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June 2, 2024 31 mins

Ben Maller & Danny G. deliver Mail Bag fun for your Sunday! All questions sent in by new listeners & P1's of the #MallerMilitia! Download, subscribe, and remember that sharing is caring (unless it's an STD.) Follow Danny G. @DannyGradio and Ben on Twitter @BenMaller and listen to the original terrestrial radio edition of "Ben Maller Show," Monday-Friday on Fox Sports Radio, 2a-6a ET, 11p-3a PT!

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Speaker 1 (00:00):

Speaker 2 (00:02):
If you thought four hours a day, twelve hundred minutes
a week was enough, think again. He's the last remnants
of the old Republic, a soul fashion of fairness. He
treats crackheads in the ghetto gutter the same as the
rich pill poppers in the penthouse.

Speaker 1 (00:18):

Speaker 2 (00:18):
The clearing House of Hot takes break free for something special.
The Fifth Hour with Ben Maller starts right now.

Speaker 1 (00:29):
In the air everywhere. The Fifth Hour with Me, Big
Ben and Danny g the Extra Crispy, Extra Spicy podcast
that's here every single freaking day. As we head into
what will be a glorious second day of the month

of June. Where's the time gone? June was almost over?
Already second day, unless it's not almost over. We got
a long way to go. But this is fun. The
next month, next couple months. Weather, it's great, right, whether
it's solid, get to go out, great outdoors. Sports radio.
This is what separates the children from the adults, those
that can still produce. They you'repelling sports talk radio show.

Speaker 2 (01:12):
This doesn't have the number one station anymore.

Speaker 3 (01:14):
It's let's hope Ben, that gas does not hit seven
dollars a gallon here in California because they know that
we're driving to you know, see family and vacation a
little bit.

Speaker 1 (01:25):
Yeah, well, it's uh, it's guaranteed. As we talked about.
I think we talk about this podcast. I don't know,
but the gas tax, which is going to go up
fifty cents next year and then fifty cent can.

Speaker 3 (01:35):
To talk about that on the podcast?

Speaker 1 (01:37):
I guess we didn't talk about it all right, but yeah,
there's a story that there's a it's written into the
law unless they change it. In California in twenty twenty five,
the gas tax is going to go up fifty cents
a gallon, and then the following year it's going to
go up another fifty cents. So that means without even
the oil companies, you know, the Saudi government raising the

price of oil opek, it's guaranteed to go up one dollar.
It's already we're already paying over two dollars, like two
dollars and fifty cents more than the rest of the country.
It's gonna be three point fifty in California more per gallon.

Speaker 3 (02:12):
Come on, two years and bullshit. On Friday's podcast, I
made a moped joke about Lorena. I'm gonna be buying
a moped. I'm gonna get one of those little ninjas
that New Addition used to ride in their music video
Gas Yourself Up Man Gassed.

Speaker 1 (02:29):
Yeah, well you know already. Get those electric bikes. They
go up to like eighty miles an hour. Now, just
get an electric bike.

Speaker 3 (02:34):
I have an e bike. I don't think it's okay
for the freeway though.

Speaker 1 (02:37):
Well, hey, I'll get an ee bike. I'll be the
fat guy on a knee bike. I mean, it's so stupid.

Speaker 3 (02:43):
I'm gonna take these chicken wings to the neck. Yeah,
fat guy on a knee bike.

Speaker 1 (02:48):
But yeah, they're gonna wait and neverly. Every year or so,
the oil companies decide they need more money the OPEQ folks,
and they gouge the price of gas. And at that
point that well, we should do something about this. Will
you be proactive? They're never proactive. Politicians always reactive, right,

always reactive, never proactive.

Speaker 3 (03:11):
It's a well, maybe when our next president is sitting
in prison, he can he can help us with a
bill to end this madness. We didn't do.

Speaker 2 (03:21):
Anything wrong, very innocent man.

