to answer the
initial question, Jonas, No, this segment is not going how
I thought I was gonna go.

Speaker 1 (12:21):
I'm gonna say he's a faker too, that's true. Johnson
Riley admits that he is not even a basketball fan
in general. What range not even a basketball fan? But
he played doctor Buss in a show. Yeah, good for him.
There you go. Guys.

Speaker 4 (12:37):
If you remember the movie Bofinger Eddie, don't. Eddie Murphy
was a big fan already. Eddie Murphy was a big fan.

Speaker 1 (12:45):
Of Laker girls. Keep it together, Keep it together, Keep
it together, Keep it together, keep it together.

Speaker 4 (12:50):
But is Eddie Murphy a true Laker fan with the
JJ Reddick higher.

Speaker 3 (12:55):
Or I think he's a faker not. I'm not so
sure he's a true fan of the hire.

Speaker 1 (13:02):
So you know, Lee, I think he's a I think
he's a Laker. I'm gonna go with that. Eddie Murphy,
I think he's a true Laker fan. He's happy with
JJ Redick.

Speaker 4 (13:11):
Uh, he is a New York Knicks fan, so he
does not care whatsoever about the hire for JJ Reddick.

Speaker 1 (13:18):
He's all right. Matthew Perry, famous Lakers fan, seeing in
the court. I think he's a fan of this JJ
Reddick higher Matthew Perry, famous friend. Yeah, isn't he? I'm

not sure?

Speaker 2 (13:40):
I don't.

Speaker 1 (13:42):
I wish the song hadn't ended just now.

Speaker 3 (13:45):
I mean, yeah, did he miss something there?

Speaker 1 (13:50):
Okay, my bad moving along here?

Speaker 3 (13:53):
Yeah, Lee, I mean last October justin Timberlake.

Speaker 1 (14:00):
Get a whole lot of second please, yes? Yes?

Speaker 2 (14:04):
Did you really say Matthew Perry?

Speaker 1 (14:05):
Lee? Did you try and paddleboard him to put him
into the segment?

Speaker 2 (14:12):
Isn't a weekend at Berdie?

Speaker 1 (14:14):

Speaker 2 (14:14):
We can't bring him around for one of our segments
on radio.

Speaker 4 (14:17):
Not like he's alive, Lee, You know what, I think
he's a big I think he's looking down.

Speaker 1 (14:23):
I think he's a true.

Speaker 2 (14:26):
I don't know, Lee, did you just come up with
this list like five minutes ago?

Speaker 1 (14:31):
No, about seven? Where you saying justin Timberlake, he's been
in the news. Do you think he's you think he
caught wind of this news. I know he's worried about
his world tour. He's like, he's like a Memphis fan, right, yeah,
I think, yeah, he's from Tennessee. Yeah, he's a big fakir.
Yeah so fake.

Speaker 2 (14:58):
Yes, yes, include dead people on this list.

Speaker 1 (15:01):
What are you talk?

Speaker 2 (15:03):
Can? I not?

Speaker 1 (15:04):
Nobody gave me any rules because she didn't know he
was deadly. I know very well he's done. You didn't
you know what. I don't believe he's dead. So okay,
all right, do we have one more just to put
a bow on this? Hmm? Who do we got here? God?

I got a lot here? Okay? Hmmm? Rich Paul.

Speaker 4 (15:35):
Talking big about the possible Lebron brownie package deal. What
about his uh lady friend of Dale? You think she's
a big fan of this uh of this hire? Is
she a true Laker or a true faker?

Speaker 5 (15:46):

Speaker 1 (15:46):
I think she's got to be a true Laker. I mean,
you got to support your man. Yeah, so this seems like.

Speaker 2 (15:52):
Definitely a true Laker fan.

Speaker 1 (15:54):
That's true. She put out her support. She said, good job.
I love the hire. See there's one Brady public supports.

Speaker 2 (16:02):
One person alive and supportive school.

Speaker 1 (16:07):
We were going to make this work.

Speaker 3 (16:09):
I mean, what were you expecting to see from Matthew
Perry like a sign from God somewhere. I mean, is
this like ghost way you see a shadow pop up
somewhere and give you a sign.

