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March 17, 2023 11 mins

On his podcast, Draymond Green reacts to receiving a 16th technical foul for throwing the ball at Russell Westbrook in the Golden State Warriors’ matchup with the Los Angeles Clippers, why he's not going to complain about the call, and why he appreciates the way the NBA league office handled the situation. Then he gives his thoughts on Michigan State's win over USC in the NCAA tournament.

Produced by: Jackson Safon

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What's up, everybody? Welcome back to the Straymond Green Show.

This is our third episode of a week and kind
of not expect it, but as you know, I am
not one to stand behind anything. So why are we
doing this episode? It's because I'm in my hotel room
in Atlanta because I'm suspended for a game for reaching
the technical file limit of sixteen. For those of you

that don't understand what that is, that sixteen texts you
get a one game suspension, and then every subsequent tech
after that you get a suspension, so say eighteen twenty,
quite frankly, I won't get I'll maybe get one more
text And now I got one that I can get.
But um, you know, I actually am. You know, I

take my lumps on and chin. It is what it is.
You got to deal with it. Quite frankly, I thought
I did not think the tech the other day should
have got rescinded like that kind of is what it is.
I thought that there would be texts from earlier in
the year that I for sure knew I probably weren't

deserving that tech. We'll get rescinded. But then they said
those were two like it was too late to rescind
those which didn't quite know that rule. But it is
what it is. Sucks for a couple of reasons. Number one,
we're just in really tight standards and every game kind
of matters at this point, so we'd like to play tonight.

But in saying that, I still have confidence that our
guys are going to get it done and it just
is what it is. Going to come out ready to
go tomorrow versus Memphis, which is a big game for us,
as you know, all things considered. Obviously, the little Memphis thing.
But then also, like I said, the standards, and so

I'm looking forward to getting back to that game. What
I will say about the suspension thing, I've been suspended
before and in this league, and what I will say
is it's like a totally different vibe within me than
it has been before. And I think that's in large

part due to the road that Joe Dumars is in
and just how he was a player and how he
understands the things they're good and then also a general manager,
you know, so being on that side um now you know,
working with the league, he's seen it from so many
different angles. I think Joe Dumars is such an asset

to the NBA. Just being added on to the to
the league staff, I think it's huge. I think it's
it's tremendously helped, like the relationship amongst players in the
league office. And it's not that you know, guys don't
have relationships with people in league office, because I think,

you know, I think when you look at our league,
we're probably the best at that. But it's just uh,
certain processes, for instance, the process of how suspensions normally happened.
It's just totally different. Though the conversations that I had
are totally different. It's more of a partnership and like

working together than it's ever been, and I think that's huge.
I actually always speak on that with the whole rougheree
in topic. It's like it's me versus you, when in
fact we're all working together to kind of put this
great product out for our fan base. And so ultimately
it requires everyone to operate at a level in order

to operate at a certain level in order to put
out the product that is the NBA, that is a
top notch product. And so I think that's absolutely amazing
and saying that, like it's like you're working towards this

thing and like, okay, you gouts suspended for a game,
but it's just a totally different feel about it, like
you actually spoke to somebody, You're actually heard out, you know,
you actually work through some things and then when you
end at the final answer, it is what it is.
But to actually work through those things, like I said,
I think that is a totally different thing in the
league office, and I think Joe Dumars has been huge

for that. So I say kudos to the league office.
I'm not one that's gonna sit here and cry and
complain about, you know, over spilled milk. It is what
it is. Got to do the work to make sure
whatever I need to do for this team happens. And
that's that. Um. I'm also a little relieved that I

don't have that thing hanging over my head. I've had
that hanging over my head for at least twenty games
of that fifteen tech and getting a sixteen tech, and
I'll tell you something that that has changed things for me.
Am I going to contest the call? Absolutely? Like you're
in the heat of the battle. It's a very passionate game,

you know, and so am I gonna say something about
it call? Absolutely? But as saying that, I had UM
referee Kevin Scott, who's one of the referees, so I
have a really good relationship with UM. He missed a
call and I felt like he missed another car and
I said something to him on we were standing at

the free throw line and I just said, damn, cal like,
I feel like I feel like you like like I
feel personal, And he was like Draymond. He said, Man,
I got two kids at home. I have people that
they're watching every call I make. I'm being greater on

every single call I make. I'm busting my ass out here,
like I'm fighting for my life every day I come
out here when I make these calls, I'm fighting for
my life on the daily. Like I wouldn't try to
miss a call like I like, I try to get
every single call right because I'm fighting for my life
on the daily. And that gave me an entirely different

perspective from Rougherees, like like it humanized the Rougherees for me.
And so actually, from that point I was able to
go the amount of games that I went without getting
the technical file, and quite frankly, my technical file that
suspends me come from an interaction with another player, because
Russ pushed me in the back and I threw the ball.

Quite frankly, I thought that, I, you know, the different
pushing in the back. That pushing the back definitely felt
like a pissed off I'm being guarded the way I'm
guarded pushing the back, And quite frankly, it wasn't like
a malicious throw the ball. I literally said, man, come on, Russ,
and that was that, you know, So, like I said,
not crying over spilled milk, it is what it is. Overall,

kudos to the NBA on how their new processes going.
I think that's huge. I think that's going to be
great for the league. I think that's great for player relationship,
league relationship. It will continue to grow the relationship amongst
players and for reeze, which I think is huge. So
it is what it is, man, I take my stuff
on the chin. I gotta bounce back the way you

bounce back. And that's what it is. With that shout
out to my spartans, I know you see the hoodie.
Michigan State got the dub today as expected. So if
you recall last June the Golden State Warriors won the
championship and they were playing against the Boston Celtics and
Boston Celtics, was it a significance of this, Draymond, what

the hell are you talking about? Well, because our producer
Jackson is a Boston Celtics fan. Okay, So Jackson hit
me up earlier this week he like, yeah, USC baby,
this that another I'm like, Jackson, bet whatever you want
to bet, because no chance to USC is be to
Michigan State. Like this is basketball that's not happening. Like

we like Michigan State is Michigan State, and so then
you know, we placed our bet. And so I said
all of that to say, it just seems like the
teams that Jackson cheers for against me, they lose. And
so that's a great day to the DeMar de Rosen
I told Demarrow, said, man, this this, this, this game
looks worse than when I ended your career in college.
You know. Then DeMar went on his one and dumb

way and went on to the Toronto routors. But Michigan State.
I ended DeMar's career when he was at USC, you know.
So nothing but good vibes with the Trojans. Quite frankly,
I'm a Saginaw Trojan, so I get it. I know
the feeling of being a trojan. Today just wasn't a
good day to be a Trojan. It's a great day
to be a Spartan. Shout out to my Spartan dogs.
We got Marquette coming up, Matt coming up next, d Wade, Wan,

you you all, you guys, you name Marquette, guys. I'm
taking all bets Spartan dogs for the win. We're going
to the Sweet sixteen and then we'll move further that's
a route from this episode of The Draymond Green shown
till next time Piece
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