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January 27, 2019 166 mins

On today's FOX Football Saturday, Dan Beyer ad Tori Gurley preview Super Bowl LIII and the guys debate whether or not the Patriots deserve to be the favorites over the Rams. The guys react live to the Farmers Insurance Open at Torrey Pines and discuss the expectations for Tiger Woods this year plus they wonder where Le'Veon Bell and Antonio Brown are most likely to play next season. Guests include LA Time Columnist Bill Placshke,  Yahoo Sports NFL Writer Frank Schwab and Kurt Helin from ProBasketballTalk

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Speaker 1 (00:01):
Don't listening to Fox Sports and it is finally here
nine days or so away from Super Bowl fifty three.
My goodness, can this game finally get here? Rams and
Patriots in Atlanta a week from tomorrow. It is weird, Tori,
It is weird. I thought last week was weird with
no football on a Saturday, and now we've got I

know we have a Senior Bowl, and I know we
have the Pro Bowl, but this is kind of the
shot back to reality in life where all of a
sudden you're like, oh man, this is this is how
like normal life is. We've been writing this cloud of
football for the past twenty weeks and this is kind
of our first taste of what we're going to get
in the off season. It's a a week at a
Saturday and a Sunday with no real meaningful football. Kind

of got that weird feeling. It really does have a
bad feeling. Is when your wife started putting you to
work and make you do things on a weekend because
she was like, hey, hey, no aim on Sunday and
the one o'clock four o'clock or no prom tom So
we definitely definitely are looking for a big super Bowl
to put you know, bring us out with a bank.
I kid you not. My wife has already ordered the
new wreath for the door for the spring. We got

our new floor mat to the new welcome mat for
the home, so she is ready to move on and
ready to move on to the spring. However, a lot
of us, a lot of US sports fans just want
to hold on to as much football as we can.
And I mentioned I joke the Super Bowl. You need
two weeks, you really do. For as big as the
game has become, and for as big as the festivities,
whether it's in Atlanta, Minnesota, Miami next year, to do

everything to get all these teams involved, you you need
two weeks. But it's it's amazing to think that we're
gonna sit here next week at this time. This still,
this game still hasn't been played. And I know some
of that could be We're based in Los Angeles, so
there's a lot of ram stuff going on, but there's
already been a lot of Patriots rams talking. We're still
more than a week away from Super Bowl fifty three.
What I'm truly happy is about happy about is t

s A. You know, they're back working again. So now
now the teams can get there and and orderly fashion.
We've got security and we're gonna be saved down there
super Bowl site. And that's what I'm excited about, is
everybody being there getting their safety sound. And like you said,
the game coming up this weekend is gonna next weekend.
It's gonna be a lot of fun because I think
the Rams gonna go out and do something special dance. Well,

not a lot of people think that because the line
in Vegas, and this is intriguing. As soon as you
had a Rams Patriots super Bowl after the Patriots beat
the Kansas City Chiefs, you had an opening line and
there was something that had the Rams even a slight
favorite in that game, but more so a pick him
is what I saw between the two teams. And then
all of a sudden, you see the Patriots become a
slight favorite, and then all of a sudden a little

bit more of a favorite. Now there's places where New
England is as much as a field goal or even
a three and a half point favorite over the Los
Angeles Rams. I'm trying to pinpoint why we feel that
way and what we have seen, and this is what
I've deciphered. Number One it's gotta be the Tom Brady factor,

right there? Is that fair enough is Tom Brady and
then number two would be the Bill Belichick factor. Of
those guys, you just don't want to bet against them
in the big game. The other point that I thought
was maybe how the Rams won against the Saints is
something that's stuck in my mind. I'm trying to figure
out why all of a sudden we're seeing this so
much love for New England on this On that side

of things, when the Rams many points during the regular season,
we thought they were the best team in there. They're
the most talented team and something that we as fans
were falling in love with the prisoner in a moment,
and the last thing we saw is Tom brady historic
two minute drive goes down. Ice is the game with
a game when a touchdown obviously that came from the
running back, and as a fan, you you they give

you that feeling of oh man, I don't want to
go against it. They're always prepared and they always find
a way to come out on top. But for anyone
that knows football, you know the football heads out here.
If you look at the depth and you look at
the roster of the Los Angeles Rams. Compared to New
England Patriots, the Rams are the better team by far
quarterback and head coaches. Slight advantage goes to New England

because they have that experience, But if you look at
personnel and depth, the Rams have done a hell of
a job bringing in free agent, draft picks and everything
else to have themselves in a situation to win a
Super Bowl next Sunday. We think that the Rams are
very top heavy for the names that they brought in
with uh A Key to leave, Marcus Peters and Dominican Sue.

I know Brandon Cooks is going to be there for
a while, but a lot of the movies that they
made in the last twelve months to really kind of
short things up, we looked at it like, Okay, this
is a one shot deal. Where were they Where were
their gaps? And they don't really have any Like offensive
line we didn't we don't talk about much. And now
we've gone okay with Andrew Worth and in In Sullivan
and Roger staffold, very very solid group, definitely in the

top top half of the top echelon in the National
Football League. They probably have well, they do have the
best defensive player in the in the National Football League,
and even like the weakness spot at linebacker, Corey Littleton
has been a guy that has come in a no
name if you will have entering the season, ends up
can get to Pro Bowl status. Even the parts where

we thought they had weak decision we thought, Okay, this
is a team that's top heavy and they're not going
to have that depth. They're strong. Plus they have a
good kicker and a good punter. I don't think we've
seen enough of that with the Rams, or we focused
on that enough about them throughout the season, considering how
they've also bounced back from the Cooper Cup injury, and
they also have a defensive coordinator that's taking it to

Tom Brady in New England Patriots, Wade Phillips. He has
the recipe to beat him. Last time I checked, when
Denver and New England played an NFC championship game to Peyton.
Manning got the big win, but ultimately it was Denver's defense.
We had guys like von Miller, DeMarcus We're coming off
the edge, and now you have something similar to that.

Now they don't have They don't run the same scheme
as they did in Denver, but these guys are just
as athletic, and they can match up man and man
and truly get pressure on Brady. And that's the only
way the Rams that have a chance to win this game.
It's gonna be Sue and it's gonna be Aaron Donald
if they can get penetration. That's something Tom Brady doesn't
like because the disrupts the flow of their offense. Fox
Football Saturday. He's Tory Gurley. I'm Dan Buyer with you

on this Saturday before the super Bowl, super Bowl fifty three,
the Saturday before the other Saturday. I guess you will
the off week between the super Bowl where company alive
from the Geico Fox Sports Radio studios. Fifty minutes could
save you or more on car insurance. Visit Geico do
account for a free rate quote. Now, this Patriots thing
is is what's interesting to me, because he said, when

you look at the Rams, and if you want to
do a tale of the tape, you take the New
England Patriots, and you take the the Rams and and
the Patriots the quarterback column you're probably check New England.
I think that's fair to say running back column. Maybe
that's when you start with the Rams because now the
two headed monster that you have wide receivers, you end
up talking with the Rams. If you want to put

the tight end in that position as well. Offensive line,
you probably check the Rams and you see these different things.
But it's the Patriots who are a three and a
half point favorite. And this is what gets me with
with this matchup, and and you hit on it, is
the Rams are probably better at all of those other positions,
but the Chiefs probably were too, the Chargers probably were too.

Yet New England finds a way, whether it be in
dominant fashion or in a close game on the road,
in tough conditions, to get a victory. And I think
that's what's so tough is just when you want to
count out in New England, they turn it around and
out of the Patriots again. And that's why I think
you see so many people going that way because they

don't want to be the ones burned once the game
starts and then say, oh, why am I the idiot
that picked the Patriots. That's being a prisoner in a
moment for anyone that wants the end depth analysis because
I can't sit here and break it down all on radio.
But make sure you guys follow me at t Girley
eighty one because I've already done a film breakdown. I've
already done a film breakdown on how you can beat

New England. Things they've struggled with, and that Kansas City
Chiefs game. I sat right here with Robert Parker and
Christmas Are a few days ago and explain to them
how the Chiefs had cover bus, how lack of a
communication was the reason why they lost that game. I
showed it on Instagram also, I showed it on Twitter.
And those small things that New England does well, some
teams might overlook it because they think, man, I don't

want to pay attention. I want to be attentive to detail.
But that's the difference between being in being in the
Super Bowl and being at home watching. And if the Rams,
if they continue to follow that blueprint of what Wade
Phillips has already done over the past, it can help
them out because they truly match up. I mean, I
love a key to leave, I love Marcus Peters, I
love that pressure they can get up front. Something New

England does not like. They do not they do not
like bumping, run and they do not like to be
physical on the perimeters um, Rob Gronkowski, he's still a
hell of a player, but you can leave him one
on one with who you need to double this Julian Edelman.
And the reason why it's because he does a great
job on third down. And that's Tom brady security blanket.
If you can take that away from New England. Now
you're gonna put all the pressure on Sonny Michelle. And

that's where it falls back on the two big boys
up front. Okay, now you just said single cover drop
guardcast did work as well for the Chiefs late in
the game. And there's one on one matchups because you
got a guy in Eric Berry would a torn achilles.
He's out there trying to play football in his third
or fourth week. So it makes a huge difference. So
whenever you have fresh players, because Rob Gronkowski is isn't
as healthy as he wants well as either, So you

had two handicapped guys out there playing football. If you
can get a key to leave or or Peter's or
somebody on Gronk And like I said, double up on Edelman.
Who's doing who I'd rather get beat by Chris Hogan,
But I'm not gonna let Julian Edelman beat me because
he is that dynamic as a player. So I imagine
your eyes are just getting bigger and bigger. As you
saw this line in Vegas to one and a half,

you know what happened. You're saying, what are these people thinking?
What are you doing with your money? What are you
doing with your child's college fund? Exactly? If you want
to going to take the three and a half and
just fall back, and you know a lot of people
that get greeting like you know what, I want the
money line, but just take the points and enjoy it.
And if New England wins by field goal, guess what,
you still the winner too. It's star. I'm Dan Buyer.

This is Fox Football se Saturday here on Fox Sports Radio.
But your stuff, I gotta tell you. First of all,
you can always listen live on the I Heart Radio
app and Fox Sports Radio dot com. As you heard
Tory say, he's a social media marvel. You can get
him everywhere. But on Twitter they can get you at
T Gurley one on Instagram T Gurley eighty one as well.
All right, simple as that some people have different ones,

like myself. I have a different Instagram tag than my
Twitter handles, so it gets confusing. Once he got hacked
on Instagram and I was a Russian bikini model. But
that's the story. Yeah, that people think on Todd Gurley.
I get, I'll respond during the game, I'll tweet during
a game or whatever. They're like, oh my god, Todd
Gurley is tweeting and running the football at the same time. Fine,

coming for Todd Gurley. Coming for Todd Gurley. By the way,
I'm on Twitter at Dan Buyer on Fox. A bunch
to get to today, we'll dive into some NBA stuff.
Antonio Brown making waves with the Pittsburgh Steelers, the reports
saying that is, and you're with the Steelers, probably over
with big game in the BA tonight Warriors and Celtics.

Could possibly be an NBA preview. All that and a
whole lot more games and this coming up next. While
your expectations for Tiger Woods are unrealistic, we'll talk about
it here on Fox Football Saturday. For a car landing

on a roof to a car landing in the pool,
we've covered it. Talk to farmers, we know a thing
or two because we've seen a thing or two. We
are farmers under written my farmers stop fire insurance exchange
that affiliates products unavailable in every state. He's story, Girley.

I'm Dan Buyer. This is Fox Football Saturday here on
Fox Sports Radio. So glad to have you along, a
bunch of Super Bowl fifty three and a whole bunch
more in the National Football League coming up. Have our
eyes on right now the lush green grass at Torrey Pine.
Farmers Insurance Open Round three going on, And Tori, this
is this is near and dear to my heart, We've

had a great partnership with Farmers Insurance over the years
here on Fox Sports Radio, and I've been fortunate enough
to go down to Tory Pines and take part in
the pro am. I did it this past week. And Tori,
I don't know if you know this, And guys, I
don't know if you know this in there, but we
were champions of the South Course Pro Am at Tory Pines. Yes,

there we are. Yes myself, Doug Gottlie, who are you here?
Weekdays at three starting here on Fox Sports Radio. Rodney Harrison,
former Patriots and Chargers safety was in our group and
Denise from Farmers. We were able to bring home the trophy,
if you will, although I don't think we got a
trophy fifteen under par as a team. We shot on

the South Coast. We were the South Course champions. We
were bested by a shot by Jason Day's group. They
played the North Course on Friday or on Wednesday, So
we ended up winning as the programs program champions of
the South Course. Yeah so so looking, and we broadcast
down there from Wednesday. But who cares about that? We
were the champions and that's all that matters, and and

Tiger Woods matters as well, and that's where I want
to I want to take all this. Are you a Tiger?
Let me because I think everybody's a Tiger guy now,
But were you always a Tiger fan through throughout the years,
because there were some people who were maybe more of
a Phil fan or just didn't didn't want to root
for Tiger. Were you always a Tiger backer? I was
always a Tiger backer, and I'll never forget being a

kid and on Sundays, how uh, certain news stations would
flip over the Tiger and he'd come out wearing the
red Nike shirt and you knew it was owing and
popping from there. Yeah, I mean he had that look
in his eyes and I just remember looking at his
father as well, and he was so into it as
well as Tiger to where they were just hand in hand,
and it was amazing to watch that duo go out

and just be as dominants they were over that long run.
And that's what was so magical about last year, even
though he finally got the win at the Tour Championship,
at the end, it was it brought back those memories
of twenty years ago and even ten years ago, if
you will, when he was was dominant at the top
of his game. And it's now been going out eleven

years that he that he hasn't won a major, but
every time he would be in contention last year, it
brought up those memories and it got people excited. And
I think even the people who didn't appreciate Tiger as
a player back then turned the corner and now everyone
was on team Tiger because everyone is also ten years

older and fifteen years older and realizes what life. You know,
what happens in life when you can't do the stuff
that used to do when you're twenty five and thirty
years old, So you have an appreciation for that. And
I think that the backing that we saw last year.
Was just amazing to see how many people back to
Tiger Woods. And this is where a small problem occurs,
and it's not a bad problem, but with that comes expectations,

and with with seeing what Tiger has done just to
win that tour champion last year, I think there's people
who now think we're going to see the Tiger of old,
and that's just not realistic. Yeah, that's extremely hard to duplicate.
I mean, we only get older, and that's something as
an athlete. Eventually your body starts to break down, and

and Tiger is almost like a walking statue. And I
mean in a way where you can go up and like, man,
I still can watch my favorite player play. But you know,
it's it's for these younger guys. Man, I mean, that's
what sports is. It's it's a young man's game. Yes,
and and and I equated to did you see the
piece that it was done on Brandon Spikes of talking

about playing with you and I forget if it was
the athletic or who specifically it was, but Brandon Spikes
told the story of how when he was in the
locker room and missed out on the Pro Bowl and
teammates were coming over to him and consoling him, and
Tom Brady walked up to him and said, do you
think I play this for Pro Bowls? You know, like
like straighten up, get your head up. You know, we
do this to win championships. And that's exactly what Tiger

Woods is doing. And I think that with the expectations
of what you have now, Tiger Woods is about one
thing and one thing only, and that's winning majors. So
when today, when maybe he isn't playing as well, he's
gonna tie for forty six at five under par after
a one under par round. He's one at Tory Pines
seven times in his career. I believe it was seven
or eight times issue get the number correct. But the

fact is he's always had success there. But there are
different goals and just like there are different goals with
the New England Patriots, and as Tom Brady had different
goals than Brandon Spikes. And when you look at how
we view things, if you place expectations on Tiger of
doing this weekend and week out, I think you're only
gonna be disappointed. Exactly. Um. I'll spoke with a close

friend that was on a PGA tour. My friend Cal Thompson,
and he gave me some insight on things that Tiger
always looked into, especially combin at Tory Pines because he's
been playing there since he was about nine or two
years old. And um, some things that we all know
about Tiger is obviously he's one of the best iron
players of all the time, being able to uh distinguished
with iron. He needs to get the correct shot, but um,

I guess he wasn't able to make the correct adjustments
even though he's played there for so long, he hasn't
He couldn't find a stroke and you know, just being
down as many as forty six place that it's kind
of hard man. Yeah, people are saying, what's wrong with Tiger? Well,
you know this is a s first event of twenty
nineteen after a break and there's always a build up,
and this is you know, you see this in the

NFL and you see a team was your rather peak
in September? Would your rather peak in December? In January?
And it happens with New England every year, right, right,
starts slow out of the blocks. The next thing you
know they're in the Super Bowl. Yeah, week two you
end up getting beat by Jacksonville and dominated by Jacksonville,
and they got beat by the Lions as well. Yeah, yeah,
in in an ugly performance on a on a Sunday night.

