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January 9, 2018 15 mins

How would we do on a game show? Danielle , Scotty B , and Garrett were all on games shows! How would you act? What game show would you want to go on?

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Speaker 1 (00:03):
What would you talk about on your on your podcast
phone show. I can't wait for three o'clock today for
HQ Trivia. It's addictive, right I listen. I did the

Jeopardy tests. Did anybody ever try the Jeopardy triad test?
What are the Jeopardy Trial tests? Um? So, they would
do these tests like every quarter and they would just
be basically a you know, website that was timed and
you have to type in your answers, and uh I
tried to get on Jeopardy multiple times, and I just
never got on Jeopardy because you didn't know the answers

are because the stress got to you. Uh No, I
actually did very good. But the people that take those
tests are so smart that even if you get I
think it was forty questions, I think I've probably got
maybe thirty five thirty five. That's really good. There's people
to get forty questions right, and there's so many of
them that anybody that still gets a B plus doesn't
even get called back. I have a friend, maybe the

smartest person that I know. He went through its Sorry,
he went through all of those like pre interviews, pre tests,
and then like the final step before you get chosen
for Jeopardy at least this was years ago. Is that
you do a phone like fake round of Jeopardy phone
interview with you and two other potential contestants, and it's

a phone interview. And my friend froze. And he's a performer,
like he does improv professionally as a career, but when
he got on the phone for that, he froze and
couldn't do well. I don't know. I think I would
do okay until I get on the stage of Jeopardy
and then you actually have to perform under those circumstances,
the lights. And yeah, they should have a variation of

Jeopardy called couch Jeopardy. Yeah, well, you're just on the
couch yelling at TV. Like if Alex Trebeck was on
a TV and you had to compete against other people
on a couch, I would kill. I would kill. Like
my mom watched the Jeopardy every day. You can't call
her at seven o'clock. You will not answer the phone.
And so when I go to her house, we watch
Jeopardy together sometimes and and she'll go, oh, rock and

roll or whatever, like, oh pop music, she is, You're
gonna do all in that category, and I kill every category,
kill it. I go, Mom, all you years of experience,
I destroyed you. So if we could do like my
mom's house Jeopardy, I would own it. Yeah. But if
I had to stand in front of a podium with
a clicker, no, I will say this. Um, I think
that they put the jeopardy and then we'll a fortune

on in that order on purpose, because I always feel
stupid in the first half of the hour and then
the second half of the yea, yea. The moment that
I realized I could never do Jeopardy is when I
know when I first noticed that while Alex Trebeck is
asking the question, everyone's slamming on their buttons as hard
as they can. Yeah. So it's not even about like

getting it right, it's about being the person who's chosen.
And that was too much stress for me. Ken Jennings,
the guy that won jillions of dollars on Jeopardy, he
would practice with a I don't know what he designed,
some sort of clicker, but he would practice at home.
Did you see the guy this week that lost because
he got he screw up the coolio answer? So the
question was before and after, so it was something like uh,

gangsters Paradise lost. He mispronounced it. He said gangster, and
so Alex Trebeck said that's correct, and then it went
hold on the judges saying it's gangster, but it's true
is technically and so because he said Gangster's paradise lost,
he lost. I just merged into this conversation. What are
you talking? We're talking about gameshows. Actually I was gonna say,
hasn't somebody in here been one late? And let me

just tell you something, even under those hot lights, even
if you know the answer, it is so you question everything.
I questioned everything. I was the first one. Here's what
they told us. They said, we're gonna do one all
on New York Trivia. So I studied everything. I knew everything.
And then when I got there, I got all the
questions that were in New York and I just panicked

and froze and was sweating, and it was horrible. It
was a horrible, horrible, horrible. You want to hear it?
Do we have it in math? How much is Jeff?
The medical condition braided? Cardia occurs to which human organ

the correct? What is the brightest star in our solar system?
Twink the sun? This is how panicked you get up there?
It is the is the north the sun right uh?
And I was like, oh my gosh, oh my gosh.
I just wanted to get out of there and get

off the stage as fast as I could. I couldn't
and you did. So how many times have you been
watching a game show and you start screaming at them
You're so stupid these people are. Just last week watching
Ellen's Game of Games, every contestant on there was so dumb,
and I'm sitting there like, you can't be that stupid,

you can't be that stupid. But you know what, I
honestly think if I was under those conditions and I'm
that pressure and Ellen standing there about to hit the button,
I think that I might. That is what screws you up.
It gets inside your brain. So I does anyone know
anyone who's ever been on Wheel of Fortune? I would
love to be a contestant on Wheel of Fortune, but

