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October 26, 2017 15 mins

Garrett, Brody, Skeery and Danielle hang out with Impractical Joker Joe Gatto! How was Joe connected to the morning show BEFORE he was a big star?!?!?!

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Speaker 1 (00:03):
What would you talk about on your on your podcast
Phone Presents is Garrett Alone with Dave Brody and special
guests Gatto okay, and you're ready. Joe Ghetto cannot hear

a thing in his headphones from the ap Practical Jokers.
He's not deaf, he just has bad headphones in facing it.
We're fixing it as we speak with them. That's the
beautiful thing about doing a podcast. This is a new
bit for that show where the headphones don't work laughing.
Let's see how many headphones can we can get around
Joe's head right now. I got the not working ones
in the two pet Boys style, and I got these

boys up top so you look like you look like
you're ready to work out, but you also have double DJ.
That's it, man, I got it. The Double DJ Joe
Ghetto and Practical Joker's tour is about to take off.
Madison Square Garden that's for just a few weeks November,
and was playing the garden. I can't believe they let
us in there. You get to say that word. Now,
you get to see that thing. I'm playing the guards

crazy crazy, I don't know. Instead of just cleaning up
the garden, I can't imagine anyone listening to this podcast
doesn't know the Impractical Jokers at this point, if you
don't know who they are there on True TV, it's
it's an improv show. It's four guys grew up together
in Stutton Island. It's the intro of the show. They
tell you that. Um, but Joe started out as a
listener of our show two thousand two. I want to say,

you want to contest. Tell us about the contest. You
want to get on the show. I did, uh. I
did a contest called DJ for a Day where they
did a oh here comes Scary. We were talking about
stop talking. I mean, he's the worst. So Scary did
it and I was like, Scary, what would you? What
were you? So? Am I walking? I saw you coming.

We're allowed to curse on this podcast. Good. I was
wondering who was gonna say first. I was on. I
won this contest called DJ for a Day where I
I came in and I got to do an hour
with the morning show and that's how I got to
meet everybody. And I was always a fan before that,
and I, in hindsight, I was a little too harsh

on Elvis. I was very cocky. I was. I was
a little cocky. Yeah, well it was the people I followed. Admittedly,
the people before me were shipped. They were. They didn't
with these two kids, and they were just terrible. But
if those kids are listening, sorry they were. I hope
they have given up on radio. They are terrible. I
heard they went to Harvard, but I mean they were there,

they were they were right, and so so Joe. Joe
came off like this wise guy trying to be famous
guy right, and they honestly did. I remember, specifically talking
to you on the couch. I'm like, who does this
guy think? He was right? And and then and then
he became friendly with us, and then he would send
me song parodies. Um, and I was like, you know what,

he's she pretty talented and we played his song parodies. Yeah,
I'll go back, I'll go back before that. Actually, speaking
of just being cocky, you and Danielle Scary did this
contest at the South Street Seaport with a some sort
of travel agency where it was the people voted oh
my god on on the winter. So you guys were
picking people from the crowd. I remember, and I was

standing there and they would picking five guys and five
girls and they had picked four guys and I came
up and I was standing there and I was like,
and I looked at you, and Scary looked away. He
was like, I'll know. And then I caught locked eys
with Danielle and daniel was like, oh, and I was
like me pick you know me, I just saw you
a week ago, and then she picked me. And I
got up there and I danced my ass off to
walking on sunshine and I want a trip to Brazil

and I want to Brazil. Yes, this was one of
those used to that's me, I celebrity who I was
getting a free trip. And I went to Brazil on
the Bronx from respect piece of ship. I took all
about that afternoon. It was a hot summer, was sweating

bulls at the fucking table. Okay, they gave me at
the Brazil. By the way, when you're in the entertainment industry,
or you know some of the entertainment industry, here's what happens.
I forgot about that. Nobody in the entertainment industry wants
a talented person in the entertainment industry, and so like
I have friends who write for Late night talk shows.
They will not help you get a job because you

might take their job someday. So my guest is scary.
So you was like, this guy's hungry. Fuck him. I
don't want it gett any more success. Like, no, this
guy is a ringer. He probably shows up to all
these events like this and he cleans up. I'm like,
we can't pick this motherfucker. It was a dance contest.
My body is a weapon, scary I wanted I just

wanted somebody else to wait like this. It's just not fat.
And then it was also by the vote, like people
had to applaud and people love me. By the way,
fifteen years later, will you guys go up for your
emmy part of your speech should be that one, Scary Jones.
That's absolutely right. Yeah, I didn't give a ship man
I got. I was there to win. I had to