And then you see at the end, and that's the
thing with Tigers. We're gonna see Tiger play tomorrow to
wrap up his rounded tory Pines. We're gonna see him
play Pebble Beach at Riviera, and we're gonna see him
play in Florida. But the real question is gonna be
what he's going to do in Augusta and what's gonna
happen and the Masters in in early April. And then
now with the PGA Tour schedule of how things have

changed with the PGA Championship being moved to May, you
now have a stretch of four months where there are
the four majors. Usually it was the Masters that he
had two months off before the US Open, and you
jam the Open Championship in the PGA Championship after that.
Now you've got the opportunity to be like, okay, from
April to July, I've got to be at the top

of my game, and that's gonna be the only time
that really matters for Tiger Woods. And I just I
I saw it on Twitter of people just being like, oh,
Tiger can't make a putt, and you know, it's it's
it's it's not the sprinter of Marathon. But it's just
peaking at the right time. And that's what Tiger last year.
What was so intriguing for me was we wanted him
to win every tournament because we wanted to see him

win again and I think he wanted to do that
as well. And now that that's been accomplished, he's ready
to move on and focus on the major exactly. I
think he's just trying to find his game, just find it,
and he's experimenting. I mean, that's the only way you
get better. Obviously, he doesn't have the stamina and the
body type of what he did of Tiger in the past,
so there's a lot of things that he's gonna do
on the courses on the fly, just to see how

things work. And like you said, he's waiting for these
big tournaments because that's what it's all about. I mean,
he's just trying to solidify his legacy, and that's what
it's always been about. Even a schedule when Tiger would
play back in the heyday. Everything would be centered around
the courses, and Tiger wouldn't play a full schedule like
most players would. He would play enough to uh to
suffice the to fill the requirements of what the PGA

Tour wanted. But it was basically he would fit his
schedule to where he wanted to play, where he liked
to play, and where he would then peak for the
majors during that time. And that's what I think you're
going to get back to this season. Last season was
just was was different because he was coming back and
he wanted to prove that he was healthy, and we
saw him compete in March, and then we saw him

compete at the end of the season, getting close in
the PGA Championship, in the Open Championship, and then finally
winning the Tour champion and GYP. You had all of
these things that Tiger was trying to bounce back from,
and now I think we could say he's back. He
may not be the same, but I think that we
can say that he's back, and now it's just a
matter of channeling that over those next three or four months.
Definitely agree with you. It'll be interesting to see again Tiger,

though fourteen back of the lead held by Justin Rose.
Right now, Ninetena under Part has got a four shot
lead over Adam Scott. It Tory Pines at the Farmer's
Insurance Open. He's Tory Gurley. I'm Dan Buyer. This is
Fox Football Saturday. You can always listen to the show
on the Fox Sports on Fox Sports Radio dot com
and the I Heart Radio app. Find us on Twitter

as well. I'm at Dan Buyer on Fox. Tory. They
can get you at t Gurley one. And that's g
U r l E Y correct, exactly like Todd Gurley Gurley. Okay,
so so how many times do they spell it g
I R l I E or l y all the time?
But what Todd Gurley man is popular is it is

I've been able to piggyback off him. And when people
think of the last name Gurley, they think of it.
Have you ever? Have you ever continued and like played
along with Of course, it got me in a club
the other day to your benefit. Guy looked at my
I d saw the last name Girly. I'm like, yeah, man,
I'm I'm his brother. You can't tell we look alike.
He was like, you know what, Yeah, good job telling

him to keep playing. Well, I like, I will you know,
did you sign any autographs? Of course? Yeah? I get
Twitter followers because of him. Hey, I run it in
the ground I needed all right. How difficult is it
to not sign eighty one? Oh it's tough because right

one on there, I gotta tie Guto that ever I
thought that was the Rams was? What is this all about? Man?
You got to make the most out of the Rams
are in Super Bowl fifty three. The Los Angeles Rams
is the fight for l a over Tory Gurley and

myself discussed with when Bill Plashky after Brian Finley gives
us the latest of what is happening. Hello, hey guys,
Lebron James a no go for Sunday. What a shocker
that is? The Lakers revealed today he's gonna miss a
sixteenth straight game with a groin injury. College basketball today,
Number one Tennessee slumping out of the gate versus West Virginia.

The Mountaineers are up nineteen twelve, so something to keep
an eye on their and upset Brewing possibly second ranked
duke pulling away in the second half to sock Georgia
Tech sixty six fifty three number three, Virginia squashing Notre
Dame eight two fifty five, twelfth rank, Marquette coming back
to beat Xavier eight seven eighty two, Illinois pounds thirteenth ranked,

Maryland seventy sixties seven twenty one. NC State sneaks past
Clemson s sixties seven twenty three ranked Louisville handles Pittsburgh
sixties six fifty five. Like the Cardinals offense, you need
to make good choices. And with True Car you've got
a star on your roster. So when you're ready to
sell or trade in your car, check out True Are

True cash offer not available in all areas. Third round
of the Farmers Insurance Open. Tiger Woods went one under today.
He's five under overall and that is good for fourteen
strokes behind the leader. Justin Rose back with Dan Buyer
and Tory Gurley in a moment, But first, a word
from farmers. From a dog accidentally flooding a living room
to a dog taking a joy ride, we've covered it,

talked to farmers. We know a thing or two. Because
we've seen a thing or two. We are farmers under
written my Farmers Struck Fire Insurance Exchanges and Affiliates products
unavailable in every state. And another news it's Dan Buyer
who broke eighty are saying on the soft course at
Tory Pines. This just coming into the update. Chest I

broke eighty branches in the trees that I hit on
on Wednesday. I I did contribute, but there were there
were others who may be contributed a little bit more
to our victory, appreciated Bryant. It is Fox Football Saturday.
He's story Gurley. I'm Dan Buyer joining us now, the
one and only you'll here. I'm here from time to
time a Fox Sports radio from the l A Times.
Bill Plaski joins us on Fox Football Saturday. Hey Bill,

Happy Saturday. How you doing good? Dude? Just getting ready
to go to Atlanta tomorrow. Um, but after Rams yesterday,
and uh, it's interesting. And you know, I wrote the paper.
I was very confident they're gonna beat the Saints. Not
so confident they're going to beat the Patriots. Oh, I
think they will, but I think there's a lot there's
a lot of things that have to happen. Now, let's

be honest, because you're you're likely in the car right now.
Were you going to t s A? Now you know
for tomorrow's fights with the government shut not okay, now
we've got Now you don't have to sit there for
four straight hours and wait to get through security. I
do want to dive into super Bowl fifty three and

in the matchup that we've got. I have a more
general question than I want to start with. Is the
Rams making the Super Bowl? Does that make this fight
for l A officially over? Well, the fight for l
A was always but queen the Rams and Chargers that
it was never a fight to begin with. The Rams
wanted from the start. So that that's been that's been

solved for a couple of years. The bigger issue is
where do they fit in the l A landscape? And
I think got the legitimate question how much of l
A really cares about this super Bowl? Really cares about them?
They've been there only three years, they were away for
twenty one years. A lot of fans got a lot
of other teams follow follow them. A lot of fans
felt better when they left, a lot of fans have

welcomed them back. But I mean, is it Do I
sense the big buzz here in town? Not really. I
don't sense the Laker or Dodger buzz, not not even
a USC football buzz. I think if they win the
Super Bowl, I mean, it'll be interested to see if
and where and when the parade is um that'll be fascinating.
But I think that's a legitimate question, and I'm not
so sure we'll know the answer to after Sunday, But

right now I'd say l a is. You know, there's
a strong core Ram fans, but it's not an overwhelming
core Ram fans, and it's not anywhere near Laker Drew
a Reev and USC football fans. Hey Bill, this, Tori
Gurley here. Just man, just know, when the Rams go
out and win the Super Bowl, there's gonna be a
lot of us in the street screaming we were Rams
fans stool. All the celebrity, all the celebrities, all the Kardashians.

They're gonna be out there with Ram jerseys on. You
know what. I wouldn't usually agree with that, but after
the Saints win, there wasn't a ton I remember I
saw this set on Instagram somebody who posted a picture
of a restaurant in uh In by the beach and
they were watching on the game, and the game that
the you know Zirlines field goal goes through and the
fans kind of just say okay, and they kind of
went on, I'm goody read the glass of the coast,

went back to their beer. It was yesterday. It wasn't
the kind of senior seeing other cities. So I don't
know it'll be interested in z. One guy actually on
the video said, is that the end of the game
was ending. Uh, pretty amazing. Bill Plashki joining us here
on Fox Football Saturday, he story Gurley, I'm Dan buyer.

Is there any concern over Greg's rline? Is this foot
thing just a minor thing for the Rams? There is
there something to be concerned about the walking? I think
that I think that's not a concern. He he kicked
he heard it early, like coming out for pregame war up,
so he felt that the whole game, and he had
the you know, the big game time field goal in
the big game when he feel goal. I think that's fine.
I think the bigger concern that everyone has a big

mysteries Todd Gurley, I mean, I think that is still
I know, you know, I know. Sean McVeigh said he
just didn't get him in the flow of the game.
He should have. I know, Girly said he's fine, but
I doctor yesterday and Girly had a big bandage on
his left knee. And I know, you know, as he
as a former NFL player tour, you know that's probably commonplace.
But nonetheless, a big bandage on his left knee and

he got five touches five touches in the game, and
he's the best running back in football, and so that
just didn't make any sense. So I don't know whether
he's hurt, or whether they've lost faith in him, whether
he lost faith in himself, whether he's distracted, whatever it is.
He's got to get that fixed before the Super Bowl
because I've got a feeling Belichick is gonna focus on
Jared Golf and say we're gonna shut the jeared Golf

and we don't trust the girl and c J Anderson,
who's been diminished the last couple We even tell he's
getting a little bit worn deal to beat us. I mean,
I think that's a big mystery right now. Yeah, my
brother Toy should answer the phone. And I called him
because he's supposed to wear both bandages on both knees,
you know, And so when he come out for guys
like you, Bill, you can put it on injury port like, man,

this dude look messed up all over. But when you
just put you're right, I'm afraid. I'm afraid to make
any judgment because I'm not a player. I don't know exactly.
That's the old trick in the book, so it should
have been on both knees. He did that wrong. But still,
I mean, aren't you guy is I think it's a legitimate.
I wonder why this guy only you know, at ten
five touches and to get a game of that magnitude

and he's highest paid, the best running back of the league. Yeah,
I don't I don't understand that. Yeah. I didn't understand
it either, because I went back and watched the All
twenty two version and something I was paying attention to
was his body language, and he never got up holding
his knee or hamstring or back. It seemed like more
of it is just of a mental where he mentally
has checked out and somewhat lost some confidence and swagging
himself that that he was playing with at the beginning

of the year. He didn't have it in that game
because he kind of started out slow and watch a C. J.
Anderson go out there and get the bulk of the
carries and play as well as he did. You know,
hopefully he gets it together by just knowing like, Hey,
I'm that guy they paid me, and I'm here to
do one thing and one thing only get yards and
get in the end zone. What's your players? So you
know this, we're afraid we I wrote around that because

I think, but I'll never pretend to know what the
mental state of a professional athlete is. But it was,
But it did. I agree with you. I think it's
a it's every bit as much. Maybe he's sore me,
maybe he's worn down. And also I think he felt
a little left out and he could never get it
back together. And I'll tell you what, this is the
test to see he's a quarters throw right much. His

franchise is being built in paid sixty million dollars. Is
he moving forward? We'll see how he does the super Bowl?
Is he the guy they want to keep building around?
We have another game like New Orleans. Hey, Bill, henna
lose Bill. He's a girl. He's gonna be all right.
We always found a way. Bill Plaski of The l
A Times. Joey us Here on Fox Football Saturday Heat
story Gurley, I'm Dan Buyer. I actually went five straight

Super Bowls in picking the loser. When somebody would ask
me who feels more ready after like a media day
that I would go to, and I would say, Oh,
this team feels loose, this team feels more business like,
and it's all garmage. It's it's who cares on how
they feel on Tuesday. But I do have to ask
this bill, did it seem any different with yesterday's practice

from other RAMS practices because of what's at stake? Yes,
I think it. I know what you're saying, and I
agree with you, but it could be a real thing here.
Tom Bree has been a more Super Bowls in the
Rams combined. Uh, they we were the media was overwhelming
yesterday in the locker room, in their faces. It's just
the start of it. They were a little bit. They

were all very pleasant, very gracious and everything, but they
were taken aback a little bit by it. I think,
I mean, I think they're they have to adjust to
that and the Patriots doing and I think that's a factor.
I think that could be. You know, even even C. J.
Anderson was saying his second Super Bowl was a lot
different than his first Super Bowl. It round super Bowl
he was with Denver. He was wide eyed. The second

one he was focused. Um, so you gotta wonder. I mean,
there's only like four Rams have been in super Bowls before,
and you know they all the Patriots have been in
the million of them. So I I don't know, Dan.
I think I think what your your familiar, your theory
is could cold true here. I mean, we'll see what happens.
But I think that's a definite factor in this game.
Is that and they're and they're and and you look

at the Rams. They were white eyed the first quarter
against New Orleans, you know, and so it took him
a while adjust to that. So I don't know that
that could be and I could play a definite factor
in this game. He's Bill Plaski of the l A. Times.
Find him on Twitter at Bill Plaska. Will be heading
out to Atlanta as well, and I'm sure we'll catch
up there. We appreciate it. Bill, Safe travels and we'll
talk to you soon. Al Right, guys, thank you Bill

Plaski of the l A. Times joining us here on
Fox Sports Radio on Fox Football Saturday. It is interesting
tour because when the NFL used to have their media
day on Tuesday and now they've moved it to a
Monday night, but Tuesday was a day closer to the game,
and teams would usually get in on a Sunday or Monday,

just depending on their travel schedule. And Tuesday was the
first real day that they were introduced to what the
real Super Bowl hype is. And I thought that you
could see a team like I always thought the more
focused team was the team that was ready, and now
I think about it, and I think it was the
teams they were more tense, and I think that's what

what Bill is getting at is this team was kind
of more whoa wait a second like I always took,
I took loose as being happy to be there, and
that wasn't the case when it came to the Super Bowl.
The tense factor, the nervous factor, I think is a
real thing when you play in this game. It's definitely
nerves as nerve racking. Just being a part of the
Graham Bay Packers and the Cleveland Browns, but especially Green Bay.

We made it the year before and they went the
Super Bowl and one and they beat Pittsburgh and Super Bowl,
but my rookie year we went fifteen and one, and
the amount of pressure that was on us during the
year when we were tending oh eleven and oh twelve
and oh everyone had us projected to be in a
Super Bowl. So our practices are walk throughs, our meetings
ramped up to another level to where once we got

the playoff time coming off that by everybody was so
tense because we were just ready to go out there
and go play. I mean, the entire week we had
to listen to, Oh, you guys are supposed to destroy
the Giants. Eli Manning doesn't have a chance with you,
and you know, unfortunately they went out and got the win,
and that hurt. And that happens in the Super Bowl.
You want guys just to be relaxed and somewhat treated
like another day. But it helps to have veterans, and

that's something that New England does have and they do
a great job because they have it down to a science.
Now Yeah, yeah, I always joked with the Rams and
their experiences. Bill touched on they keep to lead is
played in a Super Bowl. C J. Anderson is playing
in a Super Bowl, And I remember walking out of
the locker room at super Bowl fifty after the Broncers
beat the Panthers and hearing C J. Anderson say I
was strip sack fumble away from the m v P.

Because if von Miller doesn't sack Cam Newton and get
that and get that play, C J. Anderson is probably
the m v P of that Super Bowl game. So
at least there's there's not only some super Bowl experience,
there's some super Bowl success in that experience. Yes, that's
nothing like it. Just watching my teammates gloat about being
a super Bowl champion. That's something that I can't be
a part of that conversation. But I live vicariously through

the don't wory. I can't be a part of it either.
So so we're in the same boat. Neither can Nick
or Lee, you know, our executive producer and technical producers.
So we're all in the same boat. Here on Fox
Football Saturday, he story Girley, I'm Dan Buyer reaches on Twitter,
I'm at Dan Buyer on Fox you could get tor
at t Girly one coming up next, what is life
like for an NFL player? We discuss here on Fox

Football Saturday. From a hot of lo landing on a
car to a load of concrete falling on one. We've
covered it. Dr Farmers, we know one thing or two
be because we've seen a thing or two under written
my pharmactoff fire insurance exchange that affiliates products unavailable in

every state. Fox Football Saturday, I'm Dan buy or Key
Story Gurley, glad to have you with us looking ahead
two super Bowl fifty three. I'm sure if you haven't
gotten your fill already, you're gonna get enough over the
next week or so as we look forward to Patriots
and Rams. Want to bring this point up, and it

was laid out at the start of the playoffs. The
NFL sends tons of information out to get all the
all the media and everybody squared away on on on
stats and numbers and Super Bowl payouts. In playoff payouts
were a topic when Sean Payton of the Saints walked
into the locker room with a pile of cash and
a Super Bowl trophy and a Super Bowl ring and said,

go in three games and you get this. Is that
enough motivation for an NFL player to do their job
and get it done in the post season of just
looking at a pilotcast. Speaking from personal experience, Yes, and
I'm talking you know what, this message goes to everybody
that's on the back end of the roster. I'm talking
about guys that you don't know of that just play

special teams or or healthy scratches. So I had that
same situation when I was in Green Bay, when I
was a rookie. UM our team went fifteen and one.
It was we were fresh off the lockout when fifteen
and one and everyone had us projected to being a
super Bowl to go against Tom Brady and UH and
Bill Belichick versus Aaron Rodgers and Mike McCarthy. That was
the matchup that everybody dreamed about. And you know, I'm

listening to these vets and they're sitting there talue like, man,
you know you can make you at least two hundred
thousand dollars in three weeks between UH the bonuses and
selling your tickets and everything that was involved with it.
So on my bye week, after I finished working out,
because I was at home, we the coach, Mike sent
us home. He said, you guys, go home, take care
of your bodies. I went to Exotic car dealership because

this is how much faith I hadded Aaron Rodgers. This
much faith in Aaron Rodgers. I went to an exotic
car dealership and the car guy asked me, was like,
what car you want? I said, sir, I want that
White Bentley right there. He was like that big money.
I was like yes, sir. He was like, uh, what
you're gonna do? I was, I'm gonna pay cash for
it as well. It was like cash. I was like, yeah,

