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January 31, 2018 15 mins

Bethany unfollowed an actor after he posted something gross, Garrett unfollowed Kim Kardashian and who unfollowed Brody???

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Speaker 1 (00:02):
What would you talk about on your on your podcast
Elvis Presents Show. How do you pronounce U B I
S S O N? How do you pronounce b I

S S O I? The vacuum company, Well, you're not
going to fool me because it's not bison, so it's
probably bison bisten. Yeah, that's a vacuum clumps. Can you
use it in bist finishing? Please? The guy I n
followed on Twitter is named Yannick Bisson. That's his last name.

Is his last name? She pronounce it, so maybe that's
his name name. It's not a vacuum cleaner, Brodie Um.
He is an actor on a show that I love
called Murdoch Mysteries. But he tweeted a video of a

bunch of dead mice stuck in mouse traps, and it
like totally changed the way I looked at him and
I unfollowed him from the one thing. I loved him
for years, but I had to unfollow him for that reason.
Now was it because it was gross? Because I felt
bad for them? I didn't want to see I was.
I just woken up. I was scrolling through Twitter to
try and wake up, and the first thing I see

is a video of dead Mice with their next broken
Why would you do that? And so I I unfollowed him,
and aw, that's why he did it. He's a middle
aged dude from he lives in No He's like a
middle aged dude in Canada. He's like, I don't know, yeah,
Yannick Bisson and yeah, anyway, I loved him. I unfollowed
him for that reason. You don't love him anymore. I

don't love him anymore. That changed it. Sorry. By the way,
this is a fifteen minute morning show. I'm Bethany over.
There is David Brody Garrett, Hello, Danielle, Hello, Scary Jones.
Have you guys ever done that? Like one thing made you?
It was this week? It was this week. It was
Kim Kardashian. I think after those pictures that she posted.
It was the line. It was the line of Okay,

that's it. You're you're you're thirsty for attention. Uh you know.
Wendy Williams even said she's doing it because Kanye West
doesn't pay attention to it. That needs to spend more
time with her. You want to followed her because now
you think she needs attention. Was the nude ones with
the boat Derek pictures that's in there with that kind

of a collection. I didn't see because I don't follow her,
like five or six new pictures ones of her. But
you know how cameras when the green screen celebrities, if
you don't wear green, they the background doesn't show up.
They're like that they're the green screen for me. I
don't see them in the world. Yeah, I ignore them,
and I am oblivious to them. So I didn't see
the pictures. I just saw the story. Yeah, it was
just yeah, it was. It was the end of the

line for me. With the Kardashians. I love the show.
I don't show as side but following them because that's
that instant direct access. You know, I'm done. I just
don't get how like you're married to somebody, even even
Kanye and he's like, yeah, honey, that's right, put those
pictures out there and supportive of two pictures before here's

my children, Like, I think, get it. I really, frankly
think that their relationship is a business agreement. I think
don't think that they actually yeah, I don't think they
actually love each other. I don't think that it was
actually like, oh my god, I'm so obsessed with him.
I'm so in love with him. I think it was like,
you know what, You're powerful. I'm powerful three kids together.

But Kanye is such a media whore, attention whore, And
when he started sleeping with Kim, he went out of
his way to tell Ray J like, I'm sleeping with
hunt now, like he told Reggie Bush, I'm sleeping with
Hunt now. I think it's a conquest to him to
have a woman who's been with so many famous guys,
but now she's yours. I think he's the She's the
ultimate trophy wife for a guy who wants the ultimate

trophy wants. He wants you looking at his naked wife's
pictures and then go. But she comes home to me,
but then yeah, I think that's part of my point
is it's like it's a calculated decision. She is not
about love, it's about yeah, it's about like this is
something I'm doing for very specifics. I don't think he
loves her because they have deep emotional connections. When they
rent a movie and sit home and watch it. Being Kanye,

he could get he has his pick of well that's
the thing you get. Why why would he then just say,
all right, I'm just gonna stay with this one woman,
and how would you take your entire life? I think,
but maybe they have in the agreement that he doesn't happen.
You have to look at it at Kanye's level. Yes,

he could, and the same thing with Kim. Could they
have anyone in the world they wanted? Probably? But are
they are? They uh the same amount of money coming
into the household, they need that same level. Like Kanye
is almost on the same level as Kim. She makes
a little bit more money than him, rightfully so, but
they're on the same level. They know that they're not
going to go after each other's money. They're not dating

