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June 20, 2024 37 mins

George Kittle lost 30 pounds after surgeries but is it a big deal for the Niners? Rich Paul shoots down the idea of LeBron and Bronny being a package deal. Senior NFL Reporter for TheMMQB, Albert Breer stops by. Plus, “You In or Out?”

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Speaker 2 (00:27):
Please give this.

Speaker 3 (00:28):
You're listening to Fox Sports Radio.

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It is Two Pros and a Cup of Joe, Fox
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Of the here let me see them.

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Speaker 5 (01:03):
So we were playing for those of you just tuning in.

Speaker 4 (01:07):
Brady Quinn at the had the brilliant idea of let's
do a game called draft pick or draft stick, where
Lee had.

Speaker 5 (01:13):
A list of names.

Speaker 4 (01:15):
It was either the name of somebody who was actually
attending the NBA draft or completely made up. And Rev
Var LeVar one hit on one because the last name Williams.
He just assumed based on the last name, that was
an actual NBA draft pick.

Speaker 2 (01:34):
Bro, why you do that?

Speaker 6 (01:35):
Well come across as very very like, that's like racist.

Speaker 2 (01:40):

Speaker 5 (01:42):
A second, I didn't say anything that.

Speaker 7 (01:44):
You would you would last day.

Speaker 6 (01:47):
I didn't even believe that you would do that.

Speaker 2 (01:49):
Joe play basketball Williams.

Speaker 4 (01:55):
So I tried to push back on Williams being exclusive
and I brought Ted Williams, only to be corrected by Roberto,
our former technical producer.

Speaker 5 (02:04):
He was quitting on the draw. He said, Ted Williams
was Mexican. Hey, Lee, did you look this up?

Speaker 4 (02:11):
Because I looked this up, and you know what he was, right, Berto,
most of the time is full of crap on this stuff. Corrected,
Williams was fifty percent Latino.

Speaker 2 (02:24):
So well, I mean that's not okay.

Speaker 5 (02:28):
Don't tell my son that, all right?

Speaker 2 (02:31):

Speaker 5 (02:31):
So, so, yeah, stand corrected?

Speaker 6 (02:34):
I mean, isn't Latino different than Mexican though.

Speaker 5 (02:40):
I mean, Lee would know better than I would on
this for sure.

Speaker 8 (02:42):
Like, so they teach you in your Chicano studies class,
but uh, is it the same and you're what Chicano
studies though?

Speaker 7 (02:53):
I don't.

Speaker 6 (02:54):
I'm outside of my realm of understanding here. So cute,
here's a lesson, right. I don't understand where we're going
with this one, So I'm out.

Speaker 2 (03:02):
I don't talk. I don't with you. Yeah, I don't.

Speaker 6 (03:05):
I don't get the terminology here. So if I say
the wrong term, I know terminology. If I know it,
I'm I'm gona mess with it. I am out of
my jurisdiction here. I am going to pause right here.
I'm gonna let y'all because y'all can get you and
and Lee can get away with this. I'm not going
to touch what What do you mean Why I'm not
going to touch it, Johnson?

Speaker 5 (03:25):
Why can we get away with it?

Speaker 2 (03:26):
I'm not going to he he said, what what did
you say the word? I don't know what that means.

Speaker 8 (03:35):
That's the study of ethnicity and race in uh, the
Latino community.

Speaker 2 (03:41):
Why did you just say it that way?

Speaker 1 (03:44):
I mean, I've taken classes before, like Latino spirituality.

Speaker 7 (03:47):
I mean, I'm not sure why they have to use,
you know, that word, Like why could you just say latino?

Speaker 9 (03:53):
Well that that is part of the curriculum.

Speaker 8 (03:56):
Chicano, for example, is a term mostly adopted by Mexican
Americans who don't identify as Latino or Hispanic.

Speaker 7 (04:03):
Yeah, gotcha?

Speaker 5 (04:05):
See well listen, can't you just be American?

Speaker 6 (04:12):
Like can't you just be Mexican? Like I mean, if
you're from there, why can't you just be that?

Speaker 5 (04:18):
I think it's awesome. Ted Williams is part part Hispanic.
That's great.

Speaker 6 (04:23):
We just go down the slippery or slope when we're
fifty percent, like we've done this before. Roberto was on
the show What was like me when I did my
twenty three and meters?

Speaker 5 (04:32):
All right? So on, let's.

Speaker 2 (04:37):
What's wrong with you?

Speaker 5 (04:41):
This is not that? Ain't right? Well, let's let's transition
smoothly over to this.

Speaker 4 (04:48):
Uh, you're on two pros and a cup of Joe.
We have got ourselves maybe cause for concern and National
Football League. So George Kittle was banged up, to say
the least last year. I think he had like an
issue with his shoulder. He had an issue with his rib.

