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April 30, 2018 15 mins

Elvis hold a 'Monday Meeting' about the show. Our friend got HACKED, getting recognized outside of work and looking for a new Co-Host!

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Speaker 1 (00:02):
What would you talk about on your on your podcast
represents morning show. So here we go. It's Monday. I'm
surrounded by the people I love. They're scary. Hello, there's
Dave Brody, there's Garrett, and there's a food from everyone.

There's Garrett, and there's Danielle and of course Rob Shooter
just walked in. Hello, Hello, Hello, Well here get here's
the thing. Even though I want to save this for
the big show, I do want to talk to you
about what it's like to have your life hacked. I've
been hacked. I'm convinced it's the Russians. I've been hacked.
I've been hacked. I've been hacked. They hacked into his
Twitter and some other stuff on Thursday. Off Tuesday, both

of the tea and I get confused. I was sitting
at home and I couldn't get into my email. So
somebody had hacked into my email. And because I have
the same password. Note to everybody, don't have the same
password for all your advices, Robshooter one cold enough, I
could They acted to by Twitter too, so I've got
my email back. This is the hard thing about Twitter.
If you don't if they change your email address, then

you can't reset your password because they send you a
code to your email to reset. So they've changed the
email address. So now every time I going to reset
my password, my hacker gets a little notes that I'm
trying to fix it. So I can't get around this.
I don't know quite what to do, and so now
I'm I'm still at naughty nice Rob. But the profile
is a macaroon. We're just trying to figure out what

food do you think I have? They've been tweeting negative things,
not the word I'm quite insulted. In fact, they deleted
all your followers and it says to the picture of
the default is just says coming soon. So they went
to the effort of putting a coming soon. So I
can't wait to see what they're about. The debut on
it myself. And the only thing that that does give
me somewhat concerned. I wish I wasn't very fired, because

then people might think it's really me. Like when I
see a little blue tick, you just automatically assume it's
totally verified and you're very fine. Just at this one.
They can have it. First of all, you need to
be verified. Secondly, uh, there is something interesting about not
being on Twitter for a few days. He says he's
gone four days with not one person insulting him. No

one's told me I have a big nose. For four days,
no one's told me I'm annoying. For the first like
two hours, I was all like upset about it and bothered,
and then after like the second day, I was like,
you know, this is kind of nice. So we all
we all sort of fantasize about what it would be
like to be off of social media for a few days,
but we never knew it because we get we think
it's our business. We got to stay on. But you

were forced off and you actually enjoy your time off.
Felt like I gave up sugar, And for the first
hour or so, maybe the first twenty four hours, I
was definitely missing It was like a drug and I
was missing doing it. And then after the that day,
I was like, I can't tweet this, so I don't
even have to bother and you don't even think about it.
The difference is you're a brand and they've stolen your brand.

This goes a little bit deeper than just it does
a little bit because because of what I do, where
I work, and what I do for a living. Twitter
is a good way to promote yourself in life or
or if you have a company. So I'm a little
bit disappointed by that. Surprisingly, though, the hits to my
website have not gone down that much, So maybe Twitter

wasn't as effective as I thought it would. I have
I ask you a question. You were hacked, right, yes,
in retrospect, now that you've changed all your passwords, is
your password so for future reference, something that could have
been figured out, like was it Gossip twenty or was
it could have been figured out. So it wasn't like
they used the computer to randomize and they had You know,
you could have been figured out, but you have to

you know, it's not a little bit more tricky now
I have. I didn't know you could do this. You
can have random passwords made up on a computer, So
now I have random passwords, and I didn't know you
could do this either on Instagram and Facebook, not Twitter.
You can have a secondary password, so if ever you
change my passwords, I will get a text to my
phone and I can shut it down unless you have authentication.

You can also use your brain computer to come up
with random passwords. You can do them on your own
you have a what's that Garrett? So it's funny. Thursday,
I get this phone call from Rob. I thought the
world was coming to an end. He he was very
worried about Twitter. And he goes, something major has happened.
I'm in so much trouble. I don't know what to do.
I need your help. I go, what happened? My My

Twitter got hacked? You know what he did? On Friday?
He was in the emergency room. I didn't get a
phone call about that at all. I hadn't learn about
that on Instagram. Have a hold on something more major
than Twitter being handed, not even the Twitter. What happened?
Why were you in the It's really my own fault.
On Friday, I was feeling a little short of breath,
and I thought I'd go into one of those twenty
four hour doctor clinic things, the dock in the box.