Speaker 1 (16:20):
You just need to look on Eddie's face. When Li
said Matthew Perry, Eddie, She's like, wait what, Eddie?

Speaker 2 (16:28):
What is happening right now? We love it.

Speaker 1 (16:36):
Whatever's happening.

Speaker 2 (16:37):
It was worth it to hear Lee say Matthew.

Speaker 1 (16:39):
Pier Like, Edie, You're all over like you know everything
about celebrity, and Matt Perry is a huge Lakers fan.
All right's face everybody like like everybody's face. All right,

well listen that that is amazing. All right. Well, hey,
you know what, Brad Brady, I'm gonna concede this to you.
Congratulations you won the first ever edition of Laker Faker.

Speaker 2 (17:16):
I think I think.

Speaker 3 (17:17):
We're all winters after uh foult some way to incorporate
somebod who's passed away.

Speaker 2 (17:25):
That's a part of our show segment.

Speaker 1 (17:28):
Unbelievable, I mean, you know, unbelievable performance. Which also, by
the way, that's not even the best part about this
entire segment. It should be pointed out. You know that,
Well it is a football Friday too.

Speaker 2 (17:45):
I can't, I can't.

Speaker 1 (17:47):
Why not? You have to come on?

Speaker 2 (17:50):
I can't.

Speaker 1 (17:52):
You and I, Babe, Thelma and Luise right off the grove,
you and I together.

Speaker 2 (17:58):
A game show next weekly.

Speaker 1 (18:00):
Born that that is the way. This only good end
bring back the classic classic. We gotta, we gotta Brady, Oh,
it is a football prime. Oh man, it's uh Two

Pros and a Cup of Joe Here on Fox Sports
Radio Brady Quinn, Jonas Knox with you uh and uh
and Lee to lap as well too, has made his
present many before us. Uh so coming up next here though,
from the Tirack dot Com studios. How do you think
this call went?

Speaker 2 (18:44):

Speaker 1 (18:44):
Right? A story that is out of the NFL and
if we're going to try and play out how this
phone call went, plus a little bit stability in the
world of sports. Finally, it's yours next year on f
s R.

Speaker 5 (18:55):
Be sure to catch live editions of Two Pros and
a Cup of Joe with Brady Quinn, LeVar Errington, and
Jonas Knox weekdays at six am Eastern three am Pacific
on Fox Sports Radio and the iHeartRadio app.

Speaker 1 (19:10):
Two Pros and a Cup of Joe Fox Sports Radio,
Brady Quinn, Jonas Knox with you here coming up and
we'll call it a little over fifteen minutes from now
from the tire rack dot Com studios. We figured, you
know what, since the either or worked so well with
Laker or Faker, why don't we go ahead and do

Headliner Lie. All right? This is this is so, this
is a just I mean, we're talking you talk about
fully prepared to let it fly here Headliner Lie is
coming up here a little over fifteen minutes from now
from the tire rack dot Com studios. All right, so
normally we do you in and you out, but we
are going to take the reins Headliner Lies yours fifteen
minutes from now. So we're looking for two participants. Two

callers want to be a part of the action. That'll
be yours here again a little over fifteen minutes from now,
and the number to call in eight seven seven ninety
nine on Fox eight seven seven nine nine six six
three six nine Headliner Lie here on a football Friday.
So it seems like everything's gone well for the UFL. Huh,
Like when everybody thought like I missed the AAF like personally,

all right, now, I'm happy for the UFL success, but
I missed the AAF. That was a really fun ride
at the time, and I think a lot of people
were sort of dismissive of spring football.

Speaker 2 (20:30):
But real quick, what was the AAF again?

Speaker 1 (20:33):
The Alliance of American Football, I believe.

Speaker 2 (20:36):
Was that the one that, like CBS was broadcasting.

Speaker 1 (20:39):
Yeah, they tried to borrow. Yeah, they were borrowing money
from the NH, borrowing money from the NHL, and I
did not. It's true, Yeahmber happy, Yeah, I think it
went like seven eight weeks and they had borrowed money
from the NHL, and like, you know, like you're kind
of up against it when pandemic or was.

Speaker 2 (21:01):
That pre pandemic that's pree, wasn't it.