I'll be back February five. So that the guy was
like alrighty, all right, well we'll see you February five.
So long story short, we go out and playing the
playoffs and we play against the Giants, had had the
first round by and um, I get back to Green
Bay and I just get paranoid. All of a sudden,
I started looking around and anybody that got close to
Aaron Rodgers I was getting in between him. I was

his personal assistant bodyguard. Whatever you can think of. Airy
need water, you need gatorade, you need a foot rup,
what you need. Because I got two hundred thousand riding
on your big dog. I didn't tell him that, but
that's what I was thinking. And uh, he was like,
tore you acting extremely weird, like you you're acting totally different.
I was like, Aaron, I just need you to go
out here and just be the m v P that

you are. And we went out and play the Giants
and indivisional game and they went out and beat us.
And that hurts. You don't even get a check because
you didn't win a game. Round Well, I gotta check
for that week check. But for there was no bonus.
That was it. So um I had to go back
to that car dealership like a couple of days later,
and he was like, oh, Mr Bentley, I got it
right here for you. It's all cleaned up. And I

looked down and I was like, sir, do you have
any key chains? And and that's the moral little story.
Never count your check out before they hatch ladies in jail.
Where is where's your Honda section? And it's the super
Bowl eighteen thousand dollars this year. That's that's what the
player will get. If you win the Super Bowl. You

lose the Super Bowl, you get half of that. You
get fifty nine thousand dollars. Winning get conference championship like
the Rams and Patriots did, that's a fifty four thousand
dollar bonus. Division round twenty nine grand and a wild
card win. If you make it through the wild card,
you can get some cash as well. A wild card
win would be about twenty nine thou And yeah, it
may not mean much for Todd Gurley or Tom Brady,

but guys who are forty four and five and that
roster and was chasing the ring, you know that he's
chasing legacy and guys like me that was on the
back end of the roster. You know who you are.
You know you weren't gonna play in the game, but
you are the biggest supporter. You do all the little
things and you make sure that you prepare those guys
for that moment on Sunday, because you know it takes

a collective effort. You know there's a lot of individuals
doing their job, but it takes a team to go
out there and get the win. And I'm hoping that
the Rams can make that happen or at least hooking
me up with a three and a half. There are
very there are very few. There are very few people
and players that are affected by Super Bowls. And I
shouldn't say players. People was the right use, because it's

head coaches and quarterbacks when you really think about it,
when you when you narrow it down and we don't
talk about how many times Lawrence Taylor's want to ring.
We don't talk about how many times. I mean the
cowb always where you know, the one of the best
teams that we've seen in the nineties, and we can
immediately say Troy Aikman has three Super Bowl rings, But

then we don't I by association, we know Emmett Smith
has three rings, but we don't look at this Emmett
Smith is saying the three times super Bowl champ. We
look at him as all time leading Russia and the
National Football League. So when you're when you're talking about
those things and we sit there and say going for
the ring. And I used that Tom Brady story earlier
about Brandon Spikes. It is different for those guys because, yeah,

the two dollar bonus for Aaron Rodgers is whatever. But
for I don't know what you say of the team,
it's a big deal. Yes, that's a huge deal, and
that's what brings us all together and that's what make
football the ultimate team sport. The story Gurley, I'm Dan Buyer.
This is a Fox Football Saturday. Reach us on Twitter.
I'm at Dan Buyer on Fox. You can get Tori

at t Girley eighty one. We are coming to you
live from the Geico Fox Sports Radio studios. It's easy
to say to more on co insurance with Geico, go
to Geico dot com or call eight seven Auto. The
only hard part figuring out which way is easier. I'll
tell you what's difficult, figuring out where Antonio Brown is
going to play next. Not only could he be on

his way out of Pittsburgh, but there is also yes
Antonio Brown jerseys in the Steel City off Where will
Antonio Brown land next? Will tell you here on Fox
Football Saturday, rolling on on a Saturday, getting a set
for Super Bowl fifty three. But there's there's also so

much going on in the National Football League tory. There
there are off seasons that are greatless storylines. There's others
that are just and I think that this one is
rich with so many different things happening, whether it be
I don't know, various coaching situations, quarterbacking moves, and specifically

some big name players who played in Pittsburgh may not
be there for very long this off season. I know
we talked about two teams for the next week or
so in the Patriots and Rams. But the other thirty
teams right now, their storylines are already moving along as
the off season is here, especially in Pittsburgh because they
have so much drama going on. I mean, they could
they literally could be a television show. Yeah, the Real

Football Players of Pittsburgh or something like that. Oh my goodness. Yeah.
Now I'm sitting there trying to think of different names
for the for the TV show that we could have
for the Steelers. But yeah, I mean it's it's uh.
And now I'm like, Okay, how can we get saved
by the Bell and Levy on Bell? But there is
so much going on, Big Ben is whatever? I mean

when you think of all this drama and I I
mentioned this yesterday and I've said this before, and I'll
say this about Levan Bell is I've called Levian Bell
the league leader and bad decisions because I think there's
a lot of times where he just makes the wrong
move or think something, whether it be a pot arrest,
whether it be the holdout that he's had. There are

issues with Levian Bell. But I will say this is
Levy on Bell's team attitude doesn't seem to be a problem.
It seems to be a problem with Ben Roethlisberger and
then Antonio Brown and Ed Bouchette, longtime writer in Pittsburgh
for the Pittsburgh Post, because that posted a picture today
of Antonio Brown jersey's in Pittsburgh on IRAQ, and that

is we don't even know if he's gone yet. Like
we've seen this. You go into sporting goods stores and
they've got jerseys on the wall, but then there's that
one on the floor in the center that has and
you know it's just all you know, guys who aren't
on the team anymore. This is a guy who still
hasn't left Pittsburgh. And this may say a lot more
than anything about how Antonio Brown is viewed in the

Steel City. It's a bad look on Pittsburgh just all
the way around. And um with me Ben in the
Lee for several years and I was a part of
Pittsburgh for a day and something that I realized that
coach Tomlin doesn't have the control over the team that
he shows on TV. UM just being around him. The
guys just don't respect him as a as a coach anymore.
It's like, yeah, they don't. It's like it's fallen on

deaf ears you know, he speaks well in front of
us the media, but when he addresses the team, these
guys like whatever, coach Man, I'm out here just playing
ball doing their own thing. The Would it help if
Ben Roethlisberger was on the same page as head coach, Yes, definitely,
because Ben has one of those um mentalities where he's

dry snitching. You know, he was like, hey, have you
prime example, Mason Rudolph's from rock Hill, South Carolina. That's
where I'm from. Uh. I think he was the second
or third round draft pick, quarterback from Oklahoma State. Didn't
even reach out to him. You know, you're you're the vet.
No one is obviously his competition, but you're supposed to
be that veteran that come in and put your arm
around the guy and let him know, Hey, you know

I'm gonna give you. I'm gonna give you the tool.
So when I'm done, Hey, this it will be your
team we know as Big Man's team. But this is
not being on that page of being a real legitimate team.
It comes back to bite you in the butt. And
and that's where Antonio is frustrated with. He's a guy too,
and I think that this a lot of this goes
back to Ben Roethlisberger, and it's not just an Antonio
Brown thing. And and in saying all of this, Antonio

Brown could have handled these situations a million times better
than he's had. And this goes back to last year,
I think, and when Pittsburgh was playing a game against
the Raven Snana tirade on the sidelines in the game
that they were winning and against your division rival, it
kind of shows you. But I think that there's a
lot more undercurrent. And it's interesting that you say that
the players aren't responding to Mike Tomlin because I look

at a situation in New Orleans of where Drew Brees
and Sean Payton are tied up at the hip, and
I look at a situation in Green Bay where Mike
McCarthy and Aaron Rodgers weren't and how that goes, and
I think it's it shows a lot when you have
the two the two biggest voices. And I think the
Patriots are different. Whether Belichick and Brady get along, I

think they're on the same page and understand what their
goals are. So so everything else outside of that is
is irrelevant. But when the head coach in the quarterback
aren't maybe united and there's different points. I think that
allows everybody else to go that way because those are
the two big voices in your room. There's no structure
and there's no discipline in Pittsburgh, and that's exactly how
they play. They they they're one of the most undisciplined

teams in the league. I'm quite sure they led the
league and uh penalties, pre snap penalties and just doing
things the wrong way, and coach Tomlin doesn't discipline any players.
I mean, these guys go out and do some of
the wildest things you can think of, and they still
go out and go play. And it's like a kid.
Like if you give a kid candy when they're having
a temperate tangrum, that's exactly they're gonna turn into a

spoil bread. And that's what Pittsburgh still is are They
just they go out there and do whatever they want
to do. So hopefully coach Tomlin the only way he
can get control of his locker room again is having
everybody accountable, including the quarterback. And that's something that Bill
Belichick has done a great job of doing. Just being
around chad Ocho Sinko over Somers training with him. He
said his first time in New England, he went into

O T A S and it was Bill Belichick going
in on Tom Brady talking about how they lost a
playoff game to the Baltimore Ravens, and that right there
put him in places like, hey, if Bill Belichick is
is disciplined Tom Brady, then I need to fall in
line as well. And that's what you do not have
in Pittsburgh. Antonio Brown, of course, ended up walking out

on his team in week seventeen and then tried to
walk back in and they said, no can do. And
now this leads to Art Rudey the saying the the
president of the Steelers saying at one point he didn't
envision him if right now was the case, if they
had to make it a season right now, he wouldn't
vision him with the Steelers. Then there was a bit
of a walk back. But now you're seeing more push

of maybe Jerry Rice trying to reel him to the
San Francisco forty Niners and Antonio Brown is so good,
like yeah, like it's when you take the top when
you take the top wide receivers in the National Football
League and say why they're good, whether it be Julio Jones,
whether it be Odell Beckham Jr. Whether it be I

don't know, DeAndre Hopkins, Antonio. Those three may not be
the same receivers, but Antonio Brown does stuff that they
all do just as good as those other guys. And
he's into one. I mean, to see him separating to
get the room is truly amazing. But the question is now,
is Antonio Brown going to be as effective somewhere else
outside of Pittsburgh? And that's the hard part because the

grass is is not green. On the other side, we
all think that one plus one is two and football
is a easy game. But the purport he has with
Big Band, a lot of that is ad lived, as
you know, after Ben has broke contained and Antonio has
the opportunity to to play around and and do different
things while he's getting open. When you go to different
offenses like in New England, that wouldn't work. You gotta

be in at right place at the right time where
Tom Brady isn't gonna throw you the ball, so offensively
finding the right fit it's gonna be huge. And in
free agency if he does face it, or if he
gets traded or whatever it is, because you know, every
team has a different system and you gotta make sure
you fall in place with that. And if you missed
the comments that Jerry Rice made last week seven the
game in San Francisco, he said this that quotes on Brown,

Jerry Rice said, he's totally he's a totally complete team player.
I don't know what happened in Pittsburgh, but I know
this guy, if he comes here to San Francisco, he's
going to do everything possible to help this team win.
But to his actions reflect that, because I don't think
that they do. And that's the question that I have, like,
is is it to the point that Antonio Brown did
what he did because he just couldn't stand Ben Roethlisberger

and Mike Tomlin that much. Yeah, there's no leadership in
Pittsburgh because Big Ben isn't. He's the leader, he's the
team spokesman. But those guys in the locker room, they
don't have it anymore. Like once upon a time when
they were winning Super Bowls, it was guys like Chris Hope, Uh,
Jerry Porter, Um, I I what Taylor? I mean, you
had real guy is in there and that can hold

each other accountable. But right now in Pittsburgh, Antonio and
and Big Band are the oldest guys there. There are
no in Big Cam Cam Hayward. But that's about it,
and I'm quite sure they're just not leading the way
they're supposed to. So if Antonio gets the opportunity to
play with the forty niners and just being around Jerry Rice,
automatically you have to give him that respect because he

is the goat, and that's something that no one really
could get through to Antonio is being able to somewhat
put him in his place and to hold him accountable.
It would be an interesting pairing. And another about thirty
other teams of the National Football League that would be
interested in Antonio Brown as well, if that truly is
the problem in Pittsburgh with the head coach and the quarterback.
His story, girl, I'm Dan Buyer. This is a Fox

of Football Saturday here on Fox Sports Radio. By the way,
I loved how Ben you know, did his far threats
of retirement all year and then when your boy Mason
Rudolph gets drafted, plan to be your chi let me
get that contract extension? Like all right, can you can
you see through someone enough? Like oh my goodness, like

you've You've just verified what we have all thought. At
him and retire and Mary Tire. Okay, Mary Tire, We're
gonna take a guy in the third round. I'm not
retirement retiring. Where'd you ever get that idea? Hey, Mason,
keep applying pressure man, because when the day happens, If
if it happens where big Band goes out with a
toe injury or something and he come in and throw
a couple of touchdown passes, the fans of Pittsburgh gonna

fall in love with him. That is another point is
I don't know if Ben has been fully embraced ever
by Pittsburgh and so the I they like to win.
I think that they and they love their Steelers, but
I don't think that Ben has ever been their guy.
Just doesn't seem like it's it's benefit but been also
blocks everyone on Twitter he story Gurley, I'm Dan Buyer.

This is Fox Football Saturday here on Fox Sports Radio.
Reach us on Twitter. I'm at Dan Buyer on Fox.
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Who is the leader to land? Antonio Brad if you
leads Pittsburgh. Now, we'll talk about that, and it may
not be the forty Niners. We'll tell you who it
is next year on Fox Football Saturday. For a car
landing on a roof, to a car landing in the pool,
We've covered it. Talk to farmers. We know a thing
or two. Because we've seen a thing or two. We

are farmers. My name is underwritten a far Mr Fartuan
Sixting ailates products unavailable in every state. Fox Football Saturday.
He Story Gurley, I'm Dan Buyer. Glad to have you
with us here on Fox Sports Radio. Get Tor on
Twitter at T Gurley eight one. I'm at Dan Buyer
on Fox super Bowl Week. Is here to thiss that

and really a whole lot more are good friend from
Yahoo's Sports. Frank Swab joins us here on Fox Football Saturday.
Good to talk again, Frank. It's been a while, but
glad to have you on what's going on. Let's h
a lot. So we just started talking about Antonio Brown,
and we were talking about the situation of Pittsburgh. And
it may not just be Antonio Brown. There seems to
be a lot of issues with Ben Roethlisberger, Mike Tomlin

just seems to be like a toxic environment. We've known
that Jerry Rice has spoken out about Antonio Brown going
to the San Francisco forty Niners. Where do you think
it would work best, or maybe even the other side,
where do you think of advice maybe wouldn't work for
Antonio Brown. Actually, I don't want to say that. Where
do you think it would work best if Antonio Brown
wasn't a Steeler next year? You know, that's a really

good question because he's thirty one, and we gotta remember
he's like a play forever. He's not gonna be great forever.
But he clearly thinks he's great, like she's just treated
like a star. I just think it's gonna be hard
for him to kind of go at mid stream, you know,
I mean, he's he's I mean, he's Antonio Brown. He's
still gonna be great. But at the same time, you

wonder how, you know how it's gonna fit, How is
he gonna fit at age thirty one with a new
team and all that, I still think the Steelers are
the best option here. Look, it's still at the end
of the day, it's hard for me to believe they're
gonna pay twenty one million dollars on a salary camp
hit to not to have a Hall of Fame player
on their roster, Like, how does that make any sense logically?
So they kind of work backwards from there, make you say, well,

if somebody blows them away with a trade offer, well
are they are they gonna get somebody gonna give up
a first and multiple other picks for a thirty one
year old receiver who now is is kind of a
little bit of damage good because of what happened to
the seventeen. I don't know this, this whole thing. I
can't come up with a decent solution. Most you know,
most times in the NFL, you start thinking, oh, yeah,
you know this, this makes sense for this guy, this team,

this fit. I can't figure out a good good fit
here because everything kind of seems bad. Hey, Frank Tori
Gurley here, I have a question for you about for
the sake of the locker room, when you know with
Antonio Brown being an older guy and players looking up
to him because there was a little tantrum I saw
Jude Smith Schuster have on a sideline during the season.

Do you think that can also ruin a team and
and make Pittsburgh want to, you know, deal them a
wage so they can continue to develop younger guys. Yeah,
and I would think that. And there's probably some guys
in that locker room who aren't very happy with him.
But I found it really telling this week that Marquise Pouncy,
their center, one of their captains, one of their from
all I know about the dynamics of the Pittsburgh locker room,

one of their voices, you know, one of the guys
that everybody respects. You know, he comes out and says, hey,
I think this thinking gets settled. Antonio is is good?
You know, it just works out for Antonio. It would
work out for Antonio come back here. That kind of
signaled to me what the locker rooms thinking. Yeah, everybody
was probably mad about Week seventeen, but you have enough
time to kind of take a step back. Nothing's been done, nothings.

You know, you haven't traded and you haven't cut him.
He cannot still be worked out well. Marquise Pouncy thinks so.
And he's a captain and a respective voice in that
locker room. So that almost signaled to me when he
said that from the Pro Bowl this week, Hey, guys,
I'm going to make sure that that this gets handled
the right way. I'm a leader on this team. I'm
setting out a signal to everybody else that we're a

better team with Antonio Brown, and I'm gonna be at
the forefront of making sure this thing works. Bring Swab,
NFL writer at Yeah Who Sports joining us here on
Fox Sports Radio. Find Frank on Twitter at Yahoo Swab.
Looking back at last weekend, there's anything change in the
NFL on the no call on the nickel Robie Coleman

hit on Tommy Lee Lewis, especially after the fine that
was levied yesterday. Do you see any changes for what
the NFL could do with a play like that starting
next season. It's amazing to me that, yeah, he was
fine for the helmet to helmet where I thought that
was the sunc and most egregious thing there right, Like
everybody Dad, like, okay, now you're admitting penalties on that

play for sure. Look, I've always been a proponent of
the fellow chick model. He's been talking about this for
more than five years. Why they won't listen to one
of the smartest people again, fell I don't know, but
they won't Where Balichick has said and people have probably
heard that this week, he says, make every single reviewable.
I'm totally fine with that. You're not giving coaches more challenges.

You're not telling them, hey, yeah, we're gonna make every
their reviewable. So you get ten challenges. It's not gonna
be a four hour game. You still get three challenges.
But when you challenge, you can challenge hold him, you
can challenge fast interference, you can challenge a misdelay of game.
You can challenge the in or out of bounds like
you can now, anything is on the table. I don't
see any problem with that there. It's totally logical to me.

And uh, you know that the odds of you getting
a past the affiance overturned are going to be a
much higher or much lower, I mean than the odds
of you getting somebody in or out of bounds. Because
that's very, very black and white. It's not a judgment call.
But why isn't there some mechanism in place to where
officials can go look at a call like what happened
on Sunday and get wrong calls right. That's that's what

we're asking for. At the end of the day, this
call is wrong, Can we make it right? Well, the
answer last week was no, there's nothing in place that
we can do to correct this. Even though the NFL
has admitted through the fine of the helmet the helmet,
there is at least that call that should have been made.
So I'm fully I don't think they're gonna do it.
I don't know. I don't I just I don't know
why not, But why not make everything reviewable? I just

don't see why this is such a hangout for the NFL.
Frank when when the fine came out and I was
on the network yesterday, I felt that what it showed
was that the ref was just unwilling to make a
call at that point in the game because he didn't
want to be the guy to call a penalty. I
think replay alleviates that. I think it takes some of
the pressure off of the officials. I've I've I've heard

maybe arguments of saying, oh, there's human air the ref
and second guess themselves. I think I think replay in
any case is good for the referees in doing their
job and not not bad. Would you agree, Yeah, well,
I bet you after the week that those guys have had,
especially Bill Vinovich, I bet they do wish they could
have reviewed the playing right. I'm I am positive that

they went back and looked at that play and said,
oh man, we missed it. They had to. If they didn't,
they should be officials, honestly, Like so, yeah, I don't
think you know, we replay review is not necessarily the
worst thing. Look and from the things that have been
said about the officials this week, and a lot of
them are true. At a dessert criticism, officials on the
hole do a good job. They do like I hate

I know people hate hearing that, but we saw how
bad it can get during their replacement rests to fail Mary,
all that kind of stuff. NFL game moves at the
speed of light. It is amazing how fast the game is.
It's amazing to me. They get as many calls right
as they can. So what's the harm in giving them
a little help, giving them a little support, giving them
a again, a mechanism to go back and look at

a play and say, okay, yeah, we I missed that
one because these guys are all running four three fours
and can't catch everything. We got that one wrong. Let's
make it right and let's play on and we'll get
the right team in the Super Bowl this year. I mean,
it's it's just it's amazing to me that that that
they're so slow to come round on this. Hey, Frank,
the piggyback off you. And being a player that played
north of the border, played in the Canadian Football League

in the NFL, I would have to disagree. And with
me being in Canada. One of the worst situations that
could happen. Would a guy go out and go catch
a touchdown pass and you beat the defender cleanly, but
the defensive coordinator throws out a flag and say, hey,
that offensive linement was holding my defense end. And I've
seen touchdowns be called back because of that. So that's

something that you don't want to start playing with when
it comes to that, because it's some type of infraction
almost on every play, and you know, I think it's
and and it see people just looking at it from
all you missed the past interference? Well what about the
guy that's being held, what about the you know, what
about the receiver who flinched that the line of scrimmage,
what about the offensive lineman that you know wasn't in
a stance or whatever the situation. Maybe I just think

it opened up too many cans of worms. Now, you know,
honestly make a great point. You do. I hadn't really
thought about it, and that's that vain. But yes, you
can go and look at any play and freeze frame
us and you will find a holding. That's why, that's
why I hate these people who do the screenshots of like,
you know, this guy is being held. You could do
that for every literally any play in the NFL all season.

