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November 27, 2017 15 mins

We catch up on the holiday weekend.Bethany just used an iPad for the first time! What are you late to the game on?

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Speaker 1 (00:02):
What would you talk about on your on your podcast
represents morning show. Wow, So we got back on the
horse and started riding again today and we did. Okay,
today's show was good. I enjoyed today show, did you?
It's good? Focus? And I thought we would have really

you thought we'd have less focus? Is Cyber Monday? There
was that? So which is more distracting Cyber Monday show
or a show where I come in still inebriated from
the night before Cyber Monday in just taking a vote? Hey,
I hope you guys had a great time out back

to reality and so fast though, doesn't it? It does?
It really does? And uh I actually spent a day
and a half by myself with with Max the dog,
and we just did a lot of nothing reading. I
did reading, reading him up Christmas outfits. I know that
was that was Alex's idea. So I gotta tell you
being alone for a few minutes was the headline of

my weekend what about you, Bethany headline from the weekend,
it was seeing my family, which to me is a
very normal group of people, and so it was nice
to be around people that are people who speak my language,
like my friend Karen who brought her accordion like that,
just the weirdness. It was nice to be around my
like my good people family that I love. It was

good to be around abnormal again. Yeah, your normal. That's
kind of fantastic. Yeah. They speak your language, you know,
like the people that you surround yourself with the home
speak your language. Danielle, what was your headline? I feel
like just because we did a little bit of everything.
We had downtime, we had family, we had shopping, we
had movies, we had put up the decoration. I mean
we did a little bit of everything. It was nice.

I know, great teas headline. Yeah, I had a great time. Dude,
I got high. It was it was awesome. I got
together some of my old friends and we just woked up.
It was awesome. Did you guys have any headlines? Yes, yes, Garrett.
I got to experience experience the Polar Express. So out
in Phillipsburg, New Jersey. You get on a train and

they dress it up like the Polar Express, right, and
they read you the story over the loudspeaker, which the
audio book is done by Liam Neeson. So Liam Neeson
read the Polar Express as you ride the train and
all these crazy things happened on the train and then
Santa comes and as an adult, obviously you fall out
of the spirit of Christmas. But this is really the

first year, you know, as if I'm a kid again,
where I get to, you know, I feel that Christmas
in the air and the spirit of it. Have an
idea for you, great tea. You should get high and
ride the Polar Express. I believe me. I thought I
was riding the Polar for you on the ball on
this train ride. At any point did Liam Neeson's wife
get taken hostage? Interesting Polar The kids would have love that.

I wasted seventeen hours this weekend. What do you mean?
I binge watched thirteen hours of a show on net
Flicks I didn't enjoy, but I couldn't stop watch one
um The Punisher. It's a Marvel superhero show and I
love Marvel, but I didn't enjoy. And you want the
time back? I want that. And then then four hours
fighting with an electronics company that screwed me over on
my Black Friday purchase. What do you mean four hours? Yeah,
so Bethany's loving me, but this is so brody, brody,

you will you will fight until you win. It doesn't matter.
But it took four hours, but I wont I got
free Dessart. It took you four hours, it did, You're
on the phone for four hours. I was on the
phone with people from all over the world apparently, and
everybody's fake supervisor and this department, that department, because this
company screwed me over. Was the product. It was an

iPad that I got on a Black Friday deal. I
got it Friday morning. By the way, a little a
little preview. We have a conversation about iPad coming up
in just a few moments. Back to you. So I
got my mom a normal size iPad at a great
price to two gigs. Great. Uh. And then on Saturday night,
on my way to the movies, I got an email saying, oh,

your credit card didn't process properly, so we canceled your order.
So I canceled my movie. I didn't get to go
to see Justice League. And then I called them and
the entire company is sold out online every store. They
made me call every store within twenty five miles in
the house and they said, yeah, we don't have the
product anymore. Sorry. So rather than call me and say, hey,
there's a problem. Can you give us in the form
of payment. They just didn't call me. And then and

a day later they said, yeah, we canceled your on SORR.
It is messed up, but you invested four hours of
your time, but the punch line is four hours later.
On the ninth person I spoke to, I got two
and fifty dollars off my next iPad purchase with them,
so I got a better one for less money. Boom
and uh sorry, I asked, what about you, scary? What's

your headline from the weekend. I'm just fascinated by the
type of person that would stand in line on Thanksgiving Day.
I was forced to leave my family in the middle
of the afternoon every year, so I went, everyone, please

