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August 29, 2022 38 mins

Jason McIntyre fills in for Colin to give his biggest takeaway from the end of the NFL preseason and why he's doubting Tom Brady and the Buccaneers this season. He compares Trey Lance in his first year as a starter to a former Heisman Trophy Winner and Rookie of the Year. He also has bad news for the Rams as they try to become the first back to back Super Bowl champions since 2003-2004. Plus, NFL veteran and FOX Sports analyst Geoff Schwartz joins the show to give Jason his best bets for the college football season and to find out if he has the same concerns about Tom Brady this year. 

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Speaker 1 (00:00):
Thanks for listening to the Best of Herd podcast. Be
sure to catch us live every weekday from twelve to
three eastern nine to noon Pacific on Fox Sports Radio
and FS one. Find your local station for The Herd
at Fox Sports Radio dot com, or stream us live
every day on the iHeartRadio app by searching Herd. This
is the Best of the Herd with Colin Cowherd on
Fox Sports Radio. Ah, it's the Herd here on Fox

Sports Radio. No, this is not Colin Cowherd. I'm Jason
McIntyre in for Collin. He is currently vacationing in parts unknown.
I think a lot of you guys probably know me
from the Herd. I filled in on Undisputed. I had
a Fox Sports weekend radio show. I also had a great,
phenomenal weekend. College football is back. We have some college

football gambling later in the show that we'll get to.
I cannot wait to bet on college football. This coming weekend,
we'll do a lot of NFL. That will be some NBA.
I will talk Lakers and the latest with Russell Westbrook.
Got a couple of good guests lined up. Thanks for
the great producers here. I myself. I'm heading to Vegas
this week to sign up for the five point three

million dollar gambling contest. Cannot wait to do that lay
down to some future wagers. Jason McIntyre in for Colin Coward.
It feels good to say that, does it in right? Yeah?
I mean you guys definitely know me. I go to
a bunch of Dodgers games out here, by the way,
Dodgers fifty games over five hundred. I'm holding out hope
for a Dodgers Yankees World Series. That would be quite phenomenal.

But this was the final weekend, of course, of the
NFL preseason, ten days left until Bill's Rams on September eighth.
By the way, I talked about it elsewhere. I've got
some Bills fans friends who are going to that game.
They are renting a party bus. They have already picked
up the folding tables. They will try to duplicate the
Bill's mafia in the Sofi parking lot. These guys are animals.

It's gonna be rowdy at Sofi. By the way, I've
already bet the Bills in that game. For those of
you who were wondering. That being said, this past weekend,
the preseason wrapped up. There were three basically big storylines.
Number three was the Ravens mascot towards ACL. I'm sure
you guys saw that video on social media. Number two
was my New York Jets and if you're watching at home,
I'm wearing a Jets T shirt. You know it. Born
in New York. Baby Jets finished three and Ozero and

that'll probably be the last time we mentioned the Jets
on the Herd until the NFL Draft when they're picking,
probably in the top ten. But the number one story
was this epic quote that Tom Brady gave after his
Tampa Bay Bucks played. Brady didn't play much. He played
in the first quarter. And I'll get to the quote
in a second, but i want to set it up
this way, so those of you who know me know

that whatever modicum of success I've had professionally has largely
been attributed to kind of reading the tea leaves, projecting ahead,
kind of beating the market, whether it was sports, gambling,
the media. I also am a minority owner of some
sports teams. For instance, we bought a basketball team in
New Zealand right the breakers, and we knew that the

market for basketball was huge around the globe, But if
you want to prepare for pro basketball and you want
to make the NBA, do you want to go to Spain,
where there's a language barrier and there's some climate issues,
or do you want to go to New Zealand where
there's no language barrier and an absolutely tremendous climate. And
look at this, We've had three guys drafted in the
last five years. Right, you don't have to ride buses

in the G League. You go enjoy life in New Zealand.
So I've been fortunate enough to beat the market in
some things. You know, the old rained Gretzky quote skate
where the puck is going, not where it has been. Right.
For instance, currently in America, you know, we're searching for
a house in southern California, and you know, I'm here
to tell you that ain't fun. But the forward looking
indicators in the housing market are bad, very bad. For instance,

if you look at housing starts and housing permits, they're
way down. What does that tell you four to six
months from now, you know, housing prices are going to
be going down. The economy is going to have some
trouble because of away. The American economy is tied to
the housing market. All of that being said, one of
my biggest forward looking indicators in the NFL is the
offensive line. I know it's not sexy. Nobody's gonna aggregate

my hot take on offensive lines, right, but if you
are a fantasy football fan, if you're a gambler, you
know that football games are one in the trenches. Some
of my best runs in the NFL have been looking
at the offensive lines and seeing what the hell's going
on and reading into that and beating the market to it.
The Dallas Cowboys, for instance, lost Tyron Smith, and some
people would be like, oh, they could be okay, all

of the numbers say that is a disaster for the Cowboys,
which brings me to Tom Brady and the Bucks. If
you've been following closely Tampa in the last i don't know,
two weeks, they've had a slew of injuries on the
offensive line. They're playing musical chairs. They're moving a rookie here.
This guy's never played center. They're gonna give it a shot.
Guys are wearing name tags at practice. It's ugly and