Speaker 1 (03:25):
That'll be the ultimate who am I game? Who am
I I am the first president to pardon myself while
while being my first day as president. What a what
a word?

Speaker 3 (03:36):
I got a letter from the government the other day.
I opened and read it. It said they were suckers.
I want them to do a music video like Tupac
from behind Bars. That would be awesome.

Speaker 1 (03:47):
H so so good, so good. All, let's get to
the mail bag. Are you ready for the bag? What's
in the bag?

Speaker 3 (03:53):
The mag? Mag mag, the mail bag?

Speaker 1 (03:56):
What's in the box. It's all right, thank you very much,
ohio al. And these are actual letters send in by

actual listeners like yourself. If you would like to send
a letter in and you're not AI, you're a real person,
we'd love to have that. And I stop putting this
on Facebook. Maybe I should put this on Facebook again.
I stopped. I said, you know, people, we have enough
people now listening to this podcast. We don't really need
to horror sell about on Facebook. Maybe I'll do that
every once in a while. But write this down. Put

this in your phone. I probably don't have a pen
who writes, you know, stuff down. Real fifth hour at
gmail dot com. Real fifth hour at gmail dot com
is the way to approach this. Real fifth hour at
gmail dot com and we will said right now, you
will use your question. If it's somewhat decent, if we
have time to get to it, we will use it.

We would love to have you be part of this.
We've had some new names recently in the mail bag,
which is great. We love our regulars, we love the base,
the core base, but we also like hearing new people
contact the show. First one up is someone that we
are not I'm not familiar with this person. Maybe they
were at the event they're in Tempede, Danny g Mike
in Phoenix. On the mail bag, he says, Ben and Danny,

do you guys see the story this week that Chipotle
customers are filming the food being made. Yes, they think
they can get didn't you you sent me the story?

Speaker 2 (05:36):

Speaker 3 (05:36):
Yes? I did. We didn't do.

Speaker 1 (05:37):
Foody fun this weekend. But Mike said, the people have
been filming their food being prepared, trying to get more
bigger portions of.

Speaker 3 (05:44):
Food because the influencers have been going in and filming
their bulls or burritos being made, and whenever the employees
are on camera, they stack they pile the ingredients high.
So now random people are going in pretending like they're
filming or just filming for fun to put pressure on
the Chipotle employees. Yeah.

Speaker 1 (06:06):
So Mike's question is Ben and Dandy, do you think
this actually works? Is I you want to go first?
I go for it. I think yes, yes, yes, it
does work. I do watch those foodie things on Instagram.

Speaker 4 (06:21):
M hm.

Speaker 1 (06:21):
The only things on Instagram are food bloggers, travel bloggers,
and women shoving their ass in the camera. That's about it, right,
Is there anything else on Instagram? And I don't have
a problem with any of those, and some I like
more than others. But anyway, yeah, I totally when I
see food of bloggers, and it's not just Chipotle. There's
a guy that I follow and he goes to order

pastrami at the hat and they pile like two pounds
of pastrami on this guy's sandwich because he's recording it exactly.

Speaker 3 (06:53):
There's evidence and they don't want to look chinzy in
front of the camera. Yeah.

Speaker 1 (06:58):
And there's a thing that I've talked about a few
times every year is called the hawthorn effect. Are you
familiar with the hawthorn effect? No, it's this goes way back.
There was a study done with factory workers about productivity.
And they determined that productivity increased when people were being recorded,
when they were being observed, that it manifested. You know,

people were motivated to uh to actually work, and when
they weren't being recorded, they didn't work as hard. It
was a behavioral study and all that they called the
Hawthorn effect, where people they know they're being recorded, they're
they're going to clean up their acts. They're going to
present a better, better, better effort whatever. You're not going
to steal as much. People gonna act nicer.

Speaker 3 (07:43):
But my question, Ben really quick, the employee, your last
name's not Chipotle, You're not mister or missus Chipoltle. So
why are you being such a tight ass, a tightwad
with the servings until you get on camera. Why can't
you hook people up with their money's worth so that
they'll come back to your restaurant again and again.