Speaker 1 (21:04):
I don't know, whatever it is. Point is, it didn't
work out. The UFL, though, seems to be working out,
even though it was a wipeout in the championship game.
Tom Brady was there alongside Joel Klatt and Kurt Menafie.
But thus far, I think a lot better than what
a lot of people probably thought after this season, with
the changes and sort of the merging together of the

two leagues, I think at least there's some optimism. This
thing's got a little bit of staying power.

Speaker 2 (21:32):

Speaker 3 (21:32):
Sorry, I'm just going back through how long the AAF
actually made it.

Speaker 1 (21:37):
I think six weeks?

Speaker 2 (21:39):
Was it six?

Speaker 1 (21:40):
I think six or seven weeks?

Speaker 2 (21:41):
Okay, yeah, well.

Speaker 3 (21:43):
If they're do go back in fact check that. I
also wasn't aware that the NHL was who they borrowed from. Yeah,
I'm not seeing that either in any of this.

Speaker 2 (21:51):
But anyway, the.

Speaker 3 (21:52):
Point is the UFL feels like it's a much more
stable position. They're coming back next year, same A teams,
same A markets. Some people would say, well, why aren't
they expanding, why aren't they growing? Well, they don't need to.
If the first year they've been able to successfully merge
what was the XFL and the USFL.

Speaker 2 (22:12):
There's a lot of moving parts.

Speaker 3 (22:14):
And the nice thing is, I think for the coaches,
the players, even the administrators of the teams, the league,
they now have an entire offseason, you know the broadcast
network in this case, you know Fox. They have an
entire offseason to go back and kind of fine tune
some of the details of this league and continue to
kind of build from there and build on you know,

progress or the success of Saint Louis, for example, the
battle Hawks, they average like thirty four thousand people per game,
that was their average.

Speaker 2 (22:44):
That's awesome.

Speaker 3 (22:46):
So it gives you a sense of in some of
these cities the type of desire there is for football.
Now that being said, the rest of the other seven
teams average about ten thousand, which you know isn't necessarily great,
but it's it's not bad either, especially that they could
get to need to build off that. And we all
know too, if we're looking at professional sports, it's all
about the TV contracts and then the TV rights. So
as much as you want in person attendance, there's still

an element of that's truly not what's paying the bills.

Speaker 2 (23:12):
When it's all said and done, it's about viewership.

Speaker 3 (23:14):
It's about the advertising dollars coming in and sponsorships.

Speaker 2 (23:19):
Et cetera.

Speaker 3 (23:19):
So it looks to me, at least that the UFL
is in the best position of any of these spring
leagues that we have seen since we've started to see
these ventures, which I believe the AAF started in twenty nineteen,
which was before COVID, So we're in a good spot
from that standpoint.

Speaker 2 (23:36):
From spring football. What it evolves to what it could.

Speaker 3 (23:40):
Expand to if the NFL ever takes a serious look
at especially if they move the season the offseason to
that summer dates that we had talked about the NFL
PA had talked about lining it up right before training camp.
You know, you're essentially talking about a season that could
start and finish and allow those players to go find

an NFL team. If that's the ultimate goal of this
league is to be there for development, to be there
for young players who haven't got that opportunity at the
NFL level. And if if roster sizes expand with an
eighteenth game, it might it might actually lead to the
UFL being that feeder for a lot of these NFL franchises.
I mean, if you really want to break it down

into simple numbers, you have eight teams. I mean you
could almost, you know, almost figure out a way of
saying each one of those eight teams is in essence, uh,
you know, they're they're like a farm team for a division. Yeah,
and so you allow you know, you know, if there's
a need and you know that division wants to sign
one of these guys, that you could do it.

Speaker 1 (24:42):

Speaker 2 (24:42):
I don't I don't want to.

Speaker 3 (24:43):
I don't know that anyone's going to say I would
want to limit the opportunity of the players of the
UFL signing a deal.

Speaker 2 (24:49):
So, for example, let's just say Saint Louis.

Speaker 3 (24:52):
You know they've got you know, they're the they're the
farm team, or they're the the minor league team for
the AFC North. Well, you probably don't want to with
those players opportunity and ability to go play in the
NFL by pushing them to one of those four teams.

