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May 19, 2024 28 mins

Maller & Danny G. deliver Mail Bag fun for your Sunday! All questions sent in by new listeners & P1's of the #MallerMilitia! Download, subscribe, and remember that sharing is caring (unless it's an STD.) Follow Danny G. @DannyGradio and Ben on Twitter @BenMaller and listen to the original terrestrial radio edition of "Ben Maller Show," Monday-Friday on Fox Sports Radio, 2a-6a ET, 11p-3a PT!

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Speaker 1 (00:00):

Speaker 2 (00:02):
If you thought four hours a day, twelve hundred minutes
a week was enough, think again. He's the last remnants
of the old Republic, a sore fashion of fairness. He
treats crackheads in the ghetto cutter the same as the
rich pill poppers in the penthouse.

Speaker 1 (00:18):

Speaker 2 (00:18):
It's a clearinghouse of hot takes. Break free for something special.
The Fifth Hour with Ben Maller starts right now in
the air.

Speaker 1 (00:31):
Everywear a finger licking good, extra crunchy, extra spicy edition
of The Fifth Hour with me Hi, I'm Ben and
Danny g. We're hanging out on this glorious Sunday, Sunday Sunday.
It is National Devil's Food Cake Day here on this

nineteenth day of May, when a fine, fine specific holiday.
National food Cake Day, very specific, and I've not made
Devil's food cake. I should I should do that. Also,
celebrate your Elected Officials Day, which is kind of a
bogus holiday. Who's who celebrates their elected officials? Seriously?

Speaker 2 (01:12):
Two waiters came up to me to mister Trump, we
love you.

Speaker 3 (01:15):
How about the news this past week where Trump said
he'll take on Biden, He'll accept the challenge there for
the debate, yeah, he said, And not only will he
debate him, he called him crooked.

Speaker 1 (01:27):
Joe Biden wants the debate to happen at like noon
because he goes to bed at three, so you have
to bait in the middle of the day. There you go,
what I'm bumped.

Speaker 3 (01:35):
Anyway, I thanks, you could do Eoe, you could do
old jokes for both guys.

Speaker 1 (01:39):
Now, yeah, this is the greatness of American politics. Here.

Speaker 3 (01:44):
Are you looking more forward to this fight or the
Tyson fight?

Speaker 1 (01:49):
Well? Yeah, I mean I think the debate will be
more entertaining because Trump will just go you know, he
did what did he care? He's beaking sued. He was
trying to put him in jail, so he's just going
to go for it. And the Tyson thing, I don't know.
I mean, I'll talk about it. We'll talk about it.
I'm sure. Danny a bunch.

Speaker 3 (02:05):
Yeah, he gave up weed and women during training, so
for months he's gonna be without the two things he loves.

Speaker 1 (02:12):
Does he need money? I thought he made all his
money and weed. He doesn't need money. He doesn't need money.
He buts it around.

Speaker 3 (02:17):
Yeah, he says he's just doing this for the love
of boxing.

Speaker 1 (02:21):
Love of boxing. Okay, well, well, what's his name?

Speaker 4 (02:24):
Don King?

Speaker 1 (02:25):
Show up? Probably not Don's really old but still alive,
but really really old. All right, let's get to the
mail bag. You're ready for the mail bag. Right to
the mail bag we go, Let's get it.

Speaker 4 (02:34):
It's alright, mail bag time.

Speaker 1 (02:49):
Thank you to those of you that have took taking
time out to send letters in and I'm very happy
I've not had to post in weeks on Facebook begging
for people to send questions. People have been wonderful. We've
got some new names which I love to see along
with the old names, so good job by you. First
one is from JJ from Motown. He says, Hi Ben

and Danny Ben. I wanted to know what was the
top barbecue you had in Carolina, so I didn't eat
too much barbeque. I ate three barbecue meals, three or
four barbecue meals. The top barbecue I had was Lewis Barbecue,
which is in the Charleston area. That was really good.
Highly recommend Louis Barbecue. It was a wait. It's one

of these places where they open up at like ten
in the morning and they're only open till they sell
all of the meat, which could be three o'clock. I
mean there was a line around the building to get
into this place. Louis Barbecue was great. And also, this
is going to shock you, Danny. This is a hot
take that's going to get a lot of downloads for

this podcast on this Sunday. The other barbecue that I
love BUCkies. BUCkies.