Speaker 1 (08:02):
No, I agree with you, and I have not. I
don't know if I should admit this, but I have
stopped going to restaurants. When I go in there and
it's a restaurant where you can see them preparing your food,
it's like and there's like a scoop of rice, and
if there's one more grain of rice in there, they
take it out, you know, because it's too much.

Speaker 3 (08:18):
Yeah. And then like they do this at Panda Express sometimes.

Speaker 1 (08:22):
Yeah. And when they weigh that really pisses me off.
When they like they weigh each portion of the meal.
I'm like, dude, come on, are you that hard up?

Speaker 3 (08:29):

Speaker 1 (08:30):
Are you struggling that much?

Speaker 3 (08:31):
You got it subway started doing that, remember, And people
are like, I'm out. I don't like the taste of
this place anyways.

Speaker 1 (08:37):
Yeah, it's a little much to me. You know, if
you're that, if the margins are that thing, you might
want to just close your business down. It's not worth it.
Just move on. But I'm glad, thank you, Mike. I
didn't want to mention that we didn't do Foody Fun.
I was gonna mention it in Foody Fun. We didn't
have time to get to it over the weekend. So
you did send me that, Danny, And so I'm glad Mike.

Mike mentioned that. Next one up on the mailbag, he'll
Mike writes, and he says, hey, big Ben and Danny,
I don't want to make you Ben feel old, but
now you know, Danny, when you hear the word butt
is what is my rule? The rule of rules here right.
Everything a person says before the word butt is a lie.

Speaker 3 (09:18):
Yep, or with all due respect.

Speaker 1 (09:21):
Yeah, lie, lie, lie lie. Everything a person says before
the word butt is a lie. So when you say,
I don't want to make you feel old, but you
know what's coming next, He'll billy. Mike writes, When I
went from loading trucks at ups to being a tractor
trailer driver class of two thousand in Richmond, Virginia, I

discovered you on AM radio Stames. I quickly made a
list of AM stations up and down the East Coast
so I could try to keep up with you as
each station died off. Praise the Lord for iHeart and podcast.
He says, Hey you Jesus. He'll billy Mike continues Saturday,

June first, he says, so yesterday, today's a second is
my official retirement date, and I wanted to thank you
and the different iterations of your late night crew for
getting me through twenty four years in feeders from start
to finish. He says, no promises, but I'm going to

try not to drop off of the face of the earth.
Love you guys signed, He'll Billy Mike. Wow, Well, Dravo.
We don't do shout outs on the radio show, but
that it is awesome, tremendous honor and I love He'll
Billy Mike. That really fires me up that you were
able to listen all these years. I'm flattered. I will

brag to my wife about you. I will brag at
when I have to do small talk. You know, he'll
Billy Mike. I don't like doing small talk, but I
will bring this up. That is outstanding in a major
pump of the ego. That's why I got into radio.
We're old, Danny, but I used to love listening the
far away radio stations and trying to I pulled the story.

I would listen to Phoenix. I grew up in southern California.
I would listen to Phoenix Suns broadcast.

Speaker 3 (11:15):
YEP with Al McCoy.

Speaker 1 (11:17):
Late at night, I would get Utah right, Utah Jazz
out of Saint George, Utah with hot Rod Huntley. I
got the Golden State Warrior Games on KNBR. I got
the Sacramento Kings Games.

Speaker 3 (11:28):
Did you ever hear those bums broadcasting Giants games?

Speaker 1 (11:31):
I did? I did hear the Giants broadcast. I even
heard I'm so old. I heard the Phoenix Firebirds, the
Triple A team in Phoenix, the Triple A baseball team
music when I was a kid.

Speaker 3 (11:40):
Do you ever hear Bill King doing Oakland.