I thought I'd get myself some free clarity box. So
I said, oh, I'll pop in here and get some
clouds and alexis. So I pop into the clinic and
I say, have a bit trouble breathing, and she puts
an EPG Ki suki a heart test stomach. That's the
one and it's marvelous, excellent, she said, And then I
was ready to go with my free clariton. I mentioned,

like a fool, I have a little bit of a
tingle in the left arm. Next, that's the side of
the heart attacks. Next, wow, wow, Wow, I'm in an
abalance third street. Wow. They rushed into the hospital thinking
that maybe you were having a heart attack. I got
an accident, car accident on the world, actually not someone's

mirror of the car. Were you having a heart attack?
Oh no, I definitely no. I wasn't And I wasn't
even worried about I haven't. I wasn't even worried about anyone.
And she was really it's the best way to go
to the emergency room because I wasn't scared. I wasn't
that upset. So I sort of went as just a
nosy parker and I sat there for four hours. And
I know all the gossip now about the hospital. Friday

night is not a good night in New York, but
also was a full moon, because full moon night or
bad nights, and the emergency right it might have been fullman,
I don't under but I've got to say the staff
could not have been kind which one, Which fifty ninth
and ten? That's that's the name of the hospital was
by Lincoln Center because I wanted to see my fair lady.

So okay, but that's all fine, But you felt like
your Twitter invasion was much more awful than a heart attack.
I was really upset a bat Twitter. I enjoy it.
I enjoy a little naughtiness. I like a little bit
of gossip. If I get bored and I'm waiting for
people for drinks, I'll tweet, like, ask me a celebrity question,
and I can just answer questions. So when do you
think you'll be up and round when I hepe? This

is going to change everything because unless Twitter intervenes now,
there's no process for me to sort of correct this.
Oh my goodness. So I couldn't tweet them say I
didn't have a Twitter, but I emailed there and then
I found the PR lady. PR always helpful. So I
found the PR lady in San Francisco. I just she's
gonna wake up this morning. Through a few emails, they'll

help you. Twitter is actually pretty good at helping. I
can't wait to be fat. I wasn't Lincoln Medical Center
or what if the guy who runs your Twitter account
now tweets out I wasn't hacked. Don't believe that British guy.
Then you're scrolled. But but I said a Twitter this way.
I thought about this for ten years. I've had the
same passwords, same photographs. I don't want to look at
the older same like so what do you think just

pulled for the Tuesday? Everything changes is a little odd,
included by email and then then put someone calls you
and says, oh, I've been hacked. I think that would
sort of be like, oh that feels so what do
you think happened? Who do you think? I think I've
upset somebody? Well, I'll tell you one thing. The bio
has been changed to the words coming soon, be prepared.
But what is that mean, Stephen Levine, I don't know

it's going to check out of there. I will keep
us informed and keep an eye on. We want you
to come back on the air and give us some solution.
On the Big Show, thank you got hacked? Had a
heart attack? Just I'm busy. He's knocking phones off the
table and not open the microphone. The microphones k he
knows what it's just as thank you anymore? On Instagram.

There you go, all right? Who who else has something
else you want to bring up on our Monday meeting?
It is the Monday meeting. Road, Can I talk about
what happened on Facebook to me over the weekend? What
I told you before this? Ye, maybe it's happened to
you guys. So every town has a Facebook page. Now
we're like, oh, you live in Brooklyn is a Brooklyn
Facebook page? So I desperately need to help. On Friday,
I ordered a lot of top soil for my lawn

and it landed in my street and I couldn't shovel
it all. It was so heavy. So I put a
post up and I said, Hey, if anyone has a
kid with a shovel or a plow for a few
extra dollars, please let me know. Please DM me no
public posts. So then I get ten public posts. Hey,
couldn't get some taps? Cookies? Hey, I love the show?
Is this a phone tap? Nobody wanted to help me shovel.
They all wanted to make show reference what did happen Friday?

And as of right now there's still tons of top
soil soil in his street? Yeah, no one, No one
will help him, they thought, he was just playing around.
And then Saturday somebody posted, hey, does anyone know where
I can buy good top soil for the spring? So
people start going, you should check out David Brodie's property
because he just bought top soil. But nobody wants to
help me. So have you had that were like in
your public life? Don't take you seriously like they still

want you to be the radio person. See, I don't
rely on people online to help me with things, so
that maybe I've never experienced that. I don't want to
experience it. Well, thanks for the warning. I see great
getting that a lot. When you run into listeners, they go,
come on, do something stupid. You're in the grocery store,
knock over the shelve of cage. One day, he's gonna
do it, and they're not gonna like it. Let's go out,

They say to me, laugh and say something funny, and
I will yeah, no, no, just laugh, it's not going
to happen. I need to sliding down the wat do
the weather forecast? Come on, play some music for us.
See what Danielle's when they tell her to laugh though,
and she goes say something funny, and then they don't
know what to say, and then daniel laughs at at
the awkwardness of it, and then they get what they want.