Speaker 2 (25:05):
But you know, in.

Speaker 3 (25:06):
Essence, that's kind of how the numbers would work. You know,
you might get a few players who are able to
sign NFL deals off that. So, look, it's good to
see that spring football is going to be here to
stay for another year. I thought it was a great
product this year. I thought this was the best version
of spring football we've seen yet. Oh easy, and hopefully
it only builds from here and just the.

Speaker 1 (25:24):
Production, the presentation like it looks significantly better. By the way,
if they had a comedic bone in their body, they
would make the battle Hawks the feeder team for the Rams.
I mean, if we're going to do this, let's have
some fun with it here, right, Clearly, Bad Blood still
between Saint Louis and LA but nonetheless there we are.
Now I did want to ask you this next year,
the UFL is moving to Friday nights because Fox has

this deal that's coming up with IndyCar Racing and so
they're going to be taking some of the Saturday love.
And so with these games going to Friday nights, how
does that impact just sort of the viewing and the
numbers and how many people are watching. Obviously SmackDown on
Fox is going to be going away, that's going to
leave USA Network. So now that opens that up, and

you're going to get the UFL on a Friday night.
And I know that there's some people I'm just peaking
speaking personally, I kind of like it because I know
that there's you know, high school football all this, But
as far as something to watch on television, you have
a couple of Friday night games in college football. But
if this is the platform that you've got, there's been

you know, af the other stuff that we've mentioned before.
It's not the worst landing spot in the world on
a Friday night. Yes, it's not as big of a
window on a Saturday. But I look at it and
I go all right, Well, look here you are. It's
not like every game is going to be played on
a Friday night, is my guess. But at least if
you feature some of these games on a Friday, I

don't think it's the end of the world.

Speaker 2 (26:52):
Mebe not at all.

Speaker 3 (26:54):
So I mean again, I think I'm all for prime
time for any live event lift sport. Like I think
I don't care what night of the week you want
to throw it on, especially this time of year, I'm
all for it. So you know, I've been an advocate of
that ever since COVID and we kind of tested it
out and we saw how that worked on.

Speaker 2 (27:10):
Tuesdays and Wednesdays. I was like, oh, this is nice.

Speaker 3 (27:13):
I mean, look, if you're a sports guy, and I
feel like, if you want to grow the sport, you know,
get other people who are involved in or maybe bigger
fans of other sports to start tuning in. And maybe
that's what it is to get them involved, or it
just as sports gambling because becomes more prevalent you give
an opportunity to bet on something else. So I think
that landscape is changing as we look at leagues and

we look at gambling partners who become bigger sponsors as
part of some of these leagues. You know, you start
to see maybe their influence and in wanting to you know,
change the I guess presentation of the game and when
they're playing those games, you know.

Speaker 2 (27:50):
So yeah, you're.

Speaker 3 (27:51):
Probably going to see more games played later on in
the evening, you know, seven thirty eight o'clock to allow
the West Coast to get back from work and throw
on the game, having opportunity to leave some live bets.

Speaker 2 (28:01):
I mean, that's the reality of where things are going.

Speaker 1 (28:03):
By the way, I just want to throw this out there,
since we're on the subject and you brought up gambling,
just an idea, since we like to throw out potential
road trips for the show, places to do shows, for
anybody listening here at FSR, anybody in the iHeart family
that's looking to send us somewhere, might I just throw

this out there. Draftking sports Book has an actual sports
book right next to and connected to Wrigley Field in Chicago.
I'm just saying, if somebody wanted to do a show there,
that could be a possibility. All right. That is a
fun area to be So we want to look at
the UFL or whatever time of year. They want to

put this on a damn Draftking sports book is right
next to Wrigley Field and it is magnificent, So that's nice.

Speaker 2 (28:53):
That's similar to Dublin Island.

Speaker 3 (28:55):
When we popped in that bar, there's a sports book
right across the way.

Speaker 2 (29:00):
I think it was it a dog track that was
like a cross away from the bar.

Speaker 1 (29:03):
It was.

Speaker 3 (29:04):
It was very conveniently. I think it was very conveniently
situated on that street.

Speaker 1 (29:08):
You could not get a cold beer in that place,
but you could absolutely bet on the dogs easy.