He had an issue with like a corn muscle tear,
which I don't even know what the hell that is.
I don't even have a corn muscle, So he tore
that as well too. I think he had like a
toe injury, like like, there's just all sorts of stuff
that was going on with him. Well, apparently it made
him change a little bit as a player, as a person.
He spoke about it on the Busting with the Boys podcast.

Speaker 5 (05:30):
Let's take a listen.

Speaker 10 (05:31):
So after Super Bowl I lost almost thirty pounds because
I couldn't lift any I couldn't do any other body
because my shoulder, my rib, and I couldn't do lower
because of my core surgery.

Speaker 2 (05:40):
And then I got surgery. So I didn't lift from.

Speaker 10 (05:43):
Like the Super Bowl until like almost mid March, Like
I went a month without doing anything.

Speaker 4 (05:48):
Is it mirrors minus thirty pounds over the course of
a couple of months to start with the off season?

Speaker 5 (05:54):
Maybe costs for concern It's a lot.

Speaker 2 (05:57):
Yeah, I don't know.

Speaker 7 (05:58):
I mean, I feel like you put it back on.

Speaker 1 (06:00):
I just think you worry if he's not the same
player for their offense. Who knows what happens with Yu
Deebo Samuel situation. You just you kind of wonder, Tina,
losing the Super Bowl usually has a hard time getting back,
and he's one of those special players they have, so
hopefully he's the same. But I mean it's hard to
think of losing thirty pounds you'd be able to come

right back in the season. I mean, how much time
do you think of LeVar you could put on over
the next five weeks.

Speaker 6 (06:27):
I could put thirty pounds on today, Okay, I mean
that's my problem. My problem is I could put it on.
His problem is he's gotta he's got to worry about
losing it, you know what I mean, Like, that's that's
pretty real.

Speaker 2 (06:41):
Well, he's got to walk because.

Speaker 7 (06:43):
He's because he's been playing. I got something.

Speaker 6 (06:45):
Yeah, some people, some people have to fight like their
damnness and I hate you for whoever you are, I
hate you. And they they have to fight to keep
weight on, you know, like they just naturally they're slim fit.

Speaker 2 (07:00):
You know, there's slim built for me.

Speaker 6 (07:02):
It's like I do the slightest thing wrong, Like if
I eat if I eat wings.

Speaker 2 (07:08):
And have a bear, that's a it's a rap.

Speaker 6 (07:11):
That's that's like that's fifteen pounds right there, done right away,
Like my belly and my face, it's going to blow
up and and and that's what it's going to be.
And then if I do another bear and another set
of wings, then that's going to be another five ten
pounds right there as well. So I don't I have
to fight weight. I have to fight it. It's a

constant battle.

Speaker 4 (07:34):
Could you really put on a day though not a day, Okay, I.

Speaker 2 (07:38):
Could, but realistically, realistically I.

Speaker 6 (07:40):
Could put I mean, I've weighed myself in the morning,
so you know, I don't know how the accuracies of
it is. Whatever they say weigh yourself, that's when you're
at your your your true weight in the morning, and
then at at in the evening you get you know,
a different readout, but it's what you did based on
the day. I've gone up up to ten pounds in
the day weight myself in the morning, was weighing one thing.

Weigh myself at night and was like five to ten
pounds heavier.

Speaker 7 (08:08):
Did you well?

Speaker 11 (08:10):

Speaker 4 (08:10):
Well, I was just gonna say, you gotta go breakfast, lunch,
and dinner and then dessert with with snacks in between.

Speaker 5 (08:15):
Correct, And I don't.

Speaker 2 (08:16):
Know, man, I really don't.

Speaker 1 (08:18):
Let's not get on your you know, let's not eat diet.
I'm more curious do you feel like he feels like
like when you I'm always talk to my brother in
law about this. He would lose when he first got
in the NFL, he he was like two hundred and
forty five and fifty pounds, and then as he got,
you know, older in the league, he he wanted to

be thirty two thirty five because it's easier on your joints, right,
And that was that was Maybe the thought too, is
is like kiddo's a warrior man. He's been through so much.
Maybe it's not a bad thing, you know. Maybe it's
just kind of the evolution of like if you can
be a little lighter, a little easier in your joints,
you know, as you get older, you slow down a
bit too. Maybe it's it's it's a partially that as well.

Speaker 2 (09:00):
All right, let's look at it this way.

Speaker 6 (09:01):
They have him listed at two fifty if he lost
thirty pounds and he weighs two twenty. Okay, now now
see now we're in I knew if we hit it
this way, it would hit it hit a little harder
two twenty in comparison to two fifty. That's an entirely
different person. That's your in football terms, that's an entirely

different person. Like if I if I'm at two fifty
as a as a linebacker, which I was at two fifty,
two fifty five, that was my numbers when I was
in the league. I was two forty eight, two forty
nine in college. If I'm too twenty, if I'm too
twenty or two sixteen, that is an entirely different person

like literally, and then Steve.

Speaker 1 (09:47):
Vercal to Stefan, remember how he like transformed to Stefan back.