Got to pay off. I get this. They hand me
their phone. Could you phone tap my boyfriend, Let's do
a phone tap live right now on your cell phone.
At least you know what they know who you are.
But right one day, soon they won't we'll all be gone.
It's very true, I say, for these moments, yeah, I know.
Do you love that? I do. My favorite thing is
when we were overseas at the birthday parties, we ran

into a lot of listeners, people that listen to our show.
It was great. I mean I was in another time zone,
in another another world, another city, but people just respond
to our show. They love it. And they asked about
every one of you guys. It wasn't just about me.
It was like everyone because we're their family. Did any
of them have a shovel? No? No, no to them
out they want to shovel the marid in Paris. I

will tell you this, and I guess we could talk
about this. Danielle sent me a text over the weekend.
She said, you know, I know we're looking for a
new member of the morning show. I know we're talking
to a lot of people, and then you you were
talking to a lady. So what happened was is I
met some people when I went to pick up my
new Equinox, and they were saying, oh my gosh, you
and Elvis have the best chemistry. I love listening to
you guys together. It's so much fun. Blah blah blah blah.

And I said, oh, thank you, that's so sweet. And
I said, we've been doing it a long time. I said, yeah,
you know, we're looking for someone new. Blah blah blah.
I walked away and I overheard them whispering to each other.
Why do they need someone new? They don't need someone else,
And so I thought, oh my gosh, because sometimes we
panic thinking, oh my gosh, something's missing right away. So
it made me kind of feel okay with the fact
that maybe we're doing okay holding down the fort. Whether

we need someone new or not, that's a different story.
But that kind of made me feel a little bit
better because I know sometimes you second guess everything. Right, No, absolutely,
The way I was thinking about it is this, I
I want someone new because I you need a sister.
I think you need a sister. You do better I mean,
you can definitely hold your own with the guys. I'm
not That's not what I'm questioning. But just you love

that sisterhood thing when you shop for each other and
sniff each other's armpits and stuff like that. That woman,
don't you guys agree? So go hire someone. No, we
don't have to rush into it, though. I mean, it's
got to be the right fit, right, No, exactly, alright,
So there, so there was that blank space where that
person would have said something right there, how they been here?

Whenever we find them, will come back to this exact episode.
Let let's hold five seconds for that person. Okay. Anyway,
so so the search is on for those who are wandering, wandering, wondering. Sorry,
and uh, I mean, this isn't something we talked about
on the Big Show because this is our meeting. This
is our Monday meeting we do every Monday here on

the fifteen Minute Morning Show podcast. So I don't know,
you know what I'm seeing though, a lot of people
that are just listeners are actually applying to worked at bank.
They wanted the job. That's at all cool. Well, that's
the good thing about what we do. You don't have
to have a you know, a master's degree or a
doctor's degree, and you know something, it's not like medical
school or you know, law school. I will say, like

any job, you should apply to the source where they requested.
So we have a heart Media jobs page that explains
the job. It says a plot, Yes we do, it
says apply here, that's where's posted. People are setting interns,
same intern same thing. They'll send me directly resumes and
demos and things, and then I have to tell them
you've got to go through the proper channels because you
have to. But people keep going like interns. Someone sent

me and said, oh, one of your former interns told
me to email you and send you my resume. I said, well,
you should really go through the website, but they told
it's better to go through the website, make it official
because we can keep track of everything. Right. Another thing
about your internship program is, and a lot of people
don't know this, that's always going on in the background, Brody,
is always an interview process. And right now I know
you're working extra hard because of this is the season.

It's about four hours a day of interviews every day.
But the interviews, like we always have the best interer.
We always have the best interns though. But what we're saying,
my interviews were quick with my interns, Hey, when can
you start? That's about how he looks deeper with the
hired over the phone. I did have one intern asked
me in the interview, so, um, after the guests are

on the show, do the interns get to interview them
for their college shows? And I said, I don't think
that's possible. Oh okay, well will you pay us to
go to concerts? Probably not? What who said, I guess
they're not interning here. If we need someone to interview
our guests after we do, yes, So you're always very
particular about which interns make it. But every once in

a while you'll hire one that was kind of a
head scratcher, right like everyone some while, Like I would say,
in the sixteen years I've been doing this, there have
been six. We have the best interns. There a few.
We we love our internship. Internship program, that's something that
you just excel at doing. We love them. But so
right now we're looking for a morning show co host,

and we're always looking for interns, so you could come
potentially come in for a morning show internship and end
up sitting in the co host or the other way around,
coming for co host, end up as an intern. You
don't know, well, what's that address? How do they find
out more? For my heart media jobs? Google it. I
heart media jobs, google it. Be resourceful. Fifteen minute morning


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