Saturday night, Tom Brady uttered the line of the preseason
after Bucks Colts when he said this to the media.
I'm forty five years old. Man, there's life going on,
so you know, I just kind of try to figure
out like the best you can, and you know, it's
a continuous process. I feel good. I feel good. Played

football for a long time, so I'm pretty good at
it doesn't take long for me to remember how to
play it. Whoy tom Brady sounding like a beaten down man. Now.
I know a lot of you guys go on vacation
in August. We're going out of town soon for a
little bit. After vacation, I feel refreshed and renewed. I
took a bit of a digital therapy break where I'm

not on social media except for Instagram, of course, and
I feel great when I come on vacation. Tom Brady
just had an eleven day absence and his first big
meeting with the media after the game, says there's a
lot of poop emoji going on. Now, I can tell
you I like the nerd that I am for football.
I went and looked at tom Brady's opening drive against

the Colts and Folks nine pass attempts was not touched
by a Colts defender. Now they're not blitzing. It's the preseason.
They took it easy, nothing exotic. But Tom Brady knows
he's got to get the ball out quickly, so he's
doing the short short, two step drops, three step drops.
Most of his passes were within five yards of the
line of scrimmage, nothing down the field. Why does this matter, Jason?

Why are you going so deep in the offensive line? Well, folks,
I'm here to tell you. Last year Tampa Bay led
the NFL in past attempts. Okay, now part of this
is Bruce Arians, no risk it, no biscuit. They had
a great receiving group, Gronkowski, Antonio Brown, Mike Evans, Godwin.
People quickly forget a year ago. This time no joke

or no cap, as my young sixth grader likes to say,
no cap. The Bucks returned all twenty two starters from
a Super Bowl winning team, and there was talk of, oh,
could they possibly go undefeated? What do the what could
the Bucks do to upstage or Super Bowl? Like? Can
they run the table? And now you look a year
later and it's like, Okay, the head coach is gone three,

interior offensive linemen are gone three. They did not anticipate this.
The first move they made when Brady said, I'm back, baby,
I'm coming back. They signed their center Ryan Jensen to
a long term deal. Well, we know he's out for
a long time, and that's bad news because the one
place you can get pressure on Tom Brady, dating back
to his New England days, coming off the edge, he's

too smart. He's a crafty veteran. You're not beating through
his feet, but he steps up in the pocket and
delivers pressure on Brady up the middle is his weakness.
And now you're talking about replacing three offensive linemen and
literally a rookie is going to be starting a guard.
I know Worfs is incredible. Yes, I know Donovan Smith
has been rock solid, but as of now, they don't

know who their center is going to be. On opening
night in ten days. I'm sorry. They're not playing ten days.
They're playing in twelve days. They opened against the Dallas Cowboys,
and I just I just wonder, if you're Tom Brady,
you're beaten down. Whatever the hell caused him to take
an eleven day break, we still don't know the answer.
We may not get it. There was a lot of
rumors that, oh he's gonna do the mass singer. He

shot that down and then he comes out and just
says there's a lot of stuff going on with an
explet of in there. I personally love it, but probably
the best Tom Brady quote at a media scrum in
the last I don't know, five years ten. It was
awesome just looking at him now. I had a lot
of you send me dms on the Graham and a
lot of tweets, Oh are you gonna talk about Tom
Brady and all the work he had done. I'm like, guys,

come on, let let's just chill with that. I will
say it does look like he's maybe lost some weight
that can be attributed to maybe perhaps some stress where
I don't know that it's all the offensive line, but
whatever he's got going on, I mean, folks, Tom Brady
did not look like a guy who was fresh as
a daisy coming off an eleven day break. He looked

like a dude who's going through some stuff. And that's
kind of disappointing because as a I don't want to
say I'm a Brady hater, because, as you guys know,
I'm a Jets fan. I've always respected Brady. This attribute
dates back to Larry Bird. I was like a young kid,
and I love Magic Johnson. I hated Larry Bird, didn't
know anything about him, just I didn't like him because
he played for the Celtics and a guy born in