Speaker 3 (04:00):
Yeah, I loved it. I'm not going to no, no.
I could hear the joy in your voice on yesterday's show.

Speaker 1 (04:05):
The BUCkies brisket sandwich, the Texas style brisket sandwich was
just great. And I had the brisket sandwich at the
Lewis Barbecue and they had some really good side dishes
and all that. Now I have said, if you follow
the show. Years ago, I did a Mallard meet and
greet in Kansas City to celebrate the Ben Mallor chicken
fingers and it was wonderful. I had a great time.

And I will repeat my previous take that the z
Man sandwich that I had in Kansas City at what
at the time was Oklahoma Joe's. Now it's Kansas City, Jose.
It's the greatest sandwich I've ever had. The z Man sandwich. However, Okay,
my eyes have been open. I've evolved my position on

Carolina barbecue. I'd a was taken an anti Carolina barbecue position,
but I'd like to retract that previous take. That's a
bad take, because Carolina barbecue is wonderful. Okay, it is great,
and so everything I had heard about Carolina barbecue not
being as good as Kansas City barbecue or Texas barbecue

bull crap. Okay, bull crap. Chef's kiss, chef's kiss. It's
kind of hard to screw up barbecue, isn't it, though,
Right when you think about it, if you're a barbecue restaurant,
it would seem like if you're known for that, it's
hard to really f that up.

Speaker 4 (05:26):
So thank you JJ.

Speaker 1 (05:29):
Mike in Free Parking Fullerton writes and says, I've been
and Danny, I'm sorry I missed the Malor meet and greed.
I googled my mother's sideburns for hours, but I could
not find it, Mike says. He then points out, do
you like the taste of water? It may sound like
a stupid question, but it's not, Mike says. From that

bastion of free parking, he says I have a friend
who hates water, so he mostly drinks doctor pepper, which
is probably why he's had a bunch of kidney stones.
Per I like water, even if it's tapwater, says Mike.

Speaker 3 (06:05):
Yeah, tap water is no bueno. Where are you at
on water, Danny?

Speaker 1 (06:09):

Speaker 3 (06:10):
You know I have a smart water in front of
me right now, and it's their alkaline version nine point
five plus p h.

Speaker 1 (06:19):
Take that.

Speaker 3 (06:20):
I came from the hood and now I have exclusive
bottled water in front of me.

Speaker 1 (06:27):
Put down your pipe and smoke it. Yeah, put down
your pipe.

Speaker 3 (06:31):
Yeah, to my dangerous minds teachers who told me I
would never amount to nothing?

Speaker 1 (06:36):
Are you like Tom Brady who drinks Remember back in
the day, the story was he drinks twenty five glasses
of water per day with added electrolytes.

Speaker 3 (06:44):
You know, I'm not a fan of drinking a ton
of water because I don't like it. I don't like
the feeling of its slushing around inside your stomach.

Speaker 1 (06:51):
Well, my problem is I keep going to the bathroom.
I drink a lot of water, and then I have
to go to the bathroom with them. But true, true, Yeah,
that's that's the other. But you do feel healthier when
you're drinking the right amount of water, because obviously it
flushes the toxins out of your system. I'm a big
cold water guy. I drink a ton of water, cold
water because I heard, actually we talked about this in
a podcast months years ago, probably that drinking cold water

actually burns calories. It does.

Speaker 3 (07:19):
Yeah, it wakes up your system.

Speaker 1 (07:21):
But here's the problem. It does burn calories, but you'd
have to drink so you'd have to drink like five
gallons of water to get any real results.

Speaker 3 (07:31):
Yeah, you know, Jonas Knox told me that he drinks
like gallons of water every morning, not two.

Speaker 1 (07:36):
Not three, not four. Yeah, that's just while he's on
the air that's hanging out with LeVar.

Speaker 3 (07:42):
Are imagine that having to down all those gallons of
water while you look at LaVar Arrington's talons up on
the counter.

Speaker 1 (07:50):
Yeah, well there you go, bare.

Speaker 3 (07:53):
Feet up on the board.

Speaker 1 (07:55):
My my favorite water story is a reporter from Germany
when I was the NBA. Really cool guy, great dude.

Speaker 4 (08:03):
We got along very well.

