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March 6, 2018 15 mins

Greg T is convinced that he missed out on being with Megan Trainor! The rest of the show thinks otherwise!

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Speaker 1 (00:02):
What would you talk about on your on your podcasts show.
We're here, We're back again. It's the fifty minute. You're
I'm scary. That's David Brody going clockwise, Hello, Scary Brody.

Gregg T is over there, and then there's Danielson over here,
and then Nate is in his usual spot, always staring
down in his computer, and Elvis is on his way
in the room. But Elvis was very clear and he said,
start the podcast. I'll be on my way in. And
here he comes in thirty seconds and yeah, so anyway, yeah,
he's right here. He's right behind you. He's just walking in.
We did as you asked. We started the podcast. But

nobody said anything of any value so far. So no
one said anything of any value. No, no, alright, well
someone needs to say something of some value. I have
a beef. Okay, well, how unusual Brodie has a beef. Well,
so this morning, Elvis, you and I came in and
usually there's no one on the street when we come in.
It's very early in the morning, and there was a

gentleman outside with a hood on and he was all
bundled up. He could barely see his face. The guy
from Montreal. Yes. So when I walked justin Jacob Jacob.
When I walked into the building, this guy says, hey,
Dave Brody. Uh yeah, Hey, I'm Jacob. I'm the guy
from Instagram. That was okay? He said, hey, I'm a
big fan. I came away from Montreal. Can I get itself?
Of course. I talked to him for a minute, and

I walked into the building and I see Nate in
the lobby staring at the front of the building as
if he was watching me. And I said, Nate, were
you waiting to see if I was okay? He says, yeah,
I saw this guy out there and I and so
I said, did he approach you? No, I walked right by,
but I saw him there, and then I said, oh, well, Nate,
that's really nice, thank you very much. And as he's

taking credit for protecting me, in turn, Amy comes off
the elevator and I said, what are you doing down here? Oh,
I'm here to get Nadie forgot his I D card.
He couldn't get into building. So you weren't there watching
to keep the time. I was making sure that he
was okay, and he seemed like a decent guy. But
you were full of crap, isn't. Basically, I was. I
could do two things at once. I was multi multitasking.

He made it sound like I wasn't going to go
up till I made sure you were okay, and you said,
to my credit, I was even gonna stick around and
make sure Elvis gotn't okay? Okay, because I think the
guy left right, I took a picture with him, Tom,
are you okay? I'm fine, Okay. I don't know. He's
a nice guy. He cares so much about Elvis is safety.
You went up with me and am he Actually he
went up to Charlemagne too, and Charlene said me, he
said he thought it was so dangerous and he ran away.

As I think, okay, at that time of the morning,
anybody that comes at you in the dark is a
little concerning. And a lot of people do stand outside
trying to like give us c d s and stuff
like that at times, so tape and by the way,
we do have we have guards up there, and they
had their packing heat. We've got police up there. We
have protections. I'm not I'm never worried about that. Although
Charlemagne made a Twitter mistake because the guy put up

the pictures of me with him and you with him,
and copied Charlemagne and said, oh I got pictures? What
I got to meet Charlemagne? And then Charlemagne I broke
back to pleasure meeting you, and Charlemagne was trying to
reply to me, but hit reply and he goes. I
thought that guy was frightening. I didn't know if he
was safe. I think Charlemagne he didn't mind him saying okay,
so how are we feeling. It's it's day number two
back from vacation today, and uh yeah, we had a

great show, Megan Trainer. Day three was today was day
three back? Yeah? Yeah, you know what, it's already ten ten,
uh ten minutes after our show ended here on this Wednesday,
and she's still here doing promo. She's in other studios
doing interviews, knocking him on Tuesday. Tuesday. It's Tuesday. It's

only Tuesday. I was like, wait, is he? I got
excited for a minute. I'm like, it's Wednesday. Now it's Tayesday.
It really makes me mad. Great team so quiet? Yeah, well,
I don't want to bother you guys. You guys are
having a nice conversation. Not really, it's kind of boring.
Oh well, I don't know, he's still fantasizing about Megan
Trainer being his wife whatever. But don't you ever come
into contact with someone where you just think, in another day,

another time, you were right for that person. Is that
people usually get arrested. You don't be telling me that
about me forever. Just another day, another day, another time
with you, Danielle. I think that sometimes, you know, we
can't help who we meet, and we can't help where
our heart lies. And you know, each one of us
are in a relationship and you know we and we're