So no, man, a good point. I get that, and
I don't. There will be smart guys, probably Bill Belichick
being one of them, to say, well, we just gave
up a touchdown with thirty seconds left, I got one
challenge left, might as well use it as we'll just
say go look for hold right get Yeah. So no, no,
I I fully agree with. Let's say, I still think
there should be some mechanism in place for for wrong

calls to get right. I mean blatantly wrong calls like
last week. But look, I can't disagree with you there.
It's a very smart point that you would be opening
up a can of worms. I think it would be
something a trial and aero type of thing, and we'd
eventually get more right than we get wrong. But I'm
just it's just it's frustrating that the wrong teams in
the Super Bowl. I hate to say it. Look, the
Grahams deserve to win. They they made the place they

needed to win, and yet the Saints had they had
their chances. But you have through anybody out there who's
been saying that all week has to also agree the
wrong call was made or I guess that's the wrong
No call wasn't made, and the correct calls and made
the Saints from the Super Bowl. That's obvious everybody. So

it's just I'm very frustrated with the fact that we've
been talking about this all week. Frank Swab joining us
here on Yeah, Who's sports, and not to go even
more on the call. But but I would say this,
and you're right that the Saints that that that call
should have been made, But I think when you look
at how the overall game was played, take out the
awful start that the Rams had they all played the
Saints and know if for those you know quarters and

you see how close to New England and Kansas City
was statistic wise, the Patriots dominated that game. So when
you look at it from that point, you can say,
you know, of how the game played out, maybe we
got the Super Bowl. But I totally, I totally get
what what you're saying, and I agree that the calls
should have been made. But we forget about how these
two teams actually performed in those championship games because we

talked about the d Ford off side. D would have
just been on side, and then the Chiefs are going
we kind of forget on how these teams did participate
in play in those two games. No, that's perfectly fair.
That looked at the end of the day. I'm not
trying to say the Rams don't deserve to be in
the super Bowl because they did play well on the road.
With whatever is going on Todd Gurley, whatever happens with

with that, they still put themselves in a position to win.
I thought Jared Goff made some huge plays. He that
was the first really really big test of his career
and he passed with flying colors. I thought rag Stirline
made the two most the biggest pair of clutch kicks
in the game since the Annam Military and the Truck
Rule Game. I mean it was there was a lot
to like about what the Rams did and looked at.

A great team. Are a fantastic team. They're not a fraud.
There there's no asterisk involved here. It's just it's just
things from New Orleans Times. That's the way it is.
It really does. A guy like drooperies you might not
get the shot again, or you know, just anybody have
to say, as you might not get the shot again,
they're they're gonna be living this for the rest of
our lives. The thing if that would have been made.
Frank Swab, writer for Yahoo Sports covering the NFL, let's

catch up in Atlanta next week. Sound good? Oh yeah,
that's sounds great. All right, Thanks Frank. We appreciate it.
Find him on Twitter at Yahoo Swab. Will do it
again next week. Thanks Frank. The story girly. I'm Dan Buyer.
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com and see how much you could save. Coming up next,
I want to dive more into this penalty stuff and
your experience in the Canadian Football League because I think
there are ways. I think that there are ways around
it that the NFL could maybe, could maybe make an
advancement in the game. We'll talk about that next, but first,
Brian Finley gives us the lay thist of what's happening
in college basketball and on the PGA. Two ur Hello, Brian, Hey, Dan,

the Lakers if we start in the NBA, All right, NBA,
let's do it. Yeah, let's do it. The Lakers marked
Lebron James out for Sunday's game, but according to the
Associated p James participated in full contact drills at practice today,
so that's encouraging. Dennis Lynn of The Athletic reports today
the San Diego Padres want to schedule a meeting with
free agent Manny Machado, even if it's in Miami. ESPN

is reporting New York police arrested Lions linebacker Trevor Bates
this morning. Bates reportedly punched a police officer in the
eye after the linebacker refused to pay his cab fee.
In college basketball, today, number one Tennessee beginning to take over.
They are in front for thirty three against West Virginia
with under fourteen minutes to play in the second half.

Second ranked Duke Dex Georgia Tech sixty six fifty three,
Number three Virginia Bullies Notre Dame eight two fifty five.
Twelfth rank Marquette comes back to win eighty two over Xavier.
Illinois imposes its will on thirteenth rank Maryland seventy sixties
seven and third round of the Farmers Insurance Open Tiger

Woods went one under today. He's five under overall, fourteen
strokes off the leader Justin Rose, who's four underpar through
sixteen holes. Back with Dan Buyer and Tory Gurley in
a moment, But first, a word from farmers. From a
dog accidentally flooding a living room to a dog taking
a joy ride, we've covered it. Talk to farmers. We
know a thing or two. Because we've seen a thing

or two. We are farmers under my Farmers Struck Fire
Insurance Exchange then affiliates products unavailable in every state. Back
to the Fellas and Dan Buyer and Tori Gurley. Thank
you very much, Brian. It is Fox Football Saturday. Great
to have you with us. So when you're in the
CFL you can review penalties, can uh and is it unlimited?

Do you have a challenge flag? How? What is the
what is the process? Initially I think it was three
and but it's started got out of hand where games
were taken so much. It was it was just taking
the fun out of the game because there was a
penalty on every play and they went to iPad and
pulled it up and then they will go out and
you know, retroactively throw a flag. Gagan as a player,

man that sucked, you know, have an opportunity to score
a touchdown and you're looking on a sideline saying if
a team is gonna throw a flag just for an
easy cop out. There are there are two plays, and
I've this is not news, so if you've listened to
me before in the network, it may sound like a
broken record, but I think that there are two plays
in football that are different than others because of just

the visual aspect and what they mean. And the first
is the face mask. The face mask, if you if
you glance it with your hand, you can call a
fifteen yard penalty. It's something that is very obvious. How
many times do we see maybe the referee not be
in the right position and a guy's head turns and
no penalty is called. To meet, Jared Goff late in

the game for the Rams against the Saints of the
NFC Championship game, was hit with the face mask. Tom
Brady was not hit in the face mask and not
hit in the head in the a f C Championship game.
Golf's wasn't called Brady's was. To me, that is somethinging
that is easily reviewable and can be enforced, and isn't
like any other penalty that is subjective like a hold,

like an illegal contact, with those sort of things, I
think a face mask in a face mask. By the way, Tori,
you wouldn't have to go over, put on the headset,
look at a monitor, get the word from Al river
On in New York. You could have it done. You
could buzz it down. Beat you guys, missed a face
mask on the ball carrier fifteen yards. Let's move on.

I think you could correct that your point about a
touchdown happening in a in a holding call changing it.
I don't think it should be a hold. I don't
think you should be able to review holding calls. I
think egregious pass interference is what we're talking about. And
I used the example of the n b A. You
can determine what is a flagrant one and a flagrant to.
You can determine what is a breakaway foul if you will,

a clear path foul, and I think you could do
that in the National Football League. And that's where I
think that the NFL need to look at it, where
if there was something egregious. I hate the spot of
foul rule for passing interference. I don't think there should
be a fifty six years penalty for anything. I think
that's where the NFL has to go to look at penalties,
just because I don't think that those penalties are equal

to everything else in the game. Oh well, while we
changing penalties and rules and stuff, when it's a passing inference,
I want the receivers to get the yards. What do
you mean, like with the get Yeah, because you get
no credit for that. It goes as a penalty. I'd
rather get those yards. So when it's contract time and
I'm sitting that over a thousand yards receiving, it helps
because during the year, if I've accumulated over two d

fifty yards of pass interference, what's to say if I
would have caught the ball and still got a two
fifty Like it's vice versa. I mean, at the end
of the day, I made the play to get the penalty.
So but but I see what you're talking about, and
hopefully the competition Committee can come out with something where
they experiment in the preseason. But um, I don't know
if I don't think they're gonna change it, but we'll see.

You never know. The helmet. Helmet is the other issue,
because there is precedent in College of targeting and reviewing.
If a play was targeted now in that specific case,
and of of it not even being called on the field,
and now five days later you have a penalty of
saying that should have been called. That's where I just
go back to the point if I just think the

ref had the guts to throw the flag. Well, the
difference between college and NFL is that you have eighty
guys that dress out on Saturday, and in the NFL
is forty six. So if you kick a player out
of the game for targeting or something like that, instead
of just finding them, you ultimately hurt that team because
that's one last guy on a roster, and it truly
changes the landscape of that football team, like right there

on the spot. True, But they do review it, so
you may not have to have ejection. You could you
could have you know, find or whatever they take. Yeah,
they take your pay and if if it continues accumulating,
and that's when you miss games. But at least that
prepares the team to bring in somebody else to play.
If you are but in you, I mean that'd be
bad if you had key players, Yeah, if you if
you took them, you know. On the point about the

roster is is fair. But in college at least they
do review it, which shows that it can be reviewable.
In the National Football League, whatever the penalty would be
would have to be determined after and I'm not even
talking about on field penalty. I'm talking about out of
the wallets or will there be a suspension for the
next game so a team could adjust, But the ability
to replace something like that he's already done in the

college game. I just that's that's where I think where
we are in the NFL, because I just don't I
don't think that all penalties are the same. I just
I really don't and I've always felt face mask is
one of them that is clear. And I hate pass
interference because I do think that we have been trained
so much to look for certain things and pass interference

of is the head turned? And now and you laugh,
but now that there are guys who face guard that
don't touch in there, and defenders will be called a
penalty because the referee isn't in a position to see
if contact was made or not. But they'll go, well,
he didn't turn his head around, and now we've got
a twenty seven yard penalty when there was no one fracts. Yeah,
I agree with you with that, and I also agree

I still don't know what the catch is. I played
in the NFL, had a few catches and just don't know,
Like I see the ball sometimes rolling on the ground
and then I say he has possessions. So you know,
I wish I was planning in this era. Knowledge went in.
Doubt went in doubt first out like you just call
it a catch, like that's truly what it is. It's not,
there's no more, there is very I just said now

nine times out of ten, like Chris Hogan last week.
I was like, Okay, well if they call it a
catch as a catch, so he's definitely benefitting from that.
And I guess that's what make fantasy owners really love football,
because if they're getting these extra yards and extra plays, Man,
these fantasy pools are real serious. You know, when we
see instant replay in the National Football League and we

see challenges, and there are challenges made and I can't
remember if it was if it was a Sean Payton
or a Doug Peterson in the divisional playoff, but point being,
we've seen this a lot. When a coach challenges a
seven yard catch in the first quarter, it's it's idiotic.
It's there's there's no point in doing that because if
you lose it, now you've really put your yourself up

against yeah, your backs against the wall. You're now in
a between a rocket a hard place. If you want
to use these these analogies and cliches, if you use
the challenge system in a situation like that as well,
the onus isn't on the referee to call the play.
It's really on the onus of the head coach to
make sure that they would have that challenge at the

end of the game. And and even though it's indirectly
and it maybe three card Monty and moving things around
in the NFL, but I guarantee you if Sean Payton
had a challenge and used it in the second quarter
on a call and didn't have that challenge, there wouldn't
be any flak with the ref We would all be saying, well,
that's what John Payton gets for using his penalty challenge.

So there are ways that the NFL can work around
this so their officials and the Referees Association doesn't get
as attacked as like they have in the last six
days or so. I think, no matter how we look
at it, somebody is gonna abuse it, no matter which
way it is. When you start messing with the rules,
someone's gonna figure out New England, you know, and make sure, yeah,

they're probably video the video taping walked through is right now.
That's why did you see the Belichick meme of the
Navy jacket, Like somebody put a RAMS logo on it
and because he had a like a the the jacket
hood was up and spotted that MS. Jeez, you guys
still laughed, But oh goodness, I saw it while I

was on Twitter at Dan Buyer on Fox. I'm sure
Tori start out as well when he was on Twitter
at Tory Gurley eighty one. Listen always to the show,
Oh T Gurley eighty one. That's right, T Gurley eighty one.
Thanks for the the heads up in Tea Gurley eighty
one on Instagram as well, where you've got some breakdowns
of offc Championship, Championship, NFC, whatever you think of football, CFL,

great Cup, oh yeah, anything, whatever you think of man,
we got it on it. Were you in in the CFL?
I played in Toronto, Okay. I shout out to Kim Hubig.
I know you at home paying in your house right now.
But Kim Denis, I hope you guys enjoyed. Love you guys,
Take care. Man, it's been. It was a lot of
fun up there, man, ate a lot of great food.
Went to the gig one of my favorite steak houses

up there, and man, it was just it was a
lot of fun. I've never been to Toronto place. I've
always drizzy six guys, a little probably a little chili
right now. Yeah, it is, uh, I don't I don't
know if they're paying, will they be painting in their
house now in January. The inside of the house. Inside

there is the accent wall. This is Fox Football Saturday.
Believe it or not. We're Company of Life for the
Geico Fox Sports Radio Studios. It's easy to say fifteen
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Gekuta Comma called eight D nine four seven auto. The
only hard part figuring out which way is easier. Lebron
James won't play tomorrow against the Phoenix Suns, but the

Lakers forward sending out hidden messages. We discussed next on
Fox Football Saturday. From a hot air balloon landing on
a car to a load of concrete falling on one,
We've covered it. Talk to farmers. We know a thing
or two. Because we've seen a thing or two. We
are farmers under written. My farmers took Finn Insurance exchange

cent affiliates parts unavailable in every state. The story, Girlie,
I'm Dan Buyer. This is Fox Football Saturday here on
Fox Sports Radio. A quick little story about Intergalactic You know, okay,
they saw the song by the Beastie Boys. I was

playing golf one night and it was I like to
play later in the evenings, I like the sun goes
down sometimes it gets too dark to play, and that's
what ended up happening. So I was leaving the course
and there was a tunnel that I had to take
under a road to get to the clubhouse, and it
was there were three skunks there like blocking, like running

back and forth in the tunnel. So yeah, yeah, right,
So think about this eight o'clock at night, it's dusk.
I'm the only one there. I'm on the other side
of the road and I have to go through a
tunnel to get through this road and there's three skunks.
What would you do in that situation? Hold my right over? Yeah,
So I'm trying to think of myself, like Okay, if

I run through, I'm gonna get sprayed, or if I
spook them, I'm going to get sprayed. So what I
did I was trying to make noise and the only
thing that I had was my phone. So I took
my phone out and I'm like, okay, what's the song
that has like loud noises that would So I started
to play Intergalactic to try to scare the skunks. They

didn't move at all. I even through golf balls like
towards them to see if they would run away. They didn't.
I had to end up walking back like five yards,
walk up a hill and then cross the road. But yeah,
so that's why when I hear entered lactic. It is
a story that my wife and I laugh about because
for some reason I thought that with scare skunks, which
by the way, it does, it does not. Do you

ever seen Lebron James on Instagram try to elip sing
two songs. Of course he doesn't know the words never Never.
He loves every album as that. I'm like, dude, all
these albums are not that good. Like I listen to
music as well, everybody is like, oh, this is so dope,
like Future your album man ain't hitting one like it
was the last one. Yeah, And I do sometimes think

he gets the album like three days before everyone else,
so show off that he already has the album, so
that yesterday he sends out this Instagram story to Kyrie
Irving and this after Kyrie Irving extended the olive branch
if you will by saying a week or so ago, Hey,
I apologize. You know now I understand what it was

like to, you know, be in your role on a
championship team. But so then now Lebron sends out an
Instagram story singing the song rewind by what Fettie wapp
is what you guys were talking about, And so Lebron
is singing that tagging Kyrie Irving and when we talked
about it, yeah there it is awful voice and that

I sing like a skunk. So I shouldn't I shouldn't comment.
But you know Lebron James and we were talking about
this yesterday and it was brought up. Lebron always has
a plan for something. Is there anything to read into
Lebron James sending that to Kyrie? Of course that very
subliminal light. They're in their feelings. So I don't know
what he can do. I mean, he is the GM

of the Lakers, so oh okay, all right, he gets
it done. So hey, Brian, I'm looking for a job.
You know, I can sit on the bench and uh,
you know, make sure you all right too. So do
you think do you think it would work again if
they teamed up again? I believe so. And the reason
why is that you Kyrie has had time to grow

and regardless you know of their situation, you can look
back at things, just like we were speaking previously about,
you know, me leaving Green Bay as a younger player.
You sit back and you look at the mistakes you've made.
You're like, wow, man, I was immature, And you know,
if I do get a second chance to play with
a great player, I'm gonna make sure I capitalize on it,
because you know how special it is. It's so different

Kyrie being a veteran in that locker room and those
guys are looking at him, and he didn't realize, like
how Lebron really umbrella those guys from all that turmoil
and stuff. What he was trying to do is just
show him how to be the pro, show him how
to be a pro, and to put him in a
situation to be an all staring and possibly be one
of the best players in the NBA. What I think
would happen is is this is It's when you're with

someone significant other and you're with him for a while
and then you're just like, all right, this isn't working.
And now you go to this new place and because
it's new, it's foreign, it's different, and you think back
and you say, oh, that's what I would have done.
And then within five minutes of going back to that person,
you're like, Okay, this is why we didn't last after

four years. Like that's what I think would happen. Of
Like alright, like you can you can romanticize and fantasize
all you want about the relationship that you had in
the past, and and now you're thinking about all the
good instead of all the bad that you were thinking
about while you were in that relationship. I just don't
think that it would work again. I think it would
be like, oh my goodness, this is why I got
out in the first place. That's what I think Kyrie

would think if they ever ended up teaming up again.
I mean, it possibly could happen, but I say those
guys being as mature as they are being able to
be better teammates and and ultimately go out there and
do something special, and that's try winning another championship. Tonight
it could be an NBA Finals preview with Kyrie Irving
taking on in the Boston Celtics taking on the Golden