Speaker 6 (09:51):
But him still the same at least he's still the
same size. He's just what I'm saying out from man
something about it. Well, because he wasn't slouching his show
and I know Jalil actually he wasn't slouching his shoulders
and holding his head down and all that. He stretched
itself out and stood like stood normal.

Speaker 2 (10:10):
That's what it was.

Speaker 6 (10:11):
He was actually taller as as Stephan than what he
was as you know Herkle.

Speaker 2 (10:18):
That would be the breakdown on Steve Rkle and stuff on.

Speaker 4 (10:21):
I mean, you know, it makes it By the way,
if I lost thirty pounds, I'd be a shopping bag,
like there would be nothing to me at all.

Speaker 5 (10:29):
Thirty pounds is a lot.

Speaker 6 (10:31):
I lost thirty pounds. Can you see how different out?
I mean, honestly, do you see how different I look?

Speaker 5 (10:37):
I think you've always looked good?

Speaker 2 (10:38):
Shut up? Man?

Speaker 4 (10:39):

Speaker 2 (10:41):
Shut up? Bang?

Speaker 5 (10:42):

Speaker 2 (10:43):
I had the obese face.

Speaker 5 (10:44):
Man, you didn't I did.

Speaker 2 (10:47):
I showed you my before and after. Don't do this, like,
don't don't know that? What about uh?

Speaker 7 (10:54):
The uh, the Rich Paul rumors and stuff going on.

Speaker 4 (10:57):
That bron James and Lebron don't have to be a
packaged deal, and and that's that, and that Bronni is
uh only working out for the Suns and makers.

Speaker 6 (11:09):
Will we have said draft pick or draft stick if
they said bron He started to shout.

Speaker 7 (11:16):
Is he going?

Speaker 9 (11:18):
I had him on the list. He would have been
a stick.

Speaker 5 (11:22):
So he's not fired by Lee?

Speaker 7 (11:25):
Is he not attending?

Speaker 9 (11:26):
He is not attending. No, he wasn't invited at least.

Speaker 5 (11:29):
Oh gosh, he wasn't wait around that long.

Speaker 6 (11:33):
So I would have loved to hurt Rich Paul's you know,
kind of explanation on why he wasn't invited.

Speaker 2 (11:41):
I mean, shouldn't he be invited?

Speaker 1 (11:44):
But my question is should you believe anything an agent
ever says, like if there's if there Look, I have
friends who are agents.

Speaker 2 (11:52):
I obviously no agents.

Speaker 1 (11:54):
But publicly like you could say whatever you want until
a different reality presents itself or a different opportunity presents itself.

Speaker 7 (12:03):
True, like most agents are opportunists.

Speaker 1 (12:07):
So if let's just say the Lakers, because if you
look at the quotes for Mitch Paul saying, well, if
it was a package deal, he'd force the Lakers to
draft Brawny at seventeen. Okay, well if he's going to
be around until a later pick, or there's another destination,
Like how do you know they're not behind the scenes
working with another franchise.

Speaker 7 (12:29):
I saw someone put up a meme of like lebron
and Bronny with Dallas. Well maybe they do that.

Speaker 1 (12:35):
I just I don't know that you ever can believe
anything an agent says, because the second a better opportunity
is presented, they're taking that.

Speaker 7 (12:44):
Like that's their entire job.

Speaker 1 (12:47):
Description, more money, the opportunity their client once, they're gonna
do it. So as of today, maybe there hasn't been
a demand for that. But as you get closer to
the draft, like let's say a team's that's Browny and
all of a sudden make an offer to Lebron.

Speaker 7 (13:02):
There you go, Bubby. There's nothing wrong.

Speaker 1 (13:06):
With the fact that Lebron wants to play with his son,
Like that's one of the coolest things potentially ever.

Speaker 4 (13:12):
I hope he does. Just from a dad standpoint, That's.

Speaker 1 (13:15):
What I'm saying, Like this has been a topic of conversation.
I thought it happened in the NBA. Oh, that's a
good question. I don't think so.

Speaker 5 (13:23):
No, Ken Griffy and Ken Griffy.

Speaker 6 (13:27):
You know, baseball, Baseball, that's happened quite a few times,
But basketball, I don't know that I've ever heard of
a brother.

Speaker 1 (13:34):
Hasn't happened in football hasn't happened. I mean, it's it's crazy.

Speaker 7 (13:39):
So that's what makes it cool and unique and part
of the story.

Speaker 1 (13:44):
But there's like a negative for some reason, there's like
a negative conversation around it because or whether Bronni should
or shouldn't be drafted.

Speaker 7 (13:51):
It's like, well, what does it matter?

Speaker 6 (13:53):
It is because people take negative approaches towards Lebron James
that's what it is, really, because if this was somebody
that people like, really like publicly like overwhelmingly loved, they'd
be like really excited about this. But for some strange reason,
there's this this malice that that exists towards Lebron James,

Like there are a lot of people that love to
hate on Lebron James.