happy and everything's great. But I'm just saying, if you
could go back, and let's say you weren't with your
significant other, and you could spend time with someone else,
maybe like make a Trainer, you might that might be
the right one. There is another one out there for
you out how she's looking at you, behind you, there's
a cardboard. Okay, questions, Okay, here's my question. Here is

somebody else. Okay, here's my question to you and for
all who are asking that question. Why why would you
sit here and fantasize about something that's never going to
be and and but not to the point where you're
kind of wishing it was a possibility. It's I just
I just think that you can't help who you meet,

who you're with, But if you could, I think there
is someone else for each and every one of us.
There could be a million people for each and every
one of us, and it's it's sort of weird. So
have you ever come in contact with someone that you
really do relate with, you see eye eye with and
you feel there is a kismet something there between the

two of you there, Okay, yes the answers. Yes. I
just think when you met with it Jared Letto, that
you said, looking right there, Jared Letto and I, you know,
probably would be together. I could say that what is
the one thing about Megan Trainer that you are drawn to?
And what do you think is the one thing about

you that Megan Trainer would be drawn to. I don't know.
I have at a time probably sit down and no,
like I haven't had a moment really sit and talk
to her, but but I just know that there's something there.
She's already seen you naked, like she even asked you, oh,
you're gonna keep your clothes on today? Like she's already
seen everything her fingers were crossed. I just think that

there's somebody out there for each and every one of
us that we may not be with right now, but
we know that there is you. I mean, you know
that's what people when they don't want to be with.
But that's not what I'm saying at all. I'm just saying, like,
you've never come in contact with someone where you like, yes, yes, people,
you feel like there's a bond there, but you don't

really say it out loud because it just doesn't matter
and it would complicate everyone's world if you did say something,
including your own. No. Absolutely, I can think of two
people right now, two people, and there's no harm in
knowing that there is someone like that. It's never gonna happen.
Keep in mind, you know they have to feel the
same about you in order for that to be think
I would win Megan Trainer over if I had something.

I know if David Beckham laid his eyes on me, Victoria,
who exactlysh spice what you would be? Danielle Beckham? You
have to leave your husband and your family. You've been
practicing on British guys now for how long I have
you know? We go back to the great teething really quick.
You're I mean you're a little bit older, sure, like
twenty years older. But what isn't an age? What is

the old guy? He doesn't remember the last time that
she saw you. Weren't you naked? Yes, we just said that.
I'm trying to gloss over that. I mean it was
we were naked. I was naked, but I mean it
just happened to be that I was naked. I mean,
there's nothing to do with it. And you know what,
what a better way to meet someone that was out
your clothes on anybody? Did you tell her that it
was cold in the room? No, you know that's another

other wives tale. Ites like the TV show. Would not
every not? Every man is very you know, extended? Oh
you do you know what he says? This average is
is average? How do you make it up? You make
up the length by what I don't about. I make

up the length by my girth. He's hung like a pancake.
I'm saying mine is doable and children can just manage.
How did this turn into that? I don't even know.
It always turns into He's a grower, not a show.
We all are, we all are, every one of us.

Every man is a grower, not a show. That's not true.
That is not true. There's a minute there's a minority
sum that are that luck to my house. Not everybody's
a third leg Megan tell him, Megan, that's not just Hispace,
that's the whole show. Do you remember the time Gregg
ran the marathon and you say your penis went into
your body? Because not every jogger stops in the middle

of her jobs doing that. I'm just trying to real
conversation here, Okay, being real? You really are trying to
be real. No, you know you're real. You're very real.
To say something, I don't know what you want me
to say. I don't I don't want to. I just
can we talk about anything but help him? Is there

anything else we can talk about? I didn't want to
go there, you went there. I wanted to talk about
knowing that there really is someone else out Can we
all just agree or disagree with anyone? I agree there
could be people we do have connections with that we
will never act on them because it is not meant
to be what People who get divorced or lose their

significant other, they a lot of times find someone else
so you're finding it funny because Megan Trainer is a
celebrity and I am not, And that's funny. I find
it funny. You have a concave penis inside your body. Again, Paul,
do that at the end of the day, if you
strip away, strip away their titled that there's a celebrity,
and you just break it down and that you bring

it down to Megan Trainer as a person. Yes, her
heart and her ten fingers tintoes could be attracted to
my heart and my ten fingers, yes, and my ten toes,
but but they're not. We don't know that because we're
pretty sure. You have the judge to explain it. Because see,

here's the here's how you can get into trouble. Not you,
because it's not gonna happen. But if you are in
a relationship what you consider a healthy relationship, but you
find you do have a connection with someone else, do
not act on that, of course not. I never don't
act on it, because that's where trouble begins. You know that.
Didn't you do that with your one girlfriend and she
called the sheriff and you father put it wasn't me.