State Warriors. So there is something to look ahead too.
I think when you look at how the East shapes
up and you see different things, this is uh and
not really how the West is starting to take shape.
Houston's turning it on. I think they're gonna be a threat.
Lakers are gonna be there when the bronze healthy and
Rondo's fully back as well. But with Golden State, what
they did to Denver recently really kind of just cementing

their status is the top team in the West. You
know what, even though step is my guy, I'll take
the Celtics tonight. And the reason why is that, um,
they have more to play for. You know, go go
to State. They playing big games all the time. So
I think Boston leaves it all out on the court
just to give him some morale and and to give
them a better push. You know, it's for the second
half of the of the season. He's story, Girly. I'm

Dan Buyer. This is Fox Football Saturday. The Patriots are
starting to become big favorites in the Super Bowl. Tori
doesn't like that. We'll tell you why next rolling on
on this Saturday, Super Bowl fifty three a week from
tomorrow in Atlanta, Fox Sports Radio. We'll have you covered

all week long leading up to Sunday's matchup and even afterwards,
as we put a bow on the NFL regular season,
even though it's twenty nineteen and next year big year
for the NFL, the one hundred season of the National
Football League. Yeah, the one years. I remember what it was,
seventy five years and they wore a special patch on

the uniform. It was like a diamond and remember that
it looked good on a Buffalo Bills uniform. Oh yeah,
I remember saying that seventy five, Like I think Bruce
Smith and those guys, and it was that Super Bowl
that they like, really throwback uniforms came back into play
in the forty Niners ended up beating the Chargers, sorry
Nick in that Super Bowl, but the forty Niners wearing

their throwback uniforms were like, it was a different look,
and that's what they ended up wearing. And then they
warred in that game and it was Yeah, it was
quite a year. It's crazy to think that that was
not almost years ago and now the Rams and wearing
a throwback jersey. Yes, thank goodness, Thank goodness, there there
could have been. This is what if people don't know
and Tory, you don't know this. In my fandom as

a sports fan, there a couple of things that I'm
obsessed with. It I love I love helmets like I
love many helmets. I collect a bunch of men helmets,
and I love end zones that you'll see in Super
Bowls and how they're decorated in fields, and the uniforms
obviously go along with that. The NFL each year alternates
on who the home team is. This year the home
team was the NFC. And you say yourself, wait a second,

the Eagles wore green last year. Well, the Patriots were
actually the home team, but because they had such great
success wearing white in Super Bowls, they wore white. Same
thing with the Broncos and wearing their orange a couple
of years ago, they wanted to wear their orange uniforms.
So they decided, all right, they're going to uh end up.
You get the choice as a home team if you will.
So the Rams were the home team. They get to

wear their home jerseys, Thank goodness, because I wouldn't wanted
to see those white horned helmets in that unmatching jersey exactly.
And I also think it brings back the city of St. Louis,
you know, as well as l A bring us all
back together because originally they were the Rams back then,
and bringing back those fans where they can wear their
colors and and feel like they're part of this process
as well. I would have. I would feel bitter if

I was in St. Louis, just for the simple fact
of not only is it the team that left, like
you could have had this just a couple of years ago,
and and then listen, they want a Super Bowl and
then they lost in another one two years later to
the New England Patriots, which I don't care whatever you're
losing a Super Bowl. You always hate the team that
you lose to until you lose again in the Super Bowl.

Trust me, I hated the Steelers for nine years, and
then then Russell Wilson threw at the one yard line
and got picked off, and now I just don't like
the Patriots. So by Steelers Ankst kind of moved along.
The point being if you're in St. Louis, not only
do you not want to cheer against the Patriots because
they're a team that beat you in Super Bowl thirty six,
but now you're like, our team is in l a

and this could have been us. I would if I
was in St. Louis. The only thing maybe you would
have been worse if the Chiefs would have went. You
would have chiefs Rams and you would have been great.
And other stupid chiefs are in playing against our former team.
I don't know how I'd feel if I was in
the white coach Fisher was doing it there, they probably
would have. It was a great thing that they got
out of st was because the thing they were probably
gonna shutting that place down. At least the Cardinals now

if Paul Goulsch but they can look at they can
look forward to baseball season. We are looking forward to
Super Bowl fifty three as the Rams and Patriots will
go at It is where Company Alive from the Geico
Fox Sports Radio Studios fifteen minutes conceive you fiftcent to
morow Caur Insurance Physic Geico dot com for a free rate. Quote.
Patriots now a few goal favorite in some places. Even

more than that is the line has moved over the
last six or seven days with New England being the favorite.
And even though you have some neighborly love in this game,
a couple of Patriots that are neighbors of yours, you
are really feeling the Rams in this matchup. Definitely. I'm
not a prisoner of the moment. I mean I I truly,
you know, I go back and I go watch all

the film and watch the watch the game, and I
don't watch the TV version I watched. I watched the
coach version all twenty two and and exactly what I
saw in the field was the Chiefs beat themselves, and
the Patriots did a great job of executing. But if
the Chiefs could literally just communicate and just do the
small things right, they'll be playing in the Super Bowl.
But they couldn't get lined up d Ford and they

also couldn't execute their assignment allied Kimball Fuller and Treveric West.
So it was some things that went down that they
really shot themselves in the foot. And Patrick went Holmes
took a huge sack on that drive in the first
quarter where it took them out of a position to
even to get a field goal. So when you go
back and look at the tape, you know, the Chiefs

beat themselves and and shout out to New England. But
I truly think the Rams, uh, they match up extremely well,
especially defensively. I think the boy Wonder Sean McVeigh, I
think he has something lined up for Bill Belichick because
he's never seen his offense before you know Bill Belichick,
He's usually has a beat on people you understand, like
this is what they like to do, but he hasn't
faced them. So with this right here, with these guys

playing chess, I think if the Rams can come out
and just for one game, leave it all on the field,
I think they got a shot to do something special.
I can't believe that I'm saying this, but I like
the Patriot running game more than the Rams. So like
I like and you look at whether it be Sony
Michelle and I'm gonna take the Patriots short passing game

with James White and put that in there. It may
be cheating, but I'm going to consider that part of it.
I just like what they do on the ground. And
with Todd Gurley's question questions about his health, we talked
to Bill Plashky earlier and said he still looks banged
up and that there could be an issue there. I
just I do like what New England's got on the
groad more than the Rams. Yeah, and and so you're

supposed to, I mean, I don't. I don't blame you
for that, but man trying to block Sue and Aaron
Donald the entire game for a Super Bowl ring and
having Dante Fowler one on one, which are left or
right tackle. I think it falls right back into Waite
Phillips and and knowing how to beat Tom Brady. There's
a recipe for that as well. And it's not just

you brought up the point of Denver and what they
did in their run when Wade Phillips was defensive coordinator
three years ago and they ended up and going to
that Super Bowl and beating the Panthers and Super Bowl fifty.
It's not only that when you look at the other
times where the Patriots have been challenged in the Super Bowl,
you look at the two Giants matchups, Yeah, exactly, whether

it be whether it be straight handed O. C. H.
Menorah and Justin Tuck or then in the next version
of JPP being there for the Giants, it was that
front four And even if the book was always too
of getting pressure on Brady up through the middle, and
that's that may be actually the best matchup of all
is Bill Belichick tried to figure out out a way

to block Aaron Donald. Can you do that? I mean,
is there a way to do that and get away
with it in the Super Bowl? And no, it's not.
I mean, because it's gonna come down to a point
in the game where if he's being so disruptive, he's
gonna throw off the toime and of your your play
action plays. He's gonna throw off to time and of
anything that you want that's developed down field, um and

now force guys like Julia Edelman Chris Hogan to beat
the defensive backs of the l A Rams guys into
leave and Marcus Peters and and and Robie Coleman. So
it plays into the rams favor, But they have to
go out and just do what they do best on offense.
If they can go out and establish a drive and
really just getting the morale ofy themselves, because I think

would have happened if they go out and they go
three and out in New England put points on the board,
That's when I think they experienced a kick in and
and unfortunately I think the Rams could panic. But if
they can uh stomy New England or go out or
even score first, I think that it given them then
encouragement to be like, you know what, we can play
with these guys. We we were the best team in
the NFL during the season. Let's make sure we we

capt us off with a Super Bowl ring. Are you
sold on Jared Goff? I am. He made some big
throws against New Orleans. I'm talking about big boy throws.
Just that last play with him rolling out play action
where he hit the tight end. He had, uh the
defensive linement from the Saints draped all over him and
that throw he made it was almost a blind throw,
but he was able to get it out. They was

able to kick the field goal and the game was one.
But just things he's done. I mean, Sean McVeigh does
a great job of putting him in a situation where
he can check in and out of plays or if
he wants to take it over the top with Brandon
Cooks or Robert Woods. He has a lot of weapons.
You know, he has Josh Reynolds that's coming along as
a third receiver. You know, you can't forget about Todd
Gurley coming out of backfield whenever he gets his hands

right in his mind right schematically, they it's gonna be
hard for New England because who are you gonna double?
If you're if you're Bill Belichick right now, who are
you taking away? I would if I was Bill Belichick,
I would I would still take away Brandon Cooks, even
though I think Robert Woods is the most dangerous, I
still would try to take away Brandon Cooks. What about

the guys underneath? I know it's still taking like Cooks
should still be the guy that I would that would
try to take out. And I would put it on
the shoulders of Woods and Josh Reynolds and then whoever
came out of the backfield because you have a better
run game. The Chiefs they fell behind, so they had
to get away from running the ball. You know, when
you're down so many points, it takes you out of

the flow at that game. But if the Rams can
establish that run and so you can mix it up
the play action and run. Yeah, And I was answering,
and I thought you were just talking about of the
passing game of what guy would you want to stop?
I think I think, yeah, if you if you can
stop the run, I would still And that's why I
ask about golf is I still would. Actually, if I'm
Bill Belichick, I would want to put it on his shoulders,

just like you would want to put it on any
quarterback who was playing in his first Super Bowl shoulders.
And you know you know Nick Foles last year, you know, like, yeah,
go ahead and put it on his shoulders, you know,
try to shut down the run game. And Nick Foles
came out and you know, came out Roses And I
would still do the same thing. If I were Bill
Belichick going up against the Rams, I would still want
it on. I would still want it on Jared golf shoulders.

And I don't know. Josh Reynolds had had a tough
game against the loss of the Bears, where I think
the elements played more of a more of a factor
in it, but he seemed to have come about. Robert
Woods is gonna slid into the Cooper Cup spot with
Cooper Cup being out um and is done a fine
and John I think Woods is a great threat. And
it seems to me is when you really think of
favorite targets, Wood seems to be the favorite target with

Cup not being there, even though I think Brandon Cooks
makes the big plays and he's the guy that you
you have to shut down. I think golf looks towards
a lot yeah that that ball gets dispersed amongst a
lot of players on the Rams. I think a lot
of guys got touchdowns and everyone is getting touches. So um.
I just by the way, I just named four favorite
targets for Jared Goff, So I think I defeated my
own point of trying to say I mentioned all the

guys that Jared Golf likes to throw too. But yeah,
it is what it is. He's Tory Gurley. I'm Dan Buyer.
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Visit Granger dot com for whatever you need, whenever you
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heat story, Girly, I'm Dan Buyer, so happy to have

you with us. We delapse our executive producer, Nick right Out,
technical producer, and Brian Finley's at the anchor desk and
we're gonna play a game in a second. I do
have a question, and I kind of want to bring
all you guys in Tory. How many belts do you own? Yeah? Belts?
He seemed like a fashionable guy. How many belts do
you own? Three and one home is reverse? Okay, I'm no,

technically I own five, three of which I just say
they're just out of the rotation right now for reasons
that maybe they just can't buckle anymore. So we're down
to like I'm on a two belt, truly, I'm on
a two belt rotation. One is brown, one is black.
Leaving for the super Bowl for like nine or ten

days tomorrow, I've already packed the brown one. Could not
find the black one. I have no idea, And I'm like,
do people just have like ten belts where they're just like, alright,
I can't find one, They'll just use another. Because I'm
down to two, and I'm glad that you're three lead, Nick,
how many? How many belts? I'm actually ashamed to say
that I have too many belts to count, but I
only use about three four? All right? Nick? I have two? Yes,

I have like this one buckle like it's you buckle.
It I've had since high school. I'm not even lying
to you right now. And then I have one, you know,
kind of like Formali in this style. That's it. That's
all right, good good. I think we're all kind of
on the same page here. Brian Fenley, how many belts here?
Stylish guys? Well, how many belts do you do you own?
And how many are in the rotation? I'm gonna say three.
But guys, what's wrong with going with some tight jeans

and no belt? Well, That's what I'm doing today because
once packed, and I have no idea where the other
one is. So that's why I wondered if you guys
have backup belts to go with that. Yeah, I just
I don't know. There are three that are still sitting there.
They're actually resting over a bar. Haven't been broken in once, Nick, Dan,

have you done this one before? I've been in emergencies
where I need to go in as many years ago.
But I went to a job interview and I realized
I forgot my belt. So what did I do. I
took off my shoestring and tied around my waist because
unless I was gonna, you know, drop trout during interview.
We really liked Nick, but when his pants went to
his ankles, we just didn't think that that was the

I've never done the shoe string because I'll tell you what,
if I would do it, probably wouldn't get around my
race and that the waist and then to be out
of his shoes. And when when you're going commando that day,
that's when it's kind of, yeah, that's definitely don't wear
underwear at a job interview. That's dan. I got a
pretty good one, all right. So I was so poor
growing up. I had to use my football built to
wear it with my jeans football football belt. I bet

what color was your school? It was black. Okay, you're lucky.
We were the Blue Jays, so we had a blue one.
I couldn't be rocking that one. By the way, I
didn't even know. I didn't know like the double loop.
I once didn't score a touchdown because my pants started
to fall down in freshman football and I was I
was running with the football in the left hand and

just pulling on the belt with the right hand. And coaches,
how were you caught from behind? I said, pants were
falling down. Story. Yeah, yeah, so geez, so I used
me I took it home. I grabbed extra one and
I used to wear it. Oh well, we aren't giving
any belts away with the new game that has taken
over the country. But for the second time ever, here

on Fox Sports Radio, we are playing the game Googling Mowgli.
Yes here it is all right, So Google Mowgli. Is
this everybody's goes on Google and when you type in
a name to the right, it'll have a box and
it'll say people also searched for and there's about twenty
five names. So here's Google Moogli. We throw out a

name and Tori, Lee, Nick, and Brian are gonna have
to get ten names that people also searched for when
searching for this player. If you get one wrong, you
are out of the game. So it goes down from
four to three to two to one, and then if
nobody gets ten rights, then the game's over. But as

a team, if you can get ten of the twenty
some odd names, you will win. Googly moogli. All right,
are you guys ready to play? All right? There are
twenty four names when you google. When you Google, put
it this way, When you google Antonio Brown, people also
searched for these twenty four names. Let's start with Tory Gurley.

So if you were to search Antonio Brown, who else
do you think people searched for? Ben Roethlisberger? Ben Roethlisberger,
that is correct, alright, one on the board for the team.
That is one. Ben Roethlisberger has been searched for. Tori's alive.
Let's go over to Lee for the team. Another name
in controversy. I'm gonna go with lady on Bell, Levan

Bell Steelers teammate. That makes a lot of sense there,
it is, yes, Levian Bell. Two for two. Let's go
to Nick Wright. How about another rival receiver on the team,
Juju Smith Schuster. Oh, that's actually a really good thought
and it's there, all right, three for three. People when
they searched Antonio Brown also searched for Juju Smith Schuster.

Over to Brian Finley. I was the king Danny DeVito
with all the antics. Oh, Danny DeVito. Why wouldn't they
search for Danny DeVito. No, Danny DeVito did not make it.
So Brian is out. All right, Brian's out of the game.
So now it's down to Lee, Nick and Tori. We
go back to Tory. You've got three names. You are

seven away when searching Antonio Brown? Who else did people
search for? Mike Tomlin? Mike tom Land. All right, that's
a really good answers. Mike Tomlin on the list? There
he is. Mike Tomlin is on the list. Tori stays alive.
You guys are up to four six away from the
first ever win on Googly Moogli over to lead the lap?
How you stole mine there, Tory? I was I was

sticking with the Steelers, so I gotta think outside the
box here. I'm gonna go with another diva wide receiver
in the league. I'm gonna go with Odell Beckham Jr. Ohdell.
That's really good thinking, Lee, because you're like, gosh, how
many more Steelers could people search for? Did Will be
jamake it? Yes? He did? All right? Lee is still
alive five points. So when you're so chink for Antonio
Brown and Google, who else did people search for and

Nick is up? Nick? Oh Man? What a dilemma. Man,
It's like I'm almost copying Lee, but I'm going with
another diva wide receiver, Trell Owens. Taryll Owens did not
make the last Maybe in eleven. Maybe if we did
this game in eleven. Nick is out. See it's not

as easy as you think. We've got five names. Tarall
Owens is out. So now it's down to Torrian Lee,
back and forth between you guys and trying to reach
ten in googly moogli Tori another name, j J. Watt.
J J. Watts All people love football? Did j J.
Watt make our list? No he didn't. Tori is out.

It is all on the shoulders of Lee. The last
you should have gone, t J. Watt Man, you should
have gone t J. Oh Boy, Okay, Lee, think about
saying t J. But I'm not. I'm gonna hold on
too that. I'm gonna stick with my original theory of
sticking with wide receivers. Here, um and top of the list,
Let's go with Julio Jones. Julio Jones is on the list.