New York, like I don't like any Boston teams at all.
But I respected Bird because he's incredible. I respect Tom Brady.
I have had the fortune of interviewing him twice back
in the day when I worked at a magazine. Super
cool guy, friendly, nicest could be. This was before he was,
you know, the greatest quarterback in the history of the sport.
But whatever Brady's got going on, you know in the

back of his mind, oh man, my Bucks allowed the
fewest sacks in the league last year. The starting offensive lineman,
according to some of the numbers online, played eighty eight
percent of snaps together. That is continuity and all of
a sudden, now Tom Brady is looking at three new
guys in the middle, maybe a rookie center as of

right now TBD. And the reason Tom Brady is affected
by this so greatly is have you looked at his
cap hit this year eleven point nine million dollars. Guys,
Tom Brady has always taken less and structured his deals
so that you know the answer to this. Tom Brady
can build an awesome infrastructure around him, whether it's receivers, defense,

offensive line. He wants a loaded roster. Ryan Tannehill's cap
hit this year you ready in Tennessee thirty eight million dollars.
Tom Brady's eleven point nine million. Okay, Tom Brady's cap
hit is lower than Jared Goff, Carson Wentz, Jimmy g
Sam Darnold. Think Bucks should have flexibility to build out
the roster. I can guarantee you this Tampa Bay this

week will be a very popular team. Surfing the waiver wire,
I think I saw a number from one of these
NFL reporters that over eight hundred players are going to
be cut in the next couple of days as rosters
get trimmed down. And I know this is nothing sexy
about it, no spicy to offensive linemen, but it's not
gonna garner a lot of headlines. But the games are

won in the trenches. And I will wrap up with this, folks,
look at the final offensive rankings. Not a lot of
people do offensive line rankings, but Pro Football Focus I
gotta give them a shout out. They do a great
job and their final rankings at the end of last year.
Number one, Dallas Cowboys, number two, Tampa Bay three forty
nine Ers, four Eagles, five Chiefs. You know the one

commonality among all five of those they made the playoffs.
Rams were seventh, they won the Super Bowl. Patriots were ninth.
Bengals were the outlier. They were only twentieth. Remember Burrow
was sacked like fifty some odd times. They were able
to make the Super Bowl. They overcame it. But take
a look at the Pro football rankings this season heading
into the offensive line, Philadelphia Eagles number one, Dallas Cowboys

are coming. They're coming NFC East. I like the Eagles,
I like the Giants. I don't like the Cowboys. And
the Bucks in the off season were four. That was
before they lost three potential starters in the preseason and
they're playing musical chairs on the offensive line. Tom Brady
is angry when he's dropping expletives coming off a vacation

after a preseason game. Something is amiss. It smells rotten
in Tampa and folks, I really think you need to
look very hard at the New Orleans Saints. Yes, the
New Orleans Saints. Jamis Winston, famous jamis to stun everybody
and come out on top in the NFC South. Just
take a look at that Saints over the Bucks. I'm

worried about Brady, Folks. We've been warned to rig if
he's falling off a cliff for years. I don't think
he falls off a cliff because his schedule is favorable,
but I can see some consternation out of Tampa early
in September. Be sure to catch live editions of The
Herd weekdays in noon Eastern a Empacific on Fox Sports
Radio FS one and the iHeartRadio app. What is going

through the head of Russell Westbrook? Like as he drives around,
turns on a radio and again, I know this show
is huge in LA. I'm not ripping the guy because
I know there's a lot of people out here in LA.
I know some people who know his family and played
high school basketball with him, and like, apparently they're all
nice people. But I'm trying to envision what's going on
in his head, and it is one of the most

difficult heads to get into in the NBA. Right now,
I'm telling you, guys, five years ago, I think he
averaged a triple double and won the MVP. I think
that was five years ago. You can check me on that,
and Kevin Durant kind of left him. He won the
average triple double, then he did it again, and now
the guy's just getting bounced around the league. He's just
getting tossed around. He's getting passed around like a joint.