Speaker 3 (29:13):
And some would say that not all beer served, you know,
you know, cold is necessarily the way to do it.

Speaker 2 (29:19):
It was lukewarm. It was fine, by the way.

Speaker 1 (29:20):
I mean, I'm not boogie. I'll drink anything.

Speaker 2 (29:22):
I mean.

Speaker 3 (29:23):
The best part about that was I think Lee had
like three drinks to our one. Yes, during like that,
A couple of opportunities we had in there, and the
fact that we were rooting for those guys to win
their bet.

Speaker 2 (29:34):
Yet they didn't think that was very cool. Yeah.

Speaker 1 (29:37):
I think I hear Lee whisper to himself, there's a
hole in this glass, and so he doesn't want to
lose any of it, so he just pipes it down
as fast as he can so. But that dog track,
that place was wild. That looked like a place where
you step out of line once and somebody comes from
the back and it's a problem like that was a
rough part of town. But no the drafting sports next

to Wrigley a little bit nicer, not nut thrown shade
at that fine place in Dublin. Don't even remember the
name of it, but next to Wriggly feel that could
be a possibility too. It is two Pros and a
Cup of Joe here on Fox Sports Radio, and coming
up next here from these tire rack dot Com studios,
an impromptu edition of Headliner Lie. If you've never heard
it before, you do not want to miss it, or
you could even be a part of it even better

eight seven seven ninety nine on Fox eight seven seven
nine nine six six three six ' nine A Headliner
Lie is yours next here on FSR.

Speaker 5 (30:30):
Be sure to catch live editions of Two Pros and
a Cup of Joe with Brady Quinn, LeVar Errington, and
Jonas Knox weekdays at six am Eastern three am Pacific.

Speaker 1 (30:41):
Two Pros and a Cup of Joe, Fox Sports Radio,
Brady Quinn Jonas Knox with you here. We are going
to have another edition of Headliner Lie Impromptu coming up
here in just a couple of moments from now. That'll
be yours here from the tire rack dot Com Studios.
A reminder that shortly after the show, our podcast will
be going up, so if you've missed any of today's show,
be sure to check out the pod. Search two Pros

wherever you get your podcast, and be sure to also follow,
rate and review the pod. Again, just search two pros
where you get your podcast. You'll see this show posted
right after we get off the air. Is it a
headline or is it a lie?

Speaker 2 (31:18):
Let's go to the news test?

Speaker 1 (31:19):
What no knots? All right, Quinn, let's go. I mean
that sounds so familiar. I don't know where I've heard
that before, but that sounds so familiar. So we're off
and running here. Headline or lie lead to lap Dealer's Choice?
Who do you trust? Who's gonna be the the right
picks here? As far as participants on this edition.

Speaker 4 (31:40):
Well, this has been fun because we've had a lot
of technical difficulties today fresh computers.

Speaker 1 (31:45):
But I do know that Mark and South Carolina is
my guy, Mark, are you there? I am here jealous?
All right, Mark, who do you want to team up with?

Speaker 5 (31:57):
It can't be brave Corn It because I can't tell
my wife I'm talking with Brady Quinn or the computer
is gonna.

Speaker 1 (32:05):
Blow up at home downloading pictures. I'm gonna have to
go with all right, Listen, I appreciate it. Hey, you
know what, because Grace is a came cock. I mean,
Brady did come up with that. Brady came up with
that hot selling T shirt I would send for Quinn
back in the day. So I remember, I remember, don't
we all? Don't? Well? All right, to Lee, who's gonna

be Brady's partner?

Speaker 2 (32:28):
You choose?

Speaker 1 (32:30):
Okay, let's go line five.

Speaker 4 (32:32):
Please, I forget where he's from, budd He's a I
think his name is Casey.

Speaker 1 (32:36):
Let's check it out. Arizona.

Speaker 2 (32:39):
It's not Matthew Perry.

Speaker 1 (32:45):
Is this Casey in Arizona? All right? Casey? Hey, what's happening?
So Casey, you're gonna team up with Brady Quinn? You
go with that?

Speaker 2 (32:52):
Let's go Casey? Oh yeah, baby?