put your torches day, put your torches down, and back
away from Frankenstein's castle. I went to work on Thanksgiving Day. Yes,
I yes, I got paid double. Okay, fine, Thanksgiving Day.
But as I'm as I'm in them. In the car driving,
I must have passed five or six big box stores
that were waiting to open up their doors at five

o'clock and the lines of people that had been absolutely
camped out there. They had to be there all day
since like six in the morning, So what's the what's
the problem. It's not that I have a problem with it.
I just I'm fascinated that you could stand there all
day until a door swings open and then just you know,
I just want to know about people like that, Like
I don't know if I know anyone like that. And

and a lot of those people that were in those
lines listen to our show. I know that. But the
thing is right, But what would what is it? What
kind of a deal do you need? Is their need
to be out in the field. He stayed on the
phone for four hours five dollars off an iPads like
a flat screen TV. That's TVs are flat screens. Second
of all, um, if you save enough, if you save enough,

By the way, this is not the this is not
the Brooklyn Boys, but that's what we do on the
Broken Boys podcast. Anyway, If you could save who three
dollars for waiting a few hours, if that means a
lot to you and you're not getting paid double on
that day, then it's important to save some money. There
you go, and there's your answer. Because it's fun, scary.
You and I and a lot of people listening are

from the world of convenience where we'd rather pay five
dollars extra and to not be inconvenience. That's what it's
all about. That's what your time is worth. All right,
let's talk to Bethany just for a second. Today her
her laptop went on the Blitz or the Frits. Sorry,
it's ships the bed. It shipped the bed. So I
see her over there using an iPad. Where'd you get

the iPad? But it's your assistant Andrews. He loaned it
to me for the morning, so couldn't and stuff. So
she was doing her entire thing, you know, cyber shopping
everything on the iPad. And she said these words, these
iPads are really good. And what words did I say? Uh?
Where have you been? iPads have been out for years.
This is so. I had an iPad when they first

came out, like twenty years ago, but I haven't used
an iPad since. I've never used an iPad for really anything.
And this is my first time really using because I
always had an iPhone in a computer and that's all
I needed. iPads are great, you guys. They're convenient, they're
lighter than your average computer. They have this keyboard that

attaches that now you have a keyboard and then but
the screen you can touch it. iPads are pretty great topic.
I see what you alls late to the party? Hey
have you guys? Are you guys late to the party?
I mean, I I feel like, look, iPad a great
and unless you have to do a lot of right,
you know, because if you need a keyboard nes serious writing,

it's kind of difficult to do on that versus a laptop.
But yeah, I mean this, I just have to shop
on Amazon, I mean look for news stories. So what
do you think you'll be buying a new iPad? I mean,
I'm interested. Now, maybe you can get a good deal
today as Brody to help you out. I mean, so,
what are you late to the party with? Oh I
got something? Yes, I want everyone to have something. I'm

late to the party. On Netflix? My parents you know,
my parents have Netflix and then just pop on their
TV on Thanksgiving like, oh my god, I can watch
anything anytime I want. I don't make fun of me,
go for it. I know all about all the series.
I'm missing out on all the original stuff. But now
I'm more inclined through finally, after all these years, subscribe
to Netflix for you? Well, come late to the party.
There's a good party, all right, anyone else late to

the party on something. I still have my Yahoo account
and I'm late to the party and I don't care.
I'm keeping it. So it's gonna be very late to
the party. You're not You're not late to the party.
You already know about it. Yeah, but everybody makes fun
of me because they're like, give that Yahoo account up.
It's so dick. Nobody uses yellow anymore, especially Bernie says
that's me. You're not late to the party. You're just
you've been at the party longer than anyone, just not going. Yeah,

I'm not leaving this uses it works, It works. That
was very late to the party. Um, putting my calendar
in my phone, like I in my head, I still
have to have it written down. I love my little book.
And Froggy yelled at me, forever put it on your phone.

Put it on your phone, And I was like, no, no, no,
finally I've been putting it in my phone. I'm not
sure I like it so much, but I finally did it.
I still like to see it right in front of
my face, I know, but but you're starting to see
you're finally coming to the party where you can use
your phone to keep your dates. But it scares me
because if something happens and it ships the bed, and
then the computer ships the bed, and that's a bed

full of ships. Anyone else late to the party? Riding
a bike. I was seventeen years old when I learned
how to ride a bike. But I got my driver's
license when I was eighteen, so I really knew how
to ride a bike for about six months. Why did
you wait till long? I don't know. I think I
was just scared of it. And I would always meet
my friends places as they would take their bikes or
just ride on their pegs, and I was like, I