I don't know if I could say that on the
air I got I got the thumbs down on that one,
but I feel bad for Westbrook. And now after the
Pat Beverley deal, as Cowherd and other people who said, like, oh,
they're trying to run Russell Westbrook out of town, Like,
how do you going about your day as Russell Westbrook?
Think about it. You can't turn on the radio because

they're talking about you. Good luck turning on an an
NBA podcast or any podcast. You can't go on social media.
What on earth is this guy doing? Well, we know
he's not in the gym working on his three point shot.
Maybe he's working on some pick and rolls, because you know,
he has to eventually start setting screens. I think it
was Zach Lowe who had the stat that Russell Westbrook

set like the fewest screens of any guard in the
NBA last year something along those lines. He doesn't set screens,
he doesn't shoot threes. I know he was okay from
the corner, but like he has to know something's going
down and you can't call Lebron. I don't know what
allies he has in the building there. It's just a
brutal situation for Westbrook and I have not been a

huge fan of him historically. I said Durant should leave.
I cheered Duran what he left. I defended Durant when
he wisely left OKAC for Golden State. Durant and I
have had plenty of ig DM reactions over the last
few years. He loves and hates, loves and hates, And
it's been tough for me to defend Russell Westbrook because
of his style of play, because he gets ordinary with

the media. I just I wonder what he's thinking because
all the media's talking about his own Is it gonna
be Buddy Healed and Miles Turner for for Russell Westbrook?
And it's like I thought about this. I'm like, anytime
everybody in the media predicts something, it never happens. I'll
ask you this music, how many reporters had Patrick Beverley's

gonna be going to the Lakers a week. Nobody had that.
Nobody right, Yeah, you're right, you're right. Nobody's on the
for for a while. When Kevin Durant demanded a trade,
everybody's saying, oh, Boston, Miami, everybody's picking where he's gonna go.
The odds for the Nets to win the title went
up to fifty to one. Kevin Durant ended up staying
in Brooklyn. I don't know, but I feel like music,

something weird is coming with Westbrook. I don't think the
Lakers are gonna buy him out. I was going through
the teams. The only two that makes sense are the
San Antonio Spurs because a they have the lowest wind
total in the league. Have you seen I was stunned
twenty three and a half for the Spurs. That's a
quick quick fall from Grace. And the other one that

makes sense is Washington, which doesn't have a point guard.
And Washington also is like, well, if we pair Westbrook
and Beal, we made the playoffs two years ago or
three years ago with that, like, can we duplicate that?
Can we just get in as the eight get into
the play and anything? I mean I didn't know this,
but Kyle Kuzmo led the Lakers and points and rebounds

last year because he qualified. Beal did not. And I
just wonder what's going down music with Russ? Do you
see him on the Lakers for training camp? Agins, Oh, yeah,
I think there's definitely a world where they start, they
try and do their best efforts at the start of
the season to make it work with Westbrook, and then
they probably eventually give them the John Wall treatment, say

hey man, step aside, We'll just we'll do addition by
subtraction and play without you get nothing from him. Yeah,
I mean, I think they've honestly since the end of
the season, have been trying to move him, and I
think everyone looks at it and they go, why would
we pay forty seven million dollars for that player? Yeah,
Lakers aren't going to eat any of the deal. It's

it's a messy situation for the Lakers. The only thing
I'll say. And I know there's a Lebron a lot
of Lebron haters. When I put on Twitter yesterday that oh,
I'll be hosting the Herd, everybody said, oh, so three
hours of Lebron versus Jordan and I go, no, I
will not be doing it with Chris Boussard because we
love to argue that. But Lebron is the one who
wanted Russell Westbrook on the Lakers. Guys. He's the one

who pushed for that, and I know Lebron. I am sorry,
I don't know Lebron. I know Lebron wants to win
one more title. I don't know how on earth he
thought Russell Westbrook would work out like that was arguably
the worst GM move Lebron's ever made. Convincing Dwayne Wade
to come to Cleveland was probably number two. But I

can just keep an eye on the Spurs. If they're
gonna take they've got all young guys. If they say,
you know, we'll take Russell, we'll take the two future
picks we're rebuilding. Remember the reason Popovich and the Spurs
rose up. They tanked for Tim Duncan, Duncan and Robinson
title dynasty. Keep an eye on that. I just I
wish Russell Wilson the best. It's gonna be a tough summer. Hey,

it's Ben host of the Fifth Hour with Ben Maller,
with mean a lot to have you join us. On
our weekly auditory journey. You're asking one in God's name
is the Fifth Hour? I'll tell you it's a spin
off of that Ben Maller show, Cold Hit overnights on FSR.
Why should you listen? Picture if you will a world
will we chat with captains of industry in media, sports
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human nature and more. Let's sen to the Fifth Hour
with Ben Maller on the iHeartRadio app, Apple podcast or
wherever you get your podcast. So you guys know, I
was on the heard Friday with Colherd and as a
Jets fan ding second Jets mention of the show so far.
Mark Sanchez was a guest and as a Jets fan,
like you know ten years ago, I was riding in