I just want to see. I bet it's so interesting
when they set you down and go, Okay, here's what
you need to do, here's what you need to know.
And I know that they tell them to scream out
their answers slowly, because if if everyone said, you know,
they spend the wheel. Okay, dan b what's what's the answer?

A bra have? Lincoln? They make they make them scream
it out, so there's no there's no confusion. Well, five
or six years ago and we talked about this on
the show. A woman from the South one and the
answer was something like swimming pool and she said swim
pole and they said, no, it's not pole, and they
didn't give it to her because of her accent and said,
but that's how I say it. Well, we don't know

what you could have said pole, And so they really insinue.
They stressed that you say a game showtime, all right, Danielle.
You walk up to the chest, you put your hand
on the handle and you open it. What is it? Sorry,
it's a drawer? You right? Come from your jackass, all right?
Called Alex trebeca jackass, jack whatever, whatever, whatever. I don't know,

a game show would frighten me. No desire, too much pressure,
too much pressure, no desire. Then you look like an
asshole like I did, even worse than you normally look
like an asshole. Have another clip of Danielle from the
Weakest Link. Here's two of them. There I think they
only had two questions to be so there were two clips.

What's this right here? Hun? What do you want to do?
I'll get rid of Danielle? And why do you want
to do that? My daughter? It was likes the station
she's on better than the station I'm on. Well, Danielle
from one. As you can see, you've got three votes
out of six, which, according to your math, is about

you are the weakest link. Goodbye? Who was that guy?
So everyone shall know the right? Wait until I call
your daughter. She's gonna be so angry at you. You
just wait, You're gonna get him. We get back to
New York. Wow, and the weakest at least it wasn't

that lady? I loved her? What was she was there
for a minute and then gone to British lady? What
was her name? Her name was? I don't know. I
don't have her voice in my head. Is Scotty Be
on a game show? Scotty Be and Cubby our friend,
Cubby and Garrett and the three of them were on
chain Reaction and Robinson goodbye? What game show were you

guys on? You and Cubby and Garrett R. We were
on Chain Reaction and it still airs every once in
a while. I think we won like four or five
thousand dollars between the three of them. We still have
that sound. How much was that after taxes? Peanut? Uh,
two dollars? You know what? That's why that's easy. You're asked,

you know what? You heard Daniel say it? Any special
direct I can't hear you gotta speaking to the micro
any special direction. When you gave an answer, you had
to say something like friends. No, they just wanted us
to be excited. And if you if you watch that episode,
I look like such a cocky dick because I knew
every answer and everybody else would get it wrong. And
isn't cocky dick redundant? I think? But I want they

still run it on the Game show Network and watch
it back, and I'm like, God, I look like such
an ass. Didn't Cockay Dick used to do mornings? Hey?
Did you? There are how many game show networks now
that all they do is run game shows from the
seventies and eighties. There's one I saw last night when
I was flipping around called Buzzer like b use easy

are really it's another game show networks. There's a million
of them because that programming. I'm sure it cost them
nothing to play. True. I don't know game shows. Let's
go on one. I would love to remember when we
were trying to get on what's that show? You run
through all of the obstacle courses. Yes, I think we

were actually sort of close to getting on Wipeout and
Buzzer is going to get supermarkets sweet this year. Sup.
So right now you can watch match game at ten
thirty you'll be able to watch match game and then
coming up at eleven game, what's the show? Remember with

