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June 15, 2024 27 mins

Maller & Danny G. have a very fun Saturday podcast for you! They talk: New Intern, Buggy Revenge, Tale of the Tape, Thingamajig Goes Sideways, Bonus Phrase of the Week, & more! 

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Speaker 1 (00:00):

Speaker 2 (00:02):
If you thought four hours a day, twelve hundred minutes
a week was enough, think again. He's the last remnants
of the old republic, a sol fashion of fairness. He
treats crackheads in the ghetto gutter the same as the
rich pill poppers in the penthouse. Wow, it's the clearinghouse
of hot takes. Break free for something special. The Fifth

Hour with Ben Mallard starts right now.

Speaker 1 (00:28):
In the air everywhere. The Fifth Hour with me, Big
Ben and Danny g Happy Saturday to you as we
slide on into the fifteenth day of the month of
June and we celebrate together the World Juggling Day, always important.

World Juggling Day today, great event at the circus. When
you watch the clowns juggle, very impressive. I tried juggling
when I was a kid. Didn't go so well. Didn't
go so well when I was when I was doing that,
but a staple of the circus clowns juggling. But I
have been told Danny, people in the circus they avoid

whistling and or eating peanuts because it's bad luck nuts
at the circus.

Speaker 3 (01:19):
You know what would that be?

Speaker 1 (01:20):
Why would it be bad peanuts? Is that because they
feed the elephant's peanuts. Is that why it's bad luck?

Speaker 3 (01:25):
I don't know. I'm not sure about that either. That
that's something for you to add to the list of research. Sure, Mark,
I think they're going to give us a couple of
interns for this show pretty soon.

Speaker 1 (01:35):
Yeah, well do they have? We used to have interest
when I started, We had so many interes. We had
a whole intern program. We haven't had interns.

Speaker 3 (01:42):
No, no, no, no, it's funny. You should ask Dean
last Monday he started for Big Mike. Who So, Big
Mike has a personal intern? Really? Yeah, this is new information.
He's the first intern in four and a half years.

Speaker 1 (01:57):
Yeah, I don't get it. When I started in radio,
I was an intern and learned the business as an intern,
and then got hired and then worked my way up
the corporate ladder and all that. But you could still
find people that would like the intern. There's still people
that would be willing to do it. Although is it
the case now where everyone's like, I got to get
paid to be an intern, you know, I need money

and all that. Is it one of those deals? Huh?

Speaker 3 (02:23):
You know? I hope he gets fired pretty soon. No
bad jinks or karma on him. But here's his email
on his first day. Hey, team, here are a couple
of ideas that are trending in the media world right now.
Let me know if there's any other research I can
help with. You want to hear some of his Yeah,
I do cover hear this, ranking which sports events you'd

rather go to? Different championships example Super Bowl versus NBA
Finals versus NHL finals. Yeah, here comes the next pert.

Speaker 1 (02:54):
His first piece of advice was was a list?

Speaker 3 (02:56):
Was a list? Here's the second one, rank five different
NBA championship teams by year. Here's the next one, blind
ranking five NBA teams without knowing which teams come next?

Speaker 1 (03:08):

Speaker 3 (03:09):
Blind ranking five NFL qbs or wide receivers without knowing
who's next. Next one start bench cut his next sport. Yes,
here's this next one, blind ranking goats of different sports.
All the goats keep three cut three players. Drafting starting

five all let's see drafting start five all time teams
in NBA. I'm not sure you think he misspelled that
or grammatical error in there. Mendous research this guess yea
creating a current NFL roster with different positions any player,
NBA mock drafts, fun ideas for fantasy football drafts, Fantasy
football mock drafts. In his last one ranking best nicknames

in sports, now here's like, and I give him credit, No,
I swear to god. This is his email.

Speaker 1 (04:04):
He actually said this.

Speaker 3 (04:05):
He sent this. He's a really good kid. By the way,
I should mention goes to school in Colorado, somewhere in Colorado.
Really nice kid.

Speaker 1 (04:13):
He meant, well, just hearing the list, this is one
of the worst things I've ever heard. Stuck back in
Colorado and like that part Colorado nineteen forties or something like.