Speaker 1 (11:42):
A's Oh yes, the legend, Oh Bill King? And I
was lucky enough to meet him. What a cool dude,
Bill King. I love that that guy.

Speaker 3 (11:52):
Man, dude. I got to hear two of the best
baseball guys growing up. Half my family in La the
other half in the Bay. So I grew up with
Vin Skull and of course broadcasting Oakland A's games Bill
King and Raiders games for that matter.

Speaker 1 (12:06):
Bill King was awesome and I did do the Coca
Cola road befoort for the Oakland Athletics in my early
days in radio, and when the A's would come to Anaheim.
They didn't play Dodger Stadium in those days, there was
no inn League play, but when they'd come to Anaheim
they did several times a year. I got to hang
out in the broadcast booth with the A's broadcasters, and
they were not great at that time. It was kind

of in between. Remember they had the eighties early nineties,
they had some really good teams and then there was
like a dark period in the mid nineties where they
weren't very good. And that was kind of the period
where I was around the A's a little bit, but
Bill King was the play by play and Ken Korak
was just starting and I just I ran into Ken
last year and it looks like he's you know, I

don't know if he's gonna how many more years he's
gonna do this, Probably gonna retire, but they're gonna be
a Sacramento exy.

Speaker 3 (12:52):
I say, you've been around for his entire career.

Speaker 1 (12:55):
But he'll Billy Mike Man big big things.

Speaker 3 (12:57):
Yeah. Man, that was awesome to hear that. So shouts
out to you hill Billy Mike.

Speaker 1 (13:02):
Yeah. And I will tell you hill Billy Mike from
doing these Malla meet and greets. And a lot of
the boys that listen are kind of they're tired. They
can stay up all night and listen and they can
do whatever they want, and so we don't want you
to stop. I mean, you can listen whatever you want
with the podcast. You don't have to stay up all night,
but you got nothing else to do. Fred from Florida
writes and says, hey, Ben, Danny, I heard your story

Ben this past Monday night. He's I was actually Tuesday morning.
He says, your story about the intersection takeover, It was
pretty funny. Which one of you guys would be better
at doing donuts in an intersection? My vote goes to.

Speaker 3 (13:41):
Danny say, well, you don't even know how to drive
a stick.

Speaker 1 (13:46):
I know how to eat donuts. I don't know how
to I don't know. I don't. No, that's not yet,
but I'll let you know if I changed my team
on that. But but no, I don't. I would be paranoid.
I was going to crash into a signal or kill someone,
So I would not be good at that. Have you

ever done donuts, Dandy back when you learn how to drive?
Did you?

Speaker 4 (14:10):

Speaker 3 (14:10):
In an empty parking lot. But I've never done it
around other cars or people because I would take two
or three out. Yeah.

Speaker 1 (14:18):
Liability, lie, Lie, I don't have.

Speaker 3 (14:22):
That kind of insurance. Yeah.

Speaker 1 (14:23):
My other thing, Fred, you know, I'm I'm a tight wad,
So I'd be like, I'm screwing up my tires. I'm
gonna have to go on you know, tire rack and
get more tires. You know, I can't burn the rubber here.
That's not good for the tires, not good at all.
Ted writes in from Kansas City, says, they've been how
come Eddie doesn't give the Royal score but he gives

w NBA scores. Your show is on the Royals home
six ' ten sports in Kansas City?

Speaker 3 (14:50):
Who Goofed?

Speaker 1 (14:51):
I gotta know, all right, so this is actually funny, Ted,
my friend Bob Fesco. I go on with Bob on
his show every Thursday morning. I do a spot like
ten minutes on Fesco in the morning and Bob tells
me that they have a text line. You'll get a
kick out of this, Danny. So Bob tells me they
have a text line. We're called you know like we

used to have remember the Fox text line back in
the day. So they have a text line. They still
have it, and he says almost every morning they will
have a text when they come in to do their
morning show someone complaining that Eddie didn't give the Royal score.
And so now we are this guy Ted. Ready, I've

tried to explain to Eddie. I'm like, Eddie, you know,
I know you do games of note, but we're on
you know, certain cities, and the Royals actually do not suck, right,
I mean they're actually they were supposed to suck.