Speaker 4 (14:19):
Well because it feels very forced, Like it feel like
a lot of it feels forced.

Speaker 2 (14:23):
We did. But what does it matter if it's forced?

Speaker 4 (14:25):
Okay, because I think people have fatigue with these stories
that come out. And then he stands back and goes, oh, yeah,
I don't know anything about it, So what do you mean?

Speaker 2 (14:33):

Speaker 4 (14:34):
Like, there's people that are like carrying your water for
you constantly in the media. It happens all the time,
and I think that's why people like I've said it,
like Laker fans don't like Lebron James like they like
Kobe And it ain't even close, Like there's not this
there's not this appeal to him and what he brings
like there was Kobe. I still don't think they look

at him like a true Laker, like they look at
him like.

Speaker 7 (14:57):
Well, it's harder when you're not drafted there.

Speaker 4 (15:01):
Yeah, but I also think that they look at him
like it's kind of a mercenary at this point, like
he's moved around so much that.

Speaker 1 (15:07):
And that's and that's part of the truth is if
you look at obviously, even how he left Cleveland, regardless
of how much they raised for charity and everything, that
specific event was. And I said this at the time,
like I feel like, had he not verbalized it the
way he.

Speaker 7 (15:25):
Did, I'm taking my talents to South Beach.

Speaker 1 (15:29):
Had he figure out a different way of phrasing that,
it probably would have even been accepted better than what
it was.

Speaker 7 (15:35):
Or maybe if if you were going to leave and
you knew you were gonna leave, you.

Speaker 1 (15:39):
Just didn't draw it out that way because having it
what an akron I believe is where they were like
having it there, making this big announcement and the decision.

Speaker 7 (15:50):
I mean, it's great for ratings for TV.

Speaker 1 (15:52):
I don't know who talked to you from the TV
side of it, but ultimately, if you're going to leave
the place that like it seemed destined, you're the savior.

Speaker 7 (16:00):
It was everything that Cleveland Cavaliers fans hoped for you.
I mean, you can't. You can't do it that way.

Speaker 1 (16:08):
And so you go to Miami, you win championships, maybe
not as much as you thought you were going to
win or claimed you're gonna win when you first got there,
but you learn how to win. You go back, you
win a championship for Cleveland, so maybe all is forgiven.

Speaker 2 (16:21):
But then it gets to a.

Speaker 1 (16:21):
Point where you then you know, move on and it's like, okay,
now now it does feel like it's a.

Speaker 7 (16:26):
Bit of a like. I guess my point is you're allowing.

Speaker 1 (16:30):
Yourself to be criticized when you make some of those
decisions so public.

Speaker 7 (16:34):
And out there.

Speaker 1 (16:36):
You know, I think he's if you compare him to
to Kobe, and look, it's not like he was perfect either,
but he also never left the Lakers, right, never left
the team that drafted him, and you know, lebron chose
to It was his decision. It literally was on live television,
the decision. And I think that's when a lot of
the criticism started. And even when he got to Miami

and how many any championships they were going to win
and what did or didn't happen, like all those things
kind of brought on. I think this group of people
who want to criticize it for everything, and that's.

Speaker 7 (17:08):
The word you live in when you're a superstar athlete.

Speaker 4 (17:11):
Yeah, well, listen, it is Two Pros and a Cup
of Joe here on Fox Sports Radio. We get a
couple of superstar athletes here on this show, that's for sure,
and we.

Speaker 5 (17:18):
Are going to hear from the A League.

Speaker 4 (17:21):
Really coming up next here though, from the Tirack dot
Com studios, we are going to hear from somebody that
visits with us every single week, and it is somebody
who called his shot in the world of sports very recently,
and you'll hear from him right here on FSR.

Speaker 3 (17:36):
Be sure to catch live editions of Two Pros and
a Cup of Joe with Brady Quinn, LeVar Arrington, and
Jonas Knox weekdays at six am Eastern three am Pacific
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Speaker 5 (17:50):
It's me Rob Parker.

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Check out my weekly MLB podcast, Inside the Parker for
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Speaker 5 (18:19):
Your podcast right now.

Speaker 4 (18:22):
Albert Breers in he's our senior NFL reporter lead content
strategist at the MMQB.

Speaker 5 (18:27):
You can get him on Twitter at Albert Breer.

Speaker 4 (18:29):
Also, by the way, a guy who called his shot
and said, Celtics in five. Congratulations, Ab, there's nothing you
can't do.

Speaker 11 (18:38):
That's right, That's right, I got it. I just like
in The Fall, right, get everything right?

Speaker 5 (18:42):
Yep, that's how it works. Uh, I do, I do
want to.

Speaker 4 (18:46):
I'm curious here because if since you know and you
can see into the future and you know that the
Celtics are gonna win in five and you never miss
on anything in the Fall, can you finally fess up
and tell us where the hell Aaron Rodgers was like.

Speaker 5 (18:58):
Where did he go? Come on? What is spilled the beans? Please?