the Mark Sanches tradeing like we went to two straight
AFC title gains. It was amazing. And I had said
something on the show Friday that there's the potential for
Trey Lance to be RG three And I'll break that
down a second as to why. So Mark Sitches comes
up on the seat, He's like, Hey, what's up, Jay
Mac And I was like, okay, never met you in
my life. Sanchez but what up? And he's like, Hey,

what's with the jet stuff? I didn't know you were
a fan. I was like, yeah, I was born in
New York. He's like, oh, hey, thanks for stealing my
Trey Lance RG three And I was like, oh, I
didn't know you were going there. And Sanchez was just
like totally chill guy, super friendly. You know. I wanted
to talk to him about what the hell happened against
Pittsburgh Steelers in the AFC title game a decade ago,
but it did not come up in topic. But he

was like giving me credit for pushing this Trey Lance
RG three thing. Here's where it comes from. And I
will admit I grew up other though I was born
in New York, I grew up in northern Virginia, went
to high school there, and went to college in Virginia.
A lot of friends in the DC area, they're not
happy that I'm down on Carson Wentz. They did love

RG three briefly. That being said, RG three came into
Washington as more of a finished product than Trey Lance
is going into San France. And that's the only hiccup
with where I was going with could trade Lance b
RG three? Remember Washington traded a bunch of picks to
get up and draft RG three. San Fran traded some

picks to get up and get trade Lands. The offensive
coordinator in Washington was Kyle Shanahan. His dad was the
head coach. You guys surely remember RG three setting the
NFL on fire as a rookie monster numbers. I think
the season opener was against the Saints. He put up
baffo yards just off the charts. He probably want some

people fantasy league. That year he had like a seventy
five yard touchdown run against the Vikings. I'm pretty sure
at the old Stadium or maybe it was FedEx Field.
It was like down the sideline and I remember watching
it in my room, like, oh my gosh. RG three
is a he's a freaking receiver. Look at the speed
and like the stands where it's shaking. It was an
incredible go look it up on YouTube. RG three, of course,

got hurt in the Seattle game, and then he tried
to play and he just leg got destroyed. I think
Trey Lance can do that for Kyle Shanahan b in
RG three. The problem, of course, is that RG three
played in forty one games in College forty one, Trey
Lance played in seventeen. RG three had over eight hundred

more pass attempts. Those are constant reps that Trey Lance
just hasn't had. Now the counter as well, Hey, Jay
RG three was throwing a Santana Moss and Pierre gas song, Okay,
look at look at Trey Lance. Thorn too, Deebo Samuel
and George Kittle two of the best at their position.
So you could argue Trey Lance is better set up.

Kyle Shanahan had ten more years in the league then
RG three was. I just wondered there is some offensive
line issues in San Franz. Remember Alex mc retired. They
lost a guard to the Jets in free agency, so
the middle of their line had some question marks. But
I ultimately think Trey Lance could have potentially a big year.

One more. Heard the Herd streams twenty four hours a day,
seven days a week within the iHeartRadio app search Heard
to listen live or on demand whenever you like. All right,
let's bring in Jeff Schwartz, former NFL offensive lightman. He
does some gambling stuff with me for Fox Sports. Jeff Schwartz,
how you doing a man? I'm good. How are you doing, buddy,
I'm getting I'm getting sights from the season. Hit a

couple good best this weekend, and I'm already got my
Week one college football mostly walked in, so I'm excited. Man, Yeah, yeah, yeah.
So you were in Vegas this past weekend or two
weeks ago. I wasn't Vegas story this past weekend. The
best part, by the way, was spots, rolls and dice,
and these heavy spenders were money on the on the
don't pass line, and I hit a bunch of sevens

and I hit the point a couple of times and
they lost a lot of money. Made the table very happy.
So it was good. Good weekend, good weekend. Mean it
was five figures they lost on my roles. You're betting
against me, man, Like, come on, I love it. Let's
go with your tell me one bet you made in
Vegas over the weekend on NFL and one on college Okay, Well,

my favorite bet is the Ravens when the AFG North.
Now when I originally bet this, it was plus two
ten plus two hundred. Now they're the favorite to win
the North. There's a lot of money comminge on this.
I just it never made sense to me why they
were not the favorite. They with eighty three last year
with Lamar Jackson, he got hurt and they struggled. But
he also he was the only one who got hurt. Right,

it was all the running backs. They're left tackle, they're
two best corners, you know, Class Campbell. Like everyone got hurt.
Typically the next year after that you're all healthy. It's
kind of the way it works. Bengals have a much
tougher schedule this season. They're due you for a little
bit of injury progression. The Steelers, the Browns, like the
Ravens to meum are are are good when the NSC