go to con hall. You got a five thousand dollar
free trip for going on stage and dancing for you
know the type of person I'm talking about. You man
to every sweepstakes they show up at the opening of
an envelope, right, you know, did they just they got
their own TV shows? Listen, they pack on and you

don't you don't know how people those kinds of people,
let's sit down and do this fucking fifteen minute pockets
because they can't get the big show listen they you.
I asked, why didn't we not know that you were
coming into the building because it was doing the easy
listening station. Man, I know Christmas Carols. Fuck y'all. No,

you can't taste outside. I feel like we can into England.
You can't here. Didn't know you were coming until after
we said peace out, everybody saying, hey Joe, right, that's
where did it? Well, we had someone already scheduled, so
you know how it is around here. Well, you know

what the guy want to contest at the South Street.
That's why you were You wouldn't be able to curse
like a sailor. Yeah, I know. Well it's funny because
when you say to people like us you could curse.
I mean it took you three seconds, the same fun
you pent it up all day. That's all pretty much.
Fast forward like at that point, like thirteen years and
you're on a high wire outside the South Street Seaport
doing a live shown. Were up there going I may die,

but hey, I dance. I was in the crowd that
night and when you looked away, yeah you got we
had to even up, buddy, that's it. But you know,
you know it's funny. Joe Scary Jones now will come
to you the day before you're you're soon to be
sold out show at Madison Square Garden and go, okay,
get a pair. Yeah, hey, I'm gonna be definitely absolutely dude,

speak to Mar mu Mury used to work for an
acting company. This is a is a scheme and a half.
So so what happens is people would go to this
acting school and Mar was like an executive there and
he would teach classes whatever. He would book the symposium
and by supposed him, it was like a talent a

table of people. And what it was was when you
the guys that could get me on the Disney Channel.
Yeah yeah right, So if you went to the school,
you would pay like another two hundred bucks and get
to go to this talent night where like people from
late night talk shows, bookers, talent agent managers, people in
the show business industry would go. And so, uh, I
forget how Mr booked me or how I met Mr.
But Murr booked me through our friend at Caroline's comedy club,

and so I got to know Mar. Every year they
would give me like three hundred bucks to show up.
But I would talk to aspiring actors, comics, people in
the industry, and you know, it was like Mar was
making a killing off these poor people that their careers
were went nowhere, because when he promised them was exposed.
Sure to meet people in the street. But that's all
he would. It's basically he's like, hey, you could say
hello to this person and it would pay. We would

answer the company Murray worked. He would he would introduce us,
we would sit at a long days, some people in
the crowd would ask his questions. Then afterwards we did
this thing like a speed dating thing, but you'd sit
at a little round table for like three people, and
one person would come up hand you their demo resume,
like the their tape whatever, and you talk to them,
answer some questions and then they go ding and they
would get up and go to the person from Conan
O'Brien show, and the next person would sit down. So

I would sit to them like, oh, yeah, you know,
I I don't know what the hell they were actors.
I don't know what they're talking about, but I was thinking,
ab I'm getting paid three. So that's these guys were famous, right.
That's where I handed you my My My My demo.
Thanks for I gave you my my My song get
Your Get Your, which I still have on my laptop

to By the way, I have to crushed when Joe
and Murray were not Joe and murr famous from the show.
They used to say to me because I used to
do improv, Hey you should come to stay Nowlan, you
should do in problem with us hang out? Well, you know,
practice rehearse. I love to have you hang out. And
you know I was a big name back then. So
you you you did reverse, you did the reverse. You
were too big first big time to me now will

be the same guy. Go hey, Joe, looks started my
Scary Jones and I'm like, I can't doing problem you guys,
you're just a bunch of funds of stunt Island. I mean,
that's not that's not actually the truth. I had newborn
babies at the time, but yeah, you don't work on
the streets. Had the kids do? Are you thinking about

in retrospect, it could have been these five friends from
do a show fun. You're gonna been playing the garden
instead of right thinking, which do you know, Billy Joel,
can you get me? You know what's funny? So if
you walk backstage at Madison Square Garden, if you ever
get the chance, there's these iconic photos of Billy Joel,
Hulk Hogan, Mark Messier holding up the Stanley Cup. And