Speaker 3 (15:43):
What else do you think they see on this text line? Though?
After your show, Andrea, make it stop fifteen minutes? What's
going on?

Speaker 1 (15:55):
That's only justin in Cincinnati. But but yeah, no, so
it's it's I've told Eddie. I get the sense, though,
when I complain to Eddie about something, I think he
believes that I'm just kidding around. I don't think he
thinks I'm being serious. That's probably a me problem, not
a him problem. I just have over the years. My
sarcasm is so powerful that Eddie he doesn't believe anything

I say. But the Royals are right there. I mean
there are a few games behind the Cleveland Guardians if
you look at your American League standings, and the Royals
are a wild card team.

Speaker 3 (16:31):
All right, I have an assignment. I have an assignment
for your Big Bob starting tonight, going into the Monday
Morning show. After Eddie does his update and leaves the
Royals out, I want you to jump on and before
you say thanks, Eddie, I want you to give the
Royals score yourself every time. It's a great idea.

Speaker 1 (16:47):
That is a brilliant idea. And then I will increase
my market share in Kansas City, which is the home
of the Ben Mallor chicken figure.

Speaker 3 (16:55):
Exactly, Hello, Kansas City, you owe that city?

Speaker 1 (16:58):
Exactly? That's my town, all right? At the landing in
Kansas City in Liberty, Missouri, Greater Kansas City area, just
down the road from the Royals play and the Chiefs
play that great sports complex. But in Liberty, Missouri, at
the Landing they have the Mallard chicken fingers on the menu.
I'm gonna I'm gonna start doing that. I'm gonna start,
in fact, i'll start tonight. It'll be my fun fact.

Can I do a bottom of the hour fun fact?
That my fun fact will.

Speaker 3 (17:23):
Be the Royal Square. The text line is gonna be like,
did you hear him giving the fun.

Speaker 1 (17:30):
It's a great idea, all right, Mike In the hometown
of Kobe's favorite Mexican restaurant, Fullerton, right sin, he says, Hello, bandon, Danny.
When you buy a dozen donuts, Mike Rights, how do
you fill out your order? I tend to go with
some glazed and chocolate East Donuts. A few Long John's,

several cake donuts, one or two twists, and then I
finish it off with a couple of cinnamon rolls. That
says Mike, Well, this was actually the great debate cinnamon roll.
This is the great debate that we had during the
week because I pointed out, yeah, I merely pointed out,
I'm right that the cinnamon roll is a donut. Every

time I've gotten a Sina roll, it's at a donut okay,
And so no it's not, you know yet again pushing back.

Speaker 3 (18:23):
So this is the perfect time to ask this. Then
Alf the alien o Piner sent me a direct message
and said Ben might interpret my question differently than you
for the mail bag, So I want you to ask
this question unbiased. Is a cinnamon roll a donut? Yeah?

Speaker 1 (18:43):
Well yes, the answer is yes, it's you buy it
at a donut shop.

Speaker 3 (18:46):
But it's a roll though.

Speaker 1 (18:47):
It's a donut roll, is what it is. It's a
cinnamon donut roll, That's what it is.

Speaker 3 (18:53):
But like the cinnamon roll place that I go to
in Pismo Beach, which, man, if you ever get to
go to Piss Beach, California, oh man, you've been.

Speaker 1 (19:03):
There before, right, I have been there. I love having yea.

Speaker 3 (19:06):
So they have this cinnamon donut place, as you would
call it, but it doesn't say donut. It says cinnamon's.

Speaker 1 (19:13):
That's their problem, not a meat problem.

Speaker 3 (19:15):
Down the street there's a donut shop and it says donuts.
Here it says cinnamon rolls.