don't need a bike. So then I was like, let
me learn. But by the time I learned, it was
time for me to drive a car. So and a
credit card. I got a credit card six years ago
for the I never had a great card. Party all right,
ready for mine? Yes, Pinterest people, that card you should
have had one five years ago. Pinterest is fabulous. You know,

there's a look, there's a lot of stuff for guys
on Pinterest. You just straight guys to know. Patrist is great.
But I'm just now I'm just now learning about that.
What are your boards recipes? Well, I've got you know,
I've got it goes on and on, sweet, savory everything.
It is great too in relationships when you start penning stuff,
your significant other can use the board as a gift

guide for the holidays or birthday. Alex will never Alex
will never go to penrist I'll tell him that takes
no but you know what he needs to know this.
I mean you should see my salad board alone. You
get lots of good party ideas too. From like my
sister's baby shower. We Pinterest with like where we went
to for every idea for her baby shower. Right, Yes, awesome.

And you love fashion too, and I mean Pinterest is
a great place. If you have, like, let's say a
blazer and you don't know how to style it, go
to Pinterest type in that blazer. Did that yeah, and
then you'll see all of these different outfits that you
can do. I was trying to find the right shirt
for a blue tuxedo jacket to wear with jeans, and
it's right there Pinterest. Everyone one thing Kathleen does to

web girl Kathleen if she's going someplace on vacation and
she wants to dress kind of like the locals dress there.
She'll go to Pinterest and look up the location and
then just look for outfit inspiration and she plans her
outfits according to that. There you have it, late to
the party. If you think about it as you listen
to this podcast, you'll go, ah, that's it. I'm late

to that party. It's okay to be late to the party.
Welcome to the world of head Thanks. I really am
enjoying my time here. So what are we gonna do
with your laptop? Is it? Is it totally done? Yeah?
Wesley one of our tech guys that I need to
make an appointment at the Apple store. The problem. The problem,
I know exactly what the problem is. The problem is
that when I'm working on my computer at home, my kittens,

for some reasons, think that it's delicious, and so they
try to chew the corners and so I think they
may have just cracked the screen and it finally got
rattled or something. That's a new excuse. My cat ate
my laptop. It has little holes in the top of it,
and I put spray on it, try to get whatever.
So I'll get a fixed it'll be fine. So I
was at Target yesterday and I was in the men's department.

I finally made it to the men's department after I
found out I was shopping in the women's department for
like an hour. Okay, great stuff they did, but I know,
but not for me. And uh, I saw this couple
out of the corner of my eye. They kept looking
over and you know, and so finally they came over
and they said, I just want to tell you each
and every one of you guys on your show, we
love It was her boyfriend and they live out there

in New Bridgewater where we were, Bridgewater in New Jersey.
And I still can't get over the fact that people
are hesitant to come up and say hi to us.
She said, I would. I didn't want to come up
and seem like a creep. And I'm like, you're not
a creep. I said, it's creepy if you don't come
say hi. You know, come say hi. It's creepy if
you tweet us. I'm literally standing behind you, right, that's creepy.
I have my hands on your waist and I'm tweeting

it to you. I'm not you can say something to
me always if you see us going around and doing
doing our thing, come say hi. Absolutely, we have that
in common with you. We were both shopping at the
Target at the same time. But I do get the
ones that say, I didn't want to be disrespectful. You
were reprimanding your children something. I appreciate that you were.
You were spanking your children. I was getting my haircut

this weekend, and uh, I got home and I got
a message on Instagram from this guy named Mike goes Hey,
I saw you getting your hair cut. I didn't want
to say hello, but he stared at me for a
forty five minutes getting my hair cut and didn't say
a word, and then until I got home. That's creepy.
Say hi. I was in Target. Let Wednesday must be
a Target thing. And I got in my car after
I was shopping, and I, I don't know, I was

checking my phone and said I had some tweets and
somebody tweeted I just saw David Brody at Twitter at Target,
and so I tweeted it back, and I said, why
didn't you say hello? It's just I don't want to
bother you. I just I followed you for a couple
of aisles but then I couldn't say hi, so say
hi to us. Yeah, you know, it's Friday night. I
went to this a little restaurant in in my neighborhood,
M Jay's, and I heard three three times these two

ladies and these guys that they're with, it makes you
my name three times, I said the trish, I said,
it's so uncomfortable. I've heard them now makes you my
name three times? Goes you just walk over thee and
sit down. So I did. So I got up and
I pulled the chair on and I go, hey, guys,
And they're like, I told you that's awesome. But what

if they were talking about like some other guy. The
guy on the subway was like, all right, well, there
you go. Filled a fifteen minutes fifteen minute morning show

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