North and then you know for college football for future.
But I mean, Utah want to the culturable Playoff is
a good wager in my opinion. You look at here's why,
but here's here's why. Okay, So I liked them to
be for this weekend. I already took the Utah on
the money line to beat Florida. If they beat Florida,
you have to find me two losses on their schedule. Okay,

So is it is it at Oregon? Okay? Fair enough?
USC at home? I mean if they split those right
and when the games are supposed to win. They're in
the playoff or twelve and one, they've won the pack twelve.
They I would imagine if they could beat Organ or
usc combination of both, they'll play them again, quite possibly
in the pact of a title game. Like to me,
they have the schedule to do this. If you look

at the other options, was it comes in probably maybe
you know, if Alabama or Georgia and knock each other
out this year, that opens up one more spot for
Utah a last day I think probably run the table.
So I think Utah culturable playoffs. I love them. This
weekends Florida is the way to go for me. Interesting,
we'll come back to the NFL. But I know you
went to Oregon obviously played there. I like Oregon getting

seventeen and a half this weekend. Jeff, and I think
what should be a great game. Um, it should be
a good game. I'll be down in Atlanta for that game.
First time I've seen the abduction quite a while. Um, Look,
it's very simple. It comes down to bow Knicks right
and bow Knicks transferred from Auburn as probably the starting

quarterback or Dame Lanning will announce it, but I imagine
he's the guy and you just have to hope that
he um, you know, he just doesn't make mistakes. So
the defense is gonna be really good. It's me it's
multiple pros on that team. They've precruited well, offensive line
is good, running backs, wide receivers, and it's all good.
I hope that cats George. It's sort of like, uh,

you know, hang with National Ger hangover. They're playing teams
in the West Coast. Maybe don't take Oregan very seriously.
So since and Bennett is not that good of a quarterback,
I mean the kind of get by with him, so
now force him a couple turnovers. But look, Georgia has
elite players still, the defensive line, still a defensive backdoor.
It's gonna be a Tusky off Oregan to win. But
I think we keep it close early on. We have

a chance to cover seventeen and a half. Yeah, I'm
with you on that. The Georgia defense, I think they
lost six or seven starters to the NFL Draft. I
mean there, it's just gonna look nothing like last year, right, um,
nothing but but but they say that the best defensive
lineman is still there and now Clan Carter number eighty eight,
and and then you have Kaylee Ringo who had the

game of Interception against Alabama. Like they still have multiple
first round place on that defense. Yeah, they're they're load.
All right, let's get back to the NFL. I am curious.
You're a former offensive lineman. I look at these Bucks injuries.
I look at Tyron Smith going down. I look at
some questions on the interior for the Niners. I don't know, Jeff,
it seems like offensive line is shaping up to be

an issue around the league potentially. Am I overestimating what's
going on in Tampa or or not? Well? Tamp possess
concern just because Tom Brady, you know, over the years
and as he gets older, it just gets tougher, right
with you know, he's not going to move very much.
You're gonna sit in the pocket, and he wants get
the ball up quickly. And if you're interrupting him at
all in that cadence of his by a poor offensive line,

you can really get to him. It seem that the
one way to really get him to slow down. We've
seen it with the Rams last year in the playoff game.
We saw it many years in New England so that
is a heavy concern you the Cowboys with Toron Smith,
like he just you don't really have those backups, Like
you don't have someone that he's just come in and
be him. Unfortunately he's been injured. They drafted Tyre Smith.

I would keep Tyre Smith and left guard. He's been
well there in the preseason. Keep him there, try to
find himself a replacement and left tackle, whether that's Eric
Fisher is a free agent, where that's I saw a
report training for Walker Litle possibillyam Jacksonville. That would be
a way to go. M You know, that is very
because if you look at the record of the Cowboys
with him without Toron Smith, like it's a big difference.
They're a much worse team without him, and that's not acceptable.

Like you, he's loves left tackles, they lose right tackles.
They plays fun. I mean, Eagles whist Jason Peters the
Super Bowl season and still managed to block everyone right.
But you can make it work with one guy. Yeah,
the Cowboys have to find a way to make it
work without their left tackle. The Niners are just you know,
they're they're young. They had a retirement at center, but yeah,
especially with Trey Lancy in there. Jimmy G real quick.