Speaker 1 (08:04):
He was a fan of the show, and we used
to have dinner quite a bit at these games, at
the Clipper and Laker games. That would be at and
he would never drink water. And his position was that's
where fish fuck. And he didn't want to eat, you know,
he didn't want to have that in his body. Oh
my goodness. That was But and I tried to point

out to him, I said, there's water in everything, like
there's water in soda beer. You can't what are you doing?
But no, he would not drink just water.

Speaker 3 (08:34):
Do you think if you cut this guy open, orange
soda would seep out of him?

Speaker 1 (08:37):
Yeah? Pretty much right, And it's kig. What are you
doing next? Up on the mailbag, Alf from the Fox
Sports Radio parking garage. He says, Ben and Danny, Hello,
have you ever been Ben? Have you ever been so
pissed at Eddie that you thought of inviting Lenny Dykstra
in studio without telling him? Also, do you regret not
putting Henry Hill on the radio? Already know the answer

to that one. Well, yeah, yeah, Henry Hill, he's dead.

Speaker 3 (09:05):
Yeah, I could have told us you regretted it immediately.

Speaker 1 (09:08):
Yeah. I did not think it was actually Henry Hill.
I thought it was just some drunk hobo that was
pretending to be Henry Hill. But it was actually Henry Hill.
And I'm still that story still blows me away that
if you don't know the story. Henry Hill, the famous
mob guy. They made a movie about him. He turned
FBI and form it but he was living in the
Witness Protection program. But he was living in Sherman Oaks

in LA, where our studio is. And I went out
of the studio one night before the show to do
a cross talk with a great Joe McDonald, Big Joe,
big nasty. And as I was walking out of this
homeless guy like, Hey, are you on the radio, And
I'm like, no, I'm not. I'm Henry Effan Hill, and
I want to be on the radio. You know, I
got a story to tell and whatever. And so I

went and I did a Google image search and sure
enough that was Henry Hill. And that was I went
outside to try to find him and he was gone
and never saw him again.

Speaker 4 (10:00):
That was it.

Speaker 1 (10:01):
And as far as Lenny Dykstra, yeah, I'd love to
have Lenny on the show and upset Eddie. That would
that would be fun. But I haven't heard from Lenny
in a while. He would send me messages randomly. I
haven't heard from Lenny in a while. I guess he's
upset with me. I don't know what are you gonna do?

Speaker 4 (10:16):

Speaker 1 (10:16):
What are you gonna do? He's busy skiing.

Speaker 3 (10:18):
A bunch of hookers and cocaine.

Speaker 1 (10:21):
Yeah, I will, I think this summer though, we'll get
back with do some some interview podcasts. We haven't done
a lot of those. It's just been us schmoozing and
all that. But I'll do a few of those. There's
some people that are relatively big names or whatnot that
I haven't talked to in.

Speaker 3 (10:34):
A while, like Roberto the bus driver.

Speaker 1 (10:37):
Yeah, well, Roberto will get Roberto on, We'll pot with him.
We'll have Lorraina on, We'll get some of my play
by play friend people around.

Speaker 4 (10:45):
All that.

Speaker 3 (10:45):
Iowa Sam to regale in the two weeks he worked
for you.

Speaker 1 (10:49):
It was a great run though. It was the greatest
two weeks it was. It was wonderful.

Speaker 3 (10:53):
He was on furlough.

Speaker 1 (10:55):
Wild Man of Morgantown, West Virginia, rights and fun fact.
Wild Man my brother, on his way back to Wisconsin,
just kind of lollygagged around. He drove through West Virginia,
said it was beautiful. The scenery in West Virginia is
just absolutely beautiful. Anyway, wild Man says, Hi Man and
Danny G. I used to compare myself with Tom Brady

when talking to peeps at a bar. We are both
the same age. Also, people call us the goat. Him
because he's the greatest of all time. Me because I'll
eat anything, wild Man says. He says any spicy food.
He loves curry the hottest of the hot hot wings.
Every once in a while, he says, it'll knock me

down a notch. One time it hit me and I
had to find a toilet to release the beast. It
wasn't pleasant question for you, gentlemen. What is the spiciest
food you have ever had? And how was the experience?
So Danny, you big spicy guy, he liked the spicy, spicy, spicy.