Speaker 2 (19:21):
Pillowy, soft, buttery, melt in your mouth, wonders.

Speaker 1 (19:25):
I will settle this once and for all. Okay, I
will settle this once and for all. I had a
conversation with a cinnamon roll before I ate it. I
had a conversation the cinnamon roll informed me it identifies
as a donut. It's that's what it's used to. It
uses the donut bathroom. So the cinnamon roll is a donut. Okay,

it is a donut. In fact, I have this. How
about Berry in South Carol. I met Berry Yo Yo
Ma Benny previously in Nashville. He says, okay uh. He says,
if these other guys say it has to be a hole,
have a hole to be a donut, how can they
explain the parlor donuts? He says, this is a donut
place with many locations, and most of the donuts they
sell don't have a hole. And these donuts are amazing,

but they call them donuts. And these are just a
few of the awesome donut flavors. He said, a picture
here of the different flavored don't wait exactly and very
air high five to my guy Barry. All right, my guy,
because you also he showed me a photo from food Line,
which is a big grocery store chain in the South,

bigger than Pigley Wiggly in the Carolinas, and they sell
in their baked goods. They have food Lion Bakery. Cinnamon
rolled donuts is what they have.

Speaker 3 (20:41):
Aha, I just found this online. The cinnamon roll is
a variation of a donut. So that's not a donut,
it's a variation of one.

Speaker 1 (20:50):
Well, it's got donut DNA h. And that's good enough
for me. That that is more than good enough for me.
I'm fine with that. Outstanding, out f and standing, okay.
And I don't care what Google says. Okay, I don't
need Google.

Speaker 3 (21:08):
You care about every other thing it says.

Speaker 1 (21:11):
Well, I am selective. I pick and choose what I
choose to believe. And I'm on the right side of history.
And I'll enjoy my cinnamon rolls. And you, you evil people.
Next time you eat a cinnamon roll, you're gonna get
heartburned because of the evil anti cinnamon role position that
you have taken. Okay, I stand, I stand with the

cinnamon roll.

Speaker 3 (21:32):
But thank you, Bill, you just called it a role.

Speaker 1 (21:35):
Anyway, al Fright's in the aforementioned nowf he says, from
the death dedication mail bag with Snuggles, the dog that
is still that is so so wonderful. Snuggle is also
the mascot for a certain cleaning product.

Speaker 4 (21:56):
But he was a little dog named Snuggles. But he
was most certainly a prior. That's gonna start again him
coming out of the record. See when you come out
of those up tempo numbers, man, it's impossible to make
those transitions.

Speaker 3 (22:09):
And then you got to.

Speaker 4 (22:10):
Go into somebody dying. Okay, I want a concerted effort
to come out of a record that isn't a tempo record.
Every time I do a death dedication.

Speaker 1 (22:22):
So good casey casem sick and tired of doing having
an upbeat song, and I gotta do a death dedication
upbeat record. Oh yeah, so so wonderful. Anyway, Alpha says,
have either of you ever requested a song on the radio. Also,

have you ever taped music off the radio? He says, yes,
I am that old. No, I never. I never did that.
I did call I was a kid caller to radio.
I used to call radio shows when as a kid,
I did get tapes of people. My friends would record
music they wanted me to hear because they thought it

was really cool. But I never did the actual record.
I did record the Jim Healy Show, which was a
huge fan of when I was a kid, on cassette
tape because that's all we had before podcasting, so I had.
I did that, but that that was about it. Did
you ever call up a radio station, Danny, before you
started radio when you were about nine?

Speaker 3 (23:22):
Yeah, I called my coworkers. They're like, you little shit kid,
it's bad enough you're already in our studios here as
a I don't know. I guess I was in junior
high school at the time. But we did it in
elementary school, my older brother and I. We would tape
radio segments every day, songs every day, and what you
would look for is the moment they would play your
favorite song at the time without talking over the intro.