Speaker 11 (19:03):
He went far far away?

Speaker 2 (19:05):
I was.

Speaker 11 (19:07):
I I'm not sure that you could get where he
is from where I am without a connection. So oh yeah,
and I live in a pretty big city, so yeah,
it's it's it's an interesting situation for sure.

Speaker 4 (19:23):
I mean there's nothing else, no other details on it, no,
uh nothing anybody wants to.

Speaker 11 (19:27):
Skill or I might have an idea where he's at.
I like, honestly, guys, I think I mean so much
this is avoidable, you know what I mean? But here
we are, and you know, I think the Jets are
managing at the best they can and look like I
did think to some degree, like I think part of
it is like you know, a guy wants to get

his mind right for the season. I again, I think
like this what this particular timing and everything else. To me,
it is avoidable. But I mean, the guy's accomplis a
lot and obviously have the leverage to pull something like
this off if he wants to. And so yeah, that's
a situation.

Speaker 2 (20:07):
Everybody's in Albert.

Speaker 7 (20:09):
Do you know exactly where he's at right now?

Speaker 11 (20:12):
Brady O? No, I sound like all right, which is
like suck, So like that's all I can give you
right now.

Speaker 7 (20:19):
Damn? Do you know exactly where he's at right now?

Speaker 11 (20:23):
I have a general idea, okay, I mean I can't
tell you what city is, Easan, I'll put it that.

Speaker 7 (20:30):
Way, Okay, Just the country is what you're.

Speaker 11 (20:32):
Saying yeah maybe.

Speaker 1 (20:35):
I mean, we've had some wild speculation on this show
and one of our seconds called headline are Live. We
won't get into that, though, I do want to ask
you just as we move closer to the season, we
keep hearing more and more of this idea of like
now Pittsburgh wants to have a game in Dublin, Ireland,
which be awesome, you know for us, but there seems
to be this push to get international, to go international.

Is there more to the just branching out the sport
or is there something maybe behind the scenes with all.

Speaker 11 (21:05):
This No, it's business. I mean I think that's where
it is. Brady and I did it boils down to, yeah,
maybe about fifteen years ago, this is the one. You know,
Roger was the commissioner. They felt like domestically they couldn't
grow anymore, so they had to grow out from a
business standpoint, and that's meant adding inventory. And over the

years that's what you know, going to London was, That's
what Thursday night football is, That's what playing every day
of the week and on Christmas. That's what all these
things are. It's adding inventory that you can sell and
sell to a new audience. And whether that new audience
is an audience that will show up on a Wednesday
night or whether this is not so it will turn

on a TV in Ireland. That's been their commitment. And
you know, it's interesting because if you look at like
the mandate of the commissioners over the years, right, Like
so Roselle was the commissioner. He's kind of a carnival barker,
and he was like the commissioner when the NFL needed
to be promoted and needed to be you know, turned

into a bigger deal, and Roselle did that. And Taglabu
became the commissioner. He's a lawyer. He became the commissioner
at a time when there was a lot of labor
problems in the eighties and he was able to take
care of that. And you know Roger where you know,
Roselle was the carnival barker and and and Tagliabu was

was a lawyer. Goodell is the guy who was just
an expert at finding a way to create new revenue
streams and create new ways to make money. And that's
been his mandate since he's been the commissioner. And this
I think has been one of the more prominent ways
of doing it is of finding new audiences overseas, and so,

you know, I think this will continue. Obviously it's accelerated
the last couple of years because they've gone to Germany
now and they'll go to Brazil this year, They'll go
to Spain next year. I'd imagine know it'll keep going out.
I think Dublin will actually be one of the easier ones. Guys,
and Brady, you've been over there for a game, I
believe right like I think you said Notre Dame.

Speaker 1 (23:08):
Yeah, they do a tremendous job. And you know, obviously,
you know, you lose out on some of the revenue
that you get by you know, not having that home game.

Speaker 7 (23:17):
However, people have to understand these cities will.

Speaker 1 (23:20):
Essentially pay you to come over there, Like they'll come
up with the funding from the tourism and from the
government there, and then they'll they'll figure out how to
make it back up with all the economic stimulus that provide.
So it's not I understand that stinks for Pittsburgh Steelers
fans at home.

Speaker 7 (23:34):
But it's a cool trip.

Speaker 1 (23:35):
If they do goal on the trip and the team
still makes money off it.

Speaker 11 (23:38):
It's an awesome trip. I mean, I honestly like you
go there plying on Thursday, say a couple of rounds
of golf, right, go to a game on Sunday. Not
a bad deal at all, And like I do think
like Dublin would probably be one of the easier ones.
The reason I brought up Notre Dame Brady is because
they've hosted a lot of football games over there now,
you know, so it's from a logistical standpoint, like when

they go to South Plo in Brazil this year, when
they go to Madrid in Spain next year, like that'll
e sense first time those stadiums have hosted American football.
So there's a lot of like forecasting and guessing when
it comes to trying to make everything right there. You know,
I would have been with Dublin because they've hosted so
many college football games now, like they probably have a

pretty good process in place for hosting hosting our sports.