Speaker 3 (12:00):
I do like spice and small doses. I couldn't eat
a whole meal of major spice. But when I was
doing one of my first morning shows, we did a
hobb and narrow, a hot hobbin narow contest between the crew,
and we actually took bites out of the hottest peppers
on Earth, and we had to have like lots of

glasses of milk on st or as you call it.
Milk on standby because we were Oh my goodness, I
remember going home Ben. And let's just say the exit
velocity of those peppers was nothing nice.

Speaker 2 (12:35):
There's a bottom I rate to bring the gas.

Speaker 1 (12:38):
You feel it coming in? You feel it? Yeah? Oh yeah?
Now is the hobb and narow? What is it? The
red Savina hobbanarow? Is that the hottest?

Speaker 4 (12:46):
I know?

Speaker 1 (12:46):
There was the Carolina Reaper, that's right, which is very hot.

Speaker 3 (12:50):
We had all the different colors of the peppers and
all of them, you know, cut open with the seed showing,
and we each had to take a nice, big juicy
bite of seeds. In all almost died that day.

Speaker 1 (13:03):
Wow. I like to think I'm someone that likes hot food,
but I don't really. I mean, I'll eat the hot salsa,
but that's not like dragon's breath pepper salsa. You know,
it's not that. It's as my friend Alex, who passed
away years ago, used to say, it's grango salsa. You know,
it gives you the illusion that it's a it's actually yeah, spicy,

but it's not like you'll get in Mexico.

Speaker 3 (13:29):
Now, how about this for wild Man Coop legendarily has
eaten petroleum jelly. Yeah, he's eaten like twenty eight hour
old hot dog from Burger King on.

Speaker 1 (13:43):
The air thanks to the Jay Moore leaving that. That's right.

Speaker 3 (13:46):
Yeah, the promo item in our blue Kitchen and I
have raiders Welcome back to Oakland Wheaties box from nineteen
ninety six. Are you thinking about Well, I'm thinking wild
Man Coop guys like that. That's a great food challenge
right there. If I poured you a bowl of nineteen

ninety five slash ninety six wheaties? How much money would
you want to win or need to win to take
a couple of big bites out of those wheaties?

Speaker 4 (14:17):
Oh? I bet you.

Speaker 1 (14:17):
There's so many chemicals in there that it probably still
looks exactly the same.

Speaker 3 (14:21):
But I doubt it tastes the same though, well probably not.

Speaker 1 (14:25):
You're right about you know the look. It's like McDonald's
leaving around, or the cheeseburger that doesn't doesn't degrade. If
you gave me, I don't know, like five hundred bucks,
I'd do it. Why not? Can I have chocolate milk?
Or do I have to have no regular milk?

Speaker 3 (14:43):
And you have to finish a whole bowl a whole bowl. Yeah, well,
kind of a kid, and then you'll have to go
run to the bull.

Speaker 4 (14:49):

Speaker 1 (14:50):
I think I'm probably good on that. We also got
an email from Zach. I did want to thank Zach.
I don't have it in front of me, but Zach
runs a bar. He's a big cheese there in column Ohio,
and he heard about the Malor Meet and greet and
he said, Hey, I'm a fan. I like the show.
I'd love to have yet my establishment. So the good news, Danny,
is that we have a bar, which and I look

this place up. It looks really cool in Columbus, Ohio,
which is kind of central because we have the Cleveland
we are like Ohio al and the guys that live
in the Cleveland area. We've got Justin and Cincinnati and
just Josh that are down in Cincinnati and some others,
and then we have Dick and Dayton.

Speaker 3 (15:27):
So we do very.

Speaker 1 (15:28):
Well in Ohio. That's the good news that we have
a location for the Mala Mea greet. The bad news
is how the f do I get to Ohio, Danny.
I'm not planning any vacation to Ohio. I don't have
any family that is living there right now. So if
we can figure that out, Zach and I want to
get there because I do want to do a Mala
meet and greet in Ohio. I have no business reason
to go there at this point, meaning the radio show

is not gonna send me, so I don't know how
we're gonna get there. If you can come up with
a way to get there, I will absolutely. I'd love
to do a Mala meat greet your your barz act
looks amazing, it looks great. I would like to there
at some point soon. Playing Charge Automobiles. Our man Dick
and Dayton's not getting any younger, so I got to
meet him. You know, I got to meet our friend
the Dick.