That was how you got a copy of the song
without paying for it, or before it maybe it was
not even available yet at the warehouse Music or wherever
Sam Goodies, wherever you bought your music from. So yeah,
we would record play and record the buttons down at
the same time every single day on our boombox. It
was majestic, and then calling in. I remember one time

calling one six km el in the Bay Area asking
for Skilo I Wish and the DJ said, man, I
like your voice, I like your vibe. I'm gonna put
you on the radio. And he hangs up and I'm like,
am I gonna be on the radio next? And sure
enough he played our phone conversation back and it was
the overnight guy Ben So I was on there are

sixty thousand watts of power, like at one in the morning.
And I remember bragging to everyone the next day, like, yeah,
I was on camel last night, come.

Speaker 1 (24:37):
On awesome, right it was. I used to call up
so many radios. I called the show in Vegas. I've
told this story a few times over the years, but
I was a regular on this this radio show in
Vegas that was on overnight, and I knew I wasn't
very good as a caller, like I just knew it.
You know, I was a kid and I'm talking to
grown ups here, and this one show would keep me

on the air for a very long time.

Speaker 3 (25:01):
You're like the kid caller we used to have call
in on the Ben Mallard Show.

Speaker 1 (25:06):
Antonio, you're talking about it, yes, yeah, and TONI is
probably in college now. But anyway, geez, time does fly,
my god. Nonetheless, So I used to call up and
then one time I was like, I mean, you guys
are so cool. I mean, I really think I know
you got other callers and you put me on.

Speaker 3 (25:23):
No, we don't.

Speaker 1 (25:24):
You're the only You're the only call we have. That's
pretty much why why they kept me on the air,
because they had no one else. Yeah, it happens, Kwang,
he says in Vietnam. In Vietnam writes, and he says, hey,
Ben and Danny, Daddy g He says, Daddy, I tend

to favor blue bottle caps subconsciously when purchasing water. What
is your all favorite? And then he says, and I
didn't know this. The different colors of water bottle caps
often indicate different types of water. Did you know that?

Speaker 3 (25:59):
Danny had no idea?

Speaker 1 (26:01):
I had no idea either what is your favorite type
of cap of a water bottle or favorite color?

Speaker 3 (26:09):
Well, smart water is my favorite water to drink. I've
never paid attention to the bottle cap color though. Well.

Speaker 1 (26:15):
According to Kwang, who says he's in Vietnam, he says
white or clear caps usually used for regular or purified
drinking water. If it has a blue cap, that often
is used for spring or mineral water. A green cap
often indicates that the water is flavored or infused with
natural flavors like lime, cucumber, or mint. I don't know

that's true, though. Isn't aquafina green? And that's not They
don't have lime.

Speaker 3 (26:42):
The actual water is green. The cap I'm like, is
green inside? Is it?

Speaker 1 (26:49):
Maybe it's the sign? Maybe maybe that's cheap one. Yeah,
but they don't. It's not flavored with lime. Quang says
red in most cases. In some cases, rather red caps
signify sparkling or carbonated water, and black occasionally used for
alkaline or premium water products. Racist A couple of thoughts. A.

This is really cool. B. I don't know if this
is true or not. Maybe you made it up. I
don't know it's I want to believe it so there's that.
And see, much like you, Danny, I've never paid that
close attention. I usually get Kirkling brand water bottles, which
are just clear or white, so I guess that's just
regular purified drinking water, nothing special.

Speaker 3 (27:33):
Regular old white.

Speaker 1 (27:37):
I just go to South Carolina, all right, anyway's Reggie writes.
In next she says, hey Ben and Danny, hey Ben,
I loved your monologue about Jorye Lopez mound meltdown with
the Mets this week. If either of you guys won
the lottery, would you storm off the radio in dramatic
fashion A Laho Lopez. But but Reggie, hory Lopez didn't

storm off because he won the lottery. He had a
bad day. That's why he stormed off, not because things
were going well. So that's not a great, great question.
But Danny, if you want it, you want it big.
You got a lot of money, Maybe you inherited money
from a relative you didn't know existed and they died
and gave you all their money.