Speaker 6 (24:27):
With that being said, Abe, I mean there was a
time when there was an NFL.

Speaker 2 (24:32):
Euro and folded it folded, it didn't work.

Speaker 6 (24:36):
And I do I believe that was was that under
Taglebu or was that under Goodell?

Speaker 2 (24:40):
It might have been Goodell's start, but it didn't work.

Speaker 6 (24:43):
What makes this time different than when they were trying
to do it with an entire league.

Speaker 11 (24:49):
Well, we're putting real games over there. It's the difference,
you know. And I think, like I mean, like it's
it's it started Undertaging but folded under at Goodell. At
least the long I had folded was because they couldn't
make money off of it. And again, like Rogers mandate
is to is to make money, and they couldn't turn
it into a money making enterprise. They've been able to

turn this into a money making enterprise for the league
and that's why it survived, and that's why it's expanded,
and that's why they're continuing to go because they want to,
you know, following the lead of leagues like the NBA
that have had a lot of success to the point
where players are being developed over there, you know, and
kids are playing the game like that's that's the goal.
That's where you want to get. And I think part

of it and this is no affront to anybody who
played over there, because obviously guys have played over there,
all had a chance to play in the NFL. You know,
you have to be close to playing the NFL, have
had played in that league, but I sort of liking
it to MLS, you know what I mean. I think
I don't know, I grew up with like like some
of my friends who played soccer growing up, you know,
like they're obviously they're huge fans of the sport. They

were never watching MLS. You know, they're watching the Premier League.
These are American kids, right, They're watching the Premier League.
They're watching Real Madrid and FC Barcelona, They're not watching
Major League Soccer. I think it's sort of the same thing.
It's like, if you put a product that isn't like
the top products over there, it's hard for people to

buy it. But if we are sending Patrick Mahomes and
Tom Brady, you know, and you know, and we're gonna
send Jordan Love and Jalen Hurtz count of Brazil, right,
that is something people can buy into. So I think
we're sort of talking about two different things that LA
bar right, Like, it's like it's a hey, just watch
the sport. To watch the sport, right, We're not going

to send our stars over there, just watch the minor league,
pleae Versus we're gonna send our biggest stars, our best
teams over there to the behind of that, and I
think it's you know, it's proven to be a more
sellable product. And like the way the NBA has been
able to export its game. I mean, think what the
NBA is down is that stars on teams or what

fell over there. So by sending our stars over there,
I think we found I think the NFL has found
a product that it can sell internationally.

Speaker 4 (27:09):
Albert Brier joining us here on Fox Sports Radio, AB,
how does this play out with Brandon Ayuk in the
forty nine ers.

Speaker 11 (27:16):
Well that you want to keep them so, you know,
regardless of what you saw on TikTok, there hasn't been
an effort mainly to give him some long term and
for has you know, been in the upper twenties, and
I think that they're I think right now there's sort
of a this salemate, impass, whatever you want to call it.

You know now, I think he's as good a player
as I'm on Ross Saint Brown and Jalen Wattle. Those
guys got Payton the twenty eight twenty nine million dollars
per year range. But since those guys signed Jeffers Justin
Jefferson's signed, So like, how has that complicated? How do
you square you know, where where Yuke is versus where

Jefferson is and how Jefferson's contracts. No, there's effects the
market versus where Wattle and Saint Brown were a couple
of months ago. I just think it's like kind of
gotten complicated from a negotiating standpoint, and that's probably why
they're frustration on Ayuk's part. But I would say this,
I feel comfortable saying the Niners if you ask them

right now, who do we want for the next five years,
Brandon Ayuk or Deebo Samuel, if they are being truthful,
they would tell you we were like we want Brandon Ayuk,
and I, you know, I certainly think that they're going
to continue their effort to try to sign in long term.
And I would actually say, if one of those two
is going to be traded over the summer, I'd say

it's more likely Deebo Samuel than Brandon Ayuk. But that's
just my feeling right now on you know, whatever it is,
June twenty twenty first, is that right? I think? So
June twentieth, Yeah, two twentieth, There you go, that's my
feeling on June twentieth, Thanks Jonas.

Speaker 7 (29:00):
Who's next up to get a contract done?

Speaker 1 (29:01):
We know there's a lot of wide receivers hoping to
get their deals inked.

Speaker 7 (29:06):
Who's up next?