There he is, alright, alright, come on, let's sit right,
all right, you've got six, Lee, can you reel off
four more to win Googly Mooglie for the four more? Okay,
top of the list. Let's go DeAndre Hopkins there it
is all right? Good job. I mean no, at least
not cheating because we can see his computer. DeAndre Hopkins

made the list. You are three away from your team
and winning googly Mooglie. All right, I got a couple
of names here. Let me think about almost made it
to the super Bowl. Let's go Tyreek Hill, Tyreek Hill.
That would be a good guess. Yes, and you've reached
the top of the hill. Tyreek Hill was also searched
for two away. This is He's pretty good. This is

the thing about Googly Mooglie. You've got to find this
thread because the thread usually weaves threw about six or
seven different players. You guys hit on the Steelers thread
early on, and now you hit on this new threat.
That's the key. Two more to go for the Googly
Moogli Championship. Four Lee, and I think I'm stretching it
with the wide receiver, so I'm thinking back towards the Steelers,

like Terry bratt I don't know about Terry Bradshaw though,
what's the answer going to be for Googly Moogli? Can
I go? Well? Can I go tell us this? Which
two are you thinking about going with? I'm thinking between
Terry Bradshaw and A. J. Green? Okay, which one do
you want to go with? I'm gonna go A J. Green?
And Nick? You like that? Tory? Do you like that?

Final answer? Is that answer? A J. Green is on
the list? All right? What away from a Google? Alright?
Here it is now? Now honestly, I actually I won't
say anything. All right, you're at nine. So who else
the people search for when they searched for Antonio brown Man? Okay? Alright?

Between the three, I got the I got another wide receiver,
I got another Steelers current player, and I got Terry
Bradshaw that I mentioned. Okay, all right, who are you
debating between? I'm debating between t J. Watt Terry Bradshaw
and I'm trying to rack my name for another top
wide receiver, maybe Davante Adams, maybe Adam Fling. Okay, al right,

where do you think you're going to go on this?
Oh man? I'm gonna go t J. Watt. T J Watt?
Did people also search for T J. Watt. If so,
you've won googly moogie. If not, you've fallen one short.
Did they search for t J. Watt? No, you know

we're one of those guys on There was Davante Adams
on there. DeVante Adams was on the list. Thor Bradshaw
was not. You know, the one Steeler that you missed.
Who's at James Conner. James James Conner was not brought
up on the list when people searched for Antonio Brown.
He would be one of those guys. This is this

is the rest of the list. Yeah, James Connor, Davantae Adams,
Keenan Allen Nick, Yeah, your your boy, Keenan Allen, Ezekiel Elliott,
Michael Thomas, Rob Gronkowski, Alvin Kamara, Todd Gurley, Leonard Fournette,
Aaron Rodgers, Kareemont tyreek Kill. What you mentioned, Tom Brady,
Melvin Gordon, Christian McCaffrey, and Mark Tavis Bryant Man. Yeah,

so close, so close. I you'd have to think NFL
players in NFL Star. So you think J. J. Watt,
You think of those big name players teammate and T J. Watt.
But there's more of the skill position wide receivers that
you've got for Googly Moogli strictly for fantasy. That's exactly
looking at this list, that's all it was. Like. Okay,
if you get in Dramontonio Brown, well I'm gonna go

Davonte Adams. Yeah, that's all it is. That's all it
is a fantasy line up right here. Uh. You know,
when I thought of this game, I thought of two things.
I thought of Google Auto Phil but half of them
are blank girlfriend or you know, blank wife, Like, so
that's all it is. Or blank net Worth. That's that.
That's really like all it is. So that game wouldn't

have been as fun. So Googly MOOGLEE was developed. Last
time we only got seven. This time we got nine,
but still not a winner. Here on Fox Sports Radio,
so so close he story, girly, I'm Dan Buyer. This
is Fox Football Saturday. Rono applause for the effort though,
good job guys. Yeah, but I'll let you know that

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NBA Finals preview tonight in Boston. We'll tell you how
it shakes out after Brian Fenley gives us the latest
of what's happening in the Association College hoops and so
much more. Hello Brian, Hey Dan. Yeah, guys, you know

thought Maker is not high maintenance or anything. All he
wants is out of Milwaukee and more playing time. According
to NBA insider Adrian war Janowski, today, Maker's agent has
spoken to the Bucks about a trade. There was one
NBA game going on as we speak. The Spurs are
on top of the Pelicans twenty twenty two with under
a minute left in the first quarter. In college basketball today,

Number one Tennessee overcomes a twelve point deficit and thumps
West Virginia eighty three sixty six. Second ranked Duke takes
care of Georgia Tech sixty six fifty three. Number three
Virginia dismantles Notre Dame eight two fifty five. Top twenty
five Games in progress. Ninth rank Kansas up on number
eight Kentucky fourteen to six. About halfway through the first half.

Fourteenth ranked Texas Tech is tied with Arkansas seventeen a piece.
About midway through the first Missouri is on top of
twenty five ranked l s U twenty three eighteen with
under eight minutes left on line. Car shopping can be confusing,
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Open Tiger Woods went one under today. He's five under overall,
thirteen strokes off of leader Justin Rose, who shot three
under today. Back with Dan Byron Tory Gurley in a moment,
but first, a word from farmers. From a dog accidentally

flooding a living room to a dog taking a joy ride,
we've covered it. Talk to farmers. We know a thing
or two because we've seen a thing or two. We
are farmers underwritten my Farmers Truck Fire insurance exchanges and
affiliates products unavailable in every state. Dan, I want to
know how many Mulligan's you took during your round Terry
Pines this week. And there was Mulligans because he was

a competition. He couldn't cheat like that. There's no way that. Yeah,
you had to you had to play straight up in
our scramble shamble format, if you will, So no cheating
on our way to that title. By the way, our
in for all the show says, you know, former Cleveland
Bronze wide receiver and NFL veteran Tory Gurley. I want
them to say twenty nineteen Farmers Insurance Pro Am South

Course Champion, like that would be. That's how I should
be introduced. They just otherwise to just throw my name there.
They could have said defensive back and wide receiver for
an oh and nine high school football team. You could
have had that one as well, but that just doesn't
ring as much as the Pro Am champ. Or you
could be just a number. I've been on teams. Hey,

number six number here with some tape across the hilmet
with your name on it. Off the air, you mentioned
what it's like to be signed by a team knowing
that if another roster move is made, they're just gonna
get rid of the most recent guy. It was plenty
of times I watched the guy get hurt. On Sunday,

I'm at the game and I'm like, yeah, I'm cut,
and then they asked me. They're like where you want
to go? And usually guys I got cut so many times,
I like where you want to go? I was like, many,
I'll send me to Vegas or send me to Arizona
and I'll fly out there and go hang out for
a couple of days. I was like, man, I don't
feel like going home. Whatever. Just hoping that maybe just
are you hoping that everybody gets stays healthy. Yes, okay,

that's it's so fluid, like if a guy whoever is
the last one in, you're the first one to leave,
especially when you're a new guy. Yeah, because they gotta
fill in those spots. Man, It's it's so fluid. Been
on a roster the back end of sure, sure there's
there's and and and and if another guy slides in
after you, then you're like, all right, I got a
little cushion exactly like that. Yeah, you're bringing in. You

put your arm around him, You're like, hey, welcome a boy. Yeah, buddy,
you're out of here first. Oh man, So good. By
the way, I mentioned there could be an NBA Finals preview.
This is no disrespect to the Sixers or the Denver Nuggets.
Who realistically has a chance to be an NBA Finals preview.
But we're talking out Warriors in Celtics tonight in Boston,

Golden State winners of their last nine. DeMarcus Cousins has
seemed to fit in fine with his new team. They've
won the three games that he has played. There is
a question about his uh stamina, if you will, But
the Warriors right now seem to be peaking in late
January and early February. And if this is a preview

of the NBA Finals, there's a bunch of things to
to look at tonight. You like the Celtics to get
a win tonight against Golden States end that nine games. Yeah,
I definitely like the Celtics tonight. The reason why I
think the city of Boston, with the Patriots and and
Warriors come into town and all this stuff going on.
I think the Celtics fans, they show up and show
out and it's a big game for them. You know,

to the Warriors is just a is one of eighty
two games. But for Boston this could be something they
rally around to get themselves going for the second second
half of the season. I think that the Cousins return debut,
whatever you want to call it, for these last three
games has provided energy for Golden State. But in saying that,

I think people are completely overreacting to the impact. And
the reason I say this is just because this story.
When Cousins was signed by Golden State, there were there
weren't a lot of offers. It was he reached out
to them and they were able to figure out a
way to do so. You still have a guy who's
going to be a free agent in the off season,

and there seemed to be a concerted effort on his
first play back to get the monster dunk the everybody
was cheering for to Marcus Cousins, knowing the work that
he put in coming back from his rupture a killes
Tendon and I think that's great. But realistically, when you
take a step back and you think of, Okay, this
is a team that's chasing a championship. What is de
Marcus Cousins chasing. Is he chasing a championship or is

he chasing the contract that he didn't get. And when
you're chasing a contract that you didn't get, you're going
to want to show that team what you're all about
in the numbers that you can put up. And I
just don't think the numbers that he would like to
put up to show another team that he is fully
healthy and capable of being the fifteen rebound guy are

gonna happen in Golden State. And I just think at
some point when the newness of Cousins coming back, that
there's going to be friction. There's been friction, even even
Steph Curry had talked about this. We're gonna play a
little piece later. But that's why I'm just not sold
on the Warriors just yet. Just I'm not I'm not
bought in to them having everything go great, and it

just seems like over the last week and during this
win streak, everybody says, Okay, now things are great. The
Warriors are the Warriors. They are a talented team, and
I truly don't see anybody beating him four times in
eleven or twelve days. But with the DeMarcus Cousins situation,
if the Warriors go out and go in the finals,
people over pay for champions That happens in every sport,

but especially and basketball or football or wherever. If someone
goes out and win a championship, we want to get
their coach, we want to get their players, and we
overpay for him, So I think he could get his
cake and eat it too, literally, because that's just how
sports is. You say it all the time. A free agency,
you think he'll get a huge contract, even if you
ever just fourteen points and nine rebounds. They do it
all the time. It's the NBA. I mean, there are

guys out there that, man, I don't think they could
hit the barns out of a barn, but hey, they're
making big money. So that that's just the way the
NBA is set up with a salary cap. And at
the end of day, he's a name, so he'll bring
other guys with them. People like hanging out with them,
and you know that that's what it's all about. And
and this new NBA is about clicking up with your
homies and going out and get wins. I just I

look at it and I don't think it's as easy
as people want to think that it's going to be.
And it's not as easy to share the basketball. And
if you don't believe me, listen to Tori's good friends
Steph Curry, because Steph Curry was on Adrid war Zanowski's
podcast on ESPN and at this to say about when
Kevin Durant joined the Warriors a couple of years ago.
Here's the Warriors guard Steph Curry. There's always conversation around

like the shot distribution and like who would have to
sacrifice them others. To me, Clay Draymond andre with with
Katie on the on the squad, and to be honest,
that first year playing together, it was me in terms
of just how I was used to getting shots, how
I was used to playing and whatnot. It was a
little different, so I had to make certain adjustments and

there were times it was difficult. With Christmas Day game
in Cleveland, I remember vividly um leaving there thinking, I
gotta figure this out. And I know that I can't
figure this out. It's just not as easy. It's not
as smooth of a transition that I might have thought
it was gonna be. And that's why I think with
the Marcus Cousins, like right now, it's such a first

of all, he's only gonna play fift twenty minutes, and
when he's in there, they're gonna try to utilize him
as much. It's a perfect example there. It took him,
you know, Katie took him two months into Katie's tenure
with the Warriors, finally realizing Okay, something's got to be different,
and that shows that maybe things just weren't right up
to that point. That's why I just don't think that
the DeMarcus Cousins fit is going to be perfect. And

it may be better than everybody tor, but this I
don't think in the long run, is going to be
as much of a benefit and could actually be detrimental
to the team as they try to go for their
fourth title in five years. I just want to see
when I face some adversity, and when Draymond started going
off and DeMarcus Cousin star going off, how Steve Kirk
and uh stay on top of these egos and personalities

and and heck, Jordan Bell had to blow up with
him earlier in the week. And this is a team
that's on a winning streak. So then Jordan Bell's second
year player out of Oregon. But it shows that there's
you know, not everything is not everything is is happy,
go lucky with good, you know obviously, I mean it's obvious.
And Steve Kerr is one of those guys. He's very
relaxed and laid back. He's somewhat you know, just being

at the game on Tuesday and hanging out Steph. I mean,
he was so laid back, man. These guys were doing
whatever they wanted to do. So I'm quite sure you
know he's He's just gonna continue to try to win games.
And Clay rings, man, I think he has the easiest
job on the market, by the way. That game that
Steph was referencing, that Christmas Day game against the Cavaliers
a couple of years ago. It was a game that

the Calves won one or nine one oh a. Steph
went four of eleven from the floor, just two of
seven from three point range in a game where Durant
took twenty three shots and Clay Thompson took sixteen. And
when you look at the numbers, steps the Clayson shots
did the same. Draymond's dropped it a little with Durant um,
but Steph's numbers did take it. He was averaging twenty
shots a game. Now, It's don't know about seventeen or

eighteen the last couple of years. So if there was
someone to take the hit, we thought it was going
to be Clay Thompson and it would be Draymond. But
that's not necessarily the case he was Steph who was
the one who took the shots or you had the
shots sticking away. Well, just talking to him, what he
loves now is just being more efficient. I mean he understands, like,
you know, I gotta make sure everyone touches the rock.
But you know, he puts more pressure on himself to

really focus on those big shots, especially those big thirty
five forty ft threes that he that he drains all
the time and saying, I think he's shooting from behind
the art, that far from behind art, and you know,
it's just a concentrated effort on what they do every
day in practice. And he understands he's gonna continue to
do his job and he doesn't believe in something Dale

both tall Stephen and myself is don't look at the knicks, man,
worry about what you have on your plate and everything
else to fall into place. And and it's showing you
played in the NFL. He also played youth basketball at
ton of It with Steph Curry. He's Tory Gurley, I'm
Dan Buyer. We lost a lot of football games when
I was young, so there's that we did win some
hoops games here and there. But football not our thing

where I'm from. Coming up next year on Fox Football Centurday,
we're gonna dive more into that is where comedy alive
from the Geico Fox Sports Radio studios. It's easy to
say more on Courncers with Geiko. Go to geikoa commer
Colleague hundred nine four seven auto. The only hard part
figuring out which ways he's here. No, we're not going
to dive into my playing career. We'll find out what
it's like to make a catch in the NFL next
year on Fox Football Saturday. From a hotead balloon landing

on a car to a load of concrete falling on one,
we've covered it. Talk to farmers, we know a thing
or two because we've seen a thing or two. We
are farmers under written my Farmers stop Fire insurance exchange
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He's Tory Gurley, I'm Dan buy are glad to have
you with us. Watching a bunch of college hoops today,

SEC Big twelve showdowns, so you get a lot of
those matchups. Plus in the NBA tonight you've got the
Warriors taking on the Celtics. Tory grew up playing hoops
with Steph Curry. So you've seen the progression throughout. Is
there a point where you're like, well, this guy can shoot. Man.
I got plenty of stories. One of my favorite stories
to tell is uh Dale used to drive me home

after practice. But um, I used to write with them
after practice. But what they always did they always finished
uh all our workouts and practices with the game of horse.
So it was myself, Stephen, Seth and deal we play
play horse and practice. Yeah, we're so we're they're working
on their jump. We're playing horse, and I'm the Draymond

Green of dray of the team. I'm Draymond before, so
my jumper is not automatic. I was like, I was
an athlete back at to Create. They call him athletes,
but I was an athlete. So we're playing horse. Um,
I'm out. First five shots plan Clint, clink, clink, clint.
Just like that, I'm out, and I go take my
gym bag and I go lay up on lay on

the sideline and I go take you know, I take
a little nap, but closed my eyes. I'm tired. My
phone is blowing up, it's going on. It's just it's
my mom. My. Mom was like, hey, you know, hour
and fifteen minutes after practice and you're not home, Like,
what's going on. I was like, mom, uh, you know,
we're playing horse. The guy is still playing. She was like, oh,
how many games did you win? And I asked him.
I was like, fellas, what's the record? We're still on

h Yes, sir, That's when I realized I am in
a totally different shooting. These guys are snipers. It was unreal.
Hour later they're still on eighth. And that was the
first game. That's yes, that's great, And that was what
Stephan seth And you got a good nap in you

and that's why you could rebound. You just stood under
the hoop and watch the ball fall. It just went in.
I didn't have to when you shoot. When I passed
it to him, I'm already playing defense. I'm going back.
So that's great stuff. I do have to ask it you,
as you said, you played in Green Bay, played in Cleveland.
I had some time in the CFL statistic wise though,

just the one catch. Okay, take us through, and it
was in your time in Cleveland. You're one catch in
the National Football League. You remember it first energy Stadium, Cleveland, Ohio,
Cleveland Browns versus the Miami Dollars. Yeah, I believe so,
uh so it's fourth, then I think it's fourth in

eleven and uh I'm I've been playing special teams the
entire game. But coach finally threw me a bone. North
Turner shout out the coach chudd In. North Turner made
the team as as an undrafted free agent there, so
they throw me in there and I look around like, wow,
I'm actually I'm in the offensive huddle and Brandon Weedon
drops back and he gives me a shaker route. So
basically I ran a twelve yard in like while I

ran a twelve yard post, but I had to break
my post off and break back outside. So the guy
that was defending me was Nolan Carroll and he was
holding me the entire time I'm talking about this dude
was holding me like he was my girlfriend. Like, so,
I'm like, hey, man, just got off me. So I
get to the top of my route and I just
used my left arm and I club them in the

back of the head. Bam, throw them off. I break
to the sideline. Brandon Weedon drops back, throws the ball boom,
first catching the NFL first it was the first down
on I mean, I gotta convert it on the fourth down,
and it was for now, did you keep the football?
Of course? Okay, of course I was gonna say you
didn't throw it to the ball boy and just say

all right. But was even cooler when I was playing
with the Packers in the preseason. I started the last
game with Aaron Rodgers and he told me coming out
to drive, I'm throwing the ball. And one of my first,
my first plays as a as a rookie, was a
catch from Aaron Rodgers, and I was just mind blown
by that. I led the team in receptions that season
and in the preseason, but it was even more special
to catch passes from number twelve. Oh that's good stuff.

Tori Gurley. I'm Dan Buyer. This is Fox Football Saturday
Reaches on Twitter. I met Dan Buyer on Fox. Get
Tori at t Gurley one. You can always listen to
us on the I Heart Radio app and Fox Sports
Radio dot Com. More stories and more drama from the
National Football League. That's all coming up next year on
Fox Football Saturday. Here on Fox Sports Radio. Thon Maker

has had enough of Milwaukee According to NBA insider Adrian
war Janowski, today, Maker is wanting a trade, signing lack
of playing time. In the lone NBA game underway, the
Spurs are on top of the Pelicans fifty eight fifty
five late second quarter. In college basketball today, Number one
Tennessee crafts in eighty three sixties six comeback win over

West Virginia. Second rank Duke drops Georgia Tech sixty six
fifty three. Number three Virginia dismantles Notre Dame eight two
fifty five. Top twenty five games in progress, Ninth rate
Kansas up on number eight Kentucky thirty three thirty at intermission.
Fourteenth ranked Texas Tech in front of Arkansas late first half.