I had we were Romeo and Juliet couple. It was
everything was wondering. I'm just saying that didn't end well.
By the way we do you understand we are human beings, right,
and there are people out there that we label as celebrities.
But if you just stop thinking of them as a celebrity,
you just talk quick. Wait, I can explain this, Okay.
Love is a two way street. It has to go

both ways. Obsession is what you're talking about. He thinks
that the reason Megan Trainer isn't with him is because
she's famous, not because she's young, attractive, and not either
of them. I don't looked at Megan Trainer like she's
a celebrity. I see her as a person with two eyes,
a nose, a mouth, petoes right, and and that's what
I am. And we both have what we both have

a heart. And I think that if we had a
real conversation and I was like, hey, Megan, how are you?
And she was like, Hey, Greg, what's going on? And
we like talked about hey once the last time you
went to seven eleven, and don't you look to get slurpees?
You would let me call you, Greg, You don't let
us call you. I'm just saying I think that we
have a normal and we're in the car driving, like, Hey,
put the radio on, what do you want to listen to? Hey?
You know, I'm just so bored. This is the most

boring conversations. I totally understood and appreciated what you said
about fourteen minutes ago. No, I do I agree with you,
But what you keep driving at home? I think you've
made your point. That does But okay, but you've made
your point. I don't know what you what else you
want because everybody keeps going back to her being a
celebrity and us not. And then that's not what I'm

trying to say. I don't think anyone's saying there's a problem.
It doesn't matter if she's a celebrity or not. She's
saying you don't got a chance period. That's basic, right.
But you're you're shooting me down before he even had
the chance to have a chance. She's she's with someone jackass. Okay,
Let's say let's say she all of a sudden decided
to foolishly in the relationship that she has with her fiancee.

He comes to you or she calls you personally and
says greg T I got rid of my man, you're
the one for me? Can you get rid of your wife? Yeah?
I might be open to that. I mean, wrong answer,
but I might. But you never know. I'm just saying
you never know, just saying. Okay. On another note, wants

to marry Debbie Gibson? Still do you really know? I
just you just make no. It was based on a
conversation that we had a long time ago that I
thought that maybe if both of us were single at
this stage of the game, maybe we could be. Reason
the reason is because you have more followers on social

than Gas. That's funny. Are you serious? Do you think
he's more popular? Now? What else you said? Jared Letto? Right? So,
like so you and Jared Letto could like be together
one Okay, now you know I was it was I
was kidding, Yes, I know, but you do understand that, right, Okay.
I wasn't really seriously saying he was a joke. You're
being real. Then let's get real with Elvis once. Everyone

with Elvis. You've met a lot of selebs a lot,
and you've had real intimate conversations with some of these
real deal slebs, like real conversations. Have you ever felt
a real connection with any of the celebs, And you're like,
you know what, we actually could relate on a real level,
well somewhat, but but I don't know any of that
well where that could take it beyond a friendship level.

You never know. I know, I know. I've never made
a connection with a celebrity where I felt like there
was a possibility of a relationship. No, I know that
with full certainty. Alright, I'm not trying to shoot you down.
I'm just saying, I'm just telling you my address. I've
been lucky enough to have made a connection making You
made a connection with Megan Trainer, and I'm not going

to take that away from you. I'm happy for you
and Megan your budding relationships. She may not know it,
but Nate yourself, you've lived in l A. You saw
tons of celebs and Matt done. Have you ever felt
something within one of them? One of them? What that
means is he might have actually hooked up with a couple. No,
I was on at varying degrees. There's this girl and

the young and the restless. I can't remember her name.
But what're you trying to say about hitting scary? Hooked
up with a girl on the Two Young and the Restless,
and the jokes just keep on coming. Oh that was
a joke. I thought you're serious. Oh my god, it's over.
Thank God for your lives. Fifteen minute morning show

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