There is some speculation that the Niners will cut him
this week and why would they wait so long, Well,
they didn't want him potentially picking Seattle in the division.
Seattle plays the Niners in Week two and going there
with like a month to prepare, and Seattle didn't want
to give up anything. So maybe they land Jimmy G
and then you've got those two receivers. They look kind

of competent on offense in the preseason. Like, I don't know, Jeff,
is there a scenario where Jimmy g ends up in
Seattle in the division? Well, he has to be cut
for that to happen. This is what I've containing the
entire time. But he has to be cut to go
somewhere else, And I don't really see. So you know
the odds on where Jimmy job as well, like Seattle, Houston,

you know, all all the bad teams, right And to me,
I think his place this season is a backup on
a good team, right, Becase if you're Seattle, you really
you'd rather stink this year, Like there's a lot of
quarterbacks in the draft next season, like be bad this
year years off, a young quarterback Jimmy Garoppolo doesn't really
win you Super Bowl. You make it to eight wins,
but like, do you really want to win eight games
or would you rather win three games? You after quarterback

next season and kind of start your fancas over again
after Russell Wilson. To me, you'd rather stink. So to me,
you look at the backup situation in Tampa Bay, in Buffalo,
I think Kansas City is pretty set with with with
Chad Henny, and you find situations for Jimmy Garoppolo around
the NFL where he can be that You know that
ten million dollars a year backup right, just a one

year deal. If someone gets hurt, you have Jimmy Garoppolo,
And that to me feels more of where I think
he should be than going to be the starter on
a bad team. It doesn't really do anything for me.
They doesn't make that team much better and it might
just hamper them next season from getting the quarterback in
the future. Well, could Jimmy g go to Cleveland, get
them to say seven and four, and then be that

bridge to Deshaun Watson who gets into the playoffs. Because
if you look at the schedule. You know Brissette could
do well early, but then he's gonna get destroyed. And
you know they don't have a ton of weapons there though.
It's like a Marie Cooper and a cloud of dust
on the outside. Yeah, it's it's it's certainly possible that
they can do that. But what happens if you're seven
and four, Like, do you want it? I mean, I

know you you paid Deshaun Watson, he's gonna play. If
you're seven and four, you're first in a division, you're
really gonna you're really gonna feel good about going to
a quarterback and wasn't played in a year and a half.
Now you have to play Deshohn and Watson. I get that.
But a guy that hasn't played a year and a
half has had limited practice. Not only he hasn't he
isn't practice. He didn't practice training camp two years ago,

practice practice a little bit this year. But obviously just
one appreciation game. Like if you're seven and four, if
you're eighty three, if you're playing good football, it would
feel odd to be like, yeah, we're just gonna pull
the plug on the season. Helpe the Shawn Watson is
won't get ready for next year. I again, I think
the Browns would rather just I don't hope, be middling
with Jacobe Bersett and they have Waltonson and be kind

of the savior than have Jimmy g You know, he
can play Waldness offense. We saw Baker play Waldness offense
and they went a bunch of games and then you
kind of feel silly going to Seohn Watson. All right,
we'll wrap up Jeff. With the Steelers quarterback battle. It
seems like every geno's a guy in Seattle, m Davis
Mills for better or worse in Houston, justin fields. In Chicago,
everything's set except for pick at Trubisky. It sounds like

Steelers are leaning seventy thirty to Trubisky to start Week one.
Where are you on that one? Yeah, it wouldn't surprise
me knowing that. You know, Tomlin is a veteran coach
obviously with a veteran team, and I'd imagine that he
wants the veteran quarterbacks early on. Just that's the sense
I get from from Pittsburgh, even though I think Pikett
obviously is the future of what they want to be

um and you can always go to Picket at some
point during the season. If you start kidding Pick it
he him play well and you bench him for Trubisky
of all people, that it kind of makes you look dumb,
like it's like, well, like you know what I mean,
Like this is to me a calculation when it comes
to a lot of these situations. That's why Jimmy g
has to go in Jack Frisco because you can't have

him just sitting there when Trey Lance plays poorly that
you can't go to him. He cannot be an option
of yours because you cannot go to another quarterback when
you play the young kid. And so either this situation,
you start with the older player in Trubisky, maybe he
plays terribly for three games, four games, plays average, you
put Picking in, and then you let him ride the
rest of the season. You can't because if you start

Week one with them, you have to let him ride
all seventeen games. This is way you can ease him
in at some point during the season. That's to me,
is the way they're going to play this interesting, all right.
Jeff Schwartz, Fox Sports NFL analyst gambling guy Pac twelve guru.
Can I call you a guru. Dude, I looked at
my record the last I kept tracking nineteen and twenty

one because the twenty other weird COVID year. Yeah, pac twelve,
stive and twenty seven. You have a spread. That's that's decent, man,
that's well, yeah, pretty good. Yeah, Utah. This week Daniel
State in minus six hosting Arizona was at my two.
So far interesting. All right, Jeff Schwartz, enjoy it. I'm
sure we'll talk soon. Man. Take it? Are you be
sure to catch live editions of The Herd weekdays in

noon Easter nine Ampacific on Fox Sports Radio FS one
and the iHeart Radio app. I can see the rams
maybe missing the playoffs. I'm not predicting, no, miss the playoffs.
I'm saying I foresee some problems. And they were like
silent for a second. Oh, hot take, we like it,
we like it, Jay, And I was like in my head,