Speaker 11 (29:08):
Well, I mean like Toy Lamb is certainly somebody if
you're talking about the receivers. Now you've got sort of
the work and you can say he's not justin Jefferson,
but look at his numbers from USh year, like one
hundred and thirty catches for seventeen hundred yards. I mean like,
if you're Cede Lamb, you're asking to probably get pretty

close to Jefferson, right, And how do the Cowboys manage that?
With Dak in the contract here and with Mike Parson's
situation where a lot of people aren't talking about but
he should be paying attention to. But there's obviously a
lot of things happening now right now the Cowboys, you know,
and then you know two Tongue of Balola who have

like kind of like a weird holdout holdout thing going
on in the spring and Jordan Loves, my guess would
be the next one he gets Stu get the it's
done would be Jordan Love and Tutin Love gets close
to what Trevor Lawrence got, how does that affect the
two negotiation. I just think what's interesting about this Pradie

is like a lot of these contract negotiations tie into
one another, you know, So I think it's gonna be
interesting to see who goes first and how that affects
the other guys. And you know, and then of course
you got CD and Brandon Aiyuk out there, who I
think are materially affected by what happened with Justin Jefferson.
So you see, because of the rising cap the market

being affected by these Blockbuxer deals. And then you know,
again in the wake of Justin Jefferson getting done and
Trevor Lawrence getting done, and you know, certainly they're gonna
be receivers and quarterbacks who are gonna be asking for more.

Speaker 4 (30:48):
He is Albert Breer, senior NFL reporter, lead content strategist
at the MMQB. You can get him on Twitter or
ex at Albert Breer AB.

Speaker 5 (30:55):
We appreciate us. Do it again next week.

Speaker 11 (30:58):
All right, thanks guys, there is it is.

Speaker 5 (31:00):
Two pros and a cup of Joe.

Speaker 4 (31:01):
Here on Fox Sports Radio, LeVar Arrington, Brady Quinn, Jonas
Knox with you coming up next here, we are going
to close up shop on a Thursday with another edition
of You In or You Out, and It's yours right
here on FSR.

Speaker 3 (31:12):
Be sure to catch live editions of Two Pros and
a Cup of Joe with Brady Quinn, LeVar Arrington and
Jonas Knox weekdays at six am Eastern three am Pacific, Two.

Speaker 5 (31:24):
Pros and a Cup of Joe.

Speaker 4 (31:25):
Fox Sports Radio, LeVar Arrington, Brady Quinn, Jonas Knox with
you here. We'll be back tomorrow at six am Eastern
time for a football Friday here on the show, and
we're going to close up shop with another edition of
You and Out coming up here shortly. But a reminder
that shortly after the show goes off the air, though,
our podcast will be going up. So if you've missed
any of today's show, be sure to check out the

pod search two Pros orrever you get your podcast. Be
sure to also follow, rate and review the pod again.
Just search two Pros wherever you get your podcast. You'll
see this show posted right after we get off the air.

Speaker 11 (31:56):
This is really make news.

Speaker 3 (31:58):
Two Pros and a Cup of Shoe, What even to
know if they're please or in their.

Speaker 5 (32:05):
Round lead lap? What do we got, guys?

Speaker 8 (32:07):
It's summer Solstice, celebrate the the celestial holiday. Some people
do it with barbecues. Some people, you know, put a
little festival on dance.

Speaker 7 (32:17):
Is that what you're doing is exactly.

Speaker 9 (32:18):
What I'm doing? Brady?

Speaker 2 (32:25):
Yeah? So what how was Wednesday?

Speaker 7 (32:30):
How is delivery Wednesday?

Speaker 9 (32:32):

Speaker 5 (32:32):
Wednesday was good?

Speaker 8 (32:33):
What did we what did we partake it? I think yeah,
it was a little tequila yesterday. What we were doing
it was a good day.

Speaker 9 (32:41):
Honestly, it was busy. I was doing a lot of
busy stuff.

Speaker 7 (32:44):
So what what.

Speaker 4 (32:45):
Is the the summer? So it's just the first day
of summer. Isn't June twenty first the first day of summer?

Speaker 8 (32:51):
It usually falls on between June twentieth and twenty first
and twenty.

Speaker 9 (32:54):
Seconds the longest day of the year.

Speaker 2 (32:56):

Speaker 8 (32:57):
Uh, it is technically twenty first, but they some people
say it's the twentieth.

Speaker 2 (33:01):
I don't know. Yeah, my birthday is on the twentieth.

Speaker 5 (33:03):
I mean, are you June or July twentieth? In June
that's today.

Speaker 7 (33:11):
The twenty first is tomorrow.

Speaker 2 (33:12):
Today is the twentieth. Yeah, it's to your birthday, my first.

Speaker 1 (33:17):
I'd look it up if I could, but the problem
is you you said it wrong, and that messed everything off.

Speaker 9 (33:21):
It's my first one, it's your first birthday?

Speaker 2 (33:25):

Speaker 9 (33:25):
Does that mean it's your real birthday?

Speaker 2 (33:27):
I don't know.

Speaker 5 (33:29):
I mean, I mean says i'm wiki.

Speaker 7 (33:31):
Yeah, No, his wiki is wrong though, right. Didn't you
tell us that you gave him the wrong one?

Speaker 6 (33:35):
Or somebody pays attention to see my dude pays attention.