the whammy's and you would go no where. I love
watching Bert Convey hosting tattle tales. They were those they
wore those huge headphones. Anyone. There's a big documentary on
press for look about that guy that cheated and want
all that money? And it's it's airing this week. But
the Supermarket Sweep is actually coming back brand new. It's
in production starting. I believe next month that I need

to get on that show. Let me ask you a question.
Do I am am? I? Scotty Be and I probably
are but the two who are best of doing this?
But the question is this, if I said, Okay, here's
the grocery store front door, go find me, it goes,
go boom. Would you know exactly where to go the
fastest route section in my store or any store, any store? Yeah,

well the freezer section for that goes you can. Actually,
I am a master at figuring out a grocery store.
I've never been. Just by walking through the door. You
can look left or right, and I know where everything is,
where every aisle is located. I don't walk around looking
for things ever. I know where all the sale items are.
Of course. Anyway, back to games for a second. I
was having so much fun talking about grocery stores. Let's

go with that. Now, back to games for cash Cab.
That was the game that I was wanted to play.
That was where you know the cash cab, You get
into the cab and back it back. The thing is,
how do you hail the cash cab. I look at
every taxi in New York City. I think it's trying
to find it, and then it picks you up. But
they show the car coming down the street that stupid

lights start going on, keeping scary. You were on a
show once. It wasn't a game show, but blind blind
Scary didn't know that cash Cab was fake and he
wants to go on a game show, Like, you're not
gonna do well on cash Cab if you didn't know,
cash Cab was not real. It looks cool anyway, but
blind date, that was a game and she dumped me.

She did not have We did not have a second date.
What do you do for a living? I'm a radio person.
There's a Bustle article saying that it might be harder
than you think to get on cash Cab. You pulling
up these old clips? O good you listen to this
or go go ahead? About cash Cab. It says that
applicants so it's it's a casting call to find contestants. Um,

you have to take an online test and then let's see.
Wait you don't just stand in the corner and hold
your hand up. That's what I was hoping. That was
the way to get hoping the cash cab will come
pick you up. Wait, yeah, look at this. I can't
believe it's back. I had times. No, it looks like
sometimes they do swing by and just pick people. Oh
my gosh. It says they don't pick up people with

suitcases because they might be in a hurry. I apologize
for calling you stupid. Scary. Yeah, it says that. It
says that it's just can be super random. Right there,
there's there is here's Scary on blind date. What do
you do? I'm a real estate broker? Are you really?
What do you do? I'm a DJ? I'm already personality.

I work for a show Elvis ran in the Morning
zeal But then here here our final thoughts after she
dumped you. Before the break, we were in New York
City watching a very adventurous Ariana on her date with
a DJ named Scary. Now. They had a friendly chugging contest,
had some fun at Scary's radio station, and then Ariana

had some fun with a banana. Let's see how much
fun they had with each other. It's everything you could
have wanted in the first date. It was old fashioned,
sweet funny. Watching her sucked up banana the way she did.
I could not believe. I think he was a big
person that drag after but it was very funny. I
don't think I blew it when I ran down the
street at Lucky Change tonight. In fact, I think it

actually showed the real person that I am. I'd love
to go out on a second day with Scary and
see how it goes. I think, yes, I'm gonna be
seeing Ariana again. I yes, two people brought together by
a banana doesn't get any more romantic than for the cameras.
She said she wanted to be the nice girl, and
she says, yeah, I want to date him again. Off camera,
we never had a second date. The thing was, I

was referencing Lucky Changs, which is a restaurant where their
transvestites actually dress up and serve your food. They tried
to get me on stage on camera and stripped me
down naked, and have you know, you know these these
guys like dancing on me and I wasn't gonna have it.
So I ran out the restaurant down the street and
they chased me. I had this guy in heels chasing

me down First Avenue and the video cameras were right there.
I was mortified. I was like, I don't I don't
want to go on TV like this. And then in
her verse and what they made her do on stage
was she deep throat at a banana. So there that
was the reason why she was talking about that. I
love that we're ending the show on this note. It
was it's a very bad note. Sweet transvestite from trans

sexual Transylvania. They wanted me to be. It's out there.
Everyone go search for that minute. Morning Joel

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