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January 10, 2018 15 mins

Is it rude to return something someone got you as a gift?!?! Do you have a porridge bowl?

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Speaker 1 (00:03):
What would you talk about on your on your podcasts
show is in wonderment? You're in wonderment? Wonderment it will

be no, No, it's a new flavor of chewing wonderment
powers activating what is wonder Man? Because we were having
a conversation before we started the podcast about how you
can you know, return gifts, especially after the holidays, even
if you didn't buy them from that store, and get
away with it. I just think there's there's two people
in this world. There's the person that receives a gift
and then doesn't say anything, and they might like it

or not like it, and they just do what. You know,
Like if you've gotten something scary and I didn't want it,
I might not tell you that. I'll just think in
my closet. It might sit there for two years collecting dust.
But I just don't want to hurt your feelings. But
then there's another person, like our very Undeve Brodie, that
will get a gift from you and then go back
to you and say, I really don't like it. Can
you give me a gift card? Instead? No, it's not
that's not what happened. But that's not It may not

be what happened. But it's what you do and what
you would do, but not in in a loving way.
I've actually heard about this. There are people that have
strapped for cash, and what they do is they actually
go to eBay. They go and then they just start
selling stuff a lot of money off of it. I'm
not selling anything, right, Okay, So just to clarify, let's

just say, for the sake of conversation, a company that
I got to meet gave me a c D. Okay,
and it was a c D I already had, all right,
I don't think it's a problem to go back to
the store right and say, you know, I'd like to
exchange this for a different c D's hurtful. I appreciated it.

I thanked them. I sent them an email thanking them.
But then when I got home, I realized I already
have this c D. So it was wonderful of a
gift as it is. They wanted me to have something
for the holidays, They wanted me to benefit in some way.
I would just like to exchange that wonderful gift for
something slightly different, because I'm a fan of the company
and appreciative the way Brody says it right now, it

sounds perfect, But if you're hacket for cash online, is
that bad? Hawking it for cash this sounds a little
bit less lovely. So there's a line exchange it for
a product. Right That was my intention, but now I
wasn't able to exchange it because of their return policy,
which is understandable. You might resort to haking it for
cash online. But then I would take that money and

go back to that same company and buy something I want.
I'm a big fan of c d s. I would
take that money and buy another cd amusing c d
is in as an example, not actual ad. But I
think it's I think it's okay if the one that
you get the gift from doesn't know you're doing it.
Where I think it becomes a problem is if you

get let's say, okay, let's say that you shop at
a local business a lot, and so for the holidays,
they give you something from their store. They're like, hey,
I know you shop at Precious Moments all the time.
Here is a little a little statue. We love it.
If you go back and you're like, I already have
this one. Can I exchange it for a different stacy

that feels that's pretty dirty and like you're looking a
gift horse in the well. That's why you give it
to a friend to return for you, But don't contact
the company she's saying, and say, that was so nice
of you to give this to me, but I have it,
so could I have something else? Right? Just take it, smile,
say thank you. And I understand what methany completely. If

you're a fan of Precious Moments and you really want
a Precious Moments whatever they sell there, you could go
to them and say, you know what, I really want
to represent your company. I love your products so much.
I have so many of them, the quill I would
like the one I don't have because I really wanted that.
I think it's gross as a gift receiver to choose
what you want. They give what they wanted to give you.

It feels like unappreciative. But it's a compliment to say
I already have this one because I love you guys,
because you could have gotten that anywhere you whatever you're
talking about, you didn't have to get it at that store.
You could have gotten that c D anywhere. I'm talking
about bethany situation if she goes to a privately owned
one unit place that makes baskets. You like, I have

this blue and red basket. Can I exchange it for
a pink and yellow bast I would, Well, then I
would do it because I want to pink and yellow
basket would make it complimentary. Now feels gross, right, I
don't understand the logic though, and just throwing it in
the back of your closet and letting it collect because
you don't want to use the product that she said
if he doesn't, if if he feels embarrassed, he would
rather throw it in the back of a closet and gift. Well, okay,

he's done that before. I have an issue. I have
an issue with everything. I can't really speak my mind.
I feel like bad if somebody gives me a gift,
I always just say, oh, thank you so much, you know,
when I think it's a piece of drunk and then
I I kind of like put it in my closet,
put in the attic and and and to Brodie's defense,
I guess you like, well, now you're stuck with this