now there's gonna be a picture of you for guys
up on stage at Madison Square Garden. Easy man, uh
you okay, listen, you guys knew each other forever. Of course,
right stat Nyland grew up. It shows, it shines right
through the TV show. Um, is there ever a gang
up on blank Day? Like where you guys like fuck this,
we're going on camera and like you guys all, well,

we we do sometimes do that, but for the most part,
it just happens organically where we all just hanging up.
I mean some sometimes guys they'll put that out there,
like they'll come in and like a bad mood, and
you know, you have to convert them. You can't have
a bad mood on the show. It's impossible because that
it does doesn't work. So we'll just hammer them until
they smile. So that will happen sometimes with Sal like
salill have a bad day, It'll just come in. Yeah,

how bad does does Mirr's wig smell as at this
point in time? My god, I'm so that thing is
the worst. Like six six months was the life, dying
hair for six months. So he took Sal's hair, We
took C's hair, cut hair, made a human wig for
nine episodes of the TV show, which takes about five
months to film. He had to wear merrs, he had
to wear Cues hair and even after you're done, when

you're doing pressed too, because I still we made him
wear it on con whose eyebrow got shaved off. Yeah,
he said all the bad ones. Yeah, he's got the
weasel parachutings. The punishment right, Yeah, he got punished, jave
his eyebrows and sent him to the DMV and he
had to get a new driver's license photo and now
his driver's license photo was shame without. Then when we

did the wig, we said him get a passport photo.
His passports him with the wig, and his idea is
in with the eyebrows. I still love that. This By
the way, I would if I was on the show,
I would have quit the show for this. This punishment
is the tattoo challenge the loser. The three losers got
the worst possible tattoos that Joe picked out, designed the

torture each of one. Jaden Smith. Smith is on the
Sounds Language and he's a permanent punishment Joe, no tattoos.
He got out of it. You were the only one
if you could win one challenge the entire seven years
of the show. Whatever is that? Because the rules you
can't repeat punishment. He can never get a tattootoo. That's
the big one. Now. Of all the celebrities that that
you find out are fans of the show, They're like,

oh my god, this guy loves the show. They want
to be on the show. Who's the biggest name other
than how He Mandel because we've seen him on the
show that that either wants me on the show or
came you and said, hey, scary Jones. Yeah. Besides, is
there somebody big like hands down? Hey Dane, are I'm
half done makeup and hair? What? So it just happened?

Rody asked the question. Bigger name just walked Yeah, that's it.
That's it. I'm done with him. How you doing? It's
so good to see you? Shut up? You don't you
even look at her face the corner. I've been so
cute when Joe walks in, Like, I love watching people

fawn over you because to us your family and you've
always been part of the family, like for years. But
to see people like Dina like she was so excited
to me you, I'm like, this is so your Daniel.
We actually is from Dina's kiss and makeup. She does
all our hair and take up for like my heart
now and a lot of things that we do. Ye
had Joe, I shouldn't Joe show and practical jokers, and

she's like followed him and he was so cute, was
like a little girl, so giddy, Daniel. Joe was actually
just telling a story about after he was up for
Radio Idol whatever you were on. Uh, the week later
he met you again. You remember at the South Street Seaport.
You and him were doing a contest. You were doing
You're doing a contest South Street Seaport where you had
to do like it was a dance contest and then

the winner got the winner was able to get it
was a travel agency and they got a trip to
anywhere in the world. And you two were picking people
from the crowd and I showed up and he looked
away from me, and you picked me to bring me on.
And I want and I want, I do, I want,
I want And I got to go to Brazil because
of you. So Daniel, get Daniel if you want to

come up. That's so amazing. Now about my question, so
shut up? Are you even talking about human piece of ships? Sorry? Dane,
you were saying, sweetheart, Joe, we haven't we have we
have less than a minute left. I want you to
promote the hell out of the show at the garden.
I'm sorry, Garrett, I was talking to Danielle. Okay, don't

promote your November nine. We're at the Madison Square Garden
November two, the finale of season six. Uh. And then
you could just always follow me on Twitter at Joe
Underscore Ghattos Summer Tour Summer Tour Crew. Don't you dare speaking? Brodie?
What do you want to say? Love? Body? Good to
see you so about celebrities, count us off the side.

Thanks so much everybody listening. You guys are the best.
Hey for ticket information, turn it off, turn it off
ticketmaster dot com. Go see the practical Jokers Joe Ghattos,
three of them are very funny. I love you guys.
All right, we'll talk to you tomorrow. Yeah, Joe won't
be here. I'll be back to the good old days,

the fifteen minute Morning O

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