Speaker 3 (16:08):
Do you think the first topic Dick and Dayton would
talk to you about Ben?

Speaker 1 (16:12):
I was talking. I was talking to my friend Bill.
Uh he's on on Cleveland Browns. Yeah I does Browns
and yeah you put me on a show, and yeah, yeah,
God bless him Ohio. Speaking of Ohio, Ohio, Al writes it, he'says, hello,
Ben and Danny g I just watched the Phil Hendry
documentary you recommended a while back.

Speaker 3 (16:33):
Thank you.

Speaker 1 (16:33):
I had no idea who he was. How about Ohio?
Not having any Phil Henry knowledge, he says that dude
is so effing hilarious. I watched it twice and was
laughing my ass off both times. Any chance that you
can get him on the Fifth Hour pod for an interview? Yeah,
I think we could get Phil Henry on. I believe
we're social media friends. I could send him a message

and get him on at some point during the summer
when I'm planning on doing some of those things.

Speaker 3 (17:02):
So I'd rather have Farrell on again. Pharrell on a
pile of snow, part.

Speaker 1 (17:09):
On a bender in Atlantic City at a hotel somewhere,
surrounded naked by money and.

Speaker 3 (17:14):
Ben, I'm gonna be honest with you, piles of cash
and cocaine on this hotel bed next to me right now.
He was not kidding either.

Speaker 1 (17:21):
And it sounded like he was sampling the product. But
I don't know, maybe not. It just sounded like that.
That was That was while the Barry. Oh I just
mentioned Barry earlier this weekend. He showed up to the
Barry from Nashville. Now in South Carolina, says Yo Yo, Ma, Benny,
great hanging out meeting you at the Charleston event last week.
He says, I must say I was worried it would

be a bit awkward being in with a bunch of strangers,
but everyone was very welcoming. I got to meet some
very nice folks and had some funny conversations. Was a
great time.

Speaker 4 (17:52):
So thank you.

Speaker 1 (17:54):
That's from Barry. Well, thank you Berry. I appreciate I
appreciate that.

Speaker 3 (17:58):
I love the meet and greets or FSR, even the
unofficial ones.

Speaker 1 (18:02):
Yeah, they're a lot of fun. And there's also talk
of a meet and greet in Vegas at some of
the boys that listened in Vegas. Let go, we can
make it done. Dun Donna, dun Don, you might have
to show up to that one. Dan, Oh, I'll be
at that one for sure. We'll do it on a
Friday or Saturday, probably Saturday. Mike from Nashville whites in.
He says, Hey, Ben and Danny enjoy your pot each weekend.

Thanks for doing it. And Ben, what was the favorite
Southern dish that you had last week on your road trip. Well, Mike,
I had a lot of really good food. I love
Southern food. It's very bad for you, very fattening and delicious.
The I mentioned this, I think just a few seconds ago.
The brisket sandwich from Lewis Barbecue was great. Bucky's Barbecue

brisket was amazing. I also had biscuits and gravy.

Speaker 3 (18:51):
Zachsby's was your favorite, though.

Speaker 1 (18:54):
But biscuits and gravy very good. That was actually our
last meal in Charleston before we had to get to
the airport and go back to Myrtle Beach and return
the round car and all that, so that that was
really a brisket sandwich or the biscuits and gravy, and
there were some other stuff that was was outstanding. But
I didn't really have a bad meal. The one thing

that did piss me off is I did go for
a second meal at bo Jangles one time, and this
lazy fat ass who was working to drive through at
bo Jangles, he failed to put my fries in with
my meal, and I didn't check till I got back
to eat it, and it was too late and I
couldn't go back. How do you leave fries out of
a chicken meal. It's a bad job by that loser.

Speaker 3 (19:37):
Yeah, but he saved you five good pounds.

Speaker 1 (19:40):
Well, that is true. You'd be happy if they leave
fries out. Kevin and Kansas rites in. He says, dear
Ben and Danny g BUCkies will be opening soon in
good Year Arizona. And I looked this up Danny, and
no lies from Kevin, he says. Now, when you drive
to Phoenix, you have a destination stop. That is true.