piece of junkly you're not gonna use. But I just
feel better and I can sleep better that I didn't
insult them. Or anything else like that. And I just
feel like, you know, what what goes around comes around,
something good will come out of it somewhere, you know,
your closet in the back. But I'm with you to,
like I say, never if somebody gives me a gift
that I hate, I've never been I've just I've been
taught that it's not polite to not polite yell at

them or be like, oh I hate this. You just
you say thank you to yell at them and saying
I hate. I'm just saying if I have it already,
it should be okay to say, that's why people give
gift receeds. So when I had my kids, Scary went
to Tiffany and Company and bought each of my kids
a table setting from Tiffany Spoon. And by the way,

what is she going to do with that? It was
the last time you had porridge to kist. I couldn't
have now, there's no way we're going to ever use that. Rightever,
I could have taken it back to Tiffany and bought
something for myself, which I thought about, but then I thought,

like Bevan, just I don't know how to Both of
those play settings are still in the closet in the
box a waste of how much? Scary because you'll tell
us what you probably could, so I probably could go
now and exchange him beause like wow, the same thing.
The thing is like I would have gone and exchange them.
I just wouldn't have told scary because there's don't find out.
But it's like if Tiffany themselves had sent you this bowl,

which I would never be like, oh I don't like it.
Can I exchange for something? Right? Yeah? And that's Tiffany's
going to know. They have a hundred locations. You go
to a different one and go, I got this pardge ball,
and they're gonna go, who buys a parge ball from? Baby?
You don't exactly a bracelet, that's a serial ball. You
have parteall all a porridge bowl, Daniel, for the sake

of argument, can your kids please eat out of them tonight?
Very problem? If you return it, go return more money.
I got seventy five bucks on eBay for the porridge
bowl and spoon you brought me for my kid? Did
you guys, how much did you pay for it? It
was a lot of money, Yeah, more than seventy five bucks.
Getting graved You got it graved right. I don't know

if I know. I looked it up at the time.
It was like one thirty so I was like seventy
five bucks. I bet you it's it's worth more this
years ago. Now. The first kid was born twelve years ago,
and the second kid was you got mine from my
daughter seventeen years ago. That Tiffany ball of yarn. Let

me tell you, I can put it in the parde
boll have a have a baby, Bethany. He'll buy you
a bull of you. I'm okay. By the way, if
you guys return my gifts, as long as you make
something of the credit and you use it, go forth, Danielle, Okay,
something nice. What's worse me returning a CD allegedly to
the store that gave it to me. Or when our
boss's wife gave us all Smores Makers we went on

the air and talked about how it was crap and
we sold them all and I did not again. I
kept that and I actually used it. I liked it.
I use it. I really couldn't make a Smares on
your own. You needed a Smores Maker. It was cute, kids,
I kind of Smores maker. What do you do like
that them a tiny panini for us. It's it's like
a bread maker that you could just go buy bread like.

That was great. I liked it. But again, Brody took
that one and make sading everybody. I did not. That's hard, man,
But a freaking forking spoons set at Tiffany for a
baby is two hundred. Well, I saw a little baby
carrying a Gucci backpack and wearing Gucci sneakers. Like that

baby is growing out of those sneakers in two days.
How are you buying sneakers for your two days? That
baby look great? Louis Ton or whatever? Which come? Let
me Brodie, how much did you give for the autograph
Nelson CD? That, dude, that was a gift that you
gave me. That first of all, that was a re
gift because that was something you don't That was a
thing that I had as part of mine, And you're like,

who do I know in my whole life? The one
person would be Brodis. I have it and I put
it with my other autograph CDs. That mean a lot
to me, thank you, But Nellison, if I had seven
other Nelson autograph c ds, I would probably sell it.
But I would love to meet the person. Yeah, I
do not. I would like to meet the person who
would buy it. You know what, Nelson would probably buy
it so it didn't look like it wasn't sold. I'd

like to meet the person who ad buys a parge ball.
You know what Scary tells me that you do, Brodie.
Scary tells me that you take old T shirts like
two years ago, and you go back to the gap
and then you return them and you go, Yeah. I
didn't like that. Brodie's statement was after the holidays, you
could return pretty much anything I said. I said, you
couldn't return. I would never do that because that's stealing.

I wouldn't do that. You just returned c ds. You
would take an old shirt for a couple of years ago.
And in Republican I told you the story that I
worked in retail, and that's called cleaning out your closet
where people come in with Yeah. When I used to
work in old Navy, people would come in with like
ink that blew up in the in the washing machine,
and we had to give them a refund as defective
and it was yeah, and and they had bought it

like three years before. I told you about the party.
Remember I worked in consumers, which was remember those catalog
stores where you book. You'd walk in and you're like,
you know you'd order from the catalog before. Right right there?
Somebody for the Internet. Somebody brought in a baby potty
with poop in it and tried to return it. And
I open the box and I'm like, um, I gotta

ask my manager about this. Went the back and they're like,
no way, we can't take that back. Listen your resurn policy.
You'll take anything back. I'm like, this has ship in it.
What happens? You don't know that? Like five years ago,
I gave Brody a reference to buy a television, right
remember that, Brody, And I said, Brodie's the manager. Whatever

you do, take the price, don't call around. I try
to beat him. You prony behind my back, called three
more places. Yes you did, You've got a lower price,
called the back. And then he beat that price. So
I may have done. By the way, that ball of
yarn at Tiffany, sorry, actually nine thousand dollars. By the way,
I'm finding lots of things I want on tiff Do

return it, but I think I don't think they sell
it anymore. So I don't think you can. You didn't
buy a gift for Danielle. You bought it for her kid. Yeah,
it wasn't for me. I would feel guilty going and
buying a bracelet for something. Go into Spencer's room and say, hey, listen,
would you like an xbox or that stupid bowl on
your shelf and exchange it for the Elsa Peretti open

Heart baby cup for four hundred dollars. Garrett has a
baby on the way. Maybe exchange you want to. I'm
gonna get people. Oh my god, there's a sippy cup
the way. My birthday is coming in March. Getting car
Tiffany's would be if you have two gift calls you walk.

Did you walk into Tiffany's and go, can I have
a porridge bowl? It was yes, Okay, what happened to
you in your life that you said? I know it
would be a great gift for a newborn, A ceramic
bowl made of that could break and kill them. It
would be a good gift and they can put pardge
in it and a spoon that's so tiny get on
the throat. But I'm not sure what ceramic or if
it was metal. It was like I got the wedgewood

from him, and whatever I got the ceramic, I got
the sterling spoon. Whatever expensive. Tiffany diffy cross body. It's
nine fifty, but it's Tiffany blue. I like it. If
anyone wants to get me the Tiffany tin can actually
made of silver. It's a thousand dollars. We can kick it,
go down to the subway and get people to throw
money in Tiffany wristle. It for Christmas from my husband.

Some people, Oh my god, it actually it looks like
a freaking tin can. Looks like the Supreme break. There
are some people that have to There are some people
that have to buy coffee to to tin can. You
would if somebody told you it was trendy, you'd buy it.
By the way, it's under their category on their website
of money is No Object or price is no Object

or something like that. That's how you know it's expensive. Yeah,
go on goop dot com if you want to see
money is no objects. Some people that are so bored
they have nowhere to spend their money, they go to
this peloton just came out with a four thousand dollar treadmill.
No spend your money better than that. I can't wait
until I'm rich enough. I'll just tell you people to
tell me I look thin. Can you imagine being able

to walk into a store and not have to look
at a price tag? Yeah? I know, I know a Yeah,
in a part of town where there are some of
those stores where you walk in and there's no price tags.
I walk in, I'm immediately self conscious and I but
then what you have to do is you look. You
see there's no price tag, so then you like touch

the material and act like you're disgusted by it, like
this isn't good enough quality, and then walk out so
it looks like you're not walking out because you can't
afford it. But they know. I know a guy who's
who has a guesthouse with a tennis court. That's that's fine.
I know a guy I remember walk into a store
that just smells expensive. I can't afford. You go into

Brooklyn and Williamsburg, which is too trendy to be handled.
There are stores that have like five things in it.
Oh yeah, yeah, I've walked past the store. It had
one rack, five things. Do they make a lifting and
that's it? And it was with an iPad and that
or the stores that you have to make an appointment
to go in. They won't even open up for you
unless you make an appointment. Or the store that smell

like porridge. Do you have a walk into a really
fancy store and they think they will apply for a job.
I've had that with a hand me an application. When
I get to the register, I missed that I would
love to apply for a new jobs. We can make
that happen. Walk into the fifteen minute morning Joe

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