L s U and Missouri are tied at thirty three
at halftime in Tiger Woods, thirteen shots off the lead
at the Farmer's Insurance Open. I'm Brian Fenley, Ah, the
NFL's hot stove is cooking in the off season. Isn't
even here yet? That and so much more. Big night
in the NBA tonight. Not only is it years taking

on the Celtics in Boston, Hey Sixers Nuggets has some
intrigue as well, We'll dive in about twenty minutes with
our buddy Kurt Healing from Basketball talk dot com. Get
the latest on what is happening pro basketball Talk. Get
Kurt on Twitter at basketball Talk. That's where it all
came from the point bang. We're gonna talk some hoops
in about twenty minutes or so, But right now we
talked gridiron and not necessarily about Super Bowl fifty three.

Is we touched a bunch of the Patriots and Rams,
but also if what's going on around the National Football
League tory During your playing days, you worked out in Miami,
worked out in South Florida, and there was some news
involving the team in South Florida, the Miami Dolphins. Nothing
that they did, but something that someone else apparently is
interested in, and that someone else would be Levy on Bell,
the Pittsburgh Steelers running back, likely not returning to the

Steel City would be a complete shock if it happened,
if he was back there. In the question is now
is where Levian Bell going to go and how much
is he going to get paid? While the report from
fans sided about forty eight hours ago, said sources close
to Bell say that he wants to play for the
Miami Dolphins. Now, all I ever asked for is consistency

and honesty from from our athletes. And I've been critical
of Levian Bell, and I was critical of Ben Roethlisberger
earlier on in the show because I don't know how
I don't know how much real stuff we get. I
give kudos if this is the case to Levian Bell,
because it's sure seems to me that he is a
guy who is sticking to his guns because it isn't
about championships, it isn't necessarily about cementing his name as

the top running back. It's about getting pain and being
where you want to be. And if that's the case
in Miami, is the place, more power to your Levian Bell. Yeah,
that's huge there if he you know, if they can't
make something happen with him being a Miami Dolphin because
missing an entire season of football that's tough, and missing
those game chicks, I mean, he missed close to an
over fifteen million dollars worth of money, and um, you know,

being in the state of Florida where the taxes are
different though state taxes, hopefully he'll be able to recruit
some of that. Maybe that's but I'm just hoping as
a football player that his body will be able to
withstand what what he's been missing out on, because as
a player, you get callous. You get callous with being
a running back or whatever position you play, and whenever
you take a year off and try to come back

and do something, you get frustrated because you're not the
same player you thought you were when you were at
your prime. You know, it takes time and it's an
adjustment period. And I hope he doesn't go out and
get hurt because that also could put a strain on
guys holding holding out and following his footsteps because the
same thing could happen to him. I don't know if
I don't know if anybody's gonna have a the leverage

to hold out that he had and be the guts
to do so. I mean, you look at you look
at the c B A issues that are in the
National Football League right now, and we could be heading
to another work stoppage in a couple of years. But
there doesn't seem to be. There doesn't seem to be
as much worry about players missing games because it always
seems to be the players don't want to miss pay check.

Levan Bell seems to be the exception to the rule
that he was willing to miss pay checks to get
what he wants. And even if he does get hurt,
and and and I would hope that's not the case.
I don't want anybody to get hurt. But he would
likely be signing with the team that would pay him
the number that he wanted, So I would think that
the money at least that he wanted, he would be there.
And I guess with all of that being involved, that's

why I kind of give him a tip of the cap.
Because the Dolphins reportedly already are throwing in the towel
the ten because they want to get one of the
quarterbacks from Yeah, Tank for two, bomb for from I
don't know what rhymes with Herbert, but we can figure
out something, you can. There are a bunch of quarterbacks
are gonna be available in that draft class that Miami wants,

So twenty nineteen isn't in their cards, and Vegas is
shown as such when when the odds came out of
Who's Gonna Win Super Bowl fifty four, Dolphins are the
worst odds in a bunch of different sports books. So
I give Levan Bell the credit of there. But when
you look at the running back position now in the
National Football League in the Rams are a perfect example. Now,

you've given money to Todd Gurley, and Todd Gurley may
not be there for you in the biggest game that
you are going to play, or at least be a d.
But if you can bring in a guy who was
cut by two teams, one where he lasted a week
and didn't even play a game, and bring him in
and have no drop off, now I'm seeing to myself,
what in the world is this running back position in

the National Football League? This running back position is more
of a hybrid of receiver, tight end um guys just
being athletes where you put him in space and get
him to go against a linebacker that's not used to
running after smaller, shifty players like I'm starting to see
receivers train with running backs now and vice versa, and
it truly matters. And and the way Christian McCaffrey has

came in the league and and took it by storm
when Kareem Hunt was doing the right thing and playing well,
he's another guy Levy On. They're so easy to find
now because this college football is so wide open where
everybody's in a shotgun and you're expecting this guy to
come out of the back fielding, hey, we we got
a mismatch. We got you on the backer. We want
you to run a little flat route, or we want

you to run to go route. And it takes away
from the defensive backs because the defensive backs award about
or worry about the wide receivers. And now when you
have athletic running backs that can catch, it puts a
strain on the defense to where you start to see
some of these high scoring games. And why fantasy football,
where guys are running backs are getting really drafted at
number one because you gotta have something like that. The

fantasy football aspect is such a I mean, who who,
like five months ago, honestly, like who would have said,
I'll take Gus Edwards, you know, like like when it
came out for Baltimore and I'll just bere like wait
a second, what, what what's going on here? Um? And
who would have drafted C J. Anderson? C Janderson was
supposed to be the backup in Caroline? Did all you did?

You have McCaffrey and you handcuffed him. Happened I had him.
I had both of them, and the reason why I
was like, Okay, well, once they get down into the
red zone when they need to punch it in, they're
gonna give it to the fat boy and they end
up letting him go. Like the fourth week of the season,
who mass So I had to let him go and
I still had Christian McCaffrey and he carried me the
entire away. But I traded and Brown. Oh and all

that matters is what you got in return A j Green.
That was Afropole. That was afropole man. That's why I
need to be I joke on the Fantasy shows. That
felt bad for everyone who took Alex Collins over Tyreek
Hill this past year because that's what you're or like, No,
I want Doug Baldwin, Baldwin and Russell Wilson. Yeah, they're

gonna be the combo more so than Mahomes and Tyreek Hill.
I'm feel sorry for the people that took on Bill
number one. They're a bunch of them. That big goose
aig on the board every week in our league is
picking first next year. So if that tells you anything,
I do think in in in wrapping this altogether. And
I'm glad you brought it back to Levy on Bell

that ty girly situation is going to have an effect
on Levy on Bell in the contract that he gets.
And so if you look at how things have played out,
I know that he wasn't happy with the amount of
money that he was getting. And I give him credit
for sticking to his guns and being like, this is
where I want to play and for how much, and

that winning a title doesn't it doesn't matter to running backs.
I said yesterday on the show that we never say
Barry Sanders didn't win a Super Bowl. What we say is, man,
it's too bad Barry Sanders never was able to get
to a Super Bowl. We never count super Bowl rings
for Emmitt Smith. We touched on that earlier. We never
when we talk about Walter Payton World just like, you know,
it's too bad he didn't get a touchdown when they

ran over the Patriots. But you know, like, yeah, we never.
We never talked about that with running back. So we
shouldn't do it with the Levy and Bell. We shouldn't
say you should go to a winner, because it doesn't
get the running backs don't get the credit. They should
do what they want to do. The question is, now,
if you see what the Rams have done in pain
Todd Gurley, and if you're another team around the NFL,
and I don't think that there is one law. I

don't think that. I'm not as against picking a running
back early in the in the draft like some people are.
I don't think that you can just find a running
back in the seventh round. I don't believe that that's true.
I mean, when we're talking about a guy like Kareem Hunt.
Kraeme Hunt was a third round pick, it's just because
we didn't know it was. I mean, he was, he
was a Day two pick of the draft. So it's
not like you're sitting there like the c X when

they took Chris Carson or the Broncos got lucky with
Philip Lindsay and like that. That doesn't happen everywhere. So
there's no exact science to it. But I can't tell
you this when you're looking at the value of running backs,
Todd Gurley getting the long term deal and not being
for the Rams in the game that they need him
the most. If I am another team that's looking to
pay for a running back or would be willing to

pay Levian Bell. I'm a little afraid of that, just
because you're looking at the value when you need them,
know most they're not there, so what may not be
worth giving them that money. If I'm the Miami Dolphins,
I just go down to the University of Georgia and
just go find one and they swift. Yea. They have
so many backs down there, I mean, and now in

the NFL, just white on him to come out and
go draft him, or just following New England has done
and whoever they're scouting, you just go find a guy
that they can't draft. Sony Michelle. You must bring Walker back,
you know, like, yeah, why not if you if you can.
He's story Gurley. I'm Dan Buyer, Todd Gurley of the Rams. Uh.
Sometimes people get mistaken from Tori, and Tori told stories

on how he'll get tweets from people who's thinking, what
do you think? Why do you why do you think
people tweet you when you have like eighty one at
the end, I have no clue, Like do you think
that they think like Todd Gurley was born in eighty one,
so he's like thirty eight years old or what's like
like I understand, like the closeness, but I don't know,

like how you would get brought in. I have no clue.
And then on top of that, I have University of
South Carolina, like pictures and stuff, number jersey number eighty one.
You see South Carolina. Um, it's just so different. It
says Carolina across my chest. And these people are really
out here saying, oh my god, Todd Gurley is playing
football and tweeting at the same time. Oh gosh, A

quick story. And I didn't we haven't talked about this.
When did you play it? South Carolina from two thousand
eight to two thousand ten and we beat Alabama when
they were number one in the country. I was going
to say, because I see you coming off the field
yelling in a game at Florida. I was at the
game of two thousand and six. They ended up Florida

ended up winning the national championship that year. It was
it was a it was a field goal that was
blocked at the end. It was Spurrier's first game back
at Florida. But we took a little d twur there.
But I just see that it's it's t Gurley eighty
one and it's not Odd Gurley. For those of you
out there, he is Story Gurley. That's where you can
find him on Twitter. I'm at Dan Buyer on Fox.

I just changed my profile pick for like the first
time in like three years a couple of weeks ago.
With the professional shots that they gave us here at
Fox Sports Radio, I'm kind of leaning in, you know,
like interested in what you're gonna you know, what are
you gonna say next, or kind of like hey, I
got something for you. That's that's what we changed the
profile picture. You got to hear a shot man. I

had one with a football, like I'm like tossing a football,
like you know, like like I'm a football guy. Yeah
I can. I can put that. That's what I should
have done for the four hours. But like one of
the like they gave me a football and so I'm
like tossing a football back and forth. I had one
of those, but I opted for the leaning profile pick.
Did you have the ball high and tight? No, It's

it was one of those where I'm like tossing and
just doesn't describe describe on radio, but like I'm like, hey,
tossing it back and forth and there athletic most likely
to succeed. Always you always knew the kids that got
to the school year late because their photo was in
front of a locker to like in the yearbook. Everybody's

was the same, except the one kid in the bottom left.
You're like, he'd show up till November. So they just
took a picture off it in front of the locker.
All right, we're getting way off track. This is Fox
Football Saturday. He's story, Girly, I'm Dan Buyer. Coming up next,
James Harden the goats or scapegoat. We'll answer that next
year on Fox Football Saturday. For a car landing on

a roof, to a car landing in the pool, we've
covered it. Talk to farmers. We know a thing or
two because we've seen a thing or two. We are farmers.
Under written my farmer's track fire insurance exchange that affiliates
plus not available in every state. Fox Football Saturday. Here

on Fox Sports Radio. Gonna talk some hoops in his
sack key story, Girly, I'm Dan Buyer. Tory playing in
the NFL and the CFL, which I didn't realize until
he told the story earlier. It spent a little time
at the Toronto Argonauts in the great city of Toronto. Yeah,
the great city of Toronto. One that I'll have to visit,
Toronto Raptors. I had a tough one last night, almost

came back in a in a late rally against the Rockets.
Spell short. Talk about that and so much more with
our good buddy Kurt Healing, the lead NBA writer and
managing editor at Pro Basketball Talk. Kurt, it's been a
little while, so happy New Year. Thanks so much for
coming on, thanks for having And you do have to
get to Toronto. It is like one of America, one
of the world's great city. Yeah. I have heard nothing
but great things. Just my travels have never taken me

that way. Even though I was born in the Upper Midwest.
We go to the up and and maybe cross the
border up there, but never all the way to east
to Toronto. So and and Tori was telling me the
same thing. It's a place to be. Yeah, it's BEAUTI
it's it's a great food, great city, great people. I
would I would recommend like not February. Hey, good, good advice. Hey.

So last night, so the Rockets get this win against Toronto,
and this is where I want to start because I've
I've been on this. It's it's not a kick, it's
not any thing. But I just hear that. I hear
people being critical of James Harden and trying to think
of ways to maybe put down the rockets or put
down the job that he is doing by saying, well,

this is not sustainable or this is or show me
in the playoffs what what he has been doing in
leading this team to back into the playoff picksure there
be I think the five seed in the West right now,
and to see how he has done it, to see
the teams that they've beaten without Chris Paul. I just
I don't understand the ankst towards James Harden. Do you
have any reason why people would think what he has

done over the last month would be negative or or
why do you think that that he sometimes gets viewed
this way because it's not an aesthetically pleasing style for
a lot of people. This isn't Steph Curry draining footers
or you know, the ball getting whipped, you know, strong
to week really fast and you know good the kind

of basketball we've from. I don't know the Spurs and
the and the Warriors does in recent years. This is
a guy who has figured out to how to exactly
stretched the limits of the travel law, how to draw
contact and make contact to create space, but then draw fouls.
And it drives people nuts because if if you're rooting
against him, it is an incredib or trying to guard him,

it's an incredibly frustrating experience, and I think that that
just draws people in. We're like, man, I can't stand
playing and you know, he's one of those guys that
nobody you know, those guys don't people don't like unless
he was on your team, then you know he's the
best thing. Ever. I think with the NBA being set
up the way it is and not having a hand check,

it makes it so frustrating to defend a player of
a James Harden because first of all, he's left handed.
Majority of basketball players are right handed, so you automatically
have to think opposite when it comes to defending him.
And he's so great at using his body, using his elbow,
using his hip to create separation or to gain some
type of contact where he can go through you and

still finish around a cup or even shoot over the top.
Like you said, it's if they bring back to hand check.
I'm quite sure James Harten wouldn't be as effective as
he is now. But since you can't touch him, I mean,
he literally knows how to run that in the ground.
He does, he looks he does know it. Like I said,
just how to stretch the rules and that you look
that's frustrating. I think there is Like if you want

to say, is this stretch is how much load he's
got to take now? Potentially, especially if he's got to
keep it up, could that wear him down by the
time the playoffs come around? Yes, yeah, he could. They
really miss Clint Capella. They get Chris Paul Backs on Saturday.
They really miss Clint Capella. Um. But beyond that, he

doesn't get as many calls in the playoffs, and that's
only has been an issue for him. He just doesn't
get the same volume of calls. I also think Kurt
Healin joins, it's just one more on Harden? Is that
what's the alternative? So so you don't use him as
much and then they lose these basketball games and then
they're not in the playoffs, so you know, so I
just I don't understand the inkst Tonight we could have

an NBA Finals preview Warriors against the Celtics. Golden State
his one nine in a row, the one their last
three with the Marcus Cousins now in the lineup. Kurt,
I've said it earlier. I'm still not sold on the
Marcus Cousins for the long term of this working out
as great as it has. Is there going to be
a time where this honeymoon period is over with Golden

State or is just this now who the Golden State
Warriors are. Um, it's certainly possible. De Marcus's history suggests
there could be some friction down the line. Uh. The
flip side of that is, he knows he's playing for
his next contract, and it's not in Golden State that
you know they can only offer him. I think it's
under the CD A like of what he's making now.