Speaker 3 (04:22):
That, you know. And then Covino told Rich the other
day he's like, dude, he's like, the worst part of
that email was that you wrote back saying awesome ideas,
thanks for this. And Rich was just trying to be nice,
but he's like, dude, don't egg him on if we
can't use any of the ideas. And I told both

of them, I'm like, don't worry about it. For a
few minutes, I explained to him, like how we kind
of come up with topics and the different angles, and
I showed him TMZ Sports and some other websites and
I'm like, bro, find an interesting headline that's out there
and then find an angle to that, not these evergreen
bad ideas that are on bad talk shows. Well he was.

Speaker 1 (05:05):
Trying, but the effort was there, the execution.

Speaker 3 (05:08):
Was star And by the way, later on this podcast,
start Bench Cut.

Speaker 1 (05:14):
In fact, we're going that's gonna be a spinoff all
of the fifth hour Start Bench Cut. That's what we're
going to do on a spinoff podcast, and it will
be available wherever you get podcasts, a bonus podcast just
for you. So on on this edition, we do not
have any of any lists. I don't do this, We
have none. We have the Buggy Revenge, hell Off, the tape,

the Thing of a Jig Go Sideways, and we'll have
the phrase of the week. Are you ready, Danny, Oh yes,
all right, let's get right into it. So if you
have been listening to the Terrestrial Overnight Show, the Original
Recipe Podcast, and this Extra Crispy, Extra Crunchy, Extra Spicy podcast,
you know that I have had a take that has

gone very uh what's the word I'm looking for over
the top. The reaction has been polarizing to one of
my takes, not about sports, of course, but something else.
But this story actually relates to it, and I wanted
to share it with you. And I did not use
this on the weekday show the weeknight show. So I
had a pretty normal weekend in terms of running errands
around town. Made my pilgrimage to the Holy Atlantic Costco.

And this is not for the banana cream pie, which
we reviewed on yesterday's podcast. This is instead just a
normal Costco run. The wife wanted some Kirkland brand Icebrew coffee.
They had been out of it the last time I went,
so okay. I went back and stopped by Costco very
brief trip. But it was rush hour, afternoon Costco weekend,

afternoon Costco rush hour, so I get out of the card.
Now I had to park. Costco was so busy. I
had to park on the other side of a parking
lot across the street, which was in a parking lot
which was adjacent to Costa Go, but on the other
side of this this main Entry street, and so that's
where I had to part. It was that busy, I

had to park across the way there completely packed. So
I'm walking into Costco and I made another text to
the wife. I'm like, hey, I'm here. If you need
anything else, let me know. And then she said, oh yeah,
I forgot I need a few more things. So okay,
I got I got the items, and uh, like, wait
a minute, I think I need to get a shopping

cart because I was so far away, I could not
carry everything. I could carry a little thing of coffee,
but I couldn't carry all these other items that she wanted.

Speaker 3 (07:35):
Don't you secretly love it when they text back, no,
thank you, I have everything I need.

Speaker 1 (07:39):
When does that happen today? You? Anyway?

Speaker 3 (07:42):
Once in a blue moon.

Speaker 1 (07:43):
So by the by the the items, you know, I
go get the items. I am in the cart whatever,
you know. I had to wait in line. Fine, Saturday,
you know Saturday or whatever it was on at Costco
during the day. Got everything that was requested and then
I I put it back in the cart, and I'm
walking out of the store the buggy and I'm walking

and then I keep going and then all of a
sudden things get very awkward, and for a moment, I
think I'm on that show Punked or one of those
candid camera TV shows. And I'm not making any of
this up, but I'm about to tell you I'm not
making up. This seems like something that is out of
a TV show trying to goof on somebody, but it

actually happened. So I have a shopping cart full of
crap that I didn't think I was going to get.
I was only there for one item, ended up getting
all this other stuff. So I'm pushing the shopping cart.
And remember it was very busy, and I mentioned I
had to park in this other parking lot which was
across the street but in near Costco, but in the
next parking lot over in the same Costco area. But

it wasn't like I walked out of the shopping center.
So I'm walking. I get to that street and I
have to cross the street, and I had to wait
for cars, and the cars a lot of traffic, and
so I had to wait for somebody to allow me
to go through. So I'm walking in the middle of
the street. I can see my car. I park close
to the end of the parking lot, which is on
the other side of the street. So I'm walking and

all of a sudden, hand to God in the middle
of the f and street while people are staring at me,
the cart stops on a dime on a dime It
has one of those magnet things on it where if

you cross a certain point in the parking lot, Yeah,
you think you're stealing the cart.