Speaker 1 (32:56):
All right, here we go. So here's that works. We
are going to read a headline to each other's partner.
They are going to answer whether or not it's an
actual headline or it's a lie. And if we're tied
at the end of this list, we have a tie
breaker question. All right, so we are off and running.
Here I will start with Brady's partner, Casey. Casey here,
are you ready? Go ahead? Here we go headline or lie.

A Browns defensive lineman was released by the team after
crashing his SUV through a restaurant in Key West.

Speaker 2 (33:27):
Headline that is correct. There we go and he is
off and running.

Speaker 1 (33:32):
Good for you.

Speaker 2 (33:33):
Here we go, Mark headline or lie.

Speaker 3 (33:36):
California man arrested for sexual misconduct after performing sexual acts
in public.

Speaker 2 (33:41):
With his two thousand and six Toyota Tacoma.

Speaker 1 (33:43):
Oh, that is a head line.

Speaker 2 (33:47):
It's in California.

Speaker 1 (33:48):
It's gotta be true. Thank god.

Speaker 2 (33:50):
Man, you don't know yet.

Speaker 1 (33:55):
Good listen with perfume. All right, so we go over
to Casey. Brady Quinn's partner, Casey Headliner Live an elephant
in Starkenberg predicted Germany to win their EuroCup opener.

Speaker 2 (34:11):
Head Light.

Speaker 1 (34:14):
Well time, I'm gonna get blown out yet again?

Speaker 2 (34:17):

Speaker 3 (34:21):
The Screen Actors Guild provokes a radio show producers membership
after being made aware of a controversial opinion of the
best batman?

Speaker 2 (34:33):
Could you repeat the question?

Speaker 1 (34:34):
Come on?

Speaker 3 (34:35):
These Screen Actors Guild provokes a radio show producers membership
after being made aware of a controversial opinion of the
best batman.

Speaker 2 (34:47):
That would be a lie.

Speaker 1 (34:51):
All right, John, There we go back over to Casey
Brady Quinn's partner here on headliner Lie, Casey. Here we
go headliner Live. A source close to Luka Doncic says
he hasn't seen him this upset since a barn Slovenia
yell last call. I'm gonna say, Lie, he's hot, Baby.

Speaker 2 (35:18):
He's hot.

Speaker 1 (35:19):
Why is he getting all the easy questions?

Speaker 2 (35:21):
Jonahs made them up?

Speaker 5 (35:22):
I don't know.

Speaker 3 (35:22):
Here we go, Mark Headline or Lie, Matt Money, Smith
and Petros Papadagus of Petros and Money gifted a personalized
barrel for new Lakers head coach JJ Reddick for the
King to quote bend them over.

Speaker 1 (35:41):
That would be a well, no one, Petros both, But
I'm not to say lie. All right? Here we go,
all right, Casey headline or lie. When asked whether or
not he had any say in the hiring of JJ Reddick,
Lebron James said, quote, I was busy reading the first
page of a book.

Speaker 2 (36:05):
Lie. All right, Mark, you gotta hit this one. Let's
keep pace.

Speaker 3 (36:12):
Here we go, headline or Lie, State College, Pennsylvania. A
man rushed to the hospital from Zembi's sports tavern after
having aggressive doubt flare up.

Speaker 5 (36:25):
No, Mo, that's a lie. Lavarn's doubt for got cured
a long time ago.

Speaker 1 (36:33):
All right, so here we go, Casey. If you get
this correct, the game is over. It is over, and
Brady Quinn is won for two weeks in a row.
We can't let that happen. So here we go, Casey.
Headline er Lie, thirty seven year old from Saint Petersburg.
A thirty seven year old woman rather was arrested recently
for assaulting a man with a cinnamon roll.

Speaker 2 (36:57):
Headlines. He did it, He did it.

Speaker 1 (37:06):
Up against the ploque. Well done by everybody involved. There
we go, another victorious edition of Headliner Live for Brady Quinn.
So there you go.

Speaker 2 (37:15):
So is okay there in State College?

Speaker 1 (37:18):
Oh he's probably tore up from the floor up right now.
Oh my gosh, exactly likely. What a show MVP to Dailey.

Speaker 2 (37:30):
He's back.

Speaker 1 (37:31):
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