each other, were married to each other because of the
money or the fame, because they each and their own
r and have their own equal fame. So they're kind
of level on that aspect. I think the day she
comes home and says, you know what, Kanye, I'm gonna
keep my clothes on, I'm not gonna be on social
media anymore. I'm giving up the TV show. I just
want to be a mom. He's out. I need to
believe that you guys are all wrong on this. I
don't think he's out on that. I really think he

might have found true love because he can keep, because
he can keep away from every other woman that that's
throwing themselves. I gotta say, though their story, he had
liked her for a very long time, and he made
it clear that he liked her. Didn't even put her
on a song at some point, and every guy in
America did this big thing with the proposed I mean maybe,
but I find that now. I find it funny because

even when you watch the show, like Chloe and her
Man are technically newer and they're Christian. They just found
out they're pregnant, so they're so cute together and like
they said, on each other's lap, and they miss each
other when they're not, you know, together. So the other
day we're I'm watching the show and Kim goes, oh,
you guys are so cute. It's so new you miss
each other. Yeah, I'm just like, yeah, whatever's by contrasts

arrangement that was a search of scientology arrangement. I think
when I think of a business arrangement or something that's
done for cameras or fake it's it's that those two.
I do think Kanye truly loves her, but where he
was in his life of a mental breakdown. Unfortunately, he
wasn't allowed to you know, recover because cameras are already

rolling by the time he recovered, his wife is at
gunpoint overseas, and he's really never been able to kind
of try to get back to normalcy in the sense
of leading a life. He doesn't like to be on
the show exactly. If you if you watch the show
every now and then, there's a little tip of him,
and that's it. He's doesn't he's not on the show.
He has talent, but kaya does need to go on

the show. But he's part of the family. I'm saying
even family gatherings and stuff like that, they don't really show.
Why does Why does Kanye He's like he has he
has artistic talent, whether you like his music or not.
The rest of them have to go on that show.
That's their talent, but that's their show. Think about though,
Like going back to why I think it's a business
decision or a calculated move is because look, if you

go on her Instagram, her recent posts are about his
clothing line. Yeah, so he comes out with the clothing lines.
They both benefit, right, gets to post it on Instagram
to millions of people, he gets more money, But if
you were married to him, you would post your husband's
step on you. And they're married because of a business.
What I'm saying, even if they were married for love,

I think loves second in the relationship. I as as
it should be first, obviously, but I think it's second
because they know they're so successful that without that, then
then she's promoting him. Does he rap about her? Is
she like my wife's got a big rear, her clothing
lines at Sears styles her. I mean, yeah, he does
tell her what to wear something. I'm embarrassed that I
know this. I don't want I don't think I've ever

watched a full episode of that show, but like it's
soak often we know so much about him. And that's
that's my point, that that when she posted those pictures
on Instagram, it was like, all right, we see enough
of you and your family all the time. Where is
the line of we don't need to see that much
of you? I think it seemed so thirsty exactly, Like

there's one thing about you know, pretending that it's that
it's an unpost photo, like someone just caught you looking
off into the distance. That's one thing, But like standing
nude in a fur coat that just looks so thirsty.
Who stands in the bathroom of all every day post

post baby, I have to look like I'm still hot?
And well no, she she she, she had a currocuit.
So it wasn't like but say what we want. If
you put their faces on a magazine, they sell more
that anybody else. But if you have a car accident,
people slow down to look at its. Relationship is a

business to And if you sit down with Lemonade and
four four you here and you learn that it was real.
They did what everybody in normal people go through in
a relationship. They just happened to put it on record.
And you see where jay Z is at in life
now and Beyonce they worked through it together and they're

in a better place. It wasn't just we're gonna put
out an album, do it? They jay Z wouldn't allow
Beyonce to throw him under the bus if he knew
it wasn't true, if it was a false whatever. But
that still helps, of course it does. During your dirty
laundry like that and throwing each other under the bus helps.
That also helps. But don't you see them as a
little bit more normal than than we did as Queen