And I have many relatives, a lot of them getting older.
We're all getting older in the greater Phoenix area, so
I will have to head over. That's an excuse to
go to Phoenix because not only do they have they're
gonna have BUCkies. It's gonna open in twenty twenty five,
but also Culver's, so I get Culver's and BUCkies in Arizona.

I don't have to go to Wisconsin or Texas or
South Carolina.

Speaker 2 (20:27):
You know.

Speaker 3 (20:27):
We have one more baseball stop next weekend in Tempe.

Speaker 1 (20:31):
Oh, beautiful Tempee. Are you gonna go to Culver's when
you're in I'm gonna try. Yeah.

Speaker 3 (20:35):
It's for the Pac twelve Baseball Championship games, which is
why the Graduate Hotels is having us out there. And
this is like a slow death of the PAC twelve.

Speaker 1 (20:44):
Right, We're gonna have Washington State and Oregon State play
each other back back to back and belly to belly
and that's it the yeah anyway, as Kevin says, thanks
for doing that.

Speaker 3 (20:55):
I'm gonna look that. I've always wanted to try culvers,
so it's really good.

Speaker 1 (20:59):
I like it.

Speaker 3 (21:00):
Well, yeah, I've never got to try it. I'm gonna
look that up next weekend.

Speaker 1 (21:02):
I got to get those curds. And there are several
locations in the Greater Phoenix area, several locations. Big Lou
writes in Big Lou, He's on number two, Good old
Big Lou. He says, every time you report in your travels,
you bring up issues that can be handled easily. Big
Lou says, I'm going to enlighten you. We don't do
list radio, but this is Big Lou Traveling Tips, Volume.

Speaker 3 (21:25):
One, Big Louse, Big Board, my man, Big Lous.

Speaker 1 (21:30):
Then we gotta get Lou back in see it. But
Big Lou's scolding me. He says, stop driving to Vegas
and fly there. If booked enough time in advance, the
flight will cost about the same as the gas you
will spend getting there. Very true, and he recommends the
Long Beach Airport from LA forty minute flight and then

you just lose your money.

Speaker 3 (21:51):
Lou don't tell anybody about LBC's airport.

Speaker 1 (21:54):
He says, rent a car at the airport if you
if you must, Well, Lou, I've got I've got a problem.
It's called a wife and she wants to bring a
bunch of clothes and stuff. And my buddy flew to
Vegas on is it Spirit Airlines?

Speaker 3 (22:09):
Yeah, yeah, yeah, don't do Spirit. See stick with Southwest
out of LBC. And here's what you can do. They
still it might go away in a year, but they
still give you two free checked bags, so you could
get all your wife's stuff on the plane for free.

Speaker 1 (22:25):
All right, I get that. But and the planning part's
also an issue because we usually don't plan the Vegas trips.
It just kind of happens organically, or like, hey, let's
go to Vegas. All right, we'll get in the car
and drive to Vegas and we'll like, you know, it's
eight o'clock.

Speaker 3 (22:42):
Yeah, some of it's impromptu. The timing, yeah, whereas yeah,
you're you're held to having to be at the airport
at a certain time if you book that.

Speaker 4 (22:50):

Speaker 1 (22:50):
Lou also says, get global entry so you don't have
to spend two to three hours at the airport five
to ten minutes through TSA. Well, TSA wasn't really a
big problem. Also, I recommend if you have to go
through TSA, go through Myrtle Beach. TSA could not be better.
Myrtle beachts very small airport, no line, boom, wonderful. How
much does global entry cost? What is that?

Speaker 4 (23:12):
How much is that?

Speaker 1 (23:13):
Danny? Do you know?

Speaker 2 (23:14):

Speaker 3 (23:14):
You know, I know, most major credit cards. If you
get it, they'll reimburse you for pre check, the pre
check thing.

Speaker 4 (23:21):
Yeah yeah.

Speaker 1 (23:22):
Lou also says when traveling via plane, you are allowed
to take food on the plane, no liquids. Before you
get to the airport, bring your own cuisine in the
carry on bag. He says, yeah, we could do that.
We could do that, but my wife loves eating at airports.
I don't know why. He says. Also, typically this I
thought this was the most This next one is the

most important one, Lou said. He says, typically at the airport,
rental car companies locate plate cars or local plate cars
rather are sold early or midday to get you get
there early to midday to get local plates. He says,
you're better off taking a red eye flight landing early
in the morning, and that way you can get a

plate that is close to your where you're at, like
the state you're in. This is a do.