Speaker 4 (33:38):
Yeah, because it's really June twenty seventh, but you gave
June twentieth is a vake one.

Speaker 2 (33:43):
It's not twenty seven. Okay, let's keep going enter out on.

Speaker 9 (33:47):
Well, today's birthdays are y'all?

Speaker 2 (33:49):
Look at Wiki? Did you look at Wikipedia? Yeah, it's
today's my birthday.

Speaker 6 (33:56):
So that's so that's the fake one, which means that
you can't leave everything you read when you look at
your people.

Speaker 1 (34:03):
It's really smart though, because it'd be hard for someone
to like steal your identity if they don't.

Speaker 2 (34:06):
Know your birthday. Damn. There you go.

Speaker 7 (34:08):
Yeah, that's smart.

Speaker 2 (34:09):
There you go.

Speaker 1 (34:11):
Or if you're Danniel Monte, then you want to be
eighteen years old pitching in like a fourteen year old
World Series tournament.

Speaker 2 (34:16):
You can do that too, you know what.

Speaker 6 (34:18):
That crossed my mind, But not to play baseball like
it was hockey.

Speaker 5 (34:24):
Actually, I I have Levar's real birthday or somewhere looking
through that.

Speaker 7 (34:30):
It's next.

Speaker 2 (34:31):
I see We're going to use the whole segment to figure.

Speaker 9 (34:35):
Out when we got to now have to get to
the bottom of it.

Speaker 2 (34:39):
Yeah alrighty then, Damn.

Speaker 5 (34:42):
I sat in here somewhere.

Speaker 2 (34:44):
I thought you was talking about how old I am.

Speaker 5 (34:47):
You look young than mere blood. See I can't say that.

Speaker 8 (34:55):
Oh what else, guys in the Comfable Copa America, We've
got Argentina can on f S one at the Mercedes
Benz Stadium in at.

Speaker 9 (35:02):
Leanta, Owen.

Speaker 7 (35:06):
What's uh what channels it.

Speaker 9 (35:08):
On FS one as wow?

Speaker 7 (35:10):
Yeah yeah yeah, big time yeah, as.

Speaker 9 (35:12):
Well as U Division.

Speaker 2 (35:12):
All right, I'll be in. I'll be in the company guy,
you know, well, not really but kind of sort of. Damn.

Speaker 8 (35:20):
We got the PGA Tour, the Greater Hertford Open, Connecticut.

Speaker 6 (35:24):
There owl yeah.

Speaker 9 (35:26):
Skip with that one.

Speaker 5 (35:28):
What Rory McElroy did to me.

Speaker 8 (35:29):
I'm out time all day swimming coverage on NBC and
Peacock for the US Olympic Trials out Lucas.

Speaker 7 (35:37):
There's a hot take.

Speaker 1 (35:38):
Rowdy Gaines is up there next to like the Charles
Charles Barkley.

Speaker 7 (35:42):
Whoever, as far.

Speaker 1 (35:43):
As analysts, there's like I think about Michael Phelps's career,
which was Katie ladeccy unbelievable, like two of the greatest
athletes ever, especially in their sport. It sounded the way
it did though because of him, Like there's nothing like
caring what Michael Phelps could be killing the rest of

the competition.

Speaker 7 (36:05):
But Rowdy Gains.

Speaker 1 (36:06):
Made it entertaining because it was like he always knew
how to find a way of like pushing towards the
world record is personal. Whatever it was, he's he always
makes it exciting. Hey, guy's awesome. Yeah, nice out, you
know what I'm in Team USA.

Speaker 7 (36:25):
Let's go.

Speaker 9 (36:25):
Let's go, fellas.

Speaker 8 (36:26):
If you're looking for maybe a sports documentary, you watched
Federer twelve Final Days on Amazon Prime feature document I'll
leave that to you, Chronic Final twelve Days of his
tennis career. Out guys, we had brought up Barcelona early
in the show.

Speaker 9 (36:42):
It's world Tapa's day. If you guys like Tapa's World topless.

Speaker 2 (36:45):
I love Worldless Day in.

Speaker 5 (36:50):
All the way in damn Canon.

Speaker 2 (36:55):
Yeah, I'm in.

Speaker 1 (36:55):
I'm just I'm tired of these whole hashtag days or whatever.

Speaker 2 (36:58):
It's just hammer.

Speaker 4 (37:00):
By the way, Leakim, you didn't bring up Italy and
Spain at the euro Cup. I had, I had it
ready to go three pm Eastern Time on Fox.

Speaker 5 (37:10):
There you go.

Speaker 9 (37:12):
I knew you had it.

Speaker 8 (37:13):
And America Sweethearts The Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders releases on Netflix.

Speaker 9 (37:17):
Documentary on the Cheerleaders.

Speaker 2 (37:21):
I don't know that I'm out, but I'm gonna have
to figure that one out.

Speaker 9 (37:25):
Happy Birthday,
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