Speaker 3 (09:35):
It's like, Lowjack, Is this like that commercial? Danny?

Speaker 1 (09:39):
You make the call. You're in this situation in the
middle of the street. You're surrounded by people on all
sides that are giving you the evil eye the f
ui what do you do? You make the car? What
would you do?

Speaker 3 (09:55):
Lift the cart up, move it backwards, and turn in
the direction it'll drive in.

Speaker 1 (10:01):
Okay, So that was my My initial thought was to
move it back and then we'll just that'll be That'll
be the way we do it. That's we're on the
same train of thought. So I start moving it around.
It isn't moving, it's not wheeling. Oh shit.

Speaker 3 (10:19):
So when it locks, it just locks for good.

Speaker 1 (10:22):
He did it just locked. So now I'm picking the
fucking card up and I'm trying to drag it to
the to the sidewalk, and everyone's staring at me, like
you asshole. What is wrong with you?

Speaker 2 (10:38):
Hey, asshole?

Speaker 1 (10:39):
You can't Paul kid and and uh And I was,
you know, I was, I'm very strong person, as you know,
dy wrong and so I was able to move the
cart to the sidewalk with a lot of evil. Stairs,
there was a little dude in a Tesla truck that
gave me gave me a big stare. Uh So this
was very embarrass So then I parked on the sidewalk.

But I'm still not at my car. So now I
have to do the walk of shamed Danny. I have
to take a couple of items at a time and
walk to my car and then walk back while keeping
one eye on the rest of the stuff in the car. Now,
the one thing that did make me feel better, even

though this was the buggy revenge, was that other people
had the same problem. So it was like a chain
reaction where there were other people that were also just
trying to put their groceries in the car, and they
got to that point in the middle of the street,
same thing happened, same exact thing happened to them. And

it was a vaudevillian comedy, is what it was. It
was just absolutely wonderful. And then I add some people.
There was this family mom, kid, a couple of kids. Mom,
her husband and a couple kids, and they're like, oh,
I guess we're gonna have to have the kids carry
the groceries back. I'm like, they might want to do that.

I might want to do that. Great planning, by the way,
by the people at Costco. They don't have a big
enough parking lot. And then you have the thing on
the shopping cart boom right there on the buggy shuts
down right in the middle of the street, even though
you have customers parking in the other side of the
parking lot. Yeah, brilliant, brilliant bullshit. So that was my

tale of the tape. But that's not the tail of
the tape.

Speaker 3 (12:31):
Bro. We ended last Saturday's podcast talking about garage sales
and yard sales, and my wife had this great plan,
I need to clear out that closet and get this
in those bags out of the garage and lists and
lists of different things and different items throughout the house
that she wanted to just get rid of at a
garage sale that her aunt was having in Anaheim, California,

last weekend. Speaking of bad planning Friday, she says, I
want to load my car ahead of time so that
tomorrow morning I could get on the road early and
get there when the garage sale starts. Half the things
were there already because her mom came ahead of time,
and my wife has the second half of the junk.
Guy need to get on the road by six am

Saturday morning. Well we have a now he just turned
ten months old. We have a ten month old son.
As you know, what time do you think realistically she
got on the road eight o'clock. Well you're good, boom.

Speaker 1 (13:29):
I got Did I get it right?

Speaker 3 (13:30):
Yeah? Two hours late, you're exactly correct. Eight three am.
She got on the road. So she finally gets there.
Here's the really good news in this. I didn't have
to go. I got out of it because I couldn't
fit in the car with all the stuff. You know,
she didn't have a ton of my old things, but
there were jackets and some of my nikes and some

tims and stuff like that. Uh, you know, older stuff
but in good condition.

Speaker 1 (13:55):
Come on, Pippin, get your tims off. Did you try
to go to Rob Parker before you went to.

Speaker 3 (14:02):
The I'm sure Rob would have bought all of it.

Speaker 1 (14:05):
It's time for trash.

Speaker 3 (14:07):
So Ben, She's there for a few hours in Anaheim.
I think they stayed outside until three pm, and they
had a pretty good flow of customers. She said, from
ten to three. How much money do you think she made?

Speaker 1 (14:26):
This must be very low because you're bringing this up.
I'm gonna say two hundred bucks.

Speaker 3 (14:32):
Not a bad guess. She made one hundred dollars, one
hundred dollars, one hundred dollars from people coming up. Besides
people who live there in Anaheim, everybody else is busy
going to theme parks.

Speaker 1 (14:42):
Hot house.

Speaker 3 (14:43):
All right. She has a hoarder aunt, her aunt, wonderful lady,
lovely lady. She treats all the kids in the family
like they're her kids, so she's everybody's favorite aunt. But
she's one of those ladies who has like a thousand
trinkets on a million sho elves, and everything is cluttered
and claustrophobic in her house because she collects so many things.

The family. Oh boy, she went through our stuff before
the yard sale started. Guess how much money she gave
for the items that she wanted before they were available
to the general public.

Speaker 1 (15:23):
Well, I would hope it was more than a what was.

Speaker 3 (15:26):
It, six hundred dollars?

Speaker 1 (15:30):
I'm there, I'm dead sex.

Speaker 3 (15:34):
Weighing in at six hundred dollars. And my better half
said she felt bad for her uncle she's an enabler.
She's enabling my aunt to collect even more.

Speaker 1 (15:47):
She's she's giving the facilitating the problem there, helping to
create the problem. Wow.

Speaker 3 (15:53):
Now, one thing I will say in her aunt's defense,
the baby clothes and some of the baby items she's
shipping to other relatives. She is gonna help other families
with some of the stuff she got, which is nice,
you know. And she just didn't want the public getting
that stuff. She's like, I like that, I like that,
I want that. So she made a huge pile. Now,

out of the one hundred dollars from real customers, how
much money do you think of that came to me
from my gear.

Speaker 1 (16:20):
I'm gonna say that you got twenty.

Speaker 3 (16:23):
Bucks out of it. Damn, you're on fire.

Speaker 1 (16:25):
My on fire. I'm on fire.

Speaker 3 (16:27):
You're on fire.

Speaker 1 (16:28):
That's called an eddie, Garcia. When I ruined the game,
that's called the eddie.

Speaker 3 (16:32):
I don't care. I'm leaving goodbye.

Speaker 1 (16:34):
Gotta go to the roulette table, bet on red or
black and say if you can double that money right there, Dan,
that's the way to do it. And then again and
again and again and again and again and again, and
Annie Man.

Speaker 3 (16:43):
Thank you, Anaheim California. I have a twenty dollars bill
burning in my pocket.

Speaker 1 (16:48):
You're a baller Danny G the baller Daddy, G Radio
the baller Daddy. So when it breaks, it crumbles, Danny.
When it breaks, it crumbles. It has been a very
expensive a couple of weeks dipping into my rainy day
fund here, and I've been documenting this on the airwaves

of the Fifth Hour podcast, so we'll continue this. It
all started a couple of weeks back in a land
far far away. You might remember we talked about on
the podcast. The tire came off the malamobile on the highway.
On the highway, then found out all the tires need
to be replace, went to tire iraq dot Com was
shopping around as I was waiting for the tow to

take the car and get the car fixed. So that
costs a fair amount of money.

Speaker 3 (17:34):
Mark sponsor read let's see how far into the podcast
we are.

Speaker 1 (17:38):
But no, it is it's a the tire rack tire
decision guy. I believe it's what it's called. It's it's wonderful.

Speaker 3 (17:44):
So twenty minutes, eighteen seconds say we got the read.

Speaker 1 (17:46):
Boom, So then we move ahead in the story, and
a couple of days after that, I was driving back
to so Cal and to my home in the Malor
Mansion in SoCal from a way location and was rear ended.
The malamobile rear ended. So I've been driving a rental

with South Dakota license plates, spending extra money out of
a pocket because insurance doesn't cover the full amount for
the rental car that I needed. So I'm paying a
little extra every day. And then this past week, yet again,
when it breaks, it crumbles. The thing of a jig
goes sideways. Was using the Malor phone, using the Malor phone,

and I was noticing that there was a glitch on
the keyboard, that certain letters on the keyboard were not working,
and that when I was playing my scrabble game, I
was unable to move certain parts of the scrabble board.
And so I thought it was a glitch. I'd got
my phone updated recently, so I thought, well, that must
be it. I just must have There must be something

with the phone update that caused the problem. So I
went on to a couple of websites troubleshooting and they said, well,
this might be it, you know, and you can do
this and that but it got to the point where
I could not even reset my phone. That my phone
was so messed up. I could not even reset it
couldn't do that at all. And so I went to

the Apple store to have my phone examined at they
call it the Genius Bar. Have you been to the
Genius Bar?

Speaker 3 (19:24):
I have. Did you have to make an appointment ahead
of time?

Speaker 1 (19:27):
I did? I did made an appointment. I was there
on time. They then had me sit around and wait
because I went at the wrong time.

Speaker 3 (19:35):
Yeah, it's like a doctor's office.

Speaker 1 (19:41):
So I was there waiting whatever, and gave my phone over.
They do the diagnostic test on the phone, and the
person was very nice. He said, let's see what's going
on with your phone. Okay, here's the diagnosis. And he
then said, I've got bad news for you. Yet. Your
screen is broke. There's and he showed me exactly, there's

a line down my screen that.

Speaker 3 (20:05):
Just is dead.

Speaker 1 (20:06):
He says, oh, and also your battery is dead. So
I can get you a new battery and a new screen.
And with tax and all fees included, it's like four
hundred bucks.

Speaker 3 (20:17):
All right, that's cheaper than a new phone.

Speaker 1 (20:20):
Yeah, but my I had an iPhone eleven. So it
was I kind of as getting getting a little old
or whatever. So I made the decision Danny, I said,
you know what, I need a new phone. I used,
I'm on the phone all the time.

Speaker 3 (20:33):
Who's the baller now?

Speaker 1 (20:34):
Yeah, So I'm like, oh, let's get a new phone.
So then I then, you know, they try to upsell
your like, yah, you'll probably just get a new phone.
But you know, if you want, we can fix it.
You know it'll be as good as new. So I
was like whatever. So he told me to go over
to the front. He says, wait over here, we'll get
you somebody to process your new phone. And so okay
and uh and then the genius bar guy was very kind.

I went over there. I waited, I waited, I waited,
the waiting game games tick tick tick tck tck tck
tck tck tck tck dick. And I finally said, my
time is the most valuable resource I have. These people
aren't helping me. I am willing to give them a
lot of money for a phone made in a sweatshop

in China.

Speaker 3 (21:19):
I'm out.

Speaker 1 (21:19):
And so I just walked out with my broken iPhone
tail between my legs. I walked out. I said I
will come back to fight another day, and I waited
several more days. In the middle of the week, on
a school night, I went back to the Apple store
and then they gave you the whole spiel. Well, would
you like to do you like to get a new phone?
Do you want to? You know you have? What phone

company do you have? You can get a free phone,
You're eligible for a free phone, that whole thing. But
I didn't do the free phone thing because I know
that's a scam, so I ended up paying. I think
by the time I got done, it was like a
thousand bucks a thousand bucks, which really kicked me in
the nuts. But I do I do believe, Danny, you
should try at all costs to avoid the free offer

that most phone companies have. It's mostly a scam.

Speaker 3 (22:04):
Yeah, it's a free dick up you know where.

Speaker 1 (22:07):
Exactly because they're really just they're locking you in to
the old member remember the old phone contracts, Danny, that
you had to have, and they got rid of that
a few years back. But they handcuff you because of
the phone. It's only free as long as you stay
with the phone company, which means they can raise the

prices and you still can't leave, and you got to
stay with them for a couple of years.

Speaker 3 (22:32):
It's blackmail.

Speaker 1 (22:33):
Yeah. So when anytime you get a no cost offer,
and it's whether it's phones or anything else, the free
is not free. There is no such thing as a
free launch. It's like you try to explain that to people,
and there's there's a lot of I call them dumb people.
They don't understand. It's like when the government gives out
money someone that money's coming from somewhere. It's not nothing free,

like when during the pandemic when Biden was cutting checks.
You know at the end there for everybody and all
that it's not free. It's coming from somewhere. And they
give you a free phone, they're doing They're not doing
that out of the kindness of their heart. They're doing
that because they're gonna get you another way. So anyway,
that's that was the thing ajig that went aside, which

we have the we have here. Let's see, you know,
I think we have the bonus phrase of the week.
Are you ready for the bonus phrase of the week.

Speaker 3 (23:22):
Wait, this is like double your pleasure.

Speaker 1 (23:25):
Kil you get more rotation with two hands, W A pleasure,
W your fun double mcgum.

Speaker 3 (23:30):
Phrase of the Week.

Speaker 1 (23:33):
The A wild Man from Morgantown, West Virginia, writes, and
he says, when asking for a cup of coffee, have
you ever referred to it as a cup of joe?
I know, I've heard people say it. Heck, even I have.
Where did it come from? Just wondering if you could
find out. Well, wild Man, your lucky day has come.

Thank you for the email, and this was pretty cool.
I did not I've heard the phrase. I did not
know where it came from. It is a spiteful phrase, Danny.
The term a cup.

Speaker 3 (24:05):
Of joe, Well, that's perfect because remember the famous curbed
where he does the Spike Cafe and he oh, yeah, Joe.

Speaker 1 (24:13):
Yeah, moy Joe's yeah yeah yeah. So the phrase a
cup of joe originated in the United States Navy. In
nineteen fourteen, the US Navy Secretary of this guy named
Joseph Daniels banned all alcohol from US Navy vessels. How
do you think the Navy, the semen in the Navy

felt about that, Danny. Do you think they liked that
they had banned alcohol from the Navy vessels?

Speaker 3 (24:38):
No? Not at all.

Speaker 1 (24:40):
So the Navy soldiers referred to their coffee as a
cup of joe out of spite against the US Navy Secretary,
Joseph S. Daniels was his name, and the term obviously
had it stuck, so it's not as old as you
might think. He goes back over years. But the term

cup of Joe is a way to say screw you
to the secretary of the Navy.

Speaker 3 (25:05):
I think most people are like me and thought it
had some sort of connection to java or you know,
something to do with coffee.

Speaker 1 (25:13):
Yeah, well those are and those are other slang terms
for coffee called java or jamoke is another term that
people use for coffee. But no, the actual cup of
joe was a way to protest, a silent protest the
guy that was in charge of the Navy.

Speaker 3 (25:28):
What was his last name?

Speaker 1 (25:30):
Uh, well Daniels.

Speaker 3 (25:31):
Could have been a cup of Daniels.

Speaker 1 (25:33):
Yeah, a cup of D.

Speaker 3 (25:35):
Yeah, a cup of D.

Speaker 1 (25:39):
What do you having? I'm having a cup of D.
That's when I'm having a big cup of D. Big big,
big cup of DY.

Speaker 3 (25:45):
That's wanted yours in a big metal cup.

Speaker 1 (25:49):
Giant metal cock. Can I have a side of cod?

Speaker 3 (25:53):

Speaker 1 (25:54):
Can I have a side of the cod. I can't
have a side, all right, A very good nice All right,
we'll get out on that, Danny, anything else you want
to promote it? Saturday here, the fifteenth day of the
great month of June, and just kind of hanging out,
celebrating all the ridiculous holidays that are every day. There's
something stupid. But yeah, we got the mail bag on Sunday.

Speaker 3 (26:15):
I know that.

Speaker 1 (26:16):
Let's get that look forward to.

Speaker 3 (26:18):
This is the appetizer to Father's Day where most dads,
especially back in the day, just wanted you to leave
them the hell alone for the day. Yeah, just go away, good,
leave me alone, be here in my underwear watching sports
on TV. Yeah, no, just this fine podcast and be
producing this today and then having hopefully relaxing Saturday with

the kid. Yeah. I've been teaching him how to throw
the ball. He's got this little soccer ball that has
it looks like a turtle. It's got turtle designs on
the soccer ball. He co has been lifting the ball
over his head and throwing it like he's trying to
make a hoop. He's already got a shot equivalent to
a WNBA player out. It's awesome. So I've like, I've

been putting my hands out like a like a hoop,
you know, and he's been throwing the ball, and I'm like, dude,
you just turned ten months you're already shooting the ball.
This is good news right here.

Speaker 1 (27:12):
We at some point think about what world's gonna be
like when he's able to play in the WNBA. He
might be eligible to playing the WNBA, you know, but
by then, who knows? Many will have the money.

Speaker 3 (27:22):
Trevor Lawrence just got I'm gonna teach him how to
throw a tight spiral and have average stats.

Speaker 1 (27:28):
They just handing out money to everybody. You get paid,
You get paid, You get paid. And we have a wonderful,
glorious arrest of your day here on this Saturday, and
we will catch you tomorrow.

Speaker 3 (27:42):
Austa Pasta, my Felicia
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