I'm like, listen, guys, I can do hot take happy hour. Okay,
that is fun. This ain't hot take happy Hour. I
saw one of the most shocking stats because I keep
this note section in my phone for all sorts of
like interesting nuggets that I read or here, and this
is stunning to me. The Rams have one of the

three toughest schedules in the NFL this season. And you'd
have to look really hard to notice this, but the
defending Super Bowl champs. If you look at the teams
that are favored to win the super Bowl based on
the gambling odds, the Rams play the top eight. All
eight favors to play the super Bowl or win the

Super Bowl, the Rams face them, and they face one
of them forty nine ers twice. That is an absolutely
brutal schedule. The only reason it's not the toughest in
the league because because they're very good. Now. To go
along the offensive line theme that we've talked about during
the show, they're left guard Whitworth, the rock of that
offensive line. He gone. He retired now. I know they

replaced him with note Boom, who has done well, but
again he's never been like a full year starter. He's
a great backup. And I just wonder if you look
at the offensive line. I know they have Alan Robinson
in place of Beckham. I think that's a huge win.
You look at how the Rams are built, they are
built very top heavy. Right, you talk about brands in

the NFL, one of my favorite things Calher does is
is brands for teams. I don't know if he's done
this for the NFL, but like you look at the
Pittsburgh Steelers, their brand is defense. We are in a
blue collar city. We're gonna win in the trenches. We're
gonna push you around with T. J. Watton Company, We're
gonna hit hard. It's gonna be you go into Pittsburgh.
It's a body, bad game. Pittsburgh's brand is toughness. Right.

You look at the Rams. They're brand that they're building,
that they're cultivating under Sean mcvagh, which I love is
we are star driven fits well right being in the
city of Hollywood and LA and crowbarrowing your way into
the stratosphere in Los Angeles is tough. So what do
you do? We are gonna go with heavy on the
stars and then we'll just fill in the gaps with

new guys. Go look at who Cornerback two is opposite
Jalen Ramsey. Go take a look. Tell me if you've
heard of him, tell me if you're familiar with the work.
But listen, it worked last year now, Aaron Donald, Jalen Ramsey,
Matt Stafford, like sixty percent of this roster is very interchangeable.
Remember they had a great team two years ago and
then they just lost a bunch of guys to free agency. Hey,

we can we can afford to lose two safeties. We've
got Jalen Ramsey, We've got Aaron Donald. You know, there
are some holes on this team, and there is not
a lot of room for error if somebody were to
go down with an injury. Now, you look at the
health for mcvay's teams, and for whatever reason, they are
always healthy. They are one of the healthiest teams in
the league the last three years, which is great news, right,

as long as you're healthy. Now, I know some people
will say, but cam Akers, Jay Robert Woods went down. Yeah,
I'm aware there's a couple. By and large, they have
been healthy under McVeigh. Now, I know McVeigh doesn't play
any guys in the preseason. Stafford has this elbow issue.
I like the Rams brand, I like what they're building.
I can't get past this schedule. I can't. And I

think the Bills are gonna beat him in the opener.
And yes, I know McVeigh five and oh against the spread,
five and oh, straight up and career season opening games.
He's very good. They'll beat they'll beat the Falcons. They'll
beat the doors off the Falcons. A week two Arizona,
San fran Dallas. After that, that ain't easy. It will
not be easy. And then you start getting into the

meta schedule. They're like, damn, they come out of the
bye week to early by, which is not great. They
come out of the bye they got San Francisco, Tom Brady,
Arizona again, at New Orleans, at Kansas City. They've got
to go to Aaron Rodgers. In December, they've got to
go to the Chargers. Oh, I'm sorry not to the
charge of Chargers are a home game. But in between

I'm sorry. After Green Bay and going there, they come
back for a Christmas date with Russell Wilson, then they
stay at home to face the Chargers. I mean, you
look at who's facing tougher quarterbacks in this three game
stretched than Aaron Rodgers, Russell Wilson and Justin Herbert in
December and January. January one for the Chargers game when

everything's going to be on the line. Now, I know
the NFC's down, and I like the Rams, but you know,
music practically fell out, dropped the phone when I said,
I think there's a scenario whe the RAMS amidst the playoffs.
Some people I believe Cowherd has the RAMS in the
super Bowl. Again, that's insanity.
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