Speaker 3 (28:15):
Would you No, I would dramatically purchase the radio network,
not make any changes, but have a staff meeting and
announce to the staff that no changes are going to
be made. Yeah. Would you give everyone more money though,
that would be part of the change. Yeah, yeah, yeah,

that would be a change. That would be a change.
So I would give everybody a raise, but I would
close the gap between the hosts and the production crew.
Way back in the day, whoever set that up set
it up really poorly.

Speaker 1 (28:50):
This is probably not gonna make you feel very good,
but when Fox Sports Radio started, they paid producers a
whole lot of money. At some point along the way,
they're like, well, we got to cook caf so we'll
just cut back and pay the.

Speaker 3 (29:02):
Producer, the ones who we sit on the shoulders of
the most. Let's cut their pay.

Speaker 1 (29:08):
No, but I remember they hired when the network started,
they had hired some big producers from ESPN, gotcha, brought
them here, and they paid them a lot of money,
like they were making, probably.

Speaker 3 (29:16):
Probably hoping they could book some really good guests and
do all that, right.

Speaker 1 (29:21):
I guess. I don't know what their motivation was, but
they paid them a lot of money. And you know, slowly,
I know, and not really slowly. Over the years, it's
gone down, down, down, down, down, down, down down down,
unfortunately mass high.

Speaker 3 (29:35):
I mean, not for me. I'm rich, but of course
the other producers. I want to look out for them.

Speaker 1 (29:39):
Yes, me too, as I do podcasts or radio shows
every day of the week. Masshole Matt right since says
he's no relation to masshole Mickey. He says, I love
hearing your show. Driving my trash truck around Boston. I
listened on the sports that well, thank you, because without
the trash truck everything starts smelling.

Speaker 3 (29:57):
Oh that's cool.

Speaker 1 (29:58):
Do you have an update on your TV show? Has
it been canceled or picked.

Speaker 3 (30:02):
Up before we talked yesterday?

Speaker 1 (30:04):
We talked about this yesterday, but I don't know. Hopefully
you'll be back. I haven't heard anything. Probably will know,
you know the way this works from last year next.
I would say by the end of this month, probably
closer to the middle of this month, I'll know whether
it's gonna be picked up or not. But I haven't
heard anything. I'm optimistic. I've heard, you know, I've rumors

that things are going in the right direction, but uh, Danny,
as you know, until you actually get things presented, it's uh.

Speaker 3 (30:34):
You could follow.

Speaker 4 (30:35):

Speaker 3 (30:35):
I heard rumors that they may want the original penny.

Speaker 1 (30:38):
Oh well, hey, listen, you never know. If you know
Looney I asked for too much money or whatever.

Speaker 3 (30:43):
But yeah, if he wore one too many green shirts
on set.

Speaker 1 (30:48):
With the green screen behind him, just outstanding, that'll be
in my book. All Right, have a wonderful I'll get
out on that, have a wonderful Sunday, enjoy the rest
of your weekend. I'll be back tonight though, And I
got remember to give those royal scores.

Speaker 3 (31:02):
To get Yeah, please make a note set an alarm
on your phone right now. That way it reminds you.

Speaker 1 (31:07):
All Right, very good, Danny. You'll be back tomorrow with
Covino and Rich.

Speaker 3 (31:10):
Yes, yeah, we'll have a fun Monday show with the
game Last One Standing, which features Ben Maller's voice in
the open I love and that is That is of
course two hours two to four pm on the West
Coast and five to seven pm in Stanford, Connecticut.

Speaker 1 (31:24):
There you go where NBC is headquarteredt Stanford, Connedickut. Yeah
the peacock. All right, pete good. We'll talk to you
next time.

Speaker 3 (31:32):
Austa pasta got a murder. I gotta go,
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