Speaker 3 (24:11):
Too much work just for a license plate.

Speaker 4 (24:13):
That is a lot.

Speaker 1 (24:14):
And I didn't not get a speeding ticket.

Speaker 4 (24:17):
I did not.

Speaker 1 (24:18):
I only saw a couple of cops out there in
the boondocks of the Carolinas. Only only a couple, So
that's good.

Speaker 3 (24:25):
Yeah, And you weren't drinking and driving, you were only
eating and driving. There was a lot of food consumption.

Speaker 1 (24:31):
In fact, I did a sixty four hour fast when
I got back to Cali, Like I overdid it. I
gotta I gotta take a couple of days here. So
I almost went full three full days and just said
xnay on the food. Ay. Maddie from Milwaukee sent us
a kind of a sporty question, or.

Speaker 3 (24:56):
We could give little mini answers to it.

Speaker 1 (24:58):
What is it? Yeah, he says, Hey, Ben, Danny, do
you guys believe that Caitlin Clark is good enough to
make the the w NBA relevant.

Speaker 3 (25:06):
Well, we kind of talked about this the other day
when we're talking about Rob Parker's bad take.

Speaker 1 (25:10):
Rob Parker, I need a cole shower the great Rob Parker.

Speaker 3 (25:15):
Look, it might take a while, but then the thinking
is are people going to come along with her for
the ride in the middle. It's similar to Wemby. Were
people really tuning into the Spurs? Halfway through the NBA
season the Spurs stunk, So if she's on a bad
fever team, people are going to lose interest.

Speaker 1 (25:33):
I'll give you an example of why this is not
gonna work. I don't believe it worked. The people that
are watching Caitlin Clark, and they were like two million
people that average her debut. The other the beginning of
the week, her debut averaged two point one million people.
Right there was a doubleheader though, on that fledgling cable
channel out of Bristol, Connecticut. So the first game average

two point one million, the second game averaged less than
five hundred thousand viewers. And at any moment there's about
five hundred thousand people watching ESPN. They're all over the list, bars, restaurants, airports,
all that. So by my malor math, if my math
is correct, that seventy seven percent of the people that

watch the WNBA are there to watch Caitlin Clark. So
they have a base audience of twenty three percent. That's it.
So I don't I don't think that's going to go
very well sexist, but what do we know? All Right,
I think we'll get out on that, Danny Sunday Sunday Sunday.

I'll be back in the radio dojo tonight tonight and
we'll recap all the NBA shenanigans and all that from
today and the horse race yesterday, if I so, I'm inclined,
and whatever else happened over the weekend. We'll get to
all of it on the Sunday in the Monday podcast.
That's eleven o'clock in the West and then two am

in the east. Well, four hours of original content all
night long.

Speaker 3 (27:11):
Gotta say, really quick though, Ben about the WNBA. Have
you seen the big tall drink of water playing for
the sparks? Now that Cameron brink I was.

Speaker 1 (27:21):
Sent some photos of her looking like a runway model?
Is that the one is that I don't know her name,
that's the one she's getting.

Speaker 3 (27:28):
She's getting a lot of attention in southern California right now.

Speaker 1 (27:32):
Yeah. I have heard people complaining about the fact that
the WNBA, which would always just be honest and he
had always appealed to less effeminate women, right, I mean.

Speaker 3 (27:43):
Yeah, I know there's pictures now of a few of
the girls like doing sexy poses.

Speaker 1 (27:49):
That has to be intentional, right, Somebody at the NBA
is like, we're losing so much money on this. Nobody
wants to watch this crap. What is the number one
item that people love? What is the the thing, going
back to the early days of humanity that has always
been able to sell Danny, sex sells, That's right, exactly,
ding ding ding ding ding sex sells sex and barbecue food.

Speaker 4 (28:12):
Wow, damn right on that.

Speaker 1 (28:14):
All right, have a wonderful rest of your weekend here
whatever that means depending when you listen to this on Sunday,
And I'll be back tonight and all week long. No
days off this week, no days off, So have a
great day later, skater, gotta murder.

Speaker 3 (28:30):
I gotta go
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