You'll get more than that on the open market if
he plays well. So he can't. If you're disruptive in
the winning his strongest culture in the league, how you
know you're you're just hurting your own pocketbook. So I
don't think you're gonna see that much friction from him.
He doesn't have to be on this team. The guy

who carries everything right. I mean, DeMarcus Cousins is so
good for this team because it's not just that he
can get you some buckets, although he'll punish everything. Go ahead,
go ahead and switch that Curry Cousins pick and roll
on me. Just go ahead. But beyond that, like his
his passing out of the midposts as the cutters or

finding guys at the arc, his ability to get some
boards and then kick out the guys at the artist,
his passing, and his ability to be a big body
on defense. They haven't really had that. Contandrew Boget left
inside in the same way, and he just brings a
lot to the table for them. So um, it's gonna
be an interesting game tonight. Though. I'll tell you that
this is the one of the them in Toronto or
this is, but especially Boston. It's the team the Warriors

think on paper matches up with them best. Yeah. I
truly agree with that, and I think Boston would them
being so young and athletic. I think that could give
DeMarcus Cousins fits because now is a sprint to the
rim um whenever a shot goes up. You know, if
I'm who's the center for Boston New Yeah? Al Horford.
He's such a wildly veteran. He was fantastic in the

playoffs lastyear, slipped a little this year, but he's the
kind of veteran who can bother Cousins enough to get
him maybe even get Cousins frustrated. I don't know if
you guys have ever seen that, but sometimes it happens. Yeah, exactly,
and time and time again. And also, you know, getting
to Marcus Cousins that you know to be a rim protector,
you know, he really isn't that because he plays on

the ground. Especially, he wasn't super athletic before the injury.
And now when you know, whenever you have a huge,
major impact injury like Achilles, you know it's going to
keep him on the ground. So we'll see exactly, you know,
how he does when it comes to rebounding and just
having a stamina to run with those fresh legs. Because
Jaylen Brown, uh Kyrie, Irvin Tatum, they're gonna get to

the bucket. You know, I'm quite sure they're they're gonna
be very aggressive because they have they have length and
height over the Warriors. You know Clay well, Clay at
six seven and uh it gets six seven, but you know,
Curry is a liability, so we'll see what happens if
he and Kyrie match up and see who's going to
be more aggressive when it comes to get into the whole. Yeah,
they can, they can get I think that Boston gives

them matchup problems and then defensively basically just we're saying
they can switch. They are one of those handful of
teams with the links to do the switching thing and
make it work against against the Warriors. Um, as well
as anybody's going to at the end of the day,
they still have that, they still have the random Curry.
You know, it becomes tough to beat them at a
seven game series, but this is I think, like like

you said, this is the one team that on paper
at least is a can give them some real issues. Yeah.
They beat him a few times with Isaiah Thomas. Yeah,
and that's crazy, you know Isaiah, And that was at
Golden State, so um, you know, just like I was
talking to Dan earlier, I truly think Boston comes out
in and gives it a championship effort and try to

get to win and just rode that that momentum into
the Warriors is just is one of eighty two. It
doesn't matter, you know, yeah, I think I think you're
spot on there for for Boston. You win this game
and it's another confidence boot, that boost that they've turned
this thing around and they're starting to get it right
because they have a few good games and then they trip,
and then they have a few big games in any trips,
this is one of those I see we can do

this type of games. Uh, you're right for the Warriors.
I don't think their confidences affected one where these blowout
wind blowout lost or whatever. Kurt Heal and a basketball
talk to and pro basketball talk joining us here on
Fox Sports Radio. He's Tory Gurley. I'm Dan Buyer hanging
out on this Saturday. Tough break, to say the least
for the Indiana Pacers. Losing Victor Oladipo for the rest

of the season may have been, if you look at it,
a good break for the top teams in the East.
Now you don't have to worry about being in that
four or five matchup. But one of the teams that
I am worried about is the Philadelphia seventy sixers. Because
Jackie McMullen goes on Zach Loos podcast and says there's
now friction in Philadelphia, and we had heard about the
questioning of Brett Brown's offensive schemes. How much is there

to this? And is Jimmy Butler ever going to just
be happy where he is that? And how much could
this affect Philadelphia down the line? It could affect him
a lot down the line. Here's the thing you think
about the championship teams in the big threes that have
come through. Um, you go to Lebron and Wade and
Bosch in Miami. Well, Wade to a degree and certainly

Bosch to a large degreement. You know what will sacrifice,
We will sack, We will sacrifice parts of our game.
Same with guys in you know, Kybrie and Cleveland. Uh,
everybody sacrifices up in Golden State, right, everybody. Mean Clay
probably takes on the brunt the more than anybody else,
but all those guys, Durant staff, everybody sacrifices parts of
their game for the betterment of the team. Is that

going on in Philly? Like, I don't know that they've
reached the point. You've got two young guys who are
trying to establish themselves still in the league and Butler's
really a complete alpha and they just that sacrifice, that
willingness to do things for the betterment of the team
if it even if it hurts your personal members hasn't
really showed up yet, and I don't know Brett Brown's
gonna get some for that. But yeah, with guys like this,

unless you've got Phil Jackson there, I'm like, I'm not
quite sure who who manipulates these guys or who convinces
these guys to play that way. If they're not willing to,
it's it's it's gonna be interesting. And plus that team,
I think the other problem is they really need some shooting.
They really need some depths. And I know that they're
very active at the trade dad while I'm looking for that,
because I still I still think even in the best

of situations where those three guys are playing well, they're
a piece or too short from beating Toronto or Boston.
And that's why I'm trying to figure out, is how
you go out and scout guys and draft people with
top five draft picks and they can't shoot. Ben Simmons
can't shoot, Um faults, Mark Kale faults, this guy can't
make a free throw. Nor shoot. I mean, hey, I'm

over here at Fox Sports. Come bring me in. I
can't shoot either, but I'm alive body, And it's mom
blowing that these games are gonna come down to a
half court type of game where you're gonna need someone
to make a big three and make free throws. And
when you don't have that type of shooting, you can't
depend on J. J. Riddick for everything. No, by the way, girly,
you know that no NBA team can match that Fox

Sports money. You know you're not. So if I had,
there's there's a couple, there's a couple of you know,
free free chicken tenders, free wings cards, one more purchase,
we got a free lunch. So it is amazing. As

the league has grown more shooting, need for shooting, even
the teams. Look, you can get by if Janice can't
shoot that well because he's at least taking some. But
beyond that, look at everybody else on the roster. Right, Okay,
Janice can't shoot, but I can totally know they've got
Brook Lopez and christ Littleton and Eric Bledsoe Couch. All

these guys can shoot and do all these other things.
You can get away with one die if e's you leave.
But that's where they get in trouble. I mean, you know,
Butler is an okay shooter. The fifth guy that you know,
Shammon has gotten a lot of run now at the
rookie because he can shoot. But they really need that.
Ben Simmons does a lot of good things. But I'm
gonna pack the floor and I mean I'm gonna make
them shoot it over the top of me and beat

me that way in a playoffs series, and I'm not
sure that they can right now. I'll tell you what.
I'll just wrap up with this earlier the week. I
know they escaped with a win against the Spurs midweek,
but seeing Marco Bell and Ellie hit the shots that
he was doing for San Antonio and when he was
doing it late last year for Philadelphia, Yeah, that had
to hurt. Kurt. We appreciate, We appreciate the time, and
uh yeah, we'll do it again soon. I look forward

to it. Guys. Take care Kurt Healing Pro Basketball Talk
find him on Twitter at basketball Talk is simple enough.
We'll dive more into James Harden and the controversy surrounding
the Rockets star after Brian Finley gives us the latest
of what's happening in the NBA and so much more. Hello,
Brian Hey, Dan Bucks. Than Maker is frustrated with a
lack of playing time. NBA insider Adrian war Janowski report

today Maker's agent has talked with Milwaukee executives about a trade.
The Lakers ruled out Lebron James for tomorrow's game, but
he was a full participant at practice today. The Spurs
currently leading the Belicans see sixty one in the third quarter,
the lone NBA game going on as we speak. In
college basketball today, Number one Tennessee comes from behind to

beat West Virginia eight three sixty six. Second ranked Duke
levels Georgia Tech sixties six fifty three. Number three Virginia
disposes of Notre Dame eight two fifty five Top twenty
five games in progress. Number eight Kentucky is up fifty
forty four on ninth ranked excuse me ninth. That would

be the Kentucky game against Kansas. There we go ms
road at their guys. So it's yeah. Kentucky over Kansas
fifty four in the second half. Fourteenth ranked Texas Tech
over Arkansas by ten in the second Missouri is in
front of l s U by ten in the second half.
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Third round of the Farmer's Insurance Open, Tiger Woods went
one under today. He's five under overall. That his thirteen
strokes off the leader Justin Rose, who shot three under today.
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He's Tory Gurley. I'm Dan Buyer. Thank you very much.

Brian family. Here's a dirty little secret. Because I stayed
at the desk that Brian's at most of my time
and have have had most of my time. You're at
Fox Sports Radio. There's also a dirty little secret that
sometimes the page refreshes right when you're reading the school
and all of a sudden it goes blank and you're caught,
you know, like, my goodness, what the heck just happened?
And you're in such a flow, you're doing this and

during that and all of a sudden it refreshes, and
you're like, where did I score go Kentucky on top
of Kansas in that eight nine matchup with about four
So yeah, just a little behind the scenes radio work
of of what you're trying to do. It's all happened
to us now. I asked Kurt Healing about the James
Harden situation and and well, just why if this was

if this was your boy, Steph Curry, I've said the
NBA would just be eating this up. They would be
in love. This would be the greatest thing ever. Yet
now we're saying things like, yeah, you can't, you can't
do that. That's not sustainable without talking about the fact
that Clint Capella and Chris Paul are getting rest right
now because they're injured, which tell you what isn't a
bad thing. I guarantee you every NBA team would love

to sit there, guys for a month in the middle
of the season and then pick it up in February
and March and go from there. So as I look
at look at how the West is shaping two Tory,
how it's shaping up. The Lakers are gonna be there
when once Lebron comes back, They're gonna be fine. But
he still don't necessarily know how good the Clippers are.
Denver is gonna be a top team, but how much

of a threat there. There's still a lot of movement
now with Houston shooting up all the way to the
fifth spot. There are some questions with Oklahoma City, but
still a team that could threaten to get to the
Western Conference finals. I just think it's unfair when we
throw all these things at James harden for basically carrying
his team, which is what he's had to do to
put them back in the playoff picks. Yes, and it's
the Mike D'Antoni system as well. I mean Steve, if

Steve Nash could have put up shots like this, he
would have did it as well. But it just shots
out to James harden Man. This guy's really worked on
his game. He was a sixth man for the Oklahoma
City thunder and they picked Uh Serge Ibaka over him.
You know, it was willing to hold on a surgeon
and get rid of Uh James thinking that he wasn't
as valuable as he is. So just a testament to

his hard work and what he's doing during a regular season.
Because a lot of people love to say this about
da Oh, these guys don't care about the regular season.
It is all about the playoffs. So with him just
giving this extra effort to carry his team and and
to score as many points as he's doing, that's phenomenal.
And we're gonna look back, look back at this year's
later and I'm like, wow, man, we really we took

there for granted, Yeah, you're you could have a situation
now in the West where you were wondering if it's
if it was set up to the point being I
just I know that the Lakers are sitting there and
they're they're on the outside looking into the playoff picture
right now, But realistically, when Lebron's back, you figured that
they're going to be Yeah, they're they're they're going to
be there. Now you're just trying to sort out you

just don't want to be the seat. Yeah, you don't
want to face Yeah, and you also want to get
in one of those series where your road to the
finals isn't if you're like a two or three and
you're looking at the Lakers and you're you're you're hoping
that the Lakers move up, but you don't want to
go through a set where you've got to face the
Lakers in the first round, Houston in the second, and Warriors.

And that could be a path that Oklahoma City has.
So there's there's ways that move about. And I brought
up the Oladipo injury to Kurt healand because a couple
of weeks ago, I tweeted out, I thought the best
race in the NBA was going to be in the
Eastern Conference to who would avoid being in that four
five matchup because you had Milwaukee, Toronto, Indiana, Philadelphia in
Boston and you would have had to have maybe have

gone through if you were one of those teams you're
gonna have to go through for for the sake of
the argument. If you're a Boston in a five seed,
you would have had to have gone through Philadelphia, Milwaukee
and then maybe Toronto to get to the NBA Finals.
That's a tough Yeah. Yeah, that like that's it's very
difficult to go through now with the Oladipo injury. I
think all the teams in the Eastern Conference have first

round bys in Milwaukee, Toronto, Philadelphia, and uh in the
Celtics and NBA personnel, they recognized that, you know, I
was I'm pretty good friends with Region Rondo as well.
My my roommate played basketball at the University of Kentucky.
His name is Twinnie Beckham. He was on a national
championship team. And last year, Rondo felt really good about
playing against the Warriors, saying that they matched up well

against them because they they love playing against the Trailblazer.
They're like, hey, we got this, and it was I
couldn't believe it, like hearing it come from his mouth,
like you what. But you know, these teams they started
paying attention to that stuff. So you'll see, you know,
guys sitting out on a certain nights or whatever, just
so they can get that right matchup, so they can
hit it in stride and and have the path of

least resistance when it comes to getting to the conference pos.
And we'll see when Lebron James comes back again, if
you may have missed it. Not gonna play again tomorrow
against the Phoenix Sun, so it'll be his sixteenth game.
Missed the Lakers right now on the outside looking in
of that final playoff spot. There two games back of
the Clippers and Spurs who are sitting in the seven

and eight spots. His story, Girly, I'm Dan Buyer. This
is Fox Football Saturday. I so hard to believe talking
some hoops on a football Saturday, but we are reach
us on Twitter. I met Dan Buyer on Fox. He
can get Tori at t Girly eight one. There are
some prop bets in the national football that you won't believe,
but are they real. We'll discover them next here on
Fox Football Saturday. From a hot air balloon landing on

a car to a load of concrete falling on one,
we've covered it. Talk to farmers. We know a thing
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Fox Football Saturday on Fox Sports Radio. He's Tory Gurley.
I'm Dan Buyer. Thanks so much. You're hanging out with

us over the last almost four hours or so, We've
been having a lot of fun. You can always reach
us on Twitter even when we're not on the air.
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there was there was. There was Russian writing after taking

over my Instagram page, so I had to change it.
Don't do don't do tons on Instagram, but I've tried
to pick it up as time goes on. I actually
had this thing that I was going to post a
picture every day of the year, and uh, I did
one on January feet and forgot January second. Yeah, so
then it was already over with. So it's it lasted
like twenty four hours, just like the new members at

the gym, like Man's year's resolution. Yes, I went down
at l A Fitness. I worked out f five am
after you know, the first of the year, and I'm
still working out. And those people that were in there
on that day long gone. No longer. I don't have
to wait on a squat machine anymore or the bench

they clear, They clear path for him. Appreciate you. Oh well,
we're gonna try to end today's show on a high
notes are good, buddy, lead to lap our executive producer
has been diving into a lot of the prop bets
for Super Bowl fifty three that'll happen a week from
tomorrow between the Patriots and Rams and Lea's put together

a list of various prop bets, some that are real
and some that aren't. Okay, so you've got the list
of Lee. Alright, So Tory and I'll work as a team.
We will try to decipher and come up with a
final answer to see how we do on what is
an actual prop bet and what is not a prop bet?
All right, you guys ready, Yes, let's do it. All right,

First one, Robie Coleman is going to be called for
a p I during this game. Yes, that plus two hundred,
no at minus three hundred. Okay, So, well, are are
we We're supposed to guess if this is a real
prop bet correct? Correct? Okay, So I'm going to say
it's gotta be right. Yeah, is gonna be looking at him?

They may do it on the opening kickoff. So yeah,
so we say, yes, Is that all right? That is correct? Yes,
all right, that is a real prop bet. Alright, okay,
so we're one for one, alright, moving on, Moving on,
Will Belichick and McVeigh age gap be mentioned during the
game broadcast? Oh yeah, that's got Yeah, and it's doubled up,

isn't it like mcveigh's thirty three Belichick's like sixty six?
I think yeah? For sure that is that is correct?
Line is yes, minus two hundred, no plus one fifty
al right, okay, al right, now keeping on with this, Well,
Brady and Goff's age gap be mentioned during the game broadcast.
Tori shook his head. I saw out to the corner
of my eye. I I am going to say, I'm

actually gonna say no, just because I don't think Lee's
gonna start out with three straight Yes, is I sae
what you say, No, it's fake? No, that is also
that's yes minus two hundred no plus one fifty Oh geez,
two out of three so far. Alright, how many times
during the game broadcast will they show a highlight package

from Super Bowl thirty six over under two and a half. Oh,
So I'm gonna say it's real because I think that's
that's got to be a real prop bet. That isn't correct.
That is not us. You guys phrased it really well
because I was looking at the phrasing of it more
than anything. Geez, two for four, Who whose idea is

that one? You thought that that was? Alright, good job Lee. Alright,
If a streaker during the game, uh goes onto the field,
who touches tackles him first? Is it security, player, coach
or other? Is that a real I say no, because
they want to disencourage that the one guys running on

the field, So I don't think they will have that
proper bit out. Yeah. I don't think so either. That
is a correct one. That is profit security two to one, player,
seven to four, coach five to one other four. I
like how streaker like they've got to be nude like
like that's it's not even it's not even like a
fully closed person protesting for Peter. It's like it's gotta

be naked. Is that what it says is they're an
asterisk that says, you know, guy on field must be
fully new birthday sooner? Yeah, okay, alright, alright. Next one up,
which Pat's running back will have the most touchdowns? Is
that Sony Michelle, James White, Rex Burkhead or and don't
forget James Devlin. Yeah, that's gonna be a real one

because I think a lot of people will put money
on Devlin like he'll get like a three carry, four yard,
three touchdown game. I'm gonna say that's real, Believe it
or not. That's not on the list. Kidding me, hes
I listen, I thought of this game like an hour ago,
and I'm sure it's been done by other radio stations. Yeah,

I'm like, there's no way like we're gonna be able
to We're gonna go like seven out of eight and
we may just have to guess the one fake. But
we're at the table getting our head beating. We're the
Bengals of this game. All right. Next one, you guys,
what will be hired during Super Bowl Sunday. Tom Brady
touchdown passes or Donald Trump tweets, they go hand in hand.

You are, I don't think that's I don't think that's
real because I don't think that Trump would be tweeting
during the Super Bowl, So I don't I don't think
that's a real prop bet. I think he will tweet. Okay,
we're gonna go separate ways, all right, that is a
true prophet. Tom Brady touchedout passes, twet tweets from the toilet,

so you know he's gonna tweet watching. Yeah, he'll probably
congratulate the Patriots from the toilet. He might bring m
McDonald's this time. Oh many? Al right, you guys, Jim Nason,
Tony Romo on the call. How many plays is Tony
Romo gonna guess? Right over? Under three and a half.
That's definitely that's definitely a prop bet. Not that I

found that is not SEEZ are you kidding me? By
the way, sometimes I forget the game we're playing and
I want to guess the bets instead of thinking it's
real or not. That's how I got you. I put
the line you have me confused at the beginning, I'll
admit sometimes known for being a little hot headed. And
will a coach or player be shown tossing a tablet? Oh,

that's yes, minus twohundred, no, plus one fifty. I would
say yes, Okay, I'll go with you. I'll go with
Tori on this one. That is not but it should be,
by the way. After that, we went like two and fourteen,
like we would have the first pick in the draft
if that was the case. Lead Great job, Nick, great job.

It's been fun. I don't know when you'll be back,
but we loved having you. Brian Fainly, thanks so much.
And Tori Gurley, it's been a blast. We'll have to
do this again sometime soon. And thanks a lot. Dan.
We'll we'll get together. We'll look at the Super Bowl
fifty three. Of course, we'll have you covered here on
Fox Sports Radio for Tori Gurley. I'm Dan By. This
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Let's Be Clear with Shannen Doherty

Let's Be Clear with Shannen Doherty

Let’s Be Clear… a new podcast from Shannen Doherty. The actress will open up like never before in a live memoir. She will cover everything from her TV and film credits, to her Stage IV cancer battle, friendships, divorces and more. She will share her own personal stories, how she manages the lows all while celebrating the highs, and her hopes and dreams for the future. As Shannen says, it doesn’t matter how many times you fall, it’s about how you get back up. So, LET’S BE CLEAR… this is the truth and nothing but. Join Shannen Doherty each week. Let’s Be Clear, an iHeartRadio podcast.

The Dan Bongino Show

The Dan Bongino Show

He’s a former Secret Service Agent, former NYPD officer, and New York Times best-selling author. Join Dan Bongino each weekday as he tackles the hottest political issues, debunking both liberal and Republican establishment rhetoric.

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