Beyonce and King jay Z. No, I still see them
as Queen Beyonce. The Grammy Awards was sitting there was
the kid because she was like what I mean like
they looked like the royal couple sitting there in the audience.
I just get the impression that those two have a
private life that involves real things, real conversations, real moments

of intimacy. I don't feel that. And and that's why,
that's why the relationship between jay Z and beyond jay
Z and Kanye kind of shifted in different directions once
they got married, because Beyonce has people who make sure
that she does not have to run into Kim Kardashian
and events. There's that, and especially when Kanye's you know,
would lash out at Beyonce for not, you know, hanging

out with Kim. Jay Z is like, listen, man, like
we're normal, We're we're somewhat normal. We're not leading the
lifestyle you and Kim choose to. So that's why I
kind of like shifted their relationship. But it's so it's
so funny that it is like any other group of people.
You're dating a guy and he's dating this vapid girl,

or like his best friend is dating this vapid girl,
and you're like, oh, do I have to hang out
with her? Yes? Please? You know it's my money words.
We've all gone through that. It happens just on a
larger scale at the Met gala. But more importantly, we
started talking about un following celebrities. Right, that's started. And

I am not a celebrity by any means. I'm not,
But there are people who follow all of us, right,
their listeners who follow us, and some of them aren't.
Are I don't their listeners. Sometimes people follow me because
I talked about the Mets. There Met fans didn't listen
to the show, whatever and scary. And I have an
app that tells us who one follows us, and when
you have it too. We all use different ones. You
can go in your app store and look for following apps.

Don't ask which ones. We all use different ones. The
point is you can see who unfollowed you. Now, I
look occasionally and I'm like, I haven't been on Twitter
all weekend, and these seven people unfollowed me. What the
funk called followers? Plush? But that's okay. I'm on android's different.
I looked thank you. I look to see like if
a blue checkmark on followed me, like somebody care about
Like if Jimmy fallon U followed me, I'd be upset.

Don't ask him tomorrow on follow me or Friday when
he comes. You know, It's like when Zach Beggan's from
Ghost Adventures un followed me. Exactly you want to write.
I see when I see random people and follow me,
who will only follow like eleven people Like okay, I
obviously must have tweeted like five things in an hour,
and it shows it looks like I'm blowing up their feud.
But when someone like um at our card car d
r U follows me and they follow nine thousand people,

I wonder how did they have the time to think
about on following me. I don't know. And I'm like,
when you followed me, what were you thinking that I
some disappointed you? I tweet exactly how I am in
real life. Like the guy you followed is an actor.
He tweeted about killing mice. He's not a mice killer.
I am a sarcastic wise as you follow me on

your profile, yeah, yes, pretty much. You know, like if
you see someone like someone retweets somebody and you see
the retweet and you're like, oh, that guy's kind of funny.
You go to their profile and you read other tweets
to be like, is this a curated timeline I would
like to follow right now? Sometimes an unfollower, I'll look
and I'll go, okay, they don't follow anyone else on
the show. It was a random follow. I may have
done a political joke. They saw it was a trending topic.

They followed me. They thought that joke was funny. But overall,
they don't want me tweeting about my podcast Brooklyn Boys
or anything else I'm tweeting about because they don't care
about the others Strain Warning Show podcast. But sometimes i've
people on follow me and I see they follow all
of you and just me. My sole reason for un
following people is when they don't understand on Instagram how
to pack pictures together in one post, so they do

individual posts and it literally takes up your entire news
feed where you know, you know, because you're so busy,
you don't pictures in a row going up my news
feed of the same from the same account. Stop it.
I don't like the pack picture because sometimes it's six pictures, right,
and I like the first one to pack, but I
completely disagree with pictures four. And now it looks like
I like them all No, no, no no, But you

know what I'm saying, celebrity guy given money to charity
by killing a mouse, and it looks like pack it
together in one post so I could swipe past it.
By the way, the one feature that really makes me
but hurt not the fact that it shows you people
who unfollowed you on these apps that we have. But
there's a section called users who blocked me. That's a

whole that I ask you a question, what do you
get out of having this, because it's a different thing.
It's one thing if you don't want to see what
I'm saying, but if you block me all together, scary,
Scary's answering my question. Yeah, this only causes you to
be upset. So why would you have it on your phone?
Why would you do it to yourself? I couldn't tell

you if I got an unfollowed or if because I
don't look at your heartless look at that. Yeah. What
I don't understand is why that would make you feel bad?
Why would you want to do something. What do you
benefit from that? What you get from it? Because I
want to see if a post uh okay, so okay,
I'm gonna give you an example. The Fat Jewish has

like ten million people on Oh my God, we can't
even do this anymore anyway. He put up a post
and then he took it down because he lost like
ten thousand followers in one clip. That you know, I
want to know you like that guy does is